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Squat Plateau 5 Exercises to Help You Smash New PRs. No one likes stalling and stagnation, especially in the weight room. Squat is one of the big 3exercises and considered a staple exercise in most powerlifting and bodybuilding routines.

The two most common forms of back squatting are low-bar and high-bar placement. You may be surprised just how challenging this is. Use minimal increments to hit new maxes.

It’s easy to get greedy and make jumps that may be too big. Have a goal to beat your current 1RM by 5 pounds and move on. You can even use small 1-pound fractional plates and beat PRs by 2 or 4 pounds. As someone who has struggled with squat plateaus myself, I can honestly say that tempo, pause, and 1 ¼ squats work very well to improve form and help you progress.

In this video we will go over 5 compound accessory lifts to help you increase your squat. These exercises are crucial for helping you build through sticking points, increasing stability, balance. When things don’t go as planned, you need a few tricks to refocus and keep you on the straight and narrow.

Here are three methods you can use to instantly build confidence in the weight room. 1 – Use More Difficult Variations. When working up to a heavy set on complex exercises like squats or presses, technique is everything.

Try This Plateau Buster To ADD 45 LBS To Your Squat In 3 Weeks!!! The ONLY 3 Chest Exercises You Need for MASS DEADLIFT & SQUAT! Assistance Lifts| NEW PRs IN 3 4 WEEKS! Duration: 11:04. Squatting frequently will make you a better squatter but there are also several assistance exercises you can perform that can help improve your squat performance.

Anderson Squats Old-time weightlifter Paul Anderson is arguably one of the strongest men who ever lived and he used this exercise to increase his already mighty squat. > Exercise Three: Heavy Partial Squats “In order to improve squats, add heavy partial squats in the Power Rack by adding up to 100 lbs over what you can actually squat and doing 8-10 partial. On all 5 exercises, you will start with just using an empty bar (the barbell is 45 lbs).

That may not sound too exciting but this is crucial. It will help you become much more confident with performing these exercises before the weight begins to increase to high. While it is a bit more of an advanced strategy, if you have experience with the basic compound exercises, it can help you set new PRs and take.

List of related literature:

Once they can do that without struggle, I start to experiment with the more complex squat variations, such as the barbell front squat and back squats.

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Lower the body to a full squat position, keeping the arms straight and moving the hands down between the knees (b)

“NSCA's Guide to Program Design” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Jay Hoffman
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Barbell Lunge Combo 4 x 6 each leg (front/reverse) Minimal rest C) Barbell Front Squat 4 x 8

“Men's Health Natural Bodybuilding Bible: A Complete 24-Week Program For Sculpting Muscles That Show” by Tyler English, Editors of Men's Health Magazi
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Each of those exercises falls into one of the five aforementioned basic human movement patterns, which are: the squat (bending at your knees and hips), hip hinge (bending at your hips), push (pushing something away from you), pull (pulling something toward you), and plank (keeping your torso stiff).

“Maximus Body: The Physical and Mental Training Plan That Shreds Your Body, Builds Serious Strength, and Makes You Unstoppably Fit” by Bobby Maximus, Michael Easter
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Figure 4.2.4 Single­leg squat for unilateral strength development

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BENEFITS:This movement combines the front squat with the dumbbell reverse lunge, but it’s harder than the latter because the resistance is a barbell in the front-squat position.

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High-resistance eccentric resistance can produce muscle hypertrophy and may effect improvements in mobility.261 Another study used “sports activities” in a twice-per-week program.158 The program included exercises on land designed to improve gait and balance and exercises in the water to increase strength.

“Neurological Rehabilitation E-Book” by Darcy Ann Umphred, Rolando T. Lazaro, Margaret Roller, Gordon Burton
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To recap: place the feet and grip shoulder-width apart, grip the bar like the bench press, keep the back neutral, descend straight to the clavicles, tilt the head back while looking forward, raise the bar along the same path, shift the torso forward slightly, squeeze the glutes, and lock out.

“Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body” by Michael Matthews
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The following program includes some simple exercises to improve deep squatting.

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For example, exercise-induced shifts in the signal intensity of magnetic resonance images (figure 6.9) indicate that greater volumes (50– 130%) of the knee extensor muscles are activated to lift submaximal loads after five weeks of suspension (Ploutz-Snyder et al., 1995).

“Neuromechanics of Human Movement” by Roger M. Enoka
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  • I front squat and back squat. I rate this channel but why on earth would you tell anyone to swap out back squats when they target the entire leg, whereas the front squat is predominantly focused on quads

  • Great vid! I been stuck on my squat gains for awhile now. I’m going to try all of these next workout. Got a question though. Relative to my regular squat PR, how much weight should I use for each exercise?

  • I need some help guys, ever since I began squatting I’ve always done high bar olympic squats and began to plateau after my 405. I wanted to switch to a powerlifting style low bar to build up my posterior chain but ever since I did I could never find the right spot to rest the bar on my back, also I’m so used to going ATG and bouncing off the bottom so hitting parallel is not natural to me and I have to force myself to stop as I descend. Any tips on how to fix this?

  • Anabolic aliens please tell me on how can i increase my hunger because im trying to bulk up and im trying to eat a lot but healthy to bulk up and im 14 and i weigh 120 pounds and my goal is tp eat 2,270 calories but i cant even get to 1,000 calories and i get alot of liquid too and i cant do it is super hard what can i do:(

  • Make sure you check out the whole playlist with Dave Tate: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNAUreWTt_SghWOesxKjv5EWY33p1qNr0

  • If you can do beltless variations to mitigate intensity,why cant you just do comp squats in a heavy light medium 3 day/wk rotation?and thus obey the law of specificity and practice the comp squat.and yes we understand that 80% for reps is not the same as a 1 rep max.but its closer than say duffalo bar squats eh.

