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What Life Was Really Like for the Average Spartan

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The Spartan Attitude (HEART OF A SPARTAN) Motivational Video

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The “Original” Spartan 300 Workout!

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Spartan Training Legendary Warrior Workout

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What did Spartans really look like?

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Most Hardcore Soldier: Spartan

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Catch up on household chores. Go for a jog, do some gentle yoga or swim at a more leisurely pace. Whatever works for you.

Just don’t give in to the siren’s song of Netflix, pizza, and brews. You Have To Want It. Training like a Spartan requires focus and determination to get the body, strength, and speed you’re looking for. What Life Was Really Like for the Average Spartan Duration: Spartan Training What did Spartans really look like? Duration: 3:14.

Spartan training models combine efficiency with affordability. Their acquisition cost is at least 20% lower than any other training system. Additionally, their cost of use is more than competitive. 10,000 training rounds can cost as low as $160. This averages a cost savings that is 50 times less expensive than other training products on the market.

Sparta was one of the strongest city-states in Ancient Greece. Their state didn’t have walls on the cities because they had very strong army The Spartan boys were training from kids how to fight, how to do not feel pain. I heard that the babies we.

Male Spartan citizens were allowed only one occupation: soldier. Indoctrination into this lifestyle began early. Spartan boys started their military training.

3. Look Down on Excess. You would never find a Spartan admiring the craftsmanship of anything without utility. By law, roof beams in Sparta could not be finished with anything but an axe. Once, a Spartan was visiting Athens and his host was showing off his own mansion, complete with finely detailed, square roof beams. EXCUSE #8: I don’t have a babysitter.

By all means, bring the kids with you! Spartan Kids Races are fun and reasonably priced. You may need someone to watch them at the venue while you’re running; if you can’t find a friend or family member who’s willing to do this, then check in with the social groups listed above. It is sure that they did not look anything like bodybuilders as portrayed in some movies. They didn’t have the suitable diet to achive such an body nor to maintain the level of bodyfat which makes them look shredded (>10%).

Of course, this Spartan training routine probably nothing like what the Spartans did. But it doesn’t contradict anything we know. Moreover, it will build up the same kind of stamina, agility, and mental toughness as a Spartan training program (except a little less, seeing as we’re leaving out the brutal punishment ). The Spartan army stood at the center of the Spartan state, citizens trained in the disciplines and honor of a warrior society. Subject to military drill from early manhood, the Spartans became one of the most feared military forces in the Greek world.

At the height of Sparta’s power – between the 6th and 4th centuries BC – it was commonly accepted by other Greeks that “one Spartan.

List of related literature:

A Spartan youngster starting his basic training would have already been inured to the Spartan tradition and would only have needed to be knocked into shape.

“Greece and Rome at War” by Peter Connolly, Adrian Goldsworthy
from Greece and Rome at War
by Peter Connolly, Adrian Goldsworthy
Pen & Sword Books, 2012

The challenge of becoming Spartan Fit makes it fun, though.

“Spartan Fit!: 30 Days. Transform Your Mind. Transform Your Body. Commit to Grit.” by Joe De Sena, John Durant
from Spartan Fit!: 30 Days. Transform Your Mind. Transform Your Body. Commit to Grit.
by Joe De Sena, John Durant
HMH Books, 2016

In the last six months he had developed a training regime tougher than the original SPARTAN program.

“Halo: Ghosts of Onyx” by Eric Nylund
from Halo: Ghosts of Onyx
by Eric Nylund
Gallery Books, 2019

Spartans need muscular endurance more than they need huge muscles.

“Spartan Up!: A Take-No-Prisoners Guide to Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Peak Performance in Life” by Joe De Sena
from Spartan Up!: A Take-No-Prisoners Guide to Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Peak Performance in Life
by Joe De Sena
HMH Books, 2014

So you’ll sculpt the lean, muscular, and athletic-looking body of a Spartan warrior—while getting in the best shape of your life.

“The Men's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!” by Adam Campbell
from The Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!
by Adam Campbell
Rodale, 2009

As I have previously pointed out, the spartan conditions of training should not be romanticized(Zarrilli 1977).

