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Joe Weider’s Bodybuilding Training System Tape 4 Chest & Triceps

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Joe Weider’s Bodybuilding Training System: Tape 7 Mass & Strength Training

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The Weider Principles

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The weider principles part 1 introduction

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Joe Weider’s Bodybuilding Training System: Tape 8 Nutrition & Diet

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Joe Weider’s Bodybuilding Training System Tape 9 Advanced TrainingThe Weider Principles

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The Weider Principles A Complete Analysis Few people have had the impact on the world of fitness, and more specifically the sport of bodybuilding, than Joe Weider. Born November 29, 1919, in Montreal, Canada, Weider was one of four children born to Polish-Jewish immigrants. October 26, 2018 Robert Schinetsky The Weider Principles A Complete Analysis Few people have had the impact on the world of fitness, and more specifically the sport of bodybuilding, than Joe Weider. Born November 29, 1919, in Montreal, Canada, Weider was one of four children born to Polish-Jewish immigrants.

The Weider Principles, a list of weightlifting truisms gathered and honed by the father of bodybuilding Joe Weider, have stood the test of time. We highly recommend that you use them, too, as you learn and advance your muscle-building efforts. Program Design Cycle Training. Weider Principle 10: The Compound Set Principle. Much like the superset principle, the compound set principle focuses on doing two back to back exercises with no rest in between.

However, in the compound set principle, rather than working antagonistic muscles, the work is done on sympathetic muscles or the same muscle. Weider Principle 20: The Continuous Tension Principle: When it comes to bodybuilding, one of the major enemies is momentum. If you do a lift and the weight is carried, even partly, by momentum the muscle is relieved of the stress necessary for it to grow and strengthen. The Weider Principles, a list of weightlifting truisms gathered and honed by the father of bodybuilding Joe Weider, have stood the test of time. These 24 principles, which have been divided into 3 categories have guided us for decades in designing programmes.

What it is: The Weider Muscle Confusion Principle involves constantly changing the acute variables in your workout such as number of sets, number of reps, exercise choice, exercise order, and the length of rest periods. This alternation is designed to prevent you from getting in a rut and slowing or stalling your progress. Joe Weider and Larry Scott.

T his article will attempt to explain the Weider principles of bodybuilding, created by Joe Weider, whom I consider the father of modern bodybuilding. The principles which follow are not for use by all. After the name of each principle, there will be a B, I, or A in parenthesis. These stand for beginner, intermediate, and advanced, respectively. Joe Weider published his first muscle magazine, Your Physique, when he was 17 years old.

He went on to create a lasting legacy as a muscleman and publisher of magazines such as Flex and Muscle & Fitness, as well as an entrepreneur who created and marketed fitness products and sports supplements. Without question, Weider’s influence helped the health and fitness industry find itself in. Weider created a lot of principles but for this article we will focus on out top 10.

The principles themselves are more like an overall guide versus some sort of specific training system. But the concepts are very sound and have been well used by thousands of people over the years (if not millions).

List of related literature:

Joe Weider recognized these principles, tagged them with his own name (the Weider Instinctive Principle, the Weider Priority Principle, the Weider Peak-Contraction Principle, and so on), and promoted them in his magazine.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
Simon & Schuster, 2012

Weider recognized the divisions latent in the strong crowd, and divided, rather than broadcast, his message.

“Encyclopedia of American Folklife” by Simon J Bronner
from Encyclopedia of American Folklife
by Simon J Bronner
Taylor & Francis, 2015

Over the years, Weider would concede that he did not invent all of these principles, but like Hoffman and organized weightlifting, Weider did play an enormous role in popularizing these new bodybuilding principles to the growing culture.

“Muscle, Smoke, and Mirrors” by Randy Roach
from Muscle, Smoke, and Mirrors
by Randy Roach
AuthorHouse, 2008

In heavily edited script, Venables explained that Weider’s set system and specialization routines were responsible for advancements of modern physiques, including Grimek’s.

“Muscletown USA: Bob Hoffman and the Manly Culture of York Barbell” by John D. Fair
from Muscletown USA: Bob Hoffman and the Manly Culture of York Barbell
by John D. Fair
Pennsylvania State University Press, 1999

Weider had promised me a year, and I knew that if I did those things, I’d be on a roll.

