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If you wait tables, encourage customers to order appetizers and desserts. If you drive a limo, sell the upgraded service. If you’re a bartender, steer customers to the highest-priced drinks. You should sell more to make bigger tips, but with one important exception. Sarah and Sabrina are seniors at the same University, on the same path, with the same GPA.

They both want to join the Big 4 in the business tax service line. They know they will have to use LinkedIn to network with the Big 4 to get an interview. Both decide to start networking on LinkedIn before Fall Recruiting Season gets into full-swing. Moving big weights is what will help you get bigger overall, forcing your entire body to grow.

That means focusing on tentpole lifts: Bench presses, pullups and chinups, barbell rows, deadlifts. Going to the gym once a week won’t get you bigger. Pick a number of days to work out (3-4 is optimal), show up, and work hard, and you’ll see results quickly.

4 Steps To Get Big For Beginners Once in awhile someone asks me how to get big and/or stronger because they have no idea where to begin. This gets me thinking about what I would do differently if I could start again at the beginning knowing what I know today. Eat 3 big meals plus 2-3 smaller meals each day, 3 hours apart. This is VERY important. First of all you have to eat 5-6 times a day to get enough calories.

But even more important is the fact that if you eat more than 3 hours apart the body goes into a catabolic state, which means that it is burning muscle for energy!Water is the most critical nutrient you can get. The more water you consume, the fuller your muscle cells will be, which can push muscle growth forward. Any fluid you drink provides water, but it’s the other ingredients in that drink that can make or break your progress. These three.

Powerful people aren’t worried about winning through an argument; they simply want the best possible results, and won’t waste time bickering to get there. 4. They Stay Active in the Community. 4. Avoid covering up slides 5. Use a large font. TOP 10 POINTERS FOR A GOOD TALK. 6. Use colorto emphasize 7. Use illustrations to get across key concepts yMay include limited animation 8. Make eye contact 9. Be ready to skip slides if time is short 10.

Practice!! A “TYPICAL” PROJECT TALK OUTLINE. Drink lots and lots of water. The majority of your body is made up of water, drink at least 2 quarts per day.

Do this and you will get a lot bigger! RELATED VIDEO. Your 12-Week Daily Video Trainer Week 5: Hydration!

The human body is made up of about 55-78% water depending on your body size.

List of related literature:

A weekly tip video works too, but make sure there is a large collection of tips before starting to publish them so that it can be sustained over time.

“The B2B Social Media Book: Become a Marketing Superstar by Generating Leads with Blogging, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Email, and More” by Kipp Bodnar, Jeffrey L. Cohen
from The B2B Social Media Book: Become a Marketing Superstar by Generating Leads with Blogging, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Email, and More
by Kipp Bodnar, Jeffrey L. Cohen
Wiley, 2011

Powerful tip: Here’s another cool tip to get noticed by industry heavyweights.

“Social Media Made Me Rich: Here's How it Can do the Same for You” by Matthew Loop
from Social Media Made Me Rich: Here’s How it Can do the Same for You
by Matthew Loop
Morgan James Publishing, 2016

Hire the best direct marketing firm in town, run a fullpage in The New York Times, and count the orders that come in.

“Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers” by Seth Godin
from Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers
by Seth Godin
Simon & Schuster, 1999

Tell the truth in your ads as to the contents of the seminar, and try to attract honest prospects, not simply warm bodies.

“Guerrilla Marketing, 4th edition: Easy and Inexpensive Strategies for Making Big Profits from Your SmallBusiness” by Jay Conrad Levinson
from Guerrilla Marketing, 4th edition: Easy and Inexpensive Strategies for Making Big Profits from Your SmallBusiness
by Jay Conrad Levinson
HMH Books, 2007

Certainly, you need more than ten tips to become truly successful in this field, but I consider these tips to be the ten essentials.

“Success as a Financial Advisor For Dummies” by Ivan M. Illan
from Success as a Financial Advisor For Dummies
by Ivan M. Illan
Wiley, 2018

Guides include How to Get the Press on Your Side, Press Release Tips, and A Publicity Primer.

