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PRENATAL Upper Body Blast

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Upper Body Blast

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Build Upper Body Strength: The Upper Body Blast Workout

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30 Minute Upper Body BLAST Workout Strength with Dumbbells

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20 Minute Upper Body Blast Workout to Strengthen and Tone

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Upper Body Blast | Rebecca Louise

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Blast your upper body strength to a new level with the Upper Body Blast workout. You need some dumbbells. A little bit of time and the key ingredient supplied by a body ready to be strength-trained and you have yourself everything required for a transformational experience.

E. “This is a great little workout you can do to burn out your upper body,” Marthaler says. “You’re going to do as many rounds of this as possible in that 20 minutes.” You’ll be doing pyramiding. In just 20 minutes you can get a full upper body workout that both builds muscle and burns calories. This upper body blast consists of 4 rounds of 5 moves.

You’ll target your shoulders, triceps, and biceps. The planks will also give you a little bit of an ab workout to help round things out. Try completing this routine two times per week, doing cardio and weight lifting on other days. Upper Body Blast Summary: Shred up the entire upper body in a single workout with this routine.Utilizing a unique staggered movement setup as well as muscle burnout circuits, Upper Body Blast will get you looking good and feeling even better. This video is about how to get an upper body blast for toned arms and strength.

These arm workouts will help to burn fat and calories! Subscribe!Upper Body and Abs Blast Get ready to work your upper body and abs at home today with Coach Roz from Team Betty Rocker!

You’ll be getting an effective cardio with strength workout to tone and sculpt your arms, back and core. ‘Fahrenheit 220’ is the upper-body blast that adds size your chest, back, shoulder and arms, whilst delivering a hefty dose of calorie-zapping conditioning. By David Morton 17/08/2020.

Bootcamp Strength Workout: Upper Body Blast. I created this program after my clients had just had a huge week of legs. I didn’t want them to over do it so I though we’d give the legs a break and blast the upper body instead. I recommend using this program in a similiar situation or you could just take out one of two fo the drills and mix them with some lower body drills. UPPER BODY BURN!

45 min to sculpt and tone with added core and cardio!Upper Body Blast (at-home workout and video) June 26, 2019 | 17 This is an upper body workout you can do anywhere with a pair of dumbbells. This is a great way to challenge your entire upper body, increase strength, endurance, and build lean muscle.

List of related literature:

Going from an explosive movement such as a hang clean, to a basic strength movement such as a front squat, to another explosive exercise such as a push press is a great way to stimulate the muscular nervous system and speed up your metabolic rate (i.e., burn calories).

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For the most part, daily living perpetuates the health of the biceps (the front muscles of the upper arms) while neglecting the health of the triceps (the back muscles of the upper arms).

“3 Minutes to a Pain-Free Life: The Groundbreaking Program for Total Body Pain Prevention and Rapid Relief” by Joseph Weisberg, Heidi Shink
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The Arm Blast Most men and women I know want to bare arms, but they’re too embarrassed by the flab, especially at the back of their upper arms, otherwise known as the triceps.

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Even for a healthy individual, Ayurveda suggests a workout that is one-half of one’s capacity, just until sweat appears on the forehead, under the arms and along the spinal column.

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The typical posture of charred bodies is called the pugilistic or boxer’s attitude with the arms being abducted in the shoulder joint and flexed in the elbow joint and the legs being abducted in the hip joint and flexed in the hip and knee joint.

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In one explosive movement, extend your knees and hips, move your head back slightly (just enough to clear your face while maintaining a vertical bar path), and press the weight overhead.

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upper body ergometer (UBE) using light resistance can be beneficial at this time (4 weeks) to facilitate ROM and initiate active muscular control of the shoulder.

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Just holding Plank in a basic yoga sequence provides an incredible upper-body workout.

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If she is not allowed physical exercise, then upper body exercises is advised according to individual complications.

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The majority of your upper body will be very still during this exercise.

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  • Her videos are absolutely helping me. I’m doing the same exercises/same amount of weight on both sides, but my left is not developing as well as my right arm. Should i do more reps with lower weight or just increase the weight on the left side?

  • I love your energy and encouragement. I never smile when I am doing a strenuous workout; I did when you coached it…it does help! Thanks for being you and doing what you do!

  • I think this is the best video she’s ever done for arms. My phone feels so light now omg. I used 8 pounds, but 5 pound for when we did straight arm exercises because I literally can’t with 8 ��

  • hey Rebacca….just love ur workout videos…..can plz help me out to reduce my breast size and those bra strap fat….plz help me out…

  • One of my favorite workouts for upper body!! I can really feel it the next day with 10 lb weights. I do have to switch back to 5 lb on a couple of the exercises though.:P

  • Love your workout videos!!!!!! I will try to do this everyday so I will c results. This is the video that I need for my upper body!! Thx Rebecca

  • Great Video, I enjoyed doing this routine. Also on another note, would you be able to add a full workout on losing arm or thigh fat WITHOUT gaining muscle? I’ve searched the web and its practically impossible!!!
    Thanks Again!!