“Total Recall” by Arnold Schwarzenegger
from Total Recall
by Arnold Schwarzenegger
Simon & Schuster UK, 2012

WEIDER History Group Editorial Philosophy WEIDER History Group is committed to creating accurate, entertaining, and informative magazines, books, and products.

“American Directory of Writer's Guidelines: More Than 1,700 Magazine Editors and Book Publishers Explain What They Are Looking for from Freelancers” by Stephen Blake Mettee, Michelle Doland, Doris Hall
from American Directory of Writer’s Guidelines: More Than 1,700 Magazine Editors and Book Publishers Explain What They Are Looking for from Freelancers
by Stephen Blake Mettee, Michelle Doland, Doris Hall
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In line with Wittgenstein (1965), Weider finds that an orientation to rules does not cause behavior.

“Handbook of the Sociology of Morality” by Steven Hitlin, Stephen Vaisey
from Handbook of the Sociology of Morality
by Steven Hitlin, Stephen Vaisey
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The study showed significant negative relationships between managers’ forcing strategies and those same outcomes (Weider-Hatfield & Hatfield, 1996).

“Organizational Communication: Perspectives and Trends” by Michael J. Papa, Tom D. Daniels, Barry K. Spiker
from Organizational Communication: Perspectives and Trends
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Block periodization versus traditional training theory: a review.

“Performance Psychology E-Book: A Practitioner's Guide” by David John Collins, Angela Abbott, Hugh Richards
from Performance Psychology E-Book: A Practitioner’s Guide
by David John Collins, Angela Abbott, Hugh Richards
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2011

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  • Carlos, please have people check if they are still subbed to your channel. YT unsubscribed me ��. Had to bang the bell again but happy to do it… Keep up the good work and stay safe man!

  • Joe Weider didn’t train a single bodybuilder. Any photo of him in the gym with the likes of Arnold were a photo op, plain and simple. Calling every method of training Weider Principle was all part of the con. I read all the mags back in the day and swallowed it all. Now I realise it was all nonsense just to sell magazines. Joe Weider helped bodybuilding as a sport, but for his own means. I don’t blame Joe for lying to me and millions of other others, in the same way I don’t blame my parents for lying to me about Santa.

  • Joe Weider the classic con man. Took every lifting technique, attached his name to it and called it The Weider Principles. Iron Man mag, before it became another Hack mag, was the one to read.

  • Weider was a huckster. Smart man, no doubt. But he was slicker than snot on a gold tooth. And this is a fantastic channel. Cheers!

  • Didnt Weider just slap his name on what his bodybuilders were doing? I guess he figured if hes supporting them monetarily he gets to claim their results.

  • This video contains a practical guide to straightforward hard training using straight sets. I like the simplicity of the routine. These appear to be the basic exercises for each body part which I’m sure would build muscle and strength if applied correctly. I learn every time I watch your videos.

  • The York System of training pamphlet comes to mind when listening to this….But them and Weider were always going at it back in the day.

  • Weider took bodybuilding from being a sideshow to mainstream via Arnold Bodybuilding now is a drug art show not about health and long life

  • I think if one takes credit for something someone else is doing it’s called plagiarism (sealing)? The thing that weider did and should get credit for is using the great pursuit of health and strength for personal gain w/ arnold as his top alter boy.

    Also, Larry Scotts bi’s we’re built by the flushing method. They were build by d-bol.

  • Velizar Milutinovic (2 years ago) comment is right on the money. His comment needs to be ‘PINNED’ in my view.

    “There is no muscle confusion ONLY BRAIN CONFUSION…”

  • female bodybuilders are like the female version of the male transvestite/cross dresser; they will never be accpeted becuase bodybuilding is related to testostorone and mansculenty; women should be soft and toned. not bulky and big

  • Shocking to see that ALL THESE PEOPLE WERE ON STEROIDS looks like steroids were cheap back in the days. DECA really showed great results here

  • I had done bodybuilding for 11 years  and  I would like to start this sport again I really love bodybuilding.   I love fitness too.

  • There is no muscle confusion ONLY BRAIN CONFUSION,, that’s their tactic in order to make money on you, selling you worthless proteins and supplements and nutrition programs and workout programs,
    but the truth is they all use steroids and eat anything that has high calories they can train same muscles almost every day due to express recovery

  • Thats funny they never mention the “Steroid Principal”  Joe Wieder ripped dumb people off with his lousy protein drinks while all the guys and girls were filled to the gills with steroids. I think the one girl @  16:45 killed herself because she ruined herself with steroids.

