The Very Best Leg Workouts for ladies



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Slim Legs Workout (7 Minutes)

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Slim Thighs & Legs Workout that WORKS | Burn Inner & Outer Thighs Fat (No Jumping)

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FULL GYM LEG DAY WORKOUT! | Build and Define your lower body

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The PERFECT Leg Workout for Women

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“Not only have EMG studies shown that basics like squats, lunges, and calf raises work the leg muscles best, but women don’t tend to build big muscles thanks to a lack of testosterone,” says Schoenfeld, who created this leg workout for women with that science in mind. But the real magic is in his mix. Best Leg Exercises for Women Program.

I have developed a great leg-exercise program that you can start today. Here is a workout that you can do at home, which imports bodyweight exercises, or at the gym. Start by doing these exercises 3 times per week, every other day for 4 weeks. For advanced exercisers, you can do the routine 4 times per week.

To save you some trouble, I broke down 25 of the best leg exercises you can do. Start incorporating them into your own leg workouts by choosing four big moves that involve multiple joints, like. As well as being one of the best leg workouts for women, Romanian deadlifts also strengthen the lower back. As such, that’s where you should be bending from as you lower the weight. 1) Stand with your feet and knees together.

2) Take a large step with your right foot to the right side and lunge toward the floor. 3) Make sure your right knee does not extend past your toes and keep your left leg relatively straight. 4) Push off through your right foot. The 10 Best Leg Exercises for Women If you want to tone your legs, slim down your thighs, and burn leg fat these leg exercises are for you!

I’m sharing a workout with 10 of the best leg exercises for women. When you do these leg exercises together, in the same workout, they’ll target every single muscle in your legs. I specifically chose these leg exercises because they’ll maximize your.

Raise your legs slightly while keeping your lower back connected to the ground. Scissor the right leg over the left as you scissor the left leg over the right. Engage your core and glutes, squeeze your heels together, and externally rotate your toes. Lift both legs off the ground about an inch, try to hold up for 10 seconds, and then release back down.

The American Council on Exercise suggests several of these exercises to boost your leg size and muscle thickness. Move 1: Back Squat (Barbell Squat) The back squat targets the quadriceps at the front of your thighs and uses your buttocks, inner thighs and soleus muscle of the calf for assistance. 10 Best Leg Workouts for Women. Whether you’re looking to add variety to your leg days or in need of a new, targeted routine, these 10 leg workouts have you covered from hip to toe.

Author: Kyra Mackesy Publish date: Jul 17, 2019. Leg training is nothing ne.

List of related literature:

To make this exercise more effective, do the movements in a 4-count sequence1) step to side, keeping hips and shoulders square, 2) lower body into a squat, 3) stand, 4) drag non-lead leg in, placing feet together.

“Fitness Instructor Training Guide” by Cheryl L. Hyde, American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness
from Fitness Instructor Training Guide
by Cheryl L. Hyde, American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness
Kendall/Hunt, 2002

• Foot exercises: the woman should sit or lie with her knees straight, then flex and extend her ankles by moving her feet towards and away from her body at least 10 times (Fig. 54.1).

“Skills for Midwifery Practice” by Ruth Johnson, Wendy Taylor
from Skills for Midwifery Practice
by Ruth Johnson, Wendy Taylor
Elsevier Health Sciences UK, 2010

After bending both the legs from knees hold the bases of the feet together, bring them to the joints of the thighs and move the knees up and down as the wings of a butterfly for two minutes, repeat this exercise.

“Yog Its Philosophy & Practice” by Swami Ramdev
from Yog Its Philosophy & Practice
by Swami Ramdev
Divya Yog, 2006

To add intensity to this exercise while maintaining the position achieved in step 2, lift and lower the top leg three to five times before lowering both legs in step 3.

“Pilates Anatomy” by Rael Isacowitz, Karen S. Clippinger
from Pilates Anatomy
by Rael Isacowitz, Karen S. Clippinger
Human Kinetics, 2019

Leg training for women is an absolute must.

“Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy” by Bret Contreras
from Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy
by Bret Contreras
Human Kinetics, 2013

THE MOVE: Step forward with your left foot, bending your left knee until your left thigh is parallel to the floor, keeping your back as straight as possible.

“Testosterone Transformation: Lose Belly Fat, Build Muscle, and Boost Sexual Vitality” by Myatt Murphy, Jeff Csatari
from Testosterone Transformation: Lose Belly Fat, Build Muscle, and Boost Sexual Vitality
by Myatt Murphy, Jeff Csatari
Rodale Books, 2012

Leg slides-towel under feet, knees bent, flat on back, maintain a pelvic tilt while sliding legs almost to a fully-extended position and bring them back up to a knee bent position without losing the pelvic tilt, 10 times.

“Obstetric and Gynecologic Care in Physical Therapy” by Rebecca Gourley Stephenson, Linda J. O'Connor
from Obstetric and Gynecologic Care in Physical Therapy
by Rebecca Gourley Stephenson, Linda J. O’Connor
Slack, Incorporated, 2000

This involves 100 sit-ups, 50 lunges (stand up with legs together, stride one foot forward and bend the knee, then come back up to the starting position and do the same with the other leg) on each leg, 25 press-ups (on your knees or against a wall if you can’t do full ones) and some stretching.

“How to be sexy: Seduction tips for women” by Infinite Ideas, Helena Frith Powell
from How to be sexy: Seduction tips for women
by Infinite Ideas, Helena Frith Powell
Infinite Ideas, 2011

Once the side of your left leg is on the ball, keep your legs squeezed together and pull both knees closer to your waist, pause for 2-4 seconds then extend the legs, and roll to the other side.

“Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple” by Pete McCall
from Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple
by Pete McCall
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2018

• Leg tightening: the woman should sit or lie on the bed with straight legs and pull her toes towards her legs pressing the back of her knees down towards the bed, holding the position for 4 seconds, then relaxing.

