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Can’t Get Big Quads? Just Do THIS!!

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The PERFECT Leg Workout (Sets and Reps Included)

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Do THIS Every Leg Workout For Big Quads! (STARTING TODAY!)

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My Four Favorite Exercises To Build Massive Quads

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The Most Scientific Way to Train QUADS | Quad Training Science Explained

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Think squats and leg presses and all of their options. They let you lift the maximum amount of weight without over stretching or peak contracting your quads. you’ll just be moving big weight with multi-joint exercises to work the most amount of muscle. Stretch angles: Getting a good stretch for the quads is a tough order. Normally, sissy squats would fit nicely here but the fact that they place an enormous.

Pay attention to your shin angle. To make any exercise more quad dominant, allow the knee to pass forward over the toe. The more acute the knee angle, the more work the knee extensors (the quads) will have to do to extend your leg again. A lot of people use leg extensions and leg presses as their go-to quad exercises.

Quads exercises. Build size and strength in this big muscle group. TRAINING PROGRAMS: https://www.simeonpanda.com JUST LIFT. CLOTHING: https://www.justlift.com SP AESTHETICS: https://www.sp-aesthetics.com VQ Fit: https://www.

Since the walking lunge covers the quads, glutes, and hams you’ll start each training session with it. Yes, that means if you split this up into a quad day and a ham/glute day, you’re still gonna lunge. Since this is “big wheels, no weights” these are bodyweight lunges.

That means you. How to do it: Set a barbell on a rack at about shoulder-height. “With front squats, there’s no need to go too heavy, as you want to get high reps,” Bangkuai says. Come under the bar and grasp it at. Slowly move up the weight as form improves.

For the first few workouts I think it is a good idea to follow the advice of Rippetoe: “Do sets of 5 reps, gradually increasing the weight until it is a struggle to complete the 5 reps. Rack the bar, the workout for that exercise is done. Move onto the next exercise.”.

I would mix between the two for variety since lunges hit your quads more, and stepups hit your hamstrings and glutes to a greater degree. Use just your bodyweight in. Narrow up your stance and load those quads if you plan on building bigger legs. Next, introducing a box can make all the difference in the world when it comes to squatting.

You will want to make. Putting your feet up higher on the sled shifts some of the emphasis from the quads to the hams and glutes because a greater degree of hip flexion/extension is taking place. Also, don’t shortchange the depth of your knee bend—which should reach 90 degrees—by going too heavy—that also limits glute and hamstrings activation.

List of related literature:

You can examine the descriptions of the exercises recommended for each translational cycle in chapter 10.

“Bending the Aging Curve: The Complete Exercise Guide for Older Adults” by Joseph F. Signorile
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The listed quads all contain some part of the PCT, and you can search for them by name on the website.

“Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail: Northern California: Section Hiking from Tuolumne Meadows to Donomore Pass” by Philip Kramer
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Chapter 8 advised use of the 4-3-2-1 and 32-1 cycles for most intermediate and elite climbers.

“Training for Climbing: The Definitive Guide to Improving Your Performance” by Eric Horst
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And given the full-body rigors of bigwall climbing, a commitment to training the total core and posterior chain muscles (hips and legs) will pay big-time dividends—use a broad selection of exercises from chapter 6 at least twice per week.

“The Rock Climber's Exercise Guide: Training for Strength, Power, Endurance, Flexibility, and Stability” by Eric Horst
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• During ascent, lean forward and use quads to raise body; avoid snapping knee back to body (Figure 26-30).

“Orthopaedic Rehabilitation of the Athlete: Getting Back in the Game” by Bruce Reider, George Davies, Matthew T Provencher
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• Repeat the same with only 4 reps (jumps) to each direction.

“The Warrior Diet: Switch on Your Biological Powerhouse for High Energy, Explosive Strength, and a Leaner, Harder Body” by Ori Hofmekler
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Quads (front thigh): Lie on left side and bring both knees to chest; with left hand, grasp leftfoot from the outside.

