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How to Learn and Improve Mind-Muscle Connection

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What’s More Important for Building Muscle, the Mind Muscle Connection or Gaining Strength

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3 Tips to Improve Your Mind Muscle Connection (BUILD MUSCLE FASTER!)

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Mind Muscle Connection THINKING Makes You STRONGER?

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How To Use The Mind-Muscle Connection for Growth (What The Science Says)

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The Mind Muscle Connection for Better Muscle Building Results — Tiger Fitness The muscle building process is about more than volume and heavy weight. Learn how the mind muscle connection can help give you that bodybuilding advantage. The muscle building process is.

In other words, when using the mind-muscle connection you get more tension on the target muscles and less activation of the surrounding, supporting musculature, which benefits hypertrophy. Based on these findings, it would appear that the mind-muscle connection could help a lifter build more muscle faster. Learning to create a mind-muscle connection can help you to achieve your goals with better results.

Why is mind-muscle connection important? When you focus on the outcome of training, such as losing weight, getting leaner, burning calories or building muscle and size, it can prevent you from getting the most out of your efforts. Mental visualization and conditioning actually boosted muscle activation. Oh, the power of the mind! So compelling is the link between mind and muscle that some fitness trainers teach muscle activation techniques, the goal of which is to encourage greater muscle firing by strengthening mind-muscle pathways.

The brain, not the muscle, is responsible for the notorious “newbie gains”, in which a beginner experiences dramatic increases in strength during the first few weeks and months of a well-designed resistance program. Here are 4 tips I have found to be effective for developing a strong Mind-Muscle Connection. 1. Check Your Ego At The Door. One of the most common reasons why people fail to develop a proper Mind-Muscle Connection is because.

Research shows that mind-muscle connection activates more muscle A cool study from the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research showed that when a group of lifters employed mind-muscle connection during the lat pulldown, voluntary activation increased significantly. And other studies have shown similar results for biceps, pecs and glutes too. Most bodybuilding coaches agree that the mind muscle connection is crucial for muscle building. It involves visualising the contraction of the muscles in a slow and methodical manner. If you need an example, then look no further than Kai Greene Bava87.

The mind-muscle connection involves the release of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that activates muscle contraction. The amount of acetylcholine produced determines the quality of the contraction, which impacts muscle development and strength. Improve Your Mind-Muscle Connection.

Focusing on the muscle you’re working is called making a mind-to-muscle connection, and it can boost the results of any exercise. “You can improve the quality of your workout by at least 25 percent by developing a mind-to-muscle connection,” says Brad Schoenfeld, CSCS, PT and author of The 28 Day Body Shapeover.

List of related literature:

A ton of research shows that thinking about the working muscle—that is, using the mind-muscle connection—increases activation, and one study shows that it leads to greater hypertrophy.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
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Although subjects were not employing a specific attentional focus, the findings nevertheless indicate that greater activation can translate into greater increases in muscle mass.

“Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy” by Brad Schoenfeld
from Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy
by Brad Schoenfeld
Human Kinetics, 2020

This in turn makes you feel stronger, even though little change has occurred within the muscle structure itself.

“Complete Conditioning for Tennis” by Paul Roetert, Todd S. Ellenbecker, United States Tennis Association
from Complete Conditioning for Tennis
by Paul Roetert, Todd S. Ellenbecker, United States Tennis Association
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Palmerud et al. [95] showed that subjects are able to reduce trapezius muscle activity (using sEMG feedback) while maintaining the arm in an isometric, abducted position.

“Surface Electromyography: Physiology, Engineering, and Applications” by Roberto Merletti, Dario Farina
from Surface Electromyography: Physiology, Engineering, and Applications
by Roberto Merletti, Dario Farina
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Referring to the mind-muscle connection in bodybuilding can quickly sound like you are advocating some sort of voodoo magic if you are not careful.

“Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook” by Peter J. Fitschen, Cliff Wilson
from Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook
by Peter J. Fitschen, Cliff Wilson
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Strength maybe increased by increasing the net neural drive to the muscle, increasing muscle size, or both.