“Skills for Midwifery Practice Australia & New Zealand edition” by Sara Bayes, Sally-Ann de-Vitry Smith, Robyn Maude
from Skills for Midwifery Practice Australia & New Zealand edition
by Sara Bayes, Sally-Ann de-Vitry Smith, Robyn Maude
Elsevier Health Sciences APAC, 2018

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  • DAY 29!! A super awesome lower body circuit �� I apologize for the lighting on this video and tomorrows (day 30). The outside conditions were not the greatest!! Much love and see you tomorrow! xx

  • start: 17.08.2020
    right: upper tight: 50cm middle thigh: 44cm calf: 31cm
    left: upper thigh: 50 middle thigh: 44 calf: 31cm
    day1: done with the abs 15days workout of emi too
    day2: done with the abs 15days workout of emi too

  • I have moved to a new place where though I have now more space to do this session, there isn’t any space on the wall for the final exercise. Is there an alternative?

  • My exercise

    Day 1: ✅
    Day 2:✅
    Day 3:✅
    Day 4: ✅
    Day 5: ✅
    Day 6: ❎
    Day 7: ✅x2
    Day 8: ❎
    Day 9:✅x2
    Day 10:

  • Damn it seems growing a butt is the only thing that matters these days. Saw all your videos and not one video about training your upper body. Cheers though get your coin.

  • Hey guys i will do it twice everyday for a week and i will update you!

    Left leg:53cm
    Right leg:53cm
    Day 1:✓
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:
    Let’s see,please remind me!!

  • Hey, I love all of your workouts and especially this one! But when I do this one I find that it hurts my lower back, what can I do to fix that? I hope you see this, I love you, you are so inspiring to me!❤️

  • I really enjoyed this workout!! I started my training yesterday with upper body and abs, today I was looking for a video and found yours!! Thanks a lot, it really helped!!

  • Loved ❤️the workout! Just what I was looking for. Challenging and not boring �� Next time maybe I will use resistance bands. Saving to my playlist. Thank you ��!

  • No idea, how could I complete this workout as I always resist doing legs. But I’m glad I did, though I took double the time she took XD

  • How does this chick have no ass after squatting and deadlifting? I ended up with big glutes just from running up hill carrying sandbags on my shoulders, before I even grew them more from 3×12 on squats and deads years later.

  • Thank you for sharing this, Marcus!
    I appreciate your encouragement and ideas, and look forward to renewing my efforts to engage my readers.

  • Loved this! I’m 21 weeks pregnant and before I found out was at the gym everyday building up. This was a great lower body work out to pull me back into some activity during my second (much better feeling) trimester. No jumping or ballistics to agitate my pubic bone that is already extremely sensitive..

  • chewing gum is one of the worst things you can do when working out….. it produces stomach acid making the body ready for food and digestion and therefore taking the energy away from the rest of the body and muscles and preventing you from having the energy to push really hard. Gum should only be chewed after food top aid digestion.

  • I tried this this morning and it absolutely KILLED. I added 10 min of the stair master too so I’ll go ahead and call it a night ��

  • Omg I did your this workout tonight, this is amazing. I dont feel confident using the weight as I dont really know what to do, I do know this is going to help me massively thank you, you give me confidence to do it and get better

  • Great, great, great. Many thanks from Germany. Really enjoyed that training and it brings my pulse much more up than regular resistance training.

  • Finally, I’m gonna do this for a month coz I tried everything but still can’t see the result.
    Also I will complete two other emi exercise videos every day.
    Day 1: ✅ my thighs are fat as hell.
    Day 2: ✅ I feel tired, but very motivated.
    Day 3: ✅ ��
    Day 4: ✅ not tired at all.
    Day 5: ❌ muscules need to rest.
    Day 6: ✅ Today I ate a lot and a feel so guilty:(
    Day 7: ✅ one week yay
    Day 8: ✅

  • I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories hope that would give you some meals ideas and tips!

  • If you do not receive the desirable result with your legs, then may be you are disturbed! ���� Please read this to find possible reasons of this! Nobody will explain you like this, but this is a reality of modern life: ��

  • Im doing this for 2 weeks
    Both thighs=48cm
    Day1✅I can’t do some of exercises because my legs aren’t straight and flexible…I almost gave up 10 secs of last exercise

  • my thighs( )( )omg!!!! wanna loose…actually fed up of this stuff…!!!!

    acha kindly comment if anyone of u guys had an effective result doing this….kindly share and write down in the comment box pls

  • Hey Maddie!
    Super workout!
    It didn’t went very good for me for the first seven days, my thighs and booty were aching dead, but I didn’t quit.
    Continued to do the workout daily, now I see in my 3rd week I am able to do more lower squats and my legs are getting toned like never before.. ��

    Enjoying the workout each day��

  • New here.
    6AM workout. Used this for glutes and included #letsfit medium resistance band.
    I’m drenched.
    Awesome burn! Thank you madfit!

  • First your gf is smokin hot. Second, watching her do leg curls her back looks dangerously arched. She can strain it when doing the curl. Could be painful.

    Did I mention she’s hot?

  • Nice! Work!
    My legs and glutes are sore from just watching…very beautiful young lady! Getting results the right way, hard work. Not injections ����

  • Girl as a weight lifter I know that lil head shake when you know when your last rep could’ve been better!!! I love this leg and lower body workout!!

  • Easy excersises. A bit problem on position my upper leg right on the last excersise. Felt it went better on other side. Didnt feel hard at all. But sweat is good and I do that for sure ^^ so sec day with leg excersise doing bingo wings and toned arm tomorrow ^^ I love your sessions Holly. You are the best. Btw just watched your last video with Ellie. Seems like I have more sessions I can do with my husband when I’m done with this personal challenge ^^

  • hey! i seem to be having a problem with my arms while doing the first 50% of the workout, i don’t know if this is because my arms are too weak or im just placing them wrong for the excersice they get pretty sore and tired, even more than my legs and im afraid im doing something wrong:( is that normal?

