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Workout results mean different things to different people—after all everyone has different reasons for working out.Maybe you just want to keep your heart healthy, have more energy, and. Working out regularly is key to achieving results, according to Chris Jordan, the exercise physiologist who came up with the 7-minute workout. Jordan gave us a sample week-long fitness routine to. Part of the reason why we obsess over our work is because we want it to be mistake-free.

However, trying to achieve 100% perfection is highly ineffective. If we’re busy perfecting this thing, we can’t get to other important things. Realize that making mistakes is a trade off we have to embrace. I usually tell people it takes four to six weeks to see results.

The first two to three weeks there’s generally a lot of soreness for a few days after a workout. A week or so later, the soreness isn’t as bad and you can recover more quickly. That’s also when people start feeling stronger. They may also start to see. You probably didn’t start a new fitness routine just for your health.

You want to see results, whether that means gains in strength, bigger muscles, or greater endurance. Working out is great for our physical health — strength training and cardio, for example, can help improve your metabolic rate — as well as our mental health.HIIT is effective for burning fat. Just as everyone starts working out for different reasons, everyone’s timeline for seeing desired results will be slightly different based on individual goals and other factors. If you exercise every day for at least 30 minutes, you can expect to see some physical changes within the first few weeks. “If they just change their eating patterns, they see results immediately.” Taking in 200 to 300 calories before a workout helps people perform bette.

What is the definition of mistake-free? What is the meaning of mistake-free? How do you use mistake-free in a sentence?

What are synonyms for mistake-free?How 12 PT’s Stay Motivated to Work Out ‘When embarking on a new diet or training regime, it is very common to see fast results within the first 2-4 weeks,’ says Bohannon.

List of related literature:

The usual consolations (that the damage from a mistake is repairable or that the mistake taught you an important lesson) are frankly useless as long as you continue to subscribe to the idea that one should never make a mistake.

“Present Perfect: A Mindfulness Approach to Letting Go of Perfectionism and the Need for Control” by Pavel G Somov
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I have used all my life a wonderfully simple heuristic: charlatans are recognizable in that they will give you positive advice, and only positive advice, exploiting our gullibility and sucker-proneness for recipes that hit you in a flash as just obvious, then evaporate later as you forget them.

“Incerto 4-Book Bundle: Fooled by Randomness, The Black Swan, The Bed of Procrustes, Antifragile” by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
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It will come with practice, but you can start to get it by always remembering the compounded uncertainty of your sources of data, the imprecision of your heuristics, and the probability of error.

“An Applied Guide to Process and Plant Design” by Sean Moran
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The online learning algorithm that Richard Sutton (figure 10.3) developed depended on differences between expected and received rewards (box 10.1).

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In the Cobham example we outlined the procedure for calculating the free

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Even though there is a 1 in 20 chance that your interesting result would have happened anyway by chance, not much is at stake: the error is not a costly one.

“Unweaving the Rainbow: Science, Delusion and the Appetite for Wonder” by Richard Dawkins
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So to compute the ECI, we consider the range of possible outcomes of a measurement, the cost of each, the expected uncertainty reduction of each possible outcome, and then compute the weighted average of all costs and uncertainty reductions.

“How to Measure Anything: Finding the Value of Intangibles in Business” by Douglas W. Hubbard
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Intuition will often catch the mistake.

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Unfortunately, there is a price to pay: one must be able to go back to one of the exact representations (for example to the standard representation), and hence have good control on the roundoff errors.

“A Course in Computational Algebraic Number Theory” by Henri Cohen
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If those errors are also of similar magnitude, then fortuitously good results can be obtained.

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Thank you so much for your suggestions and your smiles! I really enjoy watching your videos and you’re not only a gorgeous young woman, but you’re also a very smart, clever, and nice person, who has started to be a kind of a guide for me both for my fitness routines and for my attitude towards life in general! You’re inspiring me!! And I do hope that I will achieve very good results by keeping training my body and also my mind, as I believe that the “health” of both of them is fundamental to be successful. Please keep on uploading your videos and being the wonderful woman you are! With lots of love from Italy ❤️

  • If your a man and your not getting the results your won’t you probably won’t ever it’s all about genetics if your a woman your fine as long as your skinny your fit

  • Ive always had “skinny” legs because I was a dancer, and 7 months ago I started going to TRX classes 5 times a week and I started eating healthier. My problem is that ive noticed that the upper part of my inner thighs started to grow, very quickly. At first they told me that it was muscle but it really doesnt look like it. It feels uncomfortable because my thighs never touched when I closed my legs and now they do.
    Ive noticed that everytime i do squats (any type of squat), lunges (any type of lunge) and stuff like that the upper part of my inner thighs gets bigger, and its not muscle, i know its not muscle, and i eat healthy i dont understand. the worst thing is that im not noticing any difference in my glutes. please help
    A lot of people are confused on what area im talking about and is the highest part of my inner thighs. Like some people have inner thigh fat or muscle but still have like a little space in the upper part of their inner thighs, thats the part that im talking about. i put a bikini on and it just looks bad, i never had it

