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How To Get Big Shoulders with Seth Feroce

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How to Get Bigger Shoulders (LIGHT WEIGHTS!)

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The PERFECT Shoulder Workout (Sets and Reps Included)

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Below are three uniquely different shoulder routines built for any training situation. One for the traditional gym-goer, one for the home trainer and the last is for bodyweight only enthusiasts. Use one, two or all three for each shoulder session and get ready for new growth in your delts. Perform three to four sets of 10 to 20 reps of each exercise.

Round cannonball-sized shoulders are cornerstones of the aesthetic X-frame physique. This coveted physique requires big and broad shoulders, sweeping latissimus dorsi muscles, and a narrow waist. While the bench press may be the most commonly used exercise to test upper body strength, excessive emphasis on this movement will lead to poor posture, shoulder pain, and muscle development.

Bent-Over Rear Delt Raise Place a couple of dumbbells looking forward in front of a flat bench. Sit on the end of the bench with your legs together and the dumbbells behind your calves. Bend at the waist while keeping the back straight in order to pick up the dumbbells. The palms of your hands.

Okay, so now you know a little about the “what and how”, now let’s get into the pieces that will ultimately be a part of your new shoulder training program. 1. Barbell and dumbbell shoulder press Mainly for the anterior and medial heads of the shoulders, overhead presses are. To get big arms, the best shoulder workouts are a sure-fire route to success.

Logically enough since, as doctors tell us, your shoulder bone is connected to your arm bone. (Now hear the word of the. This means that building broader shoulders requires doing more than just the bench press and overhead press. That’s a good start, but at a minimum, it also helps to include lateral raises for the side delts and chin-ups for the rear delts. Everyone has seen crazy-looking cannonball shoulders that look extremely round.

While it’s true that pull-ups mostly engage your lats, they also work your shoulders. Like the dips, you can make them easier with a resistance band, a chair, or (if you have access to a gym) by using a specialized machine. Either way, you don’t want to miss out on pull-ups as they are another essential move. Shoulder Prioritization Split.

Day 1: Shoulders (heavy) Day 2: Legs; Day 3: Back and Biceps; Day 4: Chest and Triceps; Day 5: Rest; Day 6: Shoulders (pumping, machines, and cables) Day 7: Rest; This weekly schedule is designed to give you your best chances at making the fastest shoulder gains possible in 10 weeks. Pay especially close attention to how exercise choice and order, weight/rep targets, volume, and advanced-training principles can be manipulated to fine-tune a routine for a specific goal. If you find one you like, try it for 4-8 weeks, then go back to your regular workout or try another from the list. These workouts are just the start, though.

Step 1: Hang from a pull-up bar while securing it with a shoulder-width grip. Ensure that the palms are facing away from the body throughout the duration of the exercise.

List of related literature:

The exercises here are ordered to first work the shoulders and chest:

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Here’s the path to developing optimal power output from the shoulders: Perform a wide swath of exercises that stabilize the shoulders from a variety of ranges.

“Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance” by Kelly Starrett, Glen Cordoza
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To recap: place the feet and grip shoulder-width apart, grip the bar like the bench press, keep the back neutral, descend straight to the clavicles, tilt the head back while looking forward, raise the bar along the same path, shift the torso forward slightly, squeeze the glutes, and lock out.

“Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body” by Michael Matthews
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By implementing the muscle-building tactics in this chapter, along with the antiaging secrets of some of the fittest old people on the face of the planet, you can equip yourself with a body that will allow you to do the same.

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reps: Complete four chest expansions total alternating the direction which you turn your head with each opportunity.

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The second section of this book focuses on the process of obtaining a stageready physique.

“Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook” by Peter J. Fitschen, Cliff Wilson
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Repeat the individual shoulders 8–10 times each, then start the I Dunno pattern.

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For instance, most exercises for the chest will help you achieve a partial pump in the shoulders, so they would be a good group to train next.

“Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding” by Franco Columbu
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Special tips: Be sure to target the front, middle, and back of your shoulders, aswell asthe delts as a whole, so make ita point to master several dumbbell exercises.

“Fitness For Dummies” by Suzanne Schlosberg, Liz Neporent
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practice to unweigh the shoulders.