  • I was literally just thinking about this at work and thought to myself “I wonder if John Meadows has a video on it?” Lol YouTube suggestions must be based off reading thoughts

  • Great video! Any chance you can make a garage gym series for us with limited equipment? Like a series that covers all body parts but only uses squat rack, kettle bell, and limited bands? I know you’ve covered all of these separately but I like the way you sequence exercises and I know you could come up with some insane high intensity free weight exercises. Keep up the good work and stay safe

  • Do these exercises still apply if I have an extreme case of limited dorsiflexion? Doing the hand + thumb test, I can barely move my knee passed my midfoot without my heel lifting off the floor. However, I’m able to do a decent stretch by doing the standard calf wall stretch or by stepping on the edge of a step with the balls of my feet and driving my heel down. Do I have a more serious condition that requires a physician’s visit?

  • Sounds to me more like he’s prescribing accessories for equipped powerlifting. The hamstrings really aren’t doing that much work in a squat unless you’re doing some type of good morning squat hybrid or have a suit on.

  • I love doing deep olympic squats, but my body is a fucking mess, so I cant. I buttwink way too early and cant keep a neutral lower back in the bottom position, I have long legs and a short torso which makes it awkward as hell to go deep, I got an anterior ankle inpingement which limits my dorsiflexion, and my right knee hurts (I think the bad ankle mobility has caused the knee problem).

    Meanwhile my friend, who hasnt stretched for a single second in his life, can highbar ATG squat with his back as straight as a goddamn plank, without lifting shoes…

  • what about the plateau you reach after doing 5×5 by 6 months. I honestly believe the lack of hypertrophy in the program gets you to a certain point, Would you then suggest adding more volume to the program, given that you eat and get enough sleep. eating 3k calories a day and expecting to add weight to a bar each/every other week doesn’t seem to work for most people after a certain time.

  • G`day mountaindog, I have been lifting weights for over 44yrs so I have learnt a bit over that time and what I have learnt is if you want to totally ruin your lower back forever do good mornings you are just asking for a major injury folks never do good mornings YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! PS: No pro bodybuilder does good mornings the risk to reward is not worth it plus they are not that STUPID!

  • +mountaindog1 speak of truth…teenage these days must watch this video, since some of them always prioritizing their 1 PR squat but end up by “lifting the weights together divided by 3 or 4 person with quarter ROM and start screamin like hell”

  • Lmfaooooo this is the funniest shit ive ever fuckn heard and dead on seriously the truth lmfaooo �������������� awesome!!!
    PbnJ with gogurt lmfaooooo

  • John, these are golden man! Thanks a lot for bringing Dave and having these in depth videos. Easily easily stand out and offer so much value.

  • Honesty is a rarities these days, making money and misleading the population is priority. They just don’t care about our health only our money. So to see and hear John and his guess speaking in this manner is wonderful… Good job.

  • Alright,it is needed subject,but many times repeated. How about some practical advices not only how to lift more and more.
    For example, leg workout and excessive standing all day (on work,maybe) or,in general, being “on your legs” all or every day and exercising would be a challenge.
    Its not that everyone have that luxury for “train,eat,sleep” mantra already pointless for most people.

  • John I am thankful you keep your channel free from cursing. While I respect every man’s right to speak however he chooses, for me personally, getting great content without the curse words is important. It has become very difficult to find those two together anywhere. I admire your standards and this channel helps me. Thank you.

  • This is an extremely helpful and effective video. Even though I don’t experience knee pain during my squats, I followed all of your tests and uncovered some mobility restrictions that answered why my squats sometimes felt just a tiny bit off. Now, I can prevent knee pain before it happens. Thank you, Dr. Horschig!

  • Hi John,

    Absolutely awesome video with Dave Tait! I loved the 5 exercises Dave pointed as I’ve done 3 of those pre-corona lockdown. I really loved Dave’s explanations!

    Thank you for making the video and I’m really excited to watching Dave go into the technical side of the squat.



  • Thank you for the video gentleman, my squat has always been my weakest major lift, been lifting for 4 years now and my 1RM is 225. Gonna implement these exercises into my program, trying to get to 300

  • Question: I’m a woman with a bone condition, charot, which has greatly contributed to serious lack of ankle mobility. As a result, I focus intensely on proper form when performing dumbbell squats. Are there other lower body exercises that might accommdate this mobility restriction? Thank you

  • Weird thing is the man looks like he has never worked out in his life he has an 50 inch waist by the look of it and I want a slim waist and not a thick back so lots of a work front squats knee raises twists dealifts etc and how many times do people on these videos get to the top of their squat and lock their knees out because the weight is to much

  • could Dave or you do hanging leg raises like that woman does? I’m 57, not a bodybuilder, not very fit but not a coach potato either. I know it would take hard work, practice and perseverance, but even so this looks like an exercise only for the lucky few. Love the Bulgarian split squad.

  • How beneficial is a front squat in the Smith machine. I’ve tried a few different front squat variations and they dont feel right to me. In the Smith machine I feel it a lot better. Been doing 2-3×12-15 reps at the end of my leg stuff

  • Heavy heavy Box Squats have helped me increase my squats. I’ve only implemented them for one week and have already seen lots of results. It’s easier on the knees and helps you from getting stuck at the bottom.

  • Thank you John for all the inspirational videos, tips and guidance. I’ve been having some back issues and surgeries along the way, but still doin’ my best.
    If you like, you can check out my vids at insta @ m_wolverine

  • Even though I did sports in HS and collegiate track, I never hack squatted before.. but after seeing this video, I tried it and at a lanky 6’3”, it’s probably the best feeling exercising for my legs.. dead lifts and squatting can get uncomfortable but this felt awesome

  • Alan. I keep hearing this message everywhere. “You need to put on weight to get strong!”. My issue is I’m a rock climber and as a rock climber my priority is keeping body weight down. I’m currently at 176lb but I’d like to be closer to 165lb. And yes, know It will be much harder getting stronger at my lifts while not putting on mass. Do you have any advice for diet or training to help me get stronger but maintain/lose weight? My body weight 100% takes priority here.

  • What the fuck is sleep? If I had time to get good quality sleep I wouldn’t have time to lift. I sacrifice sleep so I can get to the gym

  • I teach anykind of mobility to to my clients I get THE WORST looks and openly mocked from my fellow “colleagues”… apparently if you think mobility is even a thing… you’re a pathetic loser… I hate the garbage gym I work at… please help.

