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New Motivation Coaching offers presentation-style classes and hands-on interactive workshops. See Upcoming Events for scheduled classes and workshops or contact New Motivation Coaching to schedule a presentation for your group, work-site, or community.  Learn more about topics Alexia Lewis RD has covered.

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Pina-Colada-Oats.jpegMeal Prep Workshops:

Overnight Oats, Mason Jar Salads, Single Serving Desserts, Soups To Go


What’s In my Food?, Heart Smart Nutrition, Survive and Thrive this Holiday Season, Eat for the Planet: Sustainable Eating & Nutrition, Cooking Tips & Techniques

Work-Site Wellness:

Sugar Shock, Healthy Food Choices On-the-Go, Managing Food Cravings



Grocery-Store-Alexia.jpegSmall-group hands-on classes held in the grocery story to learn about foods related to the tour topic. Walk away empowered with information about your food choices and recipes!

  • Heart-Healthy Grocery Store Tour: Meats & Plant-Based Proteins
  • Heart-Healthy Grocery Store Tour: Fats, Sugars, & Salt
  • Heart-Healthy Grocery Store Tour: Fruits, Veggies, & Whole Grains
  • Grab-and-Go Grocery Store Meals


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