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But when her stylist suggested she try the boot camp fitness class, she worked up the nerve to do it. And she’s never looked back. “No other workout makes me feel so good. It makes me feel like I. Unless you are an expert, there’s no real way of telling whether a boot camp is doing more harm than good.” Charlotte Ord is owner of Phoenix Pro Fitness and Personal Trainer of the Year in the.

Fitness boot camps often appeal to people looking for a more intense workout. Boot camp exercises usually involve ballistic, rapid movements that can be too challenging to those who aren’t already in shape. But if you have a strong foundation of strength and aerobic training, you’re probably ready for boot camp. To look at the effectiveness of boot camp workouts, researchers put six men and six women, all between the ages of 19 and 29, through a 40-minute boot camp.

Boot camp involves a lot of high-impact exercises, like jumping jacks and mountain climbers. And because you move through the sequence very quickly, you breathe hard and sweat hard. Strength: Yes.

They don’t just share their knowledge they forge a bond of trust with every boot camp member so they can bring out the best in them. When you work out with one of our fitness coaches, you’ll be amazed by your own abilities. You’ll be so full of inspiration and energy that you reach higher than you ever thought you could on your own. Fitness boot camps are a spin off of the military boot camps for teens.

They are a popular alternative to a gym because they offer motivation in a group setting and quick results. These camps are enjoyable and effective. They can take place outside or inside and usually assemble early in the morning when the sun rises. Will you lose weight doing boot camps? Yes, but it isn’t just fat, you are burning fat and muscle and you will very quickly reach a plateau!

Boot camps aren’t all BAD, in addition to a weight training regime and a great nutritional plan! MORE on WHY TOO much cardio is bad?? In the “Abs Diet,” by David Zinczenko, he explains this perfectly!

You’ll be fine. The program is made for you to pass. The best thing you can do now is NOT get injured. If you overdo it and your body is close to being worn out (especially your knees) then you’ll get hurt and be recycled. It happens way more than you’d think.

I’m not saying don’t work out at all, but take a day off in between each session. HIIT should be done 3 days per week max. I think this is nuts. A newbie probably shouldn’t do more than that, but once adapted, there’s no reason you can’t do HIIT every day of the week.

At peak fitness I was doing bootcamp 6 days a week with no issue. I did like a day off. Key is listening to body if it tells you you need a break, take a break.

List of related literature:

Although an excellent concept for novice exercisers and women who may be intimidated by the coed fitness centers, extended training with the same circuits or programs will not produce the same positive adaptations from training as it did in the first 6 to 8 weeks.

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As an example, the purpose could be to get new members to commit to an 8-week cardio and strength training program.

“Health Fitness Management” by Mike Bates, Mike Spezzano, Guy Danhoff
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Performing a resistance training exercise improperly is far worse than not performing the exercise at all.

“Complete Conditioning for Tennis” by Paul Roetert, Todd S. Ellenbecker, United States Tennis Association
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benefit from preparatory conditioning that includes resistance training, it seems that those who might benefit the most are the ones who are less fit to begin with.

“Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning” by Thomas R. Baechle, Roger W. Earle, National Strength & Conditioning Association (U.S.)
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After all, the benefits they may obtain from the exercise program will be apparent only if they stick with it.

“The Psychology of Exercise: Integrating Theory and Practice” by Curt L. Lox, Kathleen A. Martin Ginis, Steven J. Petruzzello
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I further understand that there are also other remote risks that may be associated with this personal fitness training program.

“NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
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Although these models may be intended to show what could happen by joining the facility, they may deliver the message that exercise is only for those who are already fit and healthy.

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The group receiving the combined aerobic and resistance exercise training had significantly more favorable results for glycemic control, lipids, body composition, blood pressure and estimated cardiovascular risk than the group receiving exercise counseling alone.

“Textbook of Diabetes” by Richard I. G. Holt, Clive Cockram, Allan Flyvbjerg, Barry J. Goldstein
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The issue here is not whether the burpee exercise is good or bad—it’s a question of appropriateness for a class full of participants with varying fitness levels.