  • I love the ending remark. “How to improve? Do the exercise properly, and that’s why we’ll talk technique tomorrow!” Kinda reminds me of Mark Rippetoe: “How to improve your squat? You squat!” It’s true, though. People want some kinda solution to their problem, not realizing their problem is their solution. They just don’t know how. That’s why in depth technique instructions from seasoned vets are so important. Looking forward to see the video on squat technique!

  • Lol I had 3 fractures in my foot and wasnt allowed to move my foot for 7weeks, now I cant walk properly bc my ankle does not allow me to move past 90 degrees.

  • I have heard Dave piss on the deadlift so many times. My favorite was when he said deadlifting in competition is just something you do before you get to go have some lunch.

  • He May have good knowledge but this guy is a pussy, period, i mean i do bent over row for 6 to 8 with a 225 lbs /100 kgs, is it dangerous? Yeah i can injure shoulders, elbows, wrists, lower back, even knees, is it worth it? Hell yeah, tremendous back activation, the entire back, and explosive incresse in strength, thing is every exercise is worth doing, if you know how to perform it properly and if you have reached a certain level where you can do that exercise, it what we call, novice, intermediate, advanced etc, if you are scared to push your self and maybe risk a little bit, you will never reach your full potential, and this is my opinion, you dont have to reply, like or dislike if you agree or disagree and leave me the fuck alone

  • you continue to share your knowledge and resources with the world,its so obvious the love that is put into your work thank you john and thank you dave so greatful….B.T

  • I used to find front squats somewhat painful and uncomfortable for my shoulders. The way we got around that at Pearl’s was to use a towel, which made front squats relatively enjoyable. Put the towel around the back of the neck, draped down over the pecs in front. Then, cross the two ends, grabbing the left side of the towel with the right hand, and the right side of the towel with the left hand. The ends should be grasped really close to the front of the neck, so that when you step up under the bar, the bar is snugly held between the upper flexed pec region and each fist. This technique keeps the bar off the front delts enough that the comfort factor noticeably increases.

  • best strength and bodybuilding channel on the whole internet/youtube PERIOD! Pleas John make two exercise index videos about the romanian and stiff leg deadlift with barbells and dumbbells because you don´t have one! Dave is wrong here!!! PLEASE make these videos how to properly execute both lifts and whats the difference etc. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR SHARING SO MUCH VALUABLE CONTENT! All the best and stay healthy with your heart!

  • i’m thinking i can build a simple glute-ham-raise contraption by attaching a steel pipe to a low point on my wall for the feet to hook into and placing a pad on the ground for the knees.

  • I used to do everything isolated, but I recently began a journey of trying to do everything with a barbell. Super refreshing, and it takes way less time to work out every part of the body when every movement is very much compound.

  • Ankle mobility can be a major limiting factor for doing deep squats. Even my stronger male clients can’t get into a full range of motion squat if their ankle movement is restricted.

  • I have been doing the banded joint mobilization but even with a strong tension on the band I can’t seem to get rid of the blocking sensation. Could I see an improvement if I continue to perform this exercise or is it more likely that the problem lies somewhere else? It is bad enough that I cant even perform the second exercise since I feel a pinching pain before I even get to a stretching sensation in my calves.

  • I just love that we are getting this information for free! A full breakdown of the movement in one video, and how to increase it in another? That’s just amazing.

  • hi everyone,if anyone else needs to find out about exercises for stiff hips joints try Letza Joint Relief Lessons (just google it )? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my partner got cool results with it.

  • Agreed pauses front squats are some of the hardest things I’ve done in the gym. Full Front rack, 225 for 5 second pauses in the bottom for 5-8 reps. Lungs burning, hammies dead, quads on fire… and a day later your abs feel like you went 10 rounds with rocky. The problem comes down to a lot of people’s upper back is so tight they can’t get into a front rack position, like you just caught a clean. Most people think it’s tight shoulders lack of wrist flexibility when I’m fact it’s tight lats and people don’t know how to keep the upper body tight, and get there elbows
    Up or can’t because their lats are just to tight.

  • I think I have chronic ankle issues small fracture and feels like a lot of impinging tissue should I do these or get surgery ima former college football player currently serving now in the us Air Force

  • Finally someone who explained the benefit of using that band at the beginning. I did not get why it had a function in the exercise except for increasing needed dorsiflexion strength, but this seems useful to me now. Thanks!

  • Thank you for the video! Do you perhaps have any other tips as to how to release the impingement in the ankle? I have a resistance band, but it is not as thick and I don’t think it will have the desired outcome.

  • I spained my right ankle a yearago. I have no ankle mobility in this foot as was revealed by me learning pistol squats. When i try these exercises my right heel always lifts and subsequent knee pain in that leg. What should i do? Stop pistol squating?

  • So my ankle immobility is really big. My reason is tightness in the back. As for the third exercise holding the plate or the dumbbell while squatting, I cannot squat that deep even with the plate without my ankle popping up from the ground. So, what do I do here? Do I just go a far as possible or is this like doing nothing? Thanks.

  • Do you have any material on being inner thigh dominant? And how to activate the outer sweep of your quads? Often times when I squat, no matter the position or stance, I use mostly inner thigh and it becomes extremely sore (not in a good way)

  • using cable crossover & isolating ONE pec or ONE lat at a time doesn’t seem like ANYTHING an “athlete” would ever do, even if you’re “on your feet”

  • I’m walk and stand on my toes can’t touch my heel to the ground unless I’m sitting down would I use these exercises to fix that I never noticed the issue until I got into working out and realized I couldn’t squat or even start to squat.

  • Isn’t there a way to do the first exercise without a band? I swear I had someone teach me something similar only no band but you could get more and more flexibility with each rep.

  • Enjoyed your new video. I am a right handed golfer and need to be able to roll my right ankle to the left while keeping the heel down as long as possible as I complete my thru swing. Do you have exercises or stretches for this?

  • Damn I tried so many things and this banded joint mobilization helped me crazyy.. i went 1,5-2cm more on one side which was very limited before!

