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Here are some good examples of habits and how to set yourself up for success: To work out three times a week in the morning = the night before put your work out clothes next to your bed. To drink. Here are five key fitness habits everyone can benefit from in 2018. 1. Stick to a consistent fitness routine—even if that means planning fewer workouts a week. Consistency is a major key to making.

The road to becoming successful may be long, winding, and full of twists and turns. But with the proper guidance, helpful tips, and powerful habits, the growth and success can be highly attainable by anyone with enough discipline and perseverence. Listed below are few strategies that can be used to achieve success. Current research shows that habits take 300 repetitions to become solidly ingrained.

Whatever good homeschool habits you are working to build, we suggest you use checklists, give it plenty of time, set yourself up for success, conserve willpower, and be patient with your mistakes. You can do it!People strive for success for better life. Here are some habits of highly successful people which you can follow to make your own success same amount of time. So the only option remaining is to managing ourselves according to time.

So instead of trying to fit everything in our day, we should try to focus on things that will yield. I get such pleasure out of seeing these lovebirds, and I observe closely to see what traits and behaviors might be the key to their relationship success. Over the years, I’ve concluded that these are the five habits of happily partnered couples: 1. They keep up with the changes. Lillian Hellman once said, “People change and forget to.

But if success was easy and predictable, we wouldn’t be seeking advice on how to achieve it. Instead of studying what’s worked for other people, I’ve followed my friend’s advice, paying close attention to the habits that hold people back from reaching their goals. Here are 10 of the most common self-imposed.

Like it or not, bad habits are bad for you — mentally, physically, emotionally and even socially in some cases. While some bad habits are harder to quit than others, it doesn’t change the fact that you need to get rid of them. Here are 13 bad habits to quit right away: 1. Stress Eating. I used to be a serious stress eater.

Take control of your destiny by building the habits that make successful people thrive. To get started, draw some inspiration from these 17 inspiring quotes. 1.

Kechijian acknowledges that you can get fit without optimizing your movement and mobility. “But not for the long haul,” he says. “Poor movement mechanics eventually cause your body to break.

List of related literature:

Revisit Key 5 and your list of truthful affirmations, and add those that feel most helpful to your exercise plan.

“8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)” by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
from 8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)
by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
W. W. Norton, 2016

1) No Moderate Exercise Sessions: Either toolittle, or too much, orway beyond what I plan todo, andwith noset schedule.

“The New Evolution Diet: What Our Paleolithic Ancestors Can Teach Us about Weight Loss, Fitness, and Aging” by Arthur De Vany, Nassim Nicholas Taleb
from The New Evolution Diet: What Our Paleolithic Ancestors Can Teach Us about Weight Loss, Fitness, and Aging
by Arthur De Vany, Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Rodale Books, 2010

Don’t set any goals, time limits, or specific number of repetitions you must do each day.

“Body Mind Mastery: Training for Sport and Life” by Dan Millman
from Body Mind Mastery: Training for Sport and Life
by Dan Millman
New World Library, 2010

After completing the first step, make a list of your general fitness goals.

“Essential Concepts for Healthy Living” by Sandra Alters, Wendy Schiff
from Essential Concepts for Healthy Living
by Sandra Alters, Wendy Schiff
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2005

Yoga groups and physical exercise control groups practiced 1 hour daily for 5 days per week for 8 weeks.

“The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Transpersonal Psychology” by Harris L. Friedman, Glenn Hartelius
from The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Transpersonal Psychology
by Harris L. Friedman, Glenn Hartelius
Wiley, 2015

I started writing fitness and lifestyle columns for any publication I could and self-published a booklet on what exercisers were doing wrong.

“Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder” by Edward Jackowski
from Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder
by Edward Jackowski
Atria Books, 2001

Only this will bring results.”63 I deal only with those Gurdjieff exercises that have been published, together with the exercises taught by George and Helen Adie.

“Gurdjieff: Mysticism, Contemplation, and Exercises” by Joseph Azize
from Gurdjieff: Mysticism, Contemplation, and Exercises
by Joseph Azize
Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 2020

Step 4: Select follow­on exercises to complement the identified goals.

“Project Retrospectives: A Handbook for Team Reviews” by Norman Kerth
from Project Retrospectives: A Handbook for Team Reviews
by Norman Kerth
Pearson Education, 2013

Daily Routines having supportive daily routines for the 80/10/ 10 lifestyle 1: quickly to success.

“The 80/10/10 Diet: Balancing Your Health, Your Weight, and Your LIfe One Luscious Bite at a Time” by Douglas Graham
from The 80/10/10 Diet: Balancing Your Health, Your Weight, and Your LIfe One Luscious Bite at a Time
by Douglas Graham
FoodnSport Press, 2012

Develop daily, weekly, and yearly lists of goals 10.

“Mosby's Comprehensive Review for Veterinary Technicians E-Book” by Monica M. Tighe, Marg Brown
from Mosby’s Comprehensive Review for Veterinary Technicians E-Book
by Monica M. Tighe, Marg Brown
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • So straight forward and inspiring. As an older person, it was good to see older people represented as still engaged and moving forward. Thank you

  • I don’t like this S… mostly becauseof my connection to God. What’s with the strike through the middle? On another note, I liked your wisdom.

  • Thank you so much for this video. I never realized it, but all of my habits that stick have been ones that I linked to before or after another activity. When I wanted to start reading, I would always have a book on my nightstand and read it before I went to bed. Now I realize the reason it worked is because I didn’t just say, I want to develop the habit of reading, I said, I want to develop the habit of reading before I go to sleep every night. Great to know that I can use this strategy for every area of my life that I am working to improve!