“Biophysical Foundations of Human Movement” by Bruce Abernethy, Vaughan Kippers, Marcus G. Pandy, Stephanie J. Hanrahan
from Biophysical Foundations of Human Movement
by Bruce Abernethy, Vaughan Kippers, et. al.
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But the effect that bodybuilding has on the mind is also significant.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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Longitudinal research has shown that muscle-related comments from parents may be especially salient to teenage boys as comments from them, but not their peers, are predictive of increased use of muscle-enhancing supplements over time.

“Body Image, Second Edition: A Handbook of Science, Practice, and Prevention” by Thomas F. Cash, Linda Smolak
from Body Image, Second Edition: A Handbook of Science, Practice, and Prevention
by Thomas F. Cash, Linda Smolak
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The effect is so striking that we speak of muscle remodeling, that is, reorganization of muscle structure and function, in response to training.

“Exercise Biochemistry” by Vassilis Mougios
from Exercise Biochemistry
by Vassilis Mougios
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2019

As a result of these acute findings, Tipton and colleagues (194) and Rasmussen and colleagues (164) theorized that a person who consumed EAA before or after (or both before and after) every resistance training session Over a period of weeks would experience greater changes in muscle mass than with training only.

“Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning” by Thomas R. Baechle, Roger W. Earle, National Strength & Conditioning Association (U.S.)
from Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning
by Thomas R. Baechle, Roger W. Earle, National Strength & Conditioning Association (U.S.)
Human Kinetics, 2008

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  • Thanks this really helped! I also found that doing warmups for 15 min before the exercise Targeting the muscle group you’re working out helps a ton as well. And also another big one leave your ego at the door. Too many people try to lift heavy because they’re insecure. As a experienced body builder and having many friends that are as well. We’ve never judged or even looked at someone doing light weight with proper form. What we do notice and some judge is when someone’s going really heavy with horrible form. Easy way to get hurt, even if u don’t get hurt your joints will be messed up when you’re 40-50

  • Forgot to say that muscle mind connection will make you much more tired after workout. Your muscles and your brain will be tired as hell. But with good connection you will need only 3 exercises to train back, and pump will be enormous

  • Hi another brilliant video. I trained for 1-2 years for the squeeze and made no gains soon as I started tracking my lifts and getting stronger I made gains Problem is is that people are copying these guys on social media that are saying squeezing the muscle will work but they don’t tell the viewers that they’re loaded on steroids.

  • I def feel the workout more when thinking about the muscle while working it. Maybe it’s just because I’m more aware of when it’s not being hit or not and adjust subconsciously.

  • Makes sense. Gotta develop mind muscle connection to properly target/work the specific muscle, then make increases in load to grow the muscle.

  • Not Busted. The brain is the central processor. Makes sense (bro science) call it what you will but it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure that the brain tells the body what to do. Nonetheless, Jeff’s got us covered with the research. With large compound movements I’d say not max weight, controllable weight with M&M connection may be more beneficial. There are so many variables we cant exactly factor.. in the end, the mind is the most important muscle.

  • Its the most important thing during workout, if your biceps aren’t lifting the weight instead of your whole arms and other muscles being involved then what good will the workout bring? Go moderate and build mind muscle connection.

  • Excuse me, but your statement is incorrect. It’s right that internal focus increase muscle activation (measured with EMG) but it DECREASE the performance! You better have to focus on something external to you to maximise your performance (and thus gainz).
    Just take a look at some research from Gabriele Wulf (She made a review about external focus)

  • Yep, that why guys like lee Haney and Kai Greene always have said they will never be a weightlifter, they are bodybuilders.
    Weight does not matter, making the target muscle work is what counts.

  • I feel a leg extension makes you use the quads primarily much more than the barbell curl makes you use your biceps It’s much easier to compensate with other muscles on the barbell curl than the leg extension. I don’t see how you can use any muscles besides your quads on the leg extension. So a mind muscle connection is much less important.

  • I’m hyper sensitive in terms of what I can feel and isolate in my body and I’ve been following a more intuitive approach to weightlifting. I can turn on upper/lower/mid chest, long/short tricep heads, and all three bicep heads mentally and I have to in order to get the progress I want.

    The idea there’s science types who say it’s all range of motion and mind/body connection doesn’t matter kind of throws me off because I know the difference between turning off my biceps more and focusing on chest during bench press is a 100% mental switch.