  • Thank you very much! You helped me like gain my ankle mobility back, after I almost gave up on it. Had pain in my knees from squatting like forever. And really helpful with the anatomical explanations.
    Best wishes!

  • Holy crap. This stuff is amazing! Well explained, perfect length of time for a video, and functionally sound info. Helped improve my repeatedly sprained ankle to now be able to hold a correct squat position. Thank you very much.

  • Maaan. Thank you so much! I’ve been trying all dorsiflexion exercises I could find for months (band, straight leg, ballistics, you name it) and none of them got me to feel a stretch in the ankle. My ankle is so stiff most exercises don’t even work for me. This pull the bench exercise is the first one that actually makes me feel it! Already seing results

  • I’ve had poor ankle mobility most of my life, presumably from bad ankle strains. Your mobility exercise with the flexibility strap is exactly what I needed. I have been doing it for a week and have less pain and more mobility already. Thanks!

  • Weight on my front squat is only 40 pounds less than on my back squat. Am i just a pussy and can’t push myself on back squat or could i be just more fit for fronts by my body composition?

  • I’ve had left ankle issues for years after an injury in high school, I’ve done lots of different exercises to help but every once and a while it bugs me. Thanks for this video I hope it’ll help me shake it for good!

  • This exercise looks insane, can’t wait to try it out
    Would you recommend having the knee float above the toes during squats? I thought you always had to drop your butt like you are sitting

  • Wow, what a great explanation.. easy understanding! For client who ask if it’s safe to allow the knee travel over the toes on squats (thinking about the patela compression on the femur bone)… what do you answer? Cheers

  • Case study: without a question my soleus is too tight. My calves are likely in the 98 percent in so far as size is concerned. (purely genetic) I’ve always “solved” my squat ankle mobility issues by throwing a small plate under my heel. I’m writing to post that foam rolling my lower calves does not work… That is…Until, I extend my foot pointing forward. For whatever reason that’s the only way I can feel the fascia stretch. I’m posting this in case others have this same issue. I’m currently throwing the kitchen sink at my lower body mobility issues… My squat will be fixed! (Albeit over a long time) Thank you Aaron.

  • Interesting video… I have bone on bone (need full ankle replacement) of my right ankle. I tried your ankle mobility screening, and my left knee could reach easily, however, my right knee could not get anywhere close to the wall. I was a D-1 VB player in college with multiple torn ligaments in my ankle. I am an avid tennis player now (with BREG ankle brace), and do NOT want to get an ankle replacement, however, my mobility is getting worse and worse. Any other suggestions for me? Thanks!

  • Athlean X has a video on how you can build muscle and lose fat at the same time. But you clearly need to get enough calories and nutrients. I think some people use bulking as an excuse to over eat. The goal is to get buff not fat. I am too fat so I am working on losing weight and getting stronger and buff. My plan is pretty simple. Lift 3 days a week and work on improving my diet. It doesn’t matter how great a workout and eating plan is if you can’t stick with it. That’s why I am keeping it simple. I want something I can stick with. My ultimate goal would be to have a body like Meg from megsquats. She is jacked and not overly skinny.


  • Hi, great video thanks! I’m in that restricted category by about 1-1.5 inches. Quick question, I have some hip issues (possible impingement) so a really deep hip flex can irritate the front of the joint. Do you have any adaptations to your first stretch exercise to reduce this? Thanks a million!

  • also..OK MOST athletes are on their feet..not all, not all the time..gymnasts? cyclists? swimmers? rowers? (crew)..? wrestlers? rock climbers..? bobsled..? luge..?others..? pullups could help performance. if you think doing an Iron Cross on the rings is “easy” or a parallel bars, or.uneven bars performance….show us

    plus doing one-arm biceps dumbbell curls or triceps pushdowns an athlete does that? isolates one arm at a time?

  • I’m an intermediate weight lifter and I still can’t even squat really low unless I’m squatting less weight. My max is 345lbs but once I get to a lil over 225 I squat down to 90° and then go back up. Lower weight I squat lower than that. I wanna focus on legs tho so ima start squatting more

  • Hey Dr. Horschig
    Im tackling my squat problem one at a time but im unsure which one to tackle first:
    Ankle mobility
    hip flexor pain on the way down
    and quad tendon pain

    which one should i focus in first? thanks love your instagram!

  • I get the anterior pinch REALLY BAD. had a history of inversion sprains in my 20s. That’s cleared up with orthotics and proprioreception work and core control work. However, I’m left with gummy ankles and poor dorsiflecion, like really poor, 5cm on the wall test. As a result, i strain my calves constantly.

    I’m not concerned with loss of power output at the moment, what volume of these exercises should i aim for to hopefully see big improvments in dorsiflexion?

  • Getting into a deep squat I can do but I have to hold on to something or I fall backwards. Will these stretches help me achieve an independent deep squat?

  • Rolled my right ankle years ago and it still won’t go as far as my left ankle, I’ll definitely try this…is it really possible to fix my ankle? I can barely the knee past the toes whereas I can for the left ��

  • Stromgmans are expert eating as a pig, most eats 13,000 calories a day. 1 gram of fat has 9 times energy of an tnt. Fat power. LOL.

  • What’s your views on voodoo floss if there is blocking at the front of the ankle? I messed mine up a few years ago. I’m seeing progress with the band, however I’ve seen some good videos that mention using vodoo floss also.

  • One of the reasons why I love the Lion’s Den Facebook page because people there are very helpful specially with form checks and all. ����

  • I always thought the seated press was bet a better way to focus the muscle group. Having your torso be stationary so you’re not using the rest of your body to push the bells up. But heck can’t ever argue with Jeff

  • Man I kept reworking cause my knee kept caving in just a bit at 315 I was worried that If I kept going it would get worse but imma try not to focus on it and ill push through

  • I really need an answer for this.. John, do you count proteins(calories) from plant protein sources( oatmeal, rice, rice cakes etc) or only animal protein sources?

  • For the day 123, are there any recovery days in between? And should I eat a surplus the night before attempting a pr squat for rep?