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  • Been a long time fan of yours and I can’t thank you enough for this video Jeff. Had many years of shoulder injuries from nearly 30 years of playing volleyball. Had my rotator cuff surgery over 20 years ago and my right shoulder had never been the same. Just injured my hitting shoulder again a year ago which led to some major muscle atrophy. Not a single physical therapists was able to diagnose the root of my recent injury after seeing at least 5 different ones. With numerous amounts of visits, not a single one of them was honest enough to help “fix” my shoulder problem but instead only wanting me to see them again and again with many sessions after sessions with no results or progress. It was only 6 months later that a personal friend who is a massage therapist diagnose that it was the Brachialis muscle. I was so stoked seeing your video focusing on the Brachialis muscle. Along with this video, I’m on my way back to being fixed and back to playing again. I can’t thank you enough for these great tips. Keep up the awesome videos Jeff!!!

  • Anybody have shoulder surgery and do these exercises? I tore my labrum/ rotator cuff and broke the top of my bone. Pt said I can’t do dips or any overhead press but I want to train shoulders so bad lol. Anybody?

  • Hey Jeff, when I do lateral raises I go low from 5Lbs to 15lbs, but when I’m in 15lbs I feel like I’m gonna dislocate my shoulder and can’t almost raise it all the way.

    Can i like do some exercise to allow my shoulder to raise more weight?

  • Question. Is it advisable to perform this workout with another muscle group? Let’s say.. Biceps and Back. Is that ok? Or is it too much for 1 day?

  • 3:49 you should really bring the dumbbell back even further for an even larger momentum swing and even worse form than you already have. Lets turn that front raise into a full body workout!

  • I am having trouble finding the workout routine that he mentioned is in the bio. Can someone help? It would be greatly appreciated, I really want to try this shoulder workout.

  • I have both my knees replaced with metal ones, so doing leg exercises can be very painful and risky, have you any suggestions to help, I have had the Mitral Valve in my heart repaired and my rib cage was cut in half for the op, so I am taking my time to recover, the amount of exercises I can do is limited, but I am doing more every day, have you any suggestions to help?

  • Ever since Jeff showed me the middle delt exercise using only a dumbell bar (no weight) im getting that curve slowly but surely:D. Can;t wait to try these. Thx Jeff

  • Can anyone help out with this question? With this playlist of workouts (The PERFECT Workout Series), is it already in the correct order of how you should go about the workouts ie. Chest, Biceps, Shoulder, Triceps, etc.? Also, besides the the last two (Abs which I plan on doing every day if not every other day and the Total Body Workout) are these one workout per day for the week since it is 7 different videos or should some of them be combined into certain days? Conventionally one would do chest and tris in a day or back and bis on another? Am I off with this thought process?

  • Brilliant vid. Been training since 18. 43 now.. always good to mix up routines and stay out my comfort zone. Great stuff and no nonsense��

  • I need to isolate the shoulder, mine look very small compared to the rest of my arms, at least I know all the other exercises are working. ��

  • I only have 2 20lb dumbbells I only could only do 3 like that. I’m 16 and I’m pretty buff but idk if 3 reps with 20 pounders is good?

  • I have a shoulder impingement in both shoulders. �� I realized I’ve been working the front and side delts more than the rear delts. Could this be the cause?

  • This was the most intense I’ve worked. Killer Man killer. Your workouts helped me so much in getting that burn and stretching of the muscles I was not before. Thank you. ��

  • After 5 years of learning about muscle anatomy and physiology in PT school, this makes so much sense than all the bro science so-called fitness YouTubers. Thanks Jeff for all the insight.

  • Something i cannot figure out. Why does it look like the front delt is more active in lateral cable raises and the middle delt (or all fibers) are activated during front raises? Am i the only one who sees that. Look how the front delt pops out in the lateral raise move. Can someone explain?

  • I wear a t-shirt to the gym with a graphic on it that makes me look like him in this video. Chicks dig it.

    BTW, this technique he is demonstrating works. I never had side delts until I started doing these about six weeks ago.
    I started with 8 pound dumbbells. I’m up to 12 pounders now. It really works.