  • Im a 23 male, i do fitness not too seriously but i think im quite okay after 5 years of training. I tried the one leg squad after seeing 7:00. You deserve a medal for this shit my lady. Im in hospital now.

  • So I wasn’t motivated enough to commit to this over the past 5 months in quarantine but now that school is starting in 15(?) days and I only have about 8 months till prom I will do this every day until then and continue until I get the skinny I always wanted
    So my left thigh is 49cm 3inches above my knee and my right is 52cm and I shall keep track of this every month wish me luck


    Day 1 ✅ FIRST ONE BURRRNNNNN, no pain NO GAME����

    Day 2✅ DID IT TWICE

    Day 3✅

    Day 4✅

  • I literally hate watching people take their pre-workout like she did…..andddd speed their videos up too?! Like, nooo you don’t go hard for taking it like that… and b/c it’s sped up makes the actual lift form look bad. If it were me, I would much rather have bigg full glutes vs. Bigg ass quads. �� juss sayin… also, you shouldn’t be looking in the mirror while doing cable kickbacks.. that’s just asking for spinal injury.
    But…. you know, whatever works for you.

  • Decided to do a leg/butt workout coz I injured my shoulder lifting weights, and now both are injuredd HAHAHAHA jk. Would love to stick to this workout for a month or two HEHEHE LUVIN IT!

  • woah this is the first workout that i’ve ACTUALLY been able to go through without taking any ( okay maybe one little one) breaks at all! i think i was just getting used to it today but hopefully the next few weeks i’ll be doing it without breaks. i’m tryna to slim down before schools starts so i’m going to keep a log until then!

    day 1: done! didn’t feel too many burns as i was just getting used to having a feel of the workouts but will try to do them better tomorrow! but for nowwww ��

  • Thank you for the video. I really like how you included unique workouts rather than just the standard ones. I’m trying to get a booty like yours.

  • So awesome. Thank you for this. Now I know how to get a great workout on leg day at the gym. Love this video. Also if you can advise what supplements or drink to take before this workout so I won’t fall dead on the floor. It looks so easy, but I bet its intense. Thank you

  • Started 7th July:
    Right leg – 56cm Left leg – 55.7cm
    I did some of these exercises and incorporated my own, similar to Chloe’s, no jumping or squatting though. I did some of the exercises on the bed too because I’m a lazy b. I also started eating healthier sort of. ��
    15th July:
    Right leg – 53.4cm Left leg – 53cm
    I’m achieving slim thighs in terms of the Lower half but I’m still struggling with getting that thigh gap right at the top. But as you can see it is working for me so far and I’m able to get in some jeans and trousers that I couldn’t before!!!
    Today 19th July:
    Right leg – 52cm Left leg – 52.5cm
    As you can see initially my left leg was smaller than my right but it depends on which leg you put more work in and that’s why my right leg is now smaller than my left.
    Hope this helps I’ll keep updating, you guys can do it. I thought I could never achieve slimmer thighs because I kept bulking with squats etc but this routine definitely doesn’t bulk at all. Good luck ����

  • what weight should I start out at for the squats thats challenging but wont kill me obviously, like how much is starting and how much did you work up too and in what time frame

  • Is it ok if i do upper leg on one day and 2 days later i go for calves? I work upper legs twice a week but I only focus on calves once.

  • I was legit super excited/impressed that the video started with you in the gym doing what the description said, instead of explaining the title for 10 minutes and saying “so if you want to see a [insert whatever tutorial you’re watching], then keep watching” even though you obviously want to keep watching because you clicked on the stupid video in the first place.

    Ok rant over. But good job. And I typically only watch people that I know have knowledge/degrees/certifications (instead of just how someone’s physique looks) and I don’t even care to look and check if you do because of how much I appreciate you jumping right into the video.

    I didn’t even realize how much that annoys me until just now.

  • If an exercise calls for 3 sets (example), do you complete all 3sets before moving to the next exercise? Or do you run through each exercise for one set before cycling back over and starting the second set… hope that makes sense??

  • Ok so can anyone tell me how long tell you start to see changes cause I’m at a month doing this 2 times a week and I don’t really see anything yet! Motivation low

  • Damn I hope this works.

    Day 1: ✔
    Day 2: ✔
    Day 3: ✔
    Day 4: ✔ (I haven’t reached my goal yet but I already feel more confident as there is a very small difference whish I have noticed)
    Day 5: ✔ (Pretty easy)
    Day 6: ✔
    Day 7:
    I don’t know how long I will do this for but 7 days minimum
    Also I did split and middle split stretches before doing this every day
    Thanks to the one person believing in me who liked my comment

  • Someone helpp:( I’m going to join track which will be a lot of running but want to maintain my muscle mass can someone help on how to keep it

  • I wanna try these workouts so bad but I go to a gym with a lot of f’ckn people and I’m afraid of people looking at me funny (with the squats mainly)

  • Yes! Another great workout! The last SS w/ the drop set w/ 15 rep burnout?? I KNOW that’s gonna be incredible! ���� You had us do the same on hip thrusts in another video and lemme tell ya’, it works!! I use your workouts for 4-6 weeks per muscle group. On week 3 of one of your back workouts currently. �� @suziq_tips_weightsandwellness you can see my changes. I’ve lost 65 pounds and am putting on lean muscle thanks in large part to you!!

  • I will try these for 13 days only these workout,then maybe for 25 days.
    Day 1:did the 16 min workout and i these but i decide to try these only
    Day 2:done feel more burn day after day
    Day 3:done
    Day 4:done
    Day 5:done
    Day 6:done
    Day 7:done
    Day 8:done +10 cool down
    Day 9:done +10 cool down
    Day 10:done +10 cool down
    Day 11:done +10 cool down
    Day 12:done+10 cool down
    Day 13:done+10 min cool down
    Day 14:
    Day 15:
    Day 16:
    Day 17:
    Day 18:
    Day 19:
    Day 20:
    Day 21:

  • How long do you need for this workout? I often spend more than 2 hours in the gym because my breaks between the sets are to long I think..I only have 5 exercises in my leg workout ����

  • Yeah great video hunter your workouts are wonderful and enjoyable to watch honestly girl and they have helped me a lot sending you love from Michigan girl ����������������.

