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GROW Those Calves with these Exercises Tutorial and Tips

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Arnold had Small Calves before Going to America! Learn how to Correct Small Calves

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10 Best Ever Calf Muscle Stretches & Pain Relief Techniques (Gatrocnemius)

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WORKOUT for LEGS & CALVES | Alternative Calf Exercise

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Just relax and hold the weight at the bottom of the calves natural range of motion and let the weight do the work. For stretch overload B, use a weight you can get around 8 reps with. When you fail, take 15 deep breaths then go again. Finish the set when you reach 15 reps or 3 rest pauses: whichever comes first. When training your calves, throw conventional rep ranges out the window.

I never do less than 20 reps per set when I train my calves. Usually, I aim for 25-30 reps. This higher rep range forces you to use a slightly lighter weight, which allows you to fully contract your calves and stimulate new growth.

One of the best exercises for calves and legs, in general, is jumping rope for sure. Start jumping slowly and gradually increase speed. Do 2 sets of 30 secs 2-3 times a week for starters, and then add one extra set. 5. Ball Of The Foot.

Try to focus most of your weight throughout the ball of your foot to direct the resistance straight onto the calf muscle. Point the toes out if you need to isolate the outer calf. Point them in to isolate the inner calf. Workout 1. 1. Standing Calf Raise.

Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel. If you are new here, then hello to you too!

I hope you find something that you like that’ll make you hit that subscribe. Repeat this exercise 8 to 12 times, until your legs feel fatigued. When you can do more than 12 repetitions, increase the weight. A thigh machine builds. Try doing two calves workouts per week: one with very heavy weights for sets of 4-6 reps, and one with very light weights for sets of 25-50 reps.

This will attack fibers that you probably haven’t been hitting with conventional workouts. 6. Do as Arnold did, and train calves in your bare feet (if your feet can handle it). Calf raises can be performed anywhere there is an elevated surface — such as a stairwell or a curb.

Include these in your bodyweight calf exercises, as demonstrated by Find a step approximately 4 inches off the ground. Stand with. Let the gains begin (and keep coming) here Subscribe to this channel here If you are like man. The number of reps you do for this exercise will vary depending on your current calf mass and workout routine.

Test different ranges to see which works for the density of your calf muscles. Stand under the machine pads or bar with the balls of your feet on the calf block. Start with your heels low, approximately 2 to 4 inches below the block.

List of related literature:

The following calf exercises are effective for developing this stubborn muscle group.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
by John Hansen
Human Kinetics, 2005

But there is something else you can do to help ensure this response from your calf muscles: Learn to vary your program to continually surprise and stimulate the calves.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
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1) Calves: standing calf raises.

“Winning Bodybuilding: A complete do-it-yourself program for beginning, intermediate, and advanced bodybuilders by Mr. Olympia” by Franco Columbu
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Legs (including calves) Let’s go over each one by one, learning the anatomy first, followed by the best exercises for developing each.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
from Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body
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When multiple exercises are performed in a workout, exercises involving the use of large muscle groups (e.g. lunges or pull-downs) should be performed before exercises requiring the use of smaller muscle groups (e.g. calf raises or bicep curls).

“Textbook of Diabetes” by Richard I. G. Holt, Clive Cockram, Allan Flyvbjerg, Barry J. Goldstein
from Textbook of Diabetes
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This calf exercise was essential for me because compared to the rest of me, my calves were congenitally puny and hard to build up.

“Total Recall” by Arnold Schwarzenegger
from Total Recall
by Arnold Schwarzenegger
Simon & Schuster UK, 2012

Standing calf stretching, balancing exercises, double to single leg calf raises, and elliptical/anti-gravity treadmill progression is included during this phase.

“Baxter's The Foot and Ankle in Sport” by David A. Porter, Lew C. Schon
from Baxter’s The Foot and Ankle in Sport
by David A. Porter, Lew C. Schon
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These exercises include single-leg seated knee extension (leg extension machine), leg press, hip extension and abduction (hip machine), and calf raise exercise (both soleus and gastrocnemius)

“Tennis Medicine: A Complete Guide to Evaluation, Treatment, and Rehabilitation” by Giovanni Di Giacomo, Todd S. Ellenbecker, W. Ben Kibler
from Tennis Medicine: A Complete Guide to Evaluation, Treatment, and Rehabilitation
by Giovanni Di Giacomo, Todd S. Ellenbecker, W. Ben Kibler
Springer International Publishing, 2019

• Do 2 calf workouts per week with at least one day in between each.

“Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body” by Michael Matthews
from Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body
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Of these, the calf muscles (calf pump) is the most effective.

“Undergraduate Surgery” by A.K. Nan
from Undergraduate Surgery
by A.K. Nan
Academic Publishers, 1997

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  • I’m so happy for you Wes! Can’t wait to see the baby and get that little guy in the gym! A tour to the new house would be great! Great video like always, thank you!!

  • So the stretches at 4:50 are only for people with posterior pelvic tilt? Or do i misunderstand? I have anterior pelvic tilt so what should i do?

    Oh okay, he says it after the stretches, i’m sorry. But i do cycling, so it is kind of recommended to stretch. What should i do?

  • i was exercising, on the next day, my calves hurt, i can’t walk properly! and then i stumbled in to this video, this was a lot of help! thank you so much!

  • Very happy with the fast shipping, size and the quality of the shirts. Red & yellow Golden Era tank looks amazing while cutting! Will support in the future as well.

  • Foam rolling calf muscles helps my chronic foot pain quite a bit. Wished they discussed how calf muscles can cause foot pain more.

  • I am 53 very nice to see your dad training with you. I train every day with my home gym something like yours I do very heavy weights.take care

  • I’m approaching 50 aswell and have been training hard since I was 12. It’s always great to see your dad still training hard aswell ����

  • Congratulations Wesley (Wethley).
    I hope the baby decides to pursue bodybuilding, he’ll have the best coach, equipment and nutritionist.

  • Shouldn’t you move a bit slower though? I’ve seen somewhere to try to make a calf raise last about 6 seconds, that’s including up and down.

  • So my gym finally opened after the COVID lock-down. Two months of sitting home, nothing to do except tell myself, “Well, they closed the gym, so I might as well just eat whatever I want.” As it turns out, it IS possible to pack on 30 pounds of fat in just two months, and without eating sweets. Anyway, I went to the gym for the first time in two months yesterday, jumped on the treadmill, and within two minutes had the worst muscle cramp of my life on the lateral side of my left calf. Not sure if that’s considered calf muscles or not, because it was half way up my lower leg, all the way on the lateral side of my leg. In any event, I could only make it about ten minutes on the treadmill before it became so excruciating that I couldn’t continue. Within about 15 minutes of stopping the pain went away, and haven’t had a problem since. I’m about to head back to the gym for a second try, but want to see if there is some sort of stretches I can do to avoid that happening again.

  • You should talk about the difference between a physical therapist, orthopedist and a quiropractor. And which one should we go for a herniated disc.

  • I recently had a PCL Surgery (its been 6 weeks) and after surgery I am having a Calf muscle pain and numbness on upper calf muscle and I was told by my physiotherapy to apply hot water, I did for 10 days but I am getting too much pain and from last 3 days I am applying Ice (Not to part where I have numbness) and stopped hot water. Can I do this stretches in the video. will it not have any impact on my PCL construction. your suggestions greatly appreciated.

  • I love these videos! I’ve been watching them for about 3 or 4 years now for my own therapy as an athlete as well as a form of entertainment because y’all are so amusing. I’m actually trying to go back to school, currently a teacher, for pta with the goal of going back for my dpt a few years later. I truly love how informative you both are, and I especially enjoy the visual aid you gave, Brad, with the green band being a chain. I will certainly continue watching these videos as I pursue my own career in pt. Keep up the great work!

  • Hi Jared! Thanks again for a great video. I also have Achilles tendinitis… so all these exercises + the ones in the other video are of great help. I really enjoyed the one with the foam. It’s like having a massage and way less painful than what my PT does when he works on my calves!!:(( Stay well!!:))

  • I was looking for this my calf were paining because of running exercise from few week thank you guys for the wonderful video with lot of information keep going

  • whenever i start running 2 minutes in my calves will start hurting, do you know how to fix this? i hope you see this bc i struggle with long distance for soccer

  • Since 4 year onwards iam getting calf pain with burning sole…and I can’t tolerate.along with pain sedation will be cm..y iam suffering please can u tell me suggestions

  • 2 days ago i stretched and did 150 calf raises and my legs have been so sore ever since i can’t even walk straight and i have cheer tryouts in a couple days����

  • Does this work if I’m over weight?
    Bc honestly my right leg hurts a lot when I’m standing a lot and sometimes I feel like crying because of the pain I have.