“How to Conquer the World: A Directory of 8000+ International Business Resources on the Internet” by Garrett Wasny
from How to Conquer the World: A Directory of 8000+ International Business Resources on the Internet
by Garrett Wasny
Government Institutes, 1999

Manage Talent: HLL’s growth mantra is quite simple, get the best people, develop their capabilities to the fullest, allow the high-flyers (called as listers) the requisite freedom to do things on their own and prepare them for challenging leadership roles by rolling on various jobs, to the extent possible.

“Strategic Management” by V.S.P. Rao, V.S.P. Rao; V. Hari Krishna, Hari V. Krishna
from Strategic Management
by V.S.P. Rao, V.S.P. Rao; V. Hari Krishna, Hari V. Krishna
Excel Books, 2004

Following are some tips that will make your delivery more effective.

“Media Selling: Television, Print, Internet, Radio” by Charles Warner
from Media Selling: Television, Print, Internet, Radio
by Charles Warner
Wiley, 2011

1’ Include one tip in each promotional e-mail you send with a link to additional tips on your Web site.

“E-Mail Marketing For Dummies” by John Arnold
from E-Mail Marketing For Dummies
by John Arnold
Wiley, 2011

I start with five tips on collaborating with other musicians and follow with five tips on delivering a great performance.

“Blues Harmonica For Dummies” by Winslow Yerxa
from Blues Harmonica For Dummies
by Winslow Yerxa
Wiley, 2020

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • my m4 is so different. instead of stippled i use the vlk 3.0x optic. instead of the grenadier barrel i use the marksman barrel. instead of the merc foregrip i use the commando foregrip. call me weird but thats what i use. sometimes i use the tac laser.

  • Thank you Owen! You’ve given me more information than a whole course on self improvement!!! I’ll be watching this a few more times to really grasp the key concepts.
    I, too, have seen homeless people lose their sense of self and how they act as robots…it’s so sad. Actually, many people act like this when walking around, standing in lines, or just waiting…they detached from their bodies. Also, we have to consider that we need human contact now that the pandemic and COVID-19 don’t allow us to even get close.

  • A good lux or morgana or even veigar is almost impossible to gank even when your a hecarim using e, ghost, and righteous glory cuz your e doesn’t make you unstoppable

  • I watched this as a jungle main just because i was bored…

    But since i’m here, i want to give a few helpful advices as well.

    First of all, if you gank, you dont always have to get a kill. sometimes, when you gank lets say the mid lane and the 2 of you get the opponentdown to 50% Hp, this can make it easier for your laner to build a cs lead. Or if you get a flash/heal from your opponent. People sometimes forget about those small advantages, and might still write “0 ganks” even if you got like 2 flashes and 50% of their HP in some ganks. So dont feel bad if you dont get the kill, ganks might also give other advantages.

    Also, taxing is a pretty interesting thing. i general, i’d say if your laner gets the kill, you can take a wave, if you get the kill, take only 1-2 if you have life steal going.
    Thats like the usual agreement, the one without the kill gets the wave.
    Also, a good time to farm a bit is if your laner is dead and you take the minions that would die to a tower anyway. Or if the opponent is dead, you can also push the wave asap to gank together with your laner (often seen after a succesful mid lane gank)

    And if you are used to jungling a little, its a good habit to often use F1-F5 or the Minimap to check on the waves and the HP of your Lanes, so you can seek out some possible gank possibilities.

    Thats some additional advice that is good to have.

    PS: Also ignore things like!-pings if you take a minion, things like “ks” or “help”-ping spams. Trust me

  • I don’t like drugs, but sometimes i take Yohimbe extract just to remind myself What to feels like to connect with my higher self, express my self without tension, be more in the moment and most important one feel more affection towards other people and they feel it too and they’re more open towards me. I am also more aware of my true potential, where actions I am doing taking me + what’s important and what is useless. It also increases passion towards life in general. It’s huge realization, because i realize pretty much I am deciding everything I am center of my life, It’s not they’re fault and it kills my rationalization big time.