  • what i learn from this video?

    needeble, important,esy, positive habits

    1.practice yoga
    2.eat healthy foood,it help to increase positivity
    3.eat before 3 hours from your bed time
    4. hang out with experience and positive people
    5. before badtime observe positive book,podcast, or meditation

  • Hi Alex!! Bro, I bought your Dream-Body course and it has been the best investment I’ve made for my health in the last 5 years of trying to lose weight! I just LOOOOOVED IT! Question: Do you plan to make a future course (or YT video series) about gaining muscle?? Now that I’m losing weight weekly (Thank you so much for that by the way!) now I would like to develop some muscle… Not like a bodybuilder of course, but “healthy muscular” just like you:)

  • This is so motivating, i love it! I’ve struggled so much with many of those things you mentionated and now i’m trying to rebuild my routine, my body and mind. This is so helpful thank you so much. Also your workouts are really great, keep going!

  • OMG Whitney! I’ve been trying to look for that necklace because I love me some dainty jewellery but I can’t find it anywhere? Where did you get it? �� Sorry if this is random lol. But, huge fan. Love your video. Legit makes me smile every time you say “it’s a beautiful day to be alive”. Let it be raining outside or there’s a storm, it’d still be a beautiful day to be alive! Yes gurl!

  • Just want to say that The no calories monster, actually has 11kcal. Absolutely insane that they market it as zero, when there’s actually 11. (Ik that’s not a lot but yeah)

  • I have though about getting rid of my scale and using the gym one when ever the gym has hardly anyone around in the morning b4 i ate.

  • When ya dislike you’re self enough, you’ll put in the discipline and energy to change yourself. otherwise. Ya don’t want it really and you’re lying to yourself

  • If there is any habit anyone can develop the rest of their life, it is to be yourself and not believe in hustle culture.

    That’s two habits right off the bat actually

    3 other habits I suggest here: ignore (maybe not forget) but rather ignore 2020. Next, be aware of what is going on in the world around you. Lastly, accomplish meaningful things.

  • Can you create something around on how philosophy can help people achieve their career goals if we just fill the connection right!

  • Hey Alex, thanks for sharing the simple but fundamental principle for staying fit. I believe it’s habits and consistency that’s what it takes to achieve success in any area of our life.

  • what I just learned from this, is all us women are ALOT alike……great video….I really needed to hear the one about the scale…!!!

  • Hi Sam, I really needed to here your message about responding to others with love and thinking before I speak. Thanks a bunch! Your going to be a great Mama!

  • I used to have guilt too! One of my fitness mentors told me, “you’re still on track 95% of the time.” That stuck with me. He was right. I’m doing great most of the time. 95% is good.

  • Diet soft drinks are even more dangerous than the usual stuff. In almost all of them is a sweatener that causes cancer and other diseases.

  • Well done.
    Please Apply Positive Thoughts towards the Wellbeing of the Collective of this World.
    Realizations come at different times for each of us, apply Compassion.

  • Is there a sequel to this? I’ve been easily walking several miles for years. I wanted to know how to smoothly transition into working out. What do I do?

  • Been dying to see this video all day ❤ you rock Sam. I been trying to 1. Use a planner 2. Excercise 3. Good eating 4. Dress up more often 4. Consume collagen 5. Meal prep 6. Love 7. Dont talk out of my ��

  • Have a week when you move around and work out a lot for a few minutes every hour or two everyday, soo a normal week of working out once a day would feel like a reward.

  • Isnt the crew actually the subconscious mind???… I mean the crew cant actually take decision by itself…. It jus recieves orders from the captain,, which should be the conscious mind ryt…. So if the conscious mind doesn’t give the right orders the subconscious will take the wrong steps and the ship gets wrecked��

  • Why is everybody wanting to get “fit” or slim. There is nothing wrong with a few (jes a few not many) pounds more. You actualy can be happy with than. Its not impossible. But society tells us differntly

  • im working on a better lifestyle for a month now but the thing i dont understand is; how am i way more ‘thinner’ but still almost the same weight as before?

  • I started working out last week and I am following your circuits!! I feel amazing and I love how you pay attention to tiny details like suggesting different position in squats for someone with weak knee like me ❤️ keep doing what you!!! ����

  • I’m currently on a weight loss journey and your videos help and motivate me to have a good mindset and good habits. thank you for your internet presence! it helps more than you know!!

  • My unhealthy habit: smoking. I have tried so hard, but still fall off the wagon. I am military, so I have been working with their smoking cessation program. I will last a a week or two, then I go right back to my crutch and I hate it.

  • Breaking unhealthy habits can make the huge difference in your everyday life! I have recently been working on new goals and breaking unhealthy habits. When you start to see the results of your healthy choices you become more confident and motivated! Keep killing it

  • I have many older frnds. I thought I’m the only one who don’t like people of my age bcuz they don’t match my perspective and hobbies.:) Thanks for giving this advice. Now I think I’m on right path

  • I’ve always found Tony very interesting. It’s funny he should mention “using your face in a certain way all the time” 0:41. I always thought he sneers a lot. It’s obvious once you see it.

    I’ve always found him to be false. Maybe it’s just me seeing things. Even with that opinion, he’s worth taking advice from.

  • Great post. One super weird thing though the Spider-Man poster in the background starts dancing at around 5.12 before it goes back to the usual poster. Did you do this using cgi just to see who would notice?!

