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Take good form seriously. Training without injury helps you to continue building muscle without interruptions. My 4 Top Tips for Teen Bodybuilders 1. Focus on Injury prevention and longevity from Day 1 Too many times when young athletes start off in the sport, they are gung?ho about making big gains, fast.

When you’re young and starting out these 10 tips will help get you massive. If you look at the age of most pro bodybuilders in their prime – you’ll notice they are in there mid to late 30’s. Muscle maturity and learning how your body adapts to different bodybuilding workouts takes a lot of time. As a teenager looking to build muscle fast, I was left wondering after months of training why I had not gained much mass, never mind building muscle fast. I was wondering why I was “skinny” but didn’t have a 6 pack.

As a teenage working out to gain muscle, it’s. The reality of muscle building is that 90% of teens won’t make it through a year of uninterrupted training. They will lose patience or focus, and quit. Muscle building is a process that can take 3, 4 or 5 years.

Learn to enjoy your training, and trust that results are coming. The body needs to be consistently challenged for long periods of time. View Top Selling Whey Protein Products Here. Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) BCAAs have been shown to increase rates of protein synthesis and also help prevent muscle loss while dieting. I recommend 10-20g per day for teenagers.

View Top Selling BCAA Products Here. Creatine Monohydrate. During your teen years, you’re in a phase of your life when your body wants to grow. You’re churning out hormones that are specially designed to help you get bigger. And right now you may be able to take in a huge amount of food and use it to build a strong body.

But it’s easy to make mistakes in your quest for muscle. IF YOU WANT SUPPORT ME: https://www.gymnastsergey.com/marks-videos/support-for-mark FULL AMAZING VIDEOS HERE: https://www.gymnastsergey.com/marks-videos. The majority of trainers will stress that training teenage bodybuilding first calls for determining the athletes type of body.

While some individuals have a thinner frame and discover that it is hard to put on weight (often called ectomorph) other individuals find it easier to put on fat and muscle more easily, and might need to focus more on. Teen Bodybuilder Mind Muscle Connection Tips For Beginners My TOP FAT LOSS TIPS That Changed My Life Teen Bodybuilding Goals High School Gains Chest Workout Alex Styrke Studio. TEENAGE BODYBUILDING ADVICE: MY TOP 5 MISTAKES | Zac Perna TEENAGE BODYBUILDING ADVICE: TRAINING TIPS | Zac Perna 13:50.

I Hate My Body Skinny Boys and Muscle Men [Complete Documentary.

List of related literature:

Closer home, use Mihir Jogh’s case study as an inspiration to build a fab body, naturally—the young, 23­year­old boy who has been training for 3 months without any supplements.

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
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All participants in natural bodybuilding competitions develop their bodies exclusively through intelligent nutrition and intense training.

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The best advice for teenage bodybuilders?

“American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition” by Roberta Larson Duyff
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I began at fifteen, but this doesn’t mean that every fifteenor sixteen-year-old has to decide whether he wants to pursue competition bodybuilding right from the start.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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In fact, details from the latest in muscle-building and muscle-maintenance research make this chapter your ultimate guide to preserving youth and building lean, functional muscle in the cleanest, most efficient way possible.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
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These suggestions apply to recreational bodybuilders with 2 to 3 years’ experience and to advanced and professional bodybuilders and strength trainers.

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Bodybuilders should achieve their desired appearance through hard work and the development of a relatively low level of body fat using the strategies discussed already.

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Beginning Bodybuilding should be approached like beginning anything you want to be successful in.

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cThe American Academy of Pediatrics recommends limiting bodybuilding and power lifting until the adolescent achieves sexual maturity rating

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The following pages reveal facts about muscular development and address questions that are often overlooked.

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  • Lost 10 lbs this past month while gaining muscle by watching your vids and following your actions �� I don’t think I’ll follow you with Ellen’s hair but I’ll keep your tips in mind with school around the corner. #MASSIVEFAM

  • I am 180cm tall 60kg weight.
    I am 14 yo and for breakfast I eat 2 eggs, multivitamins and fish oils.

    When I go to school I drink 2 scoops of myprotein whey isolate and a random meal made by my school.

    At the evening I eat meat(pork meatballs usualy) and rice with salad and right before bed 100g of no fat cottage cheese.

