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Best Exercises For Hip Flexor Pain From a Physical Therapist

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Hip Flexor Stretches

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Ultimate Hip Flexor (Psoas) Stretches x3 Standing, Kneeling, or Lying

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Hip Flexor Stretches & Exercises Ask Doctor Jo

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7 Best Hip Flexor Stretches to Decrease Pain & For People Who Sit All Day.

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Ultimate hip flexor and quad stretch for back pain and hip pain

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Stop Stretching Your Hip Flexors! (HERE’S WHY)

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Side Lying Quad and Hip Flexor Stretch. Laying on one side, position the lower leg at a 90-degree angle. Place your bottom arm either behind your head or in front of you.

Grab your top leg with your top arm on your back-side. While contracting the stretched leg’s glute, pull until you feel a stretch in the hip flexors and quads of the top leg. Hip flexor stretch Get into a lunge on the ground. To do this, put your left knee on the floor, your right leg bent out in front of you at a 90-degree angle, and your right foot flat. Hip Flexor Pain: The Ultimate Guide to Fix Tight Hip Flexors and Cure Tight Hips Life! (hip flexors, hip pain, hip flexor stretches, hip flexor, hip pain relief, hip joint pain, hips) Kindle edition by Talbott, Sherry.

Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Hip Flexor Pain. The best exercises for hip flexor pain are really more geared towards getting the muscles you want to work engaged: A basic bodyweight glute bridge is one of Lefkowith’s favorites.

Want to try it?When Hip Tendonitis Is A Pain The iliopsoas muscle flexes your hip, bends your trunk towards your thigh and rotates your thigh bone. It’s made up of two muscles the psoas and iliacus. Hip flexor stretch– Stand in a lunge position with affected leg behind. Tighten in your tummy and lean forwards so that you get a stretch at the front of your hip.

Hold for 15-20 seconds and repeat 3-5 times Standing groin Stretch 1– Stand. Hip Pain During Squats: The Ultimate Guide; How to Overcome Shoulder Pain During the Bench Press; Hip Flexor Strengthening Exercises. The supine hip flexor march is a great exercise to strengthen the hip flexors.

You may notice that the affected leg (the one that hurts during squats) may be significantly more difficult than your other leg. Maybe you’ve tried going for a walk and doing stretches after class, but those probably haven’t helped ease the ache very much. That’s because the problem isn’t actually in your hip flexors—it’s in your glutes, says Allison Heffron, D.C., a chiropractor at rehabilitation clinic Physio Logic in Brooklyn, New York. And you don’t need to stretch, you need to. Give your hip flexors a good stretch.

Kneel on the floor with hands on hips. Place right foot on the floor in front of you, leg bent at a 90-degree angle. Sample Quad and Hip Flexor Stretches Slowly move into the stretch position until you feel a tension of about 7 out of 10. If you feel pain or discomfort you’ve pushed the stretch too far; back out of the stretch immediately.

Hold the stretch position for 20 to 30 seconds while relaxing and breathing deeply.

List of related literature:

The therapy program should focus on piriformis stretching, either in the FAIR (flexion, adduction, and internal rotation) position or having the patient lying supine with the hip flexed greater than 90°, in

“Essentials of Interventional Cancer Pain Management” by Amitabh Gulati, Vinay Puttanniah, Brian M. Bruel, William S. Rosenberg, Joseph C. Hung
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Stretching techniques for the hip joint flexor muscles (i.e., iliopsoas, rectus femoris, and tensor fasciae latae) may be used.

“Physical Rehabilitation of the Injured Athlete E-Book” by James R. Andrews, Gary L. Harrelson, Kevin E. Wilk
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Wraps Both the hip flexor wrap and the hip adductor wrap begin at the proximal end of the thigh (Figure 15-10).

“Athletic Training and Sports Medicine” by Robert C. Schenck, Ronnie P. Barnes, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Robert S. Behnke
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For an even better hip flexor stretch, lock the elbow of the arm that is on the same side of your body as the foot that is on the ground and hold the arm straight up over your head as you press your pelvis toward your heel.

“ChiWalking: Fitness Walking for Lifelong Health and Energy” by Danny Dreyer, Katherine Dreyer
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This phase continues until the following criteria are met: (1) average pain level <2/10, (2) ROM of flexion >120° and adduction and internal rotation 80% of the uninvolved side, and (3) strength >3+/5 with hip abduction and extension.

“Hip Joint Restoration: Worldwide Advances in Arthroscopy, Arthroplasty, Osteotomy and Joint Preservation Surgery” by Joseph C. McCarthy, Philip C. Noble, Richard N. Villar
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Physical therapy should address the stretching of the hip flexors and external rotators and also the strengthening of these muscles and the adductors and internal rotators of the hip.

“Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine” by Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.
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Soft tissue mobilization or trigger point therapy for the iliopsoas followed by stretching56 can help maintain hip flexor flexibility57 and can be performed in the prone position or with the patient lying prone with the sound foot on the floor to help maintain or increase hip range (Fig. 27.10).

“Orthotics and Prosthetics in Rehabilitation E-Book” by Kevin C Chui, Milagros Jorge, Sheng-Che Yen, Michelle M. Lusardi
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First, range of motion (ROM) at the hip can influence low back posture and mechanics.Tight hip flexors are a frequent finding in persons with low back pain, and the resolution of the hip flexor tightness is associated with reduced symptoms in the low back.

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Intra-articular hip disorders that present with lateral hip pain include labral disorders, hip deformity, and osteoarthritis.26-29 Extra-articular sources include referral pain from the SIJ and loading, as well as muscle length and strength disorders at the lateral hip crossing and insertion sites.

“Surgery of the Hip E-Book” by Daniel J. Berry, Jay Lieberman
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Three principal stretching methods for the quadriceps are (1) bringing the heel(s) to the buttocks without hip extension; (2) bringing the heel(s) to the buttocks with hip extension; and (3) hip extension with the legs relatively straight (see exercises 119 and 135 in Sport Stretch).

“Science of Flexibility” by Michael J. Alter
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  • I have undergone core-decompression 5 years ago after AVN in femoral head, can I have these exercises to strengthen my Flexor muscles??

  • The second I enlisted in the army I leave in a month and my hip flexors start hurting no back pain though so annoying I stop my running just in pain and weakness

  • Searching home workout guide in youtube is funny…when we started to follow some video, another video pop ups just to tell us what we’ve already done was wrong and danger…..����������

  • Jeff, If you find that you have a weakness on one side how often would you do the leg lift above 90 degrees? Daily? How many reps and sets? Thanks!

  • LOL! Definitely. Well I hope you feel better soon! Stretching your IT band might also help stretch your “hip area” if you want to check that out. Good luck!!

  • What if 1st ans 2nd one is easy to perform but tight flexors are in pain and lower back too. Now I don’t understand is it weak or not ��?

  • Thank you, it’s so helpful to know as many hip exercises as possible to help reduce the aching in a bad hip. My physio was insistant on doing squats and seat-to-standing as well which really helps over time to build up glute strength for anyone with bad hip/hips.