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5.2.3 THE EFFECTIVENESS OF YOUTH RESISTANCE TRAINING A compelling bodyof scientific evidence indicates thatchildren and adolescents can significantly increase their muscular strength given a training programme ofsufficient intensity, volume, and duration(Behm et al., 2008; Blimkie and Bar­Or, 2008;

“Strength and Conditioning: Biological Principles and Practical Applications” by Marco Cardinale, Robert Newton, Kazunori Nosaka
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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Never stop making videos dude. You’re really helping people out. My mother and I are beginning to feel better because of your work

  • 3-4 bananas in the smoothie, it might be a little too hard to digest cuz of the sugar, but the rest is great! Just remember listen to your gut! I healed/cured my UC 6 years ago with my own diet plan and supplements! Thank God I did it!!! Good luck to you all! Please don’t give up! Living without the UC is great! ��

  • Sir i want a help….
    Ihad operation for crohns 3 months back…….now after surgery i didnt had much inflation….i asked heal your gut guy about it and he said little and said me to watch his video……but the only thing iwant to know is now adays whether my current diet can reduce crohns in the time being…
    As an Indian rice is the main diet…then i am taking a cup of yogurt,charcoal and apple cider vineger to detox gut,pomogranate juice,honey,banana smoothie,bone broth once in a month,fermented vegetables……

    And i have avoided intake of sugar,maida,coffee and spicy foods…

    Can continuing this help heal crohns please reply….

  • Why white rice and not brown rice if you healed.. white rice is not healthy for you. Do the study. It turns into sugar in the body and no fiber at all..

  • lol sorry gary…as an artist…being a perfectionist is just engrained in me. unless I level up from my last piece of content I’m not going to post it. as my own biggest critic….if I dont like my own work, I think why should a potential audience?

  • Hi!! Really helpful information on here, iv been wanting to make the cabbage juice, but wanted to know if you water it down with anything? Or is it simply a case of just juicing 100% pure cabbage and nothing else?? How much cabbage did you use??

  • Was in reg army in the 60,s…..
    Basic was7 weeks, and a week was saved to make up for any interuptipns. We were not subjected to manynhumilitations bvb as Marines are.

  • I love @gary. He changed perspective of seeing things.
    I keep texting him every day evey time he post on any social platforms, hoping he wil respond some day.

    Love �� you brother your are changing a lot of life’s ������❣️������❤️��❤️

  • I’m going in June but I’m legit terrified of how it might be when I first get there.

    Looking through the comments I noticed how some are basically saying the military is “sad” I’m sorry if things has changed ever since y’all got out.

  • Im suffering from bad stomach last 10days and its going worst day by day omeprazole still not working very painful for me I’m starting to drink cabbage juice pray for me.

  • Thanks for breaking down all this Kenny. Somehow some of these is what I tend to eat when feeling inflamed, as if my body knew. But I didn’t have all this research data, the key elements to GM like Kefir, the difference between the fibers, etc. You are a genius!

  • Really good commentary and emphasis. Just a little upheld, that the video is different from what i read on the GoArmy website. Ill look more

  • Great video! Great idea. Just subscribed, excited to support a fellow small YouTuber! Looking forward to continued engagement. Keep working!

  • I’m a little embarrassed at the boot blousing those drill sergeants displayed @ 2:00. Especially that overweight “female” in the middle.

  • I went in 2017 and BCT was super watered down. I would have rather done this version of it. The Forge looks a lot more rewarding to finish than sitting in a hasty fighting position for 5 days at FTX 3.

  • Start at 4:15 after you hear that perfectionism is insecurity with lipstick on. Your welcome.
    Gary’s tip to the guest was spot on.

  • Hi Kenny, I really liked your videos and was wondering if you can help with Intestinal Pseudo-obstruction? I did some research and think I am suffering from it but my well educated GI “Specialist” thinks its IBS.

  • For those who take issue with the newer, kinder BCT I will say that while it was tougher when I went through, they pretty much made sure that even the weakest trainees had a chance to recycle. That was before 9-11.
    My drill sgt. told me that it was up to the permanent duty units to either get them up to speed or chapter them out.
    I suspect that hasn’t really changed. No matter how tough or easy BCT is, it will he the standards of the permanent duty units that these recruits will have to meet.
    I was in a few units that each and every day made BCT seem like the easy part and I was in a few that made it seem like the hardest part.