  • On bench I plateaued at 265 then broke that a few months ago, now I’m at 295 been stuck there for about 3 months im so close to 305. I’m 205 bodyweight 18% bodyfat I’m about 1.5 years into lifting.

  • During that 3 months my squat dropped from 365 to barely 225, its back up to 265 and my deadlift dropped from 505 to 345 and its back up to 385

  • I’m 48 and used to squat 1 x a week because I thought “well I’m not 25 or even 30 anymore”. Progress was slow. I then switched to 3 x a week. heavy day (my version of 5-3-1) on Saturday, volume/technique day on Monday with emphasis on full depth and technique, so some pause squats or pin squats but at much lighter loads. Weds would then be front squat and single leg training. Then I have 2 full days off before squating heavy again on Saturday. Since changing to this program I have added close to 60 lbs in 8 weeks. Now keep in mind, my heavy day is limited to mostly my working sets and then maybe 2 accessory moves after but not going crazy. Everything through the week is geared towards my heavy lift day coming on Saturday.
    All I know is I’ve never felt better, knee pain gone, back pain gone and strength going up because of the frequency increase.

  • Matt that was so so good!! Huge thanks, I feel so much better to approach my lifts as learning points and not grieve over them lol!!

  • I don’t video my squat just cause all the keyboard warriors. I always feel I’m not deep enough. Great video. I’m a squat weakling

  • You are actually amazing. I have had right knee patella surgery TWICE and now have left ankle tendonitis (big tight bulge underneath my ankle) my squat game is terrible. Depth is not my favour. I feel it in my knee THEN ankle. The tightness scares me as well as past patella surgery. I will try all things you mentioned to pray I can get right again. London UK fan ❤️ My IG page RECIESPIECES shows you my bad depth ��

  • I squat 3 times a week. Two days with dumbell, I go around 60lbs and, high reps, as a part of my circuit training. On my leg day I do heavy barbell squat almost 220 lbs. This I do in the Smith machine.

  • If you really care about squats you should be doing them at least 3x per week. I went from 1-2x squats/week to 3-4x per week, and my max has gone from 340 to 375 in like a month

  • Never ignore training your core. When I started training I did next to no core work. I did it but I had no idea how to properly do it. Now I train core almost everyday in continuous time intervals varying between several different exercises (scissors, flutter kicks, hanging leg raises, rocky reverse crunches, crunch and twist, russian v tucks, elbow to knee tucks, jackknifes, etc.) I also throw in some weighted ab work. As soon as I started gaining core strength, my squats started going up quickly. I can now do working sets above my body weight. This only took a couple of months.

  • I started squatting 3 days a week and today i was doing heavy triples. Probably the heaviest I’ve gone. Form did break down a little and on really worried about it. On some reps, the bar went forward and I went slightly on my toes and heels came off the floor slightly. The reps this happened on felt easier than the reps where feet were flat. I’m curious why it feels this way? Thanks.

  • Not sure why I sub to this channel. CLEARLY instagram has better coaching tips. My smith machine squatting 5 times a week has me doing my entire body weight!

  • thank you sir i found this video and now i’m starting to do this bcoz my knees starts to get pain when i started to do a tiktok dance and i dont understand why �� i do exercise every other to keep my body healthy esp in this pandemic but my knee pains is kinda problem to me. so i hope this video will be a remedy to my knees. im fr the philippines. ��������

  • Love your channel, but how many squat videos can you make before running out of ideas?

    Also, thoughts on smolov squat program for an intermediate weightlifter?

  • Very likable and original personality you have… And the tips were simple and effective… More content from coach Matt is expected….

  • Thanks Matt, I really enjoyed your comments about Squats. I’m a ‘newbie’ to Squats and there is so much info out there, but I really enjoyed your segment and I have learnt some great training tips. (I like your humor as well…lol). I think your a great addition to ‘The Lions Den’.

  • Great tips, my biggest helper is doing beltless squats and the ssb squat, those have helped me immensely. I mainly struggle with squat confidence, so I may be throwing in more tempo work. Great to see Coach Matt on this channel again, more people need to check him out on his channel.

  • Want to win an ATHLEAN-X program for free, no strings attached? Click the link below to find out how!


  • Fun fact:
    The holiday ‘Christmas’ was named-so when, during one winter, Jeff taught Jesus how to gain lean mass with proper form.
    JC was so pleased with the results that he signed up to the Athlean-X training program and showered Jeff with gifts.
    Hence, Christ-Mass.

  • I agree more with Jeff than Arnold. Specially on the dumbbell flies… it’s a nasty, antinatural exercise, and if anything, the only thing it really does is to widen your rib cage horrendously the day you start doing it. For all the admirable physique and achievements of Arnold Schwarzenegger, he developed a super wide and thick rib cage that in my humble opinion look anything but aesthetic.

  • Studies say when doing a proper squat your knees should pass your toes to gain maximum tension when you ass to grass it’s a quick rest when you go all the way down

  • I have sprained my ankle in the past repeatedly and, doing the band exercises for 1 month or more, I still cant see any progress in my ankle mobility. Could you recommend me something else? Thank you, great video

  • as someone who works out in my shed since closest gym is atleast 30km(18miles)away i cant do like half exercises described here xD

  • Way to go….NOT… Incorporate other muscle groups and momentum into training body parts. I see leg drive, hip rotation, using momentum and swinging when there are far better methods/exercises to hit the muscle while trying to isolate for maximum workload and gains…

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  • I KNEW it!
    I started doing dumbell curls both arms together and standing up because I felt it in my core, but then I was told that I should do one arm at a time. Back to my instincts, this time with Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEAN-X dot com on my side

  • The problem with those curls is that at the moment of greatest contraction, there is the least resistance (at the top). Since you are leaning forward for a concentration curl, you avoid that issue.

  • I know it helps for most people, but the pinching at the front of my ankle doesn’t get relieved doing the resistance band stretch. I did tear my ankle ligaments when I was younger.

