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GROW YOUR BOOTY Squat Challenge | Do This Every Day For A Week

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We Tried 100 Squats A Day For 30 Days

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Squat Everyday UPDATE!!! (90 consecutive days of Squatting!)

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I Squatted EVERY DAY for 2 Months | Road to 315?

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I did 100 squats EVERY DAY *amazing results*

Video taken from the channel: Sanne Vander

Anna Victoria’s 30-Day Squat Challenge Will Change Your Butt and Your Life squats are just as much of a core exercise as they are a butt workout! on the tension in your legs and butt. Consider this program an off-season or muscle building program that is designed to bring up your squat max, mental strength, and squat form. Squat Every Day 30 Day Challenge Here’s the way it works. You will rotate between 3 different squat workouts: Workout A 85% of your squat max for 3 singles; Workout B 80% of your squat max for 6 singles. 7 workouts per week / 60-90 min. workouts.

If you commit to Squat Every Day, you’ll master 11 different squat variations. You’ll increase weight daily to ensure consistent growth, and train other body parts after squatting so you can build size everywhere you want it. And you’ll do it all in 60-90 minutes per day.

If you still think 100 in a day is too much, you could start off slower. During the first week, you could do 30 squats a day. Then, in the second week you can do 60 squats a day. Finally, during the third and fourth weeks of the month, you can get to 100 squats a day.

While body-weight squats are great for every fitness level, adding different types of squats to your workout routine provides other benefits, Brown says. “It is essential to use the different squat variations to see changes and target different areas of the leg muscles,” Fletcher adds. For this 5-week squat challenge, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never done a squat, or have done them only once or twice. This 35-day plan will ease you in so you’re adding more reps every day and mastering a new variation each week. That is, until Ausmus—who writes the workout plan for Squatober—actually squatted every day for a month and found just how beneficial it was. The two started promoting it on social media about five years ago, and now more than 50,000 people follow the @penandpaperstrengthapp page that posts each day’s workout.

Day 1: Legs. Squat Everyday Program; Straight Leg Deadlift4 sets of 6-12 reps pyramiding up in weight and down in reps each set; Leg Curls 4 sets of 8-15 reps pyramiding up in weight and down in reps each set; Standing Calf Raise 4 sets of 6-12 reps pyramiding up in weight and down in reps each set; Day 2: Chest. Squat Everyday Program. Some fitness experts recommend the squat as the one exercise people should do every day if they had no time for anything else. “50 squats a day will keep the doctor away—seriously,” Dr.

Christopher Stepien, a sports therapist and chronic pain expert said. “Daily squats will help you mentally and will even give you better yearly check-ups with your primary physician.”For how to. Doing it every day might be just the motivation you need to get your workout going. Or do you hate doing squats: You know what they say if you don’t like doing something it probably means you should be doing it more (it also means you are probably not very good at it).

List of related literature:

Suppose you want to get stronger in the squat pattern and grow your glutes and quads, but back squats hurt your lower back, hips, or knees.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

Holding the weight on the back of your shoulders, with your feet either flat on the floor or with the heels elevated by one-inch blocks, keep your upper body straight and lower yourself into a full squat.

“Arnold” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Douglas Kent Hall
from Arnold
by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Douglas Kent Hall
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What if you can’t do squats because of a weak back or bad knees?

“Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness” by Robert Cheeke
from Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness
by Robert Cheeke
Book Publishing Company, 2011

You have up to three chances to complete the squat, but it is not necessary to perform the squat again if it is achieved on the first attempt.

“Athletic Body in Balance” by Gray Cook
from Athletic Body in Balance
by Gray Cook
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2003

While I agree that the squat is the single best leg exercise you can do, I also think it’s smart to include other exercises in your lower-body workouts.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
from Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body
by Michael Matthews
Waterbury Publishers, Incorporated, 2019

So do squat, bench press, row (and some accessory stuff) on Day 1 and Deadlifts (or leg press), incline bench, chins (and some accessory stuff) on Day 2.

“The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook: A Scientific Approach to Crash Dieting” by Lyle McDonald
from The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook: A Scientific Approach to Crash Dieting
by Lyle McDonald
Lyle McDonald, 2005

The squat is one of the greatest exercises for the lower body, but also one of the most dangerous.

