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How To Grow Your Glutes (FREE Butt Building Guide)

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The BEST Way To Grow Your Glutes | Booty Building Advice & Workout

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Splatoon 2 How to become Good (The Ultimate Guide/Tips)

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Video taken from the channel: Krissy Cela


How to Do Squats Correctly to Get a Bigger Butt!

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Set the pin or block height so that the barbell starts at or slightly below the knees. Take a sumo deadlift grip (shoulder width) and stance (greater than shoulder width). Forcefully squeeze the glutes and extend the hips. Hold at the top for one to five seconds to increase intensity. Trying to get a bigger butt?

Then this guide will be the only resource you need to guide with only 5 Butt workouts and foods that will grow your butt. Complete this exercise for 3 to 4 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions. Balancing your weight may be an issue for beginners but it becomes much easier with practice. but the intensity can be.

It’s no surprise that you will need a well thought out plan to build, strengthen and shape your backside. Attention to detail and deterrence for the unnecessary are in order for you to build your very own glute program. Below are three separate programs for a better backside.

Program 1 is performed once per week and includes many angles of attack. Since you will be. If you want to build muscle, you’ll need to adjust your calorie intake and strength training workouts accordingly.

Just remember, if you’re dead-set on using diet and exercise to change the ability and appearance of your glutes, you’re working toward the best butt muscles for your body. Don’t neglect basic hygiene once you have finished up with your bowel movement: Be gentle with your butt. In order to avoid irritation and infection, be sure to clean the area surrounding your anus thoroughly. Wipe gently from front to back, switching to new paper as necessary, until it comes up clean.

Stand with your feet together, toes pointing forward with your hands held together at chest height. Keeping your knees behind your toes, bend your knees and sit back into a squat with your thighs. The Butt Workout: Six Exercises for Glutes Aerobically, walking hills is a great butt workout. Indoors, use a 5% to 7% incline grade on your treadmill, says Michele Olson, PhD, CSCS, exercise.

Try these 7 masturbation tips the next time you’re alone, and get ready to feel good—really good. 1) Change the position you masturbate in. You’ve likely masturbated in the same position now. Try butterfly stretches. Sit down on the floor, with your back straight and upright.

Bend your knees outward, and put the soles of your feet together. Draw your feet as close to your pelvis as you can without straining, and try to lower your thighs so they are parallel to the ground. Doing this will help you get a head start in getting more butt points and filling the Butt Pass.

Make sure to not claim any reward from Butt Pass as you may need them a bit further ahead. Also be sure to not level all your cards as soon as possible as you may need to perform 1 level up per day to gain at least 300 butt points per day.

List of related literature:

Squeeze your glute as you reach the top position, then lower yourself back into the bottom position with control.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
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Turn on the measure guides, and use the Move brush to pull the buttocks back.

“ZBrush Digital Sculpting Human Anatomy” by Scott Spencer
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4 Focus more on the gluteal area and add gluteal reconstruction

“Core Procedures in Plastic Surgery E-Book” by Peter C. Neligan, Donald W Buck II
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■ Focus more on the gluteal area and add gluteal reconstruction to the technique.

“Plastic Surgery E-Book: Volume 2: Aesthetic Surgery” by J. Peter Rubin, Peter C. Neligan
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Wringing across back – change sides and repeat for other buttock.

“The Essential Guide to Holistic and Complementary Therapy” by Helen Beckmann, Suzanne E. Le Quesne
from The Essential Guide to Holistic and Complementary Therapy
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• Separate the gluteal folds.

“Advanced Practice Nursing Procedures” by Margaret R Colyar
from Advanced Practice Nursing Procedures
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STEP 2: Set your pelvis in a neutral position by squeezing your butt (which you can do concurrently with step 1).

“Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance” by Kelly Starrett, Glen Cordoza
from Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance
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The glutes should be the first area of your body to descend and the first to begin the push back to the top.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
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Fold of buttock (gluteal fold) 3.

“VanDeGraaff's Photographic Atlas for the Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory” by David A. Morton, John L. Crawley
from VanDeGraaff’s Photographic Atlas for the Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory
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STEP 2b Cleanse buttocks from front to back.

