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MTS Nutrition CEO Marc Lobliner explains how to perform rope cable triceps extensions. How to Perform the Tricep Rope Extensions Approach one side of the cable tower apparatus and move the pin height to the highest possible setting. Attach the rope with two knots or knobs (one at each end) to the cable and select the appropriate working weight. Rope Tricep Extension Instructions. Attach a rope to a cable stack as high as possible and assume a standing position.

Grasp the rope with a neutral grip (palms facing in) and lean forward slightly by hinging at the hips. Initiate the movement by extending the elbows and flexing the triceps. Pull the rope downward until the elbows are almost locked out and then.

Tricep Rope Extensions. 3 Things to Avoid: Using Too Much MomentumThis extra momentum is created by swaying your shoulders back and forth during the movement. This is normally a sign that you are using too much weight and not utilizing your triceps to do most of the work.

Hyper-Extended NeckThe neck moving forward and backwards is also a result of. Overhead Tricep Extension – Step-by-step technique. Step 1: Kneel or stand in front of the cable machine and manoeuvre the rope attachment into position with an overhand grip behind your head.

Step 2: Hold your torso upright with your abs braced and your posture strong. Step 3: Breathing out and squeezing the grip as tight as you can, press your hands straight up. Following the 8 steps mentioned below, you can perform the Cable Rope Overhead Triceps Extension: Get a rope attached to the bottom of a cable station. Turn your back towards the cable station and hold the rope with a neutral grip of your hands. Completely stretch your arms towards the ceiling of the floor such that your hands are risen above the level of your head.

Dumbell Overhead Tricep Extension Form: Dumbbell overhead tricep extensions are similar to the cable variety with the use of dumbbells, which is a game changer. The cables and stationary pulley provide an element of stability that you need to work for with the standing dumbbell overhead extension. Tricep extension tips Try to keep your elbows as still as possible throughout the exercises to ensure you’re isolating your tricep muscle To get the most from each extension, hold the position for a beat when your arms are fully extended. Fix Your Form: How To Do The Perfect Overhead Triceps Extension. By plus tips and tricks for better form.

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Take a narrow overgrip in the middle of a moderately-weighted barbell. With feet about shoulder width apart, stand erect, and extend your arms straight up from your shoulders. Keep your upper arms in the same position, while you lower the weight slowly behind your head until your arms are completely bent. A tricep extension that emphasizes the stretched position (i.e. skull crushers) A constant tension isolation movement that targets the contracted position (i.e. cable pressdowns) First do a thorough warm-up of high-rep tricep pressdowns.

This will lubricate the elbows.

List of related literature:

This method is easier with larger shoulder joints but affords less flexibility in positioning.

“Campbell's Operative Orthopaedics E-Book” by S. Terry Canale, James H. Beaty
from Campbell’s Operative Orthopaedics E-Book
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Step 6: Have the subject slowly raise the meterstick as high as possible while maintaining chin contact with the floor and keeping the elbows extended.

“Laboratory Manual for Exercise Physiology” by Greg Haff, Charles Dumke
from Laboratory Manual for Exercise Physiology
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If, as you curl up higher in step 3, the legs lift slightly, the movement becomes jerky, or the lower back flattens instead of rounds, a modification is advisable.

“Pilates Anatomy” by Rael Isacowitz, Karen S. Clippinger
from Pilates Anatomy
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(2) Keeping your elbow stationary, press the weight back until your forearm is about parallel to the floor.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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To keep the tension on the lats, avoid locking the elbows.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
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Second, the device encourages active back extension through proprioceptive input and helps increase back extensor strength.

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Elbows were maintained at a joint angle of 90° and subjects were asked to perform the following isometric elbow flexion protocol: 10 repetitions at an intensity of 2/3 maximum voluntary contraction (MVC) x 2 times/day x 3 times/week X 8 weeks.

“Skeletal Muscle Structure, Function, and Plasticity” by Richard L. Lieber
from Skeletal Muscle Structure, Function, and Plasticity
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• Apply the base of the “Y” strip at the deltoid tuberosity with no tension.

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4. base for chin rest/bite-block/side guide

“Exercises in Oral Radiology and Interpretation E-Book” by Robert P. Langlais
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To recap: place the feet and grip shoulder-width apart, grip the bar like the bench press, keep the back neutral, descend straight to the clavicles, tilt the head back while looking forward, raise the bar along the same path, shift the torso forward slightly, squeeze the glutes, and lock out.

“Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body” by Michael Matthews
from Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body
by Michael Matthews
Oculus Publishers, 2019

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  • Very interesting. My workout partner “cheats” on every movement. On Monday we did back and biceps. He says his biceps arent sore. I said ” that’s because you never actually lifted anything with them “.
    Most of his bicep lifts activated his back, chest, and shoulders more than his biceps.

  • I like this Jeff’s videos because he doesn’t make me feel like I’m a idiot when I train. He’s hear to educate us, and focus on what to do right without sounding like a douchebag

  • Doing it wrong dude ur supposed to go all the way up, ur putting a lot of tension in ur tendons thats how u end up with tendonitis

  • Good vid
    I’m no pro, but I was always taught that form and isolation are pretty much the most important things when lifting weights
    not making sure everyone can see how much weight your lifting incorrectly

  • His young and so smart and I do love the way how his doing reference his speach and also his research bow he is the one all can trust his sprach and advice, nice one mate

  • Comment below what other muscle groups you’d like me to cover in this fashion! Hope you enjoyed this one – and for those who haven’t yet done so don’t forget to give me a follow on Instagram ( ) to stay updated and for more content like this! Cheers!


  • Seeing I only have a flat bench,Thats a excellent tip to scoot down a bit and set bar on bench to do a skull crusher,especially if you don’t have a spotter. Great video! Thanks!

  • Merry Christmas everybody! Here are the timestamps as usual:

    0:21 Triceps Anatomy and Functions

    0:53 Why the LONG HEAD is so important/special (how to target it)

    1:38 3 types of exercises to include for development of all heads

    2:03 How to set up the skullcrusher

    2:34 Alternative: Floor Skullcrusher

    3:03 How to execute the skullcrusher

    5:00 Common errors


  • Tricep pushdown is the 1 exercise that I can’t do with my right arm no matter how low the weight. The only way I can do this is compensating with my left arm bc this exercise makes my right tricep feel weird, like the muscle is fluttering or something. I must’ve had an injury at some point. I just work triceps in other ways like overhead push, overhead cable extension, diamond pushups, and various rows. Idk what it is about the pushdown

  • I’d like to see some over weigh workout routines. For people who are not just building muscle but also want to drop weight. Routines are normally where alot of use lose heart. Routine loss.. Not knowing what a routine is. I’d live 3 routines to know by heart. And can have as go to.. And as I learn more I can advance my routines.

  • Practically everyone I’ve seen doing skullcrushers (including myself) would bring the bar down (not back). I was for some reason learned that bringing it back is a form of cheating.
    I’m glad videos like these are uploaded to shed some light on the situation:)

  • Really messed up my palms doing a version of this gripping both ropes with one hand and extending down to work triceps and grip strength. Mid-rope w/o hands resting on stoppers. Hurt my inner palms. Red patches that have been itching like CRAZY for two days. Won’t do that again.

  • All pro bodybuilders do the method with elbows flared pretty sure they know what they’re doing as opposed to this guy with arms the size of my girlfriends

  • It’s called a Skullcrusher for a reason… going behind your head, brings in the lats…. your name dropper but don’t know what the name is means!

  • I would wanna do this but I’m worried if I dislocated my shoulder as this happens from time to time so instead I do cable extension

  • How come you showed the three different positions to most effectively target the triceps, but only showed the single exercise (skullcrusher) for one of them?

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  • I always do it them standing straight up. When I try to bend and have form like these people say, I can do more weight, but also it hurts my shoulders and back and I feel it less in my triceps..

  • I believe that what you are saying about flexing the GH joint more during this exercise to produce more torque because it creates a longer moment arm is incorrect. The forearm length is fixed and when looking at elbow flexion, this is the only joint that matters. The idea is correct though that flexing the GH joint will cause a greater tension in the long head of the triceps because it must isometrically contract when at the bottom of the rep. Also if you are talking about the angle at which the load is applied (because of the direction of gravity when you break down the load into vectors) I would understand this to also be a correct explanation, since a supine flexed GH joint creates an angle at the elbow more perpendicular to the ground, less of the load will be “lost”. The explanation you gave is wrong, despite there being two other correct explanations as to why that technique improves the tension required to move the load.

  • Damn I just realized I was doing all wrong for last one month. Now am learning things. Your editing makes it really easy to understand the point.

  • Great video, thanks. I want to attract your attention to a particular exercice that is extremely efficient in effectively developing the triceps very fast. It involves parallel bars or any similar setup. With your upper body vertical, arms straight and both hands resting on each side, on the parallel bars, slowly raise you legs to a straight horizontal position with your toes pointing in front of you. Try and hold that position for 30 seconds, then lower you legs. doing this 6 times with one minute rest in between will do the trick, two or three times a week. If you are out of shape, you may not be able to keep the position for a full 30 seconds at the beginning, then try any intermediate position that will keep some tension on your triceps. While that is a mostly static exercice, as regards the triceps, it is nonetheless very efficient and you will litterally feel your triceps grow by the minut. Moreover, this exercice has significant effects on the abs, obliques, and some front thigh and hip muscles.

