Spiderman Crawl Exercise Benefits, and the way to Perform


I Did the “Spider Walk” for 30 Days (THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED!)

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10 Different Animal Walk Exercises

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Spider Crawl

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Duke Sports Medicine Dynamic Warm-Up: Spider-man Crawl

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How to do a Spiderman Crawl

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How To Do A Spider-Man Crawl (Two Variations)

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The Spiderman Crawl Exercise

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Spiderman Crawl Exercise for a Healthy Back and Strong Core! Benefits of the Spiderman Crawl Core Strength: By holding a plank, you are activating your core.By moving in a plank position, you are intensifying your core activation. The spider crawl is a bodyweight exercise that involves crawling on the floor with the knees outside of the elbows. It is different from a leopard crawl in that the hips are higher, and it’s different from a bear crawl because the knees are wider.

This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar. Back/Posture Exercise Snapshots: Spiderman Crawl By Alicia Barrenger. Spiderman Crawl Description. Not only will you feel like a superhero, this move is great for lengthening and strengthening the back, as well as targeting core!

What Muscles Do Spider Crawls Work? Spider crawls are a total body exercise that can be part of a dynamic warm-up or a complete conditioning program. The move requires you to activate your back, arms, legs and core while supporting your body weight as you “walk” awkwardly across the floor from an all-fours. Here’s what you need to know The Spider-Man crawl trains an overlooked component of strength: your reflexive strength.; If you’ve hit a plateau in strength, or keep getting injured when you try to increase strength, there’s a good chance you’re lacking reflexive strength. Today’s training tip is called a spider crawl.

This is a great exercise and especially true for warm-ups. It’s a very effective exercise to develop your enti. As you press up, straighten your right leg and return your right foot to the floor. Repeat on the other side.

Benefits of Spiderman Push-Ups. The action of drawing your knee up to your elbow during the push-up makes a Spiderman variation more challenging than a. If you are a low-income, wartime period Veteran who meets certain age or disability requirements or if you are a surviving family member of a Veteran who meets the criteria – you may be eligible to receive tax-free, supplemental income.

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List of related literature:

Spider Walks: Perform 10 walks forward.

“Belly Fat Diet For Dummies” by Erin Palinski-Wade
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Overnight, Peter gains arachnid powers — unnatural strength and endurance, amazing agility, and glands on his wrist that allow him to spin webs.

“Reel Views 2: The Ultimate Guide to the Best 1,000 Modern Movies on DVD and Video” by James Berardinelli, Roger Ebert
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rolling onto the side with arm and leg flexion on the same side, followed by extension of the neck and legs while prone, then lying prone while supported by the elbows, and then doing static and weight-shifting movements while crawling on all four extremities.

“Neurology in Clinical Practice: Principles of diagnosis and management” by Walter George Bradley
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In the beginning, you will find the few leg exercises included to be difficult enough.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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Perform Rollover With Legs Spread (exercise 6-6) to get into position, with the legs overhead and approximately parallel to the mat.

“Pilates Anatomy” by Rael Isacowitz, Karen S. Clippinger
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6) Begin easy proprioceptive and balance exercises: lift opposite leg, shift weight back and forth manually, toe tickle.

“Laser Therapy in Veterinary Medicine: Photobiomodulation” by Ronald J. Riegel, John C. Godbold, Jr.
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Prey choice and spider fitness.

“Spider Behaviour: Flexibility and Versatility” by Marie Elisabeth Herberstein
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There are many other exercises which can be done in this position, including crawling.

“Pregnancy and Childbirth E-Book: A holistic approach to massage and bodywork” by Suzanne Yates
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TIP: “To challenge yourself further, stand on one leg—with your foot flat, or on tiptoes as your balance improves—and lift the other leg straight back into the air with your arms extended out to the sides.

“REAL SIMPLE Find Your Balance: Creating a Calm and Happier Life” by The Editors of Real Simple
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Then do 25 repetitions of an exercise called the Cross Crawl, in which you stand and raise the opposite arm and leg, your knee flexed.

“Winning Bodybuilding: A complete do-it-yourself program for beginning, intermediate, and advanced bodybuilders by Mr. Olympia” by Franco Columbu
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  • I do this in a new workout circuit I started to build up to do a walking handstand. This helped to make sure my form was right, thanks allot!

  • Thank you for watching! Timestamps are in description and you can learn the benefits and find more instructions in this blog post ➞ http://bit.ly/animal-walk-movements

  • At first my fingers moved pretty slow & I was always looking for the proper strings. Now it feels more fluid, my fingers actually work, & I’m hitting the notes I want to hit! ��

  • Chameleon is the most difficult one. It is just from another level, not for simple human being. I’m doing workout for years and I’m in a good shape but chameleon… ��✌️I need to learn it. It is another challenge for me. Animal flow is ����✌️

  • When I get this lick built up to speed at about 350bpm I’m going to head over to guitar center and try it out in front of a crowd.