  • How do a person get great abs. And get rid of love love handles want to stay on my 43 and had a baby month ago

  • Incredible idea place an air supply on your head and use a weight belt if needed then enter the deep end of a pool and ounce on the bottom start a routine. Body movements with in a fluid make muscles differently. Jumping jacks punches kicks even just breathing within a fluid and your going to make your body blast through the level your body has acclimated to from doing the same things over and over again. Your going to be very sore even after the first time doing a fluid environment work out. ����

  • I am on the keto diet and just started adding 2 carb up days. Is it possible to grow muscles this way?? I really enjoy eating keto foods that’s why I have stuck to it after losing all the weight That I wanted but now I want to focus on growing my lower body. I’m just not sure if this is possible on keto because I know carbs are important. U mentioned keto diets so I hope u can answer that for me. Thanks!

  • Could you do a video on bulking? I used you dieting tips and fasted cardio to lose body fat but now I’m looking to gain muscle but don’t want to “dirty” bulk.

  • 5% body fat and you can’t see your abs? How did you determine body fat content? Anything in the single digits usually show abs and muscle serrations.

  • Sir,
    I had seen your home leg,back,triceps &biceps workout. All are awesome, but I have a question.
    I am 19 year old and my height is 5’10”. The question is this if I start these workout
    Is it stop my height????

  • You’ll have to get the full version of the app to even get started into the workout, it just shows 2 seperate exericises for warmupsets. Conclusion, don’t download it ge’s sponsored

  • I am wanting to compete in my first amateur body building competition. I am all natural and I have pretty great genetics. I was wondering if you could honestly take a look at me and get me to where I need to be before my competition. I love your channel and figured you would be the go to guy!

  • I’ve been at it for 3 weeks and only lost 1 pound. I’ve been going harder for the past couple days so hopefully that works. And I need to eat more too and I’m trying so so hard to not give up

  • Lovely video❤️I would like to see video about How to calculate my calories and macros in your next TUESDAY video(just a tip).
    Btw. You’re my Big inspiration❤️keep going ��

  • The best part of your video is when ur tongue slips n u improvise. That shows how genuine u r n u never sound scripted. Stay blessed alpha.

  • Great content!!!! I’m really becoming a fan of yours after watching a lot of your videos today! My training philosophy to the f…ing point! Thank you for doing what you do!!!!

  • You are amazing! Finally, someone who says that carbs are not the enemy. I’m so annoyed with everyone who stays away from carbs. But then again, a lot of people don’t know anything about nutrition

  • Mr.Hayward I have a question.I’ve been working out for 3 months and I’ve been doing everything that I know to do I’ve lost weight but I’ve have not lost the body fat how do I lose the body fat. I’m 47yrs old please help me.

  • i am fasting eveyday for 16 hours 30min no food no water because we are muslim.before i was 122pound.but now in one month i loose 10 pound i still keep trying to loose more
    i will never give me up

  • Speaking as a dietitian, no dietitian would put someone with a weight loss goal on a meal plan with a drastic calorie cut. We preach and believe in sustainable changes and a huge calorie cut is not sustainable…as you said.

    Now a nutritionist might do that, since anyone can be a nutritionist and nutritionists don’t always know what they are doing. It takes a lot more to become a dietitian versus a nutritionist. I encourage anyone to seek out the help of a dietitian. We love helping and working with people who want to make changes.

  • Wow! I really do LOVE! HOW YOU COME THROUGH with the answers that we’re looking for and get straight to the point! You kept me interested throughout the whole video content!!! This is only the 2nd video I’ve watched from you and I’m a fan!!!! ❤️

  • Great info and analogy here Lee. I dare to say that it takes 4 years to see lifetime changes in body composition. If you start today, and if in four years from now you are the same or worst than when you started, you did not get the nutrition/workout lifestyle degree.

    My personal experience:
    Time exercising consistently: almost 2 years
    Body composition before (june 2013): 22,3% Body Fat
    Body composition after (april 2015): 18,4% Body Fat

    Note: I managed to get to 13,5% Body Fat, but failed to stay there! So 2 years from now let´s see if I can manage to get lifelong results and can be disciplined enough to stay lean and healthy. Good luck to us all in a world full of scams and junk food temptations.