    I have each muscle group training scheduled for every day of week.
    Im only training for a week and my biceps look bigger already, but the problem is that im starting to get a little fatter(might be bloating from all the water I drink or my body adjusting to the food) Im not realy sure is my diet good or not so that’s why im asking.

    I could realy appreciate any advice on my diet.

  • I haven’t been to the gym in 2 weeks. I feel like giving up. My mood has just dropped and I have no drive at all.
    I don’t think I’m gonna make it:(

  • Back in Jr. High school I would hit bench every day because it was my strong point and my mistake was trying to impress my other dude friends haha. When it was time to hit squats I would still be benching

  • I was doing good on my diet but my body couldn’t take no more and I ate 1,000 calories of sugar. What should I do? Please help

  • Turned 14 in october, waited just like you guys.
    I joined to prepare myself for joining the Royal Marines (hopefully)
    gonna start bulking for 2 years then cut for 1 year or something then start lots of cardio
    any tips? and is what i just above retarded? ^
    i think 2 year bulk is retarded but whatever

  • I don’t put on weight easily but I don’t know if I’m eating too little. So should I track my calories and how many calories I burn?

  • I always listen to my body

    ��:Did you said something?
    ��: I’m hungry I want tacos ��?
    ��:Ok but u have to lose those calories later
    ��:Yay tacos ��
    ��:Hope you listened to me

  • Congratulations on the 100k subs my man, i predicted right a few months ago ud reach 100k subs within the 4 months since last time i wrote! Wo0

  • okay i shouldn’t go under 12%, but how do you calculate your bf? my gym coach measured my bodyfat by using this clipper that clips on my waist,thight,chest and entering age and weight and it came out 8.3% body fat

  • If I am working out 7 days a week but only doing it until the fall because that’s when hockey season starts and I’m on the ice right after school every day so I will start to work out less. Should I still be taking rest days now, or days I feel tired just take it lighter?

  • I would break my body to the point I cant move in the gym just so I could look like a God I would starve myself for fun but even then I still look like a. Mother f*cking peace of Trash.

  • I dont get how to make a diet program like do i make a plan of what to eat everyday? Or do i go into a shop and buy like meat fish, milk products, fruits veggies and cook it randomly?

  • OMG dude you were not skinny at all, actually you looked pretty damn good, i think you are putting real skinny guys down here, some of us are actually SKINNY and hearing you saying that’s skinny makes us feel even worse about ourselves because we are practically non existent then lol

  • The second he showed his picture at 16 and said he was skinny, I was done with this bull crap video.
    If your that big at that age you have no problem gaining muscle, and you have no clue what it’s like to actually have an issue with it.
    Yes you may have some tips to gain faster, but it still doesn’t help someone who is actually skinny.

  • Super help dude. I can sense that mistake. I did some of those mistakes for the past 3 years.you are really helping people to understand things.only intellectuals can understand you.thank you for your videos

  • I’ve just done all the ‘don’t’s lol:D
    I’ve lost 94 pounds….but in the end I realised that was way too much (I was 213 pounds, and 5 ft 4in, then 119 pounds with 5 ft 6)….
    And I’ve stopped growing…. I’ve been 5ft6 for one and a half year now although I’m 14 and I’m supposed to grow more I think…
    So if you’re about the age of 13-14 and want to get ripped and something….just don’t. That fuckin six pack doesn’t worth if you don’t grow more and you stay a short pc of shit with your 5’6 xD If you’re fat ok to cut but don’t go under extremely low body fat percentage when you’re a teen.
    And congrats, it’s a really great video, got my sub.:))

  • Great video Zac, I’m thirteen myself and this really helped, but I would like to add my routine to help a few more people. I do cardio in the morning i just jog 3 miles. Then in the evening I don’t use pre-workout for sleep reasons and do a full body workout for 1 and a half hour everyday and then just play basketball. So honestly try to cut out the pre-workout unless you really need it and btw I also wake up at 5 and go to bed at 9 every day.

  • Hey Sean, my stats are 188 lbs 15-16% bf. My goal is 10-12% bf. Im planning going 300 cal below maintenance and dropping 1-2 lbs per week and dropping cals when hitting a plateau. And doing cardio 2-3 per week for being fit and for when i eat to much cals. What is your estimate for how long it is going to take to drop to 10-12%? I have no idea when to start.