  • WOW! I was looking for something to work on my plantar fascia, and BOOM! Y’all delivered with the quadruped stretch.  Muy Serioso!  Great video gents!

  • Really nice video. Some great stretches that I was not aware of.
    I would be curious to hear your thoughts on Active Isolated Stretching, especially concerning newer research and techniques that suggest that the > 10 second stretch is counterproductive vs. a series of 2 second stretches.
    I am really new to the Active Isolated Stretching technique, but have found that a greater range of motion is achieved with this technique than with the more traditional extended hold (10+ seconds) that we are accustomed to.
    Thanks for sharing, guys.

  • even if small he still had good insertions for calves so he had the genetic to grow his calves… if you have really hight calves insertions you are fucked.. its like training to grow your wrist.. you can put like 1 max 2 cm on your calves in liuke 10 years of training but that is it. oh and forget all those 30 days calves transformation on youtube lmao.

  • Docs, I tweaked my calf 2months ago just stepping down off a step ladder while painting. It just fired up as I quickly stepped backwards off the ladder.
    I walk about 50mi/month in a hilly area. The calf will get better with no symptoms and I can walk faster again then all of a sudden it will snap and it is super tight. I will let it rest a couple days and massage it a bit before I walk and adjust my speed as tolerated. But then it gets tweaked again usually just walking. I do stretches before & during my walks. And now my hamstring is acting up (like ya’ll say it effects other muscle groups) so I am gonna commit to more stretching and muscle massage (adding in the foam roller one). I am 46 could this take awhile to stop getting re-irritated? Does this behavior sound normal with the calf trying to heal? When I do unweighted 90 degree step ups on a step box my calf gets really upset on the step down motion if that makes sense. It is like it goes super tight after couple reps then says no more and stays super tight for a couple days. Massage & stretching helps, I start back slowly increasing walking speed then a week goes by and snap again. �� I do not have much understanding on this in why it keeps getting re-irritated. Any guidance?
    I appreciate all your excellent videos and life work of helping people. God is using you to serve others ����

  • Hey Bob and Brad, I’m very active (crossfit and run almost on a daily basis) I never experienced any serious injuries only the normal soreness pain and some joint pain associated with age (I’m 38). that being said, about a month ago I after playing one game of bowling I couldn’t lift my left foot and my big toe was flexing inward. After researching online base on my symptoms I had “drop foot” and it lasted for about 3 days it really freaked me out. I currently feel mild pain and tightness in the engaging muscle when I raise the ball of my left foot from the floor ( pressing gas pedal motion). My question is there any recommendations, stretches, exercise, ect. to prevent drop foot? thank you, just subscribed.

  • I have an annular tear in L5-S1 and the disc material has come out which is pinching the nerve…I have numbness in my back down through the right leg…Tingling sensations and radiations but no pain except for my right calf which is sore…Please suggest something…

  • I love this gay!!!! Im a bodybuilder as Well and I usually do his workouts and they work believe me, and besides that he explaines the way of how to do every single exercise.
    THE BEST!!! Hello from Costa Rica

  • I feel like once I’m done watching all Of Jeff’s videos, i will realize the only way to live without risk of injury is to not move for the rest of my life.

  • The last exercise showed in the vdo; the ribbon stretching. I can not perform that. I think I have pain in my back hamstring and then it went down on my exact back knee muscles where the root of the culf muscles joint. Now it has gone down my culf muscle after I have performed an exercise invented by me. It consists of a pillow, putting my right side (my right leg is affected). I lay down on my right side and put the pillow the right side of my thigh. It gives a firm pressure on my hamstring right outside muscle. It’s a sort of pleasure to me. But it strengthens my culf muscle pain. Now it’s hard to walk for me sometimes. When I bend forward I feel a bad stretching at my back of the knee, where culf muscles joint. What do I do, except visiting a doctor?:D

  • Tomorrow i look for a gym that have belt squat machine.i think that’s the machine i need to hit my legs while i dont give up on back pain

  • This’ll definitely help my tight calves, but was wondering if this also increases ankle mobility? Sitting all day has tightened my calves and i can’t keep my feet flat when squatting:'(

  • I have lordosis, so I’m “an ass” lol. I have super tight possibly short hamstrings. I can barely reach about 3″ below my knees when bending forward with my legs straight. That’s why I’m here lol.