“Nursing Interventions & Clinical Skills E-Book” by Anne Griffin Perry, Patricia A. Potter, Martha Keene Elkin
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  • Yeah, I agree, the pause of One day or 1 month is a good tips, when you’re back in the competition, You are back but now you are cool easy peasy and you can are a best player juste after this pause seriously. And, after this back you are relaxed and you will be ready to notice your mistakes and want to improve yourself. It was my case:p (Sirry my English is so bad:c)

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  • He’s absolutely right, for years Ive always do my squats wrong, which caused a lot of knees pain, as soon as I started doing exactly what he said, my knees stop hurting now

  • On top of the persistence is key, a break can be good as well as sometimes your mind has too much muscle memory of repeating habits that could make you preform worse than you can actually do.

  • Krissy! Can you do a full body workout video and any advice you may have for people who want to do full body workouts? I know that barely have time to get to the gym during the week (only 2 days a week… maybe 3) because I am a full time student in my final year of college. I am considering doing full body workouts since I don’t have much consistency in my schedule for a traditional workout split. Thanks so much! Love your videos ��

  • I don’t think I’ve been doing my squats right because the only thing that would be hurting is my knees so that’s why I came here lol

  • This is one of the most helpful and informative workout videos I’ve watched:-) I only discovered your channel at the weekend and I have binge watched so many videos!! Ps. You are so beautiful �� it seems like you are really beautiful on the inside too:-)

  • Imma try this… I’ve tried squats before and noticed no improvement but I’ve been doing it the wrong way so hopefully this helps.:)

  • I absolutely loved this! And since I stopped going to the gym because I literally don’t have time, I’m going to do this with a few weights at home. Thanks so much ☺️

  • I used to super jump out of every engagement that happened when I was in their range. Now I can just snipe them before they get a shot out. That tip even helps snipers like me. Thanks!
    (I’m talking about the habit tip)

  • Ight guys just because hes a male and teaching people how to do squats does not mean he’s a creep hes helping you out so it’s fine and he hasn’t been starring at her ass the whole time has he? No he hasnt so if u dont wanna watch him di his job then go watch something different like Spongebob cuz that would be a good show for y’all

  • To get a big fat ass u have to drink bare beers and eat from a dirty microwave for six month but once uv got it u have to go prison to build ur body again coz u get bare angry and confused

  • These squats really did help a lot as the other squats hurt my knees after awhile and had to stop. My gym has weights, so I can try the squats with weights the next time I go to the gym or just get some weights for home.

  • Tell me how I go against rank aand b+ as a rank c? ALSO whenever my team and me are about to win, a “error” occurs and I get fuckin kicked and an “error” occurred about 35 times

  • Thx so much for this vid. I have just realised I’ve been doing it “knees out”. I wondered why after a week of 3*10 three times a day my butt wasn’t sore but my knees were!

  • Hello do you mean all movements x 1 set for a leg day? I m quite confused about the reps and sets as different ppl and websites say different things��

  • Something I tried to help me figure out the move was I took a chair and I would squat over it, but I wouldn’t sit. So you just kind of hover over it, but then you kind of figure out what needs to do what because you go down with the idea of sitting on the chair but you stop yourself from going all the way. It helped me get use to the movement and make sure I was using my butt and not my poor old lady knees XD If that helps anyone:)

  • I am really thiny but i want to have more curves… how can i train for my curves but dont lose weight? I am from switzerland so my english is not really good… i am 13. I hope you see this… sorry for my english��

  • This is NOT beginner friendly workout:( I almost just died trying to do this:(… it’s a great workout for people who have already been working out at the gym

  • i’m gonna update and see if this works because i know a lot of y’all wanna know if this works

    did this for 6 days and i increased a lot..��

  • Sum exe angles were wrong.thats why we says always do workout in front of fitness xprt.. do not follow youtube it can make injuries…

  • I am honestly so so happy you are loving this video. I’m such a firm believer that every single day is a learning day and no matter how much you think you may know there is always room to learn more and become better and better. One of my favourite things to do is read articles on nutrition, our anatomy, training adaptation, progressing and so much more before I go to bed so I can provide you will as much help as possible. This has made me so so happy! Thank you for always being so incredible and supportive ❤️

  • You cannot change the general shape of your muscles, you can make them larger, but they will still have the same shape as before, just bigger. You can’t make a flat ass a bubble butt, no matter how much you try. Well you can, but surgery is the only way to actually change the shape….sorry….