  • 14 years old. Lift Monday Friday. Monday and Tuesday I lift 3 times a day. Wednesday I lift twice. Thursday once. And Friday I lift twice again. All the sessions are before, during, and after school and are part of a football weights program. 5’11 fluctuate between 195 and 200 lbs. Taking creatine and whey protein. Not really sure how to eat though. Since the program is all at school I’ve never really been informed on how to eat for what I’m doing. Shoot me in the right direction?

  • I have been working out for 2 years now and I am 14 years old. I started cook for myself about a month ago so I can get better gains.

  • If you are new to bodybuilding and you want to improve the way you look, here are some useful tips that will help you a lot!

  • Im 15 5’8.5inches =173.99cm tall. Now im 83kgs. And i know deadlifts will make me short. But will dumbbells and barbells do any effect to my height. Should I train hard and give my all or should i stop. Going to the gym for 2 weeks. Now alot of people say i will not grow anymore if i lift heavyweights. And some say its ok. Anyone here who grew tall after going to the gym?

  • Very informative video as always.
    Quick question: how many exercises (and total sets) should we do per workout? And also how many days should we rest before working out the same muscle groups again (for example if I do a pull workout on monday, can i do the same workout again on thursday)?

  • Thank you so much for the helpful advice. I took notes on about everything. All of it was realistic and true, I am taking everything into good consideration. So please make more videos on this type of stuff. Again, thank you for the advice.

  • amazing video!
    What I really love about natural bodybuilding is the fact that people who look like they lift, actually lift, and heavy as fuck!
    Never seen a natty bodybuilder who goes lightweight, and never gonna see neither!

  • You said that I should do one thing cut or bulk. But what about “body recomposition “? Can I achieve something using this type of diet or schema? Or it’s better first bulk and then lose weight?

  • You probably wanna add 6 mistakes to your video do to you not wearing a belt and begging to have back problems in the future bro.

  • ive been trying to increase my calories and eat clean foods, but i could not eat that much and have been 500-1000 calories short every day, even so i have gained 4 kg in 1 month…. logic?

  • Alot of my friends say doing weighted squats will stunt my growth or even make me abit shorter… Can u please give me the best advice i could get. (im 16 btw…and really short.

  • Teenager workout plan Bro you just doing best You surely gonna have popular after having this types of videos not just bcoz you giving tips but also you showing some videos for examples and some entertainment fun so that we can enjoy your video through out Alwys make videos brother wish you good luck we alwys waiting for your videos brothet keep smiling and have a rocking body❤️��

  • Progressing on reps is kinda difficult cuz its very random sometimes i can do 8 or grind out 10 and sometimes i feel weak and do 6

  • hey Sean, what are your thoughts on the necessity to isolate biceps as an intermediate lifter? if I do heavy compound lifts like rows and weighted pullups, is it necessary to isolate biceps?

  • Everytime i watch your videos i cant stop thinking about how reality-based you are. No channel that i have found comes close to this. Keep up the amazing work that you do! I wish i found your channel 5 years ago. Its sad that you have no more than 100k subsribers. The whole youtube should watch and learn from your content.

  • Come over to my channel for more of this type of stuff! I’m 17 and have found my way to aesthetics and insane gains! I hope to help more teens over on the channel. Go sub brahs.

  • I agree and disagree with point number 4. I’ve gained 40 lbs in muscle. As a beginner I gained the first 10 lbs with no supps but plateaued until I started taking supps (protein, creatine, and sometimes preworkout). Could just be me, but I agree as a beginner don’t sweat the supps just get started. Make sure like he said to track progress so if you plateau you can make adjustments with diet or program. Nice vid bro ���� solid content

  • This is old but I’m basically a 16 yrd body builder.100% natural and the little gains I have are from what my mom cooks.I would cook too but my mom doesn’t get it (doesn’t understand I need to eat more and healthier) and I don’t want to argue with her I’m tired of that.Even so I’m proud of my small gains.Im lean so that’s good.Have loose fat/skin because I went from 200-196 lbs to 139lbs in 2 months the cut was too hard and I was a noob.Now I get it.

  • Oh man I wish i found this type of content 3 years ago. I love you Sean and I Love Everything about your channel. Greetings from Portugal.

  • can we transition to full body training as u mentioned if u already have been doing one muscle a day split. wouldn’t it be less stress on the body than what it is already used to.