  • Hey Doc,
    I had a car accident about 12 years ago in which I damaged my right ankle severely. Ankle has recovered over the years but has understandably lost mobility in it on the dorsiflexion front. My squat range is decent but my right foot points slightly more outwards then my left but I can live with that. My only limitation which concerns me is that I cannot perform a pistol squat on my right side.
    I’ve started doing these banded drills and it’s definitely helping. You think I can get my mobility back on this side or is the injury too old now to be corrected. My ankles do hurt after I stretch them with the exercises in this video but it seems like range is improving

  • I got a bad shoulder injury playing high school football that followed me into my 30’s now (damn thing randomly dislocates sometimes). I have been doing upright rows consistently when I weight trained not thinking that its probably making it worse, or at least not making it better. Glad to put that one to bed.

  • With the joint mobilisation test, does it have to be kneeling? I can get further when I’m standing and kind of sink my hips down and forward. Great content, thank you ����

  • Such high quality advice. I’m 47 and I would be carrying far fewer aches and pains if someone like Jeff has been out there 20 years ago.

  • Y’all have no idea how much this dude has influenced me to stand up more during the day lol… literally standing up all day long… even at home while I’m watching tv or eating lunch/dinner… friends always ask me “why are you standing??? Have a seat” I’m like nah…. lol

  • The #SquatUclub is now on YouTube! As soon as I upload a new video, “like” it and comment with the hashtag #SquatUclub ASAP. I’ll pick amongst those who do so within 1 hour of the video going live and pick one winner to start working on whatever you need help with (squat technique, an achy hip, help with back pain during deadlifts, etc). You must be SUBSCRIBED to my YouTube channel for a chance to win. Turning on notifications by clicking the little bell next to the SUBSCRIBE button on my channel will make sure you can be first in line to win every time!

    I’ll reply under the winners comment so make sure you keep up on your notifications!

  • This has actually helped with my knee pain. After tearing my ACL years ago, I thought knee pain was just a part of life. Not anymore, try it because it works.

  • I agree with all of these, I swapped these out years ago because they were uncomfortable and not getting the results. Glad to see someone agrees.

  • Would dragon flags be a decent substitute for the leg raise? Everytime I attempt leg raises I tweak my psoas muscle since I a tumor removal in my groin in 2017-for some reason the dragon flags don’t affect it

  • Interesting video. It’s too bad most of the time an exercise is removed it is replaced with a cable move which I don’t have in my home gym.

  • Great advice. By the way, I invented a new biceps exercise that I call the leaning dumbbell curl. You lean from a wall, or post in a basement, so that the upper body is leaning slightly forward, then curl the dumbbell upwards. What do you think? Thus the front of the shoulder muscles do not help with the raising, and lowering of the weight, or resistance. Myself, I place a 2 by 4 on my back leaning leg, so that I am not in a long, constant stretch; so that the concentration goes as much as possible to the isolation exercise for the biceps.

  • I ALWAYS do those seated curls. I’m gonna start getting off my azz. In fact…that’s my new motto…get off your azz! Thx Jeff & Happy New Year!

  • Most of these I dropped out since I was 13.
    My routine was just mostly Dead lifts, squats, Bench, Laterals, double Biceps, Calve press and leg press. Sometimes I would put in a little dumbbell push ups. And then my third day was strictly cardio and abdomen exercise. I was ripped ��.

  • I don’t want to get to a high body fat but when I was bulking I would do long squat seasons going heavy and I never improved maybe it was my sleep?

  • What about people who are already heavy!? Like I am weighing 241 pounds but eating more will result in massive fat gain, I am already at 30%

  • Great video. Can i please ask why do i hear so many knuckles from my kness everytime i get up or down? They are constant with pain as well. Any ideas?

  • Been eating a shit ton, started at 128 6’2, now 148 6’2, been workin out for a year. The thing is, is that ive stayed around 7-9% body fat the whole damn time. Been gaging food down recently trying to increase my weight, and now i’m starting to see a gym plateau in my push muscles. Its really frustrating, and my body is constantly aching for how soar i am ��. I have never done a deload before and i think im going to to give my muscles a lil brake. Is this a good idea?

  • Why did you screen only for internal rotation of the hip, and not also external? it is the most common restriction, it is easier to selfasses?

  • What if I’m a basketball player who literally needs to stay as light as possible. I want to get stronger to jump higher and that is my only goal

  • well 500 cal surplus and 10 hours sleep and I’m still stuck after 2 months
    tried everything in 2 pages worth of google for ‘how to break a strength plateau’, all I can think to do is try a 1000 cal surplus
    edit, I’m back after some months, cals were completely unnecessary, just needed even more exercise variety

  • My 3 methods. Bulk 12 months of the year, sleep 6 hours a night (ARNOLD SAID SO, IDC)its a quality 6 hours too and do ‘ye olde, Clarence Kennedy squat 5×5. EZEZEZEZEEZEZEZEZEZ

  • That marshmallow idea is brilliant. Fuck I’m going to train abbs again. Mine have always been a strong point even now in my late 40s but never made that connection before.

  • Alan’s evolving nicely into the alpha-male final form: cantankerous old man! 😉 But seriously, I’m probably 15% body fat and 140 lb 5’10”. I’m keeping a thinner waist, and there’s no 6 pack gonna be had by me at 15%, but I need to keep my waist 32″ or lower. That’s all unhealthy fat at the gut and that’s where it goes for me when I eat. I eat super healthy clean s

    I don’t have a problem muscle building, but I agree with what Jeff Cavalier says is that bulking isn’t necessary; maybe eat just bit more but I’m holding on the waist size. Not a 6 pack but for health reasons and it does help a lot. I agree food is huge. Best wishes.

  • shouldn’t I still do some exercise involving squeze of this muscle after? Because i heard something about it. Im glad if you respond

  • One thing that helped me with my ankle mobility was high top converse. Now when I wake up every morning my ankles do not pop any more.

  • The book Easy Strength by Pavel Tsatsouline and Dan John is an amazing book. There are some people who compete in sports that require them to be strong and not pack on weight. Easy Strength is crazy but it works! 2 sets of 10 and is backed by research from Olympic teams. Beginner’s can experience strength gains from lifting as little as 40% of their 1RM. If you are an experienced lifter then you may need to be in the 70-85% 1RM range. Food and rest play a huge part but getting strong is deceptively easy especially when you stop worrying about setting PRs all the time. Get the book! 2 hours reading that book will prove way more beneficial than all the YouTube videos combined!