  • I’m glad you talked about “getting bodied”. Everytime I’m playing pb with streamers and really good people join, I ask if I can play some rounds against them to learn and a lot of people instantly don’t want to play against said people

  • What a sloppy training! The move at 2:35 for example: there should be another band around the ankles, both bands should always have at least a little tension and her body was way to far forward so she actually failed to properly train the intended muscles (core, glutes, hip flexor) and instead compensated with lower back and hamstring. If you sit too much you make your back pain even worse.

    Good moves, but a crappy trainer. Correct execution is key!

  • If we could have a broken down back/shoulders/chest/arms/compounds and isolations version of this I would love ���� Particularly correcting imbalances in form (I’ve been waitressing for three years carrying trays on my right side and wow but ya girl is fighting that lopsided life) �� Thanks Krissy ������

  • It’s so disappointing playing rank battle and getting so many wins in a row, then stop playing for a day and all of a sudden I lose 2 ranks. I just got to S+ and now back to S rank. Thanks for the tips, this really helped a lot.

  • Biggest, Smallest, Strongest: Here are the six most interesting muscles in your body.

  • At first I was like ” eh I’m not gonna be that competitive ” then I find myself laughing manically when I get a knockout on rainmaker without being detected by the enemy team

  • Great video!!!!!! DOING SQAUTS CAN GET TRICKY!! sometimes I feel like I dont go down low enough!! or my back isn’t straight!! please check out my bikini body trampoline workout! Its only ten minutes and ten minutes on the trampoline is equal to 30 minutes on the treadmill. ALSO, MY SUPERMODEL LINGERIE WORKOUT!

  • Always when i get bodied i always die everytime i only shoot a shot if ink but i don’t care, it’s good practice and sometimes i even get 1 or 2 kills. I have 1000+ splatoon 2 play hours most used to just normally play and get better at the game without watching any videos on how to get better. I basically just played and played and now in ranked i get 15 up to 20 kills per round! Thank you for this video, i will try to follow these tips even tho my online just expired, will train offline in octo expansion for example or trying out combos

  • Appreciate video content! Excuse me for butting in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you thought about Chireetler Amazing Butt Rule (google it)? It is a smashing exclusive product for learning a simple solution to get an amazing looking body without the headache. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my GF at very last got cool results with it.

  • I want to complete hero mode, use my Callie amiibo to get the items, then ima git gud and change my name to, “your inner agent 3,” from the octo expansion

    But I need to git gud. I remember like 2-3 years ago when it came out my dad and I played so much together

  • After watching this video I went into the training room and learned how to consistently land 90 damage hits with the explosher in close combat because I got flanked a lot… (was complaining..)

  • Thank you for making this video I’m 12 and next year when I turn 13 I plan on joining a team and playing professionally using this year to train.

  • I’m really happy that you made this video! I was feeling really depressed cause when I reached lvl 25 I started getting put in harder matches, but this is making me realize it was probably for the better. It’ll help me learn my weaknesses and help me adapt to using the brush in new ways!

  • I forgot about splatoon for most of last year, I focused on smash odessey and Mario kart. I’m gonna get better at splatoon again, thanks for the great advice!

  • Im always getting bodied. I literally cannot remember the last time i pulled a turf war match and saw anyone a single level below me. Like im lvl 35 and i see mostly levels in the range 50-10star. Am i actually god at this game or is something wrong with matchmaking?
    EDIT: im actually level 25 i just checked

  • Hello. Amazing workouts… would it be possible to show Butt workouts on the MAT that can be done at home? and Ab workouts for back pain? Thank you

  • get bodied I once came up on a person who was 99* once and they were amazing at the game. But it still help me get better. I also couldn’t pay for online for at least a month and playing octo expansion ALL THE WAY THROUGH help tremendously. It helped me with dodging, better reflexes and made me flind a weapon class and play style. Shooters and brellas are my forte and a sidelined or even a front liner are my play style. This tactic helped me get my way to 4* today (and beyond).

  • She not going down deep enough. She need to go below parallel, till her butt almost hit her heels, you put into play more muscle and you get a bigger butt

  • Hi.. �� I looove this video… great idea.. please make one for upoer body.. abb.. triceps….biceps…back.. with only dumbles.