  • These  old documentaries are refreshing in comparison to what’s posted on YouTube daily. It’s like watching Happy Days and then comparing it to the stuff that comes out in prime-time now.

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  • ALL i ever wanted was to worship lick touch swallow every inch of ALL of the HOT MUSCLED BODYBUILDER PHYSIQUE SHIRTLESS I FIND ❗❗❗✨��

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  • To every person that comes here just to blurt steroids.

    . Yeah…. We know.

    It would be cool if people came to old school body building videos as old school body building fans. Then you could have some kind of positive connection with people on the internet instead of bashing something YOU came to look up.

    I always love having conversations with people that have similar hobbies.

  • Raj must be reading from a cue card the way he keeps stumbling over his words and not looking at the camera. Even his cooking looks sloppy, did you see how much he dropped on the floor at 32:39.

  • Interesting all the negative comments below but, yet all these guys are accomplished athletes…no doubt they are leaving roids out of the topic. But, it is not titled a Roid video. It is titled nutrition & diet. Also, for some of you do you really believe human physiology changes over time? And, yes advancements in science has lead us to a few different conclusions. But, overall the information is good. Stop nit picking and cherry picking through the information. That’s just silly. And, for the record yes Ketosis diets do make you stupid!

    “Low-carb diets make you stupid. Study shows that depriving the brain of carbs leads to memory loss. Author: Katie Herrel…The reason behind this diet-induced idiocy is simple. The brain runs on glucose which is what the body makes from carbohydrates. The faster a person can get glucose to their brain, the sharper their brain function. In contrast, high fat/high protien diets seriously slow down this process. In effect, those on the Atkins diet suffer from a sort of energy brown-out of the brain. They’ve got energy, just not enough to operate at peak power.”

  • 10:38 We’ve learned since then, this isnt true. Your body can not store protein as fat, it will use what it can, and eliminate the rest. Protein starvation is a real thing, where people being trapped in extreme situations have only had rabbit to eat for MONTHS, and have died from starvation, because there is little to no fat, and no carbs, in rabbit.

  • I wonder if Weider had a deal with ag corporations. The section on Keto is terrible. Ketosis won’t burn fat? You need carbs to burn fat? Wow

  • Good general information, mostly good information as well. 97.3% correct…this is not a personalized video series, nor a series to talk about steroids or your in ability to be meek.

    Dumbass trying to talk like he’s smart and knows everything before he shows his true colors of how dumb he is in Hell’s Kitchen

  • Joe Weider was an adept in the dark arts. Look at the shit pile he created. A master illusionist. An Adept of his caliber would routinely refer to Matarazzo as a useful idiot. Mike rode the illusion along with many others to the grave. Fuck you Joe, rot in hell. Why do you think there are fake mirrors in gyms…?

  • On the subject of Franco’s comment about protein and glycogen: In the 70’s apparently they knowlingly or unknowingly ate ketogenic. They basically ate very little carbs through out the week and sometimes had a cheat meal/day on sunday. What that means is that they could’ve quite easily stored the excessive amounts of protein they ate into glycogen through gluconeogenesis.

  • Fascinating point: why does society largely focus on diet?..seems to me focusing more on quality and nutrition yields greater rewards and longevity for the body; and overall health.

  • I believe it is a great idea to have Professional Sports Nutritional oversight at these guys level of bodybuilding. They really are at extreme tipping point levels of competition.

  • Excellent Point which most will miss…Nutritional Quality! The body requires fresh healthy hearty nutrients. The higher the quality the greater and more useful it is to you. In today’s centralized production and distribution systems getting full nutrient packed foods is difficult. Foods are overly processed through various manners whether that is cultivation, harvesting, preparation, distribution, and/or production; thus, degrading the nutritional value overtime from planting to plate, sort to speak! We Americans haven’t suffered because of quantity. It is quality that is taking the hit on the whole! In fact, that is why most ‘convenient foods’ have to add nutrients back into their ‘packaged’ products.

