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Video taken from the channel: Brendan Tietz


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NEW workout: Powerbuilding 3 day on, 1 day off frequent training split

Video taken from the channel: Massive Iron Steve Shaw

While this approach couldwork, I would rather see him use 3 days on, 1 day off like this: Day 1Chest, Triceps and Abs Day 2Back and Biceps Day 3Legs and Shoulders Day 4Off Day 5Repeat this cycle. Recovery is number 1 priority, so don’t try to make this a 6 day routine or never take days off. 3 Day Powerbuilding Workout Routine. Day 1: Exercise Sets Reps; Squats 5 5; Military Press 5 8; Stiff Leg Deadlifts 3 20; Lat Pull Downs 4 10; Reverse Hyperextensions 4 12; Cross Body Hammer Curls 5 15; Day 2: Exercise Sets Rep. It is an upper/lower split performed three days per week.

Your workouts will be hard and heavy, backed up by plenty of rest and good nutrition. It can be performed by the late beginning lifter to intermediate. Here’s a sample schedule: Week 1. Day 1 Workout A; Day 2 Off; Day 3 Workout B; Day 4 Off; Day 5 Workout C; Day 6 Off; Day 7 Off; Week 2. Intermediate 3 Day On 1 Off Workout Routine This routine is a 3 day on, 1 day off program that maximizes training frequency while providing moderate rest and recovery periods.

The training 3-day (mon/wed/fri) split Powerlifting Routine This training split is a 3 day split, so, obviously, you will be training for just 3 days each week. When powerlifting, you train with three exercises in mind: Bench press, squats, and deadlifts. Needless to say, the routine listed below, is designed to work on each of these lifts. We mean four sets of four reps of squats on day one, bench on day two, and deadlifts on day three.

During your first workout, start with a weight that easily allows you to perform 4 sets x 4 reps. When your 4th rep feels comfortable and manageable, add. Seperating shoulders and arms from chest/back in a 3 on, 1 off, 3 on split is like asking for shoulder/elbow problems since the shoulder girdle and elbows will be put under alot of stress 4 times a week, and only resting 1 day after a shoulder/arms workout before hitting chest (also delts/triceps) and back (and biceps) is without a doubt not enough unless one is on the juice or using a pretty low. A powerbuilding program will help you achieve all of these goals to varying degrees. But if you only care about getting strong then you might be better off with a pure strength training program that has you lifting heavy 4-7 days per week (with low volume).

When it. Below are a few specs that often make up a advanced powerbuilding program. Days per Week: 4-5; Compound: Squat, Bench, Deadlift, Overhead Press, and building day; Compound Sets x Reps: 4-5 sets, 3. It’s usually performed over 4 days Mon/Thurs for workout 1 and Tues/Fri for workout 2, allowing 3 days of recovery. Of course, you can do it however you like, taking days off anywhere in the split as needed.

Those of you who read my stuff know I don’t always stick to a 7 day workout week, if need be, I go to a 8 or 9 day workout week.

List of related literature:

Stick to your routine, take the time off you need for rest and recuperation, and trust me, you will notice greater gains.

“The Hormone Diet: A 3-Step Program to Help You Lose Weight, Gain Strength, and Live Younger Longer” by Natasha Turner
from The Hormone Diet: A 3-Step Program to Help You Lose Weight, Gain Strength, and Live Younger Longer
by Natasha Turner
Rodale Books,

When the same level continues, your body will probably be comfortable with the load by Wednesday and adapt to it in the following 2 days.

“Serious Strength Training” by Tudor Bompa, Mauro Di Pasquale, Lorenzo Cornacchia
from Serious Strength Training
by Tudor Bompa, Mauro Di Pasquale, Lorenzo Cornacchia
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2012

You should aim to complete two or three strength workouts a week, leaving a full day between them, and I recommend alternating the two full-body routines.

“The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.” by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
from The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.
by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
VeloPress, 2017

Do not work the same muscle groups 2 days in a row.

“Transcend: Nine Steps to Living Well Forever” by Ray Kurzweil, Terry Grossman
from Transcend: Nine Steps to Living Well Forever
by Ray Kurzweil, Terry Grossman
Rodale Books, 2010

You should try to schedule one day of rest between training days to give your body a chance to rest and recuperate.

“Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding” by Franco Columbu
from Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding
by Franco Columbu
Creators Publishing, 2017

This doesn’t mean you take the week off; it means you don’t push that hard and focus on practicing the lifts and figuring out what loads you will use for the following week.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

You should never repeat the same lifting pattern on consecutive days.

“Football For Dummies®” by Howie Long, John Czarnecki
from Football For Dummies®
by Howie Long, John Czarnecki
Wiley, 2011

You willtrain in 6­week cycles, which endwith a week off the weights or a Deload Week, depending on how you’re feeling.

“Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Advanced Guide to Shattering Plateaus, Hitting PRs, and Getting Shredded” by Michael Matthews
from Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Advanced Guide to Shattering Plateaus, Hitting PRs, and Getting Shredded
by Michael Matthews
Oculus Publishers, 2014

How many days after a workout do you reap the benefits of that workout?

“Advanced Marathoning” by Pete Pfitzinger, Scott Douglas
from Advanced Marathoning
by Pete Pfitzinger, Scott Douglas
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2008

Sticking to this plan, you should be fresh to continue your workout full of energy.

“Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness” by Robert Cheeke
from Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness
by Robert Cheeke
Book Publishing Company, 2011

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  • Monday: 2 hours kick boxing
    Tuesday: running
    Wednsday: 2 hours kick boxing
    Thursday: total body gym
    Friday: 2 hours kickboxing
    Saturday: running
    Sunday: total body gym

  • Mon: Opium
    Tue: Opium
    Wed: Opium
    Thurs: Opium
    Fri: Opium
    Sat: Opium
    Sun: Withdrawal (yes only one day, paraphrasing Arnold Schwarzenegger “Withdraw faster”)

  • Oh ffs. Dude you’re full of shit and so damn uneducated. Who the fuck trains the same muscle everyday? Of course that they won’t see any improvement, you didn’t need to do a test to understand that.

  • I do 4 days on 1 day off. I love it, get to really break down that muscle and let it recover. I don’t like doing two primary muscle groups the amor day I feel I lose energy faster and can’t push as hard

  • Don’t have a home gym rn but working on it. But I’m doing a at home program by “the strength guys” focused on proper movement, hypertrophy and mobility until I can get back to real training. Been going well for a few weeks it’s basically just DB, band and cable stuff with some body weight too just all accessories. Hopefully I can keep gaining a bit of muscle during this time or at very least maintain my current size. If I can do that I’m not worried about getting back in the groove but technique on the big lifts. I’ve taken time off bfr and my strength literally goes back up in 40lbs jumps after week 1 so I’m not worried.

  • Can’t wait for the program man! Thanks for all these free stuff and your previous program has so much more quality than this particularly disappointing $50 program i bought:(

  • Every time he says: “don’t forget to like my shit” and pauses for a second while giving you the look, I feel to too scared NOT to like this shit so I go ahead and like his shit.

  • Haven’t seen videos of yours for a while. Didn’t know you had this channel, I thought you just stopped posting videos in the PoG channel. Nice content right here, always good vibes when I watch your videos.

  • The only thing this study proves is that it’s not good training the same muscles 6 days/week. Horrible study.

    What they should’ve done is something like: A: Chest/biceps B: Back/triceps C: Legs/shoulders

    Go 3 days program: Mon, A. Wen, B. Fri, C

    6 days program: Mon, A, Tue, B, Wed, C, Thu, A, Fri, B, Sat, C

    That would’ve likely shown significant results for the 6 day program, instead they went core muscles every day without rest periods…

  • Where do you record your commentary? Your living room is pretty noisy with Deneese and Bruno around I reckon lol. Also with Bruno it must be annoying sometimes, love your work CJ

  • wanted to get equipment for SBD at home but started looking too late after pandemic and now even low quality 45 pound plates cost like $130 bucks each lol

  • I love that shoulder press I did three plates too. I was there three days before this was published. I also like the lying flat bench near the dumbbells I did 450 for one rep 360 for 12 I felt like Kevin Levrone with those.

  • Mon 5:00am: calisthenics A
    Tue 3:00pm: upper strength
    Wed 5:00am: MARSOC endurance card
    Wed 3:00pm: lower strength
    Thu 3:00pm: upper hypertrophy
    Fri 5:00am: calisthenics B
    Fri 3:00pm: lower hypertrophy

  • When you are doing the exercise the camera usually focus on the muscle for example the last one. It was only shoving your biceps, it would be better if it wasnt just zoomed in the muscle if we could see your hand as well so we can see the proper form. Thanks.

