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CrossFit Hero Workout “Murph”

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I tried the MURPH Workout, what the HELL is this! | THE MURPH CHALLENGE

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MURPH Motivational Video | HERO WORKOUT

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Mini Murph: CrossFit workout for beginners

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Men’s Murph 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games

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“MURPH” CrossFit Hero WOD Demo (Memorial Day Murph)

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The Murph CrossFit WOD A Detailed Look — Tiger Fitness The “Murph” is a popular and extremely challenging CrossFit WOD that is performed wearing a weighted vest. “Murph” has become one of the most famous CrossFit workouts, globally, especially as a tribute on U.S. Memorial Day (the last Monday of May), when the workout is sometimes referred to as “Memorial Day Murph.” The workout, as prescribed (“Rx”), requires a weight. MurphThe Annual Memorial Day Workout. Every Memorial Day, CrossFit gyms all over the USA do Murph as a sign of respect for America’s fallen soldiers.

It has been the workout of the day on Memorial Day since 2010. The annual Murph Memorial Day Workout has become one of the richest traditions in the CrossFit community. Murph is one of CrossFit’s most intimidating hero WODs, but these tips and tricks will help dominate it (and set new personal records) this Memorial Day. For example, if you want to try the Murph workout but you’re new to exercise in general — or new to CrossFit in particular — or you have movement limitations (ex. you can’t squat to full depth), you can always split the Murph workout in half (800-meter.

The “MURPH” WOD. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER. Check out our FREE Murph Challenge Training Program below for all fitness levels with at-home workouts to prepare you to take on The Murph Challenge! Sign up to receive the latest news and event updates.

Thank You and Welcome! Support. COVID-19 Announcement.

As you may already know, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted what we all knew previously to be our normal way of life. Much like you, we have also had to make adjustments here on our end to accommodate this change. Perhaps the most well-known CrossFit Hero workout is Murph, named after Lt. Michael Murphy who died in Afghanistan in 2005 while serving his country. While the workout is long and grueling, you won’t hear athletes complain.

Instead, athletes show up to pay their respects and honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Murph, named after Lt Michael P Murphy, a Navy SEAL killed in Afghanistan in 2005, is one of the toughest full-body fitness challenges you’re likely to find – add to that the fact that it’s done wearing a 20lb vest (14lb for women) and you can see why this hero workout has gone down as one of the big ones. The workout: 1 mile run; 100 pull-ups.

Join me for a recap of my FIFTH consecutive year doing the CrossFit Hero Workout, MURPH. I look forward to doing this workout every Memorial Day.

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Before I joined CrossFit Elysium, I did a six-week program that introduced me to Brian MacKenzie’s CrossFit Endurance program.

“Inside the Box: How CrossFit ® Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body” by T. J. Murphy
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By the end of this book, we hope that we’ll have triggered a more informed conversation about what CrossFit Endurance is all about and how adopting CFE into your program can set you on the path to becoming an unbreakable runner.

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  • I understand all the hate on the “pull ups”. I think as long as crossfit calls them kippy pull ups, not actual pull ups there shouldn’t be a problem. all these athletes are elite, and are just being as efficient as possible within the regulations around them.

  • Booo…boooo… yalls pullups are weak. Most of them are barely getting their foreheads above the bar. I guess I won’t even bring up the swing/flop strategy that everyone of them are doing. I guess those are sub par crossfit pull ups

  • 34:56 is that surprising? is the women’s murph different or something? Why is she surprised that a male athlete beat a female athlete?

  • 4 Years later and you still see snarky comments about form. Crossfit is not bodybuilding. They do not do pull ups to build back muscle, they do it in the most ease of way functional way possible to get it done. Every sport has different intentions. You won’t look at at an endurance athlete and tell them to lift more if they’re body/form works for them and you won’t tell a strength athlete to run a marathon. Jheeze, narrow minded much?

  • They would’ve produced better results if this was done early morning or late afternoon. No sense doing it under the heat of the sun. Its not healthy

  • Thank you for the motivation! I completed the MURPH challenge last weekend with my family and made a video for YouTube. It was truly a hard workout. I can’t imagine doing it with a weighted vest, your a beast.