  • ARE YOU PREPARING TO SHIP OUT SOON? NERVOUS FOR BASIC? Perfect video or arriving to reception. BUT I EXPLAIN ABOUT BASIC AND THE ARMY IN MY CHANNEL. Check it out and subscribe. @UCGbS0Uy_loCM1o8y0_1GNqA

  • Kenny hi from Rome (Italy) i saw you know the heal your gut guy… did u use in your path to recovery also essentials oils or herbs to fight the bad guys? If yes which did u find the most helpful?

  • What’s the best location for a one week cycling holiday in Europe? No extreme mountains or French people, just some dry weather, preferably cheap beer, food and a bed you can sleep in.

    Something like Gran Canaria or Mallorca? Or something in Eastern Europe maybe?

  • Hey Kenny I have gastroparesis the cause is same bad gut microbiome… But the problem is the food I eat stays in my stomach and does not move forward creating situation of indigestion for next meal I eat and so on… I can’t eat much always feels full.. Do you have some tips to solve that.. As my food remains undigested it fermentens in my gut feeding bad bacteria. Please help

  • Trying your diet for the first time TODAY. I had an inflammation non-stop for many months now, even when I limited myself to low-fiber diet before. Gonna try the smoothies now whether the restoration of micro-biom helps. My second meal stays the same as I ate steaks or fish with rice anyway as my main meal of the day. I will maybe add some steamed carrot or cucchini…

    I will also engage the intermittent fasting protocol as I think it is a great idea to give the bowel time to rest and provoke it less by eating only 2 times. Also just turning it around to eat 8 hours instead of 16 is a great way to start I think.

    In addition to that I am cutting on coffee and some of the small snacks I had throughout the day. Cause I have never realized it, but man, I think you’ve got a point.

    I am chugging the last third of the smoothie right now and I am full already. And I made it only with 2 bananas instead of 4. Ufff…

  • Thank you for all your videos and taking the time to make them!! I have a few questions if you don’t mind. Do you use any seasonings besides salt on your food? I saw that you used unpasteurized butter but would regular pasteurized butter hurt during healing? Also could I eat regular pasteurized cheese sometimes? And do you eat pasta with sauce or am I better off giving it flavor with squeezed lemon? Or should I eat pasta at all? I’m just wondering how strict the diet needs to be for dinnertime. I love vegetables so that won’t be a problem but it may be difficult for me to eat them plain! I am looking forward to hearing from you!

  • Time Stamps:
    What the GM actually does: 2:43
    Optimizing principles: 5:10
    My new thoughts on fiber: 14:42
    My new thoughts on meat: 21:22
    website link at 23:18 is supposed to be “
    Summary of changes: 25:58
    FAQs: 39:14
    Conclusion: 40:30


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  • That’s it, make a huge misleading headline to fear monger people into not doing exercise without any substantial facts or statistics, that’s exactly what one of the most overweight nations on earth needs… Bore off Sky news, surely there are more pressing topics that need to be broadcast on your channel

  • When I was in basic training one of my drill sergeants used to amuse himself by kicking trainees in the legs and daring them to fight him.

  • I am Bell from south korea
    My husband has been suffering from this awful disease for almost two years
    He has taken refined indigo pills made by a japanese alternative doctor
    Thogh this medication could help on diarrhea, he sometimes has mucus, bloody excrement

  • Anybody went through Benning lately. They still got those old latrines with all the leeches and maggots in the field. 11b till the day I die.

  • Awsome kenny. Hey would it to be safe to add some ginger or oragano for a few days at the start during the flare or phase 2 or not at all? Im just thinking of the gut benefits they have and how oragano kills off the baddies

  • No tactics were taught. Only 1/2 an-hour was the training of cbr, bayonets,…During advanced combatntraining..a day for BAR, BAYPJETEBAGAIN,

  • Shouldn’t one do a food allergy test also? I would have never known that I have a huge sensitivity to dairy,gluten and eggs otherwise

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  • This is it Gary! This is what’s holding me back man. I feel like I’m trying to make everything in its most perfect form but I realize that all I keep doing is circling back to where I started. I’m multi-talented and I have a portfolio of a little bit of everything I do. But I can’t seem to complete one project because I keep judging it. I’m not allowing myself to grow. This perfectionism shit can be a gift and curse man. Much love from Boston. ��

  • i just got diagnosed with colitis and have been trying to find some good tips for probiotic foods. gonna put yours to work, but i gotta ask what cheese/ yogurt would you recommend?