    This Effect doesn’t last forever ofcourse and it makes u pay the price, but it’s worth it. I just remember most i can + make the notes and I know that i have lot bigger potential then iam sinking into right now.

    Ps: Thanks for video. I always learn something new + remind myself important things. <3

  • I realized this is the format my subconscious self has been doing encountering all the obstacles I have been facing since the outbreak. <3 <3 <3

  • Hey, please keep posting regularly. Im currently at d4 from being hardstuck gold for past 2 seasons and it’s all thanks to your videos. Loves from the worst server ever, SG/MY ♥

  • Would HIGHLY recommend using U.gg instead of all of those other recommended sites. It aggregates the data from all those sights into one:D

  • Yes Owen + community, I never doubted your vision man I was angry at YouTube for a while but see that with the strength of your vision you transmuted that negativity into absolutely beautiful outcomes and you helped me do the same in my life. I look forward to helping others in the same way that you have I see what an incredible effect it has on others and the world we truly have so much more power than we ever knew or have been told by anyone other than those who are living through their higher selves

  • These videos need to be reviewed before posting them. I love these videos because as a whole they are very informative, but as you guys mentioned, this is meant for players who are very new to jungling and this misinformation isn’t going to help them.
    Warrior enchant isn’t built from Bami’s cinder, as shown after talking about what smites do.
    Jungle timers were wrong, the yellow comes up at 15s, not 30s as stated.
    Used Zed W icon when talking about watching for Morgana Q during the Kindred gank.
    Swapped the stats and soul effects for Cloud and Ocean drake.
    Edit: After reading some of the comments, it also probably isn’t a good idea to highlight champions you’re referring to in white, as you did when talking about junglers with crazy sustain. It made many think you were trying to highlight Volibear, Master Yi, and Xin Zhao instead of Zac, Warwick, Trundle, and Nunu. Just mentioning this because it also might confuse newer junglers who are looking for high sustain and healthy clears.

    Also rift herald is female ��

  • Did the exercise and I’m 35 yrs old. it would before very hard to give my 45 yr old self that love if I wasn’t where I want to be.

    I’m a failure by the way. Im a server at a well known restaurant.

  • You technically mention dark souls again when you said effergys, That’s a ds item lol even if it’s in the game maybe is a humage to ds lol

  • I can’t believe you had a synthwave themed intro:D awesome. I make synthwave as Ace Buchannon (this is my other profile) and I’ve been following you since the blueprint days. This is special. Also, great content as usual. All the best to you, Owen.

  • Hey Owen I’m a BIG FAN! You should do a video sometime on aspergers/autism I think a lot of people would benefit from it. I know you’ve mentioned in videos but I would be curious to your full take on it.

  • This is the real result of experiences.. I listen to your contents from the old ones, and this topic is always come up and get perfected every time.. From the vague idea, now it’s became really clear focus bullet point that we can practically apply.. One of the best video i’ve ever seen!!

    God i wrote just like the movie review guy

  • To the person that’s reading this:

    You’re very intelligent and adorable human! Stay healthy during quarantine ����

    My dream is to hit 1K I am struggling to get there ��

  • Lolalytics is also great for builds too. If you like seeing more data on each champion, I’d recommend it over the options in the video. For beginners though, those 3 sites are probably the least overwhelming to look at.

  • When people are flaming you, you should definently just ignore. Just played a tahm kench jungle game and even in champ select my yasuo was saying that i was trolling. I then proceeded to carry the game. Never disrespect the kench

  • We know you have a great reason to put out this much value in your free content, but still can’t be grateful enough for giving this much and the amount of help and inspiration you provide

  • I have seen your videos about Hector, I just think if you can make elo hell and challenge Hector to 1 vs 9 as a Buff Support Lulu, Janna, Soraka, Sona or as C.C Tank Support Thresh, Nautilus, Leona, Barum not included Pyke, Lux, Morgana,… or any other champions. I want people feel the main support feeling when looking their ADC die stupidly or helping ADC fed while lane phase and they just don’t know how to survive in 5v5 combat.