    Maybe the mind body connection isn’t all about isolating a muscle, but it’s more about being able to sense and turn off other muscles that are overcompensating during the lift

  • Hey Vince I like the first method of flexing so much and works great for me but when I start doing it I loose my flexing thing after 4 to 5 reps so I find it hard to implement if you can help me with any tip that will be really appreciated ��

  • Is it better to drop down in weight and go nice and slow on your negative for your workout or should I go heavy and not worry about going slow?

  • Best of all your muscles don’t know the difference between squatting with a bar or someone else on your shoulders so eg you can put on a bar 100lbs and ask someone to push against the bar I won’t make a difference

  • If the weight is moving with the right movement, the muscle has to be working. If you curl your wrists up without cheating, how can the bicep not be working?

  • I think biceps grew more because when not focusing on the active supination of the forearm the Brachialis tends to take over the movement

  • I can do 8 chest dips with 30 pounds but only 7 without weight when i squeeze at the top…
    Flex between sets for 30-45 seconds
    Then hang on pullup bar for stretch
    Ive never had such a good chest pump

  • Qi is a useful idea to employ. It’s the Chinese concept of life energy, and thinking about forcing your qi into your targeted muscle.

    At least, that’s how my martial arts coach talks about it, and it’s served me well thus far.

  • I don’t know how I landed on this video, but after laughing hilariously at your glute joke, I decided to subscribe! Great content!

  • Tip #5
    Have your training partner touch the muscle you’re training! It automatically puts your mind exactly on the muscle you’re training!

  • Hey, just wanted to ask if you could make a video on how to recover from crash dieting, or give me some tips to you PictureFit and the viewer:)

  • Great idea for a video. I always use an isolation exercises to activate the muscle and really visualize contracting the muscle in each rep. I’ve heard the flexing tip quite a bit and it’s true it really does work and it keeps the muscle under some tension as well

  • Exercise without mind muscle connection is like sex without an orgasm.

    I simply feel more satisfied if I use mind muscle connection.
    I can’t enjoy exercise if I concentrate on the movement, I’d feel senseless.

  • Neglect interoception and proprioceptive focus-work at the peril of your gains.

    This is why I meditate and do whole workouts where I try to contract specific muscles.

  • i have been lifting maybe 1.5 years and i have never felt my lats even though my form is good. I fucking hate this mind muscle connection thing, because i just can’t get it right, no matter what, so that’s why i just mainly focus on strength and i lift heavy and medium weights, i never really go light because of that. If i go light on bench, my triceps ALWAYS gets the burn and they hit failure first and same for rowing my forearm hit failure first, but if i do for example a set of heavy 5 on barbell row, all the muscles involved in the lift has to contract and do their job in order to be able to lift it, because it’s impossible to lift heavy weight with only your forearms and thus my lats has to contribute on the lift. And you don’t have to go to failure when lift heavy, you get the training effect from the very first rep

  • Great info as always Jason. The more vids you make the smarter and more efficient my training gets it’s like you are doing most of the work for me. Thanks bro!

  • Great start. I think there are too many variables that the studies have not looked at which have an effect on the results of the study. Also, with mental training there are different levels you can attain with focus. There are different levels of consciousness that can be attained and be measured. It depends on the people in the study and if they have mind training experience. There is more grey to this topic than black and white. Feel me?

  • I’ve been lifting for a solid 4 years now and just happened to come across your channel. Subscribed instantly! Honest information, I’ve learned at least one thing new from each of your videos I have watched and I’ve watched over 100s of fitness videos through YouTube. Keep the content coming! Looking forward to trying some new techniques and growing my physique �� Thanks for taking the time time for us!

  • Is there a video coming or planned concerning Minicuts (short Diets around 2-4Weeks with a higher caloric deficit to lose a bit fat before continuing to (lean)bulk )?:)

  • which one do you know that its better to focus on, protein intake or calories. Calories would be a lot harder to track than protein so should I bother?

  • FOR ME, mind muscle connection does have an effect and it does make a big difference if you include properly executing the exercise.