  • Agreed, Awesome videos! I have always been stretching my left hamstring, lots of times during the day. Turns out it needs strengthening and stretching is making it worse, which leads to aching hip flexor! As soon as i did the lunge exercise to fix it I could feel a difference. A couple of days of pain from never training my legs properly (back problems) and now i feel ten times better.
    Thanks Jeff, keep it up, we love your videos.

  • After doing sports I never really stretch out my muscles my calves become really tight but I didn’t really take notice until I get cramp I have had cramp coming and going for 5 years now and the other day my PE teacher said that it was because I don’t stretch out and he said it was the most tense he has ever felt before I try these stretches but it just hurts my calf more any ideas why

  • Great video! I train thaiboxing and the basic stance of thaiboxing is that no ass look. But if I have more pain in one hamstring and feel more tight on one side than the other. What would be the best to do?

  • What should I do if I’ve already correct the anterior pelvic problem? Should I stretch my hamstrings normally? Like after a workout or at the end of the day

  • Wow I do a lot of yoga and my hamstrings have been really tight for a while, I did this for about 10 mins and the tensions in my hamstrings are completely gone, I can feel all the aches and tension just melting away, thank you x

  • Thanks Jeff!

    Great video. I really recommend this hamstring flow too:

    Simplistic but really effective for me personally.

  • So if you stretch your hamstrings a lot without strengthening them they start to create this pelvic tilt he is talking about like in my Yoga class we tend to stretch the hamstrings more than strengthen them. It sounds like you can work on both as long as you can have strength too. I think if you stop stretching your hamstrings they will eventually tighten up again and come back to normal. I think you can add strength once you achieve your desired rom as long as you stretch with caution and preparation. I can have super flexible hamstrings but I should also pair it with the strength to control my movement and get stronger with it too.

  • Yeah I stretched my hammies so much, thinking it was what I needed to do to, that when I eventually released the tension in my body my range of motion at the hips became super flexible. It’s one reason why I hate static stretching. It doesn’t do fuck all. It just hurts your body and messes with the natural length of your tendons. All you are doing is activating the stretch reflex, putting all the stretch into the hamstrings tendons. But the muscle itself gets more and more tight.

  • Incorrect form….Your going waaay to fast and actually working out your Achilles instead of your calves…Facts….You have to go slow all the way down pause…Half way up pause… And then raise your heels to the ceiling and hold again….

  • Yet another incredible, on-point vid. I’m definitely a no-ass with tight calves, tight hamstrings and poor ankle dorsiflexion. But sometimes I find myself in an ass position which has baffled me for years. Hip flexors are not tight thoughas checked in another of Jeff’s videos. Thanks!

  • I am 50 and have been going to gym for 34 yrs! I also have found that i have been doing some things wrong, no wonder i have problems!!

  • What if my hamstrings are tight but do not have any extremes with pelvic tilt? That’s my case. The WORST tightness you’ve ever seen, but no obvious pelvic tilt problems.:(((

  • What’s your son’s name going to be? I suggest Sebastiaan/Bas (for Bas Rutten) or Peter (for Peter Aerts). You could go with Arnold, I guess.

  • I notice your slant board is about 30 degrees……while the one on your amazon page is about 18 degrees. While I can imagine the lower slant board is to prevent injury…..what is your take on that, Bob or Brad?

  • Me trying to be fit and stretch all the time is the reason my lower back is ficked? Sweet bro try a be healthy and gave myself anterior pelvic tilt.

  • Me: I’m finally stretching my hamstrings and doing yoga.
    Jeff: stop! You’re doing it wrong!
    Me: retreats back to bedroom and crawls into bed.

  • Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge… I have been practicing fitness for long time, made a lot of research, but each time i watch one of your video i feel myself as a beginner)

  • As usual Jeff’s videos and advice are pure gold. I’ve been training for nearly forty years and I wish I could have had his videos back when I started! Thank you Jeff!

