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Body Part Splits Are Dead! Or Are They?

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The Body Part Split is Not Dead Get Over It — Tiger Fitness. Recently, it was proclaimed that body part splits are dead. Find out why Steve Shaw says they are alive and well, and may be worth consideration. Recently, it was proclaimed that body part splits are dead.

Find out why Steve Shaw says they are alive and well, and may be worth consideration. To be honest, they will probably be correct in dissing body part splits. Most people train with a split routine because they do not know any better. Many people that are trying to get into great shape end up causing injury or over-training to the point. A body part split will not be very effective unless you have already built a solid foundation of muscle over a number of years.

A push-pull or upper-lower split is far more effective at building muscle or burning fat, maximising volume and optimising your hormones, whilst still giving your muscles time to recover and grow. About the Author: Rob. A body part split refers to a training plan that focuses on training one specific major group of muscles per session. While this might work for the professional bodybuilders you admire, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will bring you optimal results as well, especially if you’re a beginner. It’s really simple: the regular body part split training program doesn’t make the best use of.

It is a lot simpler for serious bodybuilding to do single sessions for body parts. For example, if you go in and train chest, you might want to hit a couple compound movements and a few different fly movements making sure you get in some incline, decline, and flat work while focusing on weaknesses and hitting a specific volume target. The idea behind this style of program design is straightforward – divide the body into parts, directly train each body part with at least one exercise per session, build big muscles, get kinda strong all over, feel like a winner. Let’s see how it all comes together.

Eleven Ways to Sunday. The answer is yes and no. “Once the human body dies it takes several days and maybe a week or two before all parts of the body shut down and stop functioning completely,” psychic and spiritual. Of course, types of split routines and muscle groupings are almost endless: 2 Day Body Split In Half: Lower Body On Day 1, Upper On Day 2. This, to my mind, does not make much sense despite the fact it’s a common split. The problem here is on day 1, you do legs. On day 2, you have to do everything else that’s back, chest, deltoids, triceps.

Body part splits can work. My boss is an animal. He’s 50. Squats and deads 6 plates, and benchs 4 and uses a body part split.

But I would say guys like him are the exception, not the rule. How many guys do you see in the gym using body part splits with 12 inch arms, doing endless sets of curls, in pursuit of the perfect body. Body part splits are a great way to break up muscle groups over the course of 3-5 days and really focus on 1 or 2 muscle groups at a time.

You want to focus on only a few muscle groups each workout Once you have been working out for a while, you may decide that your muscle groups need more attention that just 1 exercise per workout.

List of related literature:

One response to this argument, though, is that we can say that the body is not dead but the person is.

“Great Debates in Medical Law and Ethics” by Imogen Goold, Jonathan Herring
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The body is not alive without its head, nor the head without its body.

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Nor is resurrection just the body coming “back to life.”

“Salvation: What Every Catholic Should Know” by Michael Patrick Barber
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If functions of other parts of the brain or of the brain stem continue, the person is not dead.

“Practical Decision Making in Health Care Ethics: Cases and Concepts, Third Edition” by Raymond J. Devettere
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But the physically paralysed are never called ‘body-dead’.

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Proponents of full body storage argue that while the head is indeed critically important, it is not sufficient for a fully functional revival.

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The body is dead as a whole, but the biological properties of the component parts may still be demonstrable.

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It is appropriate that this term should have been used rather than other terms denoting resurrection because this same word is used in verses 7, 8 and, more particularly, because “died and lived” is parallel to “the dead and the living” in the latter part of the text.

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  • Body part splits ARE dead.
    Let it go already. Science has already laid it to rest, again and again and again and again.
    Some people simply refuse to accept facts.

  • I do whole body and split too.. very usefull information. I have been doing many things very wrong according this video. I am glad for this dudes!

  • yeah good article Steve..I work in a gym and the key reason for lack of gains on ‘bro’ splits are pretty much the ones you presented.

    If guys went in with more focus on progressive overload, and actually TRACKED their main lifts at least they would do so much better. Most just go in and do a bunch of random exercises to try fatigue and pump the muscle up as much as possible but with no real progression schemes, and therefore make mediocre gains. Not to mention the tendency to avoid the main compound lifts! The guys who do well on splits are focused, focused on progress and focused on their workout, they aren’t there just flailing around chatting for 40 minutes, they go in and get shit done.

    I myself have become more of a frequency guy and I do an upper/lower routine, however I do keep an open mind and don’t dismiss split routines completely. Whereas some people on the internet straight up say ‘splits dont work for nattys, end of discussion’, in real life however I have not come across one person who dismisses split routines in the manner that people do behind a keyboard. Because even the most anti-bros out there, do realise deep down that although splits may not be ‘optimal’ on paper, they certainly can and do work IF one is progressively overloading and eating/sleeping adequately.

  • I get away with the alcohol thing but that goes back a long way in my family (genetics?) and I’m fairly sure I could have even BETTER results if I stopped drinking (I drink every night if that tells you anything). I probably drop 1-2 workouts a month because of heavy drinking nights. Jiu Jitsu helps but still.