  • I tried it with deadlift. Tried to concentrate more on glute and it got really sore aka more activation. perhaps mind muscle connex is like not using ur back or forearm when doing curl

  • I literally stopped watching everyone else & only watch DP’s videos now. Following the workouts & the results are working. No nonsense or playing around just that work

  • mind muscle connection would show increased activity because you are focusing on it. and the poundage would naturally drop because you aren’t focusing on the task at hand but on activating the targeted muscle. curling or elbow flexion is primarily the work of biceps so whether or not you focus on it, your biceps will work. if you go heavy all the muscle fibres of biceps are forced to work. there is a lot to why this is shit but that’s too much to type. mind muscle connection is just complication of very simple things.

  • I really like these tips as heading into my 40’s with some joint pain, lifting heavy isnt my primary objective anymore, but I still want to get bigger!

    Should I still focus on progressive overload? I think over the years I’ve started to focus on Tempo and squeezing the muscle when I start a new routine and as I add weight or reps over the next few weeks, my form begins to suffer and I am just moving the weight…. Thanks!

  • Thanks for this DP. It reminds me of when when you say on an ab exercise: push your belly button through the floor! Mind muscle connection!!!

  • These are solid principles to follow! I do have trouble making the mind muscle connection doing a dumb bell front raise. Any tips?

  • Do you think as you gain more muscle, you can establish a better mind muscle connection because you can feel the contraction more? Before I started working out consistently and gained muscle, I couldnt really feel my muscles when I contracted them.

  • Hey Damien, thanks for the tips, can you make a video about Mind Muscle Connection in Back Workouts and proper form for Single Arm DB Rows.

  • Activation is a bogus word… any quack can use that word…. there’s many forms of exercise…. there’s calisthenics there is stretching exercises, static and dynamic… there is rehab exercises like Tai Chi… there’s Mobility and Agility exercises for sports, basketball football Etc… that means the word activation has no significant meaning!!!

  • I am moderately lean with somewhat high bodyfat percentage. I want to gain muscle and get in proper shape. Should i increase reps with medium weight(like 3 sets each with 15 reps) or shd i lift heavy with with more sets ( 5 sets 10-5 reps decreasingly). Need ur advice.

  • Regardless of how much you know or dont know about bodybuilding, your videos are great to watch! Perfectly clear information, it would take a fool not to learn from these.

  • Hi Jeff, here’s what I like and don’t like.

    I actually really like your videos, I’m a big fan of science based training but here’s what I don’t like.
    I feel relying on science for everything is for people with a weak work ethic.

    I believe in fundamentals yes, mastering fundamentals yes, moving into advanced techniques yes. But when a man is so scared to go to failure or avoid certain clean foods or avoid cheat reps etc. All because they heard that some science study proves its wrong makes me think the athletes are “pussying” their way to build literally an average looking body.

    I like bro science and science based approaches for 2 reasons.
    Bro science is basic knowledge mixed with hard work ethic.
    Science based is advanced knowledge but comes with people avoiding working themselves so hard.

    I’m a mix of both and that’s how I get my results.
    Bro science is higher risk, science based doesn’t make champions.

    I’m a fan of you but I honestly believe you should preach more on work ethic and motivation with your science.

    I know a lot of clever guys in my gym who look pretty embarrassing. I’m not cocky but I do know my physique is enough to tell I lift.

    These skinny clever dudes keep preaching science to me but have zero work ethic and look garbage. I was deadlifting with one of them and he was scared of going to failure. He was preaching about his diet being extremely effective and the only thing that was going through my head was “does this guy realise he’s talking muscle building but looks like a joke?”

    I wouldn’t say that to him because I’m not a nasty guy but honestly wtf?!
    When I train with the “bro science” guys at my gym, the only thing they say is keep going, train harder etc and keep their training and diet stuck to the fundamentals.

    The funny thing is they barely preach and look better than 95% of people in the gym. The skinny guys are coming in wearing full gym shark preaching science looking like it’s their first day in the gym.

    This guy has literally been training for 3 years and he looks like me in my first month of lifting because he’s scared of cutting or bulking too hard or training to hard.

    There are a lot of skinny guys out there that believe in science and shit but their results don’t correlate.

    There are a lot of bro guys that look impressive, (you can ACTUALLY tell they lift) and they just stick to fundamentals.

    Could you just make a video explaining what the big problem here is on BOTH parts.
    I’m a mix of science based and bro science and that’s what always gives me results.
    I believe in no risk, no reward.

