The Iron Decathlon The King of Workout Challenges


Mike O’Hearn talks Nutrition with Legend Robby Robinson

Video taken from the channel: Mike O’Hearn


Decathlon Fitness Challenge.

Video taken from the channel: Pandurang Madyalkar


A DAY ON THE DECATHLON’S SPOTIGHTS / Workout, Dance & Skate Edition

Video taken from the channel: Mehdi Zaddam


Decathlon fitness Challenge winning movement.(2)

Video taken from the channel: Nikhil Saini Wrestler


Street Workout Decathlon NXC Demo

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UFD Instructions for the 10 Fitness Challenges in the Unite Fitness Decathlon

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Decathlon team NXC 93 Workout 16 12 17

Video taken from the channel: NXC TRAINING

The Iron Decathlon is the king of all workout challenges. 3 days, 10 events, a brutal combination of bodyweight and compound exercises. Your SUBSCRIPTION is a BIG MOTIVATION for me Subscribe Here: 142.500+ SUBS! THANK.

This workout challenges your leg strength and power but also requires a lot of endurance—if the weight doesn’t kill you, the cardio will. The Challenge: Your score is. Themed Workouts (Broadway Rides, Disney Rides, Movie Themed Workouts, etc) Every now and then Peloton will have a themed workout centered around Broadway (Hamilton, etc) or Disney music, the theme track to certain movies (Greatest Showman, etc), and more. You can find a running list of all of these Peloton workouts with special themes here.

Spider-Man Fitness Challenge! Superhero Gear Test & Kids Run the Obstacle Course | KIDCITY Subscribe: | ��Make sure to enable ALL push. Kingmaker: 4 Weeks to Fighting Shape. Fitness legend Mike Rashid created the perfect plan to be ready for anything—and look the part. Everything he’s learned from competitive bodybuilding, powerlifting, boxing, and just hanging out in the most badass gyms in the world comes together in this incredible four-week gauntlet.

As soon as the “300” movie came out, the “300” workout came out. Men and women everywhere, from all walks of life, were eager to learn how King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) and his Spartan warriors got their abs of steel, boulder shoulders, barn door backs, etc.The truth is, the training regimen was the brainchild of the mens’ trainer, Mark Twight. Get easy-to-read workout summaries.

Track challenges and benchmarks. View your body composition. Track out-of-studio workouts. Congrats, You Took the First Step. We’ve received your information and will be in touch soon.

You’re officially on the way to a healthier, happier, more confident you. Get the App. Doing this exercise with the wrist in slight extension and gripping the dumbbells as hard as you possibly can will create force up the kinetic chain of the arms, increasing activation in the big movers while challenging the small intrinsic muscles. Chase the pump for this. Think high reps, slow movements, and hard squeezes at the top.

26. Iron Cross. The Iron Cross takes great shoulder strength to perform.

I haven’t been able to think of a way to practice this without rings (which I don’t have) but I still put this high up on the list because of the tremendous strength it takes.

List of related literature:

The challenge was that I did the same routine as him but with lighter weights.

“Steve Williams: Out of the Rough: Out of the Rough” by Steve Williams
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But it was required as it would be that week’s episode of the Get Fit Challenge, so all the contestants had to show up and show out and Zumba.

“Looking for Lovely: Collecting Moments that Matter” by Annie F. Downs
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Initial Workout: Contestants work out with the trainers.

“Focus On: 100 Most Popular Television Series by Universal Television” by Wikipedia contributors
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I successfully completed that challenge without skipping a single day, soundly shredding all my previous excuses for not exercising.

“Personal Development for Smart People” by Steve Pavlina
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The other challenge Tom had built for himself was allowing too little time to achieve the level of fitness necessary to qualify for the World Championship.

“The Triathlete's Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 4th Ed.” by Joe Friel
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Challenges: Instead of following the trainer, these three challenges ask you to compete with the trainer to see who can do more of the indicated exercise.

“Wii For Dummies” by Kyle Orland
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Two days later Ian is once again at the gym, adding a couple of minutes to his time on the bicycle and sticking to his workout with light weights.

“The Biophysical Foundations of Human Movement” by Bruce Abernethy, Stephanie J. Hanrahan, Vaughan Kippers, Laurel T. Mackinnon, Marcus G. Pandy
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The challenge came in the form of natural bodybuilding.

“Chicken Soup for the Unsinkable Soul: Inspirational Stories of Overcoming Life's Challenges” by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen
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The Russian Kettlebell Challenge is Pavel’s best work yet and that’s saying a lot.

“The Russian Kettlebell Challenge: Xtreme Fitness for Hard Living Comrades” by Pavel Tsatsouline
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The only viable option was for Stephen to jog very slowly week by week until his strength returned and do a couple of sessions approaching high aerobic race speeds in the weeks leading to his Nationals.

“Healthy Intelligent Training: The Proven Principles of Arthur Lydiard” by Keith Livingstone
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  • What I love about Mike is that he has the ability to communicate to the masses in a clear concise manner.. There are a lot of good trainers out there but they’re not able to explain in detail why they do what they do and why you should follow in that same plan look if anybody could do it it would be easy the fact is anybody could do it if they’ve the have Discipline, desire, consistency and focus.. This is why I love Mike so much and I See him training hard And focused Everyday.. Now that hes teaming up with Robbie it looks even more fun Mike my brother thanks again for the motivation the consistency and the encouragements you have always given me. THX again Great Champion of many Disciplines. Perry

  • Absolute zero talk about nutrition. It’s what everybody does: they just talk about how important it is but never actually get into specifics. I honestly believe people don’t understand nutrition the way they say they do, they just like saying that they know.