  • Thanks for this video. I watched one that suggested I stretch my hip flexors but then saw your video and found out I just have weak hips. Now i know how to get those babys worked out without damaging them. Thanks again ✌��

  • Thanks for the video. I was somewhat aware of it, but this video and taking the test confirmed that I have one tight hip flexor and one weak one. I can relate to much of your overall program as I taught and coached gymnastics. Still today, many people comment on my flexibility, but I’m finding that I was flexible in some joints and tight in others and had mixed strength in my muscles. I wish I’d come across your program when I was younger. I was blaming much of my problem on spinal stenosis and the scoliosis that was created when they did surgery for it 20 years ago. While I’m sure the spinal stenosis & scoliosis are part of the problem, I think that by working on stretching my tight side hip flexors and strengthening my weak side flexors, I may be able to stand straighter. I’ve been working with a trainer & have pretty good overall strength, but it’s easy to miss something that could help. When I walk for exercise, I’ve been using walking poles, which help me walk straighter and faster without pain.

    I also love some of your basic skills program using animal movement, which I have used with children when teaching movement type gymnastics for elementary physical education. Since I’m retired and no longer teaching the classes, I had quit doing some of them, but have started again as I think they can be helpful for general movement, even for us old people. I know this isn’t the place for a recommendation for your programing, but I would like to see something offered for older people, which may be similar to your other programs, but with modifications. I just make up my own modifications, but some would watch the programs and decide they couldn’t do it. For example, the animal moves might be done by putting one’s hands on something that is elevated so they don’t have to reach all the way to the floor.(a block or bench) I think these moves could be very helpful to older people with modifications. I realize that you got more of a comment than you asked for, but thought you might be interested.

  • Whenever I rotate my hips 90 degrees outwards (left/right sides), it tends to pop and before it happens I feel a horrible stretch but according to your video my hip needs strengthening since I somewhat struggle lifting my knee up 10 times. So would it really be that my muscles need strengthening even though I felt them popping as they pass through my bone?

  • I can get through both tests with no problem but i have ATP. In the first test i can bent my knee up to 80 degrees but there’s a slight tightness (is it normal?). In the second test i can hold my legs up to one minute without feeling cramps at all. I’m terribly confused about what exercise i should do, i don’t want to injure myself but i need to exercise everyday:(

  • I thought i had tight hip flexors after I had pain in the hip area for a few months but After stretches the problem is still consistent.. I’ve had pain on and off for a year and 3 months.. starting to thinks its a hip labral tear?

  • Hi doctor jo, I’ve watched a lot of the videos you’ve posted around hip flexors, IT band, quad, and knee pain. I seem to be having a combination of pain resulting from these different areas and I’m having a little trouble determining which to focus on. Maybe I target all three since they seemed tied together. When I do squats with just my body weight, I feel a discomfort at the top of my knee near where the quad connects. When I do situps with my feet locked in under a weight or even with just my heels planted into the ground, ill often feel a sharp alarming pull in my quad/hip flexors which usually signals a stop or rest for me. Last, my hip feels tight, particularly on the outside which seems to be IT band area. When I do the “4” stretch when lying on my back I feel a very deep and soothing stretch. The hip flexor stretch you recommend that’s like a lounge when down on one knee feels good and usually stretching my quad feels good. These stretches seem to best target these areas but was wondering if there’s something deeper similar to the “4” strech you have mentioned or any feedback you could provide may be helpful. I don’t usually feel pain unless I’m working out like in examples provided above so normal every day walking is not a problem.

  • So helpful! I was stretching when in fact I should have been strengthening!!
    Hopefully the pain will now go away and I can run again ��‍♀️

  • When I lift my left leg I feel a lot of effort from my right glute. I feel like I’m compensating but I haven’t been able to narrow down if its glutes, hip flexors or abs

  • Thank you. Helpful to find out my hip flexors are weak. After walking 12 miles the other day I had lower back ache and aching hips, also the same when sitting in the car for a long time. So I’m going to do your exercises to help. Thank you.

  • I’m half way through and I just want to say, this is the best muscle and tendon information I’ve ever seen on the internet. This is outstanding information, and presented better than anyone ever has.

  • When I do this, and allot of ab exercises where my legs are straight something pops in my hips with no pain, but it makes it hard to control the motion of my legs especially when I’m hanging.

  • You are awesome bro….
    Thanks for doing this.
    I think i got both!!! One side need stretching and the other need to be tighten..
    Any ideas?? The heavy side effects my shoulder duo to the extra wight

  • Can anyone help me? I was able to keep my leg suspended above 90 degrees for 15 seconds and I was also able to pull my knee up and keep the other leg flat against the bench but when I do sit-ups my lower back hurts at 10 sit-ups

  • I went to a message therapist today who jammed his fingers into my abs to stretch my psoas while I had my leg hanging off the bed. Wow that was painful! Great video. He recommended some foam stretching balls like the foam roller. Are those things any good?

  • Yes! The hip flexors help pull your hips forward. This is very important in sprinting. You might want to look into agility training if you want to increase your speed. Good luck!!

  • It’s one of my favourite parts to stretch, I love stretching my hips in general. Probably because they’re quite tight so I get a lot of pain relief. Thank you Bob and Brad �� �� �� ��

  • these are great I modify the standing by leaning on furniture that I have close on both sides of me, takes stress off my knees. and I do a stretch by laying on my side, bed or floor, grab my calf, ankle, sock, pulling my thigh and calf back & at same time, aiming for say 90 degree angle for calf-thigh position. geez that was hard to explain lol but hope it helps.

  • I’m a gymnast and my hips get very sore easily and I’m only 15 and Idk what I did to them but I stretch every day and do splits every day but I googled it since I’m obviously i’m out of gymnastics atm with corona and I can’t ask my coaches and I read this article that said that doing splits every day is actually bad for the hips and can put a lot of unnecessary pressure on them so I think that night be the problem. I also do a workout every day or go on a 5k walk in the park so Idk if that would make them worse as well but I’m gonna try these stretches now. Thanks, lots of love from Dublin, Ireland ������

  • Thank you so much. I am a high endurance athlete and I am so grateful for the stretch advice. It is literally helping me this second that I watched and followed the stretch. Seriously. Thank you

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  • Were your hip flexors tight or were they weak? I’m curious to see which is more prevalent! Leave me a comment below and thanks for watching on Tone and Tighten!

  • Going to look through more of your videos. I tried this standing and one leg I could stand on and the other I could not! I know I have an issue I just have to figure out what it is.

  • I sure would like to see more. First time I see something that I feel is accurate and WELL EXPLAINED. My problem is weakness and tightness CENTER front right in the crease of the front of my right leg, a little closer to the groin. I have never been able to get the back of my thigh flat on the bench since my first hip replacement on the right side. this problem comes and goes. A few minutes ago the first time I lifted my leg and place my foot on a chair in front of me, I felt like I had to pick it up manually and place up there. Just from doing those tests I can now pick it up to 90 degree angle? I had one total replacement on that side, about 27 years ago, and a partial re-replacement with two screws about a little over a dozen years ago. I am soon to be 83 years old and still teaching ballet. Where can I see more on this subject?

