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Improve your exercise form and avoid common mistakes on some of the most potent muscle builders in the gym. Improve your exercise form and avoid common mistakes on some of the most potent muscle builders in the gym. Cancel View cart. Store Shop By Brand Best Sellers Top 40 Products Top 30 Brands Top 10 BCAAs Top 10 Creatines. The first exercise I consider one of my Big 3s is the barbell bench press.

I see this exercise being performed incorrectly many times at the gym. In order to make sure you’re doing it correctly, start by planting your heels on the ground. Next you want to rotate your shoulder blades backwards.

These are the kind of exercises you want if you are looking for the best exercises to build muscle. Bicep curls and calf raises are nice, but if you want the most bang for your buck then compound exercises are the way to go. Compound exercises should be the meat and potatoes of your routine with the other exercises being secondary. The Best Muscle Building Exercises for Each Body Part Chest Bench Press Not surprisingly the bench press has been the staple in each and every bodybuilder routine for decades. Simple, yet effective the bench press will progressively overload the pectoral muscles while simultaneously activating the front deltoids and triceps as secondary.

The chin-up is a bodyweight exercise that can induce serious muscle growth of the biceps (and back). Often, however, lifters may perform these incorrectly, using a. The Top Muscle-Building Exercises For Women Infographic.

We really hope you found this article and illustration helpful. If you did, let us know below in the comments! P.S. this list of exercises is not exhaustive. But it is a great list of exercises that will certainly get the job done.

I can’t tell you how many times people have asked me for the best exercises to do in the gym to get big. Well, before I go any further, listen up. I’m going to tell you five exercises that have great potential for helping you build muscle.

However, going in the gym and doing only these five exercises would be ridiculous. The Best Exercise for Each Muscle, According to Science. Matthew Leete / Getty Images. by Amy Roberts Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). The Best Exercises By Bodypart. Now that you know which tools are the most productive, let’s take a look at the best exercises by bodypart.

This list will include some of the top 7. 5 Most Effective Chest Building Exercises. Bench Press. The king of all upper body muscle building movements.

These are 4 of the best foam rolling exercises to build muscle. Foam rolling is so much more than just a new fitness trend—it’s one of the best ways to improve joint function, enhance mobility, and decrease post-workout muscle soreness.

List of related literature:

For example, the plank can be modified by moving the elbows superiorly toward the ears and engaging a posterior pelvic tilt; this significantly increases activation in the rectus abdominis and oblique muscles (117).

“Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy” by Brad Schoenfeld
from Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy
by Brad Schoenfeld
Human Kinetics, 2020

One of these is to arrange core exercises, then assistance exercises.164 Another method is to arrange large muscle groups and then small muscle groups.165–167 Yet another method, which allows the individual to recover more fully between exercises, is to alternate upper body with lower body exercises.

“Total Burn Care: Expert Consult Online” by David N. Herndon
from Total Burn Care: Expert Consult Online
by David N. Herndon
Elsevier Health Sciences UK, 2012

Standing to the side of the client, place your fingers to the front (around biceps) and your thumbs to the back (around triceps) and squeeze these two muscles together.

“The Essential Guide to Holistic and Complementary Therapy” by Helen Beckmann, Suzanne E. Le Quesne
from The Essential Guide to Holistic and Complementary Therapy
by Helen Beckmann, Suzanne E. Le Quesne
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(2) Using primarily the muscles of the back, lift the bar upward until it touches the upper abdominals, then lower it again, under control, back to the starting position; then immediately start your next rep.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
Simon & Schuster, 2012

Most of these exercises can be done in a seated position with little or no significant risk.

“Stronger After Stroke: Your Roadmap to Recovery” by Peter G Levine
from Stronger After Stroke: Your Roadmap to Recovery
by Peter G Levine
Springer Publishing Company, 2008

Ludewig PM, Hoff MS, Osowski EE, et al: Relative balance of serratus anterior and upper trapezius muscle activity during push-up exercises.

“The Athlete's Shoulder E-Book” by James R. Andrews, Kevin E. Wilk, Michael M. Reinold
from The Athlete’s Shoulder E-Book
by James R. Andrews, Kevin E. Wilk, Michael M. Reinold
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Arching your back positions your body to allow other muscles—particularly your triceps—to help lift the weight, which removes effort from your chest while placing your lower back at risk of strain.

