Vacuum Pose Learning the skill of This Classic Bodybulding Look


Arnold Schwarzenegger Discusses Stomach Vacuums Classic Physique

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The Different Kinds of Stomach Vacuums

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Frank Zane How Zane Built the Aesthetic Physique Old School Bodybuilding Methods

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The Vacuum Pose How Classic Bodybuilders (Zane, Arnold, etc.) were able to do them so well

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How to Execute the Vacuum Pose for Classic Physique (Explanation and Posing Demo)!!!

Video taken from the channel: Greg Doucette

Vacuum Pose: Learning the Art of This Classic Bodybulding Look — Tiger Fitness. Learn how the vacuum pose can help strengthen and tighten your waist, and allow you to flex your abs in a way you’ve never done before. Learn how the vacuum pose can help strengthen and tighten your waist, and allow you to flex your abs in a way you’ve never done before.

VACUUM POSE: Make BODYBUILDING Great AGAIN 3 EASY STEPS To Master The Stomach Vacuum In Less Then 5 Mins! (BODYBUILDING GUIDE) Duration: Art Of The Vacuum. The Stomach Vacuum is an isometric contraction (tenses the muscle without moving it) of the Transversus Abdominus. A stronger Transversus Abdominus can create a stronger Valsalva Maneuver (the powerful exhale necessary to contract a muscle during an intense workload).

This article takes a look at what a classic physique actually is and how they’re different to the mass monsters we see on stage today. The classic physique is gaining more and more traction today as the NPC bodybuilding league has introduced a new division, the ‘Classic Physique’ division, which slots in between the still relatively new. Front Pose with Vacuum; Front or Back Pose Split Stance; Individual Posing Routine (Round 2) Each competitor will be allowed a maximum of 90 seconds (some events will have a max of 60 seconds) Creativity and “Classic Physique” Pose(s) must be portrayed in posing routine along with presentation of physique and physical conditioning in the. The vacuum is a lost art in today’s big-time competitions.

I haven’t seen anyone do it onstage in a very long time. At the ’03 Arnold Classic, Chris Cormier, who was leaner than I’d ever seen him, probably could have pulled it off. Yawar Nazir/Getty Images.

The front lat spread is the first of the eight mandatory poses you have to do in a bodybuilding competition.It allows you to display lat width from the front, chest thickness, shoulder width, front arm and forearm size, quadriceps mass and separation, and calf development from the front. Bodybuilding is an art. It’s a performing art. Making your body speak on stage, I would compare it to a painter, such as Monet or sculptor like Michelangelo.

You should check your painting/ sculpture, as they did when they created masterpieces. Every detail is reviewed until perfect. Bodybuilding is not just about lifting weights. Learn the mandatory poses and how to perform them!

I n bodybuilding competition, posing ability can often be the difference between winning or losing a closely fought battle. Nothing looks worse than someone with a great physique with an inability to show it. I took a controversial second in open classic physique B class yesterday.

The winner was definitely more of a bb physique but I’m still happy. Last picture is the beginning my prep 18 weeks ago. These pics were taken just before the night show.

List of related literature:

Figure 2.1 provides a selection of industrial applications of vacuum technique under different vacuum regimes; Fig. 2.2 shows applications in physical research methods.

“Handbook of Vacuum Technology” by Karl Jousten
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For the standing poses in Section 7, try this: from the Downward-Facing Dog that follows the backbend sequence, step or hop forward between your hands and straighten your knees to a standing Forward Bend.

“Original Yoga: Rediscovering Traditional Practices of Hatha Yoga” by Richard Rosen
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Many of these methods—head rolls, body rolls, eye and face exercises—seem influenced by the Kathakali training.

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The camera moves slowly from her knees to her upper body as she tries to balance her body.

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The first is the transpupillary technique in which laser photocoagulation is applied directly to visible ciliary processes.

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A microscopic semiclassical theory of spin relaxation was formulated by Bloch, Wangsness, and Redfield (BWR) and has proved to be the most useful approach for practical applications (15, 16).

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She tutored her howto walk with her shoulders pushed back and how to sit gracefully like a lady.At night while tucking her into bed, or dressing her up for school in the morning, Jaya would always revise her dance lessons.

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(see p. 60) Santolanasana variation 3 (hand behind the back): Sit in cat pose, straighten your knees move the shoulders forward and the buttocks downwards until the body is straight like a position no.