    Once again I enjoy your videos but in this video you mentioned something about science proving range of motion is more important than mind muscle connections which is the fundamental for every bodybuilder and literally everyone preaches it.

    It’s BS promoting science like that which misleads these skinny kids into thinking their going to get big because science says so. Literally every big guy I know believes in the mind muscle connection as one of the MOST important parts to building muscle.

    I’m going to see more skinny kids now come into the gym, hate on my training, continue to look skinny and preach science stuff from YouTube gurus and continue to look like they barely lift for a few more years before they understand basic bodybuilding mindset and work ethic, mastering the fundamentals first.

  • As always great video
    Please can you make a video about frequence of muscle workout?
    You know there a big war between PPL/SPLIT/Half body/…
    Some argue that natural people need a frequence of 2 (PPL x 2), some say the opposite (traditionnal split)
    What do you think about it and what science think about it

  • External cuing for compounds, and internal cuing for isolation movements �� Somehow have been practicing this right for four years now by coincidence

  • Jason i am heading to the gym early today Saturday morning so i can make it back for the Q and A which you air around 11am to 12pm

  • Focusing on speed of rep and precise forms, allows the ability to isolate certain muscles. Thus allowing a more in-depth relationship to a specific neuron pathway from mind to muscle. The answer is not black or white but black and white. They work together it’s a collaborative effect not a competitive one. Intrinsics and extrinsics are one in weightlifting.

  • Do a chest pump and feel in the glutes?? Lmao that is something else. Maybe that person is getting pump in the glutes. Damn DP got jokes. Love your channel

  • V shred i really like the techniques you’re teaching your viewers, ever since i discover your channel i never change it since. Thanks.

  • Yo v shred definitely all of these tips work and should work for anyone and no matter what exercise pretty much but these 3 tips are a must I believe especially if you want better muscle and strength gain with the connection…

  • I can contract my thighs very hard in the squat, if I wanted to lift more weight I would lose a lot of contraction, so I think I will have more hypertrophy gain in this way, but strength would not mind much contracting the target muscle.

  • The research is always bogus…. you can’t take two untrained groups of people and at the end of 8 weeks know something…. both groups of people are still in the idiot mode!! The people that are just moving the weights, will make the slowest progress and not get very far… the people that knows biomechanics and have the Mind muscle connection will make faster and more progress…. all the other people will waste their time ego lifting… there’s people that go to gyms and look the same year in and year out!!!

  • Mind to muscle connection… is a cultivation process…. you’re Contracting a muscle using an outside source, by the way of resistance, barbell dumbbells and so on!

  • Mind muscle connection makes your performance slow. So, you might need a coach teaching you correct form.

    If you had a coach, you would just need to simply follow his correction. But, If you don’t have access to a coach, use technology for checking your form. firm your forms and make it better. You have already paid for your phone.

  • You’ve really helped motivate me to get back into training after i had a bad back injury and watched all my hard earned gains leave me over a couple of years. Haven’t felt this level of focus or motivation towards getting myself back into the shape i used to be in for far too long. Cheers DP

  • wait! in my understanding… having the discipline in lifting the weight using the correct form is basically using mind-muscle connection. So in essence, its EF & IF altogether!

  • How would you focus on the muscle and have bad form without the rep failing? Focusing on the muscle is just good form to the nth degree.

  • I totally agree, you won’t become a show stopper lifting small weights now matter how well you connect with the mind. However there are times I feel I get a better workout with lighter weights, like biceps, prison curls for example, I feel my bicep heads hit failure first like I think you said in the video and if I go heavy I never really feel the whole bicep worked. at the end of the day I try to play with the two, heavy balls to the walls then slower like I’m meditating or something.

  • I did tricep extension last night. Now I know I was doing it all wrong! No wonder I didn’t feel any stimulation in my triceps ��Thanks for the tip guapo ��
    Mind body conexión got it! ✔️��️

  • I do! and it works! Our minds are powerful. Btw you should take those headphones off, if you want to get a real mind-muscle connection:)

  • Can you do a video (or videos) on popular lifting routines? Stuff like Starting Strength, Stronglifts, German Volume, etc.? Pros, cons, what’s legit and what’s hype/bro science… stuff like that.

  • A single body part in a single limited study confirms a general theory? It seems like such a stretch. I was hoping for something more educational and convincing one way or another.