  • i also agree to go with what you enjoy, I have been on Blaha’s novice program after bro splitting in the 8-12 range. for about 6months. it is different but i am beggining to enjoy it

  • 2x upper and 2x lower
    Upper Aflat, incline, rows, pullups, skulls, curls
    Upper Bflat,incline, shoulder, skulls, curls

    Lower Aback squat, front squat
    Lower Bback squat, DL, front squat

  • The body part split dilemma. Doesn’t work as well for the genetically poor/average person not on drugs. Works amazing for the genetically above average/superior person on drugs. The problem you ask? The person with poor/average genetics will always look poor/average when compared to above average/superior genetically gifted person on drugs or not regardless of how hard they train or how they train. As that one NBA announcer said, “all the heart in the world doesn’t beat talent.” Kind of goes with this.

  • Nah push pull legs works great. What I do is I start with bench press on my first push day and progress overload and on my second push day i start with OHP. The rest of the exercises are just accessories to get a good pump. Long story short. Progressive overload on your Benchpress, OHP, squat, dips and pullups to see amazing strength and muscle gains as a natural athlete. Regular bro split works as well as long as you keep increasing in strength. Strength=muscle. Research shows that 6-8 sets per week per muscle group is optimal for muscle development. Don’t listen to that mr olympia guy telling you that once a week is not enough. He’s on steroids so his muscles recover faster and his protein synthesis is way faster. End of story

  • FS the point of a PPL is to double the frequency and have the same volume in the week just over different days and can incorporate different exercises if you want

  • chest/back
    Tried doing shoulders on chest day and couldnt do nearly as much weight. This works best for me at the moment

  • Here’s a response to your debate of volume. Lets take a push day for example. Yes in a typical push day you’ll hit 2-3 chest movements compared to a bro split in which you would hit 5-6. However, in a push pull legs split your doing it twice. So you’ll still end up having the same amount of volume for your chest in a given week. The advantage now is muscle protein synthesis, which in naturals lasts for up to 48 hours after you train a muscle. After that, that muscle is not growing. So by doing a push pull legs split, you are able to keep that synthesis going for longer on a given body part. Volume is not the key for naturals, progressive overload and frequency is. Just giving you the other side of the argument, uzoma. No hate intended. wish you the best!

  • My arms actually got bigger and stronger by doing full body workouts. Body part splits are a waste of time especially if you’re trying to get stronger along with getting bigger.

  • My problem with some fullbodys:
    After squats/leg work, everything else will suffer..
    barbell only mentality.. I feel I get a much better contraction on most lifts when using the DB variation.. that includes benching shoulder pressing and rowing.
    Less weekly volume than PPL or Split.. People say ” it was enough for Arnold and reeves” no, it wasn’t… they spent hours in the gym, in which case I would say fair enough, but naturals don’t have the capacity to do so…
    This is why I choose less frequency, even though I actually enjoy fullbodys.

  • I’ve been doing Full Body, 3 days a week for the last 6 months after seeing an old Leroy Colbert video about natural lifters. I’m in the best shape of my life right now LOL


  • Hey Jason, what would happen, theoretically, if your daily caloric intake needed to be 2000 cals to maintain, but you were to exercise and burn 1000 calories per day, yet you still ate 150 grams+ of protein and generally had a good diet for building muscle? Calorically, people seem to think that this would be the same as eating 1000 calories per day, yet just using critical thinking we know that doesn’t seem to make sense. You’re still taking in plenty of food every day and getting plenty of protein, seems like it should burn more fat

  • Can’t understand why you agree with him. He cleverly forgets to mention that you will get to your natural limit faster with 3x per week split. 

  • Whenever i cut after a months of feasting wholebody 3x a week with I.Fasting is working real fine. Then after i got my desired weight, that’s where I do the splits.

  • Our bodies are made to do any kind of lifting, it’s not made to only do one thing one way, it works best when things change. For a few months you can do splits then for few months you can do something totally different and your body would benefit really well every time something changes forcing your body to improve and over come that change

  • If i’m not mistaken,Joe Weider invented the body part split,aptly named “The Joe Weider split routine” as well as the “Joe Weider double split routine”.
    He forgot to mention the D’bol,Dec and Testosterone to be used along side it.
    Its interesting to note that if you watch Pumping Iron or read the Pumping Iron book,all of the Golds gym members seemed to train this way but only Arnold and his elite group had any sort of size or strength,the minions in the background slaving away 6 days a week looked like they didn’t even lift at all.
    This is where the big lie about supplements started….”Take this crash weight gain powder and you too,could look like this!” Lol

  • i do push pull legs, and hit about 4 exercises for each muscle group and spend about 1hr:30min in the gym i rest about 1-2 mins per set and also my sets/reps vary based on how i feel, usually higher sets and 6 to 12 reps.

  • I’ve noticed most people who know their shit do a full body or at least advocate it in some form. Honestly I don’t see the appeal of doing these 2x a week or even sometimes 1x a week routines. Frequency (3 or even 4x a week) builds more muscle AND strength than doing 5 exercises to hit each muscle once or twice a week.

  • If you’re here arguing for one or the other then you’re clearly more enthralled with you ego then busting your ass. Still waiting for the day when our community can just look at the scientific data and decide for ourselves what works best. But hey what do I know.

  • I moved to Am and Pm workouts. Not everyone can do that.
    Biceps AM then Chest PM
    Legs Quad focus (All one workout)
    Triceps AM then Back PM
    Posterior Day/Rack Pull, Glute Bridges, Hanstrings AM then Shoulders PM.
    Sometimes I may not be able to get the PM or AM workout, so I will just hit both that day in the AM or PM. Or I can carry one body part over to the next day.