“Strength Training for Triathletes: The Complete Program to Build Triathlon Power, Speed, and Muscular Endurance” by Patrick Hagerman, EdD
from Strength Training for Triathletes: The Complete Program to Build Triathlon Power, Speed, and Muscular Endurance
by Patrick Hagerman, EdD
VeloPress, 2014

If all you do is Squats on two legs, you’ll proliferate these imbalances, which leads to dysfunctional movement, and increased risk of injury.

“Your Body Is Your Barbell: Lose Weight and Get into the Best Shape of Your Life in just 6 Weeks Using Nothing but Your own Bodyweight” by BJ Gaddour
from Your Body Is Your Barbell: Lose Weight and Get into the Best Shape of Your Life in just 6 Weeks Using Nothing but Your own Bodyweight
by BJ Gaddour
Rodale Books, 2014

Instead of a squat, you’ll do a weighted squat.

“The All-Day Energy Diet: Double Your Energy in 7 Days” by Yuri Elkaim
from The All-Day Energy Diet: Double Your Energy in 7 Days
by Yuri Elkaim
Hay House, 2014

You may even be able to still squat with lighter weight and higher reps.

“Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook” by Peter J. Fitschen, Cliff Wilson
from Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook
by Peter J. Fitschen, Cliff Wilson
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2019

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  • More power to you, If you believe in what you are doing that is what counts. The only question I have is why didn’t someone like Tom Platz do this. I am sure you have seen his legs. I read he only trained his legs at the most once a week and he had the craziest looking legs of all time. But, if you feel this is working then go for it.

  • I don’t even want to dislike videos like this because I’m scared that my friends or the insects around me or the Oxygen sees that I’ve seen this video’s existence

  • Hi Sanne! New viewer here, just met your videos yesterday, and I’M IN AWE! Doubt anyone will see this comment and help, but if you’re here, what are your tips on squatting as someone who is flat-footed? Also, what kind of stretching exercises do you do before your workouts? Thank you so much, and keep it up! xx

  • Yo, if you enjoyed squatting, you should really try out the 5×5 workout. If you havent heard of it, its basically 2 alternating workouts that involve 3 different compound exercises each at 5 sets of 5 reps. That was probably a confusing explanation, but its pretty well known and you end up doing squats 3 times a week and it really boosts your squat weight. IE, when I first started, I was pretty uncomfortable doing 5×5 squats with 180lbs, and after a couple months, I worked my way up to 5×5 at 270lbs. I would personally recommend this for sure. You’re doing great work, keep it up!

  • Kamya!! You’re super inspiring!! And super hot! I’ve started my running. Running 2.5 Kms a day and have been running 14 days in a row!

  • Just finished this workout and my butt is on fire!!!!! Will do it again tomorrow. I have done mainly workout from this channel and have seen a difference. Thanks a lot guys. Keep up the good work!!!!❤

  • Simply put, these guys are RARE diamonds in the gym culture.
    Whoever puts every day into SQUATS is a real weight lifter, meaning a person that is there to hoist some serious iron and not stare into the mirror and obsess about are your shoulders looking good in the new tank top and can everyone see your new smartphone. These guys are REAL. Respect.

  • Omg you see such a difference! I’m starting this today really worried I won’t stay motivated? Probs won’t see this but how did you stay motivated? Did u set daily alarms to remember to do it? Xx

  • I’m on day 300 today of squat every day (Cory Gregory). Got some Olympic shoes and they make a huge difference. I went from starting at 225 squatter to almost 400 (hit 385 last week)

  • I actually watched this with the indian guy who does 100 squats per day. I’m on my fourth day now. The first day was easy. The third day was actually painful seems like every bend you do your shaking because your legs sore so much! But it’s nice the pain is actually nice. My legs are actually big and has cellulites. That is why I’m inspire to do this. ��

  • You look very good and your sweet voice is motivating me to add my indoor hobby in my daily life atleast for 5 minute.Seeing you it look very easy. Thanks bae.

