Two kinds of Grip Strength – Crush and Pinch


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Pinch strength is a little less commonly acknowledged, but in grip-dominant sports such as grappling, wrestling, and rock-climbing it becomes a very crucial trait to successful performance. Crush strength, paraphrased, is your capacity to hold grip when your hand is “mostly closed.”. There are three major types of grip strength you can improve: Crush: Plate pinch. Type of grip: pinch; Tools needed: Lay two weight plates on the ground flat.

Have a. Grip strength is how much force can be exercised by the human hand. The different types of grip include the crush grip, pinch grip, and support grip.

These are defined by the muscle groups used in the hand and the number of fingers used. Grip strength can be measured by how much weight a person can pick up or by a machine. Types of Grip Strength & Grip Strength Training Exercises. The human hand is capable of three types of grip strengths: pinch grip, crush grip and supporting grip.

Below is an explanation of each, plus grip strength training exercises for working them. Pinch Grip. Pinch grip strength is the ability to hold something between the thumb and finger(s). The thumb applies an inward force which is.

An athlete’s level of grip strength can make or break performance in these sports. There are three types of grip strength: crush grip, support grip, and pinch grip. The forearms, biceps, hands, and fingers all play a role in developing a better grip. Here’s how to improve. A strong crush grip is useful in bone-crushing handshakes or for breaking objects with pressure.

In a pinch grip, the fingers are on one side of an object, and the thumb is on the other. Typically, an object lifted in a pinch grip does not touch the palm. This is generally considered a weaker grip position.

In a nutshell there’s two grip strengths we want to build – the crush grip between the hands and the palm, and the pinch grip between the fingers. With sloper strength and pinch strength linked, since most slopers require use of the thumb, many climbers are weak in both. Conversely, training in either improves the other.

Unfortunately, few hangboards cater effectively to pinches, but the good news is that more and more gyms are offering large slopers and volumes, the kind used in World. Three jaw Chuck Pinch Grip– The thumb is flexed (bent) and opposes the pads of the pointer finger and middle finger.Holding a small cap like a toothpaste lid uses this grip. This is the grip used in holding a pencil. Tip to Tip Grip– The tip of the thumb touches the tip of the pointer finger.The thumb and pointer finger form an circle (or open thumb web space). There are three different types of grip strength that you can use.

They are crushing, pinch and support grips. Each is used in different scenarios for grasping different object. Here’s an outline of each typ.

List of related literature:

While your normal cling grip is controlled by the finger flexors of the forearm, the pinch grip also calls into action the intrinsic muscles of the

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There is significant difference in strength of grip and pinch between the two hands.

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Grip strength doesn’t really matter for anything other than occasionally crushing a can as a bar trick, right?

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An excellent training tool for developing grip strength are the Captains of Crush grippers made by IronMind, which are the gold standard for both testing and building grip strength.

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Handles should be designed to allow a power grip, one where the entire palm of the hand is engaged rather than just a finger and thumb (pinch grip), and be usable with alternative grips, such as a flat hand or two flat hands.

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There are two basic types of grips: power grip and pinch grip.

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For instance, when lifting a log that’s thick and rounded, you use an Open-Hand Grip, and although you’ll apply some force from your fingers with no thumb opposition, you mostly apply force through the wrists, forearms, and the pectorals with your arms pushing inwardly to help squeeze the extremity of the log

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The pinch grip is vital for latching on to protruding holds such as pebbles, tuffas, and opposing edges.

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Although grip strength is important, pinch strength has a particular application when one is assessing self-care skills.

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  • Fantastic video. Didn’t realize how much I would learn from another grip strength video. This definitely tops them all and learned so much great info. Love the channel:)

  • John Brookfield Blueprint for Grip Strength on youtube has the same paper crumpling into a ball, only he does it with a soaking wet beach towel difficult!

  • These gym-rats are so delusional about their gripping strength…I have watched construction workers in the masonry / landscaping trades that pinch grip 2 x 12-inch  concrete blocks (88 lbs. each) in the center while moving them around all day long. 

  • Dam it! It’s the worse weights plates they gave him. It has to be done with weights plates with both sides smooth flat or at least one side thick enough with no need tp be perfectly aligned to lift it. Chad was strong, plates were trash.