  • Im gonna post my results:
    Day 1: Quite hard felt it most in my outer thighs
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5: BREAK
    Day 6:
    Day 7:
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10: BREAK
    Day 11:
    Day 12:
    Day 13:
    Day 14:
    Day 15: BREAK
    Day 16:
    Day 17:
    Day 18:
    Day 19
    Day 20: BREAK
    Day 21:
    Day 22:
    Day 23:
    Day 24:
    Day 25: BREAK
    Day 26:
    Day 27:
    Day 28:
    Day 29:
    Day 30: BREAK
    Im also doing the 22 minute aerobic exercise and 30 day ab challenge but i don’t feel like sharing my weight so ill just say how much i lose by the end.

  • I don’t know if anyone will even see this but if you do and know the answer can you please let me know if running and doing these workouts will bulk your legs

  • Great workout ����I’m sure I’ll try it soon ��
    But hunter, can you please film a warmup and stretche routine?
    It’d help me so much.. thank you ❤

  • 2nd day both left and right thigh 26 inches..will post result after 14 days and then 28’s not that much difficult to do…

  • just to encourage myself and to keep a record, I’m going to put this here,

    “Doing slim thigh workout + 2 week summer shred”

    Day 1 (August 13th) it’s so hot in where I live so I could only manage to do the thigh challenge. something’s better than nothing. ✅
    Day 2: (August 14th) boi, I couldn’t do it because of the heat. 52 degree Celsius. ❌
    Day 3: (Aug 15th) done with both ✅
    Day 4: (Aug 16th) ✅
    Day 5: (Aug 17th) ✅
    Day 6: (Aug 18th) ✅
    Day 7: (Aug 19th) break ❌ becasue I was extremely demotivated
    Day 8: (Aug 20th) ✅
    Day 9: (Aug 21st) ✅
    Day 10: (Aug 22nd) ✅ it was a lot easier today. I can feel the change in my body. My legs look leaner and toned. I’m excited.
    Day 11:
    Day 12:
    Day 13:
    Day 14:
    Day 15:
    Day 16:
    Day 17:
    Day 18:
    Day 19:
    Day 20:
    Day 21:
    Day 22:
    Day 23:
    Day 24:
    Day 25:

    Drop a like to keep me motivated ✨

  • So i finished this challenge today i didnt really notice Any diffence in my thighs but i lost some weight (66 kg -> 63 kg)and i really feel much more stronger. I will try 2 weeks shred challenge next week

  • Coronavirus addition! Love this video. It will be my gluteus/butt day new body here I come!!!!����������. Gotta lose about 30 pounds.

  • Recommended this video to my wife who is beginning leg training. Obviously starting with low or no weight, and focusing on form along with attendant core training. Video is clear, content is correct including thoughts about proper form, is well organized and well demonstrated.

  • Leaving a comment to say that I started this today, and I definitely need all the support to hold myself accountable and see this through. Just finished Day 1 of the slim thigh challenge and it was so hard. Hopefully it will get easier. Does it get easier? Lol

    Day 1: Done

    Thigh 63.5cm
    Leg 44.5 cm
    Waist 96cm
    Hips 121cm

    Day 2: Done. Today was so hard with all the ab workouts. Kept pausing.

  • Make sure she’s careful with her neck on those deadlifts. When she’s looking up to watch her form she could be causing and injury.

  • wow, this workout video is actually helpful! i’ve seen so many that have exercises that will not get you the results you want, they’re just there for content. so thank you Mandy! you just got a new subscriber.

  • I would like to know why dont you go all the way up and squeze bum, when you are doing RDL? Abn what is the point to elevate your feet for doing squats?

  • Let’s try this ��

    I’ll be doing this with one of the excersises from the 2 week shred challenge! Oh and i’ll update after 2 weeks. I’m taking 2 days out of this whole process for a rest day.

    Age: 12 i’ll be 13 pretty soon
    162.4 lbs:(

    _ lbs

  • Thankyou ❤so much chloe for introducing such a good workout…….. actually i have been trying jiny diet slim leg workout and from past three days iam trying this……my thigh gap is disappearing so fast���� both workouts are amazingggg…

  • On Day 1: Right thigh measures 58.42 cm as well as my left thigh
    Day 25: Right thigh measures 55.88 cm as well as my left thigh

    I’m so much happy with the results. Thank you so much Chloe Ting. You’re a thigh saver:)

  • I noticed that she seemed to be carrying around her gym bag, never been to the gym so not critiquing just curious if that’s normal?

  • I haven’t worked my lower body for like 20 days and now as I am doing this workout I feel extremely tired, before I was so much stronger, trying to get back in shape. support me in this journey. thank you madfit!

  • Thank you chole…..
    Day 1: Done
    I m sweating very much
    Day 2: done��……..
    My legs r exhausted… did 2 sets of ths exercis.
    Day 3: not done
    Day 4: Done.

  • i’m starting today and will see till where i can come

    07.08.2020 ✅
    day 2 ✅
    day 3 ✅
    day 4 ❌
    day 5 ✅
    day 6 ✅
    day 7 ✅
    day 8 ✅
    day 9 ✅
    day 10 ✅
    day 11 ✅
    day 12 ✅
    day 13 ✅
    day 14 ✅

  • I am doing her workout and i am getting my results too.. And i sweat like full open water tap.
    Well my thigh 24.5inch(L) 24.5inch(R) is right now.
    Lets start the workout now

  • i started 9 days ago but forgot to write my improvment, so from now on i am going to.
    day 1: done
    day 2: done
    day 3: done
    day 4: done
    day 5: done
    day 6: done
    day 7: no exercise today, thank god
    day 8: done
    day 9: done, i am not getting any results i am scared:(
    day 10: done, I AM SWEATING
    day 11: done, today was easy:)
    day 12: done, i feel more powerfulll
    day 13: done, my legs aren’t burning, am i doing something wrong?:/

  • Omg I was doing really good until the last two�� My legs literally felt like boulders and I had such a hard time lifting them up.
    Anyways, starting off with 61cm thighs

  • Just did my first round of this today and I’m going to continue doing them for the next two weeks I’ll keep you all updated on my progress!