  • OK so what happens if I do the test, I don’t have tightness in either the quad or the hip flexors, but when I do the strength test, I don’t feel the side of my hip getting sore I feel the same spot that’s sore/tight. right at the front of the hip (where the top of the crease formed by my thigh and torso ends). It feels like there’s a few cables that are running through there. I can’t fire my glute fully either on that side. Also I do have a lot of pain in my lumbar area on the same side as the hip flexor soreness. Help!

  • When I attempted to do the standing test of holding my knee and releasing it, I feel a sharp pain in the groin area… no bueno! What should I do?

  • Alright… But what if I have fine hip flexibility, and I can catch my knee above 90 degrees, yet still I find my self debilitated from hip flexor pain/tightness?

  • Fuck dude I’ve had back pain but always was super flexible in the hips, and stretching all the hip flexors and stuff always felt amazing now I realize it’s just my weak ass ass that’s failing me.

  • Okay, I think I now understand. The exercise is to stretch the “hip flexors,” not the hip, and the ‘hip flexors” are attached to the upper part of the thigh. I now see that your title is “HIP FLEXOR stretches and exercises. You didn’t say “hip stretches, so I was wrong. Good thing, too, since I’ve been trying many, many exercises to stretch my hips, but have never felt anything there. Now I know that the purpose is to stretch my HIP FLEXORS, not my hips. How would you do that, anyway?

  • Hey I am still not sure what to do, there is a weakness but the front of my hips feel so tight and painful I use to not be able to stand up straight, I kept having to push myself up, as if my muscles had atrophied in a sitting position, I also had a lot of weakness in the core muscles. 9 years ago I was paralyzed when 2 fungi attacked my upper spine. I hv3 been slowly getting stronger but that tight feeling remains. I feel the stretching helps but there is weakness. I feel I need both but from what your saying it is one or the other…..

  • Jeff kind of looked like a marionette puppet lifting his knee up real high like that. Haha no idea where that came from but it made me laugh

  • I’m parapaligic. Bout to start using braces. But I need to stretch my hips before I can use them to the full potention. Thanks guys your my favorite pt guys

  • Tight, Tight and soooo Tight. Jared, the kneeling hip flexor stretch is excellent. I have been doing it wrong for so long and wondered why it wasn’t improving. This posture change makes such a difference and its much more comfortable to do to.

  • Duuuuuuuuude. I have A HUGE hip flexor weakness and I never would’ve adressed it correctly. THANK YOU. Next thing, I’ll look for info on hip rotators.

  • I did this once or twice and found that right above my knee, right where everything attaches went numb for like two days. Now there’s twinges and odd feelings through my quad. It scares me and I have stopped this stretch. I don’t want nerve damage or muscles tearing. Did I do it wrong?

  • I was playing soccer and I kicked with my left foot(I’m a right footed kicker) and my thigh popped and it hurt really bad. At the time of writing this that injury was about 5 hours ago. I have been doing some research but haven’t gotten a good answer if it is a hip flexor injury. I think it is, because the test showed I did. I can’t lift my leg much but it might be because my body is scared it will hurt. If you need additional info u can just ask.

  • Glad the stretches are helping!! If it is just a strain, you will probably heal enough to get back on the mat in a week or two, but be careful not to re-injure it, complete healing takes about 4-6 weeks. Make sure you stretch before and after so the fibers that were torn will heal smoothly!! Good luck!!

  • You guys are amazing! I never would’ve thought my back pain was being caused by tightness in my hips, but after doing a few of these stretches, it was like immediate relief. I’m going to continue to stretch to see if it permanently settles down. You rock!

  • You are the best around!!! This is a blessing from the Lord to find your channel. You deserve a lot more notification but don’t worry… It will come!!! Keep being yourself. I am soooooo thankful!!!!! God bless you

  • The videos’ introductions are too long. Compare to other sites, guys. Then comes the comparison of five types of cushions, rollers, coupon offers, etc. After that comes the skeleton, with back and forth on the names of bones or muscles. Save that for after exercise demonstrations, which often get only a rep or two. (Hey, where was that left hand placed? Darn! Gotta rewind four times to get it…) Without using perfect form, exercise can hurt, not help. They have been doing this 1,000s of times over the years, so they’re underestimating the time that viewers need. Bob and Brad’s humor IS welcoming, but when they talk over each other, that’s not humor. Actors and musicians study recordings and tapes of their performances very carefully, and they use a script. As YT stars, B&B need to do less “winging it,” and plan out what they’re going to do and say.

  • Subbed, this has helped me so much this morning. Having played tennis for over 30 yrs with pretty much zero stretching regime this had me howling like a werewolf but feel great now ����

  • After two back to back right hip FAI repair surgeries I completed Physical Therapy and felt pretty good. 2nd surgery was August 2019, which left a very short time for me to resume training at the fitness center before Covid-19 and the gym shutdown here in Michigan, which is still in effect. That time off not being able to continue my strengthening training weakened my hip flexors and I have had terrible psoas related hip and lower back pain. Watching your video has made me understand that I was trying to stretch an already severely weakened muscle group, of course leading to increased lower back pain. Thank you for clarifying and demonstrating the important difference between tight hip flexors and weak hip flexors. I am looking forward to using your exercises to bring my hip flexors back to normal and functional strength levels. I will continue to follow Tone and Tighten since I have had 5 major orthopedic surgeries in the last 9 years. There is only so much the VA can do with so many disabled veterans like me in need of proper care. Thank you for all that you do!
    David Saunders
    USAF, 100% service-connected DAV

  • Do you any exercises that would help loosen the hamstring muscle group? I thought that I had a Sciatica problem, but both of my doctors, internal med and orthopedic diagnosed my tight hamstrings problem as a pseudo sciatica. It seems to be an ischial bursitis and I have been doing PT exercises. Do you have any other exercises that might help?

  • I had total knee replacement on the right knee in April. I am having terrible pain in my IT band. I was told, because my hips are weak… So that is causing the IT band problem. Do you have exercises for someone like me? Also, arthritis everywhere, scoliosis in 2 parts of my spine, and left SI joint problems. This IT band pain is interfering with my knee progress.

  • Hello! Are you have some information about lymphatic system in place of woman breast? Please tell us))) useful exercises, stretching…

  • This was a great stretch.i will be using it. I felt taller after.
    Do you have ideas for psoas. Mine are so tight.i get them worked on every 2wks. Because of pain. I go to Gym 4x a wk but cant do much lower stuff because of psoas restrictions. I’m ready to conquer this. This was great video ty!

  • Hi there, I have osteoarthritis in my left hip and struggle with the range. I also have problems with my back, the lower discs give me pain, which could be associated with the hip joint. I would like to get more range in my hips, are these exercises safe for me to do with osteoarthritis? My hip flexors feel very tight too.