  • Excessive jump roping was causing me a lot of lower back pain with boxing and Muay Thai, I’ve started doing calf raises to compensate and I’ve noticed an uptick in my agility and nimbleness. Developing a mind muscle connection with calves takes some time, I often use no weights and do one calf at a time, going full range of movement and squeezing the living hell out of it at the top. It’s extremely painful and will cause cramps at first but if you fight through it for a few days strength and agility gains will explode.

  • Is it possible that the biceps grew more than the quads for the internal focus group because “getting the weight up” on biceps curls could be more likely to incur swinging and a breakdown of form?

  • Theres more muscles in the upper body, shoulders chest traps could all get involved on the curl. While lower body theres not as many muscles down there I feel like that’s why mind muscle works for biceps.

  • I disagree with external cues instead of mind muscle connection focus for the deadlift and the bench press. But you have experience as a competitive power lifter, so you are probably heaps and bounds more knowledgeable than me on this. When it comes to the DL, I find it really hard to “lock” the lats and the upper back when preparing for the lift, so I’m at a stage on my training where I’m improving my ability to feel my lats and upper back so my DL can be more stable. Of course, after removing slack from the bar, I would say external cues like pushing the ground with your feet and the hip thrust at the end are more important. And regarding the bench press, the all-mighty mountain dog has a video for feeling your chest which has obscenely improved my bench press. Would love to know your opinion on this.

  • So if your using the mind muscle connection then arnt you automatically doing both? (Internal /external ) i mean it takes the brain to move the muscles to lift the cant lift the weight with just your brain..well not yet anyhow..

  • Definitely the best trainer on you tube. Pretty much everything I know Iv learned from this channel. Maybe a few gems from other bodybuilders but most of knowledge is thanks to DP. I appreciate the advise. My gains do to!

  • thumbs up guys.. he s the best in the industry.. get some friends and subscribe him and watch him, he deserves it, more subscribers guysss!!

  • Mind muscle conection tips
    1) start with a isolation exercise ( max stretch/ contraction t.ex Peck fly or PeckDeck) Squeeze out..
    2) form & range motion ( light weight and full strech/ contraction)
    3) visulation t.ex squeeze the peanut or visulate the muscle grow during the exercise
    4) flex between sets ( stay focused with the muscle, flex, touch and squeeze the muscle in the between

  • Flex between sets
    I do it before final set on the bench. I thought it’s a mind trick, something psychological, feeling stronger. I was kinda wrong:)

  • Fantastic video and approach to the subject matter. Really like the conclusions and it makes a lot of sense.
    This channel is amazing!

  • I am moderately lean with somewhat high bodyfat percentage. I want to gain muscle and get in proper shape. Should i increase reps with medium weight(like 3 sets each with 15 reps) or shd i lift heavy with with more sets ( 5 sets 10-5 reps decreasingly). Need ur advice.

  • Are there any applications here to endurance sports? eg, I’m doing a hard cycling effort, should I pay special focus on my knee/hip extenders?

  • Whenever newer gym members ask me for workouts or gym advise I just tell them too look up this channel the majority of what I know today is credited to the amazing content DP has been putting out for free! Forever grateful for every gem of a video you’ve uploaded!!! Forever team Total Alpha ����

  • Here is the deal. I think giving a cue for a movement, with relation to mind muscle connection, can help someone focus on how to better perform the movement with relation to the target muscle. Example: when doing a seated row with a row bar, about shoulder width apart…. many people may focus on their hands and grip, and pull with their biceps. Sure, they are moving the weight in the end, and will see results in back development over time. However, show them the anatomy of the back muscles involved and insertion on the humerus, if you do the same movement, but have them pretend that their hands are merely hooks, forget about your hands, think about pulling your elbows back, and minimize bicep involvement, YOU GET A WHOLE DIFFERENT FEEL. Someone who is less trained will get a soreness in their back and lats, they haven’t had in the past. Just small tweaks in the thought process, did possibly change the arc motion of the movement for them, so they performed the exercise in a different way. The cues, and mind muscle connection are real. The cues try to get you to perform the exercise in the best way for YOU to experience the best from the exercise. I don’t see the issue with lower extremities, because I can give cues on the squat so that you focus on the quads. Mainly dealing with force placement in the feet, and torso angles, and what to think about when pressing through the floor. How much experience do these people conducting these tests have with actual lifting in the real world, that qualified them to even give proper cues. You have to actually touch some people, and touch their muscle that you are wanting them to focus with that cue, so they can get an accurate representation of what you need them to do. You see trainers doing this all the time with pro bodybuilders.