  • Hey Steve, great book and thanks for sharing your knowledge. My question is, Is it better to do this workout rather than a full body? Since in a full body you pretty much do one exercise for chest 3 times a week and this you are doing double the volume.

  • Ok, I done watched this bitch like 10 times and each time I run that intro back, I mean I run that bitch back!!!

    Anyway, I hit this workout and fucked it up on Sunday! Keep the good content coming man! You always on the grind, so fuck it, I’m getting on mine.

  • 5 days a week is manageable for me.

    Monday, Wednesday, and Friday:
    Push-ups (12 reps x 5 sets)
    Body rows (12 reps x 5 sets)
    Squats (12 reps x 5 sets)
    20-minute HIIT (2-minute walk, 1-minute sprint)

    Tuesday and Thursday:
    Regular Crunches (12 reps x 5 sets)
    Reverse Crunches (12 reps x 5 sets)

  • You talk about how they play trash music in the gym and then add fucking Cardi B into your video… don’t contradict yourself again please, I enjoy your videos.

  • so example i workout for 6days a week.. so how many hours shud i workout a day so i can grow some muscles like biceps triceps????? anyone please

  • I hope you can answer my quick question, I see you bench 3times a week but only have a day of rest in between bench days. Dont you need at least 48hours of rest before hitting that same muscle group?

  • I love your routine. I have been doing something like this, except you have given me the fine tuning I was looking for. Thank you, I appreciate it.

  • yo criss im digging that hoodie-Tee but that zipper in the middle looks kinda wierd would be better if u put a smaller deep pocket on the right chest.. fuck it tho still Clean ��

  • the thing is if you use roids or sarms or ph, always 6 days will be better than 3 as you recover very quickly. Plus arms need more sets done to grow per week, if you are noot newbee. for semi pros the more you work out the better.

  • I train twice a day, 6 days a week. Every morning is for weights, cardio, and stretching. Every evening is for my sports, which are Muay Thai and BJJ.

  • Monday: 1 hour of hard jurking off right hand
    Tuesday: 1,5 hours of hard sexytime
    Wednesday: protein day after losing a lot of sperm
    Thursday: same as Monday, but with left arm
    Friday: 1 hour of sexytime, morning, midday and night.
    Saturday: watching video from Wednesday and Friday, to improve next week.
    Sunday: yes

  • If you are a normal person who has a full time job and social life…and want to lose fat and be fit and healthy I would say 3 days a week with 30 to 45 min of full body weight training focusing on (compound exercises) followed by 20 to 30 min of cardio would be best. And focus on getting your diet in order. If you have the time to add an extra day do some form of cardio you enjoy. Show you can stick to this and make some good progress for 4 to 6 months before thinking of doing more. Obviously..if you are a pro bodybuilder or training for a physique contest…or the new star of the latest Hollywood Superhero film you will need to do more.

  • This routine works but when you get to shoulders and arms its really hard you need to drop those BCAA’s when you start dragging after heavy shoulders. I do legs on the 3rd day to give my joints a rest before i hit delts & arms. This split works better than the push pull for me.

  • one of the best educational, informative YouTubers in regards to powerlifting and the big 3.. keep the content coming man, I’ve learned so much out of the box stuff from you and have been making tons of gains from them!!

  • Easy answer to all confusion
    Full body 3 days a week for those who lacks time or those who want to do it all in one workout
    Upper/lower 4 days a week for those who want to train less than 5 days but more than 3 days
    Push/pull/leg 5-6 days a week for those who wants to workout short and often.

  • so yo’re killing the youtube game, coaching game, clothing line, now you’re bout to open you’re own gym? Much respect brotha. Financial freedom is the way. My suggestion, Pump chaser custom work out equipment. I thought about when you said you didn’t like the hammer strength joint. (I don’t like it much, either)

  • If I do-
    Mon: Shoulders, Forearms, tricep, calf( enough to sore muscles)
    Tue: Stretching and progressions
    Wed: Biceps, Legs, Back, abs( enough to sore muscles)
    Thurs: Stretching and progressions
    Fri: Shoulders, Forearms, tricep, calf( enough to sore muscles)
    Sat: Stretching and progressions
    Sun: Biceps, Legs, Back, abs( enough to sore muscles)
    Is it good for me as I am a teenager?