  • Yeah I do one part a day. Usually I’ll start with 15 minutes of cardio, then four different exercises to a total of around 200 to 250 reps in total. Each set between 8 to 15 reps

  • Dorian Yates trained only each body part only once a week and he had a more grainer and granite like physique even more than Lee Haney. The advantage of the hitting a bodypart twice a week is that you can organise one session to be very short intense and with very heavy weights and low reps focusing on mass and power and latter in the week do a lighter, high rep session focusing on shape and definition. The old school bodybuilder had more shape and symmetry to their physiques because they did more high rep workouts.

  • nah, going to failure just needs more relaxation. Going to failure is 100% that you are making the best gains. Fail, eat, relax, sleep. repeat. You just destroring the muscles yeah, but if you have the proper time sleep(8 hours) eat good and relax in general. you making the best gains ever. Its not that good, if you train every day. But FULL BODY-UPPER LOWER whcih have days in between for muscle relaxation they need to reach failure point to have the BEST WHAT SO EVER GAINZZZZZ. Thas my humble opinion of course.

  • So what kinda audio production setup do you have?. do you use all soft synths?. or both hardware and software?.. or Digital Audio Workstation?.. or tape?

  • i think the best split, its what focuses more on your weak points, for me my chest is my strongest body part so hitting it hard one time a week is enough for me, but my width is not on point so im training my back and shoulders two times per week, my point is guys dont over complicate things just be smart and do what suits you best.

  • So, I’m doing a upperbody lowerbody split. Mon/thurs Tues/Fri. I like what’s going on, but I want to know if anyone else does this and have had success? Weds/Sat I do arms or other accessories

  • full body workouts are great for beginners…but once you get to a certain level of strength, it’s very difficult to do more than 2 bodyparts in a workout, never mind your entire body…how can you possibly give equal attention to all body parts, if you’re dead tired by the end of your workout…and to do a full body, you volume must be significantly decreased. there’s a reason why not one pro bodybuilder for decades does full body…they all do split..I’m sure full body can work, if you cut way back on the volume…but to keep the same level of intensity, doing all major body parts in one workout is very very tough…

  • What if I Split:
    1 dayChest and Tricep
    2 dayBack and Bicep
    3-Legs and shoulder
    4Full body workout

    Any recommendations? or this routine is correct?

  • Hey jason, big fan! Can you discuss nutrition and protein absorption when intermittent fasting? Is it good bad or indifferent for both losing and gaining weight? I tend to starve myself for the entire day and eat a large meal in the evening as I find it easier to do that than portion control. Admittedly that sounds like a bit of an eating mentality problem, but it seems to work for me, any thoughts?

  • I’m doing the Texas Method and chose to do a 4-day upper/lower version of it.
    The classic TM is 3-days per week full body but in Rippetoe’s book there are also 4 day upper/lower split options, I’m doing this one:

    Mon: Bench intensity (1×5), Press volume (5×5)
    Tue: Squat intensity (1×5), Deadlift accessory (3×8 SLDL)
    Thu: Press intensity (1×5), Bench volume (5×5)
    Fri: Deadlift (1×5), Squat volume (5×5)

    Adding 5 pounds per week

    Classic TM also adds 5 lbs per week on the big lifts. So I guess as long as you’re making the same progress (being able to add the 5 lbs per week to your lifts), it won’t make a difference which version you choose. Even though one is full body and the other an upper/lower.

  • For push days you can do 4 chest exercises and 2 Shoulders the first day and next push day do 4 shoulder exercises and 2 chest. You don’t need massive amounts of volume to grow. Even on my Pull days I do 4-5 for back, 1-2 exercises for rear delts and 3 exercises for biceps.

  • I think the “benefit” of splitting things up is that people don’t have to do squats everyday, and people are all about not doing squats. Even you dont do squats, lol.

  • I notice a lot that there are a lot of guys with decent pressing strength, but zero back, and zero legs.

    Like you say, the pressing muscles are getting more frequency, and this is why we see plenty of guys with what I call ‘strong pushing muscles but chicken legs and no back’ syndrome.

    I used to be exactly the same, since I switched to an upper/lower both my legs and back have made really good progress. Prior to switching to u/l I had very weak rowing strength, and my legs were not great either. I was part of the ‘benching 2 plates but only rowing 24kg dumbbells’ club lol.

    however, loads of guys are married to the body part split, ‘its the best way to train’ they say, ”theres no way you can hit a muscle 2x a week and grow’ bla bla. To be honest for advanced lifters it is not that bad to do the bro split..but it sucks balls for most people, in fact in tends to suck for most beginners unless they are really focusing on progression and eating a lot (which most dont).

  • Hey Jason, I recently did a deload week, and now the following week I’m experiencing a lot of DOMS after sessions. ( I’m doing your novice program) is this a sign that I deloaded wrong or a normal occurrence?

  • A lot of people hate this dude but all I see is chill energy! Keep crushing the game bro! And ayyye hair gains gotta rock the length ������

  • Yeah 48 hours, wasting muscle gain etc. Depends, people always say you’re not eating enough or you don’t sleep enough etc, depends on your lifestyle. I worked a heavy job, I tried PPL, upper & lower in the most intelligent ways I could.. research papers, YouTube, PTs, coaches etc wasted alot of money too. I went snap city and I didn’t go gym anymore tbh i hated it & the program I actually liked doing was the body part split. Internet told me it was a shit program and don’t do it, true? maybe? Rode that bandwagon too.. but I decided to do it anyway and It kept me coming back so i just did what makes me happy. Gym doesn’t feel like a chaw anymore, gains were great too.