  • I have a small doubt also….on fermenting veggies….our traditional way is to put veggies in salt water….but you have used a some kind of food culture…that is not available to me…is it good to put slightly boiled veggies into it…because ihad made a kimchi by myself but it was not as good for me…what are the best veggies to ferment

  • Kenny, I have been following you and your protocol; there is not one day I would not consume the banana blueberry smoothie for breakfast and eat steamed vegetables. I believe people with IBD should not consume sugar. Thank you for your help.

  • Think you kenny for this vedeo I live in morroco we havent blueberries and kiffer milk what Ican do sory Idont speak english well

  • Hi, I have UC, primary sclerosing cholangitis and uveitis,I’m currently on azathioprine, a low dose of prednisone and I am receiving doses of Infliximab, I was wondering if ur diet method would help reduce inflammation in my eyes and liver aswell. So I can try out what medicines to stop taking.

  • I can remember Fort Leonardwood no had to repel off 400 ft cliff ranger crawl across a ravine confidence course 50 feet off ground drill exercises live fire over your head back in the early 80’s nice demo regarding gas mask some state governors should take note

  • What are your thoughts on seasoning? Should we avoid or limit? Also what are ur thoughts on sauces like soy, ketchup, mustard and so on?

  • Kenny I have a question did you have pain problems with your illiocecal valve located a the lower right just around the appendix? And if so how did you heal that. I have ulcerative colitis

  • Should i start with raw milk kefir right away or be on a vegan diet for a while before introducing it? Someone recommended me to follow the GAPS diet for a few months before incorporating milk kefir into my diet. I am a bit confused.

  • Amazing! ���� you are helping me so much right now. I’m going to be trying kefir. My naturopathic doctor only put me on probiotic supplements and they just aren’t doing enough.

  • Potaotes skins contains also natural toxins solanine and chaconine.
    Unlike sweet potatoes skins:
    Sweet potatoes seems to be even softer than common ones when well cooked, they are like puree before to even chew them and they are sweet, better and contains significantly more nutrients especially carotens!
    Why coconut oils? It is extremely high in saturated fat, cant be good to inflamatory lvl, and all oils are very processed empty products which contains 100% fat, a much lower fat protocol would be more efficient to heal the gut because ingesting more fat have been shown to be deleterious to the gut and the microbiome because of too much irritating bile ACIDs is reaching the colon in people with IBD, also fat takes a lot of energy to digest being the most dense.
    I have no idea why do you think brown rice (not black or other whole rice) would be irritating on the gut, it is low in fibers (1-3% fiber for cooked rice)and it is very soft once cooked correctly (can make puree from it easily), you dont eat it raw obviously and has been shown to be very beneficial for the microbiome, thats why Pamela Popper very sucessful protocol allow to eat it frequently also to calm down diarrhea and the best study (the semi vegetarian diet from Japan) that resulted in the longest recorded remission rates for Crohn’s disease in the entire scientific litterature allow it everydays also.

  • I have become allergic to gluten, and regular milk also makes me feel unwell now. Only place to buy Kefir in South Australia where I come from in a health food shop, but I dont think raw milk is legal here.

  • How to heal acid reflux/ GERD naturally? I want to return to my normal diet again, don’t want to eat boiled food forever. Please please help!

  • This is really interesting, thank you. I retired yesterday from teaching psychology and have begun to incorporate you protocols in my diet after having had a nasty flare up and didnt know what it was. I come from a generation where high fibre was king in the UK-I have since realised that despite me wanting it toit didnt suit me at all, so I have adapted. A journey to health is as important as the heros journey in any culture, so well done for taking that inspirational journey and thank you. Have you ever thought about the effect of emotion and stress on flare ups?

  • I have crohn disease and for 6 months i was taking probiotics and fruits, etc. it makes me feel good but i exactly didn’t know why, THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing all this!!!! now i am eating so much better and a feel great everyday, now i start eating bluberries in every smoothie also i am doing 2 big meals in the day, it makes difference! AND the information of soluble fiber change my life, THANK YOU, i wanna hug you for being nice, but i am in the other side of the world and we´re on pandemic, jajajajaj hugs from argentine. hope you doing fine

  • Hello your work is really interesting I really like that you try to explain not just what should be eaten, but also why. I would like to know what are you thoughts about resistant starch or inulin. Also if person is in flare up, how to decide when is the right time for adding insoluble fiver back into diet?

