The Bench Press Blackout Challenge – Are You Able To Complete This


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You will complete a total of 10 rounds. Each round consists of a bench press, dumbbell bench press, and push ups set. In total, this challenge will have you.

Perform as many reps as possible on the Bench Press with a weight you can lift for about 10 reps. Perform as many Pull-Ups as possible. Repeat 3-5 times taking no rest. Generally, you’ll want to decrease your bench press intensity from 15-30% and this will vary based on strength levels, along with set and rep goals, and whether you’re using bands or chains.

The Challenge. The challenge is simple really. Load weights equivalent to your own bodyweight on the bar and bench press it as many times as you can in 5 minutes. Simple as that.

Warning: Make sure to use a spotter when doing this challenge. By the time you get near the end your pecs will feel like Jello and there is a decent chance you might. With each exercise, you’ll want to complete 3 sets of 12 reps. This should be challenging enough that you can complete the last rep with good form, but you couldn’t complete another. Once all are completed you then perform each movement with 9 reps, and so on down to 1 rep of each movement.

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. Bench Press Deadlift Dips Pull Ups. CHALLENGE 4: THE 500 REP.

People can spend enormous amounts of time in the gym trying to add another ten pounds to their bench press. They use crazy accessory lifts, varying rep ranges, and even forced reps. Some of it works, a lot of it doesn’t. Today we are going to show you how to increase your bench press 10% using a method that is validated by scientific research.

Once you complete all the reps less than 10 minutes, put 185 pounds on the bar. And when you finish the challenge with 185, move up to the big boy weight of. An exception to this is the various presses, whether military, incline, or bench. If the lifter is fighting the lift too long, long enough that he runs out of breath, a blackout is indeed possible.

This is due to some combination of not enough breath and breath held too long. If you’re new to lifting weights, don’t fret. This beginner-friendly free-weight routine is a great place to start. As a beginner, focus on working up to 3 sets of 10–12 reps of each of.

List of related literature:

In one hour I did so many more repetitions and sets than normal that my shoulders felt as if they had been tortured!

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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What is the purpose of the challenge?

“An A-Z of Counselling Theory and Practice” by William Stewart
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I could do it up to a point, but there was something about competition that raised the bar….

“The Perfect Mile: Three Athletes, One Goal, and Less Than Four Minutes to Achieve It” by Neal Bascomb
from The Perfect Mile: Three Athletes, One Goal, and Less Than Four Minutes to Achieve It
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I ended up doing 11 rounds in the 20 minutes, and when I finished, I sprawled out in my own sweat, flat on the floor, wondering how it could be possible to do any more than I had just done.

“Inside the Box: How CrossFit ® Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body” by T. J. Murphy
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With a herniated disc, a cracked elbow, and bad knees— none of them from athletics—I was an unlikely participant in the Challenge.

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But I couldn’t do it, because I couldn’t move from the bench.

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What exactly is the challenge?

“The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management” by Eric Verzuh
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I accepted the challenge, taking three deep breaths before grabbing the glass door and pulling it toward my chest.

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Dressed in gray sweatpants and a tight black workout shirt, Clarke pushed through the last of his reps and set the bar back on the rack.

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”What Challenge?

“Handbook of Participatory Video” by E-J Milne, Ph.D, Claudia Mitchell, Naydene de Lange
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  • I love Vikk’s face while he is hitting the punch bag! Never fails to make me smile….however he would be the secret mass murderer of the group who would have this look on his face while doing the murders!

  • I use to perform dozens of reps with 270 pounds for ‘Free Wieght Bench Press’ and quarter reps with 495 pounds, if I remember the 45 pound bar starts to bend at 415 pounds, and starts to curve at 650 pounds.

  • How about u shut your rascist, sexist mouth and show us what u can do, fucking big mouth sted head who likes the sound of his own boring voice

  • ? Why are they having so much trouble? I did 600 pounds for fun looking for my limits. Sadly I ran out of time and had to leave. My sister did close to 600 pounds to. She got tired. And I thought you had to do 10 reps of 20. Why did most of them fail to do so? I always thought wrestlers were stronger than me. What happened?

  • It depends on what you focus on. The black surge nubrez (forgot his name) being compared to Arnold. Arnold won. It depends.

    Actually, all things being equal…Arnold will always win. In terms of size…pre competition and ultimate mass…I don’t think modern builders can ever look as good or be as massy.

  • 9:00 you can visibly see that each weight only weighs 45lbs which means they were only benching about 185lbs and acting like it was a lot lol

  • What a beast you hare, I get so motivated when I see you working out ��️‍♀️ love it. By the way I heard you speaking a different language what language was that, it sounds really cute?