  • Thank you soo much sir you helped me alot but I am just stuck between me and my future please help me how to be active how kill our Lazzelenss please sir help me and again thanks for helping love you sir….

  • 4:18

    Like you, I wanted to succeed to. So I work hard trying to achieve something. But working for salary alone isn’t enough.

    All I have is dream.

    But I still don’t have the opportunity that I need. People around me are naysayers. They hindering me from following my dreams.

    I want to break free.

    All I have is to dream. Opportunity still seems a far-fetch. ��

    But I don’t wanna grow tired of waiting. Nor hoping. Patience is my only weapon as of now. That’s what am currently work on.

    Patience and dream is what I have got.

  • I love positive messages. But after seeing the poor being a black woman and the rich a white guy I can’t watch any further. I had to stop at 0:53. It will be beautiful the day our color won’t determine how we are ranked or viewed by society

  • Fuck this is Gold. However about the clothes situation, dress for the job you want not the job you have. Once I started wearing suits the world around me changed completely.

  • What kinda parenting style do you think you’ll have sam? I can 100% recommend gentle parenting. It’s honestly saved me in my parenting journey x

  • Thank you for this playlist series. Can you do a video on starting a meditation routine? Is there a breathing technique or thought process?

  • Thank you so much! Very helpful video! Wonderful personality btw �� ps you totally look like the actress from the adjustment bureau ☺️

  • Girl, I love this video! Very realistic and so helpful! Thanks for being real and showing your struggles and how you get through it!

  • It takes money to make money.
    It also depends on what you are willing to give to others to get ahead. ( bribes)

    Politics is no more then bribery. Made legal.
    Banks and credit unions they call it loans and more loans to pay off debts to get more debts. They want you entangled with them.
    You make your money they make theirs.
    Sooner or later you get to the point that you will not need a bank or credit union. They do not like that because they want your business forever. They need you more then you might need them.

  • Since the spread of corona virus and social distancing I decided to take this time to self reflect, set some goals, and make a plan. It’s my birthday today and one of my goals this year is to grow my youtube channel! I’m so close to 200 subs, it would mean so much if you checked it out�� I post vegan recipes that are delicious, healthy, and easy to make!

  • Youve missed the most important point about sticking to new habits. Making them enjoyable. No one sticks to things that they dont love. I tried waking up early and doing journalling first thing on a suggestion for productivity and ive stuck with it cuz its my fav part of the day. To get some peace and quiet with myself when im surrounded by people asking me to do things the rest of the day. Its enough to pull me out of bed.

  • Well yeah this is great, but we must respect the truth that there are powerful people in the world actively working to make it harder to get out of poverty. The fight is all uphill.

  • I mentored grassroots “neurologic” product research interests on discipline with 4/25/15, MSU-B College of Business and University of Montana Finals project and feasibiity study Data tools on mental health care and economic independence rights.

  • i wish you could be my personal trainer.�� once i found your videos i felt so inspired to take control of my body and diet. i really love watching your videos so much. <3

  • Im in a moment of my life that i do nothing in the day, i wake up pretty late and i dont even know what day it is sometimes, so i recently got a calendar out, and started writing some basic things on each day that i wanted to do, like lift weights, taking breakfast(which is the only one i havent done in more than a week) cardio and drinking a juice, ive been tracking my progress to feel motivated that ive been doing it repedeately because i cant remember if 3 days ago i did my weight lifting routine or not so the calendar is helping, im going to start the journal to have more space to write on.

  • I see you journaling in the beginning of each clip and in this one you actually suggest journaling.  I see you have a specific format. The page is divided in three parts.  Could you detail it for us  and how and why you use this method/form.  P.S.  Love your stuff

  • I disagree with your assumption that you can only succeed by focusing on one thing. The mistake your making is confirmation bias. Your assuming that because it worked for you, its the best/only way to slin the cat. Also there really isn’t ever one task, from the outside it might look like it, but the reality is anything but. For instance creating any business requires investing in wide variety of differnt skills

  • Work 2-3 jobs be smart don’t get married Early watch your spending and stay off video games,overeating,drugs,Al hohol, credit cards and over spendy gf/bf

  • Hi Alex! A few months ago I started a daily morning 15 minute yoga and stretching routine and have been noticing gradual progress in my flexibility. Last year I was suffering from chronic upper back pain in between my shoulder blades. It comes back off and on if I do too much lifting. I want to incorporate a few exercises for my back as well in the morning. Any advice would be much appreciated!

  • hi great video…. just a suggest…for a video could you try to do a “while having after recovering from viral flue how to execersize” because I was down with the flue for 3 weeks and fever went down on Sunday. I am lost in terms of exercising.

    great if you could try! will be really useful.

    Thanks and have a great day!

  • I am switching Gyms I hope this will help me more motivated They have 3 times the classes almost every hr. so No excuses for me missing classes, I will have My In-laws as Accountably partners they all go there, I am the type of person that I need someone to hold my feet to the fire, They have Olympic, Indoor and out door pool And whirlpool And Cafe and Massages, spa area, I have never been so excited in my life About A gym So far I am going to 2 classes A day And Swimming with my in-laws my other gym was so depressing And Had hardly none of this, the only reason I stayed was because I loved my yoga teacher, so I am feeling like A trader right now, but I can’t stay just because of one instructor, we can still do things together I just hope the newness of this new gym doesn’t wear off

  • Be prepared to accept a string of failures, even after many months of “doing and desiring”. �� Eventually, something will work out. ��‍♂️ ���� Inheritance is one way.

  • I believe that we can create, through our energy, whatever we want our life to be. It does take a strong willed mind set, however, and a limited amount of outside interference.