  • I love your channel! I follow you on IG but I didn’t know you had a YT channel too. I’m definitely subscribed! BTW, PB and Jelly is my favorite thing to eat! You should try it.:)

  • Nice video, i was afraid that this video will be repetitive since a lot of people made similar video. But i defo learned news things. You forgot to mention oil. Many people undermine their use of oil which can be very bad because at the end of the day, oil is fat! Thank you for this video

  • Love your video, continue what doing.
    Ive stopped working out for 4 years now.. many thing in life.
    Ive finally found the energy to restart even though ive a long way to go. Today 29.03.2019 i weight 109 KG for 1.80KG, My goal, to lose at least 19 KG in 5 Months!!!!

  • sir Lee I am 21 and my weight is 65 and my hight is 6 feet I am bit skinny but my fat stores in belly my muscles r too weak but belly is fat what mistake I am doing and I work out 1 and half or 2 hours a day

  • Hey Lee! I’ve been working out for 6 months and I’ve been eating clean, I’ve seen results everywhere but my stomach what am I doing wrong!

  • I have a question please. I am trying to gain muscle but how can I know that the extra calories I consume will help build my muscle and not fat. ��

  • About the enjoy part, I wanna grow my booty but the only way of good progress is lifting weights, wich I hate so badly. What should I do?

  • I am workout from my home.. after work out I do eat more rice.. now Im getting a little fatter.. I do like it.. semi muscular w/ a little fats is the new sexy..haha

  • Why does everyone wanna be so light like I’m nearly 160 and I have slight abs and I’m only 5”7 or so like cmon my goal is when I’m done growing I should be 205 solid dence muscle

  • I’m plantbase.. I’ve just ordered a load of vegan protein powder. I literally eat fruit and veg that’s it loads if potatoes and rice. I do drink 4 litres of water a day sometimes more. And I’m on about 1800 calories a day?? I train 6 days a week with weights.. Does this sound OK. I don’t have a plan when I workout I just do what I think on the day because I don’t really know exactly what I’m doing I’m still learning

  • 45 minutest walk every day in addition to your weight-lifting program will do wounder!!!! Tried it already out. This is manageable. Having a weight-lifting session in the morning or noon time and than a cardio session in the evening is pretty hard hence walking is the key.

  • I struggle because I’m constantly bloated. I tried going to my doctors and despite dairy intolerant and haven’t consumed it for the last two years (thank god I’m not because of how my body reacted to it…), however I still think there is something wrong with my gut health because of my constant bloat and stomach pains. But my doctor is reluctant to do anymore tests other than blood tests��

  • Proteine shakes or food i have a meal plan with enough proteine is think?? Also how much proteine should i have in a day ik work out 5 days in a week (intense)

  • your videos are amazing, Im on my way to becoming a certified coach and you have inspired me so much in my process. so grateful for you Sophie! thanks for the videos

  • Someone should tell this guy that weightloss can (and should) be measured in multiple ways. Looking in the mirror, standing on a weight scale, measuring bodyfat, and also measuring your body like waist size or chest size. Consistency is key: as long as you are sure that all variables are right, give your body time and the results will follow.

  • Dude, when you see results… girls are coming after you! Then you start eating healthy and looking even better…. fitness make you build that confidence!

  • If it’s just that his training/diet just hasn’t yet showing measurable results I won’t say anything against Lee or give further advice since it ain’t really needed.
    However, there is a condition caused by much NEGATIVE stress (particulary due to  psychological/emotional neg. stress) where you gain weight particulary in the central portions of the body (Stomach+Chest+Face) but there little elsewhere (Arms, Legs etc).
    The extreme variant of this is called pseudo-Chushing’s Syndrome resp. HyperCortisolism in general. If he has based on his perception a lot of neg. Stress (there also is positive/EU-stress), he should try to avoid negative stress and do activities where he gets in what is called “Flow” basically a state of mind there you barely notice how long you done something since it’s fun. Optionally he should try a form of ActiveRest (ideally Medical ChiGong, which includes elements of PMR+MBSR).
    Flow-producing activities are hugely individual-dependent, but common is that is fun for you, has little negative on the CNS (which strength-training has, it’s called neuromuscular strength for a reason, also there is CNS-exhaustion). Most common it’s some sort of outdoor-activity long medium-low intensity endurance/cardiovascular-training.

  • You literally are my inspiration babe ���� not just a fitness model but your approach on life and the fact that fitness wasn’t your only education but it’s something you still decided to pursue on top of your other passions. That’s literally how I feel. Keep doing what your doing✨

  • I remember a couple years ago when i would go to the gym i would get anxiety and think everyone was looking at me but i changed my mindset and now i don’t give a FUCK who looks at me i’m doing this for ME

  • lee u a awesome i m big fan of u i follow many fineness channel but when i try urs its really work thnx man thnx for ur advice god bless u lee

  • U have a great fluency in speaking…u speak quality and without stopping or wasting people’s time. I subscribed after listening to ur video. Well Done Alpha m.