  • So I have anterior pelvic tilt…albeit not terribly. But when I do glute bridges my hamstrings cramp. Is that because they need stretching? I don’t want to stretch them because of what you’re saying…so why am I cramping. And my glutes arent that weak either…

  • Ok so I think I’m an ass, but I do not have any glute size or strength… and that hammy stretch hurts bad, in the middle of my back. It feels like I’m going to pop a rib.

  • Do you have tight calves? Did you know about the two muscles and the trick to stretching them both? Leave me a comment below! Thanks so much for watching on Tone and Tighten!

  • I have never been a runner but am currently in a hotel based quarantine and running is one of the main exercise options available, my legs are killing me even though I’ve been stretching, from my research it seems that I can just keep pushing through the pain, is this correct, obviously doing all I can to warm up and cool down..

  • Blessed with amazing calves bro, I got high insertions so mine will never get that round unfortunate. I still train them twice a week and see growth but the shape doesn’t change that much

  • How do I heal my calf tendon muscles I was injured before after felt better then start again but now seems the injury is worst than first time ��

  • Extremely grateful for plantar fasciitis stretches. What do you have for seniors with lower back and hip pain.
    Can’t get on floor.
    .Thank you

  • Hai Brother I have heavy calf muscle pain problem even I can’t able to sleep in the nights… Please assist me.. is there any medical treatment for this.. am from India..

  • Yes, this video helped me understand the basics, specially the last part, when you talk about the external part of the calfs. Thanks a lot.

  • My left leg has felt like it’s got a hole in between the inside calf muscle, between it and the bone. It’s felt uncomfortable as long as I can remember, I’ll give these a shot and try to remember to update lol

  • Excellent, I could barely walk after exercising from the pain, then after doing this, I walk with such ease and can jump rope way longer during my daily routine ��

  • Hi brother great video, so I’m getting ready for a PT test on the 27 of July and my calves are heating up, any additional advice besides he stretch exercises, I really appreciate it. Thanks ��

  • Thanks brother you actually helped me a lot I was not able to sleep at night and so I searched your video and it was really beneficial for me keep helping others. MAY GOD BLESS YOU.

  • Wow, this worked better than I expected! At first when I started doing one of the stretches, immediately felt better and my calf muscle was finally not hurting

  • I am from INDIA ���� sir..i need ur help vary much.i am a football player.i suffering just down the calf muscle ans out side 1year.plzzz help me sirr.

  • Had really tight hamstrings and calves the past month or so. The stretch with the towel is exactly what I’ve been looking for, pain has totally gone. Thanks very much. Subbed ��

  • My legs hurt so bad it started when I did a intense calve workout I did not stretch or anything I already do a lot of sports and stuff and one of the fastest for my ages and I have this really bad pain I can’t walk at all I better hope this works

  • Been having the most painful calf pain the past two days but once I’ve tried your video, the pains just gone�� thank you very much for the video! effective and easy����

  • Thank you for this very helpful video! ��
    I have pf and haven’t done any active stretches in quite a while. Today I tried them and afterwards had like a burning sensation and tingling in the foot and ankle. I stretched well but did not overdo.
    The sensation I felt after stretching, might it be a “warning sign” or would you say it’s rather normal? Thank you ��

  • I’m a sprinter who has been trying to work on my stamina so I could do distance and that ment more time on the track and my calves have been killing me for weeks and I didn’t have a roller and this saved my life now I’m putting even more power on the track and I feel like my stamina have improved thank you

  • So i play football(soccer) every day and on tuesday right when i started running my calves were hurting since then my legs feel heavy and i cant run any tips???

  • Jeff thank you so much! I found this video this morning and by this afternoon as I write this I can already tell you’ve just changed my life for the better. I have had APT and I always thought it was due to tightness in my hamstrings and/or lower back, so I always focused on stretching those areas, foam rolling, etc. Nothing would get rid of my lower back pain! I have studied ballet and Alexander Technique and both made me feel better but only temporarily. Since just focusing on what I’ll call keeping my hips forward throughout my day so far I am having the first afternoon without lower back pain that I can remember in my life. I can’t wait to start doing the exercises from APT and the abs meeting you referred to in it.