“Testosterone Transformation: Lose Belly Fat, Build Muscle, and Boost Sexual Vitality” by Myatt Murphy, Jeff Csatari
from Testosterone Transformation: Lose Belly Fat, Build Muscle, and Boost Sexual Vitality
by Myatt Murphy, Jeff Csatari
Rodale Books, 2012

When these exercises are performed correctly, they are extremely taxing because they use so many different muscles to move through the pattern or to stabilize the body.

“Athletic Body in Balance” by Gray Cook
from Athletic Body in Balance
by Gray Cook
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2003

Exercises such as cable side laterals, cable bent-over laterals, and cable upright rows keep tension on the area of the muscle being worked in a way that barbells and dumbbells cannot.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
by John Hansen
Human Kinetics, 2005

Keep your arms straight and your feet flexed, and if necessary, elevate your shoulder girdle (engaging upper trapezius and levator scapula) to move the last inch or two.

“Ashtanga Yoga The Intermediate Series: Mythology, Anatomy, and Practice” by Gregor Maehle
from Ashtanga Yoga The Intermediate Series: Mythology, Anatomy, and Practice
by Gregor Maehle
New World Library, 2012

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  • Good job Randy! Once suggestion….I over did it with squats in my younger years and my hips took the hit. If your hips go lower than your knees, you are going too deep.

  • I have been doing this exercise and works for me,
    Chest/tricep/ shoulder day: dumbbell press ( normal and inclined), dumbbell fly, shoulder press, dips, dumbbell standing one arm tricep extension, and rope pull tricep.

    Back and bicep day: Romanian deadlift, palms facing up barbell row, cable row, bar pull ups, dumbbell hammer, cable bicep.

    Leg day:
    Deep squats, lunges, box jump( increasing the size to jump to on the box with weights), calves raise with dumbbell in a small bench to press ot harder..

    Do that, and only need around 40 min of training to get in shape and work out your muscles.

  • I’m 13 and 175 pounds and do all of these workouts and a little more 5 times a week and two days rest if anybody has some advice that would be very appreciated

  • Thank you for your easy to follow instructions. I would like to know how to breathe though. Should I breath in while in tension & breathe out when releasing or the other way round?

  • 1:43 hurts so much.

  • Marc, Thank you very much for this video. I have been putting up with shoulder pain for months and it was getting worse and seriously impacting my lifestyle. I have been a Coach driver, mostly manual for 20 years. The linkages have not been well serviced in the main and hence the gear changes can be stiff.
    I have only been doing the exercises you show in this video for a couple of days and already I am seeing a marked difference in pain reduction, and scope of arm movement.
    I am so grateful for your video and frankly I can’t believe the improvement

    Rereading this it sounds to me like a paid commercial. I can assure your subscribers it is not, even I can’t believe the improvement in just a couple of days.

    Best wishes and thanks again from Brisbane Queensland Australia.

  • I would advise you to first take the supplements i suggested for three to four months. Before doing any exercises. Continue to ingest the supplements when training.

  • Ok, but what would be a good combination of these schedule-wise?
    Like reps and sets, which days to do what, and any other exercises thrown in?

  • When I work my chest if I’m doing bench press or hammer chest machine a ton of different chest machines I feel it more in front of my shoulders no matter how I hold my hands whatever I do it’s baffling to me this has only become a problem in life past year idk wtf I’m screwing up

  • Elliot Hulse would say deadlifts and dips; front squat and chin ups. I say kettlebell swings and deadlifts, muscle snatches, dumbbell squats and Farmers’ Walks.

  • bro i was sitting until my neck was hurting for 1 mounths straight for 10 hours. And now just ramdomly it hurts and the pumps of the back neck hurt when i touch them

  • Mam can you please tell me about the water which we should use after practice to pour our leg for the people who suffer from shin splints. The water should be hot or cold

  • Really, no pull up and dips?
    Weighted dips are great for chest, front delts and triceps
    Weighted pull ups are great for back, rear delts and biceps
    I could also add facepull and plank too.
    In the end 10 or 11 movements are enought for this job.

  • Ur right about the exercises but ur wrong about the reps n sets.the low rep range, especially as u, get older is not a good idea becuz the heavier weights could cause injury.U have 2 be careful lifting heavier weights as u get older, moderate weight with higher reps has been proven 2 increase strength n muscle and less chance of injury.once u learn the proper way 2 perform exercises u can increase the reps as well as the speed of the exercises.I still lift heavy it;s just that u have 2 change ur approach on the 1 rep max.