  • Love your videos girl. You are so frickin gorgeous and funny!!! Everything I’m interested in you are talking about with a bit of humour,defo make it easier to watch. Keep it up xx

  • During my transformation I used Lifesum to track my calories.

    Just type in your age, height, gender and more and it’ll give you, your daily calorie goal to reach your desired physique!

    GET 30% OFF:


  • What people seem to forget is that results are not important. What is important is that you work out. Work out just to work out. Nothing else.

  • I really like your advice in this vid as well as all your videos! My problem is I think I wont see results bc I’m turning 50 this year and am past my peak:(

  • Well put You catch my everytime…. Bro my determination and dedication in following through has been so non existent lately…. I feel like I may need that buddy sometimes having to come thru the door get me in the car and off to our work outs as planned out till I make it become a part of my routine way of being would jumpstart me to getting nice bod like urs

  • set your thread mill to inclination 15 walk for 40 minutes. and crossover at 40 resistance 40 minutees.. and sleep empty stomach (can have stomach full of water though..). Do that for 30 days and let me know if it didng work for any of you guys..!! All the best.

  • Hey alpha. I’ve recently began my journey to a healthier life. I’m about to get a gym membership. How many days a week do you think I should go to the gym? I am married with a 2 month old little girl named Emberly Grace. What’s your suggestions? Thanks.

  • Great video, Sophie. I am 13 weeks into my health/fitness journey, and I find your videos enjoyable, empowering, and very informative. Thank you for your great content!

  • Great gains since I did this. Isolate shoulders. Isolate biceps. No rest and right into pull ups until failure. Drop the weight about 15 pounds on the assisted pull up machine, rest 20 seconds,another set til failure. Repeat until 80 pound assist feels like no assist. Feel the pump.

  • Holy sheeat!!! That hunger like a monster us so mee after a workout. I could eat 2 loafs of bread and a kg of chicken after a sleep

  • Hold the fuck up! Your telling me that you only consumed 1,500 calories a day, cut your carbs down to near zero, and only had 50 grams of fat a day, and you lost weight? What is this black magic you speak of sir?

  • Calorie restriction is starvation and that only slows your metabolism to hold on to energy instead of burning it. A male at 18 years old should probably be eating well over 2000 calories a day. #hclf

  • Its not the fitness mistakes you make its the food what you eat like eating fast food fried food pizza mcdonalds whitecastles taco bell subway burger kings five guys wensdy. You will gain fat even your working out you will gain fat/muscle you need to eat right food proteins chicken turkeys cow steak pork vegetables fruits fish

  • When I do 6 reps or less I.e powerlifting I rest no more than 70 to 90 seconds. When I do over 6 reps I rest between 15 to 45 seconds max. This feels like a long ass time to rest as my body is capable of recovering fully for the next set within the given rest period as I built up my endurance to strengh ration on a self build workout plan that’s showing great strength and conditioning gainz while in a caloric deficit. Cardio for me is jump rope 5 to 10 sets of 100 reps 2 to 3 afternoons per week works for me as it helps with my programme.

  • Wow. Thank you very much. Finally I found what I need. Because I start working out And for a while I couldn’t find how long it will take to see results. It helped me a lot not to get upset but opposite get motivated. Thank you. Year??? Maybe long for a now because it’s just beginning ������but Year actually nothing…lol

  • this was a great video! So informational and I totally agree with the necessity of getting back to the basics and using a foam roller! I’m also a personal trainer and it frustrates me so much when people post YouTube videos with so much false info/misconceptions like all the stuff you mentioned

  • Okay Mr. Lee i also want to lose about 15 Kgs to get an ideal weight. I weigh 88 Kgs i wanna reach 72 Kgs. I have worked about before on and off for like a 2 months on then 4 months off then 3 months on and so on. Its been 15 days now and its the first time im dieting with it aswell. I have never been more determined. I want my 72 Kgs this time. Im not seeing the results but i think you were pretty clear on that one in ur video.

    My question is when i run at 1 speed of 9.3 on a tread mill i get like super achy shins after. i really like to run and have built up a lot of stamina that i can run straight for 7.5 mins sucking up the pain as I go.

    They dont go away when im done in the gym and really hurt when i walk around my room or climb the stairs. Im not sure if theyre shin splints (i read on the internet)
    Do you have any advice
    for me? Im 24 years old 5 ft 8 inches. Im dieting and take animal pak multi vitamins.