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Lise approaches Colas on a diagonal path by way of melting arabesque-penchée and kneeling poses that sweep around as her arms draw her torso in a richly torsioned rotation.

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  • Symmetry and proportion, something that attracts the eye and it’s appealing. Not the new era mass monsters, much respect to them. However I’m not into the whole freak show, this should be set as the standard for the Mr. Olympia. Make Bodybuilding Great Again!!!

  • A muscular corset!!!! That’s what a stomach vacuum does gives you a muscular corset…. uhhhhhhh how about it helps tighten the transverse abdominous the inner belt that wraps around your body acting like a weight belt to pull your core in tighter…. muscular corset….

  • If I could choose the only 1 guy physique on the planet that would be him, not coleman, not cutler… They,re not pleasing to the eye

  • did this guy injure his right bicep? 2:09 it looks a lot smaller than his left.. like the muscle belly doesnt fill the arm as fully as the left arm. im thinking either previous injury or genetics..?

    amazing vacuum to be in the open division bodybuilding category. i hope this continued wave of golden era bodybuilding knocks out virtually every open division bodybuilder’s bubblegut. i cant foresee that happening even within the next 5-10 years but at some point haha..

  • Frank Zane has won all of bodybuilding’s major titles including Mr. Olympia (3 Times), Mr. Universe (3 Times), Mr. World and Mr America.

  • Uddiyana Bandha (The Abdominal Lock) aka the vacuum pose. An important Bandha that aids in the achievement of liberation and practiced by all yogis. Uddiyana Bandha activates the Manipuraka Chakra, the solar plexus and improves all functions associated with that nerve center and is combined with Jalandhara Bandha and other yoga practices. This is just one example of the stupidity of people from the west using certain aspects of yoga purely for materialistic foolishness and are completely ignorant of the spiritual aspect of what they are doing. The same foolishness can be seen in yoga classes in the west.

  • Why do you call it Hungarian? Im from Hungary, and i see no connection between body transformation and Hungary:D 65% of the population here is overweight…

  • i still struggle to find evidence of the vacuum building better abs… i dont know to me it all sounds like broscience and i really cant see any difference in my abs by doing it

  • Frank was always my inspiration I also have a small frame and need to fight for every pound but even at 49 still have no problem staying lean.

  • I really don’t see how or why being a heavier bodybuilder would affect/reduce the ability to do a vacuum pose �� It’s something anybody should be able to do with their body as long as they understand how to. Even non bodybuilders or out of shape ppl. Not saying it’ll look good but any normal human body can be made to make the vacuum

  • Before I starting lifting I thought this shit was gay asf, but you start to realize how technical and complex this whole thing can really get. Especially at Olympia level.

  • best BB ever. not pregnant roided and heart attack patients on the floor. Its a disgrace that the youth are following the same trend

  • Aesthetic is code for cant get big enough to compete.Its body building.If Frank Zane could have big arms thighs etc and kept his Aesthetic look then he would have.

  • The most important thing I got out of this video is, STEADY and SLOW progression. Do not go crazy, do not take eveyrthing under the sun in hopes of becoming 300pds+ giant in your early 20s. You might not make it…

  • I have this really weird thing where expelling air out beforehand doesnt seem to change my vacuum pose at all lol. For everyone else i show how to vacuum i tell them to empty their lungs tho ofc.

  • Bro, I took 6 Cialis pills to fix my erectile dysfunction like you said, then I blew my left nut making sweet love to my hand, sure I don’t normally use the left hand so form was poor and i didn’t even warm up, but you said you were a doctor giving real advice… Now I can’t even nut anymore.

  • While studying under Frank personally in 1979 in Santa Monica we were greeted by Jack LaLang running by and he stopped to chat while Frank & I sat in his convertible VW bug outside World Gym, this was just before he opened Zane Haven and had that devastating groin tear by his pool. Frank, like myself, was a math teacher and stated loudly at the World Gym that this was the ‘Calculus of bodybuilding’ we were studying as I took copious notes. Venice Beach was quite the gallery of top talent as they worked out in that outside gym. Joe Gold was very cool when we met him at his World Gym after selling the Gold’s Gym name.

    Even today I wake with my daily workout of 1,000 crunches, 100 rows, 10 ab rolls, and a minute arm hang from a bar as recommended by Frank. His training helped me excel at a martial arts career, and allows me to massively enjoy retirement with a pain-free youthful body.
    Thanks, Frank!

