Ultimate Help guide to Dante Trudel’s Doggcrapp Training


Doggcrapp Training Program Review and Rant

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Advanced DC Training Chest and Shoulder with Dusty Hanshaw

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Massive Crap My Doggcrapp Training Variation

Video taken from the channel: Massive Iron Steve Shaw


Get BIG with DC Training! (Hypertrophy Training to the MAX!)

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How Dante Trudel influenced Justin

Video taken from the channel: Justin Harris


Looking Back A Generation Dante Trudel Doggcrapp Training Cycling For Pennies

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Dante Trudel’s Doggcrapp Exercise Bodybuilding Training System

Video taken from the channel: Nasir Ahmad

Romanian or Stiff-Legged Deadlifts Seated or Lying Leg Curls Good Mornings Glute-Ham Raises. The Doggcrapp training system provides the following intensity levels in order to go to the absolute limit. Sorted ascending according to intensity (1 = easy, 4 = the absolute end.

Thanks to his method, he managed to increase his weight up to 122-130kg after several years. According to Trudel, modern bodybuilders are too obsessed with training and considers high intensity a waste of time. The Doggcrapp technique promotes an incredibly intense workout lasting one hour at max. “Dante’s teachings have taken me to the next level. Most people hit plateaus, but this style of training is all about progress.

If there’s a plateau, you move around it and keep going. It’s all about getting progressively stronger.” — David Henry “I’ve been doing Doggcrapp since shortly after the 2006 Ironman. DC Training This is a post authored by the inventor of the DC Training system Dante himself aka doggcrapp so here it is in the words of the man himself. DC training * Bodybuilding as a whole is extreme and you must go to extreme lengths to be an out of the ordinary bodybuilder in this activity. The human body in no way wants to be 270 to.

AKA Dante Trudel. DC training is for ADVANCED LIFTERS ONLY. You should have at least 3 years of hard, heavy lifting experience before you attempt this routine, and you should have tried, and had success with, other bodybuilding and/or powerbuilding routines.

All About DoggCrapp Training (pretty much what it says it is great authoritative source of the program, mainly from Dante Trudel himself) How to Build 50 Pounds of Muscle in 12 Months (detailed article of the program by Nate Green on TNation) DoggCrapp Training 101 – The Utlimate Load (Guide to the program on TigerFitness.com). DOGGCRAPP Training was founded by Dante Trudel, a bodybuilder and fitness expert. The name is not a fancy acronym, but rather just Trudel’s username on a bodybuilding forum where he first started sharing his training practices. A load of Doggcrapp: is Dante Trudel’s Doggcrapp training system the next big thing in bodybuilding? Flex, Sept, 2006 by Greg Merritt Let’s not call it a revolution yet, but if the ’70s were the era of Arnold (double splits, high volume) and the ’90s were the years of Yates (high intensity, low frequency), then this decade may be remembered as the age of Doggcrapp.

DC training Newbies ***read this first and then ask questions later -Dante’s Inferno Who is he, and why is Doggcrapp training building so much muscle mass? Interview by Ron Harris RH: Would you please tell us a little bit about yourself? Let’s start with Dante, is that your actual name or an alias?

D: That is my actual name.

List of related literature:

Dante had pushed me through grueling intervals of calisthenics: push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and flutter kicks.

“The Complete Hush, Hush Saga: includes Hush, Hush; Crescendo; Silence and Finale” by Becca Fitzpatrick
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I thought of all the training I’d done with Dante.

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What this professional boxer sees is Dante’s transformation in functional strength and hyper hand-eye coordination, not the absolute strength gained from pumping heavy weights in the gym.

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TheStudy Guide is designed to be studied priorto each CPRT training session.

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This book is intended to supplement individual training by the Universal Healing Tao and to serve as a reference guide for these practices.

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  • T Nation occasionally has great posts, but most of it is over hyped bullshit marketing to sell overpriced supplements. The forum was ok tho.

  • I’ve had great results running Dogg Crapp, was introduced to it by a friend back in 07 or 08, and since have run it multiple times. I think this type of training is excellent for natural lifters, though just to look at the templates you kinda go “that’s it?” But if you really push it, DC and hypertrophy specific training (HST) are tops for nattys looking for size gains.

  • Great video, David Henry was the one where I heard about DC, but I didnt found any vid as good as this one with him. Any chance to get somewhere full workout? (I mean not just theory, but all the abc exercises)

  • In theory, I love this and similar principles. However, I often have injuries when training ‘heavy’ (usually I did 3  sets of 3-5 reps) and try to keep progressing in weight. Right now I’m doing 4×8 and I feel I have a far better form (have to go down quite a bit in weight offcourse). What’s your take on this? Because in the end, If one constantly goes up in weight or reps… Isn’t it all a bit thesame and rep ranges are of less importance when you keep progressing? Stronger is stronger is right?..by 3 reps or 8…

  • The wiser I get the more I fuck with Jason Blaha he actually doesn’t peddle bullshit I’ve read the DC training book and I recommend people read it…. I actually subscribed, respect!