    PS this isnt the first time that my shins have hurt, they used to hurt in my previous work out sessions. They go away when I quit the gym after a few weeks

  • Thanks so much i’ve been feeling like a failure because everyone else is talking about fast weight loss in a month, so i thought i wasn’t seeing average results.

  • Humans evolved to run long distances. It’s in our DNA. Even if you “suck” at running, give it a try and in a month you’ll realize how much easier it gets over time. Just make sure you eat and lift otherwise it will turn you into a beanstalk.

  • Your totally right lol I went from fat to fit always been fat. When I first started I never lost weight took me a few months to figure it out. I was watching youtube everyday and google searching ��. I realized when I got my NASM certificate and my AA degree that my body type, which is smilair to yours we tend to hold on to calories when we eat. So I switched to fasting for 16 hours then eating for 8 then fasting for 20 hours eating for 4 and man I went from 260lbs to 195lbs within 2months solid. I ate strict doing my eating window like you said but only difference is sometimes depending on my food choice and goal I ate one meal which was all my calories. Me, you and others who hold on to calories are able to get away with that form of eating and still get fit/ripped facts. If you read this comment go on youtube and you’ll notice most guys who promote eating every 2 hours go from skinny,skinny fat or just super skinny to ripped/fit but guys who promote fasting 16/8, 20/4 or just not eating every 5minuntes are like me and you fat to fit. Ive tried to eat every 2 hours and failed because my body held on to calories a lot easier compared to a hard gainer who needed that every 2 hours of eating. Like my meals where so small was ridiculous but my hard gainer friends eating every 2 hours could eat bigger meals because they had to because their body burns through it unlike mine. Hope this makes sense lmao great video man.

  • the skinny of the subject your calorie intake is too low and you should up your intake of water people should eat at least 2000 of fruit vegetables lean protein

  • I laugh at infomercials with their ridiculous claims and their stupid gadgets, it truly makes me wonder how people fall for this rubbish.

    Remember the shake weight? /facepalm

  • Anybody know what is Custokebon Secrets about? I hear many individuals lost crazy amounts of weight with Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine).


  • Gosh i missed your face and laugh!!! I can’t wait until i get time to sit down and go through all the videos you posted lately… Awwwwww Bailey Moo, your the best <3

  • I love how you explain that diet is an important source to your workout routine. So many people don’t understand this and I once never thought I needed proper eating habits. I stopped working out for a year and recently got back into it but started off cleaning my diet up and then proceeded to weight training and cardio. I can say I see a major different in how long I can last in the gym and the actually results in my body. It’s crazy. Diet is a big thingz

  • News flash there Jr. Genetics plays a huge role in your pre programmed weight distribution, also based on your skeletal formation, where that fat and muscle accumulates on your body, dictated by genetics in bone structure, fat and muscle. There is such an achievement as spot reduction, as you continue fat loss. The secret is how to train and what foods to eat to be the best you can be and get the results you want without using drugs, steroids or other wacked out diet and training programs.

  • If you eat enough protein, count calories, and exercise will you get results even if you don’t count the macros for carbs and fat????? For me it’s so hard to do all of them that’s why.

  • cherry picking your exercises… tells me you have no idea what you’re doing…. you’re doing what every other Fitness nut is doing!

  • I find it very challenging to recognize the difference between making sure that I rest and making excuses not to work out. Any tips? Thanks for all the info! Cherry Carmex IS everything ����

  • I’m doing intermittent diet, tons of cardio, but light weights. I’m still not seeing my stomach fat go down but my weight went down lost 20 pounds. What should I do to get rid of the belly fat???

  • Love. Love. Love your channel. I just started to really focus on working out and working hard to align my nutrition. Your videos are the motivation I was looking for and they help me so so much. Thank you!

  • I’m happy i came across this video. Ive been trying to get my fitness together since October. Thanks for your encouraging words. One day One Step at a time☺

  • Hey lee I want to get in to powerlifting the only problem is every time I attempt to do these compound if lifts necessary to build strength I experience lower back and shoulder pain. Although I try to do them with perfect form and do plenty of mobility work the pain does not go away. I have taken your advice not to do any exercises that cause pain and it really helped I longer experience any pain but I was just wondering if I ever want to squat with a bar on my for example what would be the process I would I have to go through in the situation that I am in. Thanks for the help I really appreciate it. It would mean a lot to me if you could answer this. This sport means a lot to me.

  • Hi Lee,
    I have the mass and the muscle size.
    I want to have a more “chiseled” look, so, do I just “up” my reps, more volume? Thanks.

  • Thank you so much man. You gave me a nice motivation to bring on six packs. Now i weigh 71 kg. But some fat is not burning in the neck region and belly.
    Can u suggest me a nutrition chart for me to build six packs.