  • Body building is about being fit being strong and look good but nowadays its only bought being big whenever i see current mr Olympia’s it demotivates me then theres this fit guys who keeps me on the track

  • It was rumored that Frank was once heavy on the ‘roids. I find that hard to believe, given the sheer aesthetic perfection of his physique, the perfect proportions, and the tiny waistline. He was, in my own humble opinion, the most balanced and perfectly developed bodybuilder in modern BBing history.

  • I really disagree with you on this one, his vacuum is tight, yes. But his waist is still wide and he has a wide rib cage aswell, which in turn makes his lats look small.

  • Frank has the type of physique that inspired me to become a bodybuilder. His look was in Vince Gironda’s words other worldly. Wish we could see a return to this as bodybuilders now all look the same huge with huge guts and very little stand out physiques give or take some. Mass with class and he still looks amazing today and kept a great physique all his days what a testament to his methods and drive and knowledge cause he was also one smart guy.

  • That was very logical, and excellent advice. I totally agree with this philosophy. In my humble opinion, it’s healthier, more sustainable, and more natural. He had good mass, and not too much to maintain good cardiovascular conditioning. And yes, his physique had more beauty and elegance than some of the more massive, stockier builds. Great presentation.

  • He looks like a solid competitor and should be up there with the front of the pack. Solid mass, dry, symmetrical & pulls off a killer vacum pose.

  • He looks great and this is a physics I would like to have. He obviously has his drug combination balance well to avoid the extended gut

  • Aí os cara no Brasil fala que Ramon engole os gringos no sei a onde tá longe ainda vai ter q aumentar muito o volume ainda é a estética dele não é tão boa não como dos gringos

  • “Zeróooooooooo…air!!!” Greg great job! I enjoy all your content! From rants, recipes, medicine use, posing, contest prep, training ideas ans routines! However mt fav’s are the diet alternatives. I’ve just started the pop corn and french toast and love it!!!! Thank you once again and i apoligise for any spelling and grammer mistakes as I am from Russia but living in Mexico! Have the best day!

  • Am i the only one that doesn’t like that vacuum pose? having the tight waist saves it for me but the whole sucking in part never really been a fan.

  • In my younger days, I saw the Arnold’s posing and other man’s vacuum posing(may frank Zane’s) at the page of science Wikipedia book. And I think “wow, this guys can control his own body like a legendary monk or guru yogi.” Till nowadays I feel like that.

  • Similar to yogic bandas or locks used in pranayama or breathing practices.  Very cool.  Going to start adding it to my workout routine.  Thanks!

  • This is what a bodybuilder should look like. I did not know about Frank Zane till now, but I’m just amazed with this Greek-God body type. Completely underrated.
    From now on, my role model.

  • He seems like the dude who’s on the high level and if a noob gives him good advice about something, even though he already masters it, he’ll act like he doesn’t now it and plays along.
    He seems nice

  • Frank Zane tried to get as big as he could and that’s all the bigger he got. great body but it is what it is. It wasn’t his master plan to be aesthetic, that’s genetic.

  • hello ol friend really glad to see this. YES this is hard to learn and very purifying technique for your internal organs in case you want to further your knowledge..cheers!

  • SO Mister WESLEY VISSERS, I went to buy your Vintage Genetics
    Classic Silhouette Fitted Tank Top: Black
    But you only carry a medium? I need a small…
    oh, how will I stay golden now?

  • Imagine if porn directors did this

    Director: doggy style

    Guy: kneels down with straight back*

    Director: ok notice how you dropped you hips? Pick that hip up

    Guy: makes slight adjustment*

    Director: see how much bigger your cock looks?

  • Excellent video ����
    Love to see your hard work pay off Big time! The tile laps was perfect ��
    Don’t let these negative Nancies bring you down! Keep up the good work boss!
    You earned my respect & a new subscriber ��

  • bro..i love vacuums too..but i even did them after waking the morning,..while walking around,,whenever my stomach would be empty..but i guess it resulted in navel dispalcement,..which western scince does not support but ayurveda does

    so i wanna know is it important to do it stationary,..and empty stomach,…

  • He just needs some kind of safe site enhancement in his biceps. Maybe Ace-083 or Igf des in his biceps. His arms are great he’s just needs that peak closer to breons

  • I just woke up 3 minutes ago… wtf?! I am like a zombie not even able to spell vacuum pose at that time and you do one, lol. Enjoy breakfast!