  • I’ve done both. 3 days a week with a trainer for 6 months. Every day for 6 so far. Every day has way more significant improvements. I switched over because I wasn’t seeing enough.

    I’m also a kid tho… so that might not be relevant for most

  • Lov’n the channel, videos are very motivational and entertaining. Thanks for all the tips and secrets. Chasing to be HOE ready one day. Are you guys going to offer bigger sizes in shirts(3X)? Ain’t HOE ready, but would like to represent. Thanks…..

  • Lov’n the channel, videos are very motivational and entertaining. Thanks for all the tips and secrets. Chasing to be HOE ready one day. Are you guys going to offer bigger sizes in shirts(3X)? Ain’t HOE ready, but would like to represent. Thanks…..

  • Love how you have set this plan out Brendan. Simple but effective exercise choices too. And wont have you in the gym for 2 hours everyday to complete. Cant wait to see the complete program. Much love.

  • The entire point of training six versus three days is to be able to hit more body parts with attention given. Three days is not enough time to hit everything twice per week with the recommended number of sets and sufficient volume. If you try to cram everything into those three days, you wind up exhausted at the tail end of your workout and the reps turn into junk volume.

  • well if both groups did the same amount of workouts in a week then 3 days would be better because time under tension is more prevalent in a 3 day workout regimen. The guys working out 3 days would have to workout twice as long in a day as the guys working out 6 days. Kinda seems like trick question

  • 1) Chest/Biceps: Bench, Incline Db, Crossovers, Peck Deck, Chin Ups, Bar Curls, Hammer Curls, Side Laterals, Face Pulls superset Rear Db Flyes.
    2) Legs: Back Squats, Leg Presses, Lunges, RDL, Lying Ham Curls, Calf Presses, Calf Raises, Jump Rope cardio.
    3) Back/Triceps: Pull Ups, Db Rows, Hammer Underhanded Pulldowns, Standing Bar Presses superset Laterals, Dips, Lying Db Triceps, Tricep Cable Pressdowns superset Straight Arm Pulldowns, Face Pulls.

  • I think the 6 day would be good and the 3 day.
    6day would Push/Pull/Legs/Rest/Push/Pull/Legs and repeat giving your muscles at least 48hrs before being worked again.
    FBWO= full body workout AR= Active Rest
    Having a A workout/B workout that compliment each other alternating A/B like Mon=A Tue=AR Wed=B Thur=AR Fri=A Sat/Sun=AR.
    Mon=B Tue=AR Wed=A Thur=AR Fri=B Sat/Sun=AR

    GAINS BB����

  • This is my routine:
    Monday: Back & Shoulders
    Tuesday: Abs & Hiit
    Wednesday: Legs
    Thursday: Abs & Hiit
    Friday: Chest & Arms
    Saturday: You could rest or Abs & Hiit
    Sunday: You can rest or Abs & Hiit
    Lmk if it’s a good one, or any changes you would make. ��

  • i’ve always thought that recovery is (at least for me ) the 1st thing to care about. I dont get how my siblings for example can say you have to workout with a lot of weight and repetions is good, just cuz you demand tour body to do more doesnt mean its gonna be stronger magically, you have to give it time to heal too

  • hey Brendan what exercises/variations do you think would be best for chest strength and hypertrophy, I have strong shoulder and triceps compared to my chest as my overhead press and incline bench strength is pretty decent compared to my lagging bench

  • What programs did they use?
    Push pull legs twice a week or bro split and full body three times?
    Or push pull legs once a week or or or?

  • Been missing your content on instagram! But glad you pumping out youtube videos which go far more indepth.
    Great stuff as always man!

  • When you do the machine press do you retract your scapula arch your back and only touch upper traps like a bench press? Or just flat back?

  • I wish I’ve seen this video sooner cause I’ve been working out everyday for 3month’s its was too much pain so i quit for almost 6month’s

  • Combining recent videos about full body trainning everyday from Jeff. The take away here is that as long as the total volume is the same, training 3 days or 6 days has no significant difference. Simply choose a good work out split that fit your schedule better. For example, 3 days of 2 hrs or 6 days of 1 hr.