  • hey brayn ever considered deadlifts on a balance board?
    also im a farmer, ever tried to lift 1 meter long wood? you have to do a mix out of deadlifts, squats, atlas stones

  • I have seen my Jujitsu instructor (John Saylor) do this on a regular basis and his good friend Peter Ragnar do even crazier pinch grips. I myself was never able to do this with one hand I could only do it with both hands. This is much harder than most people think.

  • Hahaha… I have been doing the newspaper fir 25 years my friend. After I was in an accident that shattered my wrist that was the exercise I was given for recover. You are right, best thing I ever did to rebuild my “hand shake”

  • Heavy barbell hold behind the back no cheating allowed just total grip helped my grip strength shoot up. Max deadlift 245kg and done it double overhand. Do other things aswell but these were fantastic!!!

  • buddy, do what i have been doing for over a decade, POWERBALL. i can deadlift 200kg with 3 fingers in each hand no kidding. get your self a powerball and see how quickly anything you hold breaks

  • This doesn’t prove strong grip, it proves how much you can stretch your hand before your grip breaks. A strong grip is when you grasp something and don’t let go, no matter what.

  • An exercise I’ve done in the gym to improve my finger strength for climbing: Get in the squat rack, lift a barbell with both palms facing out, hands closed and then very slowly open your hands so the barbell rolls down to your fingertips. You can do it with just enough weight to do a few open/close reps or do it as a pure eccentric exercise so the weight is too much to close again and drops off your fingers. The dropping off the fingers is why you do it in the squat rack…

  • Interlock your fingers, put one end of the egg in one palm and the other end of the egg in your other palm. Squeeze as hard as you can, you cannot break that egg.

  • Brown and white eggs are no Diffrent… it all depend on the color of the Chickens thingy in the neck… is it white the eg wil be white.. is it dar the eg wil be brow… the darker the part the browner the egg… the whiter the part the whiter the egg…
    Dont sell bullshit in your overal good video’s…

  • It has something to do with the compressive strength of the eggshell and how evenly the force is applied. If you don’t apply the force evenly it will be easier to crack.

  • Your family name sounds like your ancestors were from germany man.. You have the Deutsche Qualiteit in your blood and.. Hell yeah you can be really proud of having german blood

  • dont know whats going on but i just went and got an egg, gripped it the same way they were doing in the beginning and it was easy as hell… whats up?

  • I like dead hangs for time. I add weight when I get to one minute or more. I also make the bar thicker using PVC. Just some ideas. Good video. thanks.

  • How i like to work my grip is when racking my weights I carry the plates with 1 hand and when I do assistance movements or warming up for deadlifts/pull ups I only use 3 or two fingers and doing rows with a tumblers grip. As well as through the day if I see something moderately hard to grip I try to do it.

  • This is old, but the dude with the glasses is cheating. If you focus the pressure on a knuckle or a specific finger, you’re making it easier. The whole point is that the round shape of the egg transfer the energy very well when there’s equal pressure on all sides. All you have to do is put more pressure in one area and it becomes very easy.

  • I was a NY Style pizza guy for over a decade. Late teens to mid 30s. Cut and roll 160 dough balls on an average day. Double that on and running up to the weekend. I’m not particularly strong for a lifter (yet), but my grip is the last thing to go.

    But since you can never have enough grip, I’m certainly going to train the hell out of it on deload weeks. Great tip.

  • Most of the problem here is how awkward it is to have them lined up. If they use plates flat on both sides the weight could increase

  • weird this takes me no effort to do. tried it on many eggs now and yer takes nothing to do it, weird i am not digging my nails or fingers i just grip it and it pops hell easy.

  • I find that rock climbing in all aspects translates over to lifting but lifting does not translate over to climbing i mean general stuff like being able to do a pullup and what not will definitely initially help but the grip portion really doesn’t cross over at all but because climbing focuses on all spectrums of movement and hand grip you build crazy grip strength and body weight to strength ratios. Definitely recommend trying to do it atleast twice a week ( any more as a beginner can just lead to injury anyway especially if you do stuff outside of climbing )

  • Titan Fitness has some cheap (like $45) mini farmers walk handles. You could probably fir 4-5 standard size metal 45 lb. plates on each one and they are small enough to throw in your trunk, or maybe even in a large gym bag. Not the most beautiful welds I’ve ever seen, but they are sturdy and functional. They also have mini axle (5 foot) bars for about the same price and they work with standard collars.

