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The Great Muscle Building Quiz of Gains! Can You Pass? Sit down. Grab your pencil.

It’s time to take your final exam. If you pass? The magic world of gains is yours.

If you fail? Time to hit the books and read every muscle building article on Tiger Fitness. Every. Damn. Article.

Each time you challenge your muscles to do more than they usually do, they learn to use more of your existing muscle fibers. Muscle fibers won’t start getting bigger until after you reach the point where you’re activating most of them-and you can gain a lot of strength before you get to that point. The Muscle Building Quiz.

Your Results: Muscle fibers won’t start getting bigger until after you reach the point where you’re activating most of them-and you can gain a lot of strength before you get to that point. This technique is a great way to make sure that you’re working a muscle to fatigue in one set. How Much Muscle Can You Build?

The Bottom Line. As I mentioned at the beginning, any answer you get to the question of “how much muscle can I gain” will always be an educated guess. There are simply too many different factors that come into play, and the figures will vary quite a bit from person to person. These guidelines provide a great insight into what you can expect from your muscle growth and how fast you will gain muscle if you are doing everything right. As you can clearly see in these tables beginners and people in their first year of training have potential to gain so much more muscle than people that have been training for years.

Muscles require plenty of stimuli to grow, and they require repeated stimuli to continue growing. Train at least four times per week, focusing primarily on large muscle groups. “Any less than that and you may sacrifice some gains,” says von Moger, who believes in training as often as you possibly can—in a recovered state, of course. Perhaps you have been working out for awhile, and you’re disheartened by the lack of results. You’re on a good time management routine, working out 3-4 times per week balancing work, life, and fitness.

You’ve sweated. You’ve sacrificed. But something is missing when you look in the mirror.

You may see Captain America staring back at you, but it’s Captain America before. You can call it “muscle gains” like the masses, or you can call it “lean mass” to keep the technical freaks happy. But know this, beginner and intermediate trainers who train hard and train intelligently towards mass gain on solid programs, programs like the highest-rated muscle building programs, can and often do receive gains of 20.

Pushups are a great workout for building upper body strength and can strengthen your lower back and core. But are the benefits greater if you do them every day, or is that dangerous? We explain. Building Muscle Over 60.

If you are interested in muscle-building after 60, here are 10 tricks on to build muscle faster: 1. Warm Up: Make sure to take a 10-15 minute walk at a quicker pace or do a cardiac such as treadmill to warm up before you start workout and a 10-minute walk at a lesser pace after your workout to cool down.You can do this even at home.

List of related literature:

By answering the question “Can I pass the muscle test?” with thoughts about what you’ve already learned about muscles and what you can do to further prepare for the test, you’ll be in a much better position to succeed.

“Survival Guide for Anatomy & Physiology E-Book” by Kevin T. Patton
from Survival Guide for Anatomy & Physiology E-Book
by Kevin T. Patton
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2013

The periodized training program that we have used in the Exercise & Sport Nutrition Lab to optimize gains in muscle mass, strength, and power can be found in Tablesȱ A.10.A through A.10.D. in Appendixȱ A. It incorporates two 4Ȭweek cycles starting out with 3 sets of 10 repetitions with as much weight as can be lifted.

“Essentials of Exercise & Sport Nutrition: Science to Practice” by Richard B. Kreider PhD FACSM FISSN FNAK
from Essentials of Exercise & Sport Nutrition: Science to Practice
by Richard B. Kreider PhD FACSM FISSN FNAK
Lulu Publishing Services, 2019

In strength and power sports such as weightlifting, sprinting, and bodybuilding, the use of high-protein diets and protein supplements is especially prevalent, and daily intakes in excess of 4 gkgÀ1 are not unusual.

“Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition” by Benjamin Caballero, Lindsay Allen, Andrew Prentice
from Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition
by Benjamin Caballero, Lindsay Allen, Andrew Prentice
Elsevier Science, 2005

You can have 100 percent strength gains within a few months, but it strength training every week, you’ll your strength by up to 50 percent in percent in three years.

“You: On A Diet: The Owner's Manual for Waist Management” by Michael F. Roizen, Mehmet C. Oz
from You: On A Diet: The Owner’s Manual for Waist Management
by Michael F. Roizen, Mehmet C. Oz
Simon & Schuster, 2006

No one test should be regarded as the gold standard for maximal muscular strength.

“NSCA's Guide to Tests and Assessments” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Todd A. Miller
from NSCA’s Guide to Tests and Assessments
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Todd A. Miller
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2012

In the first part of the experiment, muscle activation was assessed by T2-weighted magnetic resonance imaging during 5 sets of 8 repetitions of the lying triceps extension in 12 untrained men.

“Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy” by Brad Schoenfeld
from Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy
by Brad Schoenfeld
Human Kinetics, 2020

Researchers tested the subjects‘ muscular endurance, strength, anabolic and catabolic hormone status, and body composition at intervals.

“Power Eating-4th Edition” by Susan Kleiner, Maggie Greenwood-Robinson
from Power Eating-4th Edition
by Susan Kleiner, Maggie Greenwood-Robinson
Human Kinetics, 2013

For the most part, guidelines like these were originally conceived for the average individual, and so may not be sufficient for hard-training bodybuilders who are seeking to maximize their genetic muscle-building potential.

“Nutrition and Enhanced Sports Performance: Muscle Building, Endurance, and Strength” by Debasis Bagchi, Sreejayan Nair, Chandan K. Sen
from Nutrition and Enhanced Sports Performance: Muscle Building, Endurance, and Strength
by Debasis Bagchi, Sreejayan Nair, Chandan K. Sen
Elsevier Science, 2013

The principal mechanisms that appear to be responsible for increasing strength and lean body mass are increases in protein synthesis and inhibition of the catabolic effects resulting from highintensity training.

“Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning” by Thomas R. Baechle, Roger W. Earle, National Strength & Conditioning Association (U.S.)
from Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning
by Thomas R. Baechle, Roger W. Earle, National Strength & Conditioning Association (U.S.)
Human Kinetics, 2008

Repeat 1 RM testing in seven of the subjects after 4 weeks of no training showed that quadriceps strength had declined 32%.

“Geriatric Physical Therapy eBook” by Andrew A. Guccione, Dale Avers, Rita Wong
from Geriatric Physical Therapy eBook
by Andrew A. Guccione, Dale Avers, Rita Wong
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2011

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  • I find this pretty easy to do on every lift bar squats where the thought of getting pinned really limits my commitment to sets.��‍♂️��

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  • Good tips. I would suggest the term “evolutionary” should be replaced by “adaptive.” Muscle growth and strength is an adaptive process, as in the body adapting to it’s environment/current state.

  • It all comes down to the IVP principle to stimulate muscle growth Intensity, Volume, Progressive overload. All supported with a balanced nutrition plan of wholesome and nutritious foods, plenty of rest, and proper hydration. It doesn’t need to be made any more complex at the macro level. All the micro level planning (sets,reps, exercises, training frequency) are futile without proper macro level planning (intensity, volume, progressive overload, nutrition, and rest)

  • My biggest problem was that I had pain when i trained. So I basically went one year doing 60% effort becouse of the pain (which is retarded), I maintained my strength for a year. Im now able to train much harder without anypain after months of just focosuing on getting healthy. Im just happy I can push myself again and see better results!

  • Thank you for your videos. Somehow your videos got my mind to ‘click’ and understand the importance of intensity and weight. When I first started working out a few years ago, I saw immediate results, but as life got busier and my routines changed, I seem to have challenged myself less in the gym. Last week I switched things up, and went heavier and far more intense, and I can already feel a change in my body. Thanks again.

  • I tested negative with 4th generation test on 6th week and later i tested again at 12 weeks, it came negative as well, Can i move on? I got some symptoms but my health care provider assured me that they’re because of the fear and anxiety. I still do fear though

  • I think what worked for me, is realizing that you don’t always do 5×5 sets, but once in a while go to heavier weights, even singles. This way, you vary the stimulus and it’s more effective in the long run.

  • I have a problem I would appreciate anyone’s help, whenever I squat, I used to lean over slightly to my right(my dominant side) and it shifted the majority of the tension on my right so my right quads grew bigger than my left. Eventually I noticed and started filming every set of squats I do, but now I’ve noticed my right leg abducts more and my left leg slides in as I rise, is this an imbalance and is there any way I can fix it?

  • Could low sodium cause extreme ticks of seizures like, you could be sitting perfectly fine but then out of the blue have a extreme jerk attack and nearly fall out of your chair and it repeats every 5 minutes or less.

  • Hey Sean! Just wondering if you have any idea what went wrong this week? I upped my incline dumbbell curl from 10kg to 15kg and got 12 and a half clean reps of my 5 sets of 12 done the rest were cheat reps and then drop set the last set to 10kg for 12 reps. Thing is my arms actually went down 48hrs after from 15.3″ to 15.2″ on a bulk??? I have no idea what i did wrong? I know i lifted too heavy but to actually lose size on a bulk didn’t add up?

  • I’ve been doing intense three days a week of strength training but I’m thinking of doing an upper lower or a push pull split. Would strength training 4 times a week hinder results?

    I’m not trying to gain to much size, just strength.

  • Does training to muscle failure have any health benefits? Would there be any reason for someone to choose to do 1 to 2 sets to muscle failure instead of increasing the number of sets(volume) (avoiding reaching failure)?Should one combine both increased volume AND muscle failure, and if yes, how?

  • Training intensity is only part of the equation… without change you’ll end up plateauing or being overtrained… or going into regression which means becoming smaller and weaker!

  • Insightful video as always, Matt! I apologise to show up in your comments like this, however I have dipped my feet into the YouTube fitness scene in order to provide a relieving sense of raw personality and no bullshit content. The start I’ve made has been exceptionally strong, however I am adamant on pushing this momentum forward to reach the first 1,000 subs. I upload consistent content and I am precise with editing. Check me out if you’re interested in easy-to-watch content such as Matt’s and comment on my videos with criticism, feedback, or encouragement. THANK YOU PEOPLE!

  • Just an anecdote for people in a similar situation but I used to lift with heavier dumbbells and got decent gains, but could only do so much. I started using low weights recently and it’s absolutely amazing. I’m able to push myself way harder, break a sweat, feel the burn, and have an intense 25 minute workout rather than 40 minutes of 60% effort. I really recommend it, amazing video as always Sean

  • Training too intensely can result in injury. Most people struggle,because they lack the foundation of a good nights sleep and good nutrition.

  • As Mark Rippetoe of Starting Strength has often pointed out, genetic controls virtually every aspect relating to your muscles such as length, number of fibers, insertion and origin points, tendon and ligament structure, etc. All an individual can realistically do is to train for strength in an attempt to get as close to his or her genetic potential as possible.

    You lift so as to induce the adaptive response that leads to an increase in muscle mass. Period. That means trying to work past you present limit while also allowing your body the necessary time to recover from training because you grow during recovery and not during the lifting phase.

    If you are training for aesthetics, which will limit your strength gains, your level of daily caloric intake becomes the focal point so as to lower your body fat percentage as much as possible. Because you are not lifting to or past your present strength level, you will also be able to train longer, to do more exercises, to do more reps however, your progress will be slower and the returns for your effort will be lower.

    AS Mike Mentzer correctly pointed out, you can train intensely for brief period of time or you can train with much lower intensity for a longer period of time however, you can not train with true intensity for a long period of time.

    One size does not fit all. so, you have to know yourself and what you body reacts the best to and do that. You also need to know if can psychologically handle the stress of intense workouts and the psychological aspects of that are the most difficult aspects to master and control.

  • Bones:
    Made of active connective tissue
    Stores calcium phosphate and minerals
    Hematopoiesisblood cell production
    206 bones
    Axial or perpendicular
    | |
    Vertical. Appendages/others

    Long bones longer than wide
    Short bones short cube like
    Flat bones thin ones
    Irregular bones can’t classify

    Compact bone smooth
    Spongey porous: cross hatching supports (trabeculae)resist stress & bone marrow red=blood cells yellow =fat

    Flared ends=epiphyses
    Middle layer=medullary cavity

    Osteons: cylindrical/weight baring/cented of bone (animation of bone being cut in half they are outside the center hole of bone, and appear to be like frog eggs)
    Each “frog egg” is a lamellae and filled with collagen fibers that run in same directions.
    Central canals: hold nerves and blood vesselsnutrients
    Lucanae spaces by central canalsastrocytes: mature bone cells that monitor and maintain your bone matrix

    Bone remodeling
    Osteo blasts & Osteo clasts
    #1. O. Blasts: bone makers
    Cartilage is framework for bone
    #2. O. Clasts: bone breakers resorption, apoptosis (self destruct)

  • I’m a Pre-med student starting medicine soon. Our Prof came today and said “you guys have been performing excellently so far, lets throw in some MD anatomy in your skeletal system content, you’ll thank me later”. Long story short, here i am learning about the skeletal system and then I gotta learn the name of 50 bones after this video. Feelsbadman

  • I agree. I think good intensity on a mediocre program gets better results then poor intensity on the perfect program. I seem to be the only one grunting out the occasional last rep. I would probably get kicked out of planet fitness. =) I’ve tried to be quite but I just cant be all of the time with my intensity on heavy lift days. Not long ago My plate math was off and I accidentally loaded 10 extra pounds onto the bar for a floor press of 5 -6 planned reps. First set I though dam….. That felt a lot heavier than last week. I ended up doing 5, realized what I had done, almost stripped the weight off then thought…I did 5 that set. I can do 2 more sets of 5. It wasn’t suppose to be a “heavy day” but I rolled with it and bumped the intensity up a notch to complete two more sets of five without resorting to taking those 10 lbs off.

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  • Hi Mark, I took a laxative called sodium picosulfate and since then I am experiencing lots of water retention, cramps, muscle pain and weakness, insomnia.

    My guess is hyponatremia and hypokalemia.

    I went to doctors here in Mexico but they are not familiarized, what can I do? Ingest more salt?

    Please help

  • this explains why I have been able to get down to 9% body fat and have an outline of abs but not really defined whilst my chest, arms and shoulders look sculpted thanks for the info. For a while I was convinced my BF readings were BS but I have used multiple methods and they all have me between 9 and 11%

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  • Thank you for highlighting training intensity when lifting for gains. Too many people go through the motions and it is not just about the exercise but how you do the exercise. Good quality content.

  • Very interesting and innovative analogues to explain difficult topics in bone.. Speed of narration is OK but bit fast… Great learning. Thanks

  • As I started following diet and training plan from *Next Level Diet*, I took my confidence to the next level. Girls finally started noticing me.

  • I’ve been suffering for over 2 years now of some strange symptoms and I’m hoping at least that the doctors I’ve seen thus far have overlooked it. Basically I get these weird sensations when I’m about to fall asleep hard to explain but it just sends like a wave of electricity through my body. I’ve even had trouble breathing during the day for some months but that went away. I was waking up just before sleep and during sleep gasping for air multiple times a night and having the worst nightmares I’ve ever had I thought I was possessed by demons even it was that intense.

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    Also there’s this feeling in my head that wasn’t always there. It feels like a great amount of pressure and almost like a itchy or tingly sensation that comes with it and it literally feels like it’s on the inside of my skull. Feels awful and lasts all day long everyday now. Drinking alcohol makes all my symptoms much worse for 1-2 days AFTER I drink. So I don’t even do that much anymore. At first this all started off so severe that my body felt COLD most the day and it was such an intense sensation of fear and cold feeling that I thought I was having a stroke or something. Called the ambulance 3 different times. Then finally had enough and went to the ER. Everything came back normal MRI, Catscan, Bloodwork. They released me thinking it might be the medicine I was on (Invega sustenna) Went to a different medicine then stopped completely after tapering off and the problems still persist it’s been 4 months now and no relief at all.

    Anyone know what this could be? I’m scared to see doctors anymore because I had already seen every type of doctor there is including the neurologist and he said the symptoms were strange and he didn’t know. I would hate to spend big money on a doctor and tests only to hear “I have no clue”

  • I am pursuing ACE personal trainer certification. Your videos help me to understand and memorize the material easier than those books I had to buy for 600$ lol. Cheers mate

  • I’m lucky that the first “trainer” so to speak that influenced me was Athleanx. Jeff has been the ONLY one to say that your training has to be short and intense. If you’re not feeling it and didn’t give it 110% don’t even bother.

  • But you could also say that you aren’t really training hard enough if you’re stopping 1-2 reps short. I get what you’re saying about not burning out and all that, but pushing yourself is kind of the point of the video right? In my opinion I would say pick a rep range you want to train in for each exercise that you’re doing, and aim to hit that rep range or number until you can no longer do it with PERFECT form. Once your form starts to degrade and you have to recruit other muscles to help you do more reps, that’s when your set is done.

  • that’s an awesome video �� I got stuck on my bench-press without even realizing that I all I‘ve to do is putting on more weights. It‘s funny how something obvious like this I just don’t realized, but sometimes you just get stuck in your every-day routines…

  • I have Hypervolemic Hyponetremia as my body wastes sodium seemingly to childhood nutrient deficiency and I drink so much water. I’ve even became vegan eating so much nutrients is there anyway this condition can be reversed naturally?

  • I think I’m literally crash course’s biggest fan. I love this channel! If it wasn’t for crash course I probably wouldn’t be doing as well at varsity as I am.
    The visuals are also a big help.

    Thank you, Hank.

  • I just wanted to have flat belly, so I tried fat loss plan from *Next Level Diet*. Guess what? I lost my beer belly in just 30 days. Now I want a six pack:D

  • Alright maybe a tricep pressdown wasn’t the best thumbnail choice for a video discussing training intensity, but hope the content was helpful nonetheless. It’s really easy to get caught up in all the different training information out there in terms of volume, frequency, exercise selection, rep ranges, weekly splits etc, but good old fashioned hard work is what truly transforms physiques when it all comes down to it.

    What level of intensity do you personally employ on the majority of sets in terms of proximity to muscular failure? Comment below…

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  • Hey Sean, I have been watching you for quite a while now. You are honestly are the best underrated fitness Channel I’ve come across. I was wondering if you could make a video about anterior pelvic tilt and how to fix it. I’ve seen videos, but I trust you more than these other channels

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  • The most people are stuck in doing straight sets… that’s the fastest way for plateauing… doing combination sets is one of the most viable ways of training… there’s endless ways of doing combinations!

  • Am I right that, the higher the intensity, the less total sets you can do?  I’ve tried to do more sets, but I wind up really burnt and sore, to the point where I can’t function that well in my day-to-day activities.

  • Great stuff as always, Sean! I was definitely keeping this video in mind during yesterday’s leg day, and found I was able to push myself more than I might have expected. Thanks for the great content!

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  • Love Hank! He makes learning fun. I have used several videos to help teach health during distance learning. I create a Q&A to go along with the videos. Please keep making these educational videos! Thank you!

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  • Excellent points Sean! What you say here really aligns with what has always worked well for me in my weight training: finding a rep-range that gets me just a rep or two shy of failure, without crossing the line to actual failure.

    I’ve seen some trainers describe techniques for how to push beyond failure, and it has never seemed right to me.

    I’m curious what you think of the reports that some of the routines that push people beyond failure can actually cause muscle breakdown. For example, take a look at this article:

  • This is awesome. I’d actually like a video or two, or series, where you go to the gym and just show us the workouts you do (chest, shoulders, back, arms, legs, etc)…

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  • Im no professional at all but my favorite/the best ab workouts in my opinion are hanging leg lifts and lying leg lifts pushing your feet to the air after lifting them up and pushing your back up a bit aswell

  • You see a lot of people in the gym that reach a certain number and then stop, then during their rest period they’re on their phone…you should use that rest period to think about your technique…to think about how you can improve and ultimately destroy your next set

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  • The term intensity generally refers to “weight on the bar” and not how much work you do at a gym session. E.g., “Next time I bench I’ll up the intensity 10 lbs.”

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  • You put up this video at the exact right time for me! Thanks as always for the awesome content! Paralysis by analysis can definitely be a problem for me!!

  • Oh Gawd did I misclick or something, my two favorite things a Geordie and a giant Triangle (Math), to quote the great Gordon Ramsey F_ me!

  • I hate tshirts that are tight and show your half biceps. Wear over sized shirts if you have big forearms and plus wearing oversized shirts make you look classic

  • Hey can you make a video on how you make these kind of nice animated videos? Because your videos are very good. Great video though.

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  • Awesome video. Question though, Any chance you are thinking about doing another Chapter review? Maybe on Acid-Bases Balance and interpreting clinical and laboratory data?

  • Straight and to the point advice as always Sean.
    Agreed. As a beginner, you forget the basics as you get too carried away with all the other side bits. I know personally I need to increase my intensity.

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  • I don’t count my sit-ups; I only start counting when it starts hurting because they’re the only ones that count.
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  • @mattdoesfitness Matt, on myproteins website there are few diffrent proteins, I was wondering which one you are using and recommending. Impact Whey Protein, THE Whey (pro), Impact Whey Isolate, and have you thought about trying vegan protein? thanks man and keep up the great videos!

  • Hey Sean. How can I get more intensity? I’m refraining from pre workout because it could be dangerous. However, I cannot get the mental stimulus to break my plateau. I’m 188lb, 5’9 and only bench l flat bench 140lb 5×5

  • Science has repeatedly shown, and it has been competently covered by youtubers like Jeff Cavalier, Jeff Nippard, Vitruvian Physique, and Jeremy Ethier that body recomposition aka simultaneous muscle gain and fat loss is possible and is controlled by more variables than simply training experience. Granted I understand you have to shorten and simplify for a youtube q and a, but the bulk/cut myth needs to be dispensed with. There are many many situations in which an individual can do both. What CAN be said is that, at a certain age, a certain physique, and a certain training length, the rate of progress of said body recomposition will be quite slow.

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  • I have a problem with question #9. For tension pneumothorax wouldn’t you perform a thoracentesis first? This is an emergency situation and performing a thoracentesis is faster than inserting a chest tube… Therefore, I would argue that the most correct answer is D.

  • man, these other fitness youtubers may be entertaining and stuff, but when it comes down to raw, honest and helpfull fitness/bodybuilding advice, Sean is hands down THE best youtuber out there. Been following hem since he had like 10k subscribers. Great video as always!

  • Great video Sean.
    Just started incorporating your Mobility Routine in my workout. My question is whether to foam roll my lats(as shown in the video)and other muscle group on my chest and triceps day or to just do medicine ball roll on chest?
    I do all the other mobility exercises shown after the foam rolling exercises(one with the cable/band) so that’s NOT where I am confused.

    Or should I perform the whole upper body mobility routine 3-4 times a week? Sorry for the long post.

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  • Hey, I just want to chime in and say that your vids are fantastic! You’re a BREATH OF FRESH AIR among the other stale lifters. I love how you don’t curse in your vids at all, teach your son the importance of being good, and are a good person yourself, too. There’s a lot of heart in your videos and a lot of innocence something which is very rare in this world. I cannot overstate the importance and need for people like you in this world. I hope your channel becomes the biggest channel among lifters and you get a lot of success.
    P.S. Your son is an angel. So so precious.
    Thumbs up. Take care.

  • My friend: My uncle once had AIDS
    Me: Oh thats sad, how old is he when he gets AIDS?
    My friend: A very young age, why?
    Me: I tought your uncle have a sexual intercourse or something
    My friend: Fuck you

  • I basically try to get in there at try to go 80 90 % while maintaining good to perfect form to stay in the rep range necessary for that movement and have been seeing all kindzzaa gainzz. When I go balls to the wall i just end up getting injured and since I am just some douchebag tryna get sexy for the summer. My mantra is BE CONSISTENTLY AVERAGE.

  • I have to do a 20 slide “slideshow” for a final. My textbook is so confusing. literally bolds and italicizes everything that is important. Crash course is the only reason I’ll be passing this year. I’m just watching these videos. I won’t even bother reading.

    Thank you Crash Course! You guys are the absolute best!

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  • 9:15 “for reasons we don’t understand” did the scientist try diet….. not like that has anything to do with it… (oh wait..) Apparently vitamin C is a huge part according to a book called Death by Calcium.

  • Not sure why every video’s explaination to an answer is “process of elimination” every time lol, its like two 2 years of schooling werent needed at all

  • Good honest video man. It really makes you re-think your training regime in a positive way, trying to maximize the effort you’re puting into training every day. If you spend an hour daily in the gym 5 times per week, at least make it worthwhile, gaining something in return.

  • Do you guys have tests that more resemble the actual TMC exam? While I appreciate the questions you offer, I think the NBRC exam will be much more difficult. All your questions seem to be pretty basic, while the exam will have questions about hemodynamics, equipment maintenance and TONS of calculations. I feel like I keep searching all your videos for material that will better prepare me for the actual exam, but I keep running across the same shifting trachea and ventilator settings questions over and over.

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  • question for fellow students: when you watch these do you take notes, replay it a few times, or just watch it once to understand the concept?

    need to pass anatomy and am struggling to find a good studying method:/

  • Recently started a youtube channel and i wanted to share my progress in the gym and also my transformation. I would love if you can take a look! /PHL:)

  • As a 14-year-old Iranian student, your videos really really help me to improve my English and knowledge of Biology at the same time. I watch your videos before my classes & they help me to stay on the top of my studies. Thank U!

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  • Good solid advice there Sean! Thanks for sharing so much training wisdom at no cost here on your YouTube channel. We are now fortunate in today’s tech age to be able to have this high quality training advice at the tip of our fingers! Such was not the case when I was in my early years of bodybuilding during the 1970s, where we were dependent upon the main muscle magazines each month, or if we were lucky enough to train in a serious gym with top name bodybuilders, hopefully get good advice from them (I was fortunate in this regard, but most were not). Anyway, you are doing an excellent job of dispensing valid training advice, and I enjoy listening to you! See ya’…

  • Watching this entire series and taking notes is required in my class. It’s a huge part of our grade at the end of the year and I’ve never been happier that I already watched these for fun.

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  • Hi there, I just wondered how you dealt with working out when your son was a new born?
    I seem to just have no chance at all to get to the gym! It’s been 6 weeks and all I’ve done is home workouts!

    If you realistically only have 2-3 days to workout, would you go for all compound type workouts even if I’ve been working out for years?

  • 5:12 I’m experiencing but I wanna wait a day before going in to the doctor’s my pee has been clear for 6 months some times in the morning in comes out yellow but later on in the day it will return clear and when I drink water I’m still dehydrated

  • Did you erase your video with the pictures and all the electrolytes in a short video? These videos don’t help cram last minute like the other one did. I’m sad I can’t find it