  • The outdoor gyms in Africa; the guys there are huge without proper nutrition and lifting car parts. Makes you think that nutrition can be a fad. The body works from the inside out. Nutrition is valued to a certain degree but intended mind and body

  • I think genetics plays a huge part. Yes a “proper diet” is key. Getting enough sleep. But to reach certain levels of athletic excellence…genetics.

    You could grab 3 6’4 270-lb men. None of them having ever stepped into a gym and have lifted a dumbbell in their lives. Not athletic. “Pencil pushers”. I’m sure you’ll get 3 different results. One man will do the diet, get the sleep and still not be able to lift more than the other 2 men. Even with the right coaching. Or, one of the 3 will just end up over taxing his body..end up with medical problems. While one of the 3 will be like Mona…not needing to put in the same amount of work and out lift the other 2. Genetics. Born stronger than the other 2. 1 man might start with serious back problems carrying around his weight…bad posture..will put on weight easier….etc.

    I think the best most of us can do is be a “better version of our selves”. Lots of us would love to be able to bench 400+ pounds. Many of us will never without injury. Due to genetics. Body size (frame size)…lightweight..weigh 130-lbs…only one man can that size can lift over 4x his BW…most other 130 pounders will NEVER no matter what. Bones will just start fracturing and breaking. Muscles tearing…

    Guys like Mike…born stronger than the average guy…could just be an accountant. Never picked up bumper plate. Step in a gym and still lift more weight than the next 3 270-lb 6;4 guys that have been at it for decades.

  • The Queen is nutrition, yes
    The King is lifting, of course
    but the Emperor is recovery. If you do not recover well, everything is lost work.

  • Funny thing about Robby Robinson is he has a large knowledge base, but is a horrible person behind the camera lens. He’s a disgusting person and a bully. Reason he never broke out of the fitness industry is he a very disgusting person. Plays off his time with Arnold. I wonder why no one from that timeframe associates with him now.

  • You always use twenty year olds as an example in your videos.I started lifting when I was fifteen.That was back in 1965.Have lifted on and off my whole life.I dont know where time has gone but I am now 68.They say age is just a number, or 68 years young, or your as young as you feel etc.Well im 68 years old and proud as hell of it.After being dead from a heart attack in 2017 for five minutes and brought back to life by some great doctors I have been back lifting and getting very strong and putting on a lot of muscle.Yes you can ad muscle at 68,and I also added muscle in 1965 when I was 15 and 1970 when I was 20.I was 20 years young,now in 68 years old.YEA, thank god I made it.

  • Let’s get one thing clear here Mona may be able to eat what she wants while looking fit, but healthwise she is on the fast track to disease. No one, regardless of the body’s ability to tolerate foods others can’t, is immune to the long term effects of improper nutrition. The body was designed for real nutrition in the form of that which nature provides itself we being a constituent of nature. All else is indulgence. She is not an exception to the rules of nature in that, if she ate properly she’d benefit long term. If she lives to be 100, it will be in spite of the fact that she eats improperly, not because of it. How long could she have lived had she eaten properly is the question we need to ask in such a satirical inquiry. I hope she gets back on track when she’s older and it catches up to her. P.S. She’s absolutely gorgeous. 😉

  • Mike and Rob seems to have such beautiful soul. That’s all that matters really. Far above their performance which is incredible. Life is that.

  • Boils down to steroids if these people were natty you would not even listen to what they are saying casue they are not 270lbs yet people listen to the guy juiced to the eyeballs and think they are experts

  • It’s all bragging and no real advice given:( Really miss some direct advice on what to eat from Mike, he’s really not being specific enough with the diet or training imo:(

  • I think you’re trying to protect the youth by not admitting to your drug use and giving them something to idolize. I think its a good thing even though I really respect men who tell the truth.


  • Women do not generally wish to pack on muscle. Therefore they do not eat every 2-3 hours. If I wanted a slimmer body I would look fantastic due to the lack of cramming food down my mouth all day, night and even when I wake up. Mona looks great due to her genetics, exercise and her physique goals being much different then Mike’s or Robbie’s.

  • Good information but watch the video and just keep your eyes on Mona. Very distracting, and not just because she looks so good, but she’s obviously uncomfortable, constantly fidgeting, with her eyes darting about and not really paying attention to 90% of the conversation. Anxiety, nervousness, boredom or something else going on? Just sayin’.

  • i do like Mike but the title of this video should have been Mike O’Hearn talks. If you are going to invite a legend onto camera at least talk with him and give him a respectable amount of time Mike?

  • Great video!! In the history books!! Robby the legend is awesome! Mike i follow all your training advice with great succes. Thanks������

  • Mona is freaking amazing she looks better then these 20yr and she looks it herself ❤️ & thanks again mike for the info it means a lot to everyone that here to learn and correct mistakes!

  • you know what….I am a huge fan and I honestly trust mike to be natural. I mean noone works as hard as he does. But stop saying you didnt steal some botox from your wife:D

  • Awesome video, I weighed 152kg55. 9%bodyfat,52.6Bmi/unhealthy then started regimen, eating clean now weighing 135 kg/48.5bf, 46.9Bmi

  • I’m glad there’s a mic on robbie.. that dude has such a deep darth vader voice.. in all the past interview vids i’ve seen these last 7 years, it’s so hard to hear him.
    This was cool, but wish he talked more and white pants talked less. Robbie has a wealth of knowledge.. too much to fit in one vid.

  • Old news.. mike videos are reminiscent of Flex or muscle and fitness.. regurgitating regurgitating…

    Mike is an advocate.of fasting but they are talking at eating every 2hrs lol