  • I’ve read about having an external focus when lifting to help your lifts. Like when squatting, think about the bar as a line that needs to go up. I do find that this helps me perform better.

  • Great tips it works wonder for me.. Didn’t know at 50++ I’m still able to build/flex muscle.. If possible, pls do more videos on lower body especially legs.. Tqvm for the tips..

  • Thanks. You are adorable. In my 40’s here (female). Still have my splits and am always, always training and exercising. Love it. Anyway, biceps…always trouble with the mind/muscle connection. Going to try these tips…

  • While bench pressing especially, I just can’t focus on my chest muscles, I can focus for about 3 reps and then I focus on my shoulders and can’t switch back. Any fixes?

  • Lift big to get big. Light weights just pump the muscle with no strength gains. This is why i switched to full body workouts and pushing my strength up weekly. No more one muscle per day training.

  • Excellent advice, as always. I’ll keep saying it: “Damien Patrick is the best bodybuilding trainer on YouTube!” Yeah man! (and it’s free!!!)

  • @picturefit, do a video about Basal metabolic Rate the amount of calories burnt at rest and how it correlates with daily caloric intake and caloric deficit to lose fat/gain muscle. Theres not really a good video about it so far.

  • I was just thinking about you yesterday Tom, and hadn’t seen you for a few days. Excellent advice Tom!!! Slow it up, get some TUT and the mind-muscle connection will follow:)

  • Do you ever keep a log of weight / reps in any way? I tried it, but found it tedious. Is it enough to just push yourself in the prescribed rep range each workout? Sometimes I wonder if I would get a psychological edge by “knowing” I did X reps last time, etc.

  • Nice body, but where is you soul? My flesh and my heart may fail,
    but God is the strength of my heart
    and my portion forever.

    Psalm 73:26

  • in my personal opinion I feel the common meaning of mind muscle connection when its translated to like an academic environment in misinterpreted. when I hear the mind muscle connection im not thinking of being a buddhist monk focusing my chi or some bullshit on the muscle makes it bigger. Mind muscle connection is focusing on form, when your “MMC” is high youre very focused on making sure you aren’t inadvertently cheating your reps. with the bicep example used in the study against quads. when youre doing curls or something its very easy to bro up your reps when things get hard by slightly leaning forward and using your delts. where are your quads lets say in the squat even if your form is shit the bar goes and a majority of the force is generated with your legs, IMO

  • Mister, could you perhaps do a video about cold showers and benefits of them? And i really would like to know does it matter if you start the shower with warm water and at the end you switch it to the cold?

  • Can you do a video on:
    1) The whole apple cider vinegar shit
    2) Drinking water first thing in the morning shit
    3) Why I’m alone
    4) Creatine, lifting and how it affects hair loss

  • I’ll try all three of these, yet being a survivor of two Traumatic Brain Injuries, I fear that making that mind-muscle connection may take me longer than others. Thanks for the tips nonetheless.

  • Hmm this video makes me think about the possibility of useing some kind of psychedelics during training. Or maybe after the gym to help with regeneration.
    If nothing else the experience should be very spiritual. Shame that there are no studies on the subject.

  • Good video sir. Please make video on How to do Squat and simply DIFFERENCE between Tom Platz Squat and Mark Rippotoe squat and what is the safest way to Bracing core and how to do it

  • Awesome tips. Thank you
    I could use some advice. My body seems to gain muscle much faster then losing weight. What are some of the best exercises to lose weight around the belly area? And also the back lower and upper back. I can’t seem to cut foods as my body requires food every few hours of the day.

    Also.. is it normal for certain muscles to grow faster then others? Example.. my triceps grow faster then my biceps. My chest grows extremely quick and thick.

    Thanks for the help

  • Activation is the biggest bogus word in fitness today! Physical therapists are the ones who activate a person’s muscles, it’s called physical therapy!