  • Just came across your page a few days ago man Idk how I didn’t find it earlier since I’m always looking for new workouts, but instant sub man love how you give the explanation for all muscles yet still get to the point fairly quick. Keep it going man

  • Jeff, I appreciate your output a lot, but you are trying to trick us with these discount extensions and other cheap marketing tricks you are using lately, and that’s not cool.

  • working the triceps really make your arms look much bigger, more so than the biceps so don’t skip them alot guys just do biceps and don’t even consider the tri’s.

  • My number One rule in the gym is to do as many exercises standing up rather than sitting. I mean technically it’s makes sense as your fully body muscles are working in one way or another besides the one intended being worked on. Efficiency-wise standing up exercises as just better.May be there are few exceptions here and there where sitting downs ones are better but overall. You get the drill.

  • I just started ax1 swapped tricep push downs with skullcrushers. Is that a proper swap or should I have swapped with a different exercise?

  • Form is horrible. 1. Body should be closer to the point of action to take the shoulders out of the movement and isolate the triceps.2. You can keep tension on the triceps by pressing the weight down to a full ROM concentrically and back up eccentrically to your sternum. 

  • Awesome tips and guide for great exercises. Just got back to working out and love these easy to follow videos. One question I have is when doing your workouts do you do 1 set of each exercise then repeat all for however many sets you want or do you do all sets of exercise 1 before moving to exercise 2… Open question for anyone but i want to know why you feel your way is best.

  • Great content Jeff, similar to Jeff C as well!!! So it must be the real technique to hit those zones perfectly!!! Keep on doing such amazing videos!!!!!

  • Instead of keeping the elbows stuck to my body, keeping them fixed at a flared position and then pushing down, makes me feel better in the triceps. Is my form still wrong?

  • Wow! Dude I am loving your videos! I cannot do dips, they hurt my old injury in my left shoulder. I am incorporating all your advice here in tonights workout! Ya!

  • Do you think overhead cable extension works the same muscles as the dumbbell overhead extension? I have better form doing it with the cable and it is very hard for me to have good form with the dumbbells. Probably dumb question but I’m just starting out ��

  • Sir…Ez bar skullcrushers n overhead dumbell extensions seem to workout d same muscles in similar kinda way…Cud u tl wht makes d real difference

  • Hey Jeff I’d like to point out a flaw in the statement “overhead tricep extensions are best for long-head development” in the T-Nation article. The EMG studies referenced in your other source and studies I’ve read show that the long head activates and contributes to shoulder extension at high degrees of shoulder flexion but for elbow extension the medial head takes over past 90 degrees. Since during overhead tricep extensions the shoulder is static, there is more medial activation than long head. Therefore for long-head activation the best position is arms by side and into extension. The long head being stretched in shoulder flexion doesn’t actually increase its force production in elbow extension, it decreases it.

    P.S.I’m a DPT student and I had a discussion with a classmate where I cited this video and we had a discussion. After doing deeper research I noticed the error in interpretation by the author of the T-Nation article and that in fact my classmate was correct.

  • The reason for mid-range being better than full-range is because freeweights have a bad resistance curve for the strength curve of the triceps. A machine extension would apply more constant resistance through the full range of motion, which would parlay into better growth.

  • Once those triceps get burning it’s one of the most painful but rewarding feelings because when you see those horse shoes blow up and make your arms look twice as big, the female equivalent is a chic walking around with big tits.

  • I don’t get how “exercises where you are able to lift more weight” are better than isolate ones. You can only lift more on none isolate exercises because you’re using other muscles, which would mean you’re distributing the weight between the muscles. Can someone explain me what I’m missing?

  • can’t properly complete a 4×12 with 7.5kg plates on close grip benchpress and video says its easy to go heavy weights in close grip bench –

  • I followed Dorian Yates for a while on old YouTube videos like blood and bone. I’m glad I did because following the guidance of my friend and mentor lead me on a path of lifting correctness. I come here because you mimic the same versions of how lifts should be done. So, I know you aren’t full of shit.

    You also have a different insight that I otherwise didn’t get from my fitness enthusiast/friend/trainer.

    Needless to say. People should take in multiple sources of info. However, Jeff is consistently great at this.

  • Definitely need to work on the long head. Lat and med are doing fine but damn the long one for me is lacking. Thank you for the vid!