  • Hi Zac, could u please do a video aimed at female and teens. Also love this seriouse so relevant for me as I’m 16! Love it also love ur vids and contents. Ur such a funny dude ����

  • Zac i eat a little bread in the morning, one full at like 2-3pm and another at night but none of those meals actually fill me at most i can feel a little strech in my stomach ( these are healthy meals usually a little meat with some greens on rice or soup) i dont really eat junk food that much like 3-4 times a month, sois this good?

  • I’m seeing all these comments that it is really bad to work out at such a young age, and by the way I have been working out pretty intensely since I was 12(13 rn) Why is it bad to work out at such a young age? Should I be worried? Because I ain’t stopping breh

  • I am 16 yo i have pretty decent looking physic but i dont do legs because i got myself injured in soccer and im out for almost an year and a half, i dont have small legs but it doesn’t look proportionate to my upper body what can i do?

  • One thing i learned from working out is as long as you have an open mind and willing to make changes then you are solid and will get results. Everyone make noobies moves when they first started out but if you willing to do more research and correct what you are doing wrong be it form, dieting or not willing to do certain excercises cuz u think you look weird doing it then 9/10 you will get better results. Truthfully i learned that no one looks at you at the gym unless you do some really weird stuff lmfao but everyone is in there to work out, work on themselves and get the fk home no one has time to be checking out other people doing their workout ����

  • An industry in which theres a lot of scamming and financial incentivising of supplements/poster models, it is refreshing to have this channel for straightforward logical advice backed by research.

  • would you say that a nine month bulking period would be enough to see adequate results? I would like to be cut for summer, but I’m okay with being a bit more fluffy for the rest of the time.

  • Do you succeed in keeping your strength when you cut? If on a bulk, in order to progress and put strength and muscle, you do typical 3×3, 3×5, 5×2 types of sets on the compounds (and more 3×6-12 on the accessories/hypertrophies), do you keep that kind of reps/sets/ranges when you cut? Do you still 3×3, 3×5, 5×2 exactly as in a bulk but without the progress focus (from the bulk) but with a “saving” focus (keeping the numbers/weights you got)? thanks

  • It can be science-based muscle building instead of no bs science-based muscle building but there’s too much bs in the fitness industry that Sean has to start with no bs hahaha.

  • Is that what 4 months of keto looks like? #impressed. I’m currently 14, can’t go to a gym, around 18% BF, want to get shredded for summer (NZ) sounds like a good idea. When you meant no CARBS did you have like real good carbs like fruits etc??

  • I’m 14 and already serious about working out, but I look like one of those marshmallow kids you were talking about. My trainer says not to cut anything out of my diet yet, but I’m already cutting things out… should I “bulk”? Eat like I used to? Or should I continue cutting out the unhealthy foods I encounter?

  • Nobody is eating inthe sink Zac. Clean your chicken! Btw love this series. Im actually the kid your always mentioning. 15yo tryna get fit.�� Thanks learning loads. #MassiveFam #MassiveZac

  • Sean, can you critique my current routine?
    I do chair holds, lever pulls, chair dips, chair rows, etc. I have over 300 sitting moves in my full body chair workouts, so I never plateau and I’m always making gains. I usually rest 10:02 between sets and I also chronically overeat calories. That’s just a simple reality.

  • There is a really good free coach heelabert.gmail.. has helped many Aussies for free, esp with people these days wanting to jump on at a young age. His advice saved me and my friends from taking to much supps and ruining our hormones…
    now though We are currently 2week into advanced supps and have never felt so good and strong. he advised us to check your vids out also

  • 11:10 i watched a fitness guy yt video and he said it is ok to dirty bulk when you are a teenager since your body can take it, wtf im confused?

  • What about a program like Jeff Cavilear has in Athlean X to where you don’t have to cut and bulk, like he said “look like shit for half a year”. He has a program to where you look good year round

  • i think their “fatter” version is better. I don’t like it when a man is too cut, it’s just scary looking. A layer of fat makes it more sexy.

  • best video i’ve ever come across for teens. i got lost in caloric deficits and macro tracking thinking it was safe for someone my age. i realize now how a teen body is developing and needs nutrients in order to grow.

  • As a new sub Im loving the channel so far. I have a question, so i got motivated by you guys and now my nephew is motivated too but hes 13 yo, can he start lifting weights (smallest ones) or whats the right age to start with that and how many excercises he should do for every muscle cuz he has so much potential and I wanna help him since its like the only thing hes been really into since his father died. Anyways keep up the good work Buff Dudes and sorry for my crappy english.