  • I train 6 or 7 days a week and I have alot of gains.  The dude speaking about working the chest 1 time a week, what is this nonsense lmao?  The only part I train 1 times a week is my legs since im sore for a week straight, this training draining alot and it last for 3 hours.  Beside of that I train every other body part 2 or 3 times a week.  If one day I train back and chest, the other it’s going to be shoulder and biceps and I just alternate regarding what is still sore or not.  Why would someone work in a split but train a muscle only 1 times a week?  Are you a beta that train 3 times a week?  If you on that bullshit go full body little pussboy.

  • Whats your opinion on the Westside method, that incorporates weekly
    lower/upper body split, with the dynamic and max effort component?

  • To some of the people that are saying full body is too brutal try this, do back and chest first, after do shoulder, then do arms next so your biceps and triceps aren’t fatigued during ur back and chest workout. Then hit abs and legs at the end.

  • I’m sure alot of bodybuilders n physique competitors have always done high frequency! They don’t always do bro splits all year long! Maybe a few times a year but I’m sure most of time the have high volume n high frequency workouts all year long

  • volume and strength. stick to classic golden era training. 3 days on 1 off as followed. shoulders/arms/abs/calves, legs), and then chest/back/calves/abs.

  • When people, in if people get out of the box once in awhile, they will learn what works and what does not work instead of just flapping their gums.

  • Hello, I’ve been doing splits for sometime now and I want to give something close to if not a full body workout a try. I made a basic schedule which is this.






    Monday = Chest, and Shoulders

    Tuesday = Arms, and Abs

    Wednesday = Back, Shoulders, and legs

    Thursday = Arms, and Chest

    Friday = Legs, Abs, and back

    I will be working out for about an hour with a maximum rest time of 2 minutes between sets. I will also be doing around 10 reps and 4 sets per exercise, the rep and/or set number and rest time may change due to amount of weight and how long I can maintain form composure. My question now is whether this looks good as a starter schedule. I will vary much appreciated your thoughts on the subject if you answer.

  • So would it be correct to say after doing full body for say 3 years and strength progression became slow/ infrequent it wouldn’t matter if you done bro splits, full body, PPL whatever because you would be putting on so little lean mass in a year anyway?

  • The problem is that most people got the idea that you can progress faster with bro-splits and therefore get bigger, which is the opposite of reality and not what Chris meant in the video.

  • I used to do full body 3 times a week when I worked in a gym and it suited me fine, I did 2 days where I went on long fast paced walks and another where I did 15 rounds on a punchbag along with a mini circuit of sit ups, Russian twists and kettle bell swings. I had the time to work that way, the time to eat right for it and recovered well. I now work in a hospital on 12.5 hour shifts where I’m always on my feet and moving around more, I couldn’t keep up the full body training because the shifts got in the way and my energy levels just aren’t there for it, so I am back to splits, which sit a lot better with me now.
    The TLDR version, do what works for you and fits your lifestyle/living circumstances.

  • I have to disagree with the leg training, i would recommend people 3 exercises to always do. Then they can add 1-2 more exercises if they want.

    Leg curl for Hamstrings is a must, your hamstrings is made up of 4 heads. One of the heads named Biceps Femoris Short Head only attaches to the femurus and doesn’t go up and attach to the pelvic bone like the other 3 hamstring heads does.

    So the Biceps Femoris Short Head can only perform knee flexion which is what happens in Leg curls.

    Deadlifts or Deficit Deadlifts

    Pause Squats

    These are the 3 base exercises anybody should have while training legs.

    If a person wants they can add Hip Adduction exercises and Hip Abduction exercises to give more stability to your body.

    A person can even add standing and sitting calf raises.

    But as i said the 3 first exercises should be the bread and butter for anybody training their legs seriously.

    If you missed 1 of the 3 exercises i did mention first and add the other ones i mentioned you are doing it wrong and need to correct it.

    Shalom. <3 <3 <3

  • people fail on bro splits because

    a) too many fluff exercises, not enough compounds.
    B) no focus on progressive overload
    C) changing workouts every time, people do this a lot, they pick a certain workout from YouTube one week and then the next week do something completely different. This of course ties in with point B, how can one progressively overload by changing things all the damn time
    D) too much pressing, not enough pulling. These guys are often found moaning about shoulder pain
    E) stupid structure of weekly routine i.e. working the pressing muscles extensively 2/3 days in a row. Or worse, having no structure and just training whatever they feel like on the day and dont even realise that they go 8 days and beyond in between hitting muscle groups
    F) skipping leg day too often
    G) following complicated advanced routines instead of keeping it simple.
    and so on

  • I think as long as your progressing on your workouts, it doesn’t matter whether you do a 4 day body part split, 3 day full body, or 4 day upper lower split. As long as you are progressing. Of course if you could progress 3 days a week with your lifts, that would ideally be more optimal. However for me, (everybody is different), my CNS over fatigued with a full body routine
    , and I stalled on my lifts. (It had nothing to do with lack of nutrients or food) (I was getting extremely tired and weak in gym.) (my 5 or 6 rep max started to turn into a 2 rep max) (my volume wasn’t high either) Now, I bench, squat, deadlift,oh press once a week with a 4 day split. My split is a basic 4 day split….