  • Rich Piana’s the poster boy for just being all about how you look to the detriment of everything else. The contact lenses and makeup. The hideous tats. The puffed up physique that turned purple whenever he exerted himself. Hopefully in heaven God has been able to take away his body dysmorphia.

  • They both take lots of steroids ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

  • Come on beast!!!! Do the 100 rep bicep curl challenge with a tricky weight. you can’t drop the bar if you rest you gotta keep hold of it. I challenge you ��

  • Dang I did 171 on a smith machine the other day wth 2.5 pounds on the sides. That was easy tho so tomorrow when I go back to gym… I’m doing the real bar:)

  • I’ll be honest, I love lifting and have been for several years but I seriously doubt I can do 269 reps lol gonna have to try this tho

  • I thought his was gonna be your body weight on the bar at first and was like ” yeah, I’ll get like 8-10 maybe cause I suck ass at bench” XD

  • If any one here watching this late cash lost to destroying if he won he would’ve uploaded it today it’s getting uploaded in 2 months

  • After rewatching this video it is clear that Harry should have fought Jake instead of Deji. If Harry trained seriously like JJ for 4-6 months he would have eaten Jake alive.

  • The little thing between Simon and Harry when he was defending Vik is why Simon didn’t even attempt the challenge the next time. And why he was so jealous when Harry benched 170kg.

  • 6:54 and that is no longer the world record, world record recorded today is in the 100,000 plus + reps by a US Marine, Not 54 reps by a 500 pound black fat boy!

  • I’m 5’7 185lbs essentially a muscle hamster, CASH DON’T want to see me in the gym. Little guy will be out here showing you up NO KAP

  • To the person that’s reading this:

    You’re very intelligent and adorable human! Stay healthy ��

    My Dream is 600 subs before September! Help is appreciated and God Bless You

  • Taking tips off this idiot is like taking tips off lance Armstrong on how to cycle properly. Pair of cheats. My god he is boring

  • To the person that’s reading this:

    You’re very intelligent and adorable human! Stay healthy ��

    My Dream is 600 subs before September! Help is appreciated and God Bless You

  • That was a bunch of horseshit, especially Ryback and Mark Henry, Ryback isn’t a natural and Mark Henry is incredibly strong but nobody on earth gets 54 reps without slowing down with 225lbs.

  • I dont agree with rich on this one. White people is a vaigue term in the first place, are we talking Irish and British whom set up most of the colonies that made up the US or are we including Italians and Germans? Russians?? Because some ‘white people’s born with amazing bodies and personally think bodybuilders look better when they are white or lighter skinned, you can really see the lines and separations better than a black person.

  • I feel like destroying was half repping. I don’t wanna be a hater they putting in work I respect and love the hustle but I feel like cash and that 146 pounder we’re putting in the best reps clean lockouts

  • Idk that black dude might be natural. His delts and traps don’t look nearly as impressive as a steroid user’s. And like he said. He is only 215

  • wait im curious whats the difference between push ups and benching because i weight around 160 pounds and i manged to put a 20 extra pounds on my back and keep going but when i got a bench and was finally able to use it i wasnt near 180 does anyone know why?

  • ok @ 20:38 what yall think? that thing tipped over looked a bit real….but i’ve never dropped the much weight before. real or not? also look how close it came to hitting hawk on the floor sheesh

  • So because top 5 mr olympia was black guys (not true btw but lets just go with piana words), black guys are bigger and stronger? Mr olympia is a competition about looks and aestethics and not about size and strength. On top of that those people are all juiced up so making a comparison between those people is pointless anyways.

    Whites are without question the strongest people on the planet. Strongmen is a sport dominated by whites. I agree that those people are juiced up aswell but its still a strength competition and not about looks and black people are barely seen there.

    And even if mr olympia was a factor to determine the strength and size of people ( which it is clearly not ) most of those black “champions” got their titles because of affirmative action and white judges scared of being called racists.

    Sry for bad english.

  • Yeah bro, I am a fat dude and just getting back into the gym. Been going for about 2 months now. I weigh 315 lbs. I will give this a try but I may have to do that whole rest on the chest thing but gonna give it a go.

  • When Nick said that his family his house and bank account was on the line he forgot to say IQ so that means his IQ was already at -50

  • If there was a way to keep your legs down and breathe underwater, you could bench 1,000 lbs, space training programs use large pools of water (since it closely resembles the weightlessness of space) to get used to the feeling of wearing their suits, which are easily 400lbs…

    I loved the video though ��