  • This video worked wonders for me I do them every morning and every night and as long as i keep up with them my shins dont bother me at all

  • Well for bench presses, I personally go all the way down till about 2-3 inches away from the chest and pause there for 1-2 sec before going up again. (I feel like that’s another alternative way of doing bench presses)

    For squats, you don’t need to go so low tbh. As long as your legs form a 90° when you’re going down, you go back up straight away.

    For deadlifts, I have no comments cause I don’t even do that exercise lol.

  • Squats, dead lift, bench press, press, cleans, dips with and without weights, pull-ups with and without weights, handstand push ups. Those are my staples. I know you care.

  • I do believe that the “over-over” grip for the deadlift is better for beginners. They’re so new to the lift that their grips can easily handle their beginner weights on the bar.

  • This is my workout plan.

    Warm ups: Jumping Rope 5-10 minutes

    Monday: Pull ups followed by sled push
    Tuesday: Cleans and jerks, bicep curls and sledgehammer workout
    Wednesday: Rest
    Thursday: Benchpress, shoulder press and dips
    Friday: Deadlift and farmers walk
    Saturday: 10 km jogging
    Sunday: Rest

    Finish each weight lifting exercise with a 5-10 minute cardio. I prefer hard running. Avoid the treadmill. Run outdoors instead.

  • Helpful video man. I just realized that I’ve been to that gym. I live in Louisiana and went to Wolfforth for work for two weeks. I love that gym, and yes, the music playlist is legit too. It’s a 5 star gym for sure. Keep up the hard work brutha.

  • Has anyone tried Custokebon Secrets? (do a search on google) We have noticed many awesome things about this popular fat burn diet plan.

  • thank you so much i’m a basketball player and i get shin splints in both shins very badly to the point where i have to sit out and now i’m doing these stretches and it’s helping me so much i couldn’t be more grateful

  • Angle up means more traps due to bio mechs..what certificates or full time courses on exercise do u have? If ur to high up its a modified shrug…exercise is now a science and u won’t be adding testosterone on top of ur synthetic test…also there is no hip hinge on a fucking squat hopefully anyone reading this can do a quick Google search and see its a different pattern entirely…im out.

  • You hit all these weekly and you will become a beast, no matter your strength and intensity levels at start. The only thing I would add is power clean and press 1 2 times per week. Great video overall, this is an excellent training regimen and also will burn a ton of fat due to the compound movements.

  • I was given 2 of these exercises by my physio but may I ask what happens if both shoulders are doing the same things and you don’t have a good shoulder:( thanks

  • Can I do these exercises if I have patella tendonitis. I have both (patella tendonitis & shin splints). I have noticed that toes movement are different in patella tendonitis exercises ( toes are pointed towards you) while toes movement in shin splints exercises are the other way around.

  • This is what I have right now ��I’m in so much pain. I have to take pain killers every day but I will try to do this exercises at the gym tonight so hopefully it will help ��

  • Just do muscle building with weights. Build muscles in your shoulders and take glucosamine and cod liver capsules. And incorporate creatine to keep joints covered with water retention. This will combat your pains.

  • If from a bodybuilding standpoint, not power lifting, and looking to incorporate the Big 3 to build size, how often should these be done? What type of split? If doing these, should one still be doing curls, lat raises, extensions, etc.? Thanks

  • Can you be born with it? What would that be called. Nothing to really do with running i guess, but ive come to realise that one of my shin goes out more than the other one. Would this help too?

  • Dear Doctor Jo, I am tremendously happy to have found your videos on neck pain relief with some key stretches. Thanks to you I have managed to cure myself of derealization/depersonalization disorder by simply stretching my neck I even cried while doing so. Thank you for the quality videos and keep up the good work!

  • What a bunch of dumb asses. Let’s have them inject all the oil they want and then have a pay per view at the end when they’re bodies explode.

  • Full squat, deadlifts, barbell row, bench press, overhead press, lunges, farmers walk. Bicep/felt: barbell curls, dB lateral raises. Who here does Strong Man 5×5.

  • I use to play football and I started experiencing this shin splint pain since 2017. It always disturb me during my walking, running and the course of the game. So many times i just walk out of the field after a few minutes of play feeling very bad and emotional in tears. I have been struggling to find ways to get rid of it until now i manage to find and watch this video. Hope this will help me out. Cheers

  • Am I the only one really struggling to relax my arm for the first one? Like I’ll do the movement and my arm barely moves so I’m convinced I’m unable to relax them.