  • Cutting out coke is so hard ������ but this video was super encouraging!! About to give it another shot cutting out coke. Also, super thankful we don’t have In n Out in Louisiana cause I would be buying extra burgers for my meal prep ������

  • Hi, why is abject poverty a video of black mother and child to nbe immediately followed by a rich white man? This very inconsiderate messaging, kindly improve.

  • Love the apartment door!

    Seriously, the “cue” thing sounds very effective. Thank you very much! I’ve just realized I’m already doing it. I’ve been struggling for a long time to do my eye exercises daily. They only take five minutes but I just got sidetracked every day and never got around to them. Then gradually, I started doing my eye exercises as I listened to motivational videos on Youtube (usually yours). Now I’ve developed a habit: every time I open Youtube I find a nice video and start doing those exercises. Perfect! I don’t even notice it anymore, it’s an ingrained habit. But I did’t realize I was using the “cue” method. I’m gonna try it with something else now! Thank you!

  • No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”

    ― Socrates

  • 1. Have atleast two hour gap between last meal and sleep
    2. Hang out with older people
    3. Eat lot of veggies. High fibre food
    4. Cut down on wasted times. Try being productive. Resort to Podcasts or audio books
    5. 30-60 mins before you go to bed Hot phase. Spend this time meditating or read self help.

  • Ranveer your videos are awesome, amazing and rather than the motivation you gives us an inspiration for our life… Thanks for making the video for us

  • I just want to say you’ve been the best company during this quarantine Whit and I’m so grateful to have found your engaging videos but moreso, you’re uplifting and fun personality. I’m slowly starting after 3 years of mental refusal to move after a past injury and all the fear of hurting myself again (trust me I’m modifying and being safe) and the frustration with having to plan workouts and what they all mean is slowly dissipating, thanks to you. I just created Monday to Friday Split playlists using your dumbell workouts, adding some morning stretch videos and some recumbent bike HIITs and it’s working. The funny thing about leaving this comment here today is that this morning I am self-shaming because I got busy with online lessons and just fell out of practise for a few days after a week straight and gurl (I love when you say that) am I ever mad at myself. I googled “How do you work out when you don’t want to” and because I watch so many of your videos already, this one popped up. After watching it I’m in a much better mood and ready to forgive myself, love myself and kill it tomorrow. Endless thank-yous! Val

  • I can proudly say that I have been Soda-free for a month! Thank you everyone who has supported me and I am now taking another step toward a healthy lifestyle and habits!

  • I never weigh myself.
    Sugary sodas are disgusting.
    Missing work outs is a big deal no weights, no gains.
    Overcompensating….. depends.
    Eating out? Yummy.

    Hotel? Trivago.

  • I am so motivated. Thank you so much genuinely. Please can you recommend some good books on positivity and self improvement? Lots of love<3 Hoping that you will respond!

  • I’ve started taking my vitamins consistently! I mean it’s only been a few days but I already feel better. Finishing up my old vitamins and waiting for my Careof package to come in (unfortunately I didnt know it was in USD and I’m from Cananda which probably means I wont be able to afford to keep doing it) regardless I am super excited to try careof!! I used your code! ����

  • Bro… I just read the Power of your subconscious mind.. book by Dr. Joseph Murphy… Your conscious mind is the CAPTAIN OF SHIP.. AND YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND IS CREW… In this video.. u have said in opposite mention in the book

  • i aways believe in small steps leading regular habits and big results. i have started eating healthy in May. completed a 30 day fitness plan in 35 days in May-June. all of this is the prep for a more intense workout plan with the goal of gaining weight and muscle. completed 2 days of the 3 month plan today. thanks for your tips on healthy living and achieving our goals.

  • “I really encourage you to not make it a habit of eating out every single day” Let me just say as a Lesbian I was laughing sooooo much at this comment. SMH. I’m so sorry:)

  • I really like this conceptualization. 1 thing in each of the three domains seems like a solid way to incrementally upgrade regardless of how advanced you are. I’m pretty advanced in my existence, and I still can appreciate this video. Thank you!!

  • Hey guys sorry for the weird breathing in this one. Mid way through filming for the day managed to start having an asthma attack without an inhaler and had to plow through haha. So if you hear creepy heavy breathing (wheezing), you know what’s up.

  • I love this. I haven’t shopped for myself in prob 4 or 5, yrs+ maybe. I am focusing on where I am going/ want to be. I bought 2 $5 t-shirts, and have been contemplating returning. I may not have the latest/greatest. But I have a goal, dreams and money in my bank account! This vid will help reset the minds of many who have absolutely no financial clue.

  • Please help me,use subtitles because I am many others people who understands English but can’t catch them accent so,it will be helpful for us

  • I’m trying to be healthy, working out if eating out finding something on the healthier side but I work at a fast food restaurant because its close to home and temptation is everywhere if I forget to bring my food a salad is 8 dollars and a bean and cheese is 99 cents struggles man but not giving up

  • Thank you! I was thinking about this hahaha. Love your video’s! They make me feel like I can really change my life! And that’s great! After al those years of negative thoughts:)
    I’m so glad I found you on youtube:)

  • I want to reduce belly fat. my 3 daily habits are:
    1. Preparing oatmeal and eggs by myself everyday in the morning
    2. Doing a walk and squats everyday
    3. Reading a book and writing my journal every night before sleep.
    In addition to that I want to include meditation in my routine every day
    Thanks for this informative video @ModernHealthMonk

  • Charlie, I‘m a university student and would honestly consider buying your course because I trust your content, but quite frankly: I can‘t afford it… it is way too expensive. I honestly believe that you could be making greater revenue, if it were cheaper. Right now there‘s only a small fraction of your audience who could spend this large of an amount to buy a course. The guarantee does not help for that matter.