  • Hey Dont bend your knees when you do deadlifts but keep them a little soft dont lock them in,,, keep your head in a natural line also if you are goin to do that many sets per exercises do less exercises smooth and control 40 min to 1hour is sufficient dont burn your self out girl Good work and good luck take care

  • 32 y/o male here with lower back problems which using weights worsens. This workout was perfect! Legs are hurting (but not the back) thanks!

  • boots 98 cm
    abs 78 cm
    upper leg 56cm
    lower leg 38cm
    my weight 62.25 kg
    18 august ✅
    19 august
    20 august ✅
    21 august
    22 august
    23 august
    24 august
    25 august
    26 august
    27 august
    28 august
    29 august
    30 august
    31 august
    01 september
    02 september
    03 september
    04 september
    05 september
    06 september
    07 september
    08 september
    09 september
    10 september
    11 september
    12 september

  • I’ll be surely starting this workout today and I’ll be updating about the results
    Now at present
    Left thigh-60.5cm
    Right thigh 61.5cm
    Day 1:✅

  • İ kinda know Thick Thighs Save Lives but İ still want to do this
    Slim Thighs Challenge!
    L.Thigh: 27″, R.Thigh:27.5″, Butt:43″
    Day 1:☑️
    Day 2:☑️ My legs are dead!��
    Day 3:☑️ These workouts will kill you but make you strong at the same time.
    Day 4:☑️ Arms and Legs hurt so much!
    Day 5:☑️ Doing this in Periods feels like some Achievement Unlocked!
    Day 6:☑️I feel like some warrior doing this in Periods as if I have to fight till the end!

  • me clicking on the video without looking at the title: takes mirror down because I’m scared the mirror will fall and break when I jump in my room
    me: checks the title well then….that was a WASTE OF TIME

  • I’m gonna do this everyday 2 times (morning/afternoon)

    ✨��*Day 1*��✨
    ☀️morning: _
    ��afternoon: harddddd! ��

    ✨��*Day 2*��✨
    ☀️morning: Once again really hard ����

  • This is my first day doing it and my thighs hurt a lot today because I don’t normally do workouts but I’m 60 cm and ill comment again for at least maybe 2 to 3 weeks and keep you updated, but also does this come with any diet?

    Day 2, it was the same burn but I guess I can say that today was a lot more manageable.

  • Hey Holly…as I am doing these for long.. now I don’t feel these exercises difficult enough to burn much..which exercises can be teamed up with this one to be more effective??

  • So I’m working out because I feel insecure about my leg and I go downstairs get a drink and and my ma get all up in my face thinking I did something with someone even tho I showed her my YouTube history full of leg and yoga workouts and then on my tablet full of music and memes and she has the audacity to say that I’m with someone

  • I’ve been incorporating this workout into my weekly routine for the past couple of weeks, and I’m already seeing results. Thanks a lot!

  • I am doing this for a week
    Day 1: it was really hard my legs was really tired but i kept going.
    Day 2: I could feel my legs was changing. It hurted to go down stairs and sit down but i was still going.
    Day 3. I could almost not walk my legs was hurting like hell. Was still going
    Im adding the days slowly so yea

  • I’ve been doing it for more than a month a the results are truly amazing. I’m a slim person although my legs always were bigger. Now people are actually saying how great they look. Don’t give up and do it once a day. These 15 minutes can REALLY change your life

  • I am someone who has been struggling with lower body fat for years now. No matter how much I worked out losing fat from my thigh was not happeing for me. I have done tonnes of thigh workouts in the past but nothing has been as effective as this.
    Have been doing this for a week now and have already lost 2 cm from each thigh. Going to continue this and increase the reps. Brilliant results. I am so happy!

    Thank you Emi! ❤️

  • Its been day 5 of my workout and here are the slight results i got.
    Left thigh 25
    Right thigh 24.1

    Left thigh 24.2
    Right thigh 23.4
    I am highly motivated by the results just in 5days.Though have a long way to go.
    No pain no gain.
    Thanku Emi❤

  • I am going to start the slim thigh challenge today! I’ll come back to this comment when I have finished to put my after result here.
    Before my thighs were 55cm (R) and 55cm (L).
    Wish me good luck!

  • Go lower on the Squats! You’re unable to at that weight from what I could see in this video. Your depth needs work. I would recommend lowering the weight to get that proper depth

  • I have started this workout today 19:8:20
    Left -58 cm
    Right58 cm
    DAY 1 Done✔️I cannot feel much burn in my thighs
    DAY 2 Done✔️
    DAY 3
    DAY 4
    DAY 5
    DAY 6
    DAY 7

  • Ooooh this was sooo good! Simple, easy to follow (unlike some other workouts with super-complicated moves), easy on the joints BUT super effective. Thank you!!


    Day 1 ✅ FIRST ONE BURRRNNNNN, no pain NO GAME����

    Day 2✅ DID IT TWICE

    Day 3✅

    Day 4✅

  • Your workouts are always awesome. Btw Hunter could you do a video for those with knee pain like a modification video to grow your quads if squats and lunges hurt?

  • Holly I hate my thighs. There too big and have cellulite. I’ve tried this workout a couple long did it take for you to lean out your thighs? I want to see if this is worth it, as all body types are different too. But either or I am at a moment where I just want to give up!