  • Your bench press story brought me back, I actually had to stop for 2 weeks because I was doing my deadlifts with a bent lower back ����

  • Study is number one friends will leave you get one nice friend…follow what your parents tells you..no one think better for you then your parent..
    ..in end study will stand for you and your parents no one else..

  • You’re too honest and therefore you’ve gotten a lot of thumbs down. I salute you for your honesty bro. GREAT VIDEO. THANKS FOR KEEPING IT REAL����

  • So…working out in a gym won’t stop your growing? I want to grow taller and i am not sure if I should go to the gym or working out… I have 5.6 feet (1.71 cm ) 18 years old

  • Guys he dosent know what hes talkin bout, go n whatch alpham, brett maverick and teaching mens fashion, will tennyson instead, they r actually informed

  • as long as you keep the right amount of sleep…..
    keep the right amount of sleep…..
    the right amount of sleep…..
    amount of sleep…..

  • Very informative and solid video today Sean. I hope you get the recognition you deserve. You’re a very underrated YouTuber who uploads tremendous content that is extremely beneficial. You’re one of the best in the fitness industry and I hope you reap the rewards soon.

  • 15 atm, working out for 2 years ( hard work maybe 7 ). In my opinio i look great with a t shirt, when i take it out not that great. Tips?

  • I cant gain weight what so ever like I could eat a whole box of crispy cream doughnuts and take a shit an hour later and lose 3 pounds.

  • Cliff notes:
    1. Don’t ego lift lower the weight and establish perfect form before you lift heavier again
    2. Track your progress and follow a plan to get consistently stronger
    3. Don’t bulk and cut a lot bulk slowly most of the time
    4. Don’t worry about supplements, they’re overrated just pay attention to your program and diet. If you have to, check examine.com for actually useful supplements.
    5. Don’t compare yourself to lifters taking anabolic drugs. Compare to your younger self.

  • I’m 15 at 180 around 11-12% body fat. I’m not sure if I should go on a bulk or cut. Summer is around the corner & I also got wrestling in the winter��

  • Cant increase a single weight in cable lateral rises its been looong… Every other workout progressed so faaar….
    But cable lateral rises still the same old weight, the first plate in the machine….

    Any tips for this

  • Just to add to the tip on Tracking, proper nutrition is a Must. And I feel like ego lifting personally is just impatience so took a while for me to understand that.

  • I am LOVEING THIS TEENAGE BODYBUILDING SEROUIS. But i have on question is it alright if i have a serouis mass shake post workout and if yes how long do i have to wait?

  • started at my 16. birthday (gyms don’t allow younger guys to enter here) and still consistent till this day (exactly 17.5 years old) But I am not putting on as much size as I’d like and not lifting as heavy as I’d like, because I am still strugglling with form (I got really messed up posture from sitting 24/7 basically all my life) so maybe that’s the reason:(

  • I love getting fit because I learn Mixed Martial arts and crush arrogant body builders who feel like they are handsome and hot but in a real fight they slow like a punching bag swingingi XD, my motto “Don’t be arrogant about your body if you can’t fight” furthermore this is a good channel for body building but make sure you guys add some passion about body building not body build because of girls XD…I body build to figth cuz I love The Art of fighting XD…Good channel and have lot of good advices

  • In the football offseason, I gained 50 lbs in 3 months. I lost 10 of that, and now I run faster than ever before about 7 months later. Is gaining that much weight really bad?

  • Let us say I am training for strength, is it normal if I use very heavy weights since training for strength is all about trying to breach the limits on weight lifted? I read that form is secondary in strength training too right?

  • Mistakes

    1) unnecessary dieting

    2) don’t bull wrong

    3) unproper form

    4) Dont over train

    5) not tracking your calories, weight, and workout progress

  • Sure sir we need teenagers body plan…but sir you have already made a video on modeling… So sir can you tell me the age criteria….

  • I’m 20 years old and I am lifting almost 3 years already, In last 4 months i started going to the gym 5/7 or 6/7 and i am feeling great, i am doing at least 2 body groups every day except when I’m doing legs because it is pretty intense. Do you think this is wise because I feel really great going to the gym almost every day and i don’t feel like I need more than 1 day rest per week:)? Also Thanks for really nice content in every single video, you are my far best youtuber.