  • As one who studied classical guitar at university, I can attest to the importance of abstract exercises, scales, chromatic octaves, etc. However, I would recommend teaching etudes to beginners. They need to hear that they’re playing a song, and that it gradually sounds better. Abstract exercises are supplementary.

    Check out Sor and Carcassi etudes for classical style or Leo Brouwer for more modern etudes.

  • This is a cakewalk compared to the Steve Vai 10 Hour Guitar Workout. I use the first part of that lesson as a warm up. It will clean up your accuracy & dexterity if you do it to a metronome & use alternate picking.

  • thx for this exercise Andrew…. yes i am using this exercise but not as you have explained…. gonna take your advice how to use this exercise

  • I’ve been practicing this for about 12-14 days. I’m not noticing much of anything. I still accidentally mute the lower string with my pinky every time I get to the point of placing my ring finger. I guess I just suck..lol

  • Geeze everyone. Just do it 5 minutes… 1 week or 1 month depending on your level. I did it for a week but I’m also playing a lot of Shawn lanes instructional video… this is a great learning channel that I’ve learned a lot from. He’s the ONLY person I’ve ever seen teach phrygian dominant pentatonic.

  • Bel exercice, qui demande de bons abdominaux, de l’équilibre et de se mettre dans la peau de son animal. Il me semble que le crabe marche en direction de ces côtés d’habitude!

  • Personally, I don’t like any exercise that has an animal in the name. It’s so undignified! Especially barnyard animals cat-cow, hungry chicken, downward dog. And what about crab walk and inch-worm? They’re not even vertebrates! How demeaning! But that’s just me….

  • Hi people, wanna ask about something: are those exercises just a different way to move (or workout), or do they have any specific utility?!����

  • I swear, I have ‘never’ seen a horse walk like that. Crabs walk side ways but I can’t look at a scorpion long enough to see how he walks, so I will give you that one.

  • Thank you, Nick for sharing this clip. I do the spider crawl myself,but never thought of using weight store add to the chLlenging affect it has to the exercise. Very good guide to build stamina here. Sorry, I’ve been out of fortunately. Don’t worry, brother, I hAve not forgotten you. We will meet. I hope so in the new yr sometime. Don’t know when that will be,but loved Tue clip demonstrated here. Please keep in tO check, let me know how you are,& keep.sending the new video clips. Talk to you soon.. also., I come across videos are sent to me on vicious attacks, whether, empty handed, or with a weapon. How can I send it to you,or order to have you analyse them, & give instruction on how to avoid such situations? Thank you, brother.

  • At first I thought I was doing it wrong in your first demonstration but now seeing the second one with the push-up I know I been doing right ��! Can you do the handstands next?

  • Yes i mean it. You are smart if you understand you need to eat right at your age to kill your belly.

    And I saw an interview with body building champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard.

    have a look here bit.ly/1dP30IW?=tctvi

  • How am I gonna do these exercises for long periods of weeks? I want to get better and blow people away. I guess like you said spend a few minutes a day which will lead to more practices sound smart. Thanks for the helpful tip.

    P.S. I did find this video very helpful and I also liked the video. Thanks this is gonna come in handy for me.

  • My problem with with exercise is that my middle and ring finger get stuck together so its hard for me to fret without buzz, does this go away with continued practice?

  • Am 103 fuckin years old just started playing guitar yesterday after my great grandson Darwin gave me a hello kitty guitar can’t wait to learn 035

  • Real mobility is doing the same exercise without lifting your body every step you take… belly to the ground always (equilibrium while you take the hand step because you do it slowly btw)
    Do you accept the challenge? doing pushups while walking is good for strength but not completely useful when talking about movement… and it makes the excersice easier! push on the limits!


  • I’ve been playing this for 2 years in my mind trying to convince myself to stick to it for more than 10 minutes and wondering why I can’t shred yet every time after I give up

  • Okay, today is the 2nd day of me doing this exercise,
    It seemed pretty easy at first
    But when i was descending from (big E) 6 string to 1st. (small E)

    It went something like this
    Index finger slid A string without any hesitation
    After that, the middle finger to the A
    Then came turn of the ring finger
    But as I tried sliding it, the ring finger stayed in place and the middle finger slid one string more down to the D string

    I tried it once again but it seemed like I had lost the connection to my ring finger
    Tried it several time but I almost couldn’t do it without flinching the middle finger and unintentionally raising the Middle finger a bit up from the string

    It was really strange
    After that
    I really had to look at the finger and tightly grip the position of all the other fingers while I was trying to move the ring finger.

    Though when i was ascending up to the strings
    It was almost normal
    (Strange how the joints work)

    I was doing all this
    Without plucking

    Now today is the second day
    It’s still really hard for me to move the finger in descending order but ‘a bit’ doable than yesterday

    I’ll try to keep a log on how this turns out in this comment

  • this one is awsome. but I call it the salamander “the lizard”:)
    so mutch more then pushup..

    if its hard. start doing regular pushups but do the “knee movement” and back..
    then when you feel stronger after a while, start moving forward:)

  • I love watching your self defence videos. I’m a girl and when I watch them I learn a lot and just feel much safer to walk the streets alone.