  • You probably don’t take the time to watch tv shows but if you do. I think a couple episodes about the different things the doctors of Doctor Who do

  • Or: ” how to become unhappy”
    ( but i have to admit, i watched the video without the sound, hopefully the words are more motivating…)

  • For anyone watching in 2020, my top for with the scale is to always overestimate what you actually think you’d weigh. I used to get discouraged when I’d weigh in and was over what I thought (I was usually only off by 2 lbs of less, but it felt like a fail), so I started overestimating by 3-5 lbs and it made me feel a little better when I was always under what I thought. Basically, delude yourself, just a little bit lol

  • Why did you use the black woman and her baby as an overlay for (depicting) poverty! This is not good enough!!! This is rather unfortunate!!! ��

  • Intersting:
    7:31 “most of the things in the world aren’t worth it” ( You show a clip of an African Woman)
    7:36 ” the problem is you’d be tempted to think those things are worth it…(( understood) when they’re not), simply because everyone does them ” ( Another clip of an African Woman)
    We used to have a saying: It happened once: Accident, Twice: Coincidence, Three times: Bad f***ing habit
    Too many Youtube videos use these subliminal techniques to DESECRATE PEOPLE OF AFRICAN DESCENT

  • Just loved the black people shown to represent poverty, then the white guy walking down the street throwing money. Stopped it right there. No thanks. Utter trash.

  • 0:41, a black woman with a kid on her back represented that poverty.then at 0:42 a white a man with amounts of cash represented success in this video? smh

  • I’ve been binge watching your videos today, you motivated me to kick my butt in the gym with one of your workouts and this video is exactly what I needed today. Love you Whit!! ❤❤❤

  • Hi Alex, great video! My trifecta would be going for a walk in the morning or during the day. I practice meditation and a gentle hatha sun salutation, also bike to and from work. I make sure I eat a healthy breakfast. And yes I do make home made dinners atleast three times a week. Preferably more veggies. I’m about to go for a walk now to move my body on my day off. Thank you for your inspiration and motivation. ✌ ✨

  • after i started watching your videos i got a gym membership and whenever i start getting unmotivated i just watch some of your videos and they help me so much.thnx queen

  • Was worried that this was going to be like “stop sneaking twizzlers into your diet the sugar IS HORRIBLEEEEE FOR YOU” but this is actually the sweetest video ever. Thank you so much for putting this out there because plenty of my friends still struggle with these things, and to hear it from an influencer like yourself makes a difference. It took me a long time to break many of these habits too (soda to sparkling water, beating myself up for a mediocre workout or candy, eating out to eating at home) and I feel so much better about myself and have been able to reach my fitness goals so much easier! Keep up the great work <3

  • Hey Sam! I was wondering if you could do a video about working from home. A lot of students including me are doing online school now so it would be super helpful to see how you stay motivated and productive and any tips for working from home!

  • Hi I really like farting but I don’t have the motivation to pump them out every time, is the any way I can get around this? Many thanks to what your doing, really helping me with my problems

  • I don’t know the real cause y I watch u r video.��. but I am badly addicted to the way u speak��️… The words u say.. ��…the cutest expressions u carry on u r face ����.. R they all from that spirituality..??? ��

  • Very interesting that you mentioned people giving advice without you asking. I always tell people ‘ I like to be very transparent and also like to ASK if they are ok with me giving advice/my opinion/my suggestion etc instead of just blurting it out. That’s also my way of letting them know I prefer to be asked first before anything. It’s being respectful of my space. Maybe that’ll help you as well? ��

  • I see so many people at the comments saying that the black people were represented in poverty while White were represented in trading and reading as well as throwing some money.
    1.Ok I’m actually a black person and the only thing i can say is it’s so so true, and i wouldn’t do that but it’s something true, and injesting the truth is so bitter i know but at the end it’s a fact.
    2. Almost every African person has “Victim mentality” which is one thing that will make you down, just take the education from everyone from white from asian from arab and also in our africa and just with out being sensitive and insecure and feeling racism just focus on your life bro plzzz, and develop your self and take the initiatives and get strong hands. then face to those who put you down and hit them so fucking hard. But it’s after u invest in your self. And all that comes after you accept your reality now which’s poverty, weakness, hunger, luck of Peace littraly lack of everything…

  • Bhai, can you please make a video on how to give an impressive interview… I’ve an interview at amazon in the month of June.. Please help me out with this..

  • Hi Charlie I have a question for you, not about your video but about you, between these three men which one would you be if you could be one of them and why did you chose the one you chosen, all three are below

    The Man Who Has Everything

    The Man Who’s Always Winning

    The Man Who Knows Everything

  • I am absolutely excited how you catch up teenager mental override,huge fan of you ranveer.Hope your videos make Indian youth far forward..

  • And everyone who follows these 5 habits can come back in the future to leave their notes of how they didn’t become successful….because these habits have nothing to do with success.

  • Wow whitney im a new subscriber and i wouldve never thought you would have these type of unhealthy habits you look soo good congrats!!

