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The Full Natty Bro Split This workout routine is designed by Reemo Petteway, OCB Bodybuilding CEO. Most body part splits are structured to fit within the confines of a weekly schedule. This program is different. It’s an eight day split that’s structured as follows: Day 1 Chest; Day 2 Back; Day 3 Shoulders; Day 4 Off; Day 5 Legs; Day 6 Arms; Day 7 Off.

Phase 2: Push/Pull Workout for Natural Bodybuilding. After you’ve finished the full body primer phase, you’ll move onto the Push/Pull phase. This phase will have slightly more volume per workout, while also providing some isolation work for the muscle groups that were somewhat neglected in the previous phase. This phase will also last for 9 weeks.

The Training Split. The best split, both physically and psychologically, is the push/pull split: Pulling Muscles. Hamstrings; Back; Biceps; Pushing Muscles. Quads; Pecs; Delts; Triceps; Each push or pull workout will have 4 exercises – one per muscle group (two for back since it’s made of many different muscles). Workout A: Pull Workout.

Hamstring exercise. 1.Big compound exercises are the best overall. Compound exercises are effective because they teach you how to generate strength and power with your whole body.

The strength and skills developed by compound movements translate well to sports and real life. In addition, multi-joint exercises are also more fun to do than isolation movements. Also, compound exercises increase levels of muscle-building serum testosterone and growth hormone more than isolation exercises (1). That’s not important if you are injecting or ingesting artificial hormones, but it’s very important if you are natural.

4. Keep your workouts short. Most naturals should keep their workouts to 60 minutes or less. Creating The Best Bodybuilding Workout Routines To Build Mass And Gain More Muscle One of the most traditional bodybuilding workout routines is the 3 day split. There are many variations of the 3 day split but overall they are all similar. The 3 day split is a very popular workout routine and arguably the best approach to building mass.

Push/Pull Routine. Day 1: Legs, abs. Day 2: Chest, deltoids, triceps, abs.

Day 3: Back, biceps, forearms, abs. This is a very common split routine it makes a lot of sense as well. Day 1, you do legs by themselves, which, if you squat (and you should) makes. 2. Dial down your diet and nutrition. Even with the best strength training routine, few lifters will be able to gain substantial size and muscularity unless their diets are locked in.

This requires ample amounts of protein and healthy fats, as well as strategic implementation and. The best workout split for fat loss would have to be full body split training. That’s because full body workouts will burn more calories than isolating any particular muscle group or body part. It is important that you focus only on big compound exercises that require a large range of motion.

It’s no secret that split workouts are better for building muscle mass than full body workouts. A 3 day split workout is the most popular workout routines around. And it’s for good reasons, this routine never fails, it will give you a respectable physique that can compete with the best of them.

List of related literature:

An intermediate and advanced bodybuilder can use many different types of split routines.

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The three-day split builds on the premise of the two-day split routine.

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I used a routine that combines the double split routine and split routine in a six-day workout.

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Microcycle 5 increases frequency to 6 days per week employing a traditional bodybuilding-style split routine.

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When designing a split routine, you need to follow two basic rules: Hit each muscle group at least twice a week, and don’t work the same muscle group on consecutive days.

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Novice individuals should lift whole body routines (composed of both upper and lower body as well as core exercises), while advanced individuals should lift split routines (alternating between upper and lower body).

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It’s necessary to point out that in addition to doing exercises for only one or two body parts at a time, bodybuilders also spend many hours a week implementing nutrition and supplement strategies to achieve their desired levels of muscle size and definition, without which it can be hard to achieve the same appearance.

“Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple” by Pete McCall
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In this case, I’d also suggest using more of a traditional two way bodybuilding split routine (see example below).

“The Ultimate Diet 2.0” by Lyle McDonald
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  • hey jason can u elaborate real quick on what exercises ud do on that 3 day full body split? either in comment or a quick video? thanks buddy.

  • After you said about this in an earlier video i switched from splits to full body day 3 days a week and legs 1 day a week only cos a cross country cycle 5 days a week its made my gains much easier and easier to progress, have really enjoyed the content lately keep it up

  • Jason, I like your 100% objective approach to this question! Only focusing on the physiological aspect really let’s the scientific evidence speak for itself!

  • you mentioned a push pull split and that the squat is a push and the deadlift is a pull. but can you recover from squats on a push day if you follow it up with deadlifts on the pull day the day after

  • Does this guy read minds?!?!!!! I was driving to work this morning thinkin about my evening workout(legs) then i thought about the next day Saturday that i would try to do a split day(i never have tried it)…and then boom this video pops up!!!!!