  • damn thank you so much… let me just say i started freshman year of high school as 195lbs and pretty over weight so i the stupid keto diet and i wondered why i didnt gain ANY muscle, i did keto and lost a lot of body fat and now that sophomore year has started im like 115lbs and have been in a calorie deficit. and i have been super strict on what i eat and all that, ill definitely start eating like a teen again but not all the unhealthy stuff, but actually not count calories and stuff. So do you think not counting but just focusing on eating, and keep lifting at school the way to build muscle? I am just constantly worried about gaining fat back since i started off overweight.

  • Hi Zack! Could you make a video on what to eat for skinny guys for breakfast lunch and dinner? Lean meals are much preferred thank you!

  • First video I watched and insta clicked the subscribe button. I’m a teenager and this video helped and opened my eyes so much!! <3

  • My school starts at 8:00am and end at 2:00pm and i train from 2:20 to 4:15 then get home by 4:40 shower,eat then sleep till 6 do homework, text or youtube then sleep at 10 or later

  • if my maintenance calories are about 3000, is a surplus of 3300 okay? I’m barely learning about TDEE and all of that fun stuff. im right at 9-11% body fat, 5’8 169lbs.

  • dude your body was not skinny at the age of 16 you were set from the beginning… your body is not relatable to most teenagers at that age you where already fit as can be

  • I am 13 and will start going to the gym september 2019.I will start lifting about 5-10 kilos.I am allergic to “seed”food and seafood so i will be probably eating salads and meat/chicken.I want an advice though

  • You probably won’t see this Zac, but I’m a new and a massssive admirer of yours. I freakin love all of your videos. And it would be a life changer for me if you could help me a lil bit personally cs i’m really struggling to put on gains & muscles!

  • I’m a 14 year old body builder but I’m not getting the results especially on my core. This may be because of diet or that I’m skinny fat but all of my other muscles are well defined and I don’t know how to get those defined abs. Is IF a good idea? Thanks

  • I’m 11 and ive started working out I use 5 lbs 7.5lbs and 10lbs I do crunches lifting and treadmilling I do about 20 minutes on legs 2o minutes on arms and 20 minutes on abbs / stomach

  • Why is that all of the people I know who trained heavily in their teens are really small. You say it’s not gonna stomp your growth, but there has to be a connection there. I mean it’s a widespread stereotype that people who train hard in their teens remain small. We all see that. (and obviously I’m not talking about 18-19 but the years before that.)

  • im 31 and i train different than i did 10 years ago. i go heavy on the very first exercise 2-3 sets ( bench press, squats, shoulder press etc) then lighter on the rest and when you go lighter it feels really light because you just been lifting heavy ass weight.

  • Yoo zac I really like the new teen bodybuilding serie. Also just wanna say that the aesthetics of the gym looks awsome what is the name of the gym

  • If a beginner is doing PUSH-PULL-LEGS for 2 times in a week, then he gets rest only for 1 day…. Coz you said that our muscle needs rest to grow…. So is 1 day rest enough for muscle recovery?

  • My shcool starts at 7:20 and my gym only opens at 6 so I don’t have time to go and I don’t think I can go in the afternoon because I have high school soccer practice after school for 2-3 hours

  • How many times a week would you recommend doing a focused chest and triceps, back and biceps day? I’m trying to teenage body build and about a year in and I’m starting to isolate body parts instead of doing full body. Would be grateful if you could help.

  • “I looked like a marshmallow”
    Shows a picture of them looking slightly fat but still really good looking. If that’s your version of a marshmallow, sign me up to be a marshmallow

  • Hey so i’ve been weight training for about 10 months now and have noticed growth overall on my muscles and strength. I started at around 155lbs with amature strength with a hardcore goal to reach to 180lbs and low body fat %. So i started by strength training (Bulk) and about 3 months ago I went to a nutritionist and found that I was about 170lbs and my body fat percentage was at 24%. I do have a slim stature, so the guy suggested that I do a little cardio about twice a week to reduce the fat gain and still gain muscle while doing so. I kind of did do cardio but only like once a week alternatively as I kept at the same routine and about a month ago I checked again, this time at 166lbs/22.5%BF. So I’m trying to get a “Lean Bulk” by trying to drop my body fat percentage but at the same time keeping my hard earned muscles by somewhat dieting using whey protein to add to a high protein diet and eating less junkfood. I saw an older video of yours about HIIT workouts. Would HIIT workouts help me loose some of the fat I still have? I do appear lean but i’ve noticed that I have alot of fat around my core i.e Love handles, layer of fat in front of my abs (I have noticed some muslce progress in my core). My weekly weight training routine is Monday:Chest with 10min weight abs session after, Tuesday:Biceps and Tris, Wednesday:Shoulders and sometimes run for 1 mile after, Thursday:Back& ab session, Friday:Legs. I also alternate my routine to the Push/Pull/legs/split routine for when I have a busy week and can’t go to the gym 5-6days a week. Thanks and I can appreciate the help!