  • Something that I’ve struggled with is, I really want to start a music career; I write songs, put covers out, all that jazz. I’m not getting any attention, I’ve struggled and wrestled with myself wondering, is it me, What am I doing wrong? I think I finally realize, I need to just put myself out there for the long haul, perfect my craft, keep at it, and if it’s meant to be, it’ll be. I need to accept not everything is handed to me and need to work really hard to do this. Thanks! So much ����������������

  • work hard all your life…those days u think oh i’ll have to day off is WRONG.
    push hard in life..only spend your money on things u really need instead of spending it on shite.
    stop buying cars you cant afford to pay cash for.
    paying your mortgage off as quick as possible has to be your number one priority..once you have a 100 percent debt free life you are no longer a slave to the system.
    we have zero debts..we built a new house 10 years ago and cleared the mortgage in 10 years flat..we own 3 new cars all paid in cash.
    i am just a construction worker btw..i’m not rich..but we have never bought any junk in our lives and concentrated on being debt free

  • I weigh myself when my baby wakes up around 4am. Then I drink 10-20oz before we fall back asleep. Then I weigh again at 7am and I’m usually down 2-3 pounds.

    I guess you could say that’s an unhealthy relationship

  • I would add to number three though… If you’re like me and hate pushing yourself for any workout, are reluctant in going to the gym, and usually never push yourself to see any gains or have an effective workout, you should be harder on yourself. There’s a level to push yourself to and there’s a level where if you’re already going to the gym regularly and pushing yourself (in your workouts), you can stop being as hard on yourself, if you already know you’re making progress and seeing gains. It’s for the people who don’t see progress and don’t see gains who should be pushing themselves more, and that’s just how it is to work on yourself.

  • Want to reduce poverty? Don’t buy things you really don’t need. Live in a one bedroom place. Have less kids or none. If you work save as much as you can probably in Gold no loss in value or diversify in stocks. Learn new skills that can enable you a secondary income until it becomes a primary income.

  • How can I stick with eating healthy!? Im hooked on comfort food and I know its bad for me. my teeth and gums hurt, my veins burn from eating dairy and gluten Im sensitive to them and still Im hooked. What can I do to just break this addiction?!

  • My brother and I laugh at your videos where you reference In-N-Out!! We are both In-N-Out fanatics and it’s always our cheat meal. Makes us love you even more! ❤️

  • i don’t know about the micros but for the beginning for example swap coca cola to diet coke or coke zero. Tastes THE SAME but has 0 calories. so easy

  • WTF?? The picture behind him is still all video and then at 8:40 there’s an animated fat Spider-Man-type character dancing in it for one second!!!!????? Why???? Anyone know????

  • Tony Robbins knows his NLP. The first two things they taught me in NLP training were… 1) people respond to their models of reality, not reality itself. & 2) the map is not the territory. But there was something the instructors hadn’t considered. Both of those statements are of course, somewhat self-evident. Every mind sees reality distorted by its own lens, and every individual perceives the world tinged with his or her individual preconceptions and filtered through their limited human senses and/or conceptual representations.
    Now, assuming both statements are true, what therefore is reality? Either it is nothing we can possibly know in the slightest and the map IS the territory because there is nothing else we can experience or respond to. At that point you are left, trapped at a dead-end of reason in a quagmire of philosophic solipsism… or the territory is quite simply… OTHER PEOPLE’S MODELS.
    Rapport is. People have an inborn ability to see the world through each other’s eyes, step into each other’s shoes and try on for themselves the paradigms held by their fellow man.
    And with that, the doors of perception are again flung wide open. No longer trapped within the prison of our own out-dated models, with this we are free to explore a living breathing magical territory as incomprehensibly vast as there are people in the world. Moreover, even at its onset, with this little common sense doctrine, we have at last,
    a world that makes sense, a philosophy that doesn’t contradict itself and, a living breathing cosmos we can strive to unite with, at least a little bit at a time.
    It follows that the true nature of reality is nothing more than the sum total of all people’s models… and the structure of the cosmos is entirely dependent on the global population and society’s well being.
    It might even follow that the laws of physics are merely a shared delusion and this would also explain why the further back we read through the pages of the world’s various history books, the more frequently we encounter testimonies about people performing miraculous feats of magic… there were fewer and fewer people, thus the world was more simple. Plus they all believed magic was possible.
    You didn’t really think that UFO’s build the pyramids did you?
    Those top bricks were levitated up there.

  • This is stupid, every one knows these things, sayings like, earlybird gets the worm, practice makes perfect, and keep at it, are proof of that. For everone who utilizes these sayings there’s an equivalent person who does not and yet, being born into wealth still ensures their success. So, this is rubbish we have inequality and not everyone gets to experiance the same luxury. Videos like this just give validation to that inequality by making people beleive they just haven’t worked hard enough. The truth is you dont have wealth because people dont want you to…

  • I absolutely love Habit 1: Focus on who you’re becoming and not what you have.
    In working towards your goals, it can oftentimes be difficult to be persistent and patient throughout the process as you constantly compare where you currently are to where you want to be. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the distance in between.
    “Success is not measured by the accumulation of money, but rather having a goal and moving towards it.” Bob Proctor

  • Can you get Master of the day in bookstores in the UK??? Don’t want to have to order it from the US… keep up the good stuff I love the positivity and the fact you “keep it real” without it being super cliche or cringey all the time which is something pretty rare x

  • I am exactly the same with planners!! I don’t use the weekly slots! If I need to write more things I usually do on a separate piece of paper or notes in my phone. Next time you get a planner (if you want to continue just using the monthly area) look for calendars that are called Monthly At a Glance! And make sure it’s just monthly and not monthly + weekly! Love and blessings!!! ������

  • If you are thinking about the dancing Spiderman…guys

    U ve been distracted…
    U ve been fooled and tested

    In the name of Charisma��

  • Hello sir today i watched your video first time of my life and learnt many things and now i am going to experience those fact, you taught thank you so much ������

  • You are gorgeous and glowing! I’m sure you’ve got this a thousand times, but you remind me of Jessie Decker! All love and thank you for this video!