  • I can fly up and down the neck shredding like a mad man and scoffed at this, I tried it today and was blown away at how my fingers wouldn’t work the way I wanted to. It is like being a beginner again. Fuck it I’m gonna do this for thirty days and see what happens

  • I will practice each day for 30 minutes and post results ( I will do post finger stretches)
    Day 1 This is making me want to chop my fingers off
    Day 2 I can now do the full thing slowly
    Day 3 The sound is still bad as I make the strings buzz and im noticing no progression
    Day 4 The finger stretching really helps and Im not buzzing as much but it is still there none the less
    Day 5 I feel that I am making no progression and the buzzing is still there even though it is light.
    Day 6 Same thing as yesterday
    Day 7 I was able to do it one time without it buzzing! Just had to do it slowly
    Day 8 I feel like im getting faster but the fret buzz wont go away and my pinky is having problems
    Day 9 I am working on strengthening my pinky and the buzz is going away for my 1st 2nd and 3rd fingers
    Day 10
    Day 11
    Day 12
    Day 13
    Day 14
    Day 15
    Day 16
    Day 17
    Day 18
    Day 19
    Day 20
    Day 21
    Day 22
    Day 23
    Day 24
    Day 25
    Day 26
    Day 27
    Day 28
    Day 29
    Day 30

  • I don’t get how ‘fixed finger’ applies to the spider walk. I see his finger lift when the other fingers play the other string. When I play 1-2-3-4, for example, should my 1 finger stay down on the E string while 2-3-4 play the A string? That’s not what the video shows. I’m confused.

  • wow, this practice really shows how unfit your fingers are (in regards to guitar playing anyways lol)
    My fingers HURT ��
    But gonna keep up stretching and practicing. Great vid, thanks!

  • Lost me at 05:30 for good. You said one thing and did another then you fly through the finger positions without explaining why you choose those notes? What? When you assume we can see what might be coming up next…nope. No idea why you went where you went. Not being a jerk but you would be better off teaching/explaining this and not showing how you can do it.

  • To everyone trying to figure out what this does: It builds finger dexterity, and finger independence. It helps you learn to make smaller, more precise motions. It cleans up your fretting, so you’re not as sloppy. And yes, you will play faster. It also cleans up your alternate picking. No, doing this 3 minutes a day every day for 30 days will not turn you into a shred god. That is not what this is about. This is about learning to play clean and crisp, while keeping your technique straight.

    Highly recommended. Also work some string skipping into your routine. Also suggest working on scales with a similar methodology.

  • Wowwwww. I learned guitar myself and from nowhere did only practice this technique for months before trying to learn chords and notes. One difference, I used to start from 1st fret 6th string to the last fret first string, going continue with closed eyes or turned of lights. How this helped me is after sometime all the sound the notes make started to set as muscle memory in my head and now when I haven’t still learned how to read chords but I surely can close my eyes and play fingerstyle of any tune.

  • I never realized how important isolated movements are until I programmed fast small isolated movements into my hammers (fingers) when I say fast I mean the Time it takes to hammer and release. When I say hammer I mean like a piano hammer.

  • The index and the pinky…that part gets difficult..as my pinky finger and the knuckle was fractured twice…the way I normally play my palm touches the bottom of the fret board… How do I manage it. M struggling hard to learn n overcome this

  • Just did this for first time. Set phone clock’s Timer feature to 32 seconds (two to get in position), that way it makes a noise to let you know you are done. Looks like it would be easy. I’m feeling it (in places my normal workout doesn’t get to I guess). Going to do 4 sets this time. One web site suggested 3-4 minutes, which I’ll build up to.

  • Hi I found your videos and I subscribed I was wondering for a guy as small in body mass that I have is there any effective ways to prevent myself from being seriously hurt or killed while there are multiple attackers

  • After watching this vid I came to realize that you don’t need to place all finger you can lift ur wrist and play with each finger 1 at a time doing the same movements as shown in the video,it’s a comfort reference.

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  • Thanks! Your approach is more generic to the syncing problem than just repeating licks until you can play them finally. Normal licks only take on their specific difficulty.
    Do you have any lesson for fast picking with a string change? I notice myself to get into ‘elbow picking’ at fast paces on the thicker strings, because my wrist does not take it. A lesson that trained those wrist muscles would do the trick

  • I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW THE FUCK ANYONE ON EARTH IS GETTING THEIR HAND TO DO THIS UP TO THE 6th string…..THERE IS NO WAY TO BEND MY wrist enough to get my pinky on and my index on the 6the string….you have to have fuckin webbed hands i am so frustrating

  • https://youtu.be/yeepAoE3o7g
    Brother laterally you and your efforts inspired me a lot.. You doing good job.. I’m also fitness vloger not like you but if you visit and subscribe my channel I’ll be really thankful to you.. Please..

  • Wow…. been doin this for 20 years… never new it had a name. I think i heard it from my uncle as a child… he is a Jazz Bass player…. but i love guitar ��