  • Its sad And hard to believeeee this old man Joe Weider was once a HOT muscled sculptured big chested shirtless Hunk like his students… ������❗❗❗❗

  • I bought these tapes at gnc lol still have them. Weider was a marketing machine. Deny steroid use to give the false idea that you can use weider sups to look like these people lol

  • The lady bodybuilder on the market looks like she is discovering fruits and vegetables for the first time.. Bybthe way she looks/touch them ��

  • This video is a great example of how ridiculous and crass much of todays fitness market will look in just 30 years. All those pseudo-scientific truths and bro science…

  • None of this advice applys to natural lifters…..20 pounds of muscle only burns an extra 150 cals a day thats like 2 slices of cheese, yet they say eat 4000-9000 cals a day naturally??? you would gain 140 pounds of fat. they say eat ever 2 hours? thats only for people on steroids who are constanly loosing size, you cant get that much food naturally you will get fat total BS

  • When wieder produced these video, who did they assume their audience would be. Any logical person would know none of those bodies are real. I assume they were aiming for all the ignorant folks.

  • Update…when in ketosis your body will use fats for energy instead of carbs. Therefore you will literally burn fat and get leaner..

  • 29:58 “hard won muscle gains”? Bullshit.

    “…tren is still extremely anabolic and you can expect massive muscle gains within the first 30 days. You could gain up 15 – 20 lbs of muscle in the first 30 days while also losing body fat and increasing strength.”

  • un gramo de merka!!! equivale a un gramo de anabolicos esteroides.. que mentira que son yanquilandia.. y ustedes creen que n son una potencia.. son todos drogadictos

  • Now we know all that is bullshit, and is mostly steroids use, and keep secret just represent more revenue for supplements makers, that don’t work.

  • Ohhh I get now it has to heavy but not too heavy for there’s no speed or power lol so I guess no speed no white muscle fiber recruited

  • 4:13 shows Lou Ferrigno, discussing heavy weights, squeezing out heavy reps…with an empty olympic bar totaling 45 lbs; well done, Lou!

  • I prefer the style of these videos rather than the ones of today. Can’t watch anything without someone pushing a damn product or sending you to a sponsor site. The old days have their corny moments but it’s straight forward for the most part. Golden age����

  • only idiot will talk about steroids
    its a fucking hard work no matter what the fuck you take
    grow the fuck up before you talking shit

  • The juice totally messed up Lou ferrigno’s speech. Go watch pumping iron and in that film he had perfectly normal speech. Possibly growth hormone or steroids contributed.

  • Love these old videos they miss out the biggest and most important advice to look like a competitive bodybuilder Eat Clen, Tren hard, an avar give up! Having said that, can still attain good results naturally, just wont ever look like anyone in this video lol

  • Ha ha, everything is the Weider Principal. What a freaking joke. Weider was a sick narcissistic phony. Mike Matarazzo really paid the price for the Steroid abuse. He regretted ever getting involved with this crap.

  • Not hating, but training and dieting simply aren’t enough to look this great.. All these guys (even the women) are doping hard with anabolics. It’s a harsh reality to the up and comers looking to achieve physiques like the guys in this video. But you still need to train your ass off and eat right to look this great. Natty or not natty, respect to all bodybuilders.

  • No man have done more harm to bodybuilding and strenght training than Joe Weider.
    He should be in prison for selling misinformation and in best case useless products…
    Everyone knows he capitalized on Arnolds steroid build body by making us believe you can achieve the same using his “weightgainer” products.
    So please mr. Joe Weider… Remove you name from every puplic place and hide yourself in shame.

  • Scientific evidence reveal that you’ll be able to optimise your muscles building process 2x-3x faster; just by modify your eating plan. Because time you spend on the gym is just 3% of all your time.

  • I love how 10 minutes into the video they say the human body has evolved over millions of years to deal with the forces of gravity. Yeah…. Parts of this is true, the whole story is these guys are juiced to the gills to get a physique like this. Just more bull shit you have to decipher. Most people do not have the capability though to use their brain.

  • Funny, years ago, an investigative report had Weider products tested. It didn’t do anything, so The report went to interview Joe Weider. Joe Weider’s next in command said Joe Weider was out of town but he could answer any questions. The report explained that Weider ads were misleading because the products they sold didn’t do anything. The assistant said they never claimed their products did anything. In the meantime, as the video was filming, you could see Joe Weider pacing back and forth, outside of the office, listening to the interview. The report said the ads showed a muscular body builder, insinuating that the products would make you look like that. The assistant’s answer? We can’t help what people think. After that news program and decided never to try Weider’s products.

  • There are so many things in this one that we know better about. The bench form is terrible, the skull crushers are bad…… but the fashion is amazing!