  • I got a kick out of the video the guy made about Jeff using fake weights for instructional purpose he said he didn’t care how much Jeff could deadlift then ranted n whined about it for about 10 minutes then showed Jeff actually lifting real iron and then said hell idk he cried so much but I thank you for your time and instructional videos sir

  • I tried this today. Funny how the warm up exersice felt like I pulled a muscle on my verry first set, what made it a little anoying to finish the workout, but when I came home and looked in the mirror, it looked like it pulled my left shoulder back in place. I have been having an imbalance in my shoulders for years. I think I’ll be doing this warm up exersice from now on everytime I train my shoulder

  • for the rear delt with dumbbells, how about rear delt flys? I feel like that would work mostly delt, whereas the pull mentioned may recruit some back muscles. Im no expert and am open to feedback!

  • Jeff, I have recently dislocated both of my shoulders. Once I am able to return to the gym what shoulder exercises would be say to do to build some muscle again? ( Aside from all the physio work I’m already doing. )

  • Fitty six and starting over, happened upon your channel.
    I’m trying but if I fail, I can show you how to kill any deer as long as you pack it out. I’ll give u half backstrap ��

  • Hi Jeff, I had an ac joint injury about 18 months ago. It’s ok with shoulder press but bench press aggravates it and usually takes a week or so to settle back down. Will it ever get back to normal and what can I do to help it. Thanks

  • I’ve neglected the crap out of my SD&RD. Focused on powerlifting and chasing the big numbers. My front delts dominate my shoulders.
    I’ve been dedicated to fixing this by doing no anterior isolation exercises. And doubling up on my rear and side delt workload. And I’m glad I watched this video because it confirmed alot of my thoughts. And I’m glad I watched this video because green yoga pants.

  • Roids also play a priority in that cartoon look. I’m not against it, its just a fact… depending on the goals that you aspire to achieve

  • I need you as my trainer. Lucky for me I have YouTube to guide me thru my workouts.. I like how u break down the muscle into groups with the marker then go thru each exercise…

  • You kinda make goofy faces when you pump, but this is honestly the greatest weight lifting educational video I have ever seen. Non stop information and straight to the point, with video going along with the description as it is said. Great job man. Got a sub from me.

  • Something I noted.doing shoulder and chest on same workout is bad idea. The shoulders get less gainz. I would recommend do shoulder annd traps only on that workout. Plus if doing heavy shoulder with chest can lead to injury.

  • Just watching this video I already know I’m gonna struggle using 10lbs. Reasons like this is why I worship athleanX. Thank you Jeff

  • I am 60 years old and in great shape. I have shoulder impingement because of the improper form you demonstrate with dumbbell lateral raises. The “pouring” with pinkies up is really bad for your shoulders. Leading with your thumbs is proper form.

  • dumbbell lateral raises should not be done with pinky out, you should lean forward and thumbs out which is the most natural form for your shoulders. What you’re showing off here is going to lead to shoulder pain down the line

  • When he was saying more incline for a shoulder press has better activation, doesn’t more incline shift more activation onto your upper chest?

  • Man, not because this video, it’s about all your channel, so much value inside your videos. To me, your work deserves much more followers. Hope some day only teach to all the rest provides you a good quality life! Keep doing this excellent work please!

  • If you want to do the same thing with the lateral raise, don’t “pour the pitcher”. Just lean forward slightly. If you don’t want to do upright rows, do high pulls.

  • 4:35 warm-up
    6:00 reinforce with weights
    7:08 rear delt stretch
    7:34 middle delt stretch
    7:56 front delt stretch
    10:08 end with face pull
    10:47 Breakdown

  • Whenever I do this motion, even without weights, I hear and feel a popping in both my shoulders. It isn’t necessarily painful, it just feels wrong and that it’s taking away the work from the muscle. I definitely make sure to externally rotate my shoulder, so I don’t know what I’m doing anything wrong. Can someone please help me?

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  • I also do have a weird train face when I train my shoulders. As a woman and as a loner I always laugh bc it looks so fucking funny.

  • this is my first comment in all this time using youtube and u deserve it, all the way from denmark bro, keep up the work like this so inspairing