  • 19/08/20

    hello guys, i don’t measure my legs cause dont know where the meter is ��. i think it’s okey. today is my first day. (1/25)
    i’m also doing diet
    Weight: 61.5
    day 1 first time: ✅ (i hope i dont give up…)
    day 1 second time: ✅
    i will try to do it two or three times in a day. ������������

  • I’m going to give this a go for a week first and try to remember to share my results with y’all:)
    Right Thigh: 53cm Left Thigh: 52cm
    Day 1-✔ It was pretty easy and could feel my thighs working
    Day 2-✔ Was a little harder, but felt the burn more than the first day and was more motivated. (Idk if I’m measuring right, but i’m trying) R.T: 52cm L.T: 53cm
    Day 3-✔ Almost didn’t do this day, but I’m committed to it. Could feel more burn in my calves than the other times. R.T: 51cm L.T: 52cm
    Day 4-
    Day 5-
    Day 6-
    Day 7-
    Final result for week 1:

    A tip for anyone who wants to do this and feels anxiety about it for your own reason. Have music playing on a separate tab while do the workout. It helps get your mind of whatever your worried about and focus more on your goal.:)

  • Let’s do this guys!

    Day 1: ☑️ (did it once at night, after another thigh workout) R: 23.4 inch, L: 23.4 inch
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:

  • upper thigh: 21in / 53cm
    middle thigh: 18in / 46cm
    ( i’ll update my progress when i finish the program which will be September 10, 2020 )

  • What camera do you use? I love your videos! I just uploaded a leg and booty workout and it would mean the WORLD to me if you check it out and let me know what you thought!! xx sending my love

  • Omg Emi u r such a wonderful person…i was hereafter doing aerobics and i thought i ll be doing thighs workout for only 10minutes…but u were motivating during the whole video and by so i end up doing whole workout…trust me on this i watch several videos but urs one is always ur motivating skills..
    Love from India��

  • Anyone who is experienced in these kinds of workouts or maybe actively exercises like this… do squats make your thighs bigger? I’ve heard that it makes your muscles bigger so your thighs look bigger so now I’m conflicted whether to start…:(

  • I’ve done this workout before and I LOVE it! I don’t know if I wanna do this one or the 15 min one?? Let me know in the responses!

  • Are we gonna do this? Yes we are!!!

    Day 1: ✅
    Day 2: ✅
    Day 3: ✅
    Day 4: ✅
    For some reason my legs have been sore lately that’s why it hurt to do today’s exercise. I measured myself today and I’ve lost 2 cm on my right thigh and 3 cm on my left thigh already! ��
    Day 5: ✅
    I felt so lazy today that I ended up doing this in my bed! ��
    Day 6: ❎
    Couldn’t do it today as my internet connection didn’t work at all the whole day.
    Day 7: ✅
    I didn’t do this yesterday so I would have to add another day to really make it a week.
    Day 8: ✅
    I’m so glad I was able to finish this!

    I’m screaming! I measured myself and I’ve lost nearly 5 cm from each thigh in just one week!

  • Why the deodorant, especially before a workout? You’re supposed to sweat. Your top should be completely drenched in sweat after a workout. Instead you choose to soak in all that yummy aluminum and totally jam-up the lymph nodes. Not only is your deadlift technique poor, your health projection is even worse.

    “Aluminium-containing antiperspirants prevent toxins from being expelled by the body. These toxins clog up lymph nodes around the armpits and breasts and cause breast cancer. The aluminium in deodorants is absorbed by the skin. It affects the blood brain barrier and has been linked with the onset of Alzheimer’s disease”

  • Here we’ll attach some jokes to motivate you more.
    “wErE fIghTing fOr lOvE tOnIgHt”-1
    “If you feel like you’re dying here I am tooo trust me pls do it still” like gurl I died 5 minutes in the video ��

  • Hiii ima do an update on me doing these work out for a week:)

    Day one: um chile this was hardddddd me legs fell like Jello ;_;
    Any who ima see y’all tomorrow:\
    Day two:

  • Since most of the workouts are on plank position, does that mean that I’ll get my arms and ass to slim a little bit too??? Like it’s not about thighs only right?

  • Women and men.. they should use the same workout. Those kickbacks and shit are fucking pointless. My Gf never does them and she has huge fucking legs and ass.

  • I’m gonna be doing this for a month and see the results I am gonna do this with the abs workout and with 10 min walk

    I’m 50 kg and my waist is 74 right thigh: 51 left thigh: 52

    Day 1: ✅
    Day 2: ✅
    Day 3:✅
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:

    Weekly result:

    Day 1:
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:

  • i have been doing this for ever but my things don’t feel any burn, my things only burn in the last exercise. is this happening to you or is that just me?????

  • gonna do this twice every day + april han’s 7 day slim thigh workout!! posting results after 2 weeks
    left thigh=62cm
    right thigh=61cm
    Day 1: ✅
    Day 2: ✅
    Day 3: ✅
    Day 4: ✅
    Day 5:

  • Yesterday i started this workout because i want my legs to be beautiful and that they get thinner ��how many days should i do this workout
    one day=��
    Wish me good luck����

  • Hey so I’m doing this but I’m abit late on the update thing so I’m on day 5 already. I do this workout, chloe tings ab workout, swimming for about 2 hours and go on walks 3 times a day if possible. For all of you wondering I did change my diet a bit by not eating and bread or sweets but from time to time it’s ok to have sweets don’t be too hard on yourself:)
    I can already see changes:)
    Day 1: ✅
    Day 2:✅
    Day 3:✅
    Day 4:✅
    Day 5:✅
    Day 6:✅ my legs BURNN ��
    Day 7: ❌
    Day 8:❌
    Day9: ❌
    Day 10: ✅
    Day 11:❌
    Day 12: ✅ I took so many breaks as my legs needed it (I definitely see results my legs look so much better and I feel so much better! )
    You guys may not feel a burn for the first few days but trust me. After your muscles do this alot it hurts ��

  • All these comments have inspired me so imma do this! I will keep y’all updated!
    Give this a like to remind me to update☺️
    Day one: ✅just completed the workout:) can’t wait to see progress!
    Day two:✅
    Day three:✅
    Day four:
    Day five:

  • I always watch workouts before I do them, and this one should say “INTENSE 7 minute work out. NO BREAKS!!” I’m legit scared ��������

  • Hi Holly, I’ve been working out all quarentine and i’m super proud of my results, but the problem is that my legs are more muscular and bulky which i dont really like. Do this workout is only for big/fat thigh or it could help in my situation ( bulky legs) to slim my legs?Ty soooooo much!!!