  • Great video but you can go higher (full range of motion) and you’re standing too far away from the machine�� plus chest forward and straight back if you can’t do that, go lighter ��

  • I see that Dayton, OH tattoo! Love it. Keep up the videos man it’s helping me a ton! I’m learning how important the form is in each workout.

  • When you say bar I’m picking up a strong accent, and I think it is New England somewhere, but the U sound Canadianish, where are you from? Upstate New York? Vermont or New Hampshire?

  • 5:03 I couldn’t disagree more. It is no mistake. If you don’t drop the bar over your head it is not skull crusher anymore but lying triceps extension. Both exercises are similar, but different. Both excellent. With a skull crusher you avoid this ripping tension on your triceps you can get from to many lying extensions. Elbow pain? Well, because most of the people grab too narrow and flare the elbows. Even Jeff at the video. And there is no such thing as dumbbell skull crushers. That’s another technique. And it has its own name. Who knows what name? Write in the comments ��

  • I knew I was doing something wrong as I was doing nearly the whole stack and barely feeling it on my triceps! Watched a bit of this vid, followed the advice and immediately my triceps have blown up like balloons after a couple of sets. The best weight training advice on you tube without a doubt thank you.

  • Also..
    Chest out and up
    Shoulders retracted
    Elbows beside you and locked in
    the tension should in your triceps

    this video was not a good explanation sorry

  • Hi Jeremy,
    First, thanks for all the valuable no-bullshit materials you are producing.
    I wonder, would you be willing to share your take on the face pull exercise?
    There are so many variants of this exercise, bad and wrong ones, and among the correct ones there is number of ways depending on actual goals.

  • Don’t forget to give this video a ���� if you found it helpful and share it with your gym buddy! ����‍��‍����
    ❓What other exercises would you like tutorials for??
    Entire outfit is from Ryderwear! Link to shop in the description (discount code: “NK10”)
    Stay tuned for more videos on how to use gym equipment and exercise form! ����
    Have a great day, guys! ��

  • not just awesome, not just great job…. but super super awesome mixed with fantastic produced ( Naomi’s job)… very super helpful
    hope Biceps, back, chest, legs, stomach, shoulders,.. your daily workouts program with similar explaining, from warm up till the end.
    and before all that ( big fitness thank for you) ��

  • Just found your channel and am currently binge watching your beginner videos. I have taken a sudden interest in lifting, but I don’t know how to use any of the machines at the gym! I appreciate how detailed you are, and please continue to make beginner workouts. Thank you!!!:)

  • Is there an alternative to this exercise when I only have dumbbells available? I am slowly building my own home gym and only have a bench and a pair of dumbbells, and a treadmill for cardio as my main focus is losing weight and fat burning. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

  • you probably won’t see this but ill try anyway. Why does my wrist hurt when I do this with the rope. it hurts near the bottom motion. Could someone explain what I’m doing wrong I don’t use heavy weight btw.

  • Thanks for confirming this, just wanted to know if I was doing it right and gladly I was, even though I used to always get the pressure on the targetted tricep but wasn’t sure enough. Cheers

  • Hey man thanks for all your videos, your the first one I go to for help and knowledge. Your not up yourself and your form is perfect. 

    Thanks again mate!

  • Personally I love the laying down on the floor variation for the skullcrusher. Feels great on my shoulders and gives a sickening pump. 😉

  • I don´t even make isolated triceps exercises, otherwise they get too big. In my case, the bench press and the overhead press already works them out good.

  • Since I’ve started this workout program, I always refer to your videos to make sure I’m getting everything done right! Thanks again for your help!!!

  • It isn’t weight increase it’s increased tension. I see a lot of guys put too much weight on everything. I get it. I fought my own ego for years. Form over function + patience.

  • Jeremy really you’re the best, l learned how to do the exercises in a right way with maximum benefits on science based because of you, thank you so much for the amazing work you did for us ��������❤️

  • I was doing push downs earlier and got sick pump in my chest and was like something isnt right. Thanks for the clarification here Jeff.

  • Leave him alone about the tshirt! Scott you look great and I prefer you not wearing a shirt!:) I’ve been lifting for a while and worry about my form. I noticed you brought the weight all the way to your quads. I will try that now

  • is there any sense in flaring the rope outwards at the end of each set? I was taught to do this but it feels like it hits the bicep more than anything…

  • I’ve never seen any of your videos before and I’m fairly active in the fitness community (YouTube anyways lol) but I subscribed after seeing the quality of this video.