  • I wasn’t really counting calories but generally estimating my protein intake. Was plateau’d like a son of a bitch. Changed my workouts, nothing. Changed my workout time, nothing. So I thought, I’ll start counting calories. Holy fucking shit was I starving myself. I was eating WAY under what I should have been. I was eating barely over 2,000 calories. Started eating 3,000-3,500 a day and all my lifts, my weight and my strength shot through the roof in a matter of weeks.

  • Rich Piana “The more you put into anything in life, the more you are gonna get out. The more you eat, the more you sleep, the better results your gonna get”

  • There’s this one machine at my gym that is really solid for squat accessory. If your gym has it, use it. I recommend facing towards it like a front squat. Eddie hall and Brian Shaw used it, so it should be viable for other people. https://www.elitefts.com/eliteftstm-power-squat.html

  • 150 lbs 15% BF to 200 lbs 18% BF is only 14 lbs of Fat with the Rest being lean tissue lol that’s pretty good for almost 35 lbs of muscle gained with only 14 lbs of BF

  • Started 5×5 4 weeks ago with 53kg. Still progressing, and already gained 1kg!

    I started inspired by Mark and you so… thanks, Alan! Wish you success!

  • I like that you point out right off the bat that if you only squat once a week then stop asking how to increase your squat. More trainers need to say this and stop beating around the bush.

  • I honestly just don’t understand what is wrong with my squat. I have such crazy knee pain directly underneath my left kneecap when I Squat deep. I have no knee caving in when I squat though, does that mean ankle mobility is not the issue? But if not, then what is the problem? So depressing, this is driving me crazy:(

  • 3:58 Don’t you dare bring goat simulator into this Alan! Nothing lame about galloping around the world bashing and licking things.

  • This video has had 4 different thumbnails and I’m guessing was re-uplaoded at some point because I’ve seen it with two dates on it. WTF is going on?

  • A couple months ago I had to do somthin at work that was pretty much a hanging leg raise a few times to get on top of this thing, 2 days later my entire abs were sore so I started doing them on purpose, was cool to see dave solidify that decision

  • Hey man, could you help me with this? Ive been suffering from chronic insomnia for the past 4 months and I feel like it’s been effecting my gym routine dramatically. I’ve still be trying to push myself to hit the gym 4-5 times a week and following a p/p/l/p/p routine. I feel like it’s doing nothing for me and I don’t know what to do. Is there a good routine I can follow that is somewhat specialised for chronic insomnia gym goers? Thanks man.

  • the weight and body fat thing is relativ.
    150 lbs 15% BF on what height?

    a friend of mine is pretty skinny, 5 9 and 135 lbs but he is strong even tho he doesnt workout
    another is like 6,2 at 200 lbs maybe 16% BF but he has like no strength at all, the definition of physical weakness

    i worked out with that last guy because it bothered him that his girlfriend was stronger than him and she is 5.3 around 110 lbs (she never tells^^ )

    he couldn’t even do 3 push ups and he managed 2 reps of an empty barbell!… that is like what? 44 lbs??

    in my experience, there is something more to strength than size and measure.

  • Trying these tonight, I broke my ankle years ago before I got into lifting, hopefully this helps because I need to squat like that ��

  • there is a kid on my football team who squatted 525 with the football team (so take maybe 50Lbs) during summer training who never trains outside of football and is like 5 foot 10 to maybe 6ft tall some people are just freaks.

  • And whats the issue if every lfit except deadlift is getting stronger? Can’t still be diet/sleep if bench/squat/row/overhead press is getting heavier and im needing less assistance on pullups/dips

  • I an a noice lifter been lifting regurlarly for the past 1 year being on bulk for the last 6 months. Eating 500 too 700 houndred calories over my maintenens. I switched from a porgram that was putting 5p pound on every compound exercies every week i hit the required reps. About 3 months ago i switched to The Ensuns program and my bench press went upp 20 pounds in about 6 weeks but now i am stuck at 185 pounds. and grinding every rep. every other lift is still going up but my bench is lagging. Some help would be much apricichated.

    Btw sorry for spelling misstakes. English is not my first laungeg

  • Your pain premise is based on the mechanical model. But pain science has been updated significantly and identifying a biomechanical source of pain may be incomplete (or an incorrect assessment, especially on the internet), and by promoting it, you might be causing more problems than “fixing” them. 


    But I’m impressed (and astounded) by how many subscribers this channel has.

  • I have left knee pain when i don’t go to the gym, or do exercise. Sometimes it feels like my leg is gonna fall off, with pain. And goes away when I do leg day. Why is that?

  • Love your videos. I was wondering what your advice would be for the following injury. I have been diagnosed with a Calcific build up in my right glute max tendon.

  • I have popping knee without pain on my right side, I have flat foot on my left. Recently I start to get some pain and irritation on right knee during running. I also experience hamstring tendon behind the knee pain and pulling before. Please help.

  • I’m getting knee pain across both knees when squatting, it feels like the tendons, as it gets worse the lower i go any ideas? Thanks

  • I simply cannot achieve the rack post.

    I have been stretching and attempting for two years now. My shoulders, wrists and elbows simply cannot position that way.

  • Thanks Dr Horschig for the great video been doing these for a couple of weeks and definitely feel more stable. Any tips for pain in pes anserinus? I’ve got a feeling that it’s due to my sartorius overworking overcompensating for years of underactive glute max/med. Have you encountered this problem before? Any advice/consultation much appreciated!!

  • This is really very informational. I am really grateful for the minute details in explanations and the pros and cons part and the skeleton:)

  • Doctor! we request you to hold a live session with fans like us with problems on knees and back to clear our doubts and give us confidence to get cured with your wonderful guidance. Please do. Thank you Doc

  • Hi.I newly found you site.I’d love to ask a question.I have acl degeneration and meniscus tear(left knee) after trying to learn martial arts at age 48.After 2 years I still have it plus odema.Went to doctors for 2 years,no cure… could you please recommend me someting I could heal my knee???I really appreciate it,thank you��

  • Awesome orientation. I wish you coach me to get rid of my knee pain. Pl let me know whether I can have a one to one consultation with you doctor

  • Hi Aaron.
    I’ve had this problem for a few years now where I have a pain in the back of my leg whilst squatting. It’s at knee height and I get a sharp numb pain. Any ideas on what that could be and how I can prevent / fix it?