  • My hips are weak and was barely able to lift the feet above the chair.I felt something pulled while doing seated in-outs,feeling tightness started with the hip and it affects my groin as well but it extended just as my other leg.
    Should I perform the strengthening exercises, please help I’m confused

  • Thanks for this video! I have hip flexor pain and now I know how to fix it. I had always thought it was because my hip flexor were tight because I sit a lot. It turns out that they’re weak. I’ll definitely be doing the exercises.

  • a weak hip flexor can be tight though, because its weak. so because its weak i need to strengthen it to get out of the cycle, right? I have an anterior pelvic tilt and my hip flexor is really tight and feels uncomfortable, but I am pretty sure it is pretty weak and from sitting alone it wont get any stronger, just tighter..

  • Great stretches, I’ve been doing them for a while now. One question: What do I do if I notice a strain/pain in my knee (on the pillow/pad) during and after the stretch?

  • Wow I have pain daily from my lower back to the hip to my knee. The yoga band stretch does wonders. Why does the pain come right back though? I’ve been dealing with this for about 3 years now.

  • The right leg hurts so bad. The left side I feel nothing not even a stretch. Schedule MRI for right hip. Rotation inward I am stuck. Acetabular impingement is suspected. Should I still try this stretch? My right SI joint wont stay in, moves quite a bit per my chiropractor. I am so much better but everyday is day 1 with stretching.

  • My hip flexors are weak, my glutes are weak, my chest is weak, my quads are weak, my arms are weak…. 6 months of working out and mostly I’ve just got injured

  • If the lordosis is specifically coming from tight hip flexors, they can. You might want to check out some of my back stretches and strengthening videos too. Often lordosis comes from a weak core in general, and strengthening your core will help it. Good luck!!

  • Amazing video. I got injured and have been rehabbing and learning to focus more on recovery after training, etc. And Bob & Brad I feel like y’all have been with me every step of the way! Your videos are so informative. And fun and awkward and awesome. Keep it up!!

  • Can you still get back pain from weakness in hip flexors? I get hip flexor pain in my left leg after a squat coming out of the hole not at the bottom like an impingement. I also get back pain a day or 2 after deadlifts

  • Hey I’ve had glute and low back pain for 2 years but after these stretches I got immediate relief. Thanks a lot. How come I am experience tightness in glutes when I sit only due tight hip flexors.my mri and x Ray are clear.its been 4 days though. I still experience pain when I sit.How long to recover:)

  • Hey doctor i had one question…..i am suffering from snapping hip syndrome…please help me with what i should do further to ease myself and fix this syndrome. PLEASEE HELP DOCTOR:)

  • Just started adding Sprint workouts to my post HIIT routine and my God my hip flexors ached but before stretching I had a vague memory of Jeff saying something about this very thing and sure enough. Glad my memory held on to that last tidbit of this video otherwise I’d be needlessly stretching right now

  • Thank you so much. I started to get scared not knowing what was wrong with my right hip. I’m happy to say after doing these stretches I now have freedom from pain and stiffness,
    . Thank you so much

  • Can you do the second one with the leg hanging off the table if you’ve had an anterior hip replacement? I am currently 8 months post op and am trying to figure out ways to stretch that area without dislocating

  • Went to Pilates, hip flexor stretch relieved my back discomfort. Physician after physician thought it was just lower back muscle tension. Unbelievable.

  • Hell no that is not a WI thing. That’s a poor education thing. I am from WI and pronounce the word correctly. Height there is no TH it’s ht like weight not weigth.

  • This video and your instruction is terrific. It’s clear and easy to follow and understand. I was able to determine that my right hip Flexors are very weak and will begin doing strengthening exercises. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge. In this most crazy year of 2020, having a certified person online to learn from surely reduced my risk of trying to go to PT.

  • Hey Guys,

    Fantastic video, and towards the end of the video when you demonstrate the 7th exercise, I can really feel the stretch. I have been really suffering with sciatica and lower back pain, and now more recently hip pain for the last few months. When I do this exercise/stretch I can really feel it.

    I have been searching online for quite some time and I found a review of a program designed to stretch the hip flexors. https://top5reviewshq.com/hip-flexor-stretch/

    Could you please give me your expert opinion as to whether a program such as this is real and would beneficial to someone with my condition or do you feel that it is a scam?

    Thanks Guys!

  • Looks like my one hip is weak and another is tight.�� Also I have interior pelvic tilt where you said to stretch hip flexor. What should I do?

  • Hey I’ve had glute and low back pain for 2 years but after these stretches I got immediate relief. Thanks a lot. How come I am experience tightness in glutes when I sit only due tight hip flexors.my mri and x Ray are clear.its been 4 days though. I still experience pain when I sit.How long to recover:) I did foam rolling too and than some stretches. Bless you guys.

  • Tin man here. To make this short my left hip has been bad for a long time. Now that I’ve been attacking it using upright health techniques it hurts worse than ever. I’m sure this is a combination of atrophied muscles, dormant muscles, inflammation. The question is do I keep going or do I change my approach. I’m well aware of overuse but I have to believe you can stretch every day. Maybe I should do more strength work? Less? Hell I don’t know.

  • Been having some problems with my lower back, glutes and basically all ove rmy leg and hip on my left side. Did this stretch, got some good stretch and contractions.
    Decided to do it on my right leg, so much easier to get into this position and stretch however, when visualising pulling my knee up to contract the hip flexor, my left addutors(the leg in front) start firing up like crazy, any ideas?

  • I\’m not sure but,if anyone else

    nts to learn about aching hip flexorsbest workout for hips try Nevolly Hip Relief Nerd (should be on google have a look )? Ive heard some decent things about it and my partner got great results with it.

  • Thank you so much I had an extreme leg day 3 days ago and my hip flexors were killing me but thank god I found your video I feel 100 percent better

  • Youtube Navigation/Abstract
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    0:21 Introduction
    0:35 Anatomy Hipflexor / M. Illiopsoas. Flex the Hip, connected from the Spine/Hip to the Leg (Two Parts, Muscle Illiacus and Psoas Major). Can pull Trunk forwad / put pressure on the Back esp. when sitting alot.
    2:08 Can Cause Pain due to Tightness
    2:45 Stretching example on the Skeleton / Explanation.