    Mon:Chest and Tri
    BB Bench Press
    BB Incline Press
    Weighted Dips
    BB Close Grip Bench

    Tuesday:Back and Biceps
    BB Deadlift
    BB Pendlay Row
    Weighted Pull-ups (Lats)
    BB Bicep Curl
    Weighted Chin-ups (Bi)

    Thursday: Shoulders, Forearms, Abs
    BB Strict OH Press
    DB seated Shoulder Press
    DB Lateral Raise
    DB Rear delt raise
    DB Wrist Curls
    Variation of Ab exercises

    Friday: Legs
    BB Back Squat
    BB Front Squat
    BB Lunges
    BB stiff leg deadlift
    Seated Calf raise

    Most of my movements are compound exercises commonly seen in a full body routine. I’ve been making great progress on all my lifts and I keep track of all of them, including my assistance lifts. I use an app called iron gains that does this for me.i also use micro plates which enables me to progress slowly by even a half a pound if I wanted to. Everybody is different in terms of their body and ability to workout.

  • Ronny Coleman told in a documentation that he never trained just a bodypart when he worked in a Police Station. He trained 6 times in a Week for a Hour multiple Muscle Groups. He said bodypart Splits are for People who does Not have to work. I think that u have to consider about this question.

  • Full body workouts doesn’t necessarily mean all Compounds every session. It could be a combination of compound and isolation exercises. Heavier on some, lighter on others. Just work the body parts more frequently with different exercises. An example would be Kai Greene style upper/lower/full body workouts;

  • I stopped doing splits a couple of years ago. Looking back I know I did splits because it was easier. Full body is a lot more taxing especially mentally.

  • This is by far the most informative channel out there, it is a shame that your channel has only 18k subscribers, this actually shows how the fitness industry works nowadays. Keep up the good work!! Truly appreciate your work, especially the music you are composing.

  • Jason please make a video about FOOD COMBİNİNG! What do you think about that? Dr. Helbert Shelton and Dr. Mercola support this concept and ı think it makes sense. Example: Meat and starches are digested with different enzymes and If we consume them together not digested very well. WAİTİNG FOR YOUR RESPONSE! THANKS

  • chris and jason are the only ppl who are knows the truth. I know that so many ppl do as well but they dont have enough balls to take some dislikes…

  • well, if you do pull/push/legs twice a week you would be getting that volume. but doing one part a week gives you the ability to focus on just that one body part and give you better mind-muscle connection for that one day

  • So, I’m 18. If I’ve been doing splits for two years, is it safe to switch to full body on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with cardio and abs on Tuesday and Thursday?

  • Would this style of workout be beneficial to guys that AREN’T naturals? My guess is, it would be. but just curious your thoughts…and what about going to failure on sets? I have always done low volume, but high intensity…and it seems like i’m always over training and needing to take time off…wouldn’t training more frequently make this worse? or do I just have to stop going to failure…maybe stop 2 reps short of failure….I’m curious about those couple of points.

  • I do Push Pull leg’s and my workout Routine includes only for Chest 7 Exercises xD
    So i spend around 3 h. a day in the gym
    Its great,
    But its absolut oberkill

  • This is really good advice! Isolation exercises are highly overrated. Compounds win every time.

    I’ve been seeing you a lot in Eugenia Cooney’s live stream chats recently. It’s nice that you take interest in the angel and her cult, but I’d appreciate if you didn’t call her a slut, because she’s not.

    /Sincerely, one of your new subscribers.

  • Full body routines work better than any other routine for a natural to pack on muscle and strength. BUT you have to make sure to hit each muscle DIRECTLY. If you’re not hitting your biceps, triceps, side delts, abs, rear delts, etc directly.. then YOU ARE GOING TO LOOK LIKE SHIT

  • Really enjoy watching your vids. Quick questionon the rowing machine here, you maintained a limited range of motion. Is this primarily due to your previous shoulder problems? Or are you focusing on keeping the working back muscles under constant tension?

  • It is the best way to go, when people ask me what I’m training today I say I’m training me the whole of me.
    I would add this though the perfect absolute best way as a natural is 1 day on 1 day off

    The problem is though that for most people you don’t recover fast enough doing that all the time. Infact if you can maintain that routine you’ve discovered that you are in fact a genetic elite

    For me sometimes I recover from the one off but other times it can take me up to 6 days to recover so play it by ear

    Recovery is key and your not a machine so it differs from time to time

    The weather, your stress levels, your diet, you may not be sleeping so well, your gf might dump you, you may be studying or you may lose your job
    You get what Im saying? If everything is absolutely perfect then you’ll be able to do full body every other day

  • Personally I think what you stated is common sense….intuitively most people know this so I don’t know why people would question it unless they’re nit picking

  • I dont know where you got your knowledge about steroids from but they do NOT send an anabolic signal without muscle stimulation. If you were laying in a hospital for a month without any movement you could be on the dosis of phil heath and there would be no muscel growth.
    I also dont know why you claim splits work better for enhanced athletes. In fact you can work the same muscle significantly faster again if you are on a lot of gear, that is why you see the pros nowadays working out at least twice a day.