    Essential Mass Exercise (EME) means Compound Exercise. Substituting the Barbell Bicep Curl with a TriCombo…
    Start with
    Overhand Barbell Bicep Curl transition into Military Press finish with Barbell Tricep Extension.
    Plus finishing with an OHP / MP at the end like at beginning gives Symmetrical Closure to the Mind.
    “Guns are best left for later when it gets difficult.”

  • Thank you so much for this. My physiotherapist gave me similar moves but not as advanced as yours. I’m currently in agony, my left side of my neck has never been right after a stint of rye neck in my late 20s. It seems to be more painful than not these days and the biggest problem I’ve noticed is when I wake in the morning I just can’t get the right pillow support. My left side of my neck feels small in muscle mass to the right now. How long does it take to strengthen and heal? ��

  • Hey Garry:
    These 5 compound exercise is this the one you use to build your big muscle.? These 5 exercise is it enough to grow my muscle?

    Thank you,

  • Your instruction is superior. I know you’re not in competition with Mark Rippetoe but I hear so much about him and have watched a number of his videos and can tell you, your coaching is fluid it is clear and it does not waste time on hyperbole. I don’t need help trying to be a tough guy what have some problem with being manly, when I go to the gym and when I am moving steal for the benefit of my health, I need the highest class of coaching I can get. You are it

  • Anybody know what is Custokebon Secrets about? I hear many individuals lost a ton of weight with Custokebon Secrets (just google search it).

  • After watching the video I raised my hand like at school and I heard a loud ass pop then I started moving my arm and my shoulder didn’t hurt I’m confused as hell

  • Buy a printable worksheet with the Neck Pain Exercises & Stretches in this video here:
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  • You just relieved my bad pressured headaches. I will be using your YouTube more often and will show it to others.
    Thank YOU much.

  • With the knees bent you really have to work to stay past the knees. Not bending fully at the waist because it’s tough seems silly, how else you going to strengthen those bones, joints, tendons and ligaments?

  • I’m sheltering due to coronavirus as I have severe COPD but I’m in agony with Calcific tendinitis in my right shoulder, doctor recommended but I refuse to go to A & E during the covid 19 peak so will give a try alongside pain meds, thank you! ���� ��

  • Wow… I really feel good after these exercises Thank you (All the way from Australia:) )for these exercises it really helped me with my neck pain…

  • at the one min. till the 1.30 mark in the video letting my shoulder hang, float back and forth, Helps me a lot. Weird. I tried a lot of different stretching moves and this is the one that helps me with my problem. I would never have guessed it without trying it. But My rotator cup feels so much better. The first time afterwards it felt bruised, then afterwards it just got better. Thanks a lot. I give you a 5 star.

  • What do I do if these are to painful for me to do? I’ve all of a sudden got neck and should pain and tried both your videos some I can do without a struggle but some are just to painful, thank you

  • Please help! Every time I point my toes I get a huge cramp/spasm in my big toe and it is so painful. It can last for up to 2.5 mins. These stretches help so much, but am I overdoing it?

  • I think I got shin splints literally I can’t even walk at all I did skipping-jump rope for good 20m and after that my both of my legs really hurt and it hurts to walk�� my front lower legs and back:(

  • My neck has been hurting very badly. It hurts a lot to move, sit up, and is very painful to bend my neck on the side that hurts. I hope this works.

  • I usually train pull ups without any problem. I got pretty much strenght, being able to pull 100 kilograms having 60
    But when it comes to 1 arm pull ups, I always have a pain in my working shoulders which lasts for a few seconds-minutes
    I dont know if this video is make for this, but, if someone knows the answer to my problem and how to get rid of the pain, can you tell me?

  • I’ve been playing guitar for 30 minutes with my neck slightly abit forward to the left and and large center right part of my neck hurts, pls help

  • Best 15 Exercises For Musculature and Health����������
    1. BB Curl
    2. BB Shrugs
    3. BB Row
    4. Deadlift
    5. Squats
    6. Overhead Press
    7. Bench Press
    8. Pull-ups
    9. Dips
    10. Hyperextensions
    11. Leg Lifts
    12. Ab Crunch
    13. Straight Leg Deadlifts
    14. BB Lunges
    15. Planks

  • I am 37 ur female I have dizziness when I sleep and wake up and my shoulder muscles have become week.can I do these exercise in video shown??can you please upload videos on neck sprain

  • Thank you so much! I woke up with pain and couldn’t sleep but when I was halfway through the exercise it eased my pain and could sleep afterwards

  • Hey man, Try out these 5 BEST exercises to build muscle for men… they’re critical! If you have any questions on any of the movements (or anything else you want to chat about), leave a comment below!