    Treatment / Exercises
    3:26 No.1 Supine Lying in bed Figure 4. General Hipstretch. You can push the Knee to increase the stretch.
    4:18 Another Position of the same stretch
    4:45 No.2 Supine Lying Hip Flex stretch. Keep your shoulders on the bed, let the Leg drop down of the Bed / Table. Savety first:).
    You might want to bend the knee for the Knee Muscles. You might also want to Flex the other Leg with your Arms / manual. Futherfuther more you can assist
    6:04 by putting slight pressure on the leg.
    6:25 No.3 Press up. Good for the back. should not be done with Spondylothesis / Spinalstenosis you should not do it (Pain!) Repeat or hold.
    7:33 Another more Aggressive Option.
    8:13 No.4 (?) with a Yoga Strap for the Quadriceps/Rectus Femoris
    8:45 On the Side. You should for both push pressure on / off. Yogastrap is in the amazon list.
    10:15 No.5 Standing Pardon No 6. Standart Flexor Stretch standing. Posture should be good.
    10:53 Pressure on / off Knee schould be in
    11:05 No. 7 On the Floor, Hipstretch. Again Straight Torso.Femur / Leg should go into hip extension.
    11:45 Other Side

    Thanks for watching

  • Please can you help me. When I lift my right leg up to my chest, I hear a “clunk” sound come from around my hip area as opposed to a snap/pop sound. If I move my leg outwards and lift the leg again, I don’t hear the sound. There is no pain, but do you know what this might be? I also have patellar maltracking which is not resolving itself by strengthening the VMO and glutes and I think this may be linked. I also sit during the day more than most people. Thanks!

  • You guys are awesome. Have you or could you do a video for people like security or police officers who are constantly getting in and out of their vehicles?
    I carry an extra 20 lbs gun belt around my waist for 12-13 hours a day. I drive an SUV patrolling and my back and the tops of my legs hurt right where they meet my torso. I also have bad circulation and have bilateral ankle swelling.
    Horrible job but someone has to do it I guess.

  • My pain is in my foot is the problem. I have out-toeing and chronic pain in one and sometimes both feet, I have very limited flexibility in my hips so I am assuming tight hip flexors are the problem but I am not sure?

  • How many reps or sets of both fully vertical (head upright and back) and bent over (section that works on upper part in 2nd half of video) stretches do you recommend and is this better as warm up warm down or both?

  • My problem with the hip flexor exercises I’ve tried, including yours, is that I don’t feel anything when I do them, except sometimes in the upper front part of my thigh if I really press. In all other stretching exercises, I definitely feel that I’m stretching the desired part. Whether its hamstrings, quads, calves, piriformis, etc., I FEEL it, and if I press too hard, it can be uncomfortable, even painful if I overdo it With the hip flexor exercises, nothing. Shouldn’t I feel something?

  • i have hip problems and stretch, & exercise (cycle) every morning but still cant loosen up & it is extremely painful……can cold & damp weather have an effect on your joints causing them to flare up and become painful? Thanks for Reading!

  • Hey please answer me, this question is bothering me for ages:

    If I feel all the hip flexor stretches more in the quads rather than in the hip area, does that mean I’m not stretching my hip flexors?
    Or I should just not worry about what I’m feeling and do the movements?

  • PLEASE BE GENTLE WHEN STRETCHING THE HIP FLEXORS! accidentally got too aggressive with it a few years ago. Strained the muscle and I literally couldn’t lift my leg for a week straight. It’s crazy how important the hip flexors are for movement

  • Phone listening in to my problems with hip/pelvic pain through a trapped femoral cutaneous nerve. This video was suggested after talking about these problems yesterday. They’re listening to you, friends

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  • In doing the strength test/exercise, I’m getting a painful pinching sensation in my right hip. What would cause that and how might I fix it?

  • Hey doctor i had one question…..i am suffering from snapping hip syndrome…please help me with what i should do further to ease myself and fix this syndrome. PLEASEE HELP DOCTOR:)

  • here’s several things for ways to exercise back muscles
    Slowly start walking further every day
    Begin an anti-inflammatory diet
    Think about trying yoga classes
    Lookup some online courses
    (I learned these and why they work on Fergs Pain Ease site )

  • Hi, would love your advice. I believe from doing your exercises I have a weak hip (whereas I was doing stretching) which makes sense why it didn’t help much. Mine occurred after running a half marathon (which I think I rushed into a bit too much) would you suggest doing the strengthening exercises on both hips as It’s my right hip that I get pain in, or should I just strengthen one side as their is an imbalance? I hope this makes sense!

  • Hey Doctor. I Have question about tight hipp Flexors after bodyweight exercize L sit Pull Ups. The pain and tightnes in low bact after this kind of workout are not severe and my Flexors are not usualy tight ( i did some of the tests ), so my question is. What is a long term effect on Lumbar Spine if I keep doing this on and on?
    Thanx in advance

  • Bob and Brad, thank you SO MUCH for this! I sit a lot in my work and had been doing the bed stretch from your last hip flexor video, but the first standing stretch you show in this video was total Chef’s Kiss for my hip flexor! Aaaah! The microphones are a wonderful addition. Thank you for posting, guys, YOU’RE THE BEST!

  • Got to the second stretch, stood up and heard a little pop in my hip and the ache was gone immediately. No pain is good. haha. Thanks Dr. Jo.

  • Hello doctor jo, so two days ago I was doing sprints and forgot to do the right warmup so I guess it triggered my hips. So later on that day I came home and every since I can’t lift my leg up because I feel a pinch. By the way whenever I do a squat and slowly come up with my gluts squeezing I feel a clicking noise In the hip.

  • Can i ask how i can get rid of the cramp of my upper back thigh? I was doing some side squats and i felt pain in my left thigh.. thanks

  • I’m trying to jump higher, I don’t think I have tightness but that cramp you were talking about for weak hips. Will these exercises help my vertical? Thanks for response.

  • I can’t do the 1st 2 bc flexors are so tight bc of my medical condition and causes pain. Ill need to attempt those while supervised, but that last one is perfect. Im tired of my limping getting worse, feeling like Im “girdled”, and its almost impossible to lift my leg unassisted. Thanks for the exercises.

  • Thank you so much I’ve had this injury for a few weeks and I just figured out what it was and this fixed it!!! Now I can play soccer again

  • Hi! Question: if you are in a standing position and swing your leg out in a sweeping motion, does that also stretch your hip flexors?

  • Ugh, so i was able to do the stretching and the strength test easily but my hips are constantly tight! I sit on the floor a lot, so that probably has something to do with it.

  • After doing a ton of research, I think I have a hip flexor Injury from doing a cartwheel and running roundoff after not doing one for over a decade ��‍♀️ initially I thought something was wrong with my stomach and got an ultrasound, but they didn’t find anything. I’ve been taking Advil for 4 days straight and trying to find a way to manage the pain without meds. So far heat seems to be the most helpful. I will give these stretches a try. The doctors are not very helpful. �� thank you for the video.

  • I have a belly because I work long hours for work. Can you do a video to show exercises that are not too challenging?  I am an older woman of 120 pounds, so I do not want exercises that are too difficult.  Is it okay?

  • I am pretty active although I sit a desk throughout the day and have been battling hip issues. By viewing many videos (yours included) I have self-diagnosed that I have a hip flexor issue that is still unresolved. How many reps per set for the standing version. How long should I hold the stretch? And, how often should I perform this routine? Fantastic instruction from B&B! Thank you.