  • Thank you so much for your workouts! They’re really helping me! One question about the push-ups they’re a challenge for me! Is it safe to be planking if I’m taking a break in between push-ups? Thanks!

  • my body really really change after i do all ur exercises…can’t believe it…thank you so much for all of ur incredible exercises…

  • Brilliant. Because of Covid19 I am replacing my usual fitness classes with on-line alternatives. This and other Madfit videos are absolutely spot on really feel you’ve done something afterwards (and during!). Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks you for posting all these videos!! I am 14 weeks into my first pregnancy and so excited to have your videos to get me through the next 2 trimesters!

  • I just finished doing this workout right in my kitchen. I used 12 lbs dumbbells so doing the dumbbell over head was very challenging. I enjoyed it a lot. It was simple quick and convenient. Thank you!

  • Love all your videos! I like how you talk about form, and the different ways of doing a move based on fitness level, with minimal equipment (only dumbbells). I enjoy doing the workouts together with you too! Thank you!!!:)

  • What a great, fast, and efficient upper body workout! I love Amy’s videos, she’s so motivating and really knows how to pack a punch in a short amount of time

  • Congrats! I just had a baby in Dec and did most of your videos. So now I am looking at your workout with baby videos. Anything you can tell us is helpful, including not to beat ourselves up so much because we aren’t where we used to be.

  • I loved this. Last year I had Cancer and Chemo. I started working out again just with yoga stretches in Jan. I was diagnosed as completely healthy (lots of juicing and self care) and today I did my first strength training video with you. It was AWESOME! It felt sooo good to work out those muscles again. I will be doing more of your work outs. I would like the definition back in my arms. I know I can do it. Congrats on your pregnancy too! <3

  • Absolutely love your videos, the variety, the length so you can mix and match to customize full body workouts and that it all can be done at home. Congrats on your growing little one!

  • Ive been doing this workout for about a year now. I am not taking any protein weigh, im only controlling my diet. This has really helped me get bigger muscles and stronger.

    Forever grateful, thanks Kat. Much love from Philippines.

  • Scrolling through looking for workouts to do at home, found your channel and you are the most “real” trainer!!! Have definitely subscribed and looking forward to watching your videos! Thank you!!!

  • That was another great workout! My arms are much weaker than my lower body and I’ve always struggled with getting my arms stronger. My shoulders burn a lot after a shoulder workout. Thanks again for your great exercises!

  • Great (short) upperbody blast workout. I love the excercises with dumbells good to build more strength. Glad to join this workout. You’re so funny and cool that I enjoy this workout even more.��
    Thank you Kat.������

  • I started doing this everyday 2 weeks ago and i feel so strong already. Thank you for this video!! You are awesome:) & i love your energy.

  • Did this for the first time today, enjoyed and challenging. Wish the exercises in the description box were timestamped so i can quickly check some moves

  • I’m gonna work out to this! I’ve been so lost on how to work out my upper body, but this video is easy to follow and looks very effective (because of you). Lol ��

  • Hi! Do you have any suggestions on shaping up if I’ve just started working out a 30 weeks? I’m a preschool teacher and a mom to a 3 year so I definitely move but I saw my butt in a dressing room mirror today and said “OH NO!” Is there any hope getting into shape before labor? Thanks

  • This workout was so good, I wanna get into boxing but I can’t in at the current moment so I’m doing workouts just to help prepare for when I do, and just wanted to say I love how much this video helps with warmups and motivation and cool down stretches it was quite difficult but I toughed it out mostly�� and also my best friend is named kat and u guys have the same personality w the goofiness and weirdness which I love so much. Definitely dropped a like and subscribing I’m definitely going to do more of your workouts and this one everyday. Thank u soo much it helps a lot❤️

  • Girl….. decent video, but it was literally 70% shoulders, 20% back, 5% triceps, and 5% biceps. If you’re looking for manly shoulder girth this video might be great, but I would’ve liked more balance.

  • Wow. I usually do workouts on youtube and I’m constantly checking how far through the video I’ve gone because I’m so bored… Yours was so great, I didn’t check it once and I completed the entire workout!!!

  • I just finished this workout and I’m sweating like crazy ��. I feel like I was working with my own trainer. It was an AMAZING EFFECTIVE workout, you we’re my Breakfast ��. Thank you and keep up the energy it made the workout SO MUCH fun my arm’s felt the most �� burn ��. Thank you

  • Thanks heaps, Kat! Best way to start the day with your smiley face and positive energy and aching all over. Look forward to working out with you in 2019 for the best year ever yet so far! xXx

  • OMG you’re so adorable!! This workout was fantastic. I was surprised when you said only two more exercises left as it went by so fast.