“Be Iron Fit: Time-Efficient Training Secrets for Ultimate Fitness” by Don Fink
from Be Iron Fit: Time-Efficient Training Secrets for Ultimate Fitness
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Perform three sets of 16 repetitions (reps) for each exercise during the first month, three sets of 12 reps during the second month, and three sets of 10 reps during the third month.

“Wrestling For Dummies” by Henry Cejudo, Philip J. Willenbrock, Ed.D.
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Set yourself the target of doing 100 kilometres on the rower in 10 days, doing an easy 1 kilometre to warm up, then 10 kilometres hard (aim for a sub-40-minute time), then finish with an easy 1.5-kilometre warm down.

“1001 Climbing Tips: The essential climbers' guide: from rock, ice and big-wall climbing to diet, training and mountain survival” by Andy Kirkpatrick
from 1001 Climbing Tips: The essential climbers’ guide: from rock, ice and big-wall climbing to diet, training and mountain survival
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To build muscular power, exercise prescription should change to 1 to 3 sets of 3 to 6 repetitions (with >80% of 1 RM) but also performed at a fast velocity (usually performed during phase 3).169 Exercises should be both concentric and eccentric, and isolate specific muscles as well as combine the entire kinetic chain.

“Rehabilitation for the Postsurgical Orthopedic Patient E-Book” by Lisa Maxey, Jim Magnusson
from Rehabilitation for the Postsurgical Orthopedic Patient E-Book
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  • Some exercises can be great for building muscle and simultaneously really dangerous for your joints. “There’s no movement that’s necessarily bad for you…” Wrong. Incorrect. There are some movements that regardless of how cautiously you perform them put you at serious risk for injury, a risk so high that it’s not a matter of if but when your joint will be compromised. You’re a young person, and healthy, and I know you made this video with the best of intentions, but if people do goblet squats the way you’ve shown them in this video, they are guaranteed to get hurt. I know you don’t want that. You should edit this video. Extending your knees that far past your toes puts tremendous strain on your patellar tendon, and it’s only a matter of time until it tears. I really hope you modify how you do the exercise and that you and the people who emulate you don’t get hurt.

  • I got 31 inch quads how about your some advice to everybody shut the fuck up and concentrate on your damn legs most guys only do squats and one leg machine and then they’re out but when it comes to chest day back arms they’re in here with the whole damn day it’s like what is up with every guy wanting big arms big back but little LEGS you pretty much work out the way I do Man great videos

  • Some of the machines you use are injury waiting to happen! I like the tips but you should mention some of them machines don’t give you natural motion so they increase the chance of injury

  • 7 key steps on how to get big legs.. hhmmmm ��
    Step 1: don’t skip leg day
    Step 2: don’t skip leg day
    Step 3: work ur legs
    Step 4: work ur legs
    Step 5: don’t skip leg day
    Step 6: work ur legs
    Step 7: don’t skip leg day
    It’s that simple!! SMH

  • Hi Jeff I have a badly torn meniscus and I’m waiting for an operation can I do any of the leg work that is in your video? Thanks ��

  • Bro! You are awesome, but the best thing about you is, you used your manners at Subway cool man. So many people have forgotten how to be kind to others. Well done.

  • Introduction is awesome no matter what because you are awesome! Thank you for this video I have chicken legs and I want to get HUGE quads:)

  • I sit on the toilet, wait for your video upload, wait for you to say “lets get statttted” before I begin relaxing my sphincters. If this doesn’t matter, then I just sit there waiting. My boss can wait.

  • It would he great if lifters could be more open about how they actually get huge muscles. Part of that is on us, the fans, to lift the stigma.

  • Big thanks for all the information you provide jeff, yours and athlean x are in my opinion the most informative and scientific evidence based youtube fitness channels when it comes to weight lifting.

  • Good stuff Jeff. I always want to know “why” I should do a thing. This video was laid out nicely, and you referred me to some interesting reading. Keep up the good work. Subscribed.