  • Could you please make a setup for all body parts through a week? I ususally train 6 days a week, but i havent seen much progress since december 2017, and it really makes me wanna quit, but your videos motivate me to keep pushing me. Would mean alot if you would do this for me!<3
    Some info you might need to help me:
    5 feet 11 inches / 182 centimeters
    I struggle to gain weight, i can eat whatever and not really notice anything.

  • If I had push day on Monday and Tuesday I have pull day and then Wednesday I have leg day what do I do on Thursday and Friday??? I do 4 sets of 8 reps for each workout, heavyweight enough to finish my set. I’m like 57kg skinny asf and want size

  • This helped me so much, I hate to admit it but a long time ago I was the dude slinging weights looking like a drunken bloke. After getting help on my form I noticed more growth. You’re the man @zacperna

  • I like how you give advice, tips & you train like a smart ����i have been watching your videos and i have learned alot thx bro������

  • yeah i made the getting shredded as a beginner mistake. for my first 2 years of training i was on a bro split (made some gains) and got a 6 pack, felt pretty awesome, but realistically my weights weren’t going up too much. all that time I spent cutting and eating around 2100 calories a day, could have been used as a slight lean bulk or even maintenance calories. if your a beginner once you cut down you wont look too impressive anyway because you wont have too much muscle mass

  • Only problem with teen body building is I stunted my growth.. too many heavy squats and deadlifts haha, but was too interested in muscle, still am

  • Hi Zac I am 15 and have been hitting the gym and watching you for 1 year now. When I started going to the gym I was doing full body. Then after about 1-2 months I started focusing on one muscle group a day. Now knowing what you said in the vid I was wondering if I should go to push, pull, legs or is it to late.
    Thanks so much Zac love your vids!

  • From now on im gonna track my progress better! training with friends just normally lift “something” and always stay in same range. Progess but always plateau and then stick to that for way too long. Hopefully now real gains can start!������ thanks for info was helpful.

  • How would I fit training in if I got to school during the day then go to Macca’s after school to work until late at night. I would finish too late to train at night and I would only get a few hours sleep if I was to wake up to train early in the morning. What can I do?

  • I love your videos,if only I’d had this sound advice when I started lifting last year.
    Now I’m repairing my shoulders I can only do light weights high reps.
    Always do leg days nobody likes chicken legs ��������

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  • Actually, sir the reason behind asking age criteria is this you have said in video that you must have a backup plan for money…so if we start looking after our job first then. It will take much time for us according to the age criteria in modeling..

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  • Broh!! I am 13 can I start workout of I can so please suggest me home workout’s and I diet I am reaserching it since a time but I am not able to select especially diet for wieght gain plss help meee….

  • Sir please, Teenager Best_Workout plan in as required to Body not anything_else, Video make it Sir please
    #Abhinav_Mahajan #Big_Fan_Sir❤️ Love_You Sir❤️��❤️ For Your support nd Direction to provide it.

  • I started out when I was 18, a little bit here and there when i was in highschool (so about 13-17), but i’m kinda sad there was at least one year where I didn’t go, and just continued eating how i wanted, and just gained like 70lbs when I was already 240lb from working out in college, now here I am at 24 going onto 25, been serious with working out for a year now, but finally getting my nutrition intake in check, and slowly on my way to breaking this plateau i’ve hit last year, also helps that now i’m finally doing proper form on so much of my exercises

  • Chest flys are not dangerous neither is deadlifts…

    I can say my chest started to grow after chest flys cause i workout at give.. The reason it becomes dangerous is people use heavy weights.. Heavy ass weights and mess up the form..

    Doesn’t mean you should do your deadlifts with weak weights.. You should opt for atleast weights more than normal not that much heavy in which you mess up your form..
    Just remember anything done the wrong way is bad

  • Lee has been on steroids ����since he was 12 years old Don’t say it’s genetics because it’s not genetics it’s fucking steroids and of story