  • It is amazing to me that so many gym instruction videos seem to be filmed in nearly abandoned gym facilities (there may be one or two people in the background). These videos must be shot at 3:00am in the morning. The gyms I use are packed with tons of people and have many equipment “squatters.”

  • im going to do this for three weeks
    day 1: ✅ as expecting this was challenging, although i felt the burn throughout the majority of the workout.
    day 2: ✅ surprisingly, i did not wake up sore today, but as i was doing the workout i for sure felt then burn. although i havent seen any actual results, i feel like my thighs are less jiggly which is a good sign.
    day 3: ✅ surprisingly i have already lost two pounds, and i feel like my legs are slightly more toned.
    day 4:

  • I have been super insecure about my thighs for a while now so I decided to start this ��

    Day 1: Sort of easy but towards the end I was dying

  • I somehow need to look perfect for Monday (24th August) I’m going to try doing this everyday i will aslo try cutting out so of the junk I eat (as I’m a teenager it can be hard) I am going to save the video and I will update on Monday x

  • I’m skinny but I don’t feel skinny I’m under weight for my grade for I don’t feel like that I’ve been eating a lot of junk without gaining weight, or getting belly fat, I just drink a lot of water through out the day and before every junky meal

    I started doing this work out today, I’ll update next Saturday =)

  • this works guys!!!!! tbh i don’t really measure or anything because i just really want my legs to become smaller so after doing this for like 2 weeks i clearly can see the difference!! i skipped this for 2 days? and most of the days i did the routine once, oh and i also drink like 2.5L a day

  • Pov: you are doing this because you just found out that in england when we go back to school they are weighing us so you have 3 weeks to lose weight

  • So school starts in like 3 weeks I will try to do this do get skinnier and slim legs cuz my thigs are huge, also I will do Holly Dolke flat stomach workout and I will update here and please just reply to my comment or something cuz I think I will forget to update haha lmao let’s go (also I’ll try to drink more water and focusing on to not eat after 8pm)
    1 day: Hurts pretty much but thats normal I also had 15 sec break after each exercises (sorry If I don’t type everything corret cuz I’m not from England or America)

  • Just did this workout after watching one of your stretch videos, I’m sweating, I’m motivated I did something today productive. Thank you for the video. Sincerely a stripper.

  • Starting this workout to get divorced thighs ��
    Day 1 ✔ omg the burn �� my legs felt so sore after it ��
    Day 2 ✔ I really felt the burn ��my legs are dying but it’s worth it ����
    Day 3✔ it was easier today �� I think my legs are getting tighter (is this even English ��)
    Day 4 ✔
    Day 5 ✔
    Day 6

  • Doing this 7 days first and if it works then another 7 days!
    Day 1: went pretty good
    Day 2: also went pretty good but a little harder
    Day 3: it was okay just very tired after
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:

  • Hello guys!! Is there someone who could tell me if that workout really works please? My tights are ffiiing huuuuuge and I really need something good but I want to know whether this one will help me or not �� (I’ve been reading some comments down below but I can’t really find many of the actual results.)

  • I’m going to be doing this 2 for a week to see if anything happens:)
    Day 1: My legs were dying during the last two exercises but I didn’t give up!!
    Day 2:it wasn’t easy but I get going��I was so tired bc I did a chloe ting video before doing this
    Day 3:I just finished the workout and it was easier today than it was yesterday but I don’t see no difference:( I’m going to keep doing this workout
    Day 4:again no difference:(
    Day 5: it’s getting easier and I kinda see a difference around my calves but not my thighs��they’re still big
    Day 6: my thighs look a bit slimmer but still big
    Day 7:it’s getting wayyy easier and I actually see some what of a change on my thighs but it’s not fully visible yet
    Day 8: I still felt the burn,don’t really see any changes. Also I’m starting a diet today to see if that can help me
    Sorry I’m quiting��school just started and the teachers are already giving me hw��so I don’t have time to workout

  • Don’t you hate it when people are like:I’m gonna do this for 30 days now, I’ll update you daily….and then they never update….

  • I am going to do this for 35 day
    Current weight 140-145lbs
    Height 5’4″
    Upper thigh 22 both
    Lower 18 1/2 both
    Day 1 ✅
    Day 2 ✅
    Day 3 ✅
    Day 4✅
    Day 5 ✅
    Day 6
    Day 7
    Day 8
    Day 9
    Day 10
    Day 1
    Day 12
    Day 13
    Day 14
    Day 15
    Day 16
    Day 17
    Day 18
    Day 19
    Day 20
    Day 21
    Day 22
    Day 23
    Day 24
    Day 25
    Day 26
    Day 27
    Day 28
    Day 29
    Day 30
    Day 31
    Day 32
    Day 33
    Day 34
    Day 35

  • Wow I can’t wait until I’m able to squat and hip thrust heavier. I squatted 25 lbs on each side and felt so heavy to me. I will get there someday

  • The first day I tried this my legs were 61,5cm and 60cm now after 2 weeks they are 55cm and 53cm. Thank you so so much, my legs were never this toned and slim. IF YOU DID NOT START ALREADY, START NOW!!!

  • Her heavy deadlift set wasnt all the bad. Starting rep did have an arch which looked like it was fixed in the later reps. Having a belt could helpbut Keep up the good work

  • Hey boo! Any tips for avoiding shoulder strain with barbell squats? I used to squat fairly heavy (135-145) but had to stop altogether cuz my shoulders would get SO sore to the point of being really unbearable. I feel like it’s because my shoulders are not as strong as my legs and can’t bear as much weight, so I’m trying to work on strengthening them, but if you have any other tips for alignment or adjustments I could make to alleviate the strain please lmk! ����

  • Thanks for these exercises! Enjoyed a lot even if it was a bit hard to do it all in a row. I feel so fit after doing these exercises a couple of times! 😉

  • I’ve been lifting for several years and am pretty strong but I CANNOT to pistol squats unless i use TRX ropes to help pull myself up. I don’t get it. I see people do them and I’m just like how?! On my left leg I can’t go down all the way just to 90 degrees and then on my right leg I can’t even really go down because my heel always raises. Does anybody have any tips or insight as to why I can’t do them or what I’m doing wrong.