  • With the rectus femoris being a hip flexor also, does it suffer the same fate as the hamstrings during the squat regarding the simultaneous lengthening and shortening? I’m just wondering if the RF will grow equally to both vasties with the back squat? Thank you love your work

  • This workout felt tiring but it didn’t make my legs feel like they died inside… until I couldn’t get up the stairs in my house. I never felt so wrong.

  • I have asymmetric thighs and wanted to fix it. I found a video from some chick that kept asking for subs and went on about their quad squad and twitter mentions. I closed that shit and came here. This is going into my favorites.

  • I love these videos. Have been watching a bunch of different Youtubers, and these are great. Well explained, science-backed. Let’s get these legs vid #’s up where the chest/arms vids are!

  • I want Jeff to analyse a bottle of shampoo whilst having the shits. (Prolonged periods of time on the toilet engages the ‘thought’ part of the brain.)

  • It would be interesting if you explored the science of wanting to look like an athlete versus being one as in the case of bodybuilding.

  • 5:22 my local gym has this machine. I’ve never seen anyone use it and there are no labels on it saying how to use it or what it is. Now I know. May give it a shot.

  • 4:30 was very interesting to hear. I tend to have dominant size on the front (rectus femoris) and wondered if I was possibly doing something wrong. Will defo be incorporating toe in extensions for low weight high reps at the end of my squat session.

  • Not sure why but at 4:47, I can’t seem to track what he’s saying…
    Fantastic video Jeff! It’s great to hear that what I’m doing could be considered the right thing, and how I can be doing other things better. Cheers!

  • Jeff, you are the most scientific bodybuilder I know! I learned so much about the human anatomy by watching your channel mostly your work out videos are awesome!!!!

  • Loved your science mixed with opinion instead of just one or the other that makes fitness optimal and creative with options.Good job.I like your frank about injury (one can always work around injury and find another way )Love your frankness and thoroughness.

  • All those introductions were shit. Remember KISS keep it simple!
    So how about this:” Hi, I’m Stefi and today we are building big quads”.

  • This morning I woke up and decided to get rid of my skinny legs. Stumbled on your vid. I feel I don’t have to look at any other squad tutorials for now. Will try those exercises tonight (with no weight..����‍♂️). Thanks a lot.

  • @stefi cohen i think you will love my #somersaultsquat exercise for quads if you havent tried it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxwJja4rr4M

  • Why are you locking your legs and pointing toes straight up on the leg press? I don’t think you want to keep your knees… They are going to snap.

  • NOTIFICATION SQUAD GIVEAWAY Alright guys, I’m giving away a complete 30 Day Workout program to 100 lucky clickers within the first hour this video is published! Remember, this is NOT THE FIRST 100, but those randomly selected within the first hour the video is published. Click the link to see if you’ve won. No strings attached! 

    If you don’t win, no worries. Just be sure you have your notifications turned on so you can get to my next video quickly and try again. Good luck and thanks for being a loyal subscriber…

  • Hi I made a mistake: I mean to say the only ONE of the QUADRICEPS muscle group to cross two joints. Sorry! I’ll be better. The camera still makes me a bit nervous.

  • holy shit..im in love..not with u mate..sorry…my god she is beautiful and with that british accent…wow wow wow..post more of her..hopefully alot more…

  • Hello Stephi, Congratulations for your very good videos. So, I have a knee with a lot of osteoarthritis (I no longer have a meniscus). Would back lunges be good for me? Apparently this exercise is less damaging to the knee than the traditional lunges. Thanks!:-)

  • First one is super effective for improving squat after doing that heavy i tried body weight squats and felt like zero lbs for my i was flying and my vertical jump improved cuz i felt so light omg

  • I love videos like these where the host scientifically proves the credibility of an exercise. Unlike the other random videos with no single proof. Keep up the good work!