  • Brian if u dont mind me asking. What is the heaviest weight u could pick up for dumbbell head hold? I was able to pick up 35lb max.

  • Aquaman handsAquaman lost his hand in Aquaman 1994 Issue # 2. He had lost his power to communicate with sea life and had his hand shoved into a piranha pool. This led Aquaman to have an identity crisis. He attached a hook to his left hand.
    Yes I went that far! Lol

  • Dude…. I didnt exspect this… I crushed that chicken egg super easily. I was just cooking up some eggs and sae this video and saw that these buff dudes were kinda struggling I didnt that I could. I followed the rules and didnt use any techniques. IT FUCKING EXSPLODED!!! It got everywhere.

  • You guys are losers i actually cracked a Not cracked egg with only my index finger
    And i have a chest and muscles more big than that 25 year old guy and im only 19 lol
    Kinda impressed with my strength tho
    Did that grip strength metal thing benched 100 times in one go my friend gave it to me to test my grip strength
    And it was shocked like ��
    for the sake of god i dont lie and i didn’t train for a single time in my life just strength of my natural body

  • I love so much about this Chanel. Both at you seem like awesome people. The attempt at science in infinitely entertaining. Better than anything else on this platform.

  • the myth isn’t just crushing the egg. on its side, an egg is structurally weak. the ends being compressed together is said to be impossible. Middle finger on the thinner “top” part and the “fat” part in the palm/ the egg will not break, not matter the pressure… supposedly

  • Nice to see an American Flag without the gold fringe at the start. Gold fringe Means military dictatorship, Here in Sussex NB Canada at the local funeral home, where the body would lay on the right there is a Canadian flag with the gold fringe and on the left there a British Union Jack with the gold fringe. Stay True everyone, our collective egoes are being used against us.

  • I was trying this in my girlfriends culinary class an the fuckin egg exploded and yolked me an three other kids and hit the window across the room and I got kicked out since that day it’s been fuk eggs gang

  • Afraid your life is going to be six minutes too long? You can solve that problem by wasting six minutes watching this boring video!

  • Crushing egg from the side is way easier. If you try to hold it top to bottom ( there’s a reason why eggs packaged this way) that’s legit.

  • your supposed to do it top and bottom not on sides, put it between palms one end on each palm and try close hands, no cheating and having it side on.

  • I’ve been doing Farmer’s Walks with 30 lb kettle bells.I bought the kettle bells at Walmart.ALways check,because some of the kettle bells have a thicker handle than others.Always buy the thick-handled ones.I do a Farmer’s Walk of about 600-700 meters.#0 lbs. isn’t that heavy until you walk 600 meters.By the time you finsh your hands will be screaming to let go.

  • I have two tips that would make this easier.

    1. Throw one of the plates like a frisbee at the guy yelling “come on Chad”.

    2. Hurl the other three plates at him

    These two techniques would probably make this lift much much easier.

  • Jack was using the side of his thumb to break the side wall of the egg each time he crushed one (cheating). and when he used his two fingers he was basically stabbing his fingers into the shell instead of using grip strength to break them is what it looks like to me, correct me if i’m wrong.

  • take a forty five pound plate with the holes around the edges. Stick your hands/fingers through two of the holes thumbs will be outside next to each other and leave the plate in front of you hanging at knee thighs length. Now pull up on the plate and make a fist/grip like shaking someone’s hand. Do a set of twenty five. Strengthens the fingers.

  • A little ironic Andy calling somebody else a strongman…I’d think he can probably write a few books himself on strongman history if he wanted to. Great video, great tips. Thanks Nic & Andy!

  • Great video! Just the other day, I started doing farmers walks with plates to strengthen my grip. Was wondering if anybody else did those!

  • Great video and tips. As a side note, my grandfather was a baker and from years of kneading dough with his bare hands his grip strength was incredible. He was also very strong from lifting heavy sacks of flour and sugar throughout the day, everyday. Seriously though, even at the age of 70+ he could easily crush your hand in a handshake and not even know he was doing it. jajaja.

  • Grip strength is something I have been working on and you both gave me some great ideas! I came to the same realization that you mentioned. If you lose your grip, it doesn’t matter how strong you are.

  • Isn’t the whole reason it’s impossible is because an egg is an oval shape so it’s impossible to crush when pushing from the apex’s of the longest side, and crushing it from the shorter side isn’t the myth at all