  • Apparently my flexibility is okay and my leg is strong enough but I still get pain running fast or doing long runs. Also get a pinching feeling when doing heavier bench press

  • Can someone help me with my hip? It’s a right hip injury that has constantly derailed my football career. The injury can be felt when standing and I try to bring my knee to my chest flexing my core.

    It’s sharp shooting pain on the inside top of my groin that wraps to the thigh.

    Despite this I played college ball the WHOLE time with this injury. It was just irritating and painful. l

    Left leg no problem. The right I can barely raise it. I did the sitting Psoas test in which you sit and raise your legs one at a time and have someone try and push that leg down. The right leg offers NO resistance.
    Now as I’m trying to go pro. I can no longer fake the injury and try to overcompensate for it
    I’m desperately trying to find out exactly what to do, how to build strength and how to overcome this so I can get back to training for speed. Per you videos I believe the injury Psoas and the Iliopsoas muscles

    Please help if you can find the time it’s been 4 years.

    However I need a rehab program of sorts, Any help would be appreciated, it’s if it’s basic I need SOMETHING.

    Here is a brief video of me trying to raise the right leg


  • Im super tired of stretching with a vid and then finding another that says “don’t do it that way” and AFTER that, found ANOTHER ONE that says “don’t do it THAT way” ����

  • Hello Dr Jo! I have a slight anterior pelvic tilt so I’ve been trying to stretch my hip flexors. However I never feel the stretch, I’ve even learnt how to flatten my back on the floor (I think this is posterior pelvic tilt) and although it has helped, I find it very difficult to maintain that pose while doing these stretches

    Either way, with or without flattening my back, I never feel the stretch in my thighs:(

  • Hey Dr Joe. Love your vedios. Really helped me with my knees so I have a question about hips.
    When I run between 15 and 25 miles I notice that my hips start to bother me. Is their any stretches I can do to help with this..?

  • I have heard that to avoid injury one should divide the stretches into ten-second sets, totaling 1-2 minutes. I currently have a glute injury that I have been dealing with for about four months, and I am searching for the best way to recovery and maintenance.

  • Thanks! I love loud socks!! Try to do them 2-3 times a day if the injury is something recent, but you can drop it down to 1-2 times a day if you have had the injury for awhile. Then once every other day when it starts feeling better!! Good luck!!

  • i’ve had hip replacement surgery some time ago. i need weight excersizes i can do for my buttocks and both my inner and outer hip muscles

  • I do think you can get the numbness to go away with a consistent stretching and exercise routine. It really all depends on how much you are out of alignment if it will correct itself, but I definitely think you can manage the symptoms with only occasional flare ups!!

  • Thanks! I love crazy socks:-) Every day is fine and will definitely help. Once you start getting some relief, you can drop it down to 2-3 times a week!

  • Are you keeping your upper body straight? Maybe try slightly leaning back…not a lot, but just to make sure you are not leaning forward. That might help.

  • If you have arthritis in your knees, should I really be doing lunges in the gym? I never allow my knees to pass my foot. Are their other types of lunges that a person with bad knees can do to minimize pain in the joints?

  • Great stuff! I didn’t know what hip flexors were, I thought they were in the groin area. I am tight, and I was able to make a helper out of piece of soft rope we had in the basement. Thank you so much. I can hardly wait to look at your other videos because at 62 I am aging rapidly due to lack of self care.

  • That’s why I said, “How would you do that, anyway”. I was just acknowledging that I hadn’t really thought about what “stretching the hip” meant. However, now that I’m more aware of the issues involved, the next time I see the word “hip” I’ll stop to consider the context before deciding what the writer was referring to. I’ll never use that word for any part of the leg; except as in “broken hip,” but I’ll now be careful to remember the distinction between “hip flexors” and “hip” as in 36-24-36.

  • What do you mean specifically when you say stretch your hip? When you stretch something, you are stretching the muscles, not the joint. There are many muscles around the hip, including the hip flexors which is a general term for many muscles at the hip that help flex or bend it. When people refer to the hip, it is most likely their femur bone which sits in the acetabulum or pelvis. The femur bone is the thigh bone. So when people refer to the hip it is technically the thigh as well.

  • The problem seems to be with the terminology. Is it common usage to call the upper thigh the hip? To me, thigh and hip are two separate things. It’s very confusing and misleading when the words, “thigh” and “hip” are used interchangeably. It used to bother me that the same word, “hip” was used to describe the part below the waist and also the part that can get broken by a fall. Now, it seems, “hip” also means the upper thigh. Clearer and more precise terms need to be used. Thanks for promptness

  • Okay, I think I now understand. The exercise is to stretch the “hip flexors,” not the hip, and the ‘hip flexors” are attached to the upper part of the thigh. I now see that your title is “HIP FLEXOR stretches and exercises. You didn’t say “hip stretches, so I was wrong. Good thing, too, since I’ve been trying many, many exercises to stretch my hips, but have never felt anything there. Now I know that the purpose is to stretch my HIP FLEXORS, not my hips. How would you do that, anyway?

  • Unsubscribed from athlean-x.

    Subscribed to Bob and Brad, the 2 most famous, physical therapists.

    On the internet. I will make sure to do proper stretches and NEVER do squats and anything that flexes the spine, ever again.

  • The upper front part of the thigh is where the hip flexors attach. So that is where you should feel the stretch. If you aren’t feeling the stretch, then you probably don’t have tight hip flexors. Did you have an injury or are you just stretching to stay flexible? Also, make sure your upper body stays up right. If you are leaning forward with the stretch, you won’t feel it as much. If you don’t have back issues, try leaning back a little. That might help too.

  • What are things that should be done for Spondylolisthesis? You mentioned NOT doing the second stretch in particular, but what can you do proactively? Anything else to for sure avoid?

  • have been doing this but loved the pointers I always worry about correct alignment to avoid back arching….these pointers will be a great help also for different angles of the hip…very well explained…thanks for all you do Matt!

  • I have never heard anyone talk about weak hip flexors. I believe mine are weak. I am experiencing right hip pain, lower back pain, and IT band pain on the right side. I am hoping the hip flexor strengthening exercises help.

  • Indeed, Excellent stretches

    For all pains of buttocks

    thighs legs etc thanks

    for Sharing your tips tricks

    techniques n thoughts!

    Stay Blessed Inspired n Connected!

  • Do you have any experience or tips for muscle cramps in the thigh?

    My father does a lot of sports, especially cycling and running, and has cramps very often, after long periods of rest, for example when lying down for a long time or at night while sleeping. In any case, it is not due to magnesium deficiency or similar. Does stretching prevent?

    Btw I discovered your channel a few days ago, after I had been struggling with hip and now back pain (probably impingement) for a few months, and I was very afraid to have surgery. You have taken away my fear and I am now confident again! Thanks for that! You guys are great!

  • I love the video but got a few questions…
    What if your hip flexors have been tight for so long that they can’t stretch because of trigger points, or knots in the muscle itself? I’ve tried some myofascial release techniques like rolling around on a ball on my stomach, but its tricky.
    Also, can a hip flexor be both tight and weak?
    Much thanks

  • Actually I developed tight hip flexors only after doing a straight leg rotation while lying on the floor. It’s been almost 10 years now and they are still tight.