“Kathakali Dance-Drama: Where Gods and Demons Come to Play” by Phillip Zarrilli
from Kathakali Dance-Drama: Where Gods and Demons Come to Play
by Phillip Zarrilli
Taylor & Francis, 2003

Spartan Warrior Workout takes you from merely being in shape to having the strength and endurance to withstand the ultimate test.

“Spartan Warrior Workout: Get Action Movie Ripped in 30 Days” by Dave Randolph
from Spartan Warrior Workout: Get Action Movie Ripped in 30 Days
by Dave Randolph
Ulysses Press, 2010

If I was a soldier, I’d have tracked the new Spartan program down and camped outside of their door until they gave me a chance to beg for the transformation.”

“Halo: New Blood” by Matt Forbeck
from Halo: New Blood
by Matt Forbeck
Gallery Books, 2015

If anything, their injuries only made them faster—a result of the biological augmentations they had received during their SPARTAN-III training.

“Halo: Retribution” by Troy Denning
from Halo: Retribution
by Troy Denning
Gallery Books, 2017

Candidates for the SPARTAN-II program were chosen for natural genetic superiority, and thus were naturally taller, stronger, smarter, and faster than most humans even before augmentation.

“Game Preview” by Nicolae Sfetcu
from Game Preview
by Nicolae Sfetcu
Nicolae Sfetcu, 2014

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  • First of all, “there was no 1%”? The Spartan heiresses were wealthier than the kings of Sparta. Also, what of the helots and the other Spartan underclass? (Perioiki or something). Sparta was very far from the weird socialist utopia you’re painting

    The Spartans WERE interested in things other than preparing for war. Spartans were extremely cultured and were trained in things like poetry and drama in the agoge. They were famed for their sharp and quick wits. This is the city-state who convinced King Phillip of Macedon not to invade them with two one-word letters

    I’m only a minute into this video and already it’s blatantly clear that no research has been done on the subject. Xenophons writings on the Spartans are easy reading even for someone with ADHD. Why would you spend hours or days making a video and not do any research beforehand?

  • So, strangely enough, Sparta was one of the few societies in the history of the Western world where you actually hit the jackpot if you were a girl and not a boy. You got a husband who looked like a superhero and you actually had several freedoms that no other women were allowed in centuries.

  • Athins found reason because of weakness and fear u cant be reasonable when ur on the wining team because no one cares as long as the job gets done.

  • 300 Spartans are remembered for the battle they fought, they even get a movie
    The 13 000 other Greeks that were there fighting with them… What about us?

  • check this website out to get a much more accurate view of spartans
    And the roman army was mostly composed of Hastati, which were extremely lightly armed

  • Okay, a bit late here but Spartans certainly had advanced tactics as well. In fact, they were the very first to use the chain of command during battles. That’s why they were able to use some advanced maneuvering during fights.

  • That fellow depicted is Leonidas in the film ‘300’ or whatever.. More like a loud mouthed mafiosi. Spartans were blond-how politically incorrect of them! They were also known for their terseness-whence ‘laconic’ (after their name in Greek). The 3oo who held the pass of Thermopylae to the last man left an inscription (which Europeans should recall before they are swallowed up by barbarians finally betraying the Spartans stand against Persia)-‘tell them the Spartans were here’.

  • All able-bodied members of a nation should be strongly encouraged to serve a term of sanctioned public (not necessarily military) service. Among other benefits, this would build societal cohesion through a shared experience. Those electing not to serve would be more residents than citizens, as they would have thereby forfeited their right to vote in elections, hold political office, or serve on juries. The result: A markedly more successful, happy, and resilient nation.

  • Training, combat technique and battle tactics made the Roman army an imposingly efficient fighting force. New methods and gear were never static and always evolving and innovative, even in light of infamous Roman social arrogance and condescension toward other societies didn’t keep the Roman army from adjusting to the ever changing combat methods of other nation’s armies. For instance, one tactic used by the Romans proved shockingly effective against Boudica’s warriors was the use of combat timing kept by a drummer counting time by the drummer wherein the men on the front of the formation only had to fight a limited time, around seven minutes before dropping back to the end of the line replaced by the man just behind him. This gave him around twenty or so minutes of rest before he had to fight again, while Boudica’s brave warriors fought without ceasing least they appear cowardly. As we know it was a slaughter. Boudica’s army was destroyed and she took poison to avoid the horrors of capture by the Romans

  • When I first saw 300, I figured it was NOT entirely accurate (like most movies based on real events). Then my Rabbi teacher (who frequently goes on random tangents) went on one about the movie 300 being an abomination due to it’s inaccuracies. Well, after research, I learned that from a historic view point it was an abomination. Still love the movie though, but they could have easily done a more accurate movie.