  • I hope you guys enjoy the video and take away some new strategies for maximizing the development of your quads! After producing a good deal of vlog-style content, I was itching to do a science-explained edit again and I’ve got another (slightly off-topic) one on the way next week! Anyway, all the scientific references organized by order of appearance and topic can be found in the description box for your own reading. Please share this video with anyone you think may find it helpful, or who hasn’t found my channel yet. Thanks again guys for the continued support! Peace!

  • Massive legs, You definately knows what you are doing. Just want to point to plate under feet put it up front and grab to something while you squat you will stretch your muscles and ( after few minutes of stretching ) instantly get deeper squad. I have found that sollution helpfull when I tried my strength in olympic squads.

  • Its roid heads like this pretending their results come from only hard work and diet that has always ruined the ordinary peoples perception of weight training, especially women as they think theyre gonna look like a dude once they start lifting serious weights.

  • Awesome..i can’t squat what you could at 3, and I’ll never be super hot, strong and famous like you, but I can probably help with the intro. I’m kidding, you’re great. Dork ��. This was super helpful even for a skinny loser like me, subscribed and congratulations on your world record superlady

  • Start your intros with a PR short clip, a funny clip, or even a failed rep. That way, you’ll sound less boring and authoritative. Lengthy intros are generic and most people tend to skip forward.

  • I would’ve never known that keeping your legs in a narrower stance was better for growth. Maybe that’s why Arnold and Coleman always did those very straight looking squats. ��

  • FYI rec fem is not the only muscle in the lower limb that crosses more than one join. Gastroc goes across the knee joint but also crosses the talocrural and subtalor joints in the ankle to insert onto the calcaneous via achelies tendon. You also have sartorius the crosses the hip and knee join.

  • Reason that leg day is mostly skipped and over looked is due to laziness. Legs show true self discipline. Most dont have it. I see it all the time.. Going through the motions doesnt count either

  • That’s why im following you everywhere Josef Rakich you are not selfish like other body builders keep it up man tnx for this information i love you

  • I don’t think it’s hard to build build legs. I just believe that we’ve been conditioned to utilize exercises that don’t offer the most muscle growth such as leg extensions and leg curls as our GO-TOs. I also believe that for years and years fitness magazines and websites have forced us to think “3 sets per exercise” is the MAX you should do. Well, its time to rethink your training Nation and place your time and energy on the RIGHT exercises to maximize your muscle growth potential!

    FULL WORKOUT PROGRAMS! https://muscularstrength.com/Full-Workout-Programs

  • I’m focusing on building leg. I didn’t do squat but only leg press since I don’t feel my squat hammering my glutes at all. My current leg press is 12, 10, 8, 8, 8, 7 (planning to do 12 x 6 but only first set manage to get full reps) using 70kg weight. So how to make it 20? Should I lower the weight? I didn’t take pre-workout shake but only normal dinner. Should I start taking? I only drink protein after workout.

  • Definitely gonna give the landmine squats and goblet squats a try! I was liking the form used on those exercises they look great for doing a narrow stance squat without a barbell.

  • Scott there is no way in hell 95% of the viewers on here are mentally capable of hitting 20 reps per set on the leg press. It’s extremely taxing physically and mentally.

  • Thank you for the video! Does leg press or extension put pressure on the back? Is there any precaution we can take before performing these exercises?

  • Actually super-high reps on the leg press was a recommended style in the early 90’s. I suppose the legs are designed for high volume in a human…

  • Where do we put the band for the the drop lunge? Jeff has it a little towards the inside of the knee. Or de we put it directly behind the knee? I didn’t understand the explanation for the squat either I feel dumb:( and how much rest do we do between 5RM, 5RM, 10RM, and 25RM?:/

  • How many times a week should you leg press if you’re on a program such as 5×5 which includes squats every workout (it’s becoming tougher to up the weight 5lbs /workout and I need the full 3 minute break between sets)

  • Yeaaa,great video…..but I will like to ask,wat is under ur armpit����������u always raise ur arm whenever u talking����������@gr8t video by the way

  • Well I do just leg extensions due to knee injuries in the past and you’re legs look like chicken drumsticks compaired to mine buddy!! I do 3 sets of each weight starting at 35kg for 14 reps / 40 kg for 12 reps /45 kg for 10 reps /50 kg for 8 reps / 55 kg for 6 reps, 3 sets of each weight, now that’s what I call a qaud workout!!! Do that and I guarantee you’re quads will be screaming and be blown up like balloons and they will grow!!!

  • Hey Scott, i don‘t wanna do leg excercises because i want to fit in my jeans �� I know it‘s a big muscle and everybody should train legs but it‘s so difficult to find pants with big legs ��

  • I know I know, it’s an old video, but how about Hi, what’s up, then you say the first name of one of your subscribers. Would be so nice and personal. ��

  • I really like point Scott made and with reps and helping not over thinking the shit and the basics of what you need and all you really need for stuff to grow. And I’m psyched to do this tomorrow. Outer and inner quad. Beginning of leg workout is now this

  • i did this today ( i avoided alot of weight so i could focus on form) and my legs are already sore but im curious, is it just these two exercises and just increase the reps and or weight weekly or can i add another exercise to this?

  • I use to hate legs now I work them 2 times a week. Once you feel that crazy pump in your legs after 3 months of training it’s something that I can’t explain. It’s amazing feeling and confidence is higher since my legs loom big now.

  • Bad side to thicc thighs is makes your meat n vej look small. I just do squats n leg press n vice versa then stair master. Leg extensions I don’t like anymore

  • I really appreciate the preamble and the overall video. What do you think about crunchy sound in the knees. Do you think that these exercises can help to lift my kneecaps and alignment again. I used to sit for long hours and thus, I developed a clicking sound in the knees especially walking up stairs. But no pain. Thanks so much.

  • Doing more than 20 sets per muscle group could lead to recovery issues. I’ll be damn �� I’ve been doing 25 sets on pretty much everything except for smaller muscle groups like biceps, triceps and shoulders

  • I couldn’t squat for shit today. I have hip, and leg imbalances, as well as other bullshit like sciatica, flat footed, khaphosis etc. I get tension headaches easily, which pisses me off. So I just did 3×20 on the leg press. And 5×12 on hamstring curls, because my hammies are weak, and I have an anterior pelvic tilt on my right ride. I’m gonna do some more tomorrow, it makes me mad I can’t squat for shit, but I can leg press like a motha, and my deadlift is alright for now. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

  • Panda’s range of motion is superb. His glutes are actually touching his calves..well at least his hammies. I can only do that with one hand on something to support. Gotta work on that.

  • NOTIFICATION SQUAD GIVEAWAY Alright guys, I’m giving away a complete 30 Day Workout program to 100 lucky clickers within the first hour this video is published! Remember, this is NOT THE FIRST 100, but those randomly selected within the first hour the video is published. Click the link to see if you’ve won. No strings attached! 

    If you don’t win, no worries. Just be sure you have your notifications turned on so you can get to my next video quickly and try again. Good luck and thanks for being a loyal subscriber…

  • Surely you can’t do 10 sets on squats and 200 reps on leg press twice a week… I personally wouldn’t ever be able to recover. I do 10 sets per workout for bigger muscle groups, twice ish a week.

  • goodbye chicken legs, thanks for the great insight bro. I’d love to provide you with some free instrumentals I’ve made for your videos!

  • That’s a terrible place for the mirror. I’m hoping you’re going to put up curtains and there isn’t enough room next to the patio door for the mirror. I think it would look great in the stairway or in the dining room against the far wall, it looks kind of dark in the kitchen and if you hang the mirror in landscape vs portrait it will reflect more light into the kitchen. Your legs look amazing, thanks for the great tips!

  • you can target inner this outer that..etyc etc, but makes no difference in the overall development of the muscle. like inner and outer calves by pointing toes in different directions

  • Hello Jeff, I feel a tremendous amount of pressure in my knees when doing the DB tke drop lunge. Even without the DB. I haven’t done these kind of exercises before. Is this normal? Does it mean i have weak leg muscles and need more training?

  • I’m 50. Recently watched a whole bunch of Athlean X videos during lockdown. I’ve replaced Leg press, leg curls, and extensions with Squats, deadlifts, RDLs and split squats. No more knee pain! I wish I’d found this channel years ago! I can shift a load of weight without knee pain!! Leg day is enjoyable again! Great stuff!

  • What can you do if you have issues with your spin, What leg exercises can you do for that instead of loading weight on your back to do squats.

  • You are awesome, I’ve learned so much keep doing what your doing, I know you are helping a lot of people, I l personally love the science behind all of it, so its perfect. Thank you for what you do.

  • I’m not sure I understand the weight to use for the 4 squats’ sets. Is it the same weight but with higher reps or do the weights drop as the reps increase? If the latter then roughly what percentage of maximum weight should be each set?

  • I’m confused with the set and rep, by 4x 5rm,5rm,10rm,25rm. Does he mean those reps for one set for four sets or 5rm is already one set?

  • Start your intros with a massive video upload, a funny clip, or even a failed rep. That way, you’ll sound less boring and authoritative. Lengthy intros are generic and most people tend to skip forward.

  • You do 4 sets of 25 reps, 10 reps, 5 reps, 5 reps? so that are 180 reps and then some other work also? how often do you want to train legs per week, only once?

  • I love this guy!!! First video I watch from him and I’m already in love with him! LOL! I can never position my back leg like that, its hurts my ankles ��

  • Twice now when I’ve reached 285lb on squats I have injured myself. The first time I tipped my L5 vertebrae out of place. The second time something when wrong with my hip and that took a long time to recover, i think my knee still has nagging pain from it throwing things out of wack. I think I just am not meant to squat heavy.:( Ill try adding split squats to my routine and see if that can shore up some weaknesses before I get to that level of weight again.

  • Just tried land mine squat first time like it. Thanks. I was already wore out from workout on leg day
    I will need to do it fresh to get a good feel. But I can already tell I like it.

  • Ladies: Those split squats are 1000x more effective for your ass than any hip thrusts or cable excercises!

    Do split squats with a loaded barbell and go heavy and deep. Best excercise ever for complete leg development, and punishes the glutes!

  • I’m New to your channel, your wisdom is why I subscribed, this workout is what I needed a quad focus. Thank You for your Time & Efforts

  • Congratulations panda on the engagement it’s about time you put a ring on that queen. May your new year be blessed and fruitful peace

  • This is gonna take like 2 hours! Maybe even two and a half after I stand around drinking a protein shake for a while. Seriously how long does this take you?

  • My feet are wider than they are doing it. If I put my legs as close as they are it hurts my knees.

    Am I jacked up?

    I don’t have knee pain if my feet are a little wider than shoulder and a point my toes a little outward. Any thoughts? Thakns!

  • See the thing is a lot of people already know this, but they end up letting their ego take over and forget all the basics they learned. Great vid!


  • 1.Liked!
    Heeeeelp! I’m 39 and not super active. ( meaning I sit at a desk all day with high levels of cortisol I’m sure) I Maybe workout 2 times a week right now. Can I still build big legs?
    Thanks ����

  • if I was this short, I would not go for the bulky look. That just makes people around you call you Dwalin, Balin, Kili, Fili, Dori, Nori, Ori, Oin, Gloin, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, and Thorin.

  • Keep the intro’s coming! You guys have literally helped me quit smoking, eat right, gym 5 days a week, as well as only drinking water. I’ve been wanting to get in shape forever. You guys help me stay motivated!! Love it!!

  • Hey Jeff I got a metal rod in my left leg from my knee to my ankle with screws in my knee and screws in my ankle.Tried doing squats but it hurts when I bend my knee,is there any exercises I can do for legs without bending the knees? or any exercises that you recommend

  • Jesse intro! Always funny! The only thing that could have the video better is muscle markers. Thanks for the video. I always learn something new.