  • Hey i’m a novice and I designed this program for myself. I wanted too see if someone could review it and or give tips. I have pretty good knowledge and have good form on all lifts.

    Maandag: Squat & Bench ( Low volume, high intensity)

    Squats 3×3
    Bench 3×1-3
    Rows 3×4-6
    Tricep Pushdowns 3×6-10
    Rear Delt Flys 3×8-12
    DB JM Presses 3×20

    ( Low Volume & Intensity )

    High Bar Squats 3×[email protected]% (80kg)
    Stretch Lower Back(+Glutes) & Abs

    Deadlift (Low volume, high intensity) Bench (High Volume, low intensity)

    Deadlifts 1 Top set van 1-3
    Conventional w hookgrip 1x
    Explosive Close-Grip Bench 10×3
    Pendlay Rows 3×6-10
    Rope Pushdowns 5×10-15
    Cable Curls 3×8-12

    Heavy Single w/ Daily minimal(107.5kg)

    Squats: 1 Top Set Single
    -> Back off set 1×5 (80% van Single)
    Stretch Lower Back(+Glutes) & Abs

    Squat (Moderate Volume, moderate intensity)
    Bench (Low volume, high intensity)

    Tempo (3-0-1-0) Squats 3×[email protected]% (85kg)
    Bench 3×3-6
    Rows 3×4-6
    Tricep Pushdowns 3×6-10
    Barbell Shrugs 3×6-10
    DB JM Presses 3×20

  • I’m just a fitness enthusiast. Not interested in competing. I’m much more familiar with bodybuilding-type of programming and have been learning more about powerbuilding. Will your group coaching cater to general population, or, those not interested in competing as well?

  • My question is how the training was designed. In the video it said that they have the same amount of volume, but that can‘t be the case, right?
    I mean for my opinion, a full body split (RT3) is pretty good for the main compound lifts (deadlift, squats and bench press) since you train it 3 times per week.

    But on the other hand, a PPL Split (RT6) you got more excercises for one muscle.
    Also you get the volume done in a different time period.

    I always wanted to train a full body split again since that was one of my first splits, but I fear that I won‘t have enough volume since I perform a PPL Split with f.e. 3 Chest excercises. So if I would go for my full body I would have only 1 Chest exercise in my plan.

    best regardsfrom Bavaria:)

  • Question if someone is such a genetic freak like Larry can any program work for him to reach his genetic limit or would it take a proper program for him to reach his limit

  • Working out for last 6 year’s… for me working out on alternate day’s works best… Gives me atleast twice the better results in muscle growth than working 6 days a week…
    So we all have better body types and different recovery time… Try different schedule and settle for the one suits you best.

  • Hi Brendan! For the last 3-4 moths I trained low bar pretty frequently (3-4 times per week) with good progress. 3 days ago I tried high bar ( my HB is pretty low compared to others) and I hit the same 1rm. I though HB is way weaker than LB. Do you think I need more practice with LB position to see any difference?

  • Yo if you can, try a swiss bar or triceps bar curls (or any kind of bar that allows for hammer curls with a barbell) + incline db curls. They are so good. you straight up disrespected powerlifters who cant do pull ups hahahaha

  • Nice bulk man! Question: how long do you acclimate you elbows and joints for a new move? Going in after having an X ray because my left elbow area has a strange discomfort that feels like something is pressing inside after a lifting ( that weak feeling when you can squeeze your hands)

  • Hey, love your videos man! Been watching for a gym and have done significant changes by learning from your videos.
    Have one question, after a while I don’t get sore any more even tho I improve loads and overall volume. What’s going on??

  • Just do 3-4 days a week if you want big muscles and you need recovery after those workout.
    6 days are for “serious bodybuilders.”
    Here’s my routine:
    Mon: Arms/chest
    Tue: Rest
    Wed: Back/shoulder + 20 Minutes Cardio
    Thurs: Rest or go for a walk
    Fri: Abs/legs
    Sat: 30 minute cardio
    Sun: Rest

  • Working out for last 6 year’s… for me working out on alternate day’s works best… Gives me atleast twice the better results in muscle growth than working 6 days a week…
    So we all have better body types and different recovery time… Try different schedule and settle for the one suits you best.