  • I’ve thought about doing this for a while but I have a lower back bad disc, I’ve been doing it but on the floor instead, do you guys think I could do it on a bench, as shown here?

  • Idk why its so hard for me to get this right. It looks easy then as I go to do it my knees go forward. The I try ti just focus on my butt coming out that I roll my back. I feel everything in my thighs and not my butt where I want to feel it.

  • I would say I’m very above average BUT I keep on getting disconnected and I don’t think it’s my internet because it’s around 3-4 bars

  • I hope you’re having a great day today and I hope you see this and reply! So my butt is at 40 inches and it’s not saggy or anything, it’s definitely plump but it’s not the perkiest. I am around 10 kilos overweight so I go to the gym 6 days a week (started a month ago) to lose weight and tone my overall body. Now my concern is that I don’t want my butt to grow inch wise, not even a single inch but I do want to tone it. Losing some inches off my butt while toning it would be ideal. So my question is should I do squats, glute bridges and other exercises? If yes, then should I do them with weights? Also, would other exercises would you recommend? Thank you so much for taking the time to read this long ass para. Hope you respond!

  • I struggle with the tip (get bodied), I have over 4000 hours in splatoon 2, always in 2100-2200 X Rank, but I can’t break through 2300-2400, because I can’t accept the losses, and I don’t change weapons, I always use the same 2 weapons in all 4 modes. I play very aggressive and 90% of the times I have the most kills in both teams even with when lossing.

  • I did this 10 years ago and people would laugh at me when I’d do this exercise in the gym. And tell me becareful you’ll hurt yourself. Oh how pathetic humans are.

  • Why every girl today wants an ass like niki minaj. Its ugly girls. I mean youre ass is pretty now in the stadium. Grow your glutes 6 month more and you grow youre sexy butt into an big ugly niki butt. Pls realise that

  • In going to try every strategy here and try my best to work up to the top!

    And If you are reading this Wadsm, (this is a random question) do you do private rooms to help people?

  • Woah..this video is extremely thorough. I’m looking forward to your other vids!
    Man so this is how X gameplay looks like. I have a loooong way to go from A+.

  • I got my own technique
    Setting my name to Japanese so that people are scared of me and focus on killing me rather than inking the floor

  • This was so useful! I’m trying this at the gym today. Silly question, could you do a basics/variations of deadlifts and squats? I see people do it differently and I don’t know why. Some people drop the bar and pick it back up. Some people hold the bar differently. I’m not sure on what to do myself. Many thanks.

  • love the vid it was very inspiaring to me and made me a better player in spaltoon 2 keep up the inspiaring work and chase your dreams

  • I’d just like to replay a tip: have good equipment with bonuses tailored to the weapon you’re using. That was my advice I shared with you.

  • I’d definitely try and work on your mobility, form or both to solve the butt wink (not terrible if you’re doing bodyweight but if u want to progress and go heavy then it’s definitely safer to nail form).

  • Hi Krissy, i really enjoyed this workout so much, it was amazing. I have been stuck with an old schedule for some time now & doing this just felt so different and exciting. Thanks so so much. Can’t wait to hit the gym with the next set of workouts ����

    Click Here To Join “Glorious Glutes” My 5-Week Glute Focused Workout Program:

    Warm up:
    StairMaster 5 min.

    Glute Activation Exercises:
    1-Leg Hip Thrust 8 Reps For Each Leg
    Superset Together With
    Donkey Kicks 8 Reps For Each Leg
    3 Rounds In Total

    Reverse Lunges To Goblet Squats
    Reverse Lunges: 4 Reps For Each Leg
    Goblet Squats: 4 Reps
    3 Sets In Total

    Side Step Up
    3 Sets Of 8 Reps For Each Leg

    Hip Thrust
    3 Sets Of 8 Reps

    Donkey Kicks On Smith Machine
    3 Sets Of 8 Reps For Each Leg

    Cable Sidekicks
    3 Sets Of 8 Reps For Each Leg

    Hope you enjoyed the video! LMK if you have any questions.. Peace <3

  • 12:04 the most important exercise to build a round booty! The only good exercise that addresses the gluteus medius directly. I wish my gym had this one. I can only exercise this with a resistance band:(

  • Hi! I am following your workouts diligently and they are amazing! Quick questionshould we combine endurance excercise like running before or after a lower body workout? This is the most pounding question out there and experts have their opinions! I would like to go by yours! Keep up the good work! And I an subscribed to your channel now! ����

  • Heyy thanks for everything but I have some questions to ask. I want to build my glutes but lose my belly fat as well. What should my diet be like?