  • Dr. Jo you are the really a best teacher. 45degree exercise really very helpful. The whole video is very helpful.. Thank you so much..

  • Hi mam am from India am a Indian army athelete……..i suffer from much tibial bone pain ((shin pain )) pls hlp me….i hope u do ur best

  • Sadik if you reading this…straight to point we want you to win mens physic olympia……..sadik you have to work on abs going smooth on stage is the only thing making away from that top spot at olympia as well as your calves looks very small as you have a big body structure…..focus more on rock hard abs on the show day….i believe no one can stop you to become that what you want…..

  • I can definitely feel a difference, thank you. I’m gonna do these until my pain goes away����These exercises helped a lot, now I can sleep a bit better ��

  • Omg�� thank you for help me with me neck pain I swear every single day I’m going to come back to this and relieve me neck pain because I’ve been look down to much on my ipad but thank you so much

  • I’ve watched other videos of you and had amazing results. This morning I was in agony from a stiff neck…took advil and stuck on a heat wrap and was still in pain and wanted to cry. I did these exercises along with you and I have to tell you…I am already feeling better! My neck is already loosening up! You’re amazing!

  • Thank you so much Jo, after struggling with neck pain for 10 days I tried this twice in a day and feel such a relief. I rested for about an hour or so after this neck muscle excercise and it really helped a lot.
    Thanks for your help!

  • I have a separated shoulder but still do these 5 exercises. I find that with the barbell bench, my left shoulder which is separated, can give me trouble when doing heavy benches. I love the barbell bench. Any suggestions?

  • Hey d.r jo i have problem while i m not sleeping for too long means 10pm. or 11pm. Blood coming from my mouth small blood in spet please help me any exercise my all result are clear

  • Buy a printable worksheet with the Shin Splints Stretches & Exercises in this video here:
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  • “My body attracts women a lot”My guy,no need to get your hopes up.They probobly stare at you because of how idioctic and insane you look.

  • woman find that attractive….??? This looks uglies of anything I have ever seen… I not against muscles… but like a fit normal human…

  • OK so I keep re-injuring what I believe is a shoulder related injury. Every time I do lateral raises or go to jujitsu I get this pain that shoots down the back of my arm kind of passing through my tricep area is anybody have any idea what this might be?

  • Hi Docotor,

    Can shin splints cause knee pain and knee tendonitis? I cant find the real cause of my knee pain and the scans are ok. I have tried to find a connection or cases that links shin splints to knee pain on the internet, but could not find any..

  • Do we have to stop running till the pain eases away? And we have to do this routine every alternate day of the week. And what about the hot cold water treatment, does it also help?

  • I just tried Ryujin’s Shoulder dance and came here..����

    But actually I have learnt it… This is just a joke.. I slept in a wrong position yesterday that’s why I am having a shoulder pain..

  • should be known as the big 4 exercises as a major compound upper body pulling exercise like pull ups/rows should be incorporated. doesn’t make sense to include bench press and not a pulling movement to oppose it.

  • Sir I have a shoulder pain from 10 days cant sleep actually one ago I fell down from bike then stress on shoulder
    Dr advice therapy

  • I wish the explanation of the form were a little more in depth and the carmea further back to see the whole movement. But this helped. Could you do more form related videos?

  • I had a gym teacher who advocated for a unusual form of farmers walk, he uses a heavy dumbbell on his lower abs with a slightly bent arm, and walk up and down with straightened back, tight glutes in slight control swinging motion side to side with the heavy load. According to him this is a farmers walk for training obliques and strength what would the professional opinion be from yourself?

  • I hurt my shoulders doing pull ups, has anyone experienced this before? If so, what did you do to reduce the pain or cure it completely? Thanks in advance!

  • I’ve been laying on by bed in an unconfortable position for the past 2 weeks. I woke up this morning with an extreme pain on the right side of my neck. I couldn’t move my head to the right. It really hurts. I tried exercising like you do but when i turn my head to the right the pain is so bad that i can’t stretch anymore. Help.