  • Do you ever feel a clicking or popping in your hip, or does it ever feel like it is catching? With anterior (front of hip) pain and pain with bending makes me still think it might be your labrum that is injured.

  • A lot of the stretches they recommend here and on other videos are very bad for anyone with lordosis, which I have, and which is fairly common. I tried some of their suggestions and was in pain until I did further research. They ought to be more careful with their advice.

  • Creepy! I just told my sister about 5 weeks ago. Talking about bursitis in the hip during aqua therapy and a B&B vid notification came thru. And yesterday I was talking about sitting at work and drive time sitting.

  • Nice, thanks guys! It has really helped me a lot with my back problems and leg pains I walk many hours every day as a nurse and was supertight in my hip flexor and leg muscles:) almost entirely painfree now!! I keep doing the exercises daily along with a strength training program 3 times a week. I also started using MBT shoes. Keep up the good work!! Love from Denmark/Norway

  • I love this, very informative! I recently started walking and working on losing weight, and believe I may have over worked my hip. Struggling to do much of anything, but these feel so good when doing the stretches! Almost instant relief, thank you!!

  • What do I do if I was doing these correctly, but I wasn’t feeling a stretch. I am a dancer, but haven’t been stretching as much because of quarantine.

  • Hi Jeff,
    What if I don’t have tight hip flexor and when I test if my hip flexor is weak, when I lift my leg from the box, I feel pain?
    What’s the cause and what should I do? Should I keep practice hip flexor or no?

  • Thank you guys very helpful information. You guys work great together and ill certainly be subscribing for more you guys sound like new yorkers lol

  • These stretches look like they would help me a lot. Back in late June I ended up having hip surgery to repair a broken femur that had begun as a stress fracture due to exercise. I can laugh about it now I knew that something was not right and that it felt like a bit more than just tendonitis or a pulled muscle, but I was as surprised as the ER doc’s when they looked at my x-rays and found out how bad it actually was. Anyway, I am 95% back to myself now that it is almost Christmas, but there is still some pain from things that aren’t as flexible as they used to be. On the plus side, I can tell people that I have two PTs that are very famous.

  • I have pain when walking.The pain travels from my hip, and down the front of my thigh.Also this creates a weakness in the thigh. Any ideas?

  • can you have this pain from standing as well??.i stand for 8 hrs straight and am getting pain in 2 or the 3 muscles in this video..the stretches you show seem help temporarily but if I walk for too long it all comes back..any advice?

  • I took a kickboxing class, and threw my hip out of alignment. Pain started on lateral edge of the hip when I was lying down (I read it could be bursitis) and also I had severe pain inside my left butt cheek. Moreover yesterday I bought two large watermelons and carried them to my car. Big mistake! Immediately electroshock went through my left hip (inside the butt cheek) and felt like a 1000 volt was being pushed through. I sat down in my car for 10 minutes and didn’t move! But the pain needles kept going though me, over and over. This is over in 10 minutes and I drove myself home. I left the watermelons in the car. Going upstairs caused a breaking sensation in the hip. I have schedule a dr appointment. All morning I did stretches. I’m never gonna kick box again, I swear on my life, if God just has mercy and helps me HEAL this. I think all the kicking caused my hip to go out of alignment.

  • I have been suffering from piriformis and sciatica for 2 years. The pain is excruciating when I sit. Doing stretches aggravates the sciatica I’m in physical therapy but it’s not helping. Please help

  • I can’t do the kneeling hurts my knees so much. Even with a pillow underneath,if I keep trying will it hurt my knees less? Or do other exercises

  • Thanks for this video. Using your test my hip flexors are a little tight. I play tennis and don’t do enough mobility excercises or other exercises between playing and I play 2 to 4 hours a couple times a week. Liked the stretching exercises.

  • Thank you v v v much I had problame with hip very pain full but I beleave if I can find person like you give me exercise I don’t need new hip. Thank you very much

  • Wow I just did these stretches and the pain from walking is almost gone. I strained my hip flexor from jiu jitsu this morning and I was wondering how long it takes to heal and how long I should stay off the mat.

  • Thanks to this video, I’ve discovered that I have weak hip flexors (R side specifically). There is a CLEAR difference between my hips when doing these exercises. I’m a dancer and I noticed that I was doing a lot of very slight compensations during class (anything involving lifting my leg to the front I would hike my hip first to use lateral hip muscles). Even to do the analysis that you’ve demonstrated I had to check these compensationswhen I brought my knees to my chest the right knee went out towards my shoulder first then I used my arm to bring it back in, and the standing chair knee raise I hiked my hip just to bring my foot onto the chair. The isolated movement to bring my knee up from the chair was incredibly telling, each lift was painful and although I made it through all 10 each one was a real struggle to control it and to get the same range of motion that I had on the left. All this time I’ve been stretching and wondering why it wasn’t helping. Thank you so much!

  • Upright Health would really appreciate you doing series of videos of conquering Achilles tendon pain. i.e how to recover from long term Achilles problems which has been ongoing for 10 years

  • Hello, i did this exact same exercise with the right pelvic tuck a few months ago. Afterwards, I had a very light and good feeling in my leg. However, a few hours later I was bending over regularly for my work and started developing lower back pain. I think i may have overactivacted my right quadratus lumborum and released my psoas too much. What do you think? Should I never stretch my hip flexors? It got better after I activated my psoas again.

  • Hi! This is fab advice, thankyou! A quick question please: I use a leg press most days but after watching your video, is the leg press machine a good idea? Thankyou:)

  • Wow Jared, that was above and beyond the call of duty!… Thank you so much all this amazing info. I recently started doing HIIT sprinting, this was the bit that “went” the 2nd time I did it and has niggled me ever since.. Now instead of it being a “Groin Strain” I know exactly what it is and how to fix it…. Thank you so much Doc.

  • Great content. I have a question tho if struggle to fully lift my knee up to a high position, after playing football for a few hours is that my hip flexor also is it tight or weak?

  • I’d say that the stretch you are discouraging if your hip flexors are too weak are fine as long as they stretch your rectus femoris (aka when you have weak psioas and tight quads).

  • Question for you…if hip flexors are tight do you recommend doing anything to strengthen or stretch the posterior part of the hip?

  • Just out of curiosity, was just wondering if the hip flexor can e tight and weak at the same time. I mean if stretch then after a certain point it can get weak, then if we start strengthening then it can become tight. Need some advice regarding this…..Thank u

  • Question, I can hold my leg up, but I can feel it cramp a bit, and I can feel literal knots in my hip flexors, that means they’re tight, right?

  • Where should I feel the pain when they r weak?
    Doing the stretching feels good, strengthening them when sitting doing the raises, right leg is fine.
    Left leg I get to about 16-18 top of my thigh start getting really painful and my leg shakes at the top, is this normal?