  • Awesome leg day workout thank you Hunter I had been waiting for this one. I love Smith machine I can go really heavy on weights n still keep my body in control n good form n complete my supersets. ������

  • Definitely gonna be trying this…I’ll do a 30 day challenge, starting today.
    DAY 1: The first set was easy, the second time, my body was giving up on me but I pulled through.��

  • To anyone that needs some motivation:
    I’m a medium-sized girl, someone who can’t call herself skinny but when calls herself fat gets the customary “girl you’re not fat.” I’ve been doing Chloe’s workouts since the start of quarantine, back in about mid-march, and had never taken any measurements. My thighs have never been that big of an issue for me but they do that bird meme that you all know when I do sit down lol. I have to say, I was SHOCKED when I took my measurements after the last day of this program so here they are: (all in inches)

    Left ThighUpper: 25
    Middle: 20 1/2
    Right ThighUpper: 25
    Middle: 20 1/2

    Butt39 1/2
    StomachLower: 36
    Middle: 31 1/2

    Left ThighUpper: 23 1/2
    Middle: 19 1/2
    Right ThighUpper: 23 1/2
    Middle: 19 1/2

    StomachLower: 32
    Middle: 28

    I will forever be grateful for all Chloe has done for me! I promise it gets better, life, body image, happiness, everything. Just give it time, your all and keep trying! You got this <3

  • Hey guys! I’m new to youtube and JUST posted my first workout video!! I’m hoping to get some feedback for my next one! Heyyyy to all my fellow small youtubers!<3

  • Having your heels elevated while you squat is not meant to take tension off your quads and more on your glutes. If anything, it actually puts more tension on your quads since you will be more upright… having your heels elevated helps with ankle mobility which a lot of people lack, therefore it helps having better depth and being more upright.

  • How many days a week should I do squat exercises? I’m a beginner and I’m already sore the second day so I want to know if I have to take a rest day and if so how long?

  • Thank you for the workout ideas!! I just joined a weight training class and I really don’t know what to do, but I know I wanted to get work on my legs and glutes. Keep it up and thanks for the motivation

  • Omg! I use the exact same men deodorant. It doesn’t leave the sparkle shine under my shirts and keep the sweat away. Love your workout routine.

  • Whoa this is pretty crazy. you must have alot of muscle endurance for all those exercises, and it’s not like your using light weight your doing heavy. I don’t watch fitness YouTubers anymore, but I think you really have good mind muscle connection. Alot of these girls don’t get it, not everyone has it. I’ll be subscribing to your channel. Btw do you live fl by any chance?

  • Came back from the gym a few hours ago, I’m excited to try some of these out on Wed. I am still going semi light to medium weight as I work on my form so that I can go heavy soon. Thank you for this video, much appreciated!:)

  • I will do the exercise until 30 August
    right: 60

    i update every week:
    day1: done
    day2: i didn’t
    day3: done
    day4: done
    You are awesome��

  • progress tracker:

    day 1: longest 7 minutes of my life. my upper thighs carry the most weight and i’m so glad that these workouts target that area. my legs feel very shaky and i only did the workout once.

    day 2: my muscles were sore when i woke up this morning so i already knew this was going to be a killer! but i pushed through and completed the workout (inner thigh lifts and squat pulses are my enemy). i made sure i stretched well once i was done and i also had a protein shake to help repair my muscles. can’t wait for day 3!

    day 3: today’s workout felt easier than usual, which was good. again, i only did the workout once and made sure to stretch when i was done. No visible results yet (obviously), but i can definitely feel my muscles getting stronger.

    day 4: i had an exhausting day today so i didn’t feel motivated to do the workout, but i did it anyway (only once). i can definitely feel the exercises getting easier to do, but still little to no visible results yet. i know that it’s going to take a while before i see a difference so i’m going to keep pushing until i get my desired results!

    day 5: REST DAY

    day 6: yesterday i injured my ankle which is why I took a rest day and i did the same again today. i’m hoping to get back into the exercises ASAP so that i don’t loose my progress. i’ll most likely get back into the exercises tomorrow.

    day 7:

    day 8:

    day 9:

    day 10:

  • Theres a lot of misconception of bringing the knees in front of the toes. As this is something they tell you is “bad”. I know by experience that bringing your knees in front of your toes is NOT bad and quite the opposite (if you do it correctly)….. the reason i mention this on this video, is because i notice her limited depth when doing the barbell squat. Form isnt bad but perhaps try bring the knees forward, flexing the ankles a bit. With those plates below the heels, it does provide an easier range of motion for the ankles. I believe she is forced to stop where she stops because her center line of gravity changes, due to her bottom positioning leaning towards her posterior side (the butt side).

  • Before
    Right tigh: 47cm
    Left tigh: 47cm


    -Week 1
    Day 1✔ (since I had already done some other workouts before, I had no problem doing all the exercises. I like that the break between exercises is 15s because so far I am not used to such a long rest��)
    Day 2 ✔
    Day 3 ✔
    Day 4 ✔

    P.S. In addition to these exercises I also do a couple of others but for other parts of the body because I want to see how effective these specifically are for my thighs. I will do them for two weeks without a break and I will do the measurement after a week.

  • Please get a professional to fix your squat form. Over extending your ass will result into anterior pelvic tilt. You were doing high bar. It should be closer in form with front squats. Also please get a flat hard soled shoes for squats and deadlift and working out in general. Not only is it safer but it also helps you produce more force with a better foundation.

    Keep up the good work.