  • there are three grips for pull-ups ( semantics maybe ), Neutral, supinated or pronated. Must your palms face forward the entire time?

  • 1st you have to use a 20 pound vest
    2nd rx is doing the format how it says 100 200 300 if you break it down it’s modified
    3rd a chin up is not a pull up so every chin up is a no rep (didn’t finish)

  • 200 push ups
    100 sit ups
    300 air squats
    And a 1 mile run every single day
    No a/c in the summer
    No heat in the winter
    I went bald doing this

  • I love a Murph workout, so simple but so effective!!
    If i had a pull up bar i would be doing murph alot during this no gym period.
    I have been trying to come up with new workouts at home and how i can try and maintain some strength during the lockdown period.
    I would very much appreciate it if people could look at my videos and please give me some home workouts which can be performed with only resistant bands and body weight! ����

  • Good challenge I did one try my self and fucking died but that squads man please work on your Form.
    I did 300 squads with my knees in front of my feet like you and now a have a patella spitz Syndrom (basicly fucked up knees)

  • Danke fürs versuchen Bro.. aber du hast das niemals in 39min geschafft. Kein Problem wenn’s 3 std 9 min gewesen sind…aber spätestens bei den 100 Pull-Ups biste raus in der Zeit…. Grüße:-*

  • Lol Anderson what a fucking idiot starts walking right at the end. How embarrassing to know that you got past because you started walking. He actully thought he was going to win at the end and he got passed up again cuz he wasn’t giving it his all. Thinking he was going to beat the black guy what a moron. That’s gotta sting that’s a smear on his name for the rest of his life. Now no one’s going to take him seriously even his parents are probably ashamed of him being beaten like that. That’s the end of his career there’s nothing for him here anymore just go home.

  • FACT: 99% of the people criticizing these kipping pull ups, would finish last place in this race, even if they were allowed to skip the kipping pullups

  • I really don’t know how you did 39min! I did 59min and I was exhausted! But I’m really proud because I did almost every rep with proper form and the pull-ups on rings which is a bit harder than on a bar! Good job to all who did it too!

  • i did 59m 38s without the vest (im not bad at crossfit), i have to say that the squats were for the most part no reps ( it has to go futher down) and all the push ups were also no reps ( ur chest has to touch the ground ), and ur run times are insanly good, way to good, so i can’t believe that you did this in under 40m.

  • can someone explain to me why they are swinging their legs around while doing the pull ups, i thought this is incorrect form. i have also seen them doing it on the crssfit channel

  • And some people think these CrossFit trainers and CrossFit athletes can’t run or can’t do what other sports or other sports athletes can do. I agree with that to a certain extent, but I also don’t think CrossFit should be seen as easy at all. I didn’t even know they had to do a mile run. I thought it was just some tire rolls, an insane amount of pull-ups, pushups, and maybe some running.

  • In the future, they will run treadmill sipping energy drink chasing naken woman in HD inside VR helmet.
    Pullups, wont even be a thing then.

  • Fuck you guys and your real pull-ups, the length of the 5 set circuit and two 1.5 mile runs are insane compared to your pussy weightlifting workout, try doing this, I doubt you have the character to even finish this event.

  • Great video! Just one question, I don’t have access to a pull-up bar and I don’t trust the banister or the doors in my house. I can go to the park. Maybe I could do a version of pull-ups on the basketball court? Like the way you were using the door? Thanks…

  • Ни один из них нормально ни разу не подтянулся, ни один из них ни разу нормально не отжался. Обнуляем результаты)) Итого я в бронике три раза отжался, один раз подтянулся, чемпион я!)))

  • Technically your supposed to do the pull ups, push’s and squats as stated.. As a chipper. The scaled version is 20sets of “Cindy” but fair play.. Its a horrible amount of everything. I’ve done it once. Took about an hour. Gonna try it again soon.

  • Haters are going to hate…..especially those who can’t even do one pull up. Great strong minded athletes. Stay strong CrossFit!!!