  • I’m a beginner in weights, absolute rookie
    How important is stretching?
    Should I stretch before, after, both?
    Is it important for someone like me starting out? I assume it’s helpful for the long term, but what I want to know is if it’s something I NEED to do or else I won’t get growth

  • I did the Hit/Heavy duty system that Dorian Yates did and had great results with that and I loved it, because its so satisfying, but then I noticed something concerning my Voice and the Voices of all the Athletes and Coaches on YouTube: They all have dry mucous membranes and sound hoarse. I figuered, thats because of the permanent stress they demand on their bodies.
    Because of Corona and because Im a Singer, I changed to a moderate high frequenzy volumetraining, never going to failure so that the time I needed to recover was way less and behold: my Voice recovered, I felt way more energized and I got pretty much the same results. My only problem is, I find that kind of training to be much more boring.
    But: In Germany we say, its gehuppt wie gesprungen… Jacke wie Hose… it doesnt matter that much:-)

  • Hey I don’t know if you still read past comments but I heard that it’s good to hit chest with back on the same day for joint reasons? My current split is chest back then shoulders triceps biceps then legs.

  • I have a honest question? How can it be you had muscle you were well trained etc and had low test at 27??, is it an exaggeration? Maybe like 400-600, I had 566 and im almost 37

  • What about the guys that are training 6 times a week? ( was it for powerlifting? ) Or for greasing the groove? You are telling me that grasing the groove is not as effective for hypertrophy as going almost to failure on all sets 3x week?

  • I do grt with two. Done three, looked good, then had to cut back due to work and family and bang, was like a drug injection. Do running twice a week for cardio but now I’m always fresh.

  • Yes please a complete workout cycle with movements sets and reps. I have been a power lifter for 15 years and am transitioning into more body building style workouts and need a good program to get me started. I would definitely fall into the traditional category for a 5 day split. Thank you for all that you have provided with your channel so far and I look forward to see what else you put out.

  • Jason I tend to have more fast twitch muscles as I have some good lifts ect but I seem to get better results from offen and little these days, can some people be genetically so that their fast twitch muscles react better to little and more often?

  • Great advice, and it really works. Been there, done that. With cleanced, not necessary “the” perfect diet, you GOT this!������ Keep it simple, keep it heavy keep it fun.BOOM!

  • i already knew from looking at the title, that you’d say best for you is what works best for you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) /. Subbed for too long to fool us!

  • You need at least 1 big movement per muscle group where the focus is chasing progressive overload. You need to get stronger to get bigger. No other way around it. Progressive overload (adding more weight, reps, sets or decreasing rest time) after neurol adaptations is evidence of muscle mass increase because the more mass you have the more force you can produce.

  • I did a dna test on 23and me and it said that i have slow twitch vibers while my dad has fast twitch vibers, quite odd, also don’t have the big hands like my dad.

  • Honestly. I’ve tried every split and I find that Push, Pull rest Push, Pull rest, rest works best for me.
    I believe that keeping routines simple with high intensity are key for maximum results.

    This has been my routine for the last few months and I love it.

    Push A
    Incline dumbbell bench press
    Seated dumbbell shoulder press
    Decline barbell bench press
    Triceps dips
    Cable lateral shoulder fly’s
    Overhead triceps cable extensions
    Seated leg extensions
    Standing calf raises

    Pull A
    Wide grip pull ups
    Close grip cable rows
    Reverse grip lat pull downs
    Face pulls
    Dumbbell biceps curls
    Barbell preacher curls
    Hanging knee raises

    Rest day

    Push B
    Incline barbell bench press
    Standing barbell shoulder press
    Barbell close grip bench press
    Dumbbell lateral shoulder fly’s
    High cable chest fly’s
    Triceps pull downs
    Leg press
    Seated calf raises

    Pull B

    Neutral grip pull ups
    Wide grip cable rows
    Wide grip lat pull downs
    Dumbbell shrugs
    Barbell biceps curls
    Dumbbell hammer curls
    Seated hamstring curls
    Abs crunches

    Rest/ or Repeat

    Just like the twins I have a bad lower back and can’t really perform conventional squats or dead lifts to the best of my ability, so I balance my legs out by doing heavy leg presses and heavy RDL’s.