  • I do chest triceps biceps all in one it takes min. 1,5 hrs and my muscles are dead after. There is no way I could decrease the time I spent in the gym because I have no chances to do each muscle groups in seperated days

  • Lee ı started bodybuilding thanks to fake commercials starting get perfectly body Like this in 3 months. It’s been 5 years now. I am best shape of myself Ever. But not a perfectly body. Even my best body concept is also not the same. But for sure ı am entertaining myself with my health investment. I used to consume alcohol every other day. No exercise at all. Now ı am on the right path. Best luck to everybody.

  • You are inspirational. Ive been steadily losing weight for 4 months without exercise but I want to exercise so badly and for some reason it has been so hard for me to keep going after one day. Your video is raw and honest and I love it. Thank you for sharing♡

  • I never understood why people train like 2 hours. I train like max 30 minutes and guys I can tell you: gains are coming from everywhere. And one more thing: don’t think protein is all you need. Carbs are important as protein. (Sorry if my english is not that good.)

  • What would you say about this, i go to the gym 3-4 times a week, 1week I train easier weights but 30 reps and 2-3 sets (depends on how I feel), then the next week I train the same muscle groups, but not in the same order, but I do it with really heavy weights, I do 5 reps and 4 sets. What do you think about that?

  • What the hell kind of dietitian would tell a 250 lb person to only eat 1000 kcal??? No dietitian would do that unless they were etiher extremely bad at their job or they were collaborating with a bariatric Dr to prep patient for surgery.

  • Great video!Very smart. 😉 Of corse 80% of people dont sweat from weight training…Why?Because they on their phones,talking with others,etc…I use the oldschool 4,5×8 with max weight i can move with about 45sec-1min break between sets…Everyone in the last 15 years who trained with me was dead halfway through…Then i told them: yes thats what training is.:)

  • Im chronically ill, I have weak muscles so every workout is hard for me eventho I do very light weight and I have to be careful cause I don’t know how my body will perform and react after I’m done with gym day��. So this will take pretty long to see results�� but I am positive lol, I know I will reach my goal!

  • No Nutritionist or Dietitian would place a client on just a low calorie diet to help them lose weight. Literally human nutrition is all we go too school for and  we will know  more about someone’s nutrition and health plan then simply placing them on a low calorie diet. It is amazing how many fitness people think they are Nutritionist.

  • love how u explain things always makes sense and feel like I learned something after your videos!!! even ones to give advice to my bf he loves it it’s great!!!

  • Thank you so much I actually beeen searching for this answer and nobody answered it well besides you!! Thanks helped me a lot LEE ❤️

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  • It took me 5 months and lost mostly in the past 2 months. Be patient stick to it. I promise their will be results. I was insulan resistant so it took way more time. I have 15 more pounds to go. Poor guy. Keep up the work. Awesome video.

  • I discovered consistency was key when I had a hectic schedule and only time for 15-20 minute workouts but I did them 5 days a week for 3 months. I was shocked how in shape I got. I really believe it was just the consistency.

  • Any help for me? I’ve always been called scrawny and skinny my whole life and wanted to make a change. So I’ve been lifting with weights I have at home (20-30lb dumbbells, basic weight bench, elliptical for cardio) for a few months and I do see results in the abdominal area, I see lacking results in my biceps and forearms despite that being my main goal to improve the size of. What should I do to get the best bicep muscle gain?

  • He and Jeff cavaliere preach the same thing about the amount of time in the gym. I agree, any longer than a hour or so and what are U really doing in there?

  • m 35 years old my hight is 166 cm my weight is 75 Kilograms. My Stomach was to big having fat also but it is so hard and strong. I’m doing everytypes of excersice but the stomach won’t go inside. Is there are any excersice for me to put my stomach inside

  • 8 years ago i started dieting and exercising, still no result at all, still not feeling good exercising, still hating the food and still needing to force me to exercise everyday. So far, only stressed after every exercise and hating every day more. No endorphins rush, nothing.

  • Does it have to do if someone has trained and had muscle in the past vs someone who’s always been out of shape and tries to get a good body now? Does the amount of work it takes need less? Is muscle memory true?

  • I need some advice if anyone can help me.. my goals are to lose some fat, reduce as much as possible my saddlebags (I think that has to do with cellulite even if I can’t see much of it), tone my legs and ecpecially LIFT my butt. I’m in my average weight range but I’d like to lose some because I basically only store it in my lower body so that makes me look very unproportionate. My questions are: how many calories should I be eating a day considering that I’m not very active since I’m a student? Is working out at home gonna be enough? I’ve been working out at home with a 4,5kg paint can as a weight and resistance bands and I’ve been eating around 1100 kcals a day but a bit of a cheat day (around 3000 kcals on sundays ) for more than two months but I’m not really seeing results, expecially in my butt. I apologize for the lenght of my comment, but I would really appreciate if someone could help me

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  • well nothing has ever happened with me when I gained 20 pounds back. since I got baptized in the name of Jesus back in 2015….. not a miracle has happened to me I was 163 lbs when I was 29 years. and now I’m about to push 200 lbs. I should go see a heart specialist. every time I loose the weight, I end up gaining all of it back for what reason!!! I should go get myself checked out!!