  • I’ve been doing bro split i.e 1muscle per week since the start. I don’t take any supplement for protein, it’s just eggs, milk, meat. etc. I’ve had great gains since I’ve started. I switched to 2× muscle per week after listening to these YouTubers they’re always like “2 or 3 times per week is better than 1× per week” and I noticed muscle loss in just 2 weeks. Then I again switched to single muscle training. I conclude that if u aren’t able to get enough protein in your body daily i.e 1gram of protein per 1 pound of your weight and u don’t take any supplements to complete the protein requirement in your body; then I would recommend you to do 1 mucle group per week. It’s just that u train each muscle with 4-6 exercises with high volume and intensity. Your muscle is damaged so bad and then u get a 5 day rest period for that muscle to grow. It’s all about rest and nutrition. If I had good protein intakes and had enough of it I would do 2 or 3 times per week training. ITS ALL ABOUT NUTRITION GUYS.!! EVERYBODY SUITS DIFFERENT WORKOUT SPLITS.

  • Why just three days a week, why not six days a week? Why not do even more frequency and even less duration per session. That would be even more effective. Still, same weekly volume. Just do full body ever day. Only a max of 3 sets per bodypart per day. But not balls to the wall very often, or you burn yourself out.

  • I’m going to try doing PPL splits for 3 weeks then a week of full body with everything from the ppl weeks. And switch it up like that. I feel the adaptation is a huge killer of gains and verity is key.

  • Started with splits, I’ve made good gains from it, but I’m most likely going. To try out full body for a few months and see what happens. Now I’ll just need to make a routine or find a good one.

  • well its not the same volume cus if im doing a split over 5 day push,legs,pull,push,legs i would be doing between 2-4 more sets of each body part meaning it is higher volume, if i put that into a fullbody workout it would be overtraining over 90mins in the gym meaning 15 exercises with 4 sets in the 3days, because the amount of sets i would have to do for each body part to have the same volume as my split

  • That’s my split I focus on one body muscle at a time, making sure I work it out till failure. If I do 2-3 body parts I end up being too tired to get a good rep when I move on to the next muscle vs working out one muscle a day till failure ������������

  • I went full body Tuesday Thursday and possibly Saturdays for about six months now. better muscle recovery and less joint pain.thats just me.peace!

  • in the video he said for example, to split up chest in 30 sets. so that means full body people do 10 sets of chest everyday for 3 days?

  • Hey Jason would you advise against wendler 5/3/1 then? I started it a month ago because of all the press it gets on t nation but the lack of frequency was off putting but t nation give 5/3/1 a lot of media time about how great a programme it is so I figured it was worth a shot. Love the channel, keep up the great work

  • It’s hard to recover from the bro split, if you are doing push pull or upper lower or full body, you can split that 6 exercises for your chest on 2 different days it’s the same volume and you are hitting every body part twice a week.

  • I randomly switched to full body recently, and I feel like I’m getting gains for the first time in years… it’s also more fun each day, as you’re doing a variety of things.
    I support this video!

  • Just go back and forth between styles and you’ll see good results. Switch every couple of months once your body gets used to it switch it up. And work work work legs!!!

  • You need to switch it up and shock the muscle. There is no one best way, all the ways are the best when rotated in and out. Full body for a few weeks to a month them splits for a month, lift heavy for a few weeks then lighter and higher rep ranges for a few weeks. Switching it up is the key. Period

  • i understand what your doing there bro, for me i sort of got a routine that i follow but i mostly go by feel these days, and try to do things 2 days apart,,,

  • I do push pull legs and for example on push day I do 6 chest exercises, 4 tricep exercises and 3 shoulder exercises. And I’m only in the gym for an hour and a half each time

  • The best type of training is individual. Meaning, If someone likes to tweak their full body to not do the exact same exercises for the whole week, they can make infinite variables to that. Or, if they prefer splits, there are infinite ways to combine exercise programs to what you like. The best one is the one you can do consistently.

  • Jason. can you talk about deadlift volume. your 5×5 as well as a couple other novice programs have only 1.5 sets of deadlift per week. when is it appropriate to do multiple sets/high volumes of deadlifting (for an intermediate specifically)?

  • I just came across this vid and I gotta say, I also hit one muscle per day and always have. I don’t have the science behind muscle building but I have experience. I do 5 to 8 different exercises per muscle and about 4 or 5 sets of each. I beat the fucking shit outta that muscle and I’ll tell ya I’ve gotten massive gains. I don’t know where people get the energy to do 2 muscles in a day. I feel that it’s a half ass workout if I do that. I’m close to 50 now and I’m getting back into it again and it’s been about 8 months and the compliments I’m getting is awesome. I’ve got 20” arms natural. Fuck all the bullshit and just go into the gym and work that muscle like a beast and I promise you you’ll come out feeling awesome with massive gains within 6 months

  • Thank you! Thank you! thank you!