  • i feel pain in my shoulder with 1st exersize…hope the exersize will help, shoulder is SOo complex. some times i feel NO pain and with other exersizes it hurts like hell…special when lifting arm above shoulder hight i get into trubble…( i have been operated and it was pretty good after that, but recently after i fall from bike its worse a bit again)

  • I moved into my appartment today and I had to care a few moving boxes filled to the brim with books (hella heavy) and now I feel like I may have overexerted my left arm a bit, literally the slightest movement hurts, kind of like a nagging pain. I know it’ll probably be over tomorrow, so me posting this comment probably won’t really get the answers I need in time, but I just wanted to complain a little and maybe receive some tips for the next I have this problem!

  • My father has a shoulder pain like he cant lift up his arms and shoulders and he said he feels like its a nerve that just got stucked. What am i gonna do im kinda scared.

  • Thanks a lot for the video. I had a shoulder pain because I did some back levers during the weekend but after this workout I almost don’t feel the pain.

  • Hi Ma’am,I am from India iam a housewife my age is 40 yrs from past 2 months I am suffering from minor neck pain it seems to be spread through out shoulder and back before lockdown I asked to my family doctor about the problem she told to do X-ray but due to this lockdown I am not able to get it done,MY Question is can I do your exercises in your neck pain playlists or should I wait to complete this lockdown period & then consult the doctor?please Guide ��

  • Great video. Cautionary note…if you go too parallel with the ground on the barbell row, you increase probability of lower back injury. Just a note of caution for anyone just starting these exercises. However, I do agree, you must do some version fo these exercises if you are going to get your gains. These exercises increase your body’s stability and give you a great platform do do the progressive isolation exercises that target growth for specific muscle groups.

  • Sadik you inspire me. The world needs more people like you. You’re body is sensational mashallah, I’ll forever be in your footsteps

  • These stretches felt amazing, lately I’ve felt so stressed out ive been holding all my tension in my neck which has not only affected my neck and jaw but seems to have caused throat issues also. Would you be able to make a video for dysphagia and or gerd as well?

  • Any workout will add mass, just make sure you SLEEP early before 11 and EAT right! Oh and don’t forget to lift heavy and add explosive workouts to your workout “last tip” train LEGS!! more than 2 times in a week to fix your chicken legs if you have em.

  • You mentioned shoulder problems in 2 exercises and I actually don’t experience that in either but I do with a squat. Mine just don’t want to bend that way to hold the bar behind my head without going very wide. What can I do there?

  • When I work out my shoulders my front and mid deltoid get very inflamed and have a sharp pain. Even when it’s with no weight. If I use my shoulder repeatedly it hurts and lasts for minutes sometimes up to 30 minutes. Any reason for why it’s like this and what can I do to help it? Any help is appreciated

  • Have to be careful with Farmers walk. I’d say if walking back and forth put the weights down turn 180 degrees then pick them up. Turning 180 degrees while holding the weights you may be pivoting on one foot and that could strain something in your foot

  • Thank you SO much! I am working from home now and I spent the entire day hunched over my laptop. That stretch at 4:27 saved my life!

  • Nice! I already do these! Lost so much because of COVID gym closure, but bought my own gym set and growing fast because o these exercises and other compound lifts + Arm isolation focusing exercises!

  • art, absolutely beatiful to watch, this is so far the best workout videos i have ever watched. great demonstration and illustration. THANK U!

  • Replace lunges with pullups (weighted if possible). Now your list is golden. The real “bonus” exercise would be dips (weighted if possible). Weighted dips are superior to bench if you’ve got the form and shoulders for it.

  • I’m an older UK guy, 67 year old. I was looking to getting back into doing some bodybuilding after a long lay off and I put some weight on gained about 3 stone (42lb) through eating wrong. I recognise I won’t be able to perform as when I was younger, that’s just natures way, but I want to eat right and be as good as I can be. Finding your video is a big help with my motivation, and education (especially the part about “no need to look up, that’s something that used to be taught a long time ago”). Thank you very much for such a well made, no BS video. (P.s. I would have been surprised if you didn’t do a little heavy breathing after lifting anything of substance, that just adds to the realism). Liked & subscribed!

  • I love to drop by and see you doing well and winning, defs going to be using your stuff to start working on my body.

    Your knowledge is always appreciated.

  • What if the heel wants to push outward when you do the sitting stretch? And would you still recommend working out with shin splints? It started with running and I’ve cut back and started walking creating intensity with my elevations instead.