  • Lets please get some anabolic steroid dosage and stop talking shit to.
    Lets speak the truth on this fringe activity please, not shit about supinated hands and all that bullshit.
    That is why this sideshow will never be accepted, because of all the lying..

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    Expect Nothing

  • Rich Gaspari had a thick blocky look, can’t say it was bad looking at all. He had a nice strong looking physique any man would be happy to sport

  • Also keeping natural,you won’t get the loss,lack of energy,,,as when unnatural it’s like tubing charging an engine,,great until it goes bang and in 30s,40s,50s you don’t publish your body,you listen more to it,,,,if you want to see the downsides look up some of these folk who later openly admitted using stuff ie Matarrazo then look at earlier generation and it puts all in context,,, Achim Abrecht on here is still a lifter and Benfatto on here too,,,,so they’re still fine,,,,,The Weider system is great,,,,

  • Weiders beginnings were humble,,,he put a lot of passion into putting together great programs,,,people say he was tight but he gave people the tools and help to give them a start,,,his website tells much about his roots and legacy,,I started using his system back in 1982 and yes it works and works well if you apply yourself,,,,my only regret was whilst not using steroids I used most legal alternatives and I’d say give them all a big miss,,,,,using creatine,gabba,HMB,Nor19,Tribulus I got more than strong but with age couldn’t keep up with it,,,,Look at Reg Park,,,Steve Reeves,,John Grimek. Fairly natural and lived a quality of life,,,,,for the 10 to 15% improvements it’s not worth the risk,,,,,I worked in a gym in London where Bertil Fox trained and another that Albert Beckle’s opened both in North London,Harrow,,,,,,,,,Wishing you success in training and health,,,

  • all of these people are either dead or real sick now and although still young can never be what they once were.And thats how steroids ruin a good thing.

  • my like changed this video from 999 to 1k. isnt that amazing? by the way i grew up in the 80s and 90s i remember watching this guys training and looking like gods i wanted to be like them a huge muscle machine but i didnt know there was a small secret they never told us.. a secret that some of them today would think twice if they could..

  • thank you for this upload. This was after pumping iron, in the middle of the bodybuilding revolution. When bodybuilding was still a misterious sport 😉 lol

  • Fuck Joe Weider, he was a bad person, freaking scam artist deceiving, opportunist, leech coward. He actually is a criminal and shouldve been prosecuted for harming the lives of billions of people throughout the world and having been the founder of what is still affecting and killing many young naive athletes. He took many naive young athletes under his wing only to exploit them and destroy them by promoting drug use and harming their health, all for his fame and profit….

  • 25:05 looks like Diana Dennis. She’s one of the hardest workers in the gym. She had no natural genetic advantage like Zap or Rutkowski, but worked like dog to get fuller, rounder muscles…

  • I can imagine Bob in a high-school sex ed class, “One of the functions of the dick muscle is to pull it up straight to get it in good position… yada yada…”

  • Oh yeah! 16 sets of chest, all to momentary muscular failure. That’s the ticket. They forgot to give recommendations for injectable recovery supplementation.

  • half of the people in there passed away from steroid abuse…. body building it s a beautiful things but u want more and more and more this is the problem i noticed on my self

  • Great video, like a trip back in time. I was a teenager in the 80’s and it was fun buying the magazines and watching the Arnold movies with friends. Great times!

  • Anyone else notice Rich Gaspari’s right nipple is situated almost underneath his pec? I’m guessing maybe he had a bad gyno surgery lol

  • i wonder if they did not do roids if they would be that big? im eating good drinking water and working out, all natural. it might take 6 years but i would never inject some fake lame ass shit thats gonna give me heart problems later on. good video tho, those guys look like monsters especially the black one

  • There’s a lot of good valuable body building info in this whole series, but the only problem is the music and narrators voice is still stuck in my head when I lay down at night; long after I’ve watched it mid-day. I mean don’t get me wrong I really do dig that early 90’s “feel good” guitar vibe, but I just can’t seem to fully get it outta my head @ night.

  • Women do suit natural powerlifting it sculpts their bodies to perfection, women have muscle just like men only when women use anabolics this is the worst thing ever! They are MALE HORMONES helllllloooo i’m talkkin to u women that want to be lou ferrigno don’t i read that some women users actually develop a penis (not good) No offence to legends like Bev Franscis and Iris Kyle

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  • No. More reps are usually for toning up. You want reps to generally be less than 10 for mass building. It’s probably done this way in this video for demo purposes

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