  • Did a modified version power walk. Trx pull ups modified push ups. Air squats. 51 minutes. Kind of sucks but I am 50 goal time is 40 minutes

  • To everyone doubting the mile run I get where you’re coming from. It does seem as if he didn’t do it. In my opinion he wanted to get some footage of him running so that’s what he did and then actually did the run. I may be wrong, or you may be wrong, just seeing things from a different perspective:)

  • If anyone is interested I created a Murph Counter app. It’s FREE, no signup, no location, no tracking:) Apple iPad or iPhone. Lookup “Murph Counter” in Apple App Store.

  • It would be better if counting of push ups and squats would be done by the video…. I mean who would keep a count of 75 squats….. anyways….. the determination was indeed motivating

  • Dude, strict pull ups? It says pull ups, no strict pull ups. Kip them, man! But respect! Personally I did the Murph (with 20lb weight vest) 3 weeks in a row, but that is not recommended, I can tell you that. Gyms were closed so it seemed a pretty good idea, but your body needs more recovery than a few days after that, haha. It’s called a hero wod for a reason:P. It’s hard but fun as well!

  • This is tough. I would love to see what they look like if those kipps or whatever those pull-ups are called were not allowed. Props to those guys regardless.

  • So many fitness experts in comment section while all they do is sit behind their computer eating cheetos with a slouch fat weak ass body just waiting for zombie apocalypse telling everyone that they are gamers and they will excel..

  • I did the murph challenge for the first time and got a 59 mins flat time. For my first time and not being able to do a pullup 2 years ago was very happy with the time.

  • Good job bro, I did the same during quarantine and have just posted the video! Check out my 30-day body transformation on my channel.

  • Everyone who have negative things to say more than likely haven’t done this workout. Have some pride and try it out. It will humble you.
    As a side note, every CrossFit gym I’ve been in has quite a few workouts that work on strict pull-ups and strict muscle ups. The kip/butterfly movement is just for efficiency due to volume/time. These dudes could rep most people to death with any strict movement.
    Rest in Power, Lt. Murphy.

  • As a Marine, I can say that these aren’t at all, in any way, shape, or form pull-ups, they were kipping the whole time, and if they were taking any type of PT test, they’d immediately be disqualified or told to start back at zero same thing with the PFT so as far as I’m concerned, they all lost. They’re all a bag of nasties. Now as you were, you’re back at zero.

  • Got my T-Shirt this year, my first ever murph. Did it on June 25th, the 15th anniversary of Op Red Wings.
    48:49 with perfect form and my runs were uphill.

  • I just did this every day for 30 days during quarantine and have just posted the video! Check out my 30-day body transformation on my channel.

  • For the first time I did Murph workout 30.5.20.. First run by rowing, jaws with tires, push ups with a box and last run with a bike and my time was 48minutes 30seconds.

  • Just did murph tonight. Slower than all these guys, but I’m 57 and just getting over a bad cold…. can’t think of any other excuses right now lol

  • Would be more impressive if you said: OK, you need to do FIVE muscle-ups each stage, not allowed to do ONE SINGLE ONE faster than 10s and it MUST HAVE continious rise or hold, but no downward movement no false grip and no swinging, no jumping.
    Like this:

  • Where is your 10 kilo vest? Dude and those push ups are you for real��that are no propper push en pull ups. You have to stretch your arms, and your body have to touch the ground with the pull-ups.

  • Why the fuck would they start them on the field and bottleneck them at the stairway, people are loosing precious seconds having to wait for everyone to fit up a tiny staircase ahead of him. They should have just started them up on the top of the staircase.

  • If anyone wants to do this, I have a breathing technique that has been tested and proved that it helps get more oxygen into ur lungs and blood stream. Breathe in long and deep with ur mouth and nose at the same time then breathe out ur mouth short and fast. I started this and I was breathing normally and I got around 45 mins and when I tried this technique I went down by 10 mins.

  • Just curious why all the hate against the pull ups? I know they’re kipping pull ups, and that they’re not done strict. But that’s all it is they aren’t strict, they’re done with the assistance of the helping movement of the kip. You’re all right it’d be way harder to do it like that, but it ain’t exactly nothing doing 100 kipping pull ups. What am I missing that really cooks people’s hams?

  • Why would they accept the athletes doing the pull ups like this?? Pull ups are strickt. Squats are strickt. Why not the pull ups in perfect form????