  • Hey sadik man help me out bro im 18 years old 5.4 and 63 kg and i bench 85 kg i dont how to increase my bench now can u give tips for food and training program

  • Doctor I have tightness swelling and pain in my knee. And i am 21. My doc says the space in between knee gap is decreased and cause osteoarthritis. Please help me. Please I beg you. Please

  • Ur.onr.of.the reason of my.tmj got.neckpain month already..but w.ur tips.i felt 85% of my neck.pains gone..thank u so.much..!❤

  • Absolutely helpful! Did the exercise once and my shoulder already relaxed. Will definitely do it over the next couple weeks. Thanks a lot!

  • My pain is on the medial side, is this still a shin splint? It acts up as I’m running and after, it has come and gone pretty quickly, but tonight it was really bad, couldn’t finish my run and had to limp home. I took an ibuprofen and acetaminophen, now I’m wondering when it will be safe to go back to running. I am training for a 10k. Just a personal goal. But haven’t done any exercise in literal years so that’s why I’m guessing I got this injury. I’ve never had this pain before from running. Guess I’m getting old now

  • I find I have the most pain when pointing my toes up. I did this to myself, running on concrete in cowboy boots was not a good idea

  • I only ever get shin splints when I haven’t run for a while and when my calves are tight. I generally roll out my calves and and seated toe points with a band. It works for me every time.

  • This was a damn good no nonsense video. I do most of these (not lunges though since my balance is shit), but in case there are newbies in the gym, I’ll definitely point them to this video.

  • Hey Live Anabolic. If I continue doing only these 5 exercises for 1 year, then will it benifit me? I mean, will all the muscle groups be covered by just these 5 exercises?

  • While i agree that these muscles are important, nothing looks worse than big a4ms, chest and shoulders with a scrawny upper back and a pencil neck. That’s why anyone who doesnt take your advice and train the other muscles runs the risk of looking like that douche from Jersey Shore who weighed about 165 with 17 inch arms and a 14 inch neck. That sort of look is actually less intimidating than a guy with a 18 inch neck and 15 inch arms. The ideal would be a 19 inch unflexed neck with 19 inch pumped and flexed arm. Or 17 and 17, 18 and 18, 20 and 20 but you get the point. Athletes have big necks and traps to compliment the arms, delts and pecs. If you are overdeveloped in the beach muscles wirh shitty back, forearm and neck development the upper body looks weak. Obviously glutes, hans and quads are also critical if you have a heavily developed upper body. Although huge bodybuilder calves aren’t necessary, chicken legs or the calves the bow out and look springy with no muscle are also silly looking. Being balanced is most important although i have never seen a guy with massive shoulders and a great back that didn’t look impressive

  • I never normally comment on videos but I just had to say thank you because these stretches have actually really helped so much! Thank you!!

  • I tried the shin stretches before squats today and it helped a lot! Normaly I would just stretch my calves the opposite way you showed but It never helped. I’ll have to try out foam rolling too. Thanks!

  • I’ve stopped flat bench, squats, rows, and dead, and my back and knees are finally heeling after years of problems. I believe I was using too much weight and incorrect form, so looking forward to getting back into these using proper form and lighter weight. Thanks for the tips!

  • Video and instructions well done. I was able to keep moving my shoulder without pain until the RA flare subsided. Thank you so much.

  • Thanks for the information. You can use lighter weights though for demo purposes, so you don’t have to get worn out during the taping.

  • Doing shoulder mobility before you work out can prevent a lot of injuries later. Poor form creates some problems on your shoulders, which are rotator cuff tendonitis, bicep tendonitis, and bursitis. In order to gain results, you should remove risks on your body.

    Since you sit and stand a lot, your shoulders are internally rotated and scapula is anteriorly rotated. It creates poor performance whatever you do. It means the better posture you have, the more performance you have. So, you should fix your posture on a regular basis.

    If you shrug and press, you can hurt rotator cuff tendonitis and have bursitis. You can correct it by putting your scapula together. Packing your scapula helps you to stabilize your body. If you shrug your shoulders and perform movements, some things have to move more to stabilize your body. This slows down your progress and injuries occur.

    So, If you hear pinching and popping, you should do some work. Maybe, you can change your bench press form or add more mobility training before you do shoulder movements.

    To heal shoulder pain, taking a break should be done to heal inflammation. And, doing mobility training should be helpful to make your posture better. If you have a coach and feel pain consistently. this is the time that you should find out new alternatives.

  • LOL, Love your living room. Great stretch for people at home to do for shin splints. I like roller, it seems more comfortable than a typical hard foam roller.

  • Any one tested out the Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine)? We have noticed many amazing things about this popular weight loss system.