  • This is an awwwwwesomme video trust me… Thank you Gary. I am having similar problem with deciding how to build my business. It helped me so much

  • Understanding that we are not perfect yet but we are working towards it is necessary… none of what they are training is Constitutional i feel like I’m working for a company not a country… we will never overcome fear but strive to understand it… you cannot conquer an obstacle but finish hurt or finish tired… every soldier want to out rank another… your condition varies so should your training…

  • Thanks for the incredible info.
    How much time to start to see a bit of improvement to make sure we are on the right track?
    Thank you

  • Hi Kenny what do you think about bathing in Chlorinated water? Our chlorine is very high were I am and i use vit C but I know that this can still absorb in to you. I have been struggling with Colitis for the past year and half. I was in Remission for 14 years before 2019.

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    #Houston #USNavy #USMC #USAF

    Understanding that we are not perfect is necessary as, “We the people,” strive too meet our evolution quotas after each generation has seen its peace in its own latter days. Year after year do we undergo a physical and mentality change, what is too remain the same is the taxonomy of the created and our creator. As we work towards perfection of our own individual self, the country that we vow to service and protect, and the happiness that is constantly misdiagnosed is it necessary for the ratification of U.S. strategical tacits to commence. None of what they are training in the United states military is Constitutional, the feel of working for a company is obtained with my stars and ribbons, not a country. Knowing that we will never overcome fear but only strive to understand it, makes me a stronger soldier as well as a better American citizen.
    We will never be able to conquer this life’s obstacles nor defeat the theology of our opposition but only finish our own goal to pass on to the offspring of this country the mission of our union, hurt or tired but never shaken. In every soldier and U.S. citizen a want to out rank another over shadows the willingness to care for another who’s rights have been taken away. Mental conditioning varies from each individual who signs their waiver, so should your training tactics. Strategy isn’t the only skill that should be trained but also how to control chemistry and yelid it will purpose. Confidence in a bullet isn’t a choice you have when working as a team but in word of your commander is strength obtained.
    Salvation in the wisdoms of your opponent is a skill that is unwanted. Knowing when a fight is not worthy and a surrender of our sustained chemical yeild shows who is the true champion.

  • wouldn’t you prefer to separate the fiber from your main calorie source? to have the benefit of fiber without the effect on fat and carb absorbtion

    and also why would you use turmeric when in has such a high level of oxalates?

    and beyond that thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience:)

  • Thanks for the great information, I’m starting to get psoriasis on my elbow think from all the recent stress in the world! Lol hopefully following some of your tips will help!

  • Fully qualified??? I think not those shitbirds gotta get to there units were the real training starts. Right now there in Cherry status.

  • So true. I have a not as bad b raio. It this glutin intolorence and dairy intolorence. Plus leaky gut. Gut pain and knife feeling in my gut and some diarea, bloating and tight intestines and I didn’t realise water was a big problem, thanks.

  • Did you know your videos don’t come up when I search on YouTube “healing ulcerative colitis” or any other variation? They used to. I wonder why they don’t now. Anyway, thanks for all the info. I’m dealing with something a little different but your suggestions have helped!

  • Do you not use many seasonings? (ie garlic powder, paprika, onion powder etc.)

    Also do you not eat eggs?

    Is there a reason for these two things if so?

  • Ihad operation for crohns 3 years before…after that my haemoglobin raised to 13 now in a month it was decreased to 5 yesterday i was given blood from hospital…..i want to know more about intermitted fasting…..

  • Kenny Honnas, can you make a video on detox symptoms that typically occur when changing diet? For example, how to tell the difference between a detox symptom versus a food intolerance? How long does detox symptoms typically last? Etc.

  • What is it about the cabbage juice that helped you so much you think, because it was not fermented right? I’m thinking maybe the vitamin C in it plays a big role. It took me a long time to heal one last wound, but when spiking up my vit C intake with sauerkraut, lemon water, pine needle tea, leafy greens, etc. (no supplements) it finally healed

  • I’m on the scd diet and use raw milk to make the 24hour yogurt. I do heat the milk up past 194 degrees to kill any MAP bacteria that may be in the milk. At this point I am not eating a lot of vegetables and I’m taking probiotics from Custom Probiotics. I do eat a lot of bananas and we make applesauce, pear sauce and peach sauce. It certainly is a journey but am seeing some progress on this diet. I do eat meat at every meal and all of this has helped me gain the weight I lost when this started. I lost probably 20 pound and have gained most of that back. Good luck everyone. Thanks for all the information on your videos.