  • Thank you for your hard work owen, please add english subtitles for your each videos like julian, for those who cant understand that much of english.

  • Stayed up overnight after teaching to record this in Miami.. if you want me to do these exercises with you in person, http://highstatuscommunication.com and I will invest huge time and energy to get you on track with this. We will go WAY deeper than this video and I will stay on top of you to force the change. I do a hugely popular mentoring program that will blow your mind.

    This is the tip of a HUGE ICE BERG and we can create incredibly profound transformations. If you personally want to experience a transformation like this, join my mentoring, and we will make it happen. Just fill out the simple form and do a call with us. Let’s do this.

    I’m also doing virtual free seminars during lockdown, which you can find at http://www.freetour.live I’m literally about to go jump on one in a few hours, and there will be hundreds of people on. These are incredibly fun, and a way to interact with me personally. I try my best to talk to everyone on the call, and would love to meet you in person over Zoom. These are super super informative and helpful,. absolutely treat yourself to this free gift and hop on a free virtual seminar with me and talk to me.

    Lastly, this is a series of exercises that are probably a lot more potent than you initially realize. You’ll likely have to come back to this video again and again. This video is created to induce INSTANT IMPROVEMENTS in you. If you really watch and follow what’s presented to you here, you will have a new awareness and a new set of results. Let me know if you have any questions, and enjoy -Owen

  • The part about loving yourself is incredibly powerful, because most of us were deprived of this when we were young, and when we’re older we suffered so much damage thru the years that we think it’s beyond repairs and we try to mask the demons within. The problem with hiding these skeletons in the closet is that we actually can’t hide them, we think we can but it festers and grows, and people we interact with can sense something’s off or wrong about you and there’s this weird vibe they’re getting…

    The biggest lesson is to stop and resolve the past trauma, it’s like untangling a giant clump of christmas lights from over the years. We need to do this first in order to move into a better future where you can become so much more…

  • Привет тебе от Antiguide. Через него узнал про твой канал. Спасибо за такие интересные гайды. Лайк однозначно!
    И да я мог написать это на английском, но я слишком ленивый для этого)

  • Now the bruen got nerfed again can you give me a mid to long range weapon other then the kilo bcuz the recoil is trash on the kilo

  • I really like smiterino. Was looking for something like this. Thanks for the tip! Has some flaws as well like u cant smite champs accidently and don´t practise flash ability smite combos and don´t get distracted by moving camera and stuff but it should still help on reaction times and damage predictions. Really like the recommendation of good and helpful websites like this.

  • i just came back to the game and its annoying how all these mofos use overpower weapons i cant get cause they were from the other seasons

  • Ah, If you have multiplayer, just… go AN-94. I quote the JOKR Description

    “Fire and forget” the AN-94 is good at. (Multiplayer at the very least)

  • As a top laner I ALWAYS prioritize jungler guides over top lane guides. Why?

    Studying jungle paths, efficiencies, identifying locations to gank, counter jungling, e.t.c. has allowed me to better attend to my own position in top lane AND to take it upon myself to preempt counter jungling attempts.

    Example: Watched a guide on jungling with Fiddlesticks (by Kingstix), I realized how low Fiddle was around Gromp and Blue. I got into a game with an enemy Fiddlesticks, used the timers I recalled on Kingstix’s clear speed, shoved lane, and met him halfway into doing both camps with about 15% HP left. I was Illaoi, so I had no real kill pressure, but Fiddle didn’t know that and one Q was all it took to convince him to abandon both camps for a few minutes.

    Sadly, I did not win that game as that Fiddle went on to ult my bot lane a hundred times over, lol. My bot lane could have used your warding guide for sure, lol.