  • If people only knew this is really all you need. I’ve been training from home these last 4 months due to this pandemic. I’ve made more progress in building muscle and strength then ever before. These exercises are about 80 percent of my program. I do 3 movements per body part. 10,15, or 20 reps 5 sets each. RPE 8 or 9. That’s it. I haven’t changed my exercises for like 2 years now. I just change the rep range. Still making good progress and never been injuried. Been training for 6 years now. Good form an a tight core can minimize injury ALOT. Great video man! Simple but VERY EFFECTIVE.

  • Hi, I’m glad I discovered your videos. I’m learning a lot. I have a question about the stretches on this video and the other neck pain video. Are all these stretches ok if you have arthritis in your neck? Thanks!

  • Nice video ����, but dude, you need to boost up your cardio ( first 30 seconds workout shouldn’t make you breathe that hard ) ������

  • A general tip about making fitness video’s demonstrate an exercise stop the video get breathing back to normal re-start the video speak ;o)

  • I had serious pain in my shins and i stoped from workout for about 3 weeks and i used some gel for cooling the muscles
    Now i still feel them but just sometimes (at work, when walking…)
    But now when i start my workout (jumping rope) i feel them less (when muscles gets warmed up)
    Is that small pain common or it is warning?
    Maybe i have to go through it.
    I mean, should i wait more or i can workout normally
    Btw nice video!:)

  • Exercice and the muscle working

    Bench Press: Chest, Triceps and front Delts
    Squat: Quadriceps and glutes
    Deadlift: Glutes, Hamstrings and Lower back + forearm
    BB row / Pull Up: Upper Back and biceps + forearm

  • Hi doctor jo! I love your videos. I suffer from shin splints after about a week of running. The pain is usually on the inside of my shins and wont normally go away until I stop running for a week. I found some very supportive shoes that has prevented the pain from recurring. My concern is that I am gearing up to leave for bootcamp. From my understanding, the shoes they provide arnt the best. I was wondering if there are any stretches or strengthening exercises I can do without equipment to prepare my shins for almost anything. Please and thank you!

  • I have much shin pain and i tried yours stretches… but after using stretching pain increase…. please explain solution about it….

  • dr. I do stretching every day before and after running but my shine pain is not stopping every day it is getting more and more plg give me some solution

  • I’m 6ft 3 & 48 y/o. Advice for older tall lifters. I do the bent over row like the video but I pull to top of my abs. Squat I avoid, they will fuck old man’s knees (speaking from experience). For deadlifts I use a trap bar and they are great, less stress on spine just like carrying shopping from the car! Bench press I do not use a wider grip as this video appears to show, I have already fucked where shoulder connects to arm doing that, never again. Ibuprofen is my friend these days. Age is no barrier to lifting folks

  • ….

    It is common to have shoulder pain when you press especially bench press. You can have bursitis or rotator cuff tendon tear If your form is not correct or your posture is bad. To make your posture better, mobility work should be beneficial.

    Bursa is located between rotator cuff tendon and acromion. If you shrug and press a lot, bursitis can happen due to overuse. And also, bicep tendonitis and rotator cuff tendon tear occur due to incorrect form and poor posture. If you shrug your shoulder, your head of humerus isn’t at the center of your shoulder joints. So, you hear cracking and pinching sound.

    Shoulder pain happens even If you are an elite athlete. Because It has a lot of freedom. In order to prevent injuries, doing mobility work should be essential. There are a lot of shoulder mobility movements. You should find out what works for you and apply to your program.

    Some people have difficulty to bench. Many youtubers make complicated explanations. However, just taking a deep breath helps you to put your scapula down so that you can easily bench.

    If you don’t know what is your problem on your shoulder joints. Hiring an licensed physical therapist must be done to save your time and money rather than hiring a body builder. It is hard to sue a false trainer later.

  • Thanks v much for this I have been doing the limber 11 and workouts 3 times a week I had plantar fasciitis (recovered now thanks to stretches) and also mortons in both feet largely due to excess weight I am now in process of losing with an online trainer guy and 3 workouts a weeks bodyweight resistance my issue is that I recently went to a trampoline park with 2 young relatives age 9 and 7 and was ok for a while jumping after my morning workoutthen I got a pain in my right shin and my right side generally felt a little painful but not terrible. I am a lot stronger than I was, and building up every week gradually My training is generally good. I am 55 and mildly hypermobile and dyspraxic so I have some muscle tone issuesbut I am getting there! I love how you have the exact same colour ball and a guitar in your picturepretty much my living room too! Thanks again:)