  • Hay lee just wanted to know if you can do a video on mind and muscle connection and contracting the muscle and good form what’s the importance of those things in bodybuilding thanks


  • hey Lee I have been working out for about 4 months past m I’m skinny guy and follow my diet too but can’t see any good results any suggestions for skinny guys?

  • A month should be enough to see fat loss on 1200 cal a day and 2 workouts a day. There are only 2 explanations here, either the measurements are way off, or there is something wrong with the guy and he needs to go see a doctor. I bet the measurements are way off though.

  • Lee I run up and down to the third floor of my flat 20 times stopping after every 5 times of the 20 for a water break
    And been doing this for a few months is this a exercise that will help me get lean and lose body fat?

  • I am excercising from 9 weeks now. Going in treadmill for more than 20 minutes is very difficult esp if you do weight training after that. It needs a lot of energy. But 20 minutes are pretty good for weight loss.

  • Another gym bro lol why dont people go get certified and gain credentials? Most of what he says is somewhat correct however the one thing most do wrong is eating at the wrong time.

  • You are super funny, and thank you for your tips. I’ve been training for 5 months, I’ve seen some progress but not the progress which I imagined, but I guess my issue is the fact that I am skipping cardio and doing just weightlifting.

  • This is the most helpful and real video I’ve watched on this subject. And it’s easy and simple to understand. You are so awesome Krissy! I’m not sure if you have any videos on what protein regime you use after workouts but please post one if you don’t! ☺️

  • Hi sir, im from philippines and also im working out too but still i dont see any results but im eating properly like i eat a lot of proteion and vegetables. I dont really know how to that of what u are talking about in your number 5 mistakes. Can u please teach me how to do that nutrition thats specifically for me?

  • Weights and machines… slow and controlled or rapid as possible… the first takes me longer but reach a fail point or start having trouble at a lower weight during my second set

    The second slightly higher weight but more of a cardio effect and don’t reach a point of failure or difficulty as easily.

  • I do that! I sike myself out a ton! Scared to get to big or eat to much! This has inspired me to push past it! It’s mostly diet not being dialed in also! Help I’m no man’s land need some subs, likes etc!! Just liked this and also I’ve been subbed for a long time!

  • Okay every one of these things are the same “waaaah 6 months and no results” can I get some advice for 6 fucking years of cutting and exercising and still seeing barely any results? I’ve lost a dangerous amount of weight and yet my stomach still protrudes from my body. People tell me to stick with my diet but I am losing so much weight I’m almost under 100 pounds (and I’m 21 years old). How fucking long until the weight comes off my stomach? I exercise daily. I walk over an hour everyday. The weight will not come off my stomach. Should I just get lipo? Someone please help. I am so desperate.

  • 1200 is low….ontop of that he goes to the gym twice a day…setting himself up for failure already not to even mention metabolic damage

  • lee plz help me  i am 17 years old iam going to gym from 6 months for only abs and bicheps but no result found  i have only fat in my stomach i mean below stomach i got 2 packs but lower  fat was not going i am taking diet but no use plz help me what to dooo plz answer mee plzzz

  • I’m sorry. Once you said that you’ve never had peanut butter and jelly I couldn’t focus on the rest of the video. Why? For the love of God. Why? Please have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!!

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    I’m samson I’m new to gym.. I’m 22 years old.
    No pain.No gain..♤
    I’m skinny boy. I want to build my body.. suggest me some diet foods, Extra Excersices,beginning suppliments and spacial tips..
    Give a motivate tips about bodybuilding.. I need to improve my body..

  • bro im running for 30 minutes for the past 27 days…. I’m gonna raise it up to 40 minutes….doing 100 push ups and 100 crunches 50 squats….10,10,5 and 10 sets…..what do u think??

  • You were referring to “Afterburn effect”. Give you a big tip based on my 30 years of experience of lifting. My wife dropped 83 lbs in 8months. We decided, no more junk food. In about 1-2 weeks, no cravings for junk. Almost 1 year now and we both feel great. Dont fall pray to the garbage food. Keep in mind at the time, she did no cardio what so ever, no gym, just diet. Counted calories, simple science.