  • Does Exercise Do More Harm Than Good?.. Absolutely because if someone goes to the gym for two hours, that time could be wisely used to prepare sausage, egg and chips or even pop out to MacDonalds.

  • Hi Kenny, Just wanna say you are an amazing person and it’s not obvious what you’re doing and the inspiration you’re giving. I have a question while flaring, Do you recommend to eat only 2 meals/daily as phase 1 says? or there are maybe more things we can include in our daily food menu? For example, fruits in the morning? Cabbage juice?

  • Kenny, what are your thoughts about getting rid of Candida first and then doing probiotics? Or do you believe that flooding the Body with probiotics/prebiotics will take care of getting rid of Candida and bring back balance naturally. The idea of “killing” Candida doesn’t really stand up.

  • Sir iam ulcerative colitis patient im from India ���� Can i do 200 squats and 100-150 pushups Daily in morning. Tell me sir it will b fine or any suggestion may i get from u..

  • Bro I’m suffering from proctitis.Is proctitis a kind of ulcerative?? Will ur protocol also work on me?? Pls sir reply something..��

  • I just got recently diagnosed with UP and Ive been religiously researching because I do not believe medication will help since there is no cure. Medication will only make me get other problems. So I came across these videos, (thank god) and many more and the one thing that always came up was what we eat. I was really upset because I worked out everyday, ate pretty healthy (rarely ate processed food), I worked in a kitchen and was mobile everyday. Unfortunately due to covid; job stopped, so did the gym, and was working at my part time full time but then I developed it. Ill never know if that was the reason and that kills me, but trying to move on.

    our food. Then gets washed into our drinking water, (hence why Kenny does reverse osmosis water) and all the air pollution that affects our breathing. All these chemicals are affecting our gut! Please start buying ORGANIC, start making it the new normal. Go to local farms rather than the grocery store. Buy meat with no antibiotics and pasture raised. Sign petitions to stop pesticides and chemical run off. Stop using single use plastic. The more people that start doing this the more awareness it will bring. There is a reason why more and more people are getting sick, they don’t want a cure because it will make less money for them. Also get into composting! Putting food in the trash produces methane which harms us. Find a compost site. The main goal is to be a clean as possible in such dirty world, so please start taking steps into cleaning the world so we start seeing these effects.

  • judgment that is not physically, mentally, and spiritually beneficial is useless therefore has no true value. Without judgment progress cannot be made. For no one can express or receive love or any other desired emotion in its entirety if the don’t know themselves. We are all not created equal however we all have a equal obligation to living up to the pleasure, potential, and responsibility of femininity and masculinity. So do your best to become physically fit, mentally sound, and spiritually balanced being able to express physical freedom. Which can be accomplished through clean air, water, fitness, and high sources of nutrition organic and non-genetically modified would be best. Plus formal education or real hands-on experience. When one learns the body’s capabilities and limitations by fully engaging with all their senses to their extreme limits in the most efficient way that is humanly possible. The subconscious then begins to naturally subconsciously systematically coincide with the mind-body souls spirit mother Earth and all the various different forms of life that live within this world and the most efficient way that is humanly possible. Thus yielding
    the best spiritual kickback for one’s efforts accomplishments experiences. You might want to take these points to heart

    Considering the simple logic if life is not free, why the hell would death be any cheaper? It’s not the question the common, basic, average, normal man or woman may be able to wonder is what is the spiritual cost to one’s own soul and spirit for freely living dying off having only used the smallest percentage of a fraction of the true potential they are first born with. Not to add insult to injury for the last hundred and 50 years or so the mass majority of the population has been living and dying yielding the worst spiritual kickback that has ever been manifested since the beginning of life only getting worse. And that has nothing to do with everybodys so-called charming personality and everything to do with the standards of quality pertaining to our air, water, foods, landscapes, working/living environment, every day home products, habitats, and ecosystems. Which is ignorant beyond retarded (no offense to any disabled people.) When you consider for the last 490 years Give or take we have had the manpower woman influence or vice versa to have created clean high paying jobs from coast-to-coast globally that would improve upon and maintain the quality of our life in such a manner.