  • Weightlifting has nothing to do with mind to muscle connection… mind to muscle connection has nothing to do with steroid users… mind to muscle connection has nothing to do with newbies or wannabes…. mind to muscle connection has nothing to do with swinging or jerkin yanking the weights…. mind to muscle connection is Advanced Training… most people have not learned how to concentrate… like Jeff nippard… he likes to look all around the room going through the motions!

  • Trying to commingle strength training and bodybuilding is not a good idea… it takes longer to recover from strength training…. that would seriously hinder bodybuilding…. the exception to the rule are juicers, they can get away with any abnormality!!!

  • You are just what I needed haha. i used to do extended range of motion, and I swear I would get little kinks in my joints. but I think when I am able to go to the gym again I’ll use your methods. higher reps, full range within the muscles I am training and letting my body teach me what to do. glad I found your channel Jason

    ��Coaching and training programs

  • Look you use your arms for everything on a daily basis which creates a memory implications. Your legs are used for few things in a day, until you create a memory implication you will grow your legs just as good as your arms, flexibility is also a factor. Bare in mind how freely ur arms can move in comparison to your legs, long story short muscle memory is what helps this situation.

  • When i use anything on the right side of my body i don’t feel any connection. Say bicep curls, i feel my entire arm getting tired where as the left arm just my bicep. I have been trying to flex my right trap for a loooong time, i can do the left just fine. Those same examples go for the entire right side. It gets even weirder than that. My left is dominant hand for writing and any finesse activity but my right side is stronger/can lift more. My left side also gets more sore, sometimes the right not even being sore one bit.

  • Hey v shred you are the shit and am so very excited that I seen one of your adds on YouTube because once I started listening to your videos everything made sense more and was more about getting strait to the point

  • Such a small sample size. I think it is more likely that the internal group happened to get more people who responded better to the excersizes.

  • I have been training for about 20 years. I have made great gains, bad gains, strength gains etc. I started heavy manual labor at a very young age, and did not ever participate in sports growing up. With that said, my body EASILY will get strong rapidly, especially in squat, and DL, pushing is my weakness. A challenge for me was to actually activate the muscle groups i were working, regardless of good form bad form etc. It took me years to develop a good mmc and how to use it properly, and a tremendous blow to the ego, because all of my strength was made irrelevant, when focusing on squeezing out every rep. It is my belief, people like me who have been wired for work, the adaption process is entirely different than your basic rookie gym rat wannabe. Even with training young people, you can see every exercise fires the muscle group theyre working, and they’re not even aware to think about it. The real world strength wired folks, typically will NOT develop hypertrophy as easily, even after mmc training. Just my observation.

  • Man your videos are so helpful. The channel Is really underrated in my opinion! I wish spreadshirt in Europe would have your designs I’d love to buy a shirt or two

  • Weight lifting is all about moving the weight… Bodybuilding is about contracting the muscle, the positive and the negative or the eccentric and concentric… Mind to muscle connection only works when using good form and not ego lifting! When people are constipated they use good form and mind to muscle connection!

  • I disagree a bit. In the interest of disclosure I’ve only been lifting 2 years compared to Jason’s 20+, but I’ve found that focusing on contracting the muscle allows me to gain strength just as easily as going “heavy”. As Jason says, it really depends on the person and you should find the rep range/ROM that works best for YOU try new things! Anyways, great video and keep it up!

  • While bench pressing especially, I just can’t focus on my chest muscles, I can focus for about 3 reps and then I focus on my shoulders and can’t switch back. Any fixes?

  • Mind muscle connection is simple just squeeze the muscle you want to get mind muscle connection with like crazy and itll start burning. Now you feel your muscle and can put some weight up. This is how i did it in the beginning just squeeze my bicep like crazy and then i started feeling the muscle.

  • Your left shoulder blade isnt pushed against your arm like your left is, likely your trap is stretched farther one one side from 1 strapping bags, not a big deal but its noticeable if you’re worried about looks being symmetrical is huge, some stretches may help i had this problem too but its mostly shoulderblade placement. Hope you see this and it helps

  • The first glance I watched this I freaked out at that mirror in the background.. Thought some kind of shadow man was at a door behind you.

  • Flexing, tempo and working through cramps worked for me best(Yes do sets of cramping for time and intensity of cramp through different ranges end and short)