  • I like to train everyday but without taking it to failure every time (using body weight exercises), im not looking for volume but my abs are looking better than ever (my hold body is pretty tight now)

  • This means that the 3-days group had to spend at least twice as much time in the gym in order to meet the same volume. So, if the 6-days group performed 7 exercises for 2 sets each, the 3-days group had to perform the same exercises for 4 sets. This is an insane amount of reps for a single workout and due to exhaustion the last sets will be definitely affected.

  • hella good routine Chris! this is totally the way i like to train and the chest&traps day works so well cause i still got the grip to bang the traps. high volume beating all day!

  • Different things work 4 different ppl! Some ppl grow more by training more n some ppl grow more by training less! Everybody is different

  • Monday full body and jiu jitsu
    tuesday rest
    wednesday fully body and jiu jitsu
    thursday rest
    friday full body and jiu jitsu
    sat rest
    sunday rest

  • Yo CJ, I am a boxer and my trianer said to not lift weight just do calistethics, hecause weights make you slower when you punch, is it true?

  • Had the official alphalete playlist on spotify.. I don’t see how anyone can workout to that hahaha. I need some playlist recommendations my dude!

  • booo sry russ didn’t like this. too much editing i come to your channel to watch you workout… this video had too much slow mo and zooming in i felt like i was watching a music video rather than a workout video

  • I Only Do Upper Body Training in Sat And Lower Body Training in Sun Because Im Still in HighSchool

    Edit:I do Push Ups And Squats Every Weekdays

  • ALSO! Another quick tip! That last exercise is for LATERAL delts mostly. Due to the orientation of the humerus and neutral grip (notice o externally rotate) the lateral fibers are in the line of pull. There is some rear deltoid stimulation there since one of its functions is shoulder ER and since you’re pulling posteriorly however mostly lateral fibers get worked. Especially when having the cables from a slightly low to high position. This was my go to delt exercise in my early 20s and I swear it’s most of the reason why my shoulders are capped well. Traditional lateral raises especially when standing straight up don’t hit the true most lateral fibers but this does!

    Hope you guys enjoyed the video! More to come!!

  • What a great arm workout. Personally not a fan supersets I’d rather dropset but I love the barbell movements and the cable movements especially these exercises. And I’ll personally add some dumbbells at the end.

  • Ayy. Another great video and detailed explanations bro. I re-watched your “how to make the bar not feel heavy” squat vid and your “how to grip the bar” bench vid and it’s helped me a lot in my meet prep

  • i do calisthenics mondays, wednesday and friday, and swimming on tuesday and thursday, then i rest on saturday and sunday. Is that ok? or i should change it?

  • General rule of thumb for me is I gain back strength in half the time it took to lose it at most. Sometimes it’s less. I’m not a very technically reliant lifter which may actually benefit me in the case of not getting to practice the movement vs someone who does depend more on technique. If my muscle mass is intact my strength doesn’t vary to much beyond like the 1st 2 sessions back.

  • Sure you CAN train like this 6 days per week and I used to do this. But what are the advantages if any? There are some disadvantages but why would you do this apart from because you love going to the gym.

  • There is a difference between working out every day the same muscles and working out every day different muscles (2 times a muscle group per week).

  • After working out for 4/5 years straight then not really working out properly for 2 years I am getting back into it and searched for this video, for some reason it has always stuck in my head, might be the instrumental. Anyway bro keep up the good work been a long time supporter and you have taught me a lot. Time to get back on the grind

  • Hi picture fit dude. Could you do a video on micro work outs(throughout the day)? Does it give the same benefit as one to two hours a day a gym? Thanks!

  • Actually cannot wait for the program, been on your free dup program for the 7th cycle and still making gains. Thanks so much for the content!

  • id love to see more content about bench press training, in terms of frequency, fatigue, and variations since that is my weakest lift:D

  • 1) What is the reason you don´t do any MYO sets/reps on the assistance exercises (plus weak day)?

    2) In your opinion, does MYO sets/reps transfer as good to strength and muscle gain as straight sets?