  • What does the weight progression scheme look like? I guess you could use the same weight for a number of workouts and try and best your rep maxes but at what point would you add? And when choosing a starting weight how many reps should you aim for on the initial set?

  • The best way for a natural guy who wanna get big is to listen to me, the Golden One, because I will, just as you, Jason, maintain that in order to get huge you need to get as strong as possible, and in order to get stronger each session you have to eat like crazy, and stick with it over a long period of time. 
    Jason please give your views on this highly glorious video:  Key to Building Muscle

  • Original dc also had an unusual calf protocol that focused on stretching the muscle for several seconds at the bottom of each rep. Never did get the hang of it.

  • What would be the benefit of doing 5 mini sets rather than 3? I feel like 3 mini sets would be the maximum you could do if you were giving 100% effort & only doing 1/ 2 sets per muscle group

  • Agree 100% with this Jason, it follows very closely to what old-school body builders did. Guys like John Grimek, Reg Park, Bill Pearl, Steve Reeves, Tom Platz, Arnold, Franco, Draper, waller etc could all lift tremendous weights, and their early training was much closer to powerlifting than anything. It was only when they hit the stage did they focus of isolation to perfect an already massively developed physique.

    I honestly cant understand why guys today do absolutely no heavy compound  work and expect to grow. They just jump on gear and end up with weak physiques, less developed than many natty guys who train/eat properly. 

  • Hey Jason, these Dante writings were just still barely popular while i was beginning weight training, wouldn’t you say that his writings really did influence an entire generation of lifters to preach super high(expensive, not needed) protein intakes? Something that we are just seeing change only now.

  • I would love to see your take on the popular intermediate programs and what exercises you would recommend adding to make them more aesthetically oriented. It’s easy to get out of hand adding too much junk if you are inexperienced.

  • Jason, i only do squats for my lower body 3 times a week. Can this cause a muscle imbalance in my legs? Lately, i get knee pain in both knees. I deloaded for a week but the pain won’t go away. 

  • I’ve been doing DC for a few months. Gained 7 lbs, which is nothing to sneeze at for someone who’s been lifting for 16 years. Unfortunately, getting in the gym 3 times per week has gotten tough, so I’m shifting to 2 full-body workouts per week (4 different workouts) using the same principles as DC: rest-pause, stretching, beat the logbook, etc. Hope the progress continues.

  • Man, i was waiting for ages to see what your thoughts on DC training are, but you didn’t say what you approve and what you don’t.

    I’ve done DC a little but always thought that Dorian Yates HIT is similar and more effective, but as Dante says this could very well been my OCD.

    Can you give us your thoughts about it?

  • Dante also stated that if you stalled on an exercise for 2-3 sessions, you had to replace it. You would have 3 exercises in rotation.

    Could you talk about this concept? You would have a deload, but maybe this was a type of deload as you would be working your way up again in a new movement for the same muscle.

  • Loving these dc vids Dusty!!! I actually just finished reading yours and dantes old new years resolution thread on intense muscle! Good to see it in action rather than just reading about it! Keep it up dude!!

  • Thanks John. You and and Massive Iron have great and sound advice on proper training. As can be seen in the thumbnail of Dante in this video, he is massively built! He, YOURSELF as well as Steve Shaw (Massive Iron) knows how to build musscle as efficiently as possible! Keep up the great work sir!!

  • Have you ever come across a bodybuilder without knee caps (patellas)? I was born with Nail Patella Syndrome, and I’ve seen Physiotherapists for advice on handling myself in the gym, but all have been pretty useless as they’ve never seen my condition before.

    Thought you may have some insight on the matter.

    If anyone reading has the same syndrome id love to know.


  • Didn’t Mike Mentzer recommend 60% carbohydrate 25% protein 15% fat for dietary intake 1200-1600 calories of protein (300g-400g) at a weight of 200lbs. For the low end of 1.5g/lb that works out to be a total of 5700 calories split into 300 grams protein (1200 calories), 720 grams carbs (2880 calories), 180 grams fat (1620 calories). For the high end of 2g/lb that would be a total of 7600 calories split into 400 grams protein (1600 calories), 960 grams carbs (3840 calories), 240 grams fat (2160 calories).

    Good luck happy eating.

  • Dante Trudel at 19 years of age, if I remember his bio correctly was 137 lbs at 6-0 tall. He tried all the old school Arnold type of training. In short lots of volume. But he did not get very far on that type of training. He began researching and studying all aspects of bodybuilding. Dante realized that the volume approach that the vast majority of bodybuilders use was basically pretty much obsessive compulsiveness. After implementing his ideas on training and concentrating on getting stronger for quality reps on the basic exercises over a period of years he eventually built up his body to about 240 lbs without steroids! But make no mistake, the secret of there is any, is to try to get progressively stronger on the basic movements over time while getting in plenty of protein and rest. You need to become stronger for reps usually in 5-20 range. Stronger for you may not be strong to a world class Mr Olympia competitor but if your squatting and bench pressing say 150 lbs for 612 reps in good form now and 5 years from now your using say at least 300 lbs for 6-12 good reps, do think you will not have a lot more muscle mass!!! Do you think Jay Cutler wasn’t squatting 500 lbs for reps at some point in his career???? You think Kai Green never built up to AT LEAST 400 lbs for reps in the bench press??? Progressively getting stronger for reps of 6 to 20 reps is what it takes to “get big”. Massive Iron also knows this to be true. You can check out his videos on YouTube as well.