  • Its possible to gain muscle & loose fat at the same time as long as you don’t eat too little or too many callries, get enough sleep lift weights do just a little light cardio, eat 60% protean & green vegitables, take createan, drink plenty of water & strech mucles.

  • I use the octoling levels and octo canyon in general to train with every hero weapon which helps me learn how to become good with different weapons

  • Sooo.. I watched this video a long time ago. I was a B rank in every mode by then?. I don’t really remember. Anyways, I followed the tips and tried my best. Literally. EVERY DAY. So, as time passed… ahaha now I’m an X rank 96 gal main…

  • Hi! I love your videos, they help me a lot! But I have a question. I want tighter, shapelier booty, smaller inner thigh, and a bigger calf… I think I know how to train.. But is it ok to not eat more calories than my normal? Will I be able to see these results? Or what do you think what should I do?

  • “25 kg for my uk fans”

    No, baby, 25kg for aalmost all other person in this world, with some exceptions, that probably never see this.

  • Thank you so much. I struggle with leg and booty routines bc I’m not sure what to do. This is so simple and I know it will help me build the courage to try other routines.

  • So I see u have a program but I want to grow my glutes n difine my legs n I also want to gain weight, do u think this program is good for me?

  • can you do a beginner guide to abs with like lower, upper and middle abs, I always get confused on what to do. love you Krissy you have really helped and inspired me so much

  • Thankkk youuuuu so much david and sabrinaa I realllllly enjoyed the lesson i always wanted to know how to do correctly squat but Today I finally know! THANKS SO MUCH Coach����

  • You’re the hottest fitness girl on the Internet right now. AND you’re all natural which makes you even hotter. Not to mention, the content in your video is fabulous, I couldnt break m attention away from your video the whole 13:06. Very thorough and easy to learn from. I look forward to doing all these exercises at the gym tomorrow. Thanks for the motivation!

  • Hello bella, i just want to ask what exercise do you do to wide hips, i am really not looking good bcoz beside of not having big butt i also have no wide hips….����

  • I have bad balance so when I do the lunges I think I have poor form. I actually end up getting pain and cramping on my feet and toes. I’ve always struggled with correct posture:/.

  • with deadlifts is there such thing as female bar? Im only 42kg and just started lifting and im unsure why i cant deadlift at all. Could it be because im using a males bar?

  • Every broad who goes to the gym for 2 months is a “fitness coach”. It’s hysterical, working out is not a huge feat of strength. It’s not impressive and it takes little effort. Cookiecutter broad posting workouts for that Youtube money.

  • Lady you have to check this out

  • I find it awkward crawling out from under the barbell after the HT. Would it be easier/ same effect if you lay weight plates across ur hips?

  • See, any time I lose weight, when I gain it back, it just goes right back to my stomach. So I dont know if cutting then bulking would help anyway

  • What gym should I go to to start working out. I’ve been trying to find a good one and your the realest fitness YouTube rn. What do you suggest

  • I don’t understand why girls feel like a sports bra is good enough for the gym. Why no shirt? Would you walk into a grocery store dressed like that? I see it all the time in the gym and it drives me crazy. I am all for body positivity but that is just inconsiderate for other members. Specially when they don’t clean equipment after use and the boob and back sweat is all over the machines �� Not trying to throw shade, your video is great and you look great. Just always curious why women think that it’s okay to dress that way

  • Hiiii Krissy, i love you so much and i have a question, can i grow my glutes at home? I always workout at home, not using heavy heavy weights, but can i grow them at home or should i go to a gym?

  • Ok, so basically for now, I’m gonna start playing a shit ton of splatoon and see if I like this.