  • Can squats or deadlifts cause tight calves? When i did squats or deadlifts the day before running, then i get a lot more pain while im running

  • Very good tips Wesley, but how many times should we train calves a week? As you already explained they are very strong muscles that need more atention. Thanks and keep it up!

  • Hi Jared my calves have recently started to get swollen and stiff but not particularly painful.After a night’s sleep the swelling goes..I’ve recently been doing a lot of stretching exercises.Could this be the cause?

  • I’m at a fork in the road. I know my L. Hammie is tighter than my right but according to pros still flexible. But recently I’ve noticed a kind of “shift” not so much snap in my L. Posterior calf, right near the knee for example sometimes during deadlifts, especially with shifts in toe stance. Would this be a calf problem, hamstring problem, or both? I’ve been trying to stretch both out and do some myofascial release, will be trying your videos and see how they fare!

  • The 3-minute 20 sec part of the exercise. I gave it a go the pain was incredible.. I’ve been suffering with calf pain and today was quite a painful day.(worse ever ) My right leg. I got a poor diet that is attributed to my calf pain. Seems to of helped.. Pains intensity has eased by about 50%. I’m going to do a few more stretches now.

  • I m suffering from back pain from long time thats why i take surgery but after surgery i can’t walk properly by left leg, my left leg calf muscle become tight can i do this exercise, it can’t my back or?

  • Tone and tight, is it normal for my calf to be quite tender when I massage it. This is whether I’ve been for a run or when I’m on rest days. I regularly do basic stretches every day (one stretch for calves, the second one you showed, one for thigh, one for hamstrings and then I stretch of the top of my foot out pushing it against the floor. I know I have the same issue with my hamstrings and wondering if a foam roller would help also?

  • My calves really hurt after calf raises. It’s been 3 weeks and they are getting better day by day but I still can’t get my heels on ground when I walk. Do you think that these work?

  • OMG! Those calves are impressive! I have been known to stare at really nice muscular calves and I would really be looking at yours! I just have never been able to get impressive cslves!

  • Always brilliant! As someone returning to fitness in my spare time, these stretches help relieve muscle pain and the best part is… they are simple and easy!

    Cheers boys!

  • I discovered a plastic wheel chock works great for the stretching wedge. Search 44412 Camco Wheel Chock. Turn upside down and use on carpet.

  • I was in pain. I was popping pain meds like skittles….
    These stretches from a few of your videos. ������ they work almost right away!
    I had horrible pain on my heel and the top of my foot.
    I would run come home and after I would have instant pain.:( thank you sooo much for these videos ������

  • I”m a runner and my calves are super tight. I haven’t found the right stretches to loosen up my calves, but I think the real key is going to be foam rolling to get rid of adhesions in persistent, chronic calf tightness, right?

  • Thank you so much bro!
    You have no idea how much this video helped me.
    I work 12/14 hours a day of hard labor and go to the gym on my 2 days off, and my calves are always sore and tight to the point I get cramps on my calves.
    well, not anymore, I bought a foam roller and used it as you directed on the video along with the stretching, man! What a difference.
    Thank you so much ����
    I’m forever grateful!!

  • Sir… How to stretch inner calf…??? My inner calf is very tight. I am using tennis ball for inner calf… But it doesn’t work well. Plz advice me for better results.. ������

  • I started working out and when doing cardio I was able to push myself to run 3 miles. Which is good for me because I am not very active. But now I can’t run because my calves get so tight and hurt so bad within a.25 mile. I am not overweight or anything. I’m hoping this helps me!

  • I got really tight calves. I have even experienced really bad cramps in that area, especially in the middle of the night. Thanks for the video.

  • BRILLIANT!! What I really love about this is that you addressed the Soleus muscle stretch as well which most other instructors don’t do not even some personal trainers.

  • I have some large knots on the calf muscles on both the right and left side, about the size of a walnut. How do I get them out? I also suffer from leg cramps and I take Quinine sulfate to supposedly help. I have had these knots and cramps going on 20 years and even have gone to see if I have had a blood clot in my leg…(nope, all good).

  • Hi, do you recommend me doing some glutes/booty excercies while working on closing my diasis recti? If you do, what booty excersis should I stay away from so my gap doesn’t open more?

  • I would love a video for feet. I have high arches and I believe that I may now have planter facitis in at least one of my feet. If you have anything in the works for this I would really enjoy watching (and putting into effect).