  • Great perspective Lee, OP should look at professional bodybuilders (like Lee) before and after pics…those guys have like 10,15,20years+ of serious training. Even if you don’t wanna get that big, 1 month is just the very start

  • I don’t understand how someone can be at such a caloric deficit, exercise in abundance each week, yet not lose weight/gain muscle. I don’t want to accuse the guy of lying, but, from experience, people who have no results at all after a month (when they’ve supposedly been 100% on point with fitness) are usually lying/cheating somehow. Now, of course you’re not gojng to meet your goals after 1 month, but he should have at least lost SOME weight. Unless you have a medical condition, there’s no weigh you can’t have lost any weight AT a ALL with such a strict diet and workout routine.

  • @***** Going even moderately heavy of face pulls and reverse lateral raises causes pain in my forearms and shoulders. Can I still keep my shoulders strong and healthy if I progress on exercises like ohp and bench but not on rear delt exercises. Or very slow progress on rear delt exercises.

  • Hello Lee,
    I’m 17 and 68 kg. I started going to the gym 8month ago and i can see a lot of results. But the question is i got fatt on my body: belly,lower back,.. And obviously this covers some of the muscle. I’m fairly big but if i start doing a diet how much weight do i need to drop to decrease my fatt %. I mean 68 kg (140 pounds) is not that much. If i start doing a diet i will lose muscle and i will be small. Should i bulk up first of cut? Please help me i’m confused nobody gave an answer i’m confused. Thanks Lee

  • When I first started working out years ago, I didn’t really know how to train in order to get optimal results. & that is exactly why I made this video!! If you can relate to ‘training hard but not seeing the results’ then I hope that this video will help you out!☺️����

  • The guy really should have said what he’s getting 1,200 calories from. You can get 1,200 from Snickers. Or if his meals aren’t spread out to keep his metabolism going through out the day. Amount of sleep etc. Basically, there’s no way Lee could answer him beyond a generic answer since the guy wasn’t specific.

  • I eat like 1000 calorie and idk how i gain weight like I literally can’t eat more cuz I don’t feel that much hungry and i want to lose more fat

  • I’m currently doing a 2nd transformation. Here’s my advice.

    Lift heavy weights
    Superset everything 2-3 exercises with no rest on heavy ish weights (8-12 reps)
    Do HIIT cardio AT LEAST 3 times per week for 20 mins minimum.
    Don’t eat until 4pm each day / intermittent fast
    Snack on apples / carrots in the day.
    Drink black coffee no sugar or milk.
    Eat chicken for dinner with a LOADS of veg
    Drink a shit load of water

    I’m down 10kg in 7 weeks.

    Good luck all!

  • I don’t know exactly what but you just give me so much more motivation than what I am having right now to lose weight. Maybe because I know that you use to be “fat” as you described just like I am right now.

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  • This was the most helpful video especially 4 and 5. Everyone says ‘if you want to like this, you have to do this’ what if I don’t want to look like ‘that’ and I don’t enjoy it but it seems to be the only option so I’ll do it. No not true. I hate yoga my sister always tries to make me go and i honestly think it’s not for me so I don’t do it. She hates weights so she hasn’t touched them. We have different likes dislikes and goals but are still very fit. The health thing is huge. My best friend suffered from an eating disorder of starving herself Bc she wasn’t losing weight and got bullied at school when really she just had a thyroid problem and lost 100 pounds in a year just by taking the medication. No one ever talks about that and I feel like an underlying issue is often a problem of not seeing results

  • Such an amazing example… University one..Thanks a lot…I am so happy…I am 19 years old..84 kgs…And 5 ft 3 inches…

    I discontinued gym for 1.5 2 months..

    And it’s one month now that I restarted my workouts…I didn’t lose any significant thing ���������� like just 0.5-1 kg

  • Great video… I’m pressed off.. Been training all my life but lately i stopped 90 percent of carbohydrates… I’ve increased in strength and resistance but don’t understand why my muscles look smaller and flabby…. Aaaargh… Any tips?

  • i am 22 years I am skinny (woman).I really want to get fit for health reasons.(very few muscles).What are your advices? i exerciced 2 times a week (by the way my fitness program was made by professional) is this enough?

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  • Well said Lee in my case took me a year n half to see my gains and still haven’t reach my goals. I’ve learned to be patient and consistent with working out. I always tell myself remember day 1 never going back.

  • Hyy boss I am from India, from last four to I am continually doing weight is 85 kg height 5`11 but I am look like slim.I am using whey protein on two scoop daily n some natural protein but I am feelings more lean.As I know whey protein is just for complete bodybuilder not for those who wana gain can you suggest me which protein should I take to gain size..plz answer me coz I don’t have coach in my gym…TQ…

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