  • thank you so much for this video.
    you are my inspiration and day by day I’m watching your videos, I wonder how I’m changing.. Yea I’m coming out of the dippression and bad habits of laziness about exercise n other. this happened because of you only.
    I’m glad that I reach this Chanel.
    by the way please take care and I know you do. stay blessed…!

  • Thank you for recognizing it can be difficult getting out of your situation but that it can be done! Its great to see simple steps of how you can find a way to Live Full Out!

  • Whitney, I never comment on posts. But this video honestly told me everything I really needed to hear. I missed a workout today because I felt so fatigued and had a massive headache. I’ve been feeling guilty and calling myself names like disgusting and other things. I told myself I’d just double up tomorrow. But this video really helped me realize it’s okay. And our journeys are never perfect. So thank you so much ❤️

  • My struggle right now is with the 2 beers I drink every day (helped me in the past with anxiety but now I need to say goodbye). You’re right, unlearning a habit is hard and it’s done gradually. Sparkling water +lemon is a great replacement for any unhealthy drink (you can even drink it from a fancy glass, it adds to the positive experience).

  • I would step out, but now when i do police are always infront of my building (2 times in a row), so police might be plotting to kill me, or maybe it’s Germany planting a trojan horse on my computer, either way 4 times i have seen police infront of my building in the last 6 mo thsm everytime when i go out..to buy food and i never leave my home.

    Then again it could be because a man and woman were screaming like nutjobs a week ago, so maybe it was some kind of domestic violence thing. Im very paranoid but im no idiot….why would germany spy on me? Im a no-llife gamer XD

  • I love monster, I used to take one a day, but it was making me anxiety levels go higher, so I had to stop drinking it, I miss it��

  • When I was around 13 I was told I was pre diabetic (I was always pretty chubby) and cut down on a lot of sugar and made the transition from regular coke/Pepsi to Diet Coke/Pepsi. I dropped so much weight even with minimal exercise. 7 years later I guess my body got used to drinking diet sodas instead of regular and I started gaining weight again and now I’m here looking at fitness videos to get back in shape ��

  • What is your name My dear friend. Why I miss u in youtube. Yesterday only coincidentally i saw your videos. Which I saw all are awesome. I am really proud as your subscriber. Why I am liking means what you say all are can follow practically. Keep going.������

  • Some good habits… I love the action-driven. However, I disagree with 3 “focus on one thing”; not much about the habit itself which is good but your elaboration of it: focus on one thing is good but for many it becomes an obsession and they usually loose everything. I also disagree with 4 mindset that leads people to become assholes. Being brave and daring is good but a win mindset usually throw others under the bus. Successful people are turning to collaborative mindset nowadays where surrounding people also win.

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    step 2. Harp on it and tell the audience on what they already know
    step 3. Use clips from Envato or other similar websites to B-Roll the hell out of your script
    step 4. Remember to use Like, share subscribe and seal it with a “we love you”

    Thank you for your Secrets! I want in on your market share:)

  • The first set of advice its super true, if my little brother drops me of we are talking, singing or goofing in the car. I go to work alot more cheerful vs when my dad takes me, its a quiet cat ride and I’m more down.

  • Please do a new meal prep video! I love watching your videos you have helped me want to truly live healthy. Thank you so much!!!❤❤❤

  • You’ll always be a roaring success in life if you set low enough goals for yourself. For instance, never give 100% when you can get by with 10%. Never do anything today that you can put off till tomorrow. Never do anything you can get someone else to do. Never give a sucker an even break. And remember, lazy people have the most fun.

  • I’m really intrigued by what you said about the army tiring you to ‘break you down and build you back up a soldier’. I went through childhood trauma and have developed issues with figures of authority, and I have a much more resilient defense mechanism than most people, so that this kind of tactic doesn’t work on me and I shut down instead of being influenced by it. Would you consider making a video on authority and hierarchy in relation to personal development? I’d love that

  • So funny, I think it’s an American thing. But in the Netherlands it’s really a habit to cook for yourself like everyday, and we go out for dinner maybe in the weekend or on special occasions (some people excluded of course who have the money to go our for dinner everyday, lol). The exercise habit is really useful, I think you can incorporate some kind of work out in your day, every day. Thanks for sharing!

  • Honestly I agree, soda is an addiction. I notice when my family doesn’t buy soda I go to water right away and I feel so good. I’m very light and short so it’s pretty good for me to be drinking 3 16oz water bottles per day. But when they buy soda I practically replace all the times I’d be chugging water, with soda. I recently realized when I was sipping on a Dr Pepper that I don’t even really like the taste of it. I’m just addicted to caffeine.

  • Sam, I’ve had the worst luck with natural deodorant until I found the brand Crystal. If you haven’t tried them yet, you need to! I live in Chicago so I haven’t tested it in warm weather yet but I love it, and you can get it from Thrive.

  • My way to keep on track is that I take my notebook right before I go to sleep and I write down all the things that helped me to improve myself and be a better person. It can by stuff combined with almost everything that is important for me like “I went to swimming pool”, “I had really long conversation with my mum”, or “I attended on French course”. This thing is life-chaning because even though sometimes we all have worse days, we can still find something that helped us progress or just force ourselves to do something just to write it down. Since I started this I’ve never left any day without something progressive or positive. Sometimes I write down also my “to do” stuff because when I see it on my notebook it really motivates me to do this at specific day and avoid “I’ll do this tomorrow” things:D

  • when people say that the first thing in the morning they exercise or go for a run, do they mean it literally or do they first have breakfast and such?