  • Now try wearing a 20lbs plate carrier and do it again, your mile pace will probably drop down to 8:00 at best. No way this video is unedited, figure your timing of completion. Under 40 minutes is approximately 20/25 minutes quicker than average, especially for the first time.

  • Crossfit did not create that challenge.. Murph did. It was originally called body armour, and the 1st “guy” with the fastest time is called jennifer? Thats a flipping girls name!

  • Ultimate test of strength and fitness, just like an iron man triathlon or something. This looks hard, but I really admire these super, superfit athletes for doing it

  • You call that pull ups.
    I called that stupid pull ups. You need strict perfect form to properly working on your back.

    What a stupid sloppy pull ups��

  • Everything is cool but two things needs improvement, the sloppy-pull-ups and too many drama queens yes I know muscles and lungs burn, but I like to see one perform this whole event under grace (game face no drama) and do real clean pull-ups. Its like two UFC champions fighting for the belt in the last rounds of a 5 round fight they keep their game face and fight to win, you don’t let your opponent know you are dying or about to lose.

  • Let me correct that for you guys.
    One mile sort of run with stops.
    Not one single pull up.
    Two hundred push ups which most of them can actually do.
    Three hundred air squats.
    One mile of actual running with no stops.
    That’s Murph.
    Same with the so called seven km trail run. Which was actually a seven km sort of run with a number of stopping and walking. ��

  • My pr time is 34min, and first of all your mile runs were fake. There is no chance thay yoi could run a mile in 5.30min. Second thing I noticed was that your pull ups were trash. Form first then speed

  • I literally started working out like 3 weeks ago and I wouldn’t let someone call that shit a pull up. That said I couldn’t do 100 flopping fish on a bar so I’m gonna keep my mouth shut.

  • How are all there calves so big?! What do yall do to get so huge! Hopefully a crossfit guy answers cuz i will put in the work! Thanks

  • These comments are pressed about the pull ups but these people couldn’t do 100 of these “fake pull ups” let alone normal pull ups lol

  • Yeah so guys, he did do a killer workout, but you couldve clarified the rest. In an official event, your form was way off, resulting in tons of no reps. And you didnt run a full mile either… neither did you even bother about the 20lbs vest

  • Did the Murph every year while In service. A great way to remember a warrior. But why must we show CrossFit way of doing a fake pull up?

  • Tried half Murphy, it took 22 minutes. How did a person finished full Murphy in 19 minutes?he must be definitely a monster. In between I am aged 37.

  • I’ve completed 3 Murph’s since I started my special warfare career. After being educated on LT Murphy and his career by people who knew him I was inspired to complete every Murph or PJ Memorial workout. I’m seeing a lot of controversy in the comments about the pull-up form in the comments and you all are not wrong. The pull-up form in this video is NOT military standard but this is not a military event. I do think they should not call it a Murph if it isn’t going to be the correct Murph form but I understand the respect that these athletes are showing. Another thing I saw is that military standard is once you drop from the bar or knees drop you’re done, correct. In the military you’re done, but none of these men are in the military lol. This is, again, not a military event. Even in the military none of us are doing this entire workout in one set �� there are VERY few people like David Goggins in the world. These athletes are competing and paying their respects to LT Murphy.I have nothing to complain about. I enjoyed the video ����

  • Guys…although you’re doing the work, you can’t do it THAT WAY. There’s a purpose for grinding through each discipline as prescribed ����

  • Feel for the guy that was still doing pushups while everyone else was out on their run. Do participants ever give up in these crossfit games or does everyone wait till the last man or woman finish their event?

  • The most advantageous way to achieve an acceptable time, is to perform each exercise in a pyramid: 10 pull ups, 20 push ups then 30 squats for 10 reps.

    That way the pullups can performed correctly. This should be completed under 40 mins. Never disrespect “the Murph.”

  • I dont get it, why are they doing strict pullups? Surely it would be easier to do more reps if you arched your back and didnt really push down as far?

  • I gave myself 10min to enjoy haters’ comments down here:D my current “time wasting” hobby isn’t watching some feminist cringe videos anymore, it’s reading CrossFit haters’ cringes in the comment section. Thanks for the Entertainment people, and sweet dreams

  • Arguing gets nowhere like this comment if CrossFit HQ should officially state that Murph must be completed using strict dead hang pull-ups.