  • Please and PLEASE HELP ��
    I had ORIF ankle 6 wks ago. My surgeon does not want 2 order PT for 3 more wks. I see my calf is atrophy. I’m NWB status. What can I do from w/c or bed NOW. Thank you guys SO MUCH!! God bless ��

  • I’m training for a marathon, this video is perfect timing! I’ve been noticing that my calves have been getting tighter. I have one question: Should I do a short warm up before going into the stretches each time I do them?

  • Hi Jared! Nice video again. Just nice for me to roll my legs tomorrow during rest day ��
    Did VO2 submaximal / maximal lab data collection today for my class, crazy shin / calves pain during 15% incline treadmill ��

  • So you go heavy with standing calf raises then light with seating calf raises? Now someone tells me! That voice needs to be on a video game by the way…

  • This is so completely correct. I’m anteriorly tilted and when I stretched calves/hams, it created more pain and tension. Calf raises and glute/ham bridges seem to be helping.

  • Get a barbell, put it on Ur shoulders, do a shit load of standing calf raises. Maintain good ROM and do 10+reps. Do 5-8 sets, increase weight as u go

  • My chest is well shaped bruh but my calves are small but I won’t lie I never really work out my calves for years I only do upper body work out

  • It’s a misnomer that your calves lift your whole body each step. When we walk we carry momentum forward and often simply roll over the foot.

  • It’s all very well for you, you are born with decent calf muscles. A lot of people have genetically skinny legs like myself and my entire family!! I have done everything you have suggested but alas still no calf muscles

  • if u have small calves already then u will always have small calves, if you have bigger calves then its easy to work them out, skinny legs with no calves,might as well take up meth

  • in 2,5 yrs i went from 9,75inch calves to 14,2 inch calves by doing 240 lifts with 70 lbs slowly and realy concentrating on the muscles and i also play alot of sports like soccer or basketball.
    so if you think you got it bad just remeber this comment

  • when I do the stretch i’m not stretching my hamstring because my calves are so tight that they are the main muscle that constraints the movement

  • Wen I do calf’s wat works for me is not a full range but half way up n down i keep the tension all the time n on every set I stretch my calves.. gotten great results!!

  • Serious question, is there any possibility of improvement on a stroke patient even after the period of 6 months? or does it end there?

  • When standing I cannot lift my left heel off the ground and can feel no tension in my calf regardless of what exercises I perform. This was the result from a back injury and I have a permanent limp. Any suggestions how I can improve the situation?

  • Nice and understanding voice as customary. Thanks from BARCELONA Spain.
    Incredible nice calves which is not common ni tall sizes
    Genetic is important but not all
    Thanks for this excelent explained tutoríal
    A fan in his eighties. (José Luis)

  • Hello, I have a question. I hear that before exercise you do dyamnic stretches (movement into exercise you do) then exercise then static stretching… i keep injuring my damn anckles and trhing to prevent that..:( I’m confused on how to warm up properly.. and do you do a warm up that i think includes dymanic stretching then exercise then cool down with yoga for statuc stretching? Thank you!! Currently recovering anckle injuries.. is there anything i can do in the menatime? Im scared to stretch incase my anckles get worse again haha and these will come in handy once im back n going again:)

  • I’m from a family of three guys,my older and younger have killer quarts and calves and butts, while I’ve got chicken legs and flat butts, they never train and I train a lot but nothing helps

  • I really enjoy watching your videos. I am currently having some lower calf leg tightness, and it seems that I’m getting lots of vericose veins, also. When I’m on my feet all day it’s worse especially the next day, it seems. I woke up last night, and this morning with Charles horse pains. My question is, if my blood pressure medication seems to relax the pain, would this mean the pain may be venous rather than structural in origin? If so, then would these exercises still benefit me, or would you give different exercise regime for arterial pain? Tia.

  • Great video! If you have active plantar fascia pain should you use the quadruped plantar fascia stretch that you demonstrate? Would it further tear the fascia which is already damaged? Can fascia actually stretch? Thanks so much!

  • Seein your videos have your agent check in Hollywood so they can use your voice..u will make more than bodybuilding..dont get me wrong hope u win the Olympia one day dethrone these buble guts…