  • I can do 1 arm tricep presses with 30-40 pounds but turned absolutely retarded when I tried these and could do 50 pounds TOTAL and doing cable curls could only do 60 pounds but can bicep curl 40 with good form. I am never using a machine again i feel like I worked out my shoulders, more than my triceps I just couldn’t stabilize without dropping the weight real low. I wish more of these tutorial videos would talk about how much weight they use and how much they started with. I feel like it would be really helpful for people like me who are always uncertain.

  • To bad all the gyms are closed or I would be trying this workout routine in the gym. I have tried your tricep 4 dumbell workout routine and that was a great video. Thanks

  • Some how I ended up doin the jackhammer pulldown today now my right shoulder hurt like if I have a hot poker digging into my shoulder joint now im in so much pain i dont feel like goin to the gym tomorrow to keep doin my strong 5×5.

  • I’ve been doing dumbbell kickacks wrong for a while now, never felt I was doing them properly, and now found out I haven’t, thanks for the video.

  • I choke up on the rope when I do this exercise, so rather than my hands being at the end of the rope it’s closer to the top. My hands are still spreading when the weight is brought down. Any suggestions on whether this is a good or bad thing?

  • sometimes it burns a little in my right elbow.. if learned that if i spend some more time on the warmups it doesn’t hurt.. if it doesn’t hurt when warmed up i can continue doing the set right?

  • Thank you for your invaluable advice! It’s hard to ask people for advice when you are at the gym because nobody wants to be bothered when they are in the zone!

  • 4 minutes of a 5 minute video before he ever touches how to do the dang excercise. Love the information Jeff provides but there was nearly zero instruction or information on how or why the excersise works.

  • These videos are amazing, I can see all the mistakes that I’m making. Now, I’ll be more diligent in trying to maintain a more proper form when doing my exercises next time I go to the gym. I’m pretty confident that these tips will help me a lot in getting better muscle growth and likely less pain or injuries.

  • consult, how can I keep my shoulders from hurting? I feel that all the tension goes to my shoulders and not to the triceps, specifically the right shoulder

  • Damn I used to always just stand up straight. When I lean, I start using shoulders… Doing it with a lean is harder to do it right. Hmm

  • Great job Jeff. After my own heart, I always focus more on form/technique, rather than weight on the bar. Like I always tell my clients, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

  • Good exercises, but lower the weight and use full ROM.
    Preferly use one arm at a time at overhead extension because you can also more easily reach full ROM.

  • hey jeff please reply:

    i have mixed answers

    you deliver exceptional in-depth explanations but i heard going over the head (which i do) skull crushers recruit lats and takes some of the tension from triceps in comparison to forehead skull crushers??

    i need feedback

    i am sick of being confused

  • Great video. Wish I had realized this 30 years ago as I always did “skull crushers” and did not angle the arm farther back. What about grip width? Does it make a difference?

  • This was a great video. In this video he demonstrated various ways to get your Triceps bigger. Most of the workouts he did in this video I’m familiar with. In past my Triceps were always cut up i can’t wait to get back to that. This was a awesome video keep up the good work

  • Meanwhile. I watch your videos for both knowledge and correct posture. But the motivation and inspiration are equally present. L9ve your videos. If I could afford your programs.. I’d jump all into it. But for the now. Your YouTube channel is so very much important.. Thank you. Thank. You.

  • Where have you been all my life? You are VERY handsome! =) Oh yeah, I almost forgot the question. LOL! What pound of Weights, do you recommend, for an absolute beginner?

  • Just did your bicep and this Tricep workout 3 sets of each 10 reps!! Brutal! Thank u very much I just subscribed. Can you make a workout for JiuJitsu like strength and conditioning?

  • Great clip Jeff, I’ve been doing Close grip bench for triceps recently and it’s giving me very sore elbows, and the breakdown of the skull crusher answers my questions. Thanks for also including some other options, very helpful for this newbie

  • My push workout looks something like this:

    [5] Bench
    [5] OH press
    [3] Dips
    [3] Lateral raises / reverse flyes
    [3] French curls
    [3] Tricep push-downs (rack run-down on last set)

    I would like to do chest and shoulders on separate days, but this works well enough. I cant put more volume in there, but tbh I dont think I need it. It works fine as long as I perform high quality sets and go to failure. Even though it is sub optimal for shoulders, its truly great for the tri’s.

  • Awesome! Thanks I was really needing to hear this! I was wondering what the correct way to do this was because I did feel a lot of activity in my chest when loading heavier weight. Big ♡ from Sweden!

  • We filmed this a while ago, but finally felt it was time to share it with y’all! Hope you enjoy and make some gains!

    For a FREE ebook to help you fix your form, you can download it here: