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The Worst Training Advice Ever Given to Runners, As Told by Gifs we wanted to know what the worst advice you’ve ever gotten is and The Worst Marathon Advice Ever; 15 Awful Pieces of. The Worst Training Advice Ever Given to Cyclists, As Told by Gifs. “One of the super old-style pieces of advice I’ve gotten is ‘eat a steak for breakfast. The 10 Worst Training Mistakes Beginners Make your grip will most likely give out and not allow you to perform the exercise.

Solution: Focus on the main muscle groups first and leave accessory exercises towards the end for 3-4 sets. It is also important to remember that compound exercises normally will work the smaller accessory muscles. We’ve put together our Top 10 worst pieces of running advice that we’ve heard. You Are Not A Camel T-Shirts Available: Training for a Marathon 5 Essential Tips Duration: 17:45.

A piece of quick-fix advice I hear all the time is: “ramp up your team.” In fact, every entrepreneur should keep their team as lean as possible. Choosing to ignore the worst advice ever saved my life. Sometimes people give advice without thinking about the effect that it may have on others. Their intentions may be good, but they’ve still got their own agendas in mind.

The wrong advice can lead you down an entirely wrong direction in life. Here is a story about how I came to receive the. Reddit asked its users for the worst advice they’ve ever been given, and it got incredibly real incredibly fast. 1. Credit cards are “free money” Yeah she’s a piece of work. Even knowing what I do now about what it would do to my reproductive health (TL;DR: permanent menopause at 26), I’d still go with chemotherapy 1100%.

I was. As much as I appreciate someone telling me to keep my chin up when going through a hard time, I’m fairly certain I’d rather them let me punch dance out my rage in their backyard. Here are eight most generic, useless pieces of advice you’ll ever. Advice is an interesting thing.

Sometimes we want it; sometimes we don’t. Sometimes it’s good and other times it’s just plain horrible. There are, however, the occasional bits of advice that stick with us. Whether it’s from your grandma, a friend, or simply a song, certain advice appeals to us more than we ever thought it possibly could. Funny Advice 10.

Just Buy Her a Present. Thanks, Emily! I didn’t know what to buy my friend, and you’re advice has really helped.

Thanks a bunch!

List of related literature:

Such advice implies that “real training” is learned “on the job” and not in the classroom.

“Psychology and Law: An Empirical Perspective” by Neil Brewer, Kipling D. Williams
from Psychology and Law: An Empirical Perspective
by Neil Brewer, Kipling D. Williams
Guilford Publications, 2005

The same advice applies to all of them: Stop training immediately.

“Winning Bodybuilding: A complete do-it-yourself program for beginning, intermediate, and advanced bodybuilders by Mr. Olympia” by Franco Columbu
from Winning Bodybuilding: A complete do-it-yourself program for beginning, intermediate, and advanced bodybuilders by Mr. Olympia
by Franco Columbu
Creators Publishing,

I wish someone had written a book such as this, offering training advice.

“Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide” by Hal Higdon
from Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide
by Hal Higdon
Rodale Books, 2005

5 of this handbook for descriptions of various training techniques.

“Handbook of Crisis Intervention and Developmental Disabilities” by Derek D. Reed, Florence D. DiGennaro Reed, James K. Luiselli
from Handbook of Crisis Intervention and Developmental Disabilities
by Derek D. Reed, Florence D. DiGennaro Reed, James K. Luiselli
Springer New York, 2013

Number four, you’ve got to find a way to measure the impact of the training.

“The War for Talent” by Ed Michaels, Ed Michaels Helen Handfield-Jones Beth Axelrod, Helen Handfield-Jones, Beth Axelrod, Books24x7, Inc, Harvard Business Press
from The War for Talent
by Ed Michaels, Ed Michaels Helen Handfield-Jones Beth Axelrod, et. al.
Harvard Business School Press, 2001

In this section I also warn of some common missteps that can lead one astray no matter how hard the training.

“Zen Guitar” by Philip Toshio Sudo
from Zen Guitar
by Philip Toshio Sudo
Simon & Schuster, 1998

Chapter 3 gives the guidelines for training safely and successfully.

“High-powered Plyometrics” by James Christopher Radcliffe, Robert C. Farentinos
from High-powered Plyometrics
by James Christopher Radcliffe, Robert C. Farentinos
Human Kinetics, 1999

Training is nothing more than the interplay of all of these concepts.

“The Triathlete's Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 4th Ed.” by Joe Friel
from The Triathlete’s Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 4th Ed.
by Joe Friel
VeloPress, 2016

Many of the mistakes that people make come from just not fully digesting the material before they start training.

by Grisha Stewart, M.A., CPDT-KA
Dogwise Publishing, 2016

Yet it is true that not all advice applies equally across all disciplines.

“The Lean PhD” by Julian Kirchherr
from The Lean PhD
by Julian Kirchherr
Macmillan International Higher Education, 2018

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  • I think the worst advice I’ve heard/received is something along the lines of “walk or run it off” or “no pain, no gain.” It’s very common and extremely dangerous considering how debilitating injury can be

  • Great video. I’ve been training hard and have been told on several occasions that I need to slow it down a bit. Your video makes perfect sense.

  • #7: It depends on what you mean by “write” every day. I often need to live a passage before I write it, and sometimes circumstances take me away from my laptop. I frequently go for long walks and watch it as a movie in my mind. I often live upcoming scenes during breaks, while riding the MRT, or during other times I’m away from my laptop. When I’m able to return to the keyboard, certain scenes almost write themselves. Is that “writing”?

  • Love to review your content from time to time. Some excellent bits in there but the Kate / Rick “punch” is hilarious, especially how Rick puts his head back and then rocks.

    The info that I’m really looking for in your content is how to carry water. I’m considering hydration belts and vests but I am “larger than your average bear” and equipment is not sized either very well or often, at all. Sizing such as small, large, etc. says nothing useful. Physical size ranges in something quantifiable and range and ease of adjustability are the key bits of necessary information. Nobody would buy shoes marked as medium or extra large for instance so why other equipment?

    Perhaps you guys could consider this in future kit reviews please?

  • I was told that my issue is I care too much about my book and I put too much feeling to it. Then again, I don’t know, I think I might just be a crap writer cuz I’ve only sold a single copy. lol.

  • my friend was advised to write about humans instead of animals….

    fanfiction is probably better as writing practice than finding an audience, outside of talking a couple friends into checking out the original work, that’s how I see it anyways

  • Ive heard wix doesn’t work well with SEO and wont show up in search engines. What are your thoughts on this? BTW your videos are amazing! You pack so much useful info into each video.

  • Thank you for the video. While aware that most of this are bad, I find myself twisting/rationalizing the “Write for inspiration”.

    Instead of writing, I’ll do some research, read a book or watch a video (guess if I would be better off by writing instead of posting this). Yes, they are useful, I find myself resorting to them as a default instead of actually doing what I want (and need). Because it’s easier…

  • “No pain, no gain”. Biggest bullshit ever. Yes, there are hard days (especially as race day approaches) but grinding every time isn’t gonna benefit anyone.

  • I get the “you don’t look like a runner” all of the time. I’m 6’2, 220….my RHR is 50. My doctor even didn’t believe me when I came in with a hip injury from a 50K. It gets so damn discouraging sometimes.

  • MY worst advice I have ever gotten, SO many….lol; Are you hurt or are you injured….I’m like isn’t that your job to figure that Shit out!?!?! LMAO!!

  • Yeah sorry Phoebe idk how old you are or how much experience you have telling guys how to get girls but the fact you had Steve Harvey on here and then called him “predatory?” is pretty ridiculous I can’t say I blame you that much though most women don’t have a clue what guys go through to pick up other women not every woman thinks the same..while some women may like being sweet talked there are other women who literally get turned on by being called a bitch and it works, plus I see nothing wrong with what he said it makes sense if a guy and a girl just want sex and no commitment why not go for shallow women?

  • Thank you, I found these tips useful, however your voice is shrill at times and hurts, lower our tones for more easy listerning, hope this is useful to you. Good luck.

  • I started running in £20 trainers as I wasn’t sure it was for me. They were fine but I defo noticed a difference when I shelled out on gt2000s

  • Man I’ve been watching your videos for so long and I still read your channel name as OMARLSUF LOL. Keep up the good work man, you’re one of the more entertaining fitness gurus on here.

  • The worst advice I’ve received is “you aren’t a writer if you don’t write every day.” That actually kept me from writing for a long time:/

  • #7. Well, that’s rough but it’s true World is harsh and pretty people have it easier. You shoudn’t go as far as surgery unless it’s really needed though. And there is no benefit to being fat it only hurts you, every area of your life from buying cloth to health, not just love life.

    Straighting curly hair is just dumb. Like why? Is there even data that men like culty women more. That would be some extreme min maxing though.

  • You’re channel is super helpful so I wanna say thanks for that. Also I see a lot of people talking about people asking them to make them characters in their book lmao. I’m adding characters that are actually cameos of me and my friend but they only appear for like one line so I think adding little cameos is okay just as long as you don’t make them actual characters

  • You missed one: listen to youtube videos instead of doing what your body suggests. If one wants to go hard let him/her. To each their own. Nobody except the owner of one’s body can choose what works and what doesn’t.

  • Thanks for your great videos!
    Subscribed yesterday and enjoying it very very much!
    Could you let me know where/the name of this wonderful park?! Thanks once again!
    Regards from Rio de Janeiro!

  • Jenny mccarthy was drug addict on everything from meth to come. Valium. Sleeping pills. Emotionally cripple,, and filled with so much bochelism from cologen injections, silicone, Maybe your bs lifestyle Hollywood sluttyness. Stds. Drug addictions. Alcoholism. Plastic surgery had something to do with it

  • 9 out 10 guys in my gym says heavy weigh will make my muscle ripped, stop me from getting bulk.. please someone tell me, should i follow that?

  • It kills me how people keep getting the purpose of write every day:
    In addition to building routine, which is vital to any pursuit (routines will differ between successful people in when and what exactly they do, but having a routine of some kind is constant), but it also increases practice repetitions, which are how you get better. In drawing it’s called your line mileage. In photography, the saying is your first 10,000 pictures are trash, and there’s other variations of this for every craft out there. In programming, they call it “fail faster”. The idea is push through early projects as fast as you can so you can learn those early lessons that everyone has to learn faster.

  • Knees! I’ve been running all my life since I could walk. I’m 55 yo now. I run 25 to 30 mile a week now and never had a seriouse knee problem. Lucky I guess or may be like any other injury I take the time to rehab it properly. If I was to give any advice it would be to be patient and be aware of what your body’s saying.

  • Why do we listen to celebrities in the first place? Unless they’re actually trained and heavily experienced in the field they’re preaching, you’re basically following the words of just any other person. Just because they’re a celebrity doesn’t suddenly make them all-knowing and special. We need to stop this mindless worship of people who honestly don’t matter outside of their specific “talents”

  • I had a problem with pacing and the 2 mile run when I was in the Army. I’d tried to start off at a slower pace, around 7:45 8:00 mile for the first mile then just try to hold a better pace throughout, but I was never able to pace myself right, I’d always finish around 15 minutes in my 2 mile. I found if I went harder at the start ( not full on) and ran around a 6:30 6:45 pace for a while I did better overall.

  • Well tell my knees running is good for them, ok yes maybe I do over do it sometimes (even though I have been running for 2 years) but still.

  • When you mention a study you should put a link or reference to it as a proof of what you are saying ��. You Tube channels tend to do that very often.

  • Here’s advice I found useful for me: If you are overweight, don’t start running. First change your diet and lose weight that way. Losing weight is 80% about eating less and or better stuff, running won’t help you, it will hurt your joints and cause injuries. I started running when I was overweight, paused, changed my diet, and then went running again. Running with 13kg less fat makes a huge difference.

  • The arguments against antidepressants & vaccinations are the most dangerous, in my opinion. And what’s most scary are idealistic zealots with a platform pushing their views on other people. I’m guessing these people won’t be allowing their children to receive COVID-19 vaccination if we get one. Try visiting a 3rd world country sometime… & not just the vacationing spots.

  • These celebrities should stick their noses somewhere else and mind their own business. They try to sound sage like but all it makes me do is to roll my eyes.

  • I agree with Harvey and Levine if all you’re wanting to do is sleep around then you’re better off finding someone shallow and unintelligent because those types of women don’t deserve better anyways, and I’m saying that because I had to let a wife go thinking that way because she herself turned into a shallow and unintelligent woman at the end of our marriage, well she wasn’t really intelligent to begin with. Second of all, cheap dining let’s ya know first off what kind of woman they are to begin with to see what they’re after. I started off taking one date nice places to eat out and it just seemed that’s all they were interested in every time we hooked up like, “Duh, where we going tonight, Ed” So, I agree McDonald’s it is, I’ll even just buy her something to eat at Mickey D’s; personally I hate the place but, if a cheap date reveals a gold diggin user right from the start then I’m much better off from the start with out such parasitic splendor. To Harvey and Levine, excellent advice.

  • Self publishing is also another option (though you have to do research) Many self published writers found success in mainstream when the big book companies found their books.

  • Okay I’m that person that pushes through an injury, but I have tendinitis in my achilles for the first time ever after wearing a pair of Brooks. I’ve been resting for two days… and want to go on a run…. any advice?
    Also when I run, I feel like the muscles in my arms tense up. Don’t know why it happens, any idea?

  • WOW…people actually gave you this shitty writing advice? What the hell? Don’t read books in your genre & Rewrite don’t revise are two of the worst I’ve ever heard. Geez, I feel sorry for whoever gave you that advice.

  • Hi, I just want to say thank you for your videos! I am a new runner and doing the NHS Couch to 5K. I’m on week 8 and really enjoying it thanks for all your tips and advice! I am going to take my time and enjoy running. I feel really motivated through your videos, thank you!

  • I can relate to nothing new on race day. I’ve tried various gels and the sis ones are for me, non caffeine ones. I did race to the tower ultra marathon (walking) in 2018 and on a pit stop I picked up a gel. As it was a boiling hot day it was a hydrate one, so I chowed it down not thinking. My God was I wrong. It hit my stomach like a train. It had caffeine in too which didn’t want until the last leg of the race, it’s my fault for not reading the packet, but those ten miles or so till half way pit stop were terrible. I contemplated finding a Bush to relive my bowels but it just wasn’t possible. So instead of using the half way pit stop to get my feet strapped up, I spent it on the toilet! So the moral of the story is correct, NOTHING NEW on race day! Love the channel guys.

  • of you can go to failure on every set, if you want to be able to lift the same weight for the same amount of reps on the next set you just need to rest more, thats how strength training works. you rest way longer so you can lift the same weight again. time under tension isnt a thing in strength training.
    and if you train for hypertrophy, you train with lighter weight in the first place and go for higher reps and slower tempo, which makes it less exhausting in general, even if you go to failure.

    the problem you are having is that you are trying to combine strength and hypertrophy in one set.. you want to build muscle by doing less rest and higher reps and at the same time you are talking about getting stronger on the beach.
    you cant do both at the same time

  • When I am writing, I prefer to let the story tell itself instead of forcing myself to write what happens next. In reality, you never know what will happen next, and I try to see the story from the characters’ point of view. If I THINK I am going good, I let the story rest and then pick up when I have something.

  • Fan Fic and emulating famous writers are a good ways to start writing. But you have to work toward original stories and your own voice. My first book was an Ann Rice knockoff, now (thankfully) lost to history. Years and books later later, I’m finally getting traditionally published.

  • It’s not only celebrities that give horrible advice, some part of the internet, especially on YouTube, sometimes give horrible advice. So, take all advice with a grain of salt, even on the good ones.

  • My cousin ran a half marathon and over hydrated. Halfway through she had to run into a fire station to use the toilet. Still won the race though!

  • I remember when I was in eighth grade and this classmate found out I was writing a book on wattpad (ofc it’s not that good of a platform due to its reputation for writing clichés but I was 14-15 yo then. I’ve learned x) and she told me to write a part for her. I didn’t say no because I lacked the strength to do so and we weren’t close and besides, it was fun for 15yo me to gain someone’s attention through the craft. And when I did write a part for her which is kind of small since we weren’t close and I didn’t know her at all, she reads and says “that’s it?” it was a bit insulting but what could I do? she wasn’t important an important drive to the story. And she didn’t read the book. At all. Just that chapter I wrote her in shrugs

  • To be fair to Patti she works with rich superficial people and she’s successful so obviously those are the things that matter to them. I think it says more about her clientele. Rich, selfish, and superficial.

  • How is #10 bad advice when you already attempt something immoral?..also it isn’t even that useful since it’s kinda obvious isn’t it?

  • Stretching increases range of motion and when you increase your range of motion you then have to increase your strength in that range of motion, if you don’t do this you can increase your risk of injury. So the roided up brother who told you not to stretch wasn’t entirely wrong just almost completely wrong. Do dynamic stretching before your workout and do static stretching either after or at a different time.

  • I don’t necessarily agree with Tom Cruise with everything he said…but it is true that antidepressants only mask the problem, I know from personal experience. I hated that when it’s on Jenny McCarthy, it started cutting off what was being said!

  • Steve Harvey. Is just you being terribly biased, no he doesn’t sound shallow cuz you call men who cheat animals disgusting, and shallow useless men and you ignore the woman’s side in it!

  • This list should have been called “The Top 10 Most Politically Incorrect Advice Given By Celebrities”. Though to be fair, half the entries in this list was terrible.

  • I am a bit worried about your advice about not starting a race to fast. Surely if you are not through the first bottleneck or right angled turn with the leading group you are just giving them free yards/metres and you have to run at a faster pace than the leading group just to get in touch?

  • Most of all good advices in triatlon I get from you Taren! Thanks this video is so useful for the moment I’m going through right now.

  • Loved the knee tip. Have had multiple surgeries on knees and back and I have never heard any of my doctors tell me anything remotely close to not run. As a matter of fact the advice I get is for better recovery, oxygen rich blood flow is vital and that tolerable walks with a bit of nagging soreness is acceptable because the oxygen enriching blood flow is worth it. (That’s not to say to over do it.) Love the videos, Keep em coming!!

  • I’m very low level in the triathlon game, but here are some absolutes that I have learned from my three races:
    (1) Gotta have tri shorts. From watching 80’s TV, I expected there to be a changing tent after the swim. There isn’t. My first race, I had to walk to the public men’s room to change out of my swim suit. Haha!
    (2) Don’t bother putting on a bandana under the bike helmet (as I usually do on training rides). Too much time wasted for a cloth that’s just going to be saturated after the first water dumped over the head anyway.
    (3) Take care with the race number. Last time, mine got so saturated that it started tearing off the safety pins, and a race official stopped me until the problem was fixed. Not sure what the best solution is here, but I’m thinking 3 safety pins across the top might be better than just two, or putting some tape on the back side of the number where the safety pins will be?
    (4) Toward the end of the bike leg, you don’t need to keep stopping for water fill-ups at the aid stations. You probably have some drink waiting back at your bike rack.
    (5) If you get into a walk-run-walk cycle during the final leg, try to make goals well into the distance for your running spurts. And, of course, try to cross the finish line running!

  • About the clay one: of course “eating too much of the substance” will cause harm… anything in excess will cause harm. Clay as powder, in water, does do everything the actress says it does, plus it helps with heartburn, GERD and diarrhea (of course you get constipated if you take too much, duh). I don’t see how that is bad advice. I live in Germany and doctors here recommend drinking water with powder clay, if you go there with heartburn, before they put you on acid blockers. One glass a day in the morning will do the trick.
    And I can’t believe you equate advice about abusive dating tactics with this! Plus, did she actually advise for it, or just said it’s something She does? It’s not very clear from your video?

  • I tried the frantic route, it felt really pointless, except for the practice. I found it’s much easier to build a world from scratch, then to remember all the mechanics, and character types, that fans of those world’s are not shy about wanting to stab you for messing up. Using WordPress and literatica and other platforms that let you publish original content, and get feed back is the best in my opinion. You already have proof of what you’ve written is yours, and you can use them in an actual story you want to sell. With fanfic, it ain’t yours, anything you come up with, will have to be reworked to death, until it isn’t someone else’s, and works in your world’s mechanics and character types.

  • Worst advice I hear tons of places… breathe through your mouth, and also make sure your shoes have “padding and support” xD Anyone who takes running seriously knows how detrimental mouth breathing is and how wearing casts and crutches on your feet aka “padded shoes” is detrimental to your body! (more impact on joints as well as in the wrong offset areas and you’ll never get your feet use to running if its always in a cast or using a crutch). Proper diet would be up there as well, too many people eat badly and/or carb load creating insulin resistance which has many detrimental effects such as inability to absorb amino acids and electrolytes properly! Severely restricting your strength growth and your overall endurance.

  • Excellent tips! My favorite was the last one. People seem to love to run on a treadmill in life and in writing. haha That’s not my thang. Thanks!

  • I totally agree! Natural trainees really have to work at efficiency because you’ve only got an hour to get the job done. Great advice Omar!

  • I don’t get the Steve one. He said if you are a man only wanting one thing you should hook up with likewise of the opposite sex. How that can be misinterpreted to mean ALL men should hook up with unintelligent women shows how sad and downright pathetic our society has gotten in the last decade if that.

  • The worst piece of advice I ever got was “just write”. The thing they didn’t seem to grasp was I didn’t see where the time was going to come from to do that.

    I work 12 hours day (well not at the moment thanks to the quarantine) and that isn’t including travel time. By the time I’ve spent time with the family, done the washing, fed and cleaned myself, I’m usually so tired that I don’t have the energy to keep my eyes open let alone sit down to bring a world and the people in it to life.

    Where I found the time was during my break at work. I bought a Neo 2 and typed away while sitting in the dining area. Of course that carries its own challenges, such as people who seem to think you typing away is signal for “please come talk to me and be a distraction”.

  • I never get tired at the gym now matter how ridiculously hard I go, yes I do get tired, but I fell that I can just keep going and going…

  • One of the best pieces of advice that I ever got was from my doctor who told me to stretch for 30 minutes for every hour I run. After I started doing that all injuries disappeared and I haven’t even had a sore knee or ankle since. Yet I saw a video that stated that stretching is bad for you and you shouldn’t stretch or cool down. That was the worst advice I ever saw.

  • #1 And this, dear kids, is why Bram Stoker, J.R.R Tolkie and freaking WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE actually had full time jobs in addition to their writing!
    You are not being more artistic by starving, if you have a choice, you are just being stupid.

  • Thank You! I’m new to running and I have already received some bad advice. I really appreciate being able to check your channel when I have questions.

  • It seems like there are a lot haters on here. “Cut your hair, you look like a girl.” I’m pretty sure any girl in their right mind would find him attractive, cause I sure do.

  • There was a girl who tried to make me base a character on her, base a city off a city from her story, and base three monsters off of hers. o_O

  • static stretching BEFORE training is a bad idea. depletes glycogen before training. do it afterwards. active stretching, is a different story. great for warm up

  • Most of these aren’t even true. You need to go fast the entire race even in a marathon if you want to win. Most elites don’t negative split during races. Nobody tells you that your foot should land in front of your hip. You never want to only increase stride length to run at a faster pace. You also need to increase your cadence. Nobody tells you to try something new on race day, and it is always strongly advised against. Running to earn food is a very good idea since it’s good to have something to look forward to at the end of a run, or else you might not want to finish it. Also a 2 hour run would require you to eat many more calories than there are in 10 donuts afterwards. Nobody ever saves new shoes for race day, unless they’re custom-made. Why would anyone ever consider running hard everyday? A runner wouldn’t tell someone else that running is bad for your knees unless they’re joking. It is one of the most well-known things that you need to hydrate for a marathon. I think that they just wanted a video but they never have any content. Who tf goes running in high heels or any pair of fancy shoes unless they’re running for a train or bus. “You don’t look like a runner” isn’t a running tip. It’s just the person being surprised that you run. If you’re just getting into shape, you want to push the distance that you run, otherwise you’ll never be able to run farther. That tip was also pretty similar to them saying that you shouldn’t run hard every day, which is a given.

  • Omar you are just a steroid user, stop scamming people and be honest.
    I don’t know how people like you can sleep at night, you must be a psychopath.

  • Thank you for saying ‘Write what you want to read’. I am writing a novel now and this is my mentality. I can guarantee at least one customer.

  • Another reason not to write what sells: every other two-bit hack will get the same idea to clone whatever’s popular, by the time your work comes out not only will the market be inundated with that type of story and it’s going to be a lot harder to get noticed but people will have decided that niche is populated by two-bit hacks and written work in it as simply being clones of the popular thing. Seen it in video games all the freakin time.

  • Honestly, I feel very lucky when it comes to editing. I mean, I have like twelve writing friends for proofreading (not beta readers because they’re all my age meaning thirteen) and my mom is a professional editor/author and my sister edits my moms books too so I think I’m pretty prepared.

  • Writing every day is hard I try to write when I’m feeling all creative. Which is like 1 in the morning. I do edit almost everyday or do fertiliser 1st draft writing.

  • As a fanfic author AND an aspiring career writer, I can safely say that I’d rather die than have my fanfic associated with my serious works

  • I honestly didn’t go in expecting to make money off my writing because I don’t write a popular genre. If I get popular and eventually make money off my dumb little webnovel, sure. Nice. I sure hope it happens. But I don’t expect it as an inevitability, because I won’t sell my creative integrity for success.

  • Who honestly tells someone with a straight face to quit their job if they want a writing career? Even if you had some writing god like brain to create a really good short novel within a day there’s still a whole bunch of different processes that come before you even see 2 cents. Those process could take weeks to months. Are you going to live by eating your unused draft notes?

  • You got some good ones but forgot to include the “do light weight with high reps to simulate endurance training” advice that I often hear!

  • A doctor I had, (attentive, nice fellow, regardless) told me not to run cause I’d ruin my knees. Well, I completed two Montreal 1/2 Marathons, my knees were fine. If I hadn’t run through that puddle along the route, my toes would have fared just as well, also.

  • Unless someone is a fellow writer, a story critic or someone like Nux Taku who does both satirical and philosophical analysis on fictional characters, then I’m not taking your advice.

  • Jenna Im a ficwriter,and trust me my audience remains loyal,cause they know its me.Irs funny Im a SW hardcore even a Mara Jade look alike Cosplayer, however most part of my readers Just came tô know her through me and now here on Brazil I have a huge audience whom never read EU,and suddenly became Crazy ones,cause I made them that way.

  • The Nike Oregon Waffle Racer, Bill Bowerman’s creation and now a fashion shoe, is still excellent to run in. At least for me. And: ‘never walk’ is also bad advice, especially when you get a little older.

  • You need to elaborate on going to failure lest your audience misunderstand the point of your argument. You should always incorporate a failure set when working time under tension. I push to failure in high repetition (12 to 15 reps) at the end of each set exercise.

  • I definitely agree that “write what you know” is bad advice. If you’re writing horror or Sci-Fi some of the most fun you’re having can be research.
    However, writing what you know can also be GREAT when you’re talking about character arcs because you already know what the psychological outcome is or could be.

  • I once got advice that suggested if you slowed to a walk anytime on a training run, the whole run was a waste of effort. Bad advice.

  • I wholeheartedly agree with all the points. In fact this video is a good argument for keeping up with my usual strategy in the gym: I’m not talking to anyone, not giving advice nor ask anybody for any. I got all the (MUCH more trustworthy) literature for that (including scientific journals).
    I’ll still keep cutting my hair on a regular basis thank you though:D

  • I know this is an old video but thank you SO MUCH for addressing the “running to earn food thing”!!! I’m a runner, and I’ve also struggled with disordered eating, and it drives me crazy when people say this or imply it around me…I run for my own happiness and not so I can earn meals, I’m allowed to eat regardless of how much I ran that day and I don’t need to have a full out binge just because I ran! Of course I pay attention to nutrition with regards to my running but I try not to let the two become so intertwined that I’m obsessing about it. I think maintaining balance is super super important!

  • 1. WTF… Lol

    2. Wait what! Oh, professional. Well it is still a good idea to get, unless you’re really good at it.

    3. Wait, what! Lol.

    4. Right, agreed. �� I like to think I write in my own style.

    5. Lol, yeah, full of shit. Scammers.

    6. What about Unfanfic? Huh!!! ��

    7. Oh man, I fail at this. I have time everyday but don’t always do so.

    8. Self-pub is fine, my desired route.

    9. Oh! Right. ��. Not to mention know your world and more for it.

    10. Oh, I hate this with a passion. I write what I want. Mostly around my world.

  • The funny thing is, is that he was actually right about the stretching ( at least static stretching ), as confirmed by a recent study.

  • My favorite will always be Sheryl Crow suggesting we use a single square of toilet paper while doing the business for the sake of environmental protection.

  • So… often do you right?

    I get everyday is a pretty unrealistic and unnecessary goal, but I’m sure you dont just get by doing promotions and stuff 5 days a week for a year. Or do you? Does one book equal a few years of steady non writing related work with selling the book? Or do you need be writing new things like once a month? Once a week?

  • don’t stop moving regulary for a week if you regularly run because when i did i seriously forgot how to run like i had to spend 2 months to get back to full speed again

  • Loving your videos, man. There’s alot of bullshit out there in regards to fitness advice, especially in the lifting world. It feels like just recently I’ve started getting the results I want after years of wading through an ocean of stupid cough Mike Chang cough

  • bench press 350lbs? Wtf?

    If you get such advice to train to failure and you can press so much weight i don’t think you would be subject to such horrible advice in first place.

    Just started and only make 80-85kgs with 1-2reps, roughly my own weight.

  • Im not new to training but some excersizes ive never done yet for example close grip bench press so i took advice from a guy at my gym who said flair your elbows out and put your hands as very close together to isolate your triceps more. No good advice��

  • I actually had someone who isn’t really a writer tell me that it is bad to imitate a famous writer. Because he told me that, I could finally be original and develop my story. And someone else told me that editing a famous character’s name is not making original characters.

    I know it is weird for me to state that but I want to thank you Jenna for stating what pet peeves you hate. That helped me to develop my characters.

    Also. The same he also told me I shouldn’t write every day because I might rush and the story might turn bad. I want to thank you for reinforcing the fact that I needn’t write everyday so I will feel less shitty and be more mature and just treat writing and drawing as just a hobby and enjoy it as a teen.

  • At worst, when i fear a reader stealing, it’s the fear that another writer will find my idea, steal a portion of it and then finish the last 10% of their manuscript and publish it before i do mine. Is it irrational? Yes. But i can’t control my acid dreams

  • The “write every day” one used to break me. I would rather write when I am in the zone otherwise my character winds up reciting grocery lists…. “Let’s see now to slay the dragon we’ll need a pound of strawberries, milk, a dozen eggs and a pint of newt bile…”

  • Yikes. I was so on board with this until your last piece of advice. Cheating lash artists out of their fair share is what’s creating a bad name for the industry. Remember the “you get what you pay for” bit? Most people use those places to build a clientele and go solo in less then a year. Massive artist turn over creates a bad reputation for the business. I see it happening with so many bad rep salons in my area. I always advise people away from employment in the industry and to just build 100% of their own clients/money. Love your channel regardless! Thanks for always posting amazing advice 😉

  • Why do runners look like cancer patients? I’m not so sure long distance running is healthy. Maybe just try short bursts of speed and add some weight training for lean muscle. A runners body looks deteriorating. Opposite of strength.

  • Beta readers are the best freaking thing for every writer, especially free ones. I will recommend it to anyone who will listen and is writing a book. Get yourself a group who enjoy your genre and are honest, then stick to them. They are an amazing resource.

  • Hey Jenna, I’m pretty young and new to the Writing Game TM so I have kind of specific question for you.
    How long do you think a novel should take to write? I know it varies, but should I complete one in a year? two? five? I just want to know if my expectations for myself are way too high or way too low.

  • Several of these are not wrong, just socially or politically incorrect. One problem in today’s society is ignoring how things really are and pretending they are what they want it to be and not how it is.

  • look, if you’re in a situation where you can quit your job and still be financially set…
    what she says: fantastic
    what I hear: fuck you

  • I’ve seen some reviews on YouTube and all they say is “This book is trash lololol stop trying”. I have yet to see an actual review where they give solid constructive criticism or at least tell the writer how to fix the problems with the book.

  • I’m a young author without a job so I can’t afford an editor right now but I was just wondering, would the book be considered finished if I went back and edited it myself? Because I have a plan I created so I can edit my own work as many times as I need. Do I need to have a professional editor edit my book or can I do it myself?

  • Running DID wreck my knees. Until I went slow, took it easy, and built them up to handle running. And now they’re fine. And I’m pretty sure they’re better for it tbh

  • ‘Remember that kid who tried REALLY hard to fit in with the popular girls, and everybody laughed at her for it?’

    Gender-flip that sentence and you have me in high school.

    And to a certain extent me as a writer.

  • The first one got me a little meh only for the fact that they said don’t go out hard. Ummmmmm going out hard ain’t bad perfect example is Steve Prefontaine. It all depends on what your goal is on running that’s it (I’m just saying that going out hard ain’t always the worst)

  • David Duchovny one time appeared on “The Rachael Ray Show.” Someone told him she had a crush on a coworker. He told her to make the first move. I read that it’s not a good idea to date someone you work with, because it could affect the work relationship. I felt he gave bad advice to that woman.

  • “You don’t need to hydrate during a marathon”

    I hydrate every few hours just sitting on my ass playing video games. Of course I’m going to hydrate if I’m running for damn near 3 hours.

    Also don’t mock my time. I’m new.

  • Would you be able to give actual numbers for how much running is too much? I understand that everyone is different but could you use yourself as an example?

  • “Just because they’re famous, doesn’t mean they’re right.” Really? You don’t say. I thought you had to be a certified genius to be a celebrity. I mean, look how smart all those reality stars are.

  • Gels were mentioned and gels should be discouraged by the manufacturers by having a health warning on the packets regarding their correct usage.
    Gels were originally introduced onto the market for energy boosts post exercise, NOT DURING!
    Gels are not isotonic, which means they need diluting to be absorbed into the blood plasma.
    The only way that a gel can be absorbed when in the stomach if they have not been diluted before ingestion, is for the stomach to draw fluid in from the blood plasma to dilute it.
    That means that the blood thickens placing more strain on the heart and it also leaves less fluid that can be used by sweat glands.

  • 1 I have no plans to quit teaching. Writing is a hobby mostly during breaks.
    2 Editing is in the long term plan like 5 years from now.
    3 I work at it but don’t make major sacrifices.
    4 I liked studying the Inklings. A writing group like that sounds fun to be a part of but I struggle internally and externally with trust and motivation to share on multiple levels.
    5 I watched all the free Sanderson lectures I could find.
    6 I did some JRRT fanfic to practice writing skills. I also learned many lessons about the value of differentiation from existing works.
    7 I write mostly on vacation.
    8 I will most likely self-publish… eventually.
    9 I don’t believe you haha.
    10 I only write what I like.

  • I was told to focus exclusively on dick exercises. Dick pulls, dick pushes and dick stretches. And i’m making all kinds of fucking gains. All kinds.

  • Steve Harvey isn’t wrong. Women who will chart are shallow just like the man is. As it’s shallow to think
    About surface issues only!! It’s sexist you not blaming any woman for cheating ever. In fact ya all make videos talking about how strong characters are when she cheats on her husband she’s liv g her life!! I’ve watched men cry over their girlfriend as they are eh in club I go to other club I run! And I see their girlfriend grins jumping in dance floor with enabdom
    Guy!! The I catch her kissing him! And man is crying over her as she turns o me and says I have boyfriend but I don’t see him
    And no ring on this finger. Start taking blame. Or ya Causing this huge influx of hate to women

  • Was told to train to failure all the time, made me anxious and sick every time i worked out, because i thought hey im natural, gtta train this way to get big right?

    Also, told machines were better than free weights and squatting will make your ass too big!!

    Also told too much protein could kill you lol

    Told that crazy high reps every day would build big abs FYI I have always had visible 6 pack before I even worked out lol

  • Okay so I’m really trying not to be a “BuT JeNnAaAAaa”, but isn’t professional editing only mandatory for self-published authors? I might just be misinformed, but my impression was that publishing houses employ editors for this purpose (obviously your manuscript should be as clean as you can make it, but still).

  • Worst gym advice i was given: training muscles will increase their size.
    Which is the biggest lie ever, since muscle size is determined by testosterone levels.
    (And that’s why you, Omar, use steroids)

  • The biggest lie I have argued against for years is the “running being bad for your knees” lie. When people address this to me, I ask them if it hurts when they lift weights. My point being, unless you learned properly (which most people don’t) ANY exercise can wreck your body. BUT, when exercise is done correctly, it (as it should) strengthens your body. The thing about running seems to be most people focus on time and distance before they ever, if they ever, focus on HOW TO RUN PROPERLY.

  • There’s a difference between training ’til failure and training ’til performance failure, performance failure meaning that you can’t do any more reps with proper form, so your muscles aren’t complete dust just yet at that point. I think this type of training ’til failure can be effective, it’s certainly easy at least, you don’t have to keep track of how many reps and you don’t have to focus as much on different weights. If you really want to get as strong as possible or get as big muscles as possible, then it’s a bit more complicated, but if you just care about being fit and getting the health benefits of strength training, then training ’til failure might be for you.

  • I really enjoyed this video!! It’s nice to look at a running video with some humor…I’m American, so we say humor v. humour.

    Nice work!! Keep it up.

  • Absolutely agree! More training (junk miles) are so often useless, and can actually cause or amplify injuries and sickness… Better to train SMARTER and with a defined PURPOSE for each session, so that you maximise effectiveness. I need to focus more on my restoration though haha, I’m terrible at looking after myself:/…

  • Not sure how many bikes I saw in the pain cave (Ventum, Cervelo, others). Would you mind introducing them to us and what you like / dislike on them?

  • “Stretching is for pussies!” lmao i know this old but that part had me dying! I thought stretching before a workout was common knowledge haha

  • Actually the worst piece of advice I’ve ever been given is to estrech before exercise… (if you think I’m wrong, show me scientific evidence that proves it, I’ll be glad to see it) With mobilization and coordination exercises, you are good to go

  • I don’t really like stretching prior to heavy working sets. I use dynamic warmup / stretching. Stretching after I feel is different and helps to facilitate growth and improve flexibility. To each their own tho.:D

  • New to working out. Just getting in the gym Monday. I’ve been watching a bunch of videos to get advice and your videos have to be the most helpful. Thank you for being on the interwebs.

  • Good video but would have been better if you said the bad advice out loud instead of just having text, a lot of people like having videos on in the background when doing other things and it then getts annoying when some things are just in text.

    A bad advice I’ve heard is that running is the worst training for you if you are even slightly overweight because you will get injured imediatly.

  • Yet a lot will still listen to these morons when they tell you who to vote for lol.
    Also my son was born with autism and that’s that. He didn’t even cry when he was born so we all thought something was wrong, but he was fine, then we thought he may had been deaf but nope that wasn’t it either..perfect hearing lol. Finally he was diagnosed with autism on his 7th birthday so it took a long time, from birth to 7 years old lol. Anyway I do agree that babies and children have way too many vaccines now.

  • Every time I see a thumbs down on Jenna’s videos, I think, “Who are the weirdos who don’t like this woman?” She clever! She’s funny! She’s generous! What’s not to like?

  • I love fanfic. It helped me write better and evolve because the people on those sites have no problem telling you your plot is contrived, confusing, or your OC sucks. They will be blunt and that’s what you need sometimes. Yeah, some are assholes for the sake of it, but the most valuable advice I ever got was from strangers on the internet.

  • If you want to write what sells, don’t follow trends. Find a common thread inherent to everyone; something that they’re naturally drawn to. Those things will always sell, and I think that’s how trends start. Final Fantasy is a good example. There is a strong overly represented notion of protagonists with spiky hair…and nobody cares. They include spiky hair because they think it matters. “Is it the muscles or the eyes? OH! Maybe it’s the hair! I bet it’s the hair!!!” Maybe it’s just me, but I prefer Vann (FF12) to Cloud (FF7). I’m not sure, but I think it’s his circumstances. He lives on the streets as a “gutter churl” because the Arcadian Empire started a war that killed his only family. He steals from imperials as an act of defiance to “take back what’s ours.” He’s like Aladdin. He’s not some grand chosen one. He had the key item that could turn the tables in the whole course of fate, and the loyal soldier merely responds with “So, you had it all along? The fates jest!” Then, they remade it to reflect a D&D notion, and they ruined the beautiful versatility in the game of any weapon, armor, or magic for any character at any time. It made the characters hella OP, but I don’t care. That versatile aspect held a certain charm, and the trend-chasers ruined it.

  • What the hell Watchmojo, you forgot the worst and most dangerous advice EVER, Donald Trump suggesting people treat the corona virus by your ingesting bleach disinfectants, and then expose them to sunlight and UV rays. Should have been number 1, but you didn’t even have it as dishonorable mention. ������

  • I used to write Loki fanfics and it got reasonably popular. Once I posted original fiction on my Wattpad, everyone said my MC reminded them of Loki. I was too used to that lmao.

  • I totally agree that running is not bad for my knees. But can you spot the flaw in the argument: “Tell cyclists and gym-going mates […]” and “[…] the study shows that runners have better knees than their non-active counterparts […]”?
    Having better knees than non-active people does not necessarily mean the have better knees than cyclists.

  • Well, as it turns out, I write primarily when I’m inspired because I create way better work that way. I need fewer edits later, and I feel better about my work in general. I’m okay with writing once or twice a week if it means I’m happier with the results. That’s not to say that there aren’t sections of writing that I just had to push myself through or that I would tell other writers they should always write this way, just because it works for me. I just know from my personal experience that I cannot create good work if I force myself to write. And in fact, I often end up triggering my anxiety, making me sick enough to not be able to write (or do much else) for a while. I don’t necessarily think there are bad writing tips as much as there are bad writing absolutes. Writing is different for every writer and assuming that there is a list of rules that work for everyone in every situation is the real problem, in my opinion. Everyone has to figure out their own process. And while there are probably things that might be more likely to produce good results, everyone is different. There’s nothing wrong with writing primarily when you’re inspired, just as there’s nothing wrong with creating a schedule and writing every day. The important part is figuring out your own process and what works for you. That might require trying different approaches when you’re first starting out. And different projects might even require different approaches. (In my case, this has been going between not outlining, outlining, and semi-outlining.) Honestly, I find it much more likely for someone to say, “You’re not a real writer if you don’t write every day.” I always feel awful about myself when people say things like that. I’ve been passionately writing for 18 years, have completed two books and an assortment of other drafts and projects, but somehow I’m not good enough because I don’t stick to a schedule? I’m tired of feeling lesser to other writers because my process is different. I think we should encourage different approaches in the writing community, just as we should support each other in not considering other writers competition.

  • “when I thought Arnold was natural… when I thought protein powder was a steroid… SHIT WAS REAL TO ME” HAHAHAHAHA so funny cause its so relatable

  • Training to failure is something I also learned and I use it. Like If I chose I weight that I can do 10 reps with but I feel like I can continue, I just continue until I can’t lift more (never more than 15 reps though). This is something I mainly do on the last set on each excersise though. Otherwise I try to stick around 10-12 rep range, but I just don’t stop because I’ve counted to 10-12, I always continue until failure. I have no problem so far with keeping up my gas, I’m pumped as hell and I always do to failure.

    However I don’t do it on everything like squats, barbell benchpress or deadlifts. Mainly after I’m done with most of my routine and I work some isolation exercises to failure.

    It’s just I don’t feel I work as hard If I just stop after 10 reps on each set, even though I could probably do 1-2 more. I learned that it was the last couple of reps that you struggle with the most that is the most important ones.

  • The hard truth about running is, to get significant improvements you will have to go through some sort of chronic injuries/ volume type injuries here and there. The best way to minimize this is to gradually increase volume overtime rather then just jumping up to 50+ miles a week after doing 20-30. Even then you may still experience IT band syndrome, tendonitis and other things. Take your time increasing your millage and you can make it! Listen to your body but don’t set a “this is the most amount of mileage my body can take” type attitude.

  • The worst advice I’ve ever been given was one of the first tutorials I ever watched on how to bench properly. Smart me actually looked at the comments before trying it and saw EVERYBODY saying this guy is a fucking idiot.
    The guy recommended you to do T-Bar benchpressing without even thinking about his shoulders.

  • New to the channel and loving it. If I had a pound for every time someone told me my knees were going to explode from running, well you know how that ends…��

  • The cat litter tip only sounds gross. It’s not because it’s all about the clay. What you use is clean, unused, old style, clay litter. None of the clumping, dyed, scented, etc. Just clay. Masks made with the same clay as cat litter can be found in spas and health/beauty departments.

  • Static stretches (holding for a minute or longer) should be kept for after a workout, as they can indeed cause an injury or just reduce your power during your workout. But I agree that you should mobilise your joints and muscles before you work them with dynamic stretching (not holding the the stretch for a longer period of time).

  • I’m subscribing I like this guy. Soon as u mentioned the leg extensions best way for a knee injury if people think their getting mass so they put more weight on. Having injured my knees training I would kno fuckin sux dude and takes months and months to get better. Cuz around the knee there’s less blood flow so very slow healing. U probably just saved someone a kneecap thnx.

  • Hi from France
    Taren, I knew that a day I’d disagree with you�� Lo and behold that day hath come! I actually don’t follow you regarding swimming drills; I consider they’re paramount in a triathlete’s “career”. Where I’m on the same page as you is regarding drills individualization.�� On second thoughts, we’ve got another disagreement: I am NOT shaving my legs (too Gallic to go down that path ��).

  • Hi guys love your channel.
    One thing I want to say about running shoes, I like to run in Boots believe it or not but high quality ones.
    They are made in Portugal and I called rock ports.
    They may seem clumsy and cumbersome to the eye, but to say they are comfortable is an understatement!
    The souls have three layers and will easily last 5 to 10 years. I search for them online you can still buy a pair of good quality second-hand if you are very lucky.
    My point is that because they are so comfortable I enjoy my run so much more so I think it’s very important to find yourself some very comfortable footwear.��

  • i dont agree with shake right after the workout. wait around 40 minutes to get that building material into muscles as much effective as possible

  • Lookin’ good TT! If you go back a couple years and look at yourself then vs. now, physically there’s a big change. Good work! Don’t let the turkey fatten you up! BTW… Scody discount would be fu’mazing…. ��

  • Oh this video is worthy save to watch later!! This is important for new athletes because they so many wrong information out there!! And some new athletes don’t understand all the time the pro have to rest!!

  • Anyone who says “You don’t need to hydrate during a marathon” are complete idiots and should watch this video detailing the 1904 Olympic Marathon.
    One water stop at mile 12, feeding a runner brandy and rat poison…..what they hell were they thinking?

  • I absolutely love your channel! Thank you for all of your help. Tomorrow I plan to watch your episodes all day. You give the best advice for us beginners. You actually help keep me going. Thank you for taking the time out to help us bc it is very hard to guide throughout this!

  • K. So the ten worst pieces of imaginary advice that no one ever said to anyone. Ever. Got it. (Edit: except # 5, seeing everyone tries to sell you something.)

  • I don’t like your mood; I don’t like you persona; but your a goddamn great advicer.; besides GTN, you’re de only other one youtuber I follow constantly. Greetings from Mexico

  • I don’t think Isolation movements never have a place in bodybuilding. isolating individual muscles is an inefficient use of time but isolating groups I think most bodybuilders find useful.

    For me, Compound exercises are the way to go, because i have a limited time in the gym and I I need to maximize the effectiveness of the time I spend in the gym and it sounds like that is you as well. but obviously every routine involves isolating in some way throughout a routine from day to day.

    You mentioned how you don’t train to failure because you need to recover but that is the same reason why people do Isolation movements. if you train different muscle groups on different days, it allows you spend your energy on a different group while the other groups recover.

  • I started running this year and got hooked immediately!! Was running 5k within a couple weeks and going out daily. Clearly way to much to soon, especially since I wasn’t stretching or foam rolling etc… the bone on the inside of my leg below my knee cap crippled me for two weeks where it sucked to just walk!!!! Definitely good to start a bit slow. At least from my experience, a rest day won’t kill ya!

  • I’m not going to finish watching this episode because the voice is different her voice is iconic for Watch Mojo I have been hearing that voice for 8 years I just can’t imagine another woman’s voice on watch mojo

  • Great video!
    Despite not a beginner, one thing was pretty new to me:
    Many guys still say that you should train to muscle failure to gain (more) muscles:D

  • My favorite piece of bad writing advice: “write drunk, edit sober.” Are you kidding me? I gave up on getting drunk years ago, about 15 years before I was able to write my first novel. I remember what I was like when I was drunk and I could barely focus enough to get my key in the door let alone string a sentence together. This and “all writers drink” are two of the most idiotic statements I’ve ever heard.

  • The fact that you think our culture discourages working hard is, I mean, hysterically funny. Our culture constantly tells people to work until their limbs fall off, that’s what all the self care people are trying to say.

  • “Have you ever thought about writing for a magazine/newspapers?” (As in like, you’re crazy for wanting to write a nOvEl)
    Erm, no, thank you very much.