    However, I noticed a marked improvement in my own lane play that game and that’s what counts going forward.:)

  • Thank you for being who you are Owen. You’ve been a great inspiration. Your content is so qualitative high. it’s amazing. Thank you so much. Love you and what you are creating

  • Only reason I don’t think you like the an-94 is because you can’t control the recoil your aim in general is a bit bad you can barely control the bruens recoil 13:36 but if you just keep playing with AN then im sure your aim will get better

  • But my laners spam shove the wave and get mad i dont dive level 2 with yi or jax jg. And i get mad when i listen cuz i suck and i tilt cuz i am bad

  • 1 question as jg main in low plat, when i have damage dealer support swain brand lux and… they vision score is 37 in 40 min game (even enchanters are low but at least 40 50) which should be around 70 80 even me as a jg main have 70 visions core when get auto fill, so how sup main sucks idk. which result in fail ganks cause its 4 vs 3 or 3 vs 3 and enemy jg counter gank me or we loose drakes and they get constantly gank by enemy jg and… cause i had to go do herllad in min 10, btw i can sorta handle early game but in mid game if enemy support is betetr at vision they find me off guard kill me baron or if i play safe they find any other player off gaurd kill baron or they just baron, the point is cause we have absolutely 0 vision i can not engage or even try to steal, so what should i do. when my sup is ape?

  • Bearded viking i find myself jumping from role to role but i am jungle main by heart, but i get bored of playing the same thing. What do you recommend?

  • man I cried while doing the first exercise and it felt so great! Thank you so much Owen (Btw I’m in college now, taking international business. Maybe one day we can meet personally:v)

  • Cool, only I have 2 questions. Ready? So you say ” Unless you’ve transcended into a different dimension “. Ok, so how can someone have high vibration energy or as I prefer to call it simply overall life energy and testosterone if he doesn’t ” transcend into a different dimension” as you call it.

  • As a jungle main I can safely say that *please mute all except pings*. I know the tip sounds silly but people Will often blame you on stuff that isnt really your fault and that little tilt will make you lose your focus so fast its actually amazing

  • This game was developed by a smaler indie studio Cold Symmetry and I think it was announced during the PC Game show which explains why so many have missed it:p
    The game is greatly recommended! Awsome graphic/sound and gameplay. Crazzy to think how it can be an indie studio behind it.

  • For the champions that sustain like crazy, it felt like you were trying to suggest Xin, Yi, and Volibear, and not the 4 others. Fairly confusing at a glance:/

  • This is awesome high level stuff. Love it… The only other person that talks for an hour and make me feel like this is Tony Robbins. No sh*t

  • “-so check out our channel for our official review, as well as some neat guides on how to unlock the game’s hard mode”
    casual game journalist has left the chat

  • Literally��the 1% people, who’s reading,,, May your parents live more than 100 years with good health ����❤️

    Btw I’m a Content Creator Can you support my newest video please ����❤️

  • Ummmm Draven is not immobile for an ADC. His W is literally Ghost for 1.5 seconds. Add in Stand Aside which can mess up skill shots and slows the target. Add in Heal with the movement speed added on and you have to be surprised most of the time for ganks to work properly.

  • Lol this the most funniest walkthrough game. Just can’t stop laughing at your most powerful creation dude I love it. You made me laugh and I almost threw up. Make more funny video and characters. To make people laugh, trust me you will get more likes. I just love the video mate.cheers mate.

  • Plz make the next video about deadside rotates. Maybe review arkrahm and show what to do on deadside. I always rotate deadside but idk what to do there. Do I camp? Do I box up? What should I do? Plz make this next vid

  • Love your content Owen! I’ve had moments where after practicing meditation and focusing on loving-kindness like in your video here, my social anxiety completely fades away. When I’m in the moment, socializing becomes natural. It’s only when I get too in my own head where I falter. I haven’t been focusing on loving outwards and meditating lately, so this video is inspiring me to keep working on myself and keep myself in the moment. Thanks!

  • 1:40 Whitening out the 4 junglers make it seem like Voli, Yi, and Xin have great sustain when in fact Nunu, WW, Zac, and Trundle are the ones with great sustain.

  • There are few things off in this one…first, of course, the yellow icons are shown at 15 seconds or less, not 30.

