Were built with a Bad Workout 4 Ways can provide relief


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Bad Days at the Gym

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How To Mentally Overcome A Bad Workout

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Change your lifestyle habits to better prepare you mentally and physically to kick ass when at the gym recover faster out of the gym. Cut down on drinking, quit smoking, stop eating fast food, cook meals at home, take “mind walks” to clear your head and zone out, relax and relieve stress. If you get to the end of a lackluster workout and feel as if you need to do something more to tax your muscles, simply take your last exercise to failure. However, instead of doing 40 reps with the same weight (in which case, at least the first 30 reps will be low intensity), we recommend descending sets, wherein you do several sets in a row of.

One day you’ll hammer out 225 on the bench for an easy set of 15, and the next week, that same weight will feel like you’re trying to push a Volvo off your chest. Sometimes, you just have to chalk a bad workout up to the whims of the fitness gods; other times, that so-so session was fully within your control. After all, feeling a social connection of any type is a proven way to make workouts more fun and motivating, says Colleen Mullen, Psy.D., a psychologist who specializes in mental coaching. Motivational Trick #4: Find What Feels Good. A little muscle soreness during or after exercise is okay—but pain is not.

If not, then a workout at the end of the day is a great idea. When you’re in a bad mood it’s easy to skip a workout, especially if you get into a thought spiral about how bad life is, it’s easy to say it’s not worth it. Trust me though, exercising when you’re in a bad mood is a great way. Bad workouts will happen.

Here are 5 tips to help you come back smarter and faster the next time you have a stinker of a workout. I’ve observed just as many do the same thing, but fail to complete their workout. They just gas out immediately, and that’s it. Bad workout: 1, lifter: 0. It’s logical.

Sleep provides you with recovery from the previous day and energy for the following day. If you are anything like me, there are not many things in life that can put you in a bad mood. Most of the time it’s not worth it. However, having a ‘bad’ training session used to have me walking around with a face like a baboon’s behind, until I snapped myself out of it a little later.

All of this makes hard sessions less debilitating. If you had a hard squat workout the day before, a light walking sled drag would be a suitable workout. A Few Ways To Do It Dynamic Warm-Ups. Going through a dynamic warm-up increases blood flow to muscles by using some weight-bearing positions that also allow for a stretch.

The type of warm-up. Cheat meals consist of bad foods and bad foods have lots of salt or sugar – or both! The best way to bounce back after a cheat meal is to flush the salt, sugar and other toxins out of your system by drinking water. Try to drink at at least 2L the day after your cheat day.

4. Move on! Hold on!

List of related literature:

To optimize recovery from that workout and maintain energy, you’ll need to rehydrate and then continue to hydrate throughout the day.

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Workouts on consecutive days do more harm than good because the body can’t recover that quickly.

“An Invitation to Health: Live It Now! Brief Edition” by Dianne Hales
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If you miss more than two workouts in a week, it’s best to repeat the week, moving the whole schedule forward.

“The Cool Impossible: The coach from Born to Run shows how to get the most from your miles and from yourself” by Eric Orton, Rich O'Brien
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If you miss a day, then it’s generally better to move on to the next workout than to try to make it up.

“Training and Racing with a Power Meter, 2nd Ed.” by Hunter Allen, Andrew Coggan
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If you’re too tired to complete a workout on Tuesday and you move it to Wednesday, it’s likely you’ll then be too tired to have a good workout again when you try to get back on schedule during Thursday’s workout.

“The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.” by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
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Two ways to deal with this situation are to change the workout completely or to move the same workout to another day in the same week when conditions may be more conducive to success.

“High-performance Sports Conditioning” by Bill Foran
from High-performance Sports Conditioning
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My best workouts were always in the morning, when I was rested and fresh.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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If you miss a workout, you will not double up the next day to make up for it.

“Physical Fitness and Wellness: Changing the Way You Look, Feel, and Perform” by Jerrold S. Greenberg, George B. Dintiman, Barbee Myers Oakes
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If you miss a workout, don’t beat yourself up about it — just start again the next day — good habits are hard to break!

“Menopause For Dummies” by Marcia L. Jones, Theresa Eichenwald, Nancy W. Hall
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On the days after a physically demanding workout, lower-intensity mobility exercises can help your body recover from the stresses of the previous day and may be some of the most beneficial workouts that you can do because they can leave you feeling energized, refreshed, recharged, and ready to take on your next task.

“Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple” by Pete McCall
from Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple
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  • Just got stationed in Jacksonville from Maryland. New gym, new atmosphere, and lifting solo jus makes workout suck. Weights don’t feel as light as they use to for some reason. Gotta get back into a flow. It’s like starting all over again.

  • Had a bad one today. I just got off a creatine loading phase, I don’t eat enough red meat to get it naturally.

    I think I know why I had a crappy workout:
    1) Started using a different brand of creatine for maintenance
    2) I ate some shitty sushi
    3) missed my workout from two days ago

    Soooooo… I totally know what I have to do. Currently on 225lbs w/o a belt through on week 6 with SL5x5.

  • Appreciate these in depth videos Ben. Do you plan on releasing an e book on your training philosophy? Something in depth similar to your articles etc

  • I deadlifted 180kg for 4×6 a while ago I tried maxing out a week after and only did 200kg wtf. then the other day I could only do 180kg x3 it seems like im getting weaker on the deadlift. do u think I need a deload my personal best is 227.5 and that was about a year ago. im better for doing sets now but my max seems to being dropping any advice please?

  • Didn’t hear music till saw it in comments 6:40 great video starting to see some bad workouts and I feel a lot better about being able to change back to making gains

  • I can remember when i was 7 and this came out and now im 16 i swear it feels like its yesterday im on my mobile with my cousin and we see this and this was my and my cousin favorite song and its keeps my favorite song if it keep for you too
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    Or subscribe hihihi.

  • Greatest advice. I usually find myself to be the over analytical type that finds an issue and it haunts me; definitely trying to get through that though.

    Keep doing what you’re doing!!!!!!!

  • I was a 4 year old chocolat boy in Zagreb during the Yugoslav war. I remember hearing this song on CNN during their coverage of the atrocious Markale massacre. Great song!

  • I usually have bad workouts after a long day at work.. Im not fully focused and my energy is shot.
    Other days when Im off, oh boy its good.

  • Just what I needed after my eeehhh workout this morning. Thanks for explaining that feeling, now I know not to hype up the expectations too muchtrust the process. Oh yeah, what music?

  • One or two bad workouts can get in your head. There are so many variables involved in the equation. Thanks, Jonnie Candito of CanditoTrainingHQ.

  • Proof you don’t need skimpy outfits to make a song/video awesome. This is so classic, timeless, simple and so bloody inspirational..

  • Sorry about my old stupid comments and posts. I’m on wendler 5/3/1 what do you think? Srs. I wanna dunk bro what should I use for assistance???

  • The relaxed presentation and the tense epic music are a really disharmonius combination. I’d suggest a smoother beat in the background.

  • Eu quero ver se instante a música do Naruto vs Goku não há um de verdade a gente ama de verdade tá então bota aí por favor que é muito legal

  • Still a great song nearly 10 years later. Got nothing better to do then watch music because of the issues with the world nice to listen to these songs.

  • mr. candito, a buddy of mine hitches when they deadlift. any advice? websites? videos? we are trying to figure out why its happening so we can fix it. thank you much

  • Mark Bell had a good solution to this. If you’re having a shitty training session he suggested just throwing yourself a bone and doing something relatively easy. Something like seeing how much you can rep out with 60kg on the bar or a challenge you know you can blow out the water. Nice little confidence reset.

  • After a bad workout, I just think of all the people I know who don’t work out at all or who are eating donuts sitting down right now. Lol. I may have had a shitty workout, but I still had a better workout than 85% of the population. That usually keeps my pscychi ok.

    Sometimes I go into a workout knowing for sure that it’s going to be a shitty workout, and then as I get into it, it turns out being the best workout I’ve had in weeks. You never do know, just never give up.

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  • This is actually Michelle Bee from Australia the lucky land mate. If any fucking land can be called lucky atm is bullshit. I just listened to your mix with

  • I think your point about dropping down quicker is real important for Low-bar squatters, to many times have I noticed going down slower makes the uppwards bounce out of the bottom much more difficult, literally dropping back and down provides amazing day and night difference reflex for me as well.

  • You did nothing ‘wrong’ Jonnie. I think we should not over analyze or get too much philosophical about good or bad days.
    If we have no bad days how can we know our good days…? If you would have squated 400 pounds on that same day maybe you should worry a bit. I consider a 400 pound squat an extremely good  squat for a natural btw.