  • Always acknowledge stress. When we are the most uncomfortable, we are prompted to act and activate our survival mode. Think about the now, If you don’t plan to get it now, when will you then?

    We only have one life, which amounts to just a few years of existence. Go get it!

  • Could you make a video on how you physical appearance can affect how people think of you if it does affect that? For example, if you are a 5’3 male with a more feminine face, a very weak chin, and a terrible frame, how would that affect how you are treated by women, and just people in general. You’ve likely heard of it, but there is this thing called the “blackpill” essentially, it’s the idea that if you aren’t lets say, 6’5 with a masculine looking face and a good frame, women will not find you sexually desirable, and will not want to reproduce with you. From what I have seen, I don’t think the idea is entirely false, but I want to know your thoughts on this.

  • Great job bhai… Well done.. but we always got puzzled between a safe job (as in govt job in india) and our passion. How to deal with this dilemma.? And what if a person like me at age of 29 doesn’t have any goals.?How to figure out what to do in life?

  • You misunderstood nr5. My should was:”i should quit playing videogames on pc”. So I sold my gaming pc and kept the xbox. This is where I burned my boat..

  • The democrat free $h!t tour: I don’t need wealth Democrats promise me free college, free healthcare, free housing, free food, free Obamaphone, free baby sitting, free bus pass, all I have to do is vote democrat & dems will take from the rich & give it to me.

  • Nice channel, right? Well, from personal experience, Charlie with Charisma on Command SPAMS with you’re own purchased personal info.

  • I don’t understand what anyone could dislike about this video. Hun you are the sweetest, I love watching you grow as a human! �� that little girl is so lucky to have you as a mother.

  • I don’t want to escape poverty.
    I am content.
    I have enough money. Not a lot. But enough.
    I pay my rent. I eat. And I pay a few more bills.
    I have a couple of bucks left over at the end of the month. Not a lot. But a little.
    I save what money I can and enjoy myself.
    But most importantly to me is.
    I have time.

  • i get soso happy when i see that you upload it makes my day! you’re a ray of sunshine and I love your outlook on life. thanks for the tips!����

  • Hey Sam, I feel like you should sleep until you’re not sleepy anymore, seriously, cuz when baby girl comes you’ll be getting no sleep… enjoy this time now.

  • That is my struggle right now. Learning to eat better and then I remember you saying have mini goals. Maybe not drink that one can of soda. Yesterday instead of eating of Korean short ribs over rice with potstickers, I opted out and got a taco salad. It’s the small victories. You are such an inspiration!

  • mene iss video se kya shikha.?

    5 healthy habits for positive change

    1.sone se pehele 2 gante tak ku6 nahi khana
    2.aapne se experience logo ke sath time spend karna.
    3.dont west time
    4.read something positive and self improvement
    5.eat vegitable

  • I stopped drinking sodas when I got pregnant. After not drinking them after so long I do not miss them. Even now when I ocassionaly drink one it tastes like pure sugar to me and makes me feel so thirsty afterward.

  • I just choose to stop checking the scales every few day’s today cause I know that it was the main factor in the past to discourage me when I would try my weight loss journey

  • My habits that I think make a big difference:
    1. Waking up before everyone else in my house
    2. Masking 3x a week
    3. Listening to audio books in the car always
    4. Prepping my work lunches on Sunday
    5. My brain book (small 3 ring binder that have any current projects I am working on)
    6. Weekly bubble bath (self care time)
    7. Tea before bed (helps me relax)

  • You’re the sweetest�� Thanks so much for the tips!
    My tips would be…
    1. Waking up early
    2. 5 minute journal
    3. Workout
    4. Get things done (chores) before everyone is awake (husband/kids)
    5. Write EVERYTHING down throughout the day
    6. Make a checklist daily
    7. Go to bed with a clean kitchen so you don’t have to wake up to a mess
    8. Get everything you can done today to make tomorrow easier

  • I hate it when I’m depressed and people say to me just be positive. I’ve never been in control of my life. I’m unemployed, I’ve never had a relationship and I live in my dads house.

  • Happiness is not a goal, but rather a messenger sent to you when you are in current alignment with your most authentic goals and self.

  • I’m having a hard time with the virus. How do you keep yourself positive during this time? I’m stressed. Not going to the gym also gets me depressed and moody. Any suggestions?

  • Great tips! You should check out Beis, Shay Mitchell (CEO) has barely come out with “moms bags” on making it easier with bags, wallets, luggages, etc.

  • Anas ibn Malik reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Whoever is pleased to have his provision expanded and his life span extended, let him keep good relations with his family.”

  • Just expect your children to have horrible and miserable lives so your stupid and selfish goverment dreams and career goals can come true

  • I would like to see more unhealthy habit videos. I def have the same unhealthy habit of weighing myself daily. I get discouraged cause I have always weighted 128. Since I have been lifting I weight atleast 142. So the number can be very deceiving.

  • Thank you Sam for being so positive during his time for all your viewers. This is my escape from all the chaos going on. Thank you �� we ALL thank you

  • Yay! I love your videos Sam �� I’m a new fitness YouTuber and I hope and pray my channel will be as successful as yours someday �������� I just want to inspire others like you’ve inspired me for so long!