  • I used to work with his wife back in the day when I used to compete as an amateur and worked in the industry. This dude’s vacuum pose in real life is just unreal because of his thickness. He’s definitely underrated

  • would this guy please respond BACK!

    I have a question for him… how long would this take to see ab results (and my waist is already small (always has been) I always had that V shape but not completely.

    Would one month give me the six pack and finish up my V shape abs as well? PLEASE. RESPOND. BACK! Thank you.

  • There’s some people that can do a vacuum effortlessly without any serious direct training. Though direct training just makes it a lot better

  • The moment big money, fame, prestige is involved you will use whatever is available to get ahead.
    Not assuming that Zane or anybody during that era would have cheated.

    Doesn’t he look like the athletes who only use calisthenics as an exercise routine?
    That’s why I feel that calisthenics is the way forward not just as a means to develop physique but also as an ideal exercise regimen to develop strength and stamina.

  • I like the classic look of the old days but the vacuum looks kind of stupid in my opinion sucking your guts in? What’s that got to do with showing muscle

  • what effect would it have if you just hold your stomach in like that and breathe at the same time. I’m thinking that it’s not very good to hold your breath many times like that, kills braincells.

  • I already knew about Frank Zane but for those who don’t know about him.

    Frank Zane is an American former professional bodybuilder and author. He is a three-time Mr. Olympia, and his physique is considered one of the greatest in the history of bodybuilding due to his meticulous focus on symmetry and proportion. Wikipedia

  • Fuck, the vaccum looks disgusting, it’s basically hiding your fat and holding it as Arnold said; he does it for the contest but do you really want to hide your fat to look better almost all the time?

    It’s like doing a duck face to make your lips look bigger, do you do that as well?

  • I am following Brad Rowe for a while and it’s good that you talk about him because has an impressive physique but most people follow freaks unfortunately…

  • If you take the aesthetics away from bodybuilding what’s the point? Is it too see who can tolerate the most drugs because that’s what pro bodybuilding looks like to me.

  • I just don’t see it. Frank Zane looks like a regular dude. His principles are spot on about training but his physique was average. No defining body parts, nothing impressive. Genetics were average. He was just well proportioned and conditioned. His posing was great but he definitely couldn’t stand next to the all time greats. He’s just too small.

  • Frank Zane has been my inspiration from the start and that was a long time ago.
    I am soon to reach my 53 birthday and I can say with my hand on my heart, I would not look as fantastic as I do with out this mans physique of perfection to model myself on.

  • This is true Bodybuilding, This is Beauty, Like when Arnold show His body like the Román and Greek Gods Statues, Body art, Not the mutations and disgusting guts, pregnant men’s

  • Will these vacuums help tighten up my waist? Not in terms of fat, but I have distended belly and my abs stick out because I used to binge all the time and was foreever bloated to a big extent

  • Does anyone have any absolute complete definite entire full total undisputed undeniable unmistaken proof that he did steroids?? Does anyone have access to all of the results to his labs and blood works?? Until someone can show full evidence and proof then no 1 should be just assuming and guessing!!

  • Bloody Hell! I love this guy so much. I want to worship him, every inch of him, and those huge gorgeous legs all day everyday! I’d make him flex for me constantly������♥️��������

  • Thanks to show us this incredible athletes…n01 conditioning…my question is what the judge were looking at,,,, to place him lower…

  • Can anyone help me. So I stopped taking testosterone because I am trying to start a family. Will Tren make me not have kids as well?

  • Insane results bro, good stuff! I just started training these, with low(ish) bodyfat I started to see results in 2 days. It’s like my abs were thanking me for no longer neglecting this important part of my training. Cheers bro

  • Frank Zane invented muscular symmetry and it was Bob Paris who perfected muscular symmetry, Bob never received his credit due to him being gay at a time gay and lesbian were outcast of society.

  • You know you hit a new comic book fan level when you immediately jump to comparisons with bodybuilders.

    1980 Frank Zone would have been the perfect physique model for Batman, while 1975 Arnold would have been an amazing physique model for Bane.

  • Yo just came across ur channel while I’m dieting for my wedding ( tryin to look about my 3-4 weeks out look)..u been keeping me entertained and plenty of good tips.. keep it up!