    Some may like it and some may not but give it a shot for a month or two. ��

  • I only have 4 days I can get in the gym and my legs develop a lot faster than my upper body. I’m thinking about just adding legs to one of my push days and one of my pull days

  • Question I’m 7 day type a guy and do little different everyday cables always been my gain is it bad to mix shoulders biceps triceps and back in each day?? I really am focus on my upper body

  • Jason, I have a shoulder injury which I can’t have evaluated because I’m currently unemployed without medical insurance. So I want to take it easy and not lift too heavy, so I’m doing full body workout every other day concentrating on compound movements, basically your program with extra accessory since I’m taking it light without the progressive overloading, just doing what feels right day to day, trying to overload when possible. My question is since I’m not taking it too crazy can I work out every other day without taking the weekends off, meaning literally every other day or would that be detrimental? Also how the hell is a deadlift a pull?

  • What Jason is saying is what real natural bodybuilding is about… sure, you can follow many routines and many styles of training but at the end of the day if it is not working for you why bother using it. Some people can hit the chest every other day, some people can only hit once a week, or twice a week if their genetic build is like that. Trial and error. I’m sure for Jason to look like that, he had to go through his fair share of trial and error.
    I was training Full Body before, 6 sets per muscle group 3 times a week and it destroyed me… had no energy by the time I was done training my back or arms. So I just split it up, 3-day split, Push (Chest, Shoulders, Triceps), Pull (Back, Biceps, Forearms), Legs (Quads, Hams, Calves), and I’m basically training every day with one rest day after every sixth day, and I feel great… don’t have any lack of energy and I can train my legs accordingly. If I don’t feel like I can train legs after 2 days, guess what, I won’t train them. I will train them on the fourth day instead.
    I really enjoy your videos Jason, keep it going.

  • SundayRest
    MondayPush Hyper
    Tuesday-Pull Hyper
    WednesdayLegs Hyper
    ThursdayPush Strength
    FridayPull Strength
    SaturdayLegs Volume.
    Mix the workload up between days. Hypertrophy days, Strength days, and Volume days. All while in a caloric surplus. That is my current training regimen, and I’m seeing progressive results.

  • For me, (Pecks, Shoulders, Triceps, Legs, Calves) then Pull (Back, Biceps, Core, Forearms, Traps) or Upper then Lower with Core and Cardio.

  • upper-lower-upper-rest-upper-lower-rest works best at least for me. the most imoprtant parts are rest&recovery, the split itself is not as important as most people think

  • I plateaued for years hitting each muscle group once a week. I gained a lot of muscle when I cut back to 3 days/week hitting each muscle group once every 2 weeks. Perhaps it’s because I was more motivated on the 3 days, instead of just trying to get my reps in and going home, but whatever the reason it worked for me.

  • hey Jason i really love your content and i have a question for you. Is it possible for sb to store bodyfat mostly in their arms? I think that is the case for me because my upper body looks(abs, chest, and back ) looks way leaner. Also could this be due bad genetics?

  • Hey man love your videos! Yes would love to see what exercises you would put in a split say chest, triceps, shoulders what exercise would you use so you’re not in the gym for 3 hours ��

  • I found your channel a few days ago, and like the short concise info. However, I would like more in depth video of a full workout.

  • this is a complete nonsense advese….3 times for week fullbody would only work for someone with very little muscle mass…someone that already trains for a long time and have some muscle wouldn’t be able to do that….and that’s exactly why someone in the past has created a traing split….

  • How did Yall Calculate Yall Macros Did Yall Do The Body Weigh And Body Fat Way Or Heigh Weigh Age And Activity… Or Do It Even Matter Would It Still Come Out The Same

  • So what is the fact? Sorry i have bad english i dont understand the full video. So what is the best split for natural lifters? Please somebody help! I want to more fucking muscle!! Thanks!!

  • I CANNOT wait for this program. I’ve commented before. But just the approach Ryan takes has really altered my view on body building. I love the tweaks to conventional exercises. It’s really helped me form connections with muscles I haven’t had before.

  • been working out for around a year, went from 129, 6’1 to 145 6’2 16-17
    not too good, i know, I didn’t eat right for the first 6-7 months. Eating is very important for a hardgainer, very.
    my split, hardgainer
    (rest if needed)
    (rest if needed)
    i really struggle with arms so i usually try and destroy them with at least 2 exercises at the end of my push and pull workouts. I actually started seeing lots of progress from Ryans videos with my arms keeping up in the higher rep rang and good, near perfect form.

  • 44 year old here. Been at it for about 3 years. Did Gertlouw program. It was good. Diet was very complicated. Hitting a wall now. Love this channel and Ryan’s go after it attitude. Would definitely get a program from this dude. Hurry up ok buddy!!!!