    Splatoon is the only game I’ve come even close to wanting to play competitively. I’ve played other comp games like smash, cs:go and stuff but it never felt… fun enough? But I love playing splatoon and have since I got the original on day 1 and 2 a couple weeks or days after launch, but I gave neither a good amount of time.

    When playing both I always found the game fun even when I lose, I just care less about losses than in other games. I think it might be because of the short game length. Splatoon is also the only comp game series that I feel I was already naturally better at playing, I’m not really too sure of my skillset, but I usually get close to the top or first place, but I always want to play more when I see people that completely decide the result by being on the opposite team vs another team. I guess this is where watching your gameplay and improving on your habits and knowing your advantages and disadvantages comes to play.

    Anyways, I hope nobody had to read that. I’m very tired so I’m going to shower and go to sleep and so that another couple times until the weekend when I will get my splatoon 2 cart back from my friend who I lent it to. He also borrowed smash. He’s kinda good at smash. I can’t play against anything better than a level 6 cpu and I never want to.
    I don’t know why I’m rambling so much especially considering nobody is gonna see this. I’m just tired.

  • For the cable deadlifts please bend your knees just a bit. Your feet were too straight!!!! Great video and I learned a lot from you!

  • I saw a video of physical therapists who explained that this booty wink while squatting down is very bad and dangerous for your back, because that’s the movement that pushes out your discs on the lower back

  • Seeing you do those Different legs work out. Gave me strength, and motivation to do the same. Thank you. Can’t wait for the next work out update

  • You should never squat lower than 90 degrees at your knees. Your lower back curves in which could cause pain and future injury and if your adding weight to this movement you could blow out your knees.

  • I am so grateful for videos like thisnot everyone can afford a personal trainer but when we want to go to the gym and not worry too much about form it’s pretty hard.

  • I really like your tip on the single press for leg workouts because I was doing that tonight at my gym and I am going to try what you recommended with repositioning your feet in one single set. Your awesome!! Thank you so much! (Also I just started going to the gym for the first time) so I’m excited to explore more ideas, thank you again! ����

  • Guy seems like a chill good trainer!
    And gotta say, film from the side not at there as you said it…don’t wear pants where you can see everything in, simple…

  • When you’re doing the body weight squats. You can see that u have what people call butt wink. At the very bottom of your squat your butt tucks in. I just learned that it’s not good. I think it has something to do with the way you tilt your pelvis when doing it. I use to have that too and wasn’t aware of that until recently

  • How long of a rest between sets do you recommend? Thank you for your workout videos. They are easy to follow and inspiring. Congratulations on your new baby girl.

  • Hi David why do you have the girls positioning the way you want them, doing squats does it matter how you position yourself ones you’re doing it correctly?

  • You look phenomenal. I wish all ladies took care of themselves like you do. You’re a testament to hard work and should be motivation to other people who want to get their body in peak condition.

  • Hi Carly,
    Just wondering if you have tips on how to keep my back straight during squats? I think im arching way to much but cant seem to get the posture right –

  • I could definitely use more beginner guides for all muscle groups! Going to the gym in a few and I will be doing this workout for sure!!! ❤️

  • Hey, does it matter if I play the full story mode before playing online? I didn’t have a nintendo online card so I played and practiced on the story mode. Plz respond back.

  • Would you guys be able to show some butt exercises without equipment and for those working out at home? I have dumbbells and a matt but nothing else. I would greatly appreciate it. <3

  • TbhI watch this video every time, this is the best advice yet! Your videos help me out with anxiety, since they are mostly so funny. I’m glad that you actually helped me and many others I suppose to actually get good x3 keep up the good work Wadsm! Sunny:3

  • I also love the romanian deadlifts I’d say I feel My glúteos Even more in deadlifts vs hipthrusts. But I perfer dumbbell deadlifts, and make sure to contract my glutes before coming back up.

  • Ever since I started doing barbell hip thrusts I’ve had more girls ask me what I do for my ass, it’s a great conversation starter lol

  • I clip everytime I die, to see how I can avoid dying as a sniper. I also clip the good shots and kills, to see how I did them and try to do them more often. I have the bad habit of getting more offensive which results in me dying and leaving my team, but I learned to stay behind after playing Splatoon 1 again. I don’t take the tower anymore, I leave the rainmaker, I stopped running for the zone and stay in my base in clam blitz to stop enemies.

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