    Second, the selection of “strong early gankers” and “weak early gankers” is very strange. Lee Sin is THE early game jungler, yet he is supposed to not be strong at lvl3? Same goes for Vi, super strong lvl3 ganker. Zac is also fine with his E, even though the range is not that great at lvl3 yet.

    However, the mute all tip is spot on:D.

  • I just started playing jg because no one in the team had smite and I was the only one left. So they told me to go jg, and I did but the problem was I didn’t know how to jg. This helped me a lot thank you.

  • Everyone is God but people still only accept you based on your formed human body appearance

    Which ironically isn’t who you are

    You’re formless consciousness living as a human being

    The hot girl you see is literally you. You are Owen. You’re everything lol

    Its a mind fuck when you realize this but its 100% true

  • my friend got so mad I didn’t gank his SUPER ahead enemy laner he bought an eloboost to try and flex on me with how much “better” he is than me.

  • This reminds me of the video on where you tried to communicate how to feel purposeful, grounded and free. I remember you said it was a thought experiment or something like that. Both amazing videos anyways, can’t thank you enough <3

  • GameLeap I love your vids!! Please upload a shotgun aiming tips and tricks, because my shotty aim is trash these days idk why and also upload a squads tips and tricks that’d be cool! Thanks

  • tha eve is me as rengar cuz i am 1 trick rengar and i am bronze btw i don’t have long time i begin my journy in the lol ranked game

  • Hey virkayu, hope you respond to my question!
    I’m at silver 2, playing 5 champs (Zac is my 5th and I only play him if needed) and they are Hecarim, Yi, Kayn and Ekko.
    As you can see, most of them are weak early game champs and I seem to be doing fine with them but should I change my pool to add more early game champs?
    Is early game champs necessary to climb?

  • It’s sad that the greatest tip on this video is the mute all one. Riot’s refusal to address the amount of flame and blame going towards junglers especially (although very prevalent to any role) is disappointing. 90% of losses without exaggeration in solo queue is just a cesspool of abuse.

  • 8:08 So it’s not gonna be first blood if the bot lane’s 0/12 right? But must admit in least then 3 min the ennemy bot lane is killing it. Time for a bot diff in chat

    Anyway good vid Virk continue the good work ^^

  • Alt title: how to reach maximum levels of Alpha before the game hits 3 minutes

    Personally I play Nocturne/Warwick and I pull my blue to river to level 2 gank mid then clear to 3 and gank mid again then get 4 and gank bot then go drake (or just solo it as ww) and then I just spend the rest of the match going mid then telling my mid to roam with me to other lanes/Objective fights until all lanes have tier 1 turret down by 20 minutes then I see that sweet message saying “enemy team agreed to a surrender with 5 votes for and 0 against” and 8 players saying “gg jungle diff”

  • Im have the narcistic sociopath confidence. But I always make an effort en try to care about peoples feelings if its possible. Its kinda the same work only the other way around

  • This guy is awesome but if you are looking for arena tips go check out Mystery. He gives really helpful Tips and only has 93k subs. Go help him out

  • Greeting. If you did not see yet, check it out the trailer of the game I am developing Parallel ❤️ There is a Steam page and Website. Thx

  • Wild never been this quick. Nor have I bought a game 30 mins after release. My tip cherish ur lute….mine broke when an archer ended my luting…. oh pet the cat too near the shop very satisfying

  • I was originally a Kayn main but when i started playing a bunch of other junglers and came back to Kayn i ended up being a lot better jungler. Basically playing multiple champs can be very beneficial to learn everything about jungle.

  • Thank you so much for this video! When I found out about Lillia and saw her abilities I immediately wanted to main her, she’s fun to play but I barely know a thing abt jungling and this helped me a lot.

  • i will give a tip
    Kilo141: Mono supress, 19.8 barrel, vlk 3.0, commando grip, 60 round mags.
    Mp5: Intenegal supress, merc grip, 45 round mags, stippy grip, ftac collapse.
    eod, overkill, amped
    second loadout (for perks)
    eod ghost amped
    C4 and Heartbeat
    My opinion is this is the best class in warzone

  • I had a scuff vantage it started to stick in a week and their’s a depad on the controller that mutes your mic and unmutes it, well that got jammed too so I could t unmute my mic. Also the paddles are plastic and that means a risk of braking.