  • This reminds me of that movie a saw once, about soldiers and stuff, can’t recall the name but the main character was played by Brad Di Caprio or something…

  • Could I live the life of a Spartan? If I never known this life and was raised as a Spartan I would know anything else. Then probable not, I would have been beaten to death because I kept getting caught ; )

  • If citizens couldn’t trade, and coins were outlawed, how did people eat? Were they on rations? Or were there food stalls with free buffets every Wednesday??

  • little known fact: sparta was more equal between men and women than athens was, to the point where sparta worshipped Aphrodite Areia (Aphrodite the warlike), athens didnt like this so changed her to the aphrodite we know, and even did stuff to illustrate that women were weak and should be subservient

  • In Chinese culture, being a wild superb swordsmen is considered an honor. One example was Wu Song who fought bare handed. Another was Lu Bu who was a great horse archers and cavalry man and expert halberdier in one on one combat.

  • love the irony of spartan women generally being the most educated women in greece, but lived in one of the philisophically “least educated” city-states. goes to show how by comparison, women in places like athens weren’t prioritized for any education beyond “housewife”.

  • Idk why this was in my recommendations but I’m pretty sure since Spartans were trained since they were like 4 or something I’m pretty sure they are ripped

  • Greek here from Peloponnese. Thanks for the vid. But to give you some info about my dad: He was tough, at times intimidating and didn’t spare the belt or rod. He also pushed for his kids to join the military. He himself was in The USMC. So.. That’s what it’s like. Bye bye now.



  • Me watching this video 3 years later. My face be like::( ALL I AM THINKING ABOUT IS CORONA VIRUS. SPARTANS WHAT IS YOUR PROFESSION HO HO HO


  • خخخخ شما خارجیها هر کجا ئین ما نژاد برترین یا شما تازه شما کی هستین که خودتون رو به اسپارتا می چسبونین در ضم اسپارتا ییها هیچ خری نبودن اکه اونا انقدر قدرت داشتن جهان رو می گرفتن کثافت ها����������

  • Imagine reading Spartiates, perioikoi, and helots and saying “Sparcies, perioci, heeelots”

    Edit: learn how to pronounce Latin names

  • They didn’t likely train for muscle, but surely a whole life of harsh physical training of any kind is going to give a certain amount of muscle

  • Lol a Democrat’s dream world. There’s no age, wage or wealth gap. Just all the work and labor is performed by slaves. No social gap? Really infographics?

  • 2:45
    this is the macedonian phalanx, macedonians were equiped with 3 times longer spears than the spartans, they could reach 6+meters and could in fact be split into pieces when not in combat

  • Don’t forget. They were Ultra-Nationalist and deeply embedded in their own culture.

    Now look at the political climate in the UK which bans Nationalism in favour of Communism and Liberalism/Hedonsim.



  • “Every free citizen was equal, there was no gender or wealth gap” Thats kind of a lie, beacuse men were meant to military and women to house labors

  • More like WWE ������ boii those guys are big and thick my guy oh my gosh and if I was gonna be a spartan I would run away and find new family if a other 13 year old kid were to fight me I would end them �� but I don’t have to lel lol

  • i am of spartan stock and all i can say is thank god i wasn’t born back then. but i did have an older brother who was caught up in the ancient culture and made me fight/spar with his older friends to ‘toughen’ me up. by the time i started school the teacher was complaining to my parents that i was hitting everyone and getting into fights all the time. i was a crazy, tempermental kid but thankfully i mellowed out as i got older. geez i remember those days, i would fight at the drop of a hat, by the time i was 8 years old i must have been in 40 fights…..and all i remember are the two i lost.

  • My two favorite lines from 300 were the one they included in the video and the one about the arrows bloating out the sun so they would fight in the shade. The Roman Tortoise formation was the equivalent to our tanks. It was such a good idea they even used in the movie