  • This squat University guy is a pro…. That last tip on glute bridges, driving your toes in the ground…fires up the glutes…you deserve way more popularity and subscribers.

  • After 10000 years of training and rehab for my knees. Finally a video that makes sense to me. I’ve never been told to look at my ankle ROM. Thank you

  • I did the box stretch, and it did miracles! I couldn’t move my whole right leg without pain because my right knee hurt like hell every time I move. After I did the box stretch, I immediately felt the pain subsiding. I did it several times throughout the day. By afternoon, the pain was almost gone, and I could walk normally again. Thanks so much for your video!

  • Have knee pain on left side, ended up having tight left hip and poor glute activation on left side gonna try these exercises out. Thanks guy!

  • How about if I want to lose weight and gain strength? (spoiler alert: I am not at 150.. toss another small person on top of that). But this video is not for me, because I’m not plateauing yet.


  • What a bunch of textbook nonsense….the only bigger travesty of chiropractors calling themselves doctor is now these physical therapists doing the same thing.

  • I think the pull up is way more athletic than a cable pull down, dangling in the air causes instability. You also are manipulating your body way more

  • Dude this information is out of this world you just diagnosed and fixed my knee pain which three other physios have failed to do. So many thanks.

  • One of my problems is that after four knee surgeries, I don’t have any soft tissue left in either knee…LOL…and, no, I am not going to have my knee replaced because I can still squat and dead lift…

  • Man ur home gym has one of the best collection of equipments i have seen so far than in other people’s home gym
    With no fancy machines
    Like old school
    Love from India��

  • 8:50 I see that when you do the bridges, you distribute your weight on the exterior part of the toe. I tend to do the same as I have pronation (my knees tend to move inwards when I push). Is that the right way to do this exercise?

  • AwesoMe dude you mentioned death �� so many times yes it’s inevitable fuck it We have hope that we are saved and receive an eternal body through Christ yeshua. Peace and grace. Gracias

  • I love your videos. I am beyond glad I found them. Please consider blurring the license plates of your car when editing the next video. This can be a significant vulnerability for someone to find where you live. And nobody wants these videos to end any time soon. Cheers!

  • Joe, in as little words possible, for a powerlifter would you recommend Olympic weight lifting shoes for squatting? Is there ever a situation where you would recommend someone NOT to use them!

  • Hi Aaron I am trying to rehab my right knee from multiple pains related to ankle, hip injuries. I am a medium-long distance road runner on my 50’s. The problem is that I can no longer fully flex my knee. The pain is between the knee (tibia) and the calf laterally/inside behind the anserine borsa on the tendon. In addition to the strengthening of the muscles do you think calf stretching would really help or is it a plus? what about tissue work? where do you think it would be better to apply it mainly? directly on the calf? behind the knee? close to the ankle? Thank you

  • Turns out I didn’t know how to position my knees for a proper squat…. once I positioned them as shown, pain was gone! Thanks you so much..

  • I failed every test definitely gonna just stop squatting. I love squats and lifting but at this rate I’m gonna feel like I’m 80 by the time I’m 30 if I continue to damage things

  • I found that I have ankle dexterity issues after watching this video. I’ve done the stretches which have helped a bit but now I have a lot more knee pain. It’s inner left knee. What might be causing this now? Just the stretching?

  • I hear a loud crack in my left knee when I squat and recently it started to hurt why is that crack can you please answer my question?

  • Been lifting twice a week for a year, the past 3 months behind my knees on both knees has started to hurt when my knees are fully bent, and the pain has only been getting worse, I havent squatted at all in the last month but it still hurts, any idea what this might be?

  • I can understand that skinny people need to stop worrying about gaining bodyfat and just need to eat more if they want to get stronger, but what about fat fucks who are plateauing, like me? I’m not 15% body fat, I’m 26% body fat. So, I’ve been eating at a deficit to lose fat, while progressively overloading at the gym to keep and even gain some muscle while losing body fat. And it’s been working until a couple of weeks ago.

    Do I just have to make a hard choice between getting fatter but stronger, and getting leaner, but weaker?

  • Thanks for the vídeo! What about if the pain if the pain only appear the days after squating?i have no pain during any type of exercise or load, but the next days after squating ( even only the barbell) my left knee really hurts, mostly under the patella and behind the knee

  • hey Dr. Aaron Horschig. have a question to you. How much weight shoud I squat after torn MPFL and broken pattela? Should I do BW squats only for the rest of my life or I can load the barbell 1xBW(my weight is 90 kg) or maybe working to 1.5xBW (135 kg)..or maybe 1/2 of BW. Not sure how much this damaged knee can handle now…

  • I don’t really get pain (only the back knee in a lunge) just swelling after any squats or lunges/running etc… sucks! Is it rec fem related?

  • I am a sport physio, and I can tell that your channel is pure gold mate! Please continue your work, it’s awesome, no blabla no bullshit, only good clinical reasoning and it’s fantastic! Thank you for sharing your accurate knowledges. Greeting from Belgium:D

  • I have a knee pain when I’m doing front squats or single leg squat but not in the patellar region. It is more in the lower outer side of my knee. It feel like cramping and I can’t even walk afterwards. Please if you have time could you adress this particular point.

  • Hi Aaron, you talked about increasing the mobility in hip internal rotation. I was wondering whether we should focus on increasing our hip external rotation?

  • WhaT about pain in low back doing activities that needs to bend over like sweeping the floor, washing dishes, etc? It doesn’t hurt when lifting though

  • I have pain on the inside of each knee when I squat, almost right where the meniscus would be where the joints meet next to the patella but on the inside of the knee. I have been unable to find any videos addressing this type of pain. Would these same exercises work?