  • “This should feel like a comfortable normal stretch” meanwhile I can feel exactly where my hf go and attach because of the burning lengthwise when I’m doing basic kneeling stretch… Don’t sit people, I swear it’s worse than tobacco

  • Can you have tight flexors and weak at the same time. Im 68 years old and all of a sudden one day I had excruciating pain from hip down through my groin. Burning and stabbing pains. Also pain in lower right side of my back, like they are connected. I have not gone to the doctor because they closed due to covid. I tried your stretches and they did help with pain but i can not do the chair one without extreme pain. So it seems they are weak and tight both. Any advice?

  • The instruction you provide is truly helpful. As I follow your instruction and feel discomfort I would like to pin point what exercises would help that area. So if you were to feel discomfort in an certain area as you preformed the task you could figure out what needed attention. Sort of a flow chart of that part of the anatomy that firers up when you perform the task in the discussion.

  • Good info. I’ve had low back issues on and off for years. I use to stretch the hamstrings, which helped but it would return. So I’ll try this and see how it does.

  • Thank you for sharing this information. I’ve have tons of expensive tests, xrays, and now I’m seeing a chiropractor. Not a single person has offered this advice. I appreciate you offering assessments and exercises for both loose and tight muscles. I’m going to give this a try to see if I can find some pain relief. Thank you so much!!!

  • Why was that particular stretch not good to do for your back problems? I as well suffer from the same and have my l5-s1 fuses as well. Let me know!

  • bob brad they are putting political adds on your videos. Just letting you know its a turn off to viewing. too much of this crap no political affiliation either way.

  • I am uncertain what I should be doing. My hip flexors are sharp and tight, especially after I run, and get progressively worse if I don’t stretch them. Once I do stretch them, the pain goes away. However, I have lower back pain whenever I do core exercises, and the ‘try to hold your leg up past 90 degrees’, makes the outside of my support leg feel sharp and crampy. So, should I stretch or are those muscles just weak? Should I stretch AND those muscles are weak?

  • Hi. I’m a senior with my share of general stiffness. I have lots of pain when I try to get my leg over the bike saddle I have to struggle it over the cross bar instead. General stretching isn’t helping. From your hip flexor video I see I have tight flexors and I’m thinking your exercises will help. They will improve my hip area for sure but am I right in thinking it will help with the bike?

  • My flexor hinders me from putting on my right sock. I have a hard time flexing my right leg up like to a extra high step such as in my box van. Hurts. For a long time I wondered if it was actually a lymph node.
    What can I do? Putting on my socks is a big deal more that I can’t do it.
    Yes I’m considering a sock slider.

  • Recently started doing that variation with the knee up against the wall after reading “Ready to run” By Kelly Starret. Love this thorough demonstration and explanation of its variations. My first marathon made it obvious that I have some problems in my biomechanics that makes me injury prone. Ran the last half of that marathon with intense foot pain that I suspect was from cuboid syndrome, still haven’t confirmed it though. Knew it was a bad idea to continue when the pain started about halfway through, but I wanted that finish so bad. Had to crawl on my hands and knees to the bathroom the next day..

  • Hey please answer me if you can!! I did the first test and my leg was all the way down to the table, both legs. I also did strenght test and i can lift my leg up for a long period of time with no problem.

    However, i feel pain in the sides of the hip flexor, if i touch it i can feel a “pinchy” sensation, what do i do?

  • SO HELPFUL! I thought i had tight hip flexors and ive been stretching them out and nothings been helping but after watching this I realized they are weak! thank you so much!

  • everything is okay except the first part. When I was going lay back and pulled both knees up and dropped one my leg cannot touch the ground and my knees went close to 75 degrees not 90. The rest of them I can done acceptable. So what should I do?

  • gotta say the ending was confusing. clenching my ass will make the stretch better? i dont see how as i definelty hce a tight hip flexor and the way you tell me to do it does absolutely nothing.

  • after i finished the test if my hip flexer was strong i had a lot of pain. i did not have any difficulties completing the ten reps though do you have any suggestions?

  • If you are stretching because of an injury, then I would stretch at least 2 times a day if you just had the injury. Once it starts feeling better, then after about 2 weeks, you can drop down to once a day until the pain goes away. I hope they help!! Good luck!!

  • yesterday at the gym I believe I strain my hip flexor by doing it one laying on my chest with one leg off the table one leg laying back I was taught to do some of this in therapy lsst yearbut I may have hurt myself yesterday by doing it along with having the Rope on one foot pulling up with my legs sticking straight up in the air and the other leg flat on the floor I was taught all this stuff in therapy but I may of just hurt myself by doing it

  • thanks i recently injured my hip flexor playing football or soccer and i couldnt strike the ball properly so hopefully with these i can speed the recovery

  • I am glad to hear that, but the clicking still makes me think something a little more is going on. Good luck!! I hope it gets better soon!!

  • As an 8-9 year Jiu-Jitsu player my hips are a wreck. Starting these tomorrow. I’ve been rehabbing and strengthening 3 months and low back pain and hip pain episodes are far fewer and less severe but not conquered yet. I need a solution for my hip pain and hope this gets me going…

  • Excellent video! Some months ago I watched this video in my search to find relief from my unilateral lower back pain, which was debilitating. I found the stretches and exercises gave me that relief. Thank you.

  • Jeff is the complaint of “sciatica” in older folks likely do to this weakness most often… and strengthening is likely the solution vs stretching… eh?

  • In the first test…. what if your leg is flat against the bench but your knee doesn’t bend to the 80degree mentioned. Does this still mean tight RFemoris? If I straighten my leg it doesn’t change that me leg is already flat on the bench ��

  • Thanks for making this video! I’ve been trying to track down the source of some back pain that started out of the blue and I’ve been making progress via stretching for a couple of days now. The check for psoas weakness was something that I’ve been looking for!

  • That last hip flexor stretch is LIFE! I do it religiously because I sit all day. It really does make a difference in keeping me pain-free. Thanks guys! ♥

  • This video recommendation came up while I was watching Bob and Brad the Physicians on YouTube explain poas and they left out a lot compared to what you offered here in this video and you actually helped me find out what my issue is better than those other two doctors.

  • Somebody help I keep looking for exercises to fix pelvic tilt but I think I am doing something wrong because when I do the exercises I can’t feel myself going back into normal posture.

  • Mine are super tight after being in a wheelchair for 6 months. The issue I have is that I can only do 1 of these stretches because I have one below knee and one above knee amputation so no feet and only 1 knee! Do you have any advice on how to stretch my hips out?

  • You don’t have to reply Dr Jo just to say how engaging both your hip flexor vids were. Thanks for presenting them in a way that even old guys can get rolling again. I

  • Hey doctor i had one question…..i am suffering from snapping hip syndrome…please help me with what i should do further to ease myself and fix this syndrome. PLEASEE HELP DOCTOR:)

  • I’ve been stretching and strengthening my hips for awhile now. Problem is only in the right side where all of my issues are. I’m pretty sure that it is bursitis that’s causing the pain. Any tips?