  • Aim for 4x
    But if you do 3x don’t stress out

    Only thing I can recommend from CrossFit POV is this:

    Mix it up like hell and enjoy it:
    do weight training a couple of times a week, then relax the rest of the days with light sports while eating 20% cheat-ish meals on the weekends to stay sane and motivated thu out the week (earn your cheat meals while not fucking up progress and at the same time learning a sport)
    ⚽️ �� ���� ����

  • What do you think about my split ’cause I want to grow my bi’s and tri’s so I do it like this:

    Back, biceps, calves, abs
    Chest, triceps
    Legs, calves, abs
    Shoulders and arms

    Some advice for big arms would be appreciated for a naturally skinny guy like me. Thanks!

  • Great content once again Brendan. I know how you feel about missing the meet. My meet was due to be held this Sunday 27th but obviously postponed for a date as yet unknown. Now that you are not competing, will you be posting the full workout plan as you said you would? if i ever get back into a gym i would like to have a crack at it, including the comp prep phase. Take care and stay safe.

  • Excellent content! I train at home my self, luckily. Would love to see more in depth videos on different assistance exercises like you did with the deficit RDL. Also love these training videos a ton!

  • Yo I ordered a shirt from you and it still hasn’t came in, it’s been like 2 months. I also emailed you a couple times but Idk if it’s going through

  • I’d love to see your recommendations and considerations with regards to setting up a home/garage gym I’m sure a lot of people would be interested particularly with all the gyms being closed

  • What they don’t tell you is the 3 day people worked twice as hard. If the 6 days people were going 100% they would grow way faster

  • question, when your doing stiff legged deadlifts (i dont have the mobility yet to go to a deficit) are you dragging the bar up lightly up your shins like you would a normal conventional deadlift? i gave them a go yesterday pretty light at a little over half my 1rm deadlift and they felt great, but i noticed at the bottom up until about the knee the bar was out infront of my shins and not dragging up them unless i pulled my lats down super hard to force it. im assuming this is correct since the shin angle is not nearly as drastic as a normal conventional pull and im not getting off balance or anything weird.

  • im so lucky to know your channel and you. my body type and leverage is similar by you and i couldnt say how thankful i am for your contents!

  • this was my first time watching that intro and it was totally badass!!! definitely got me pumped up. i remember that song beat from the pog channel and you just amped it up

  • I’ve been watching some of your older vids lately ex. Muscle school. You have some gems in your videos. I’ve been picking up a lot of lil tips. Your very knowledgeable, keep up the great work!

  • 6 days a week, with a split, becomes more avaible as an option when you get more advanced.

    It’s not for beginners. Beginners can and should train each muscle 3 times a week if they want optimal growth, and the higher frequency for the lifts also gives a faster strength progression.
    Which also enhances muscles growth.

    However, once the beginner phase is over, a split can be very beneficial. All though a 2or 3-split, done 5-6 days a week would be better then a 5-split.

  • Hey Brendan on your intermediate program video, you set lower upper instead of upper lower, i think that it is for do earlier on the week squats, but if i get some kind if dooms on my ass, and interfiere with leg drive on bench press, would be good idea to do upper first rather than lower? Thanks for all the stuff that you bring to us����

  • You got me hooked on this series. I was just getting comfortable and then you said “tune in next video for another workout” such a tease, but I’m loving the content regardless

  • Lets say i wanted to follow this program, and i kinda do since i wanna up my benchpress since thats my weakest lift.

    Monday: Bench(Competition Style Bench for strenght) chest and back for bodybuilding.

    Tuesday: Squats(For strenght) and Legs for bodybuilding/strenght accessories

    Wednesday: Close grip bench(at 70-80% of RPM and some backoffsets) and then arms because everyday is armday

    Thursday: Deadlift(For Strenght 75-100% of RPM and some backoffsets) followed by some paused highbar Squats and
    some hamstring and glutework aka legs.

    Friday: Bench(Either Higher Volume with around 70% of your RPM or some Bandwork for some speedwork, What would
    You prefer since i like doing bandworks for both the lockout building and some extra tricep and tendon strenghtening)
    Followed by either OHP or Seated Military Press and some boulder shoulder movement 😉

    Saturday: Squats(For Volume combined with Tempo and explosiveness, slower down explode up with 70% of your RPM.

    As a athlete, would that be a good summary of how your routine could or would look like for not only a offseason training but for a good combination of both atletic purposes and powerlifting purposes since im thinking about doing my first
    Meet next year.

  • i always have balance issues on Bulgarian split squats any recommendations maybe only holding one dumbbell thanks for the content