  • You can check his IG page at -Bradbrowe
    Awesome shoutout..
    He’s helped me out several times with diet/training in the past solid fella, down to earth and not intimidating nor a dickhead.
    Sometimes I think he’s half robot the man works like a madman with minimal sleep. Supreme work ethic that clearly shows both in his uncanny physique and overall quality of life.
    If you have a sharp eye, you may have spotted him in several commercials /music vids that aired on TV, etc.

    Been following his journey ever since he used to be with Universal.
    He’s now with Project AD.

  • Do a video about muscle insertions overall. Shoulder/chest roundness, tricep sweep, forearm muscle length, bicep peak, traps type, and low/high lats/calves:) Waiting for it.

  • current olympia bodybuilders can not make belly vacuums. but they all have pregnant bellies causing from steroid side effects. Frank zane could make the vacuum bc not strong but classic steroids.

  • Is he on steroids? If so then damn. He looks massive. It would be cool if bodybuilders can flex their muscles and take punches to the body and not feel it. Like in one punch man when darkshine fought Garou.

  • As I can see your stomach vacuum has gotten tighter and tighter over the past months, but has it done anything visually while your aren’t flexing?
    Like would u say it has tightened your stomach when relaxed??(I hope that make sense)

  • bro ive watched all your stomach vac vids, in 7 days ive had excellent results and expect the same results you got in a few months. Came back to share my appreciation to you for sharing, thanks for the motivation

  • If all of the modern day pro bodybuilders looked like this guy I think that it would help steer the sport from a bumpy old dirt road, full of potholes, onto a state of the art high caliber freeway. The coolest thing of all is that even when he does a vacuum, his abdominals are still very prominent. Thanks for this, Nick!!!

  • Thanks for the info. Appreciate it. I just have a suggestion. When you read off screen and you stare without blinking its really distracting and looks quite unnatural. It also undermines your credibly as a speaker. I would highly advise learning to say what you want to say before hand, prepare and deliver in a more natural, relaxed way. It boots your credibility and make fore a more enjoyable viewing. At first I thought you were born with no eyelids, than I realized you are probably reading off screen. And I don’t seem to be the only one to notice it, judging by the comments. Anyway, just my 2 cents.

  • Vacuum is a standard of bodybuilding. I blame the judges for neglecting it. Muscle mag works for the weight gainer companies and the normies buy products first before getting the fundamentals.

  • So I am assuming this is what a proper PCT looks like cause doesn’t look like you gained a crazy amount of weight after cycle like normal people do.

  • Knowing the posing is ok,but i dont think is much important know the perfection on posing, not joking… the important in BodyBuilding isn’t in side chest one cm more right on the arms…the important in Bodybuilding is the physique,the body,STOP! Ronnie Coleman isn’t a specialist in the posing but him won 8 time title for your body,not for posing….

  • Much respect for the vacuum not many good bodybuilders can still do it hopefully we see some nice ones if you do the contest nick is having I can get a pretty good vacuum myself when empty on carbs lol

  • Brads from my area Southern New Hampshire. I know several people who are close to him. Excellent athlete, extremely disciplined work ethic, educated good dude. Definitely not 5’9″… more like 5’6″ in sneakers, but quality and ALWAYS in shape. He recently tore a biceps and was in the gym working around the injury just days after surgery to repair the bi… Few will out work him, and nobody has a bad word about him. Follow him on Instagram. He’s been in some pretty funny TV commercials.

  • Greg, you may want to take a look at Wim Hof breathing to help with your ability to hold the vacuum pose. His methodology doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with body building, but the breathing practice may really help you hold the oxygen deprevation time. I worked my way up to 2 min with ZERO air in my lungs. Check it out.

    Basically breath in rapidly in short bursts…then BIG breath out emptying the lungs and hold for as long a possible. Repeat for several rounds. You will see immediate gains in time.

  • Q&A or perhaps just an idea for a video.

    How to perform some of the old school poses such as the crucifix.

    Also, I sent Kane a video a while ago, not sure if he showed you, you should check it out ����

  • One question I have. Do you also contract your diaphragm to assist in pulling in your stomach? Of course this aids in pulling in your stomach, or are we using just the transverse abdominal? I just don’t know if I am doing right…

  • i have a question if someone can answer. you say this strengthens your muscular corset/transverse abs but i’ve seen other tutorial vids in which the aim is just to try and suck your belly button back as far as you can. I’ve found that when i do it this way like the old mrolympias i feel my diaphragm working more and i dont get sore in my transverse abs like i do when doing the other method. just wondering if anyone can explain this?