  • Love your energy!! Jave a question. I’m bull legged like you are a little. And I have problems with my knees like lunging and squatting. I was wondering if you deal with these issues?

  • Kat I’ve been looking for this type of workout one that I can do on non-gym days at home but feel like I went to the gym. I loved it! Love your energy too.

  • Yea I just have to find a way to stay more consistent because I’ll workout for like five days then something will knock me off my schedule so I won’t workout for like a week and then go back to it��

  • Hi Kat! I came cross your video just last night when I was looking for upper body strength videos. I did this for thirty minutes at 8am and girl did I feel it! I also loved your energy and sound effects with the dumbbell punches!! I will be doing this workout for the next 13 days because I need to gain some strength before my police tryout on the 11th of September!! ❤️����

  • Um, wow, I LOVE this workout. I felt it, but not so bad that I was miserable after it. It was a super nice sore feeling like I worked out hard, but not so hard that it makes me not want to do arms again. Thank you!

  • Yooooo I have been transformed you are amazing I tottaly killed my old self and destroyed this it’s mainly because of your dope energy and I think the green wall behind you really gave an extra boost lol I have never been so DRENCHED ������

  • Love this workout… Great for the days when you want to feel like you have had a good workout, but not broken into a sweat.. Thanks again Kat

  • Thank you so much for this workout, it was wonderful:) but just one question: how do you think, if I don’t have time for workouts longer than 30-45 m, should i do them everyday to have results? I would really appreciate if you could advise me how often to do exercises!))

  • This workout is so epic! I love it so much!! I have been doing it twice every week for the past three weeks now and it never gets old! Plus my arms are looking great and my punches are looking fantastic in Kung fu!

  • Oooof! This was an amazing workout! I’m soooo weak in my upper body so I’m excited to see the results after doing this regularly! Thank you so much <3

  • First of all I LOVE this workout! I’ve tried MANY and this by far works my muscles the most! Question. They say you need to change your workout every month or so? But if I can still feel my muscles burning after this workout do I still need to change it up?! Thanks!

  • Kat, my shoulders & back were tight as shht for weeks after this several times. Do u have an extensive upper body/back stretch video to go with this? Can u make one?

  • I’m ready to buy some Bowflex dumbbells. I just can’t decide on which ones I should get. The 552’s are more affordable but the 1090’s go up to 90lbs each. I’m leaning towards getting the 552 but don’t want to out grow them in a year or 2 when I gain more muscle mass/strength. Seems i’d have more room to expand over time with 1090’s.

  • Tom mentions using a ball during one of the earlier moves if you don’t have a weight bench. Would that be acceptable for all of these exercises?

  • For the chest press and shoulder press, is it recommended to do a twisting motion on your way up so you can bring your arms closer together when they’re extended?


  • I’ve gotten more out of how well your ‘bodybuilders/actors/models?? (really what is the generic non offensive term for these guys/girls) anyway, their form is so good that it is easily emulate-able, for me the hardest part of starting a new exercise is ensuring my form is good. You guys do a great job in explaining and demonstrating! thanks, I look forward to more vids so I can get the best out of my bowflex dumbbells, the best exercise gear I have bought.

  • I am following the prenatal workout calendar, and I have noticed recently that I am not getting sore from the workouts anymore. I am on week 19. I feel like I work hard every time I do the workouts, and I don’t think I could move up with my weights. Sometimes I even add in an extra workout from another channel. For example, today I am focusing on arms so I did this workout and another short arm workout from a different channel. Is it normal to not feel sore after working out, or am I doing something wrong?

  • Yet another winner from glowbody pt! I love feeling safe ti get that sought after workout burn and endorphon boost while knowing I am being led by someone conscious and educated in prenatal work out!

  • Feel so good after done this workout after haven’t donefor a month during 1st trimester…thank you again to share such a great exercise routine for mommy!!! ����

  • I just finished this work out I’m 31 weeks too! I believe you said that In the beginning of the workout! I’m not going to lie the only thing I modified out was the burpee I was at the gym! But i think I would have totally done it if I was at home! Thank you for this killer workout! It’s nice to see a fit mom! Pushing us other pregnant moms I very much appreciate the challenge especially because I went to the gym prior to this! This wasn’t an “easy pregnant workout” thank you!!!!

  • Thank you so much. I’m pretty lost when it comes to upper body workouts. This one seemed to touch all areas that I’vs wanted to work on. Loved it. Thanks a million. Very much appreciated��

  • Dear Ashley, I am in love with your workout routines. I followed your exercises throughout my pregnancy and now, post-partum. I would love to see a video on post-partum ab reconstruction that considers diastasis recti condition. Please, would you post one video? Thank you

  • Great instruction and form. So nice to see a fit pregnant mom teaching the class. Do push ups and planks while pregnant contribute to diastasis recti?