    My bonus dad is OBSESSED with splits and is constantly on my back whenever I do full body. He’s all about show and no go. You better believe I’m going to spam him with this!��

    Also you mentioned calisthenics. What’s your thoughts on doing them. I do them once or twice a week. Same with weights

  • I’m experimenting doing one muscle a day. Monday chest, Tuesday back,Wednesday tricep,Thursday shoulder traps,friday biceps and two days off. I feel can dedicate more angles and less calorie burning by doing this it a try though

  • I thought a pull, push, leg split would be good but it gets me tired before I hit the second muscle I might revert from a bro split a week to my usual push pull legs

  • And the end of the day it all comes down to what you enjoy doing,having a sound workout plan with compound movements, progressive overload,high volume,hitting all bodyparts,muscle protein synthesis etc.You can do this with full-body,upper/lower and splits. Contrary to popular beliefs yes you can make the same gains with splits if you structure them wisely and still hit muscle protein synthesis x2/week.
    Classic example: mondayleg day squats,front squats,dl variation etc
    Friday back day. Start with conv deadlift and then do back work.Problem solved,legs x2/week. You can do that with all muscle groups easily.And yes conv deads hit the legs hard if you do them properly with leg drive.

  • When will people UNDERSTAND that there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to body anatomy! Different people react differently to a different schedule. You have to play around with it to figure out what works for YOU. I do split routine because of time constraint. The argument that it is people on gear that do split is just absolute trash, it just sounds like you are desperate to convince everyone that becuase you do full body you don’t do roids. Not everyone does fitness and youtube video for a living. Some of us have 2 to 3 different jobs and time is a constraint. I don’t see how it is possible to squeeze full body into one-hour workout. I do split, all natural and have experienced constant growth. You know what? I will give the full body workout today and see what happens. One more thing, even in the split routine compound exercises work out other muscle group so you are indirectly doing almost full body.

  • I do full body workouts 3x a week. one workout per muscle group except for chest & calves where I do 2 because I’m still tuning those. getting great results.

  • reason its called bro split is because your body needs alot of volume, and after 48 hours your muscle is ready to be worked again.

  • I do chest back tricep at my first training and leg shoulder bicep excercises at my 2nd training and repeat that so 4 times minimum is this also good?

  • Then do push day with more exercises..I do 4 chest and 3 triceps exercises amd 2 shoulders… tho I have an adittional shoulder day cuz my shoulders are lackimg

  • Just modify the bro split to hit some body parts twice in a week and boom you fix the hit the muscle once per week shit…. I also prefer one body part a day get better pump/ work in my opinion

  • I’m hitting a new set up and it’s working for me. I’m sure people will dis my schedule… works for me and I may do more work but I feel good and people are noticing that I’m bigger.

    I’m go heavier every second week or the next week if I’m able too.

    Chest finish with 1 set of tris
    Back finish with 1 set of bis
    Legs / shoulders
    Tris finish with isolated chest
    Bis finish with pull ups and chin ups
    Day off

    U guys will prob dis my routine coz legs and shoulders once a week, but this works for me as when I do push / pull or upper / lower I can never maintain it.

  • That part about the central nervous system is so true. My inexperience would always get to me. During the summer I’m motivated to exercise and I’ll work out hard consistently and then boom… It’s like my body just won’t respond. Even after having recovered physically. It’s like I’m trying to amp my spirit (nervous system) just to train on the same level. I realize now. I don’t always have to go to failure every session nor reach new plateaus everytime. One of the things I would never understand is being able to do 20 pull ups then next few sessions I can’t even hit 20 even after good rest. Why?!

  • Progressive overload probably should be top priority in any program besides form, it’s why I hate trainers and why I hate training people. That and personal training is a shit industry. 

  • so you agree with him saying he gets stronger benching once a week insinuating that if you do it more often youll stall, fuckn whatever, that was bulshit and i doubt you agreed with that, i like chris but ultimately he is a bro and will follow things en-vogue as the times change, AKA full of shit

  • To bonethugs111 chris has also made points about personal preference when it comes to training, and training the way you enjoy which will allow consistancy. Bro splits are what he enjoys so let him do his thing

  • Well I’m stupid then, I don’t buy that genetic limit shit. It’s an excuse and a barrier to your training. Why would anyone who wants to succeed at something put mental barriers to success up at the beginning of their journey? I know I have genetic limits from a scientific perspective, I’m not saying otherwise. But, I refuse to accept or even acknowledge them when I train. The body follows the mind is all I’m saying.

    So in that regard, I agree with what both of them are saying in terms of no matter what program you work, as long as you work hard, you’ll come out on top. But does use having “reached your genetic potential” or thinking you actually know what your genetic limit will be, dictate how you train.

  • Scooby said to go no further than having the elbows paralel to the floor when doing a dumbell press, as it would not train the muscle further but just give a strain on the joints. Is there truth to this? Should i go full ROM instead? (also on hangups) 

  • That article kind of sucked and read like it was written by a 17 year old who just read Brad’s study on MPS rates and frequency.

    There’s quite a few reasons that someone would want to reduce the total training frequency and vary to a high volume/workload. One of the glaringly obvious reasons is the reduced anabolic signalling that takes place when people implement higher frequencies right off the bat.

    The idea that those splits are ‘dead’ is click-bait by someone who wanted a pat on the back by the ‘science’ crowd without thinking about actual application for long-term trainees.

  • Why not? Got to love what you do. Loving what you do leads to consistency and consistency is the main key to make progress. I use a upper/lower split. Hate full body because of the reason you mention. Volume!!!! Never felt like I really worked anything. I love when I work a muscle and it’s shaking at the end. Love the feeling of having worked that muscle to the max.

  • I’m sorry Jason but I can’t agree.I don’t know about others but I can’t even progress properly training one day a week.If I train my chest on monday for example and I wait until next week I will still have the same level of strength because I detrained my chest by waiting 7 days to train again.All the adaptations I made in the last session are lost by the time I train again.But that’s just me…Maybe others have better genetics.

  • I’m 6’7″ at 270lbs. I’m losing body fat. but my gut won’t go. I think I built muscle under that. I drink raw milk, could that be the problem?

  • Hey Bro, I Too Hit One Body Part A Day As Well Been Doing It For Over 20 Years, My Reason You Can Blast The Hell Out Of That Muscle Your Working And Not Have To Worry About Blasting Another Muscle Group Until The Next Day!

  • Damn, I wish I had 50% of your shoulders lol. I have such shitty shoulder genetics. They just can’t seem to grow. Unlike my chest, I only train my chest once a month because it’s disproportionate larger than the rest of my body lol.

  • The pro magazine workouts are definitely bs. But he said pros are ‘starting to do it’ then used arnold as an example.. that’s not a modern example. I know arnold tried to do like a seven days a week workout but most of the studies he’s talking about wasn’t around in arnolds day. And arnold wasn’t nearly as big as modern day guys. This might be somewhat true but if you need three sets to create hypertrophy but your spacing them out over a week, how are you going to get hypertrophy? Personally i do a heavy week split and a light week split. Works for me. If your just a beginner any workout routines gonna workout for you.

  • Gallant is the real deal. I’ve learn alot from his videos. I’m 64 years of age and have worked out off and on most of my life. Gallant has given me a renewed passion for bodybuilding because his partial rep tecniques actually work. Basic and simple gets the job done especially for us life long natural guys. I’m ready to get at it again thanks to Gallant.

  • Looooll, I just woke up from a dream a couple of days ago, and something snapped in my head about just training one body part. I thought exactly this way, the recovery and the capacities. Since you make your body busy recovering everything, why not blast just one?

  • Hey Jason. I have a understanding question. For example you told in your videos that is it a small difference between doing 7 sets of 3 reps to doing 3 sets of 10. You told it is better doing 7 sets of 3 because you can use little more weight and you will move more explosive. but if you calculate the same volume so weight to reps and you will do like you did the example in this video doing 4 6 times per week full body would you could be finished the workout in less than 30 minuets. Would this make sense doing this for a natural lifter? or is it better doing the same volume for 3 full body workouts per week.
    Best regards.

  • To me this goes back to training styles and what’s more optimal, I mean at the end of the day you gotta push yourself in the gym to get that extra rep so you can increase the weight.  Does that mean failure?  Can you talk about training styles?

  • Protein synthesis levels are higher 24-48 hours. Why not utilize that to your advantage and train less in a day but more often? It’s like you’re spreading your sets out throughout the week. For example, if I train only 5 sets on chest 2 days in a row, I’d be able to recover from that efficiently because it’s not that much of a work load and my protein synthesis levels are high. Then I can day a day off from chest and continue. I see insane results doing this. Since all muscle building is just breaking down muscle fibers and using your protein synthesis to rebuild them bigger. If you can do it more often and recover more quickly, you’ll also get more gains in the longer run. There is science proving that your protein synthesis levels are the highest in the 24-48 hour time period and you can utilize that to your advantage. Train less in a day and train more often.

  • This is y I think full body is the best.. fullbody 3 times a week is the best imo for NATURALS more frequency, more recovery, more convenient, and more total work load and stress response in the entire body…people make the mistake of thinking with body part splits you are recovering just because it’s not the same muscle but forget its the SAME CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM…when I first started I did PPL 6 days a week and within the 3rd well I felt like shit sluggish no motivation to train mind you nutrition was good, sleep was good, training was good…when you are on a body part split you’re always putting the body in a constant state of recovery and not refreshing the central nervous system… Leroy Colbert explained this for years, alpha destiny, and team 3d alpha..its just common sense…..there is no split that will allow you to hit every single muscle group more than 2 times a week and still get the adequate rest days that full body provides, you can do 3 times or even 4 before you start suffering from recovery issues…the BIGGEST point is this on fullbody 3 days a week I get to hit every body part 3 times a week and get 4 days of recovery VS you doing upper lower 4 days a week maximally hitting each muscle only 2 times a week and only getting 3 days of rest VS even worse you doing PPL 6 days a week hitting muscle group 2 times a week and only getting 1 DAY of recovery!!! it’s just common sense of why as for me I burnt out on splits as a NATTY lifter and probably why others do as well now yes sure if you are on the juice splits work well because the drugs are gonna make you recover faster and more efficient which is where I believe this whole body part split stuff was based from and hyped from was for people on the juice not NATTY lifters..

  • Currently, I’m on a collegiate level strength&conditioning program for throwers which is Push(lower)Pull(upper) Mondays and Thursdays, and Pull (lower)Push(upper) with weighted core work on each lifting day. Feels appropriate and difficult, 6 exercises per day. Nice&tough, plus a dynamic warm up&foam rolling routine.


  • +JuggernautFitnessTV You once said that strength athletes need about 1 gram per lbs of lean bw and youve said that they need about 1-1,6g per kilogram of bodyweight. Which of the statements is your current one?

  • Funny thing, I never see you walking shirtless in the winter snow at the end of your videos. Your Canadian and that means snow is like summer sand to you.

  • Definitely like the Friday Q and A with the workout combo. I’ve never tried the reverse hack squat before, will try it next leg workout. Thanks Jason.