  • Hey Kamya, the difference was pretty gr8.I wanted to know if you gained some thigh muscles or not.. i m really afraid if my thighs would bcome bigger than before

  • You may feel like you’re still scrawny or maybe thats just a joke but honestly these videos are really inspirational and as someone who is even scrawnier than you I’m gonna try to improve myself and fight that anxiety and break-in period like you did and I hope that someday I can even get to the point your at. Keep up the good work dude!

  • I’ve been doing the squat challenge for almost a month now… My but got bigger but I don’t have thigh gap anymore and my front thighs got bigger! ��

  • You’re not quad dominant! You’re just doing quarter squat and don’t let your glutes activates since you do one quarter of the movement

  • Lindsay i hope you are doing better I know what it is like to start doing a new exercise and having your mental health issues conflict with it. You just got to keep pushing though and look on the bright side and think about what you want to come out of exercising.

  • I started doing this and some days I did 200 or 250 squats per day… I measured my butt today and saw that I have gained an inch in just 2 weeks. I am sooo happy, excited and motivated to continue. Can’t believe but if this stuff worked for me (coz nothing ever does) it actually will work for anyone ������

  • I see a difference, especially when your legs are spread and when you stick out one of your legs. I’ll try this and see what happens.

  • (I’m also doing the Chloe tings 2 week shred workout challenge, also any missed day I will be doing those too for it can be all 30 days)
    Day 1: 100 squats done. It really hurt my thighs and they feel more stronger though so that’s good!
    Day 2: 100 squats done!!! My legs are sore but I’m still going to keep going!
    Day 3: 100 squats done!! It still hurt and I can feel the muscles building up:)
    Day 4: 100 squats done!!:) I’m actually very proud of myself for once
    Day 5: 100 squats done!!! It didn’t hurt as much
    Day 6: 100 squats done!!! It still hurts LMFAOAOO
    Day 7: 100 squars done!! It was pretty good actually:) (sorry I slack on updating back and I also am starting to see change in my butt it looks pretty good)
    Day 8: 100 squats done!
    Day 9: 100 squats done
    Day 10:didn’t do them I got busy:(
    Day 11:didn’t do them I got busy again I’m sorry
    Day 12: 100 squats done!
    Day 13: 100 squats done!
    Day 14: 100 squats done!
    Day 15: 100 squats done!
    Day 16: 100 squats done!
    Day 17: 100 squats done!
    Day 18: 100 squats done!
    Day 19: 100 squats done!
    Day 20: 100 squats done!
    Day 21: 100 squats done!
    Day 22: 100 squats done!
    Day 23: 100 squats done!
    Day 24: 100 squats done!
    Day 25: 100 squats done! (I haven’t been checking in as much bc before the squats I do the Chloe tings challenge then I take a shower and I get tired sooo I forget to check in so I’m sorry about that)

  • I started doing this and some days I did 200 or 250 squats per day… I measured my butt today and saw that I have gained an inch in just 2 weeks. I am sooo happy, excited and motivated to continue. Can’t believe but if this stuff worked for me (coz nothing ever does) it actually will work for anyone ������

  • m8 i have a 280 1rm for squat and I feel like 315 is sooo far away. Congrats my man, thats a huuuuge accomplishment. 90lb in 2 months is almost unheard of.

  • I remember in one of your other videos you said this Brandon, and i have tiny ass legs.. So i started squating everyday, and since then my legs have exploded! everyone should squat everyday for sure.. Thanks so much Brandon

  • Will update as I continue this challenge for 7 days to start off
    5/13 Day 1: 254 squats
    5/14 Day 2: so far 100 squats
    5/15 50 squats… Just because I did a lot more than planned the first day

  • the knee pain under the knee cap is associated with the patellar tendon, continual pain in this area could be a sign of pattelar tendonitis. Also amazin job on the challenge I’m starting it too

  • Decided to do this!
    Day 1: ✅
    Day 2: ✅
    Day 3: ✅
    Day 4: ✅
    Day 5: ✅
    Day 6: ✅
    Day 7: ✅
    Day 8: ✅
    Day 9: ✅
    Day 10: ✅
    Day 11: ✅
    Day 12: ✅
    Day 13: ✅
    Day 14: ✅
    Day 15: ✅
    Day 16: ✅
    Day 17: ✅
    Day 18: ✅
    Day 19: ✅
    Day 20: ✅
    Day 21: ✅
    Day 22: ✅
    Day 23: ✅
    Day 24: ✅
    Day 25: ✅
    Day 26: ✅
    Day 27: ✅
    Day 28: ✅
    Day 29: ✅
    Day 30: ✅
    My booty growed 5 cm. I see a big difference. It’s bigger and lifted up. I recomend this challenge to everyone ��

  • Hey CJ! I’ve never really commented on a video, but I really related to what you were saying. I’ve been lifting for over a year now, and am now stepping back and having to reset my training. It’s uncomfortable breaking the rhythm one has made over time, but it is sometimes necessary for growth:) you have a strong, dedicated mentality keep it up! I loved the intro and have now subscribed!

  • guys, you need to let the muscle relax, because otherwise, when you stop doing it, the muscle will shrink and change almost nothing from what it was before. So I advise you to do this one day and let the muscle relax the next day. It’s just advice.

  • It’s time I do something about my chicken legs. I have been talking about “overtraining” with my brother and how I think it’s BS as well. Then BBC posts this vid, nice.
    I used soccer players as an example. Those motherfuckers practice every day, various leg and core muscles exercises, plus play at least two games a week, and look at their legs (no homo), like tree trunks.
    Just sleep and eat properly and you will be fine imo.

  • I’m so proud of these girls for committing to something as powerful as this; however, I do feel bad for Lindsay though. I hope she’s doing okay!

  • can you pls assess my workout routine? Thanks. And suggest if there is something I should fix. 3 minute rest!

    Push day 1


    Bench press

    Dumbbell Chest press 

    Inclined Dumbbell Chest Press

    Cable Chest Fly


    Triceps Cable Pushdown

    Unilateral triceps kick back


    (Tricep dips-optional)

    Extra: Hand curl

    Pull Day 2


    Dead Lift

    Seated Cable Row

    Lateral Pull Down

    Cable Rear Delt Fly


    Biceps Curl

    Hammer Curl

    Inclined dumbbell Curl

    (Barbell Curloptional)

    Extra: Back extension

    Legs Day 3


    Seated Shoulder press 

    Front Dumbbell Row

    Side Lateral




    Leg Press

    Leg Extension

    Leg Curl

    Extra: Calf Raise

  • Bro wtff? Im 15 and im pretty skinny and my highest 1 rep max was 345 and i only worked out a few months prior to that… do i have like crazy muscle genes or something please i need to know

  • you could do this every day. you would just have to go light more often then heavy. id say go light 80 percent of the time. once a week do an actual leg work out. you’ll be fine if you do it this way. if you go heavy everyday you will destroy yourself

  • Such a difference!!! I want to try this but instead I will do 150 for 2 months (until school starts again) starting tomorrow.

    Update! I just finished week 1!! I am still getting pretty sore everyday. I feel the burn!! But I am determined to finish. One milestone complete, can’t wait for results!

  • The lady who was like, ” it is a lot going on with the covid & protest” is full of it. Let’s call her the blame everything else Kesha. Smh I can’t stand people who don’t own it. She was the only one with excuses.

  • Great video! really enjoy watching you break through your comfort zone’s its very motivating and inspiring!

    what was your diet like during these 2 months?

  • I agree, LEGS build the rest of your foundation, if not you look like a duck lol muscle up top with skinny ass legs lmao cutting or bulking.

  • I thought squatting every day was terrible for you? Don’t you need at least a day’s rest? I mean I’ll squat and then deadlift the very next day, but squat and then again? I don’t think it’s a good idea.

  • Hey man, great video! Love the content and your words of wisdom tbh. As someone who also has a deep liking for fitness, I relate to you so hard man. Ive always been the guy with skinny legs but a strong upper body too. In a sense, i think i realize i have that anxiety too when it comes to putting on weight for my squats and feeling like im not able to do it. But your perspective was super encouraging and I definitely agree with you. I wanna get my squat up like you! I’d love to learn what your workout was like everyday, thanks =)

  • This is the kind of content I wanna see! Been following since you’re Murph video and every video has been so inspirational! I’m no where near even where you were in the beginning but just hit 5rm at #175 today hopefully #200 soon. Keep up the good work CJ:P

  • Your reflection was great, it inspired me to learn new things and challenge myself even if it’s uncomfortable:) keep up the good work ����

  • i’m doing the same thing. Used to rep only 225 3×10 in high school but I wasn’t doing deep squats. Now i cut back to 155 and i’m starting over, squatting the right way, to build my legs correctly.