    That the mass majority of the population from coast-to-coast globally would naturally, gradually, and systematically start becoming stronger, smarter, healthier, happier, better off physically, mentally, and financially possibly spiritually then the previous generation. Now I would like to resurrect the wish and prayer I made prior to my 8th birthday which was to be held spiritually accountable to the statements I proclaim to the way I’m living personally and professionally. I guarantee you never see or hear another body, man or woman in power, persons of legal, religious authority, or leaders ever freely validate the statements they proclaim with that level of certainty one reason they don’t have the best interest of the majority of the population’s needs at heart a another reason could be they cum from a bloodline of cowards or simply have a lifestyle that suggests, confirms, and validates them as being feebleminded physically inadequate submissive subservient which it doesn’t get any worse than that. One is genetically inherited and the other is a simple generic learned behavior. Quite possible to be a combination of these worst-case scenarios nonetheless either way it is physically, mentally, and spiritually useless to freely live and die in such a low quality manner.

    Especially if that ignorant stupidity, weak, lonely desperation stems from being soft, lazy, out of shape, over fed, undernourished, overworked, and underpaid with a dirty low-paying job that comes from outdated power sources, inferior materials, poisonous, toxic substances, pesticides, and chemicals that never change their killing composition. Which means simpletons whether it is a solid, liquid, or burnt off into our airways atmosphere as a vapor it is always going to be poisonous, debilitating, and deadly to the body at the same time polluting, corrupting, and devastating to mother Earth and all the various different forms of life that live within this world. There is no cash profit to be made in the demise of the planet. Thanks to those dirty low-paying jobs we are in the mist of environmental financial global collapse. The good news souls and spirits have paid out are picking up the tab on the end results of those dirty low-paying jobs. The even better news that the common, basic, average, normal man woman may be able to comprehend his souls and spirits have been are being managed, directed, maintained, and implemented with all the disease, sickness, illness, pain, suffering, injury, abuse, neglect, hunger, addiction, sadness, anger, and hyperaggressive violence. That has been allowed to occur manifesting throughout the history of mankind into what it is today thanks to people like Donald Trump who have the false belief if the mass majority of the population is at their worst they will feel less afraid inferior to the true potentials of love, honor, and the creation of life. Here’s the deal you’re either part of the world solutions or exacerbating the planets problems there is no safe in between. Either way no matter how you look at it each and every moment of every life has been spiritually accounted for.S.R.F.

  • Thanks for posting this.
    Isn’t Dairy supposed to be really bad for us though? Glad it worked for you. I made my own Kefir from coconut milk, but when I drink it, its a type 7 in the bathroom.

  • Bro i just got out of hospital for colitis no blood in stools, Hot cheetos jammed up in my colon tore me up bad bad, doc said intestines were severly inflamed, colitis he said, he i am almost 2weeks in antibiotics and yogurt and fruit pomegranate juice diet, inflammation has gone down alot but sheesh its still there gurgling painful gassy and my poop is only dusty tarry but not black, I thought id be healed by now.. what should i do brethren, keep riding it out, had some cornbread an potatoe soup earlier seemed to go down well but rumbled around for a good 2hrs.. im used to 8meals a day, im a 275lb bodybuilder, what do you think, i also am making another appointment with a doctor. Anti biotics didnt do much imo, and is it bad to take anti biotics while consuming pre and probiotics?

  • Hey Kenny Is it possible that UC could go away on its own?? At the time I got it (19YO) I was going through a really hard and stressful time because of school and a girlfriend… I’m now 25 and been off meditation for 2 years.. haven’t had blood in my stool since I was 19… i take care of myself a lot now just because I don’t want it coming back but the only symptoms I get are stomach pains and sometimes constipation. Do you think it possibly went away? if you could respond I would really appreciate it��

  • I can’t thank you enough for this video. I don’t long youtube videos but you got my attention from the title. So I watched all the way through. I live in Ghana and I have been diagnosed with eczema. But I have always believed that the root cause is a leaky gut. So I will implement your points. Thanks sooo much

  • Glad I didn’t look at the previous boot camp videos. Most people who go on all meat diets see a COMPLETE elimination of all symptoms. Meat actually heals the gut lining. Thanks for the video. Cabbage juice is awesome!