  • once again excellent advise for the 45 plus natural builder,the under 25 year olds wont know what your talking about,because it does not affect them,YET….

  • Lord Juggernaut Fitness, a question. Why do you think none of the major BBing channels such as POG, Ogus, etc ever talk about different training systems such as HST, 5×5, HIT, etc. They all use high volume splits with no exception I can think about. Any answer is appreciated.

  • Did your program for 9ish months, lifts changed from;
    Bench: 135 -190 3×5
    Squat 185 315 3×5
    Dead 225 355 1×5
    OHP 85-115 3×5

    **These are numbers 8 weeks into a 800 deficit cut no refeed, were all 5×5 during bulk

    After this cut, which would you recommend between Candito’s Linear or Swapped Accessory 5/3/1, in terms of less stall, more mental motvation, and gains, etc? Others can chime in with there exp of both programs.

  • I’ve been a fan since the 20100 Iforce days, but damn brother, these past couple years you have become BLOWN. Front to back thickness is like a prime Jay Cutler

  • This is one of the original videos from Jason Wojo on Doggcrapp. Find a variation that works for you. I recorded my own video on Doggcrapp you can watch below


    The best workout for muscle mass out there

  • If you like this also take a look at the workout programs from Christian Thibaudeau, for example “the best damn workout program for natural lifters” on T Nation, it’s great

  • What’s your opinion thoughts on conjugate method I’m just starting this program. Slightly altered to a 4 day split of
    Legs max effort
    Chest dynamic
    Shoulders max effort
    Back dynamic. As apossed to the way they set it up with a upper lower day. Max days all accessories after the main lift are under 8 reps dynamic days up to 15 reps for the accessories

  • DC training is another thing I could never get my head round as a beginner. Hope I can now as it sounds great.
    Thanks for another great eye-opening video..

  • I’ve used DC rest pause sets as a tool for a few years now. They are great. At my age I can’t recover from the high frequency aspect of it, a workout like that about every 4th-5th day is all I can tolerate and recover from. As great as the DC program is, it is definitely more gear user friendly.

  • your description of DC training left out the heavy stretching after each body part is worked, which is critical for maximizing growth.

  • HI GREAT content
    1.In your opinion choosing one
    Dips or bench
    Trap bar low handle or squat

    2You mentioned before in previous videos you had recommended rep ranges for different body parts and even different rep ranges for different exercises (ie military press fatigue at high reps for exame

  • Great video. I happened to train my body parts twice in 8 days too instead of 7 like many do. I’m 56 now and I just felt like I deserved an extra day:)

  • 9 months back to lifting and have been doing Jacked and Tanned 2.0 from reddit. Should i move to dog crap/massive crap training after the 1 year mark? Is dc/mc sustainable for a year or is it a 3 month block? Thanks as always BHUD

  • ive been training 30yrs,been using DC variant the last few years,its definitely the best system for me, gains always increase when I use DC even at 50 and natural, more vids please dusty

  • If you do feel ‘buried’ after running your program for a while, should you just cut down volume like on your cutting version? Will this allow me to continue making gains + progress on the program? Thanks

  • Thanks for uploading!! Great video!! Shame that the music covers half of what they’re saying hahah, but yeah it’s still informative.

    I’m trying to incorporate the stretching into my workouts now. Let’s see how it goes.

  • I probably missed it but how many reps do you like on your initial set? Guessing 6-12 on compounds and slightly more for isos. Very good video steve

  • Love all your stuff been following these workouts too. Only question are the static holds done stand alone? I have been doing my rest pause. Resting then my doing my static hold as another separate set. Is this correct?

  • I made the best squat gains of my life with breathing squats. But my lower back was destroyed. Fuck that. Longevity is the key to LONG-TERM gains.

  • I wish more fitness people would narrate there training videos instead of slowing down the video down and blasting EDM music lol

  • An A•B•A + B•A•B Schedule is MORE than a Bodypart 2×/8-Days (doing a Bodypart 1×/Week, on the same day each week, is what a bodypart 2×/8-Days Schedule is, by my calculation*).

    * = Of course, I don’t really understand the “new math” of today…
    I’m a 2+2=4 type of guy.
    So, I’m thinking A•B•C
    (that’s A•B•C•• & repeat, until it’s time for a change)

  • You don’t need lots of warm up sets if you stay warm and stretch softly before hand I only do one warm up set on my first exercise none after that and never been injured because of training

  • Excelente treino Dante,
    estou começando pela primeira vez um protocolo DCT
    no Brasil não tem muitos seguidores talvez pela difícil missão de treinar tao intenso e pesado e é difícil encontrar protocolos periodizados fieis aos seus mas com o seu canal no youtube estou melhor informado!! bons treinos

  • Just found this channel and i can not stop watching. So much great stuff in here. I have watched many others, But this seems to be one of the most honest perspectives around. Thanks so much for sharing all this great info.

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