  • Damn this is honestly what I need..I would say my upper body is built and just my legs do not match and I always feel discouraged to go up to the squat rack at the gym and do squats because I know people will look at me and I get embarrassed of how skinny my legs look but after watching this video I just now want to silence the critics and just focus on my progress even though it may be alittle bit of weight in the beginning I know I can improve in it because this video has shown me a lot thank you for this �� much love

  • I feel the same in that I’m good at picking up on things and even being able to put my own spin on them/create vs mimic. However, I haven’t truly become an expert in much (except like A thing or two)… it’s frustrating because it makes me feel like I’m not “good” at anything, and it’s harder to highlight these “skills” in my current job search. Also, I think something that is holding me back is I just haven’t found the big thing I’m passionate about and can work towards:/ BUT recently with introspection and surrounding myself with more motivated people, I can sense something is coming and like I’m at the edge of discovering it. I just need to jump!!! ��

    Also, I’m not sure if you follow them, but I’m guessing one of your inspos are or should be Yes Theory!

  • For those who are asking, this is our current 30 day workout challenge (it’s totally free, all workouts are real-time and available on YouTube): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnCi_rHZjdY

  • I’m 3 days in, sore as shit. Probably not gonna do 90 days cause of school, maybe 60 days. But I can bench more than I squat, and it’s pretty annoying when people ask “what’s your squat” cause mine is so bad rn, can’t wait for some leg gains

  • this SEEMS like a really bad idea because if your quads are always tight from squating your knees will be soar. I like just squating once a week and doing sports. I see lots of gains from just one honest session once a week.

  • There are just some humans on this planet who have this magic spark. You are one of those man, like seriously. People like you are a shining example of why life is worth living. Please never stop shining, touch as many people as you can with that light and hopefully you’ll change the world. �� ✨

  • m8 i have a 280 1rm for squat and I feel like 315 is sooo far away. Congrats my man, thats a huuuuge accomplishment. 90lb in 2 months is almost unheard of.

  • This is my 2nd day of leg training only the week days until the 15th of November. I do the research after I’ve made a decision to do it. Looking for 28″ legs at 26 1/2″ at present. Good video..

  • So for the longest time I’ve been wanting to become fluent in Spanish!! But there’s always this “One day” or “Tomorrow” feeling when I do. But this video motivates me to pursue and be okay in the discomfort of not reaching the level I want to be! I’m gonna apply this concept to other areas of my life too! Thanks Ceej ��������

  • Thanks a lot for this video! It made me realize that I am in a break-in period and motivated me again.
    By the way, I really like how genuine you are in your videos:

  • ”You need rest days to allow your muscles to grow”. Is that bullshit then? What about a noob like me who is out of shape and just starting out? Everyone seems to say I need rest days.

  • I love the way you think about everything in general, you motivate me to keep pushing myself in everything I do

    Keep up the good work

  • This editing could qualify as art xD
    And as always: super interesting to listen to your thoughts. Thank you for putting yourself out there!

  • Imma see how long I can do this for:>
    Day 1: 203 squats
    Day 2: 200 squats
    Day 3: 201 squats
    Day 4: 202 squats
    Day 5: 200 squats
    Day 6: 200 squats
    Day 7: 200 squats
    Day 8: 100 squats:<
    Day 9: 102 squats

  • Had an incident where I messed up a tendon in my knee just as I was getting into squatting but after 4 weeks I now have a full ROM squat. I’ll let you know once I get to 315

  • So is there a possibility to change the name as a gender fluid person who refers to themselves as they? As kate is a female name doesn’t that get in the way of feeling free in yourself?

  • Also, I’ve been dabbling in music production and your video has inspired me to push through the discomfort and feelings of inadequacy so, thank you.

  • I would have to say I approve this message I didnt go 90 days straight thats crazy lol but I have been squatting every day for 2-3 weeks then a day off and my squat went from 335 to 405 in a couple months your body adapts to watever you put it through but I would also reccomend wearing a belt! Save your back but good vid I highly agree

  • Honestly, since I’m overweight I’ll probably do this but with 50. And to start if I cant do 50 all at once I would probably do 25 in the morning and 25 at night. ��

  • I also started doing squats everyday( only 5 days, Saturday rest, Sunday running)..my weakest was my legs and its getting better n better. its my 3rd week. i am feel the difference..i feel stronger than ever..


  • 90 straight days of heavy squatting? Say good-bye to your ligaments and joints. No recovery time for your muscles? In all my 33 years of lifting, seven years of strength training and kinesiology background, I’ve never heard of something so ridiculous and harmful to the body! I guess this is the newest fad for idiots.

  • What type of music you listen to or move you to write music? What clothes do you like to make? Are you insired or influence by other artist? in which ways do you see your self improving?

  • Wow, the difference is increible. I love the tips you gave to make it easier. I will definitely start today…. Also yu said the difference is not huge but is because you had great legs from the beginning of the challenge

  • this guy’s form is on a one way ticket to a fucked up back, trust me, any guy’s out there tempted by this bullshit, DON’T, im now 47 yrs old, and my knee’s kill, its about balance, in all aspect’s of your life. Train hard as fuck one day, then rest HARD the next. Lose your ego’s, cause you will always pay the price, most of you will say bollocks, but your probably in your 20s or 30s, please don’t fuck up the greatest machine in nature, your body. Show it some respect, if you had a horse, would your work it till it dropped everyday then be surprised when it keeled over after a few years, YOUR NOT INVINCIBLE,TRUST ME

  • who else is here because once they’re crush made them feel insecure about your ass and boobs saying your flat and youve been doing 100 squats the past three days and i’m going for atleast a month then i’m going to do the chloe tings ab workout i literally hate my body

  • squatting every day? can we see some results? you dont even show your legs………serious gain on weight increase on lifts? what about muscle size gains?

  • Most of the people forgot maybe the most important part of this 90 day journey: Explosive testosterone. While you lift weight your body let testosteron come free, and your legs are the biggest muscles so they make a lot of testosteron, which will help you a lot to grow all your other muscles

  • great results girl! loving these fitness videos, always motivating me to get up and do something about it. I have started doing a 30 day ab challenge for the month of may sooo hope all goes well! always a good time watching your videos, love you x

  • me watching this video not realizing that i’ve been challenging myself bc i randomly burst out and do squat jumps and squats when i’m stressed: �� �� ��

  • I like this channel it definately relates to the average joe, he doesnt have any fancy equipment at home just basics, he’s done and still does a lot of calisthenics and its f the science and listen to your body! Not saying snap city isnt real but too many people let ‘statistics and science” hold them back imo.

  • Today I started my journey ��
    I did 100 squats today and my legs are burning ��
    I also had a big lunch, and drank 1l of water. And here in quarantine I lay in bed all do so my legs were dead after I finished. They we’re bending on their own, and i wanted to throw up. Then I fell asleep of how tired I was. When I woke up i felt really good. So i recommend this to everyone. ❤️
    Update day 2:
    My legs and back were slightly hurting but I still did 100 squats.
    Update day 3:
    I have no pain at all. I guess my legs cinda got use to it. And in the afternoon i did 100 squats, and before I went to bed I did 100 more. ��

  • You should look up David Goggins and read his book. Just from you explaining discomfort and pushing yourself past it, I think you’d be blown away by his story. I have reread his book countless times and it motivates me every time.

  • So will i get results if i do one set of 12 everyday at a comfortable weight (eventually increase when i get stronger), or do i have to do multiple sets everyday?

  • I’m doing 35 squats per day because I have an entire month in quarantine so let’s get itttt ��✋ gotta have a glow up for my soon to be man so he won’t lose interest in me.

  • Hey man can you please write down the workout you have been doing during the 90 days? Like sets, reps and rest time to build massive legs. Both heavy day and light day. Please man it would be helpfull for all of us. Keep it up BBC!

  • ive torn the left labrum in my hip twice now. getting ready for a new season of running is terrifying, but you inspire me to be better. its hard to try and get up again, but seeing you do it makes it seem possible. thanks.

  • ATM, ive been to the gym for 3 weeks, and i begin to see small changes on my body! Even though i found your Channel on recomended 5 days ago, and started watching there, your videos still motivates me towards my goal! I respect u, and i respect ur videos, and i Think you make great content! Please keep it up Cj.

  • +Brandon Carter I recently started doing full body workouts, which does include squats but I work out 3-4 times a week (mon, wed, fri, sometimes sunday) If i was to incorporate this, would I do squats on my off days also? thanks bro

  • Tomorrow is my last day of cory gregory’s squat everyday for 30 days. Looking forward to the break, but serious gains occurred. I never had a 1RM, but now it’s 365 belted. I did 5 reps of 305 and I can triple 335. My squats are high bar ATG. Tomorrow is front squats. We’ll see if I can manage a 315pr. Instagram @modernrenegade

  • If you all squat everyday you should look at getting some olympic weightlifting shoes. They give you more stability than any other shoe, especially if you do high bar ass-to-grass squats. They’re kind of expensive but if you squat everyday you’ll definitely get you money’s worth

  • Been training over 25 yrs.Your legs will never grow like this.unless you take at least 2 weeks off after the 90 days.This will ruin your knees  and lower back.YOU WILL NOT GET THE BEST BENEFITS DOING THIS.UNLESS YOUR ON ROIDS.a NATURAL WILL NEVER EVER RECOVER

  • For the people saying they can’t tell a difference, you have to keep in mind your thighs get way bigger so sometimes it can give an illusion your but is smaller. I can tell their thighs got bigger more than her butt

  • Lol I thought 4 days a week was a lot. Did this for 3 weeks and now my knee’s fucked up lol. Definitely gained strength though. Got my 30 rep max from 90kg (198lbs) to 100kg (220lbs) and my 15 rep max from 115kg (253lbs) to 132.5kg (292lbs). The most impressive increase was my 3 rep max is now my 9 rep max at 160kg (352lbs). Now taking the week easy and going to try a daily squat challenge.

  • Squats aren’t proper squats, not going down near far enough which is why you feel the burn only in the legs…..but regardless, great job sticking to the challenge…..well, to the ones that actually did, that is.

  • Wow. No big training and all I could easily hold for over 1 minute. I could have gone much longer but my left knee started to hurt a little and I stopped because I didn’t want to cause harm

  • Next time get a female trainer who’s about strength and feeling good instead of a white guy who wants you to get a tighter body. She wasn’t doing a bad job at squats, they’re just not the best exercise for her. Also, squats are not good for the booty, try 100 hip thrusts a day.

  • So your never taking a day off? I was always told 1 day off a week, which I hardly do, but 90 straight days of working out seems a little overkill on your knees body no?

  • Im on day 27 of squatting everyday doing 100 squats a day. Sometimes body weight sometimes weighted (40lbs) but now my knees are a little swollen. Not in any pain but just swollen. Should I stop or keep going? Thanks.

  • Can I just confirm something? I’ve read in Google that you can’t train the same muscles everyday. Is this true? Please I need some advice ��

  • day 1, June 30th: i just started today, my kneecaps hurt, but i’m sure it’ll pass. (100)
    day 2, July 5th: i missed a few days, but i just finished doing 100. i feel better than last time.

  • 100 squats takes 5 minutes at the most and is really not that hard. just doing body weight squats everyday is not going to do anything

  • I’m On day 2 of 100 squats a day!!! I’m not in amazing shape like you lol I was a college cheerleader and model that had baby and got married. Getting back in shape for me!!!!!!love your page sweet girl! Starting your other challenge also! Xoxox

  • I don’t want to hear advice about loving my body and exercising from someone with fake hair color, botox and who knows what else.

    Bruh follow your own advice

  • As ever CJ your honesty and articulation are great and this is what makes you stand head and shoulders above the rest of them. Another great video!!

  • I tried doing this four days ago, after day two I was HURTING, heck I still am. It hurts going up and down stairs and sitting down

  • Add me back on Snapchat @squan3 CJ! I’m trying the 30 Murph challenge and I want to connect with you and possibly interview you!
    Cell is also 732-773-3118

  • Idk why you showed up in my recommended, but you definitely inspired me to finally commit to learning Spanish, going to the gym more consistently, and just overall stop being scared to try new things.

  • I don’t really understand why they made such a big deal. “I can’t do 100 squats today because I feel bad mentally” I’m not hating on anyone I just don’t understand why it’s so difficult.

  • smh my middle school gym teacher made us do a lot of squats a day until we maxed out at 500. every day for the remaining 5 weeks of the class.

  • 1 like = 10 sqauts or just comment squat for 10 sqauts I will get a Notification and Its not for likes just motivation but ima try anyway

  • Would it be ok to do push ups everyday? And like at a certain weight and your fitness, would that determine how much you should do each day?

  • Omg I’ve got to say thank you to Jazzmyne cause i had my workout but i stop because I was not seen any results in pictures but now that i think about it I was filling and doing better when I had my workout sooo I’m going back ��

  • Hey beautiful Kamya! Good to see you took my slight advice to make them cheeks PLUMP lol. Nice slight difference but have ways to go. ��

    Just make sure to have yourself at 90 degree angle with back straight up. You can be very PLUMP. Adore your BUTT!!!! Lucky guy lol. Just do squats, leg lifts on each leg and use bands if you have it.

  • Doing that many squats every day means you’re repeatedly tearing up the same muscles without giving them enough time to recover and grow stronger. Unless you’re doing a split routine, you should always leave a day of rest in between your strength workouts to get that recovery time and safely/effectively make progress on your muscle gains. Rest is just as important as the actual work!

  • Damn. On my 1 yr transformation i did not train my abs and LEGS.
    Im motivated by you. Ill do ur 2month challenge. I will start right now!
    Try to check my current build on my transfomrartion vid bro

  • Don’t forget that squatting, walking the stairs and especially jumping puts so much more weight on your knees than your own weight. It’s like 8 times more so be kind with yourself and appreciate what your body can do:) ☝️ do the exercise with your knees not being further in front than your toes. That’s when you make sure you’re being kind to and healthy with your knees.

  • Wonderfuuul….! ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

  • A guided visualization for re-setting your mental patterns about beauty and ugliness. Understanding spirituality! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AXtspykDSs&feature=youtu.be

  • I wanna see pics of the before and after though because he hasn’t posted any pictures of him flexing legs at all…hope the results were crazy though

  • Folks, it’s not impossible to squat everyday with proper programming, srs!
    Oly lifters do that almost all the time.
    Much love and respect to calisthenics practitioner who goes to the gym and actually lifts free weights.
    Keep up the good work, mayn!

  • 0:06 I’m in the park, can’t stop smilling even if people are staring at me
    Anyway, words of wisdom again! Keep going ��
    PS: do you have a spotify playlist or something?

  • All of the ladies did great. I can feel what the girl that dropped out was feeling. Mental health issues kicks your but. I can tell that the lady that’s heavier has a sports background. There is something about folks that are into sports and I hope that she keeps going. This looked like it lit her fire.

  • Your motivation and example is contagious. You really set a good example to follow.
    I have been teetering for so long in doing similar posts about mental health, fitness, and overall wellness. Hell just starting a channel and instagram about that in general. Thanks for putting this out there. Keep on keeping on my dude.

  • OMG I love her she is so beautiful ��I hope she likes this comment��������because shes my favorite YouTuber and I just hope she notices me ��

  • Hi CJ!! My names Jasmine I always watch your videos start to finish! I really enjoy your content and your mindset, its similar to mine with achieving goals and trying to expand your experiences! I’m currently learning how to draw portraits on my bedroom walls and how to long board! Anyways, I don’t have an Instagram anymore:/ Can you either email me or post on here your set/ rep scheme? I hope you read this and I’d appreciated it! Have a beautiful day <3

  • This is not a New thing Squatting every day.  Bob Peoples used to Squat and Deadlift every day back in the 1920s  and did a 725 Lb Deadlift

  • It’s normal to be camera shy at first but love how you still recorded anyway and tried your best regardless �� perhaps you can try glutebridge at home, with fabric resistance bands (latex one not as resistant from my own experience haha), it will target more on the glutes instead of just quads and hamstrings �� will continue supporting you can’t wait for your next videos so faster upload yaaa ����������