  • Monday-back and shoulders/traps
    Thursday-back and shoulders:traps
    Saturday-chest and arms

    That’s what I follow. What’s ya think ��

  • Just curious, are you a teacher in some school? Because if you are not, then man, you were meant by the gods to be. I’ve been observing a number of bodybuilding advisers here on YouTube, but you are definitely a level above from what I’ve seen. You get concepts across in an easy understandable way…and with humor, but your ideas are tremendous and new to me in many cases. Something to really mull over. I’m doing better in my workouts from what you say. Hey, I love your idea of working the muscle and not the joint. That’s like a bodybuilding commandment ringing in my head every time I hit the gym. You’re great. Keep ’em coming.

  • I really like your no BS style, hell-yeah I’d buy your program. I’ve been looking at Athlean X, Jeff knows his shit, but he has some weird exercise movements. Also, if it matters, I do a 6-day split Push/Legs/Pull, Off, repeat. Keep up the great work.

  • I’ve been lifting for a few years now and my dad says to me “I’d start lifting with you but it doesn’t work when you’re my age” I showed him your videos and he says “that guys on steroids or something” �� that’s the best compliment a natural can get. Keep up the good work man!

  • Me personally I would buy your programme only started watching these videos and I love them no bullshit straight to the point. Keep it up buddy.

  • You have taught me two things in this video! 1. Why my hamstring take so long to recover and 2. Why I was always called a Meathead in school. For those who do not know the term, it also went by cocked diesel or a person who always looked like they did some sort of physical training. Much love Jason!

  • You have put more size on and look like your cutting going by your muscle separations.������
    Lovin that BBQ griddle.
    Just what I need. ��

  • I have 2 splits: A(back,biceps, legs) and B(push and abs): I go one week 3xA and 2xB and next one 3xB and 2xA. However I am just a newbie

  • Ive been training for year and few months and I have the traditional “bro spli” except when Im doing back I also add 2 excercises of 4 sets for biceps, or when Im doing chest I add 2×4 triceps and when im doing shoulders/delts I add bench press and one other excercise for chest so that I hit arms and chest 2x per week. I also try not to do delts and chest or chest and arms in 2 days in a row so that muscles can recover

  • Ryan, have you changed your split recently or are you still on that Bro split? Does it work for natties too (1-year experience)? My current split is as follows:
    Day 1: Chest + Triceps
    Day 2: Back
    Day3: Rest
    Day 4: Legs
    Day 5: Shoulders + Biceps
    Day 6: Rest
    I’d be glad to hear your thoughts about it and any recommendations!

  • Hi, I am following Cindy Landolt muscle mass routine which seems to be the “Traditional” workout plan. It is a 4 day workout with 1rest day after the first 2 days of training; and 2 rest days after the other 2 days of training. What do you think about her program?

  • One thing I found is that, for me, switching between splits works wonders. So I do a 5 day split for 8 weeks then switch to a push pull then back to 5 days then to 5xweek/FBW for a month then back to say push pull etc. Huge difference when I do that compared to when sticking to 1. Just saying.

  • Should’ve specified what body part splits to undergo if you are the power or the more frequent trainer. Would’ve added more value to the video. Keep up the good work though

  • Everything that you have put out, by far, is the absolute best that is out there. I’ve watched various exercising channels and you blow all of them out of the water.

  • Great stuff, Jason! And for educational purposeswhat might be a good training split for a lightly to moderately “enhanced” lifter?

  • A have working out with weights since 17 but not to serious.I started to workout hard with clean food and all that in my 20.At this point a never have go to a gym and í see a transformation in my phisique and my confidence.when í started lifting í was like 140 lbs.I started the gym when í had 21 for only to months quite and started again when í was 22.I only have go to the gym in my life like 4 months.My physique stats right now at age 22 are 180 lbs, 5″10 16 inch arms and like a 15% bf.Do you think i have potencial for bodybuilding if a go constantly to the gym and doing thinks right?

  • I’m interested in the traditional approach every part once a week deal, he have video where he covers this in general or more detail. I’m itching to get into the gym (if the damn things don’t collapse before they open again) and want to hit the ground running.

  • Hey Jason, as an intermediate/expert lifter do you actually need a training program or is there a point in your opinion where you are so in tuned with your body that you know when/what needs to be trained and what exercises should be done on a particular day?

  • The best routine is simple anything that doesn’t involve supplements!!Hard work, real food, good sleep etc.The fitness industry is just one big fo*kin commercial. Sell outs like these two will push anything in their vids to make a bit of change. Heard em talking bout Crypto currency…I’m sure they’re well versed..