  • @Rebecca Louise Fitness | RL Healthy hii i love your workouts! You are so inspirational to me and my mum. We do your programme almost everyday. I was wondering if you can do a step aerobic routine? as we recently brought a step but we need an excerise to do it? it would be very helpful. Thank you! x

  • thank you for all these rutines…. i’m a triathlete and now i’m 23 weeks, i have been doing them and i think all of them can work even if you are not pregnant, I love them!! God bless you ��

  • OMG thank you, your video is the first workout I find that doesnt tell me to lift like one finger at a time…like I’m gonna break or something…I mean, I know I’m pregnant but if I’m not a high risk pregnant women I can still do this:) 23 weeks now

  • Question…do these exercises help lift sagging breast? After my first pregnancy mine are no longer lifted and full, they are sagging and deflated. Also what about your 1st and 2nd trimester videos?

  • Omg woman!! Where do you have all this energy from! I am at 16 weeks but still feel so tired. Everyone said 2nd trimester would be breezy but donno bout that happening to me! Will you be able to give me a weekly plan? I saw most of your videos but i dont know how many times i should be doing which workouts! I have been doing 30 mins of prenatal yoga everyday. But i want to focus on my upper and lower body as well.

  • Are there any arm/ upper body workouts you suggest doing that will target the armpit/bra area? That’s the area that I can’t seem to get rid of!!!! I am 18 weeks and doing all of your prenatal workouts (which I LOVE!!!) but am just wondering if there’s any exercises to target that one area.

    Thank you for creating these videos!!!!

  • These workouts have been a LIFESAVER during our cross country move! I’ve been able to workout in hotels with just a set of dumbbells! Thanks, Ashley!

  • Ashley aka Glow Body PT! I am so grateful I found you! I am almost 25 weeks and absolutely loving all of your prenatal workouts. They are still challenging enough for me as well as time efficient and make me feel so good! I am still training at my kickboxing gym but am thinking your workouts are all I need! You’re so motivating and encouraging! thank you so much for posting and sharing your mummy journey! xoxo Yasmin

  • Hi Amy I love your programmes and am addicted. But is there a way of killing the music on this one? It drowns you out and one of the things I like about your videos is listening to your calm and encouraging voice.:)

  • hi mam hw r u?? l like all ur videos. mam i feel very lethargic. i feel very low. even imain ghr ke daily ke kaam bhi nahi kr pa rahi hun. i feel very sad. kuch drink ya koi bhi aisi diet ya kuch bhi btayen. jisse main energetic feel karun?? plzz help me

  • So glad I found you!! I am at 30 weeks now with my second and still doing 2-3 videos back to back with you depending on how I feel that day. Cannot wait to start the post-pregnancy workouts!! Thank you!!

  • Hello, I can’t go gym ur videos are blessings for me, I don’t need to lose weight I am 47 kg. I need exercises to be fit and when I do exercise It pain a lot. Eg, my lower back + ths were paining when I did squad for 2 days.

  • I did workout with u, I enjoyed mam. Plz do videos like this so that we can do workout with u. Which will be beneficial for us.
    Thank you mam

  • Hey Hi,

    I didn’t get the word that starts with H at 15.40 minutes in this video. Suicide push is a combination of plank and what? It is heard as “hav” or something like that. Would be grateful if you can please let me know the exact word for it.

  • Yasmin maam i go to gym n want to workout for around 1 hr…can u give us schedule for monday to friday what daily we can do n dat gives us complete workout of an hour.

  • Hi Yasmeen I’m doing upper body blast since 3 days and I’m feeling it, I have small query does this burn tummy also or I have to do separate tummy exercise

  • It is motivating to see you doing planks for 80secs, I am able to do it only for 40secs, I will challenge myself see if I can reach at least 70secs����Thank you so much

  • Man pls make video on the basic tips such as time to workout and reception of exercise for beginners because urs such video are just not possible for us. Thank you ��

  • Ashley, I LOVE all of your workouts! They are challenging, yet you are so motivating! I have been doing a variety of your videos almost every day for most of my pregnancy and I feel great…38 weeks today. I am already signed up for your Post Pregnancy plan and I can’t wait.

  • This seems awesome, all great exercises. I’m about to head to the gym, planning to incorporate this into my today’s workout. I will definitely leave a feedback afterwards. @Yasmin Can you do a video using gym equipment that works best for your arms and lower body? Most of us girls go to the gym and straight jump on the cardio machines, what seems like the quickest way to get a workout done. They never go anywhere near the weight machines because either they’re too afraid or they don’t know what half of them are for. Please do a video using gym equipment!!