  • Do you know what is the most powerful gun in Warzone…. it’s the MG34 i got a Warzone victory with the MG34
    FYI my MG34 ADS is terrible
    Thermal hybrid
    Merc grip
    Monolithic suppressor
    100 round box
    FSS Stubby or Stipple grip (I forgot which hand grip that increases your ADS)

  • You dont nees the merc foregrip on the grau..you need a ranger foregrip.. merc foregrip cool for the smgs not the mid range ar.s..

  • Thank you for the content. Wrote down everything. Thank you for all the things you are doing. I have been following you for 10 years(shit����). You are the only man in the world who is never boring, always gives tremendous value and always cool. You are personification of what a leader means.

  • Unless your sponsored I REALLY recommend “u. gg” a lot more for stats and builds. It’s basically all 3 of those sites rolled into one. And well designed and user friendly. Oh and riot themselves say their stats are closest to the actual stats.

  • Hi, I love your content and your vidoes, you are a pure inspiration. I
    have just started a channel and it would mean a lot if you could check
    it out and see if you like it, I post league of legends content and highlights.

  • Inkslasher: “there was some gun changes which changes up the meta of the game”

    Me: * still sees everyone riding the grau, mp5, and bruen.
    Yeah no it’s still the fuckin same

  • Lolalytics is perhaps the best resource for a new player to learn a build. Probuilds has a bunch of incomplete builds without the proper context.

  • Awesome. Maybe your best content yet.
    Thank you.

    Right now it’s not the right time for me to pay for a coaching session with you. But i am looking forward to!

    Thanks for the exersices. So much value.

  • hey Virkayu,

    In your opinion, why jungler are mostly toxic?
    im a cool dude IRL, but when it come to league of legend, when im jungling i become a salty mothefckr.. can u explain, why this role is so tilting and maybe give us some tips to not tilt?

  • 3:48 kinda wild how both warrior and cinderhulk are built from bami’s cinder, but warrior cost more and doesn’t give any of the same stats.

  • Dude the upgrade on the videos is mad. Respect and thank you so much been following you for years, thank you for putting out this information and allowing people like me and much others change their lifestyle

  • It’s too bad the ps4 pro couldn’t handle the amazing lighting effects. It still looks good, if a little washed out. Unfortunately once you see the pc med/high settings you see just how much you’re missing.

  • Thank you so much Owen!! Such valuable content you are sharing. The content and exercises in this are so powerful and life changing

  • I make my own classes and I just made an MP7 with: FSS RECON, Tac Laser, No stock, Tactical foregrip, and 50 round mag and I have been melting with it.

  • i hate the fact that when you are crawling out of a hole enemies can hit you and kill you before you can even move the character, it’s frustrating

  • Hey I think I just figured out the plot of the next call of duty!! I think it has to do with what Woods says at the end of BO4. It’s always been you in the box and Know your history go hand and hand in Quantum Reality. It’s a Cold War because everything is theory of what could happen, and nothing is definite until we open the box AKA Bunkers!! LIKE SO THEY CAN SEE!

  • Skill Capped: “Pick any champ you want to play in jungle”
    My Jungler: “Anivia jungle it is”
    My Jungler when he/she goes egg form while farming buff: “GG MID DIFF, DIDN’T KEEP THE BUFF OCCUPIED WHILE I’M IN EGG FORM”

  • Cr56 is actually pretty good my aim has been ass lately but when I’m actually doing good the cr56 melts. I use the monolithic suppressor, zodiac barrel, merc grip, 45round mag, and vlk three times

  • When I do lvl 2 ganks, I only do it midlane because it often fails in sidelanes. Idk how people can make lvl 2 ganks bot/top work, in my case my enemies are never extended enough (playing in the middle of the lane) and they can simply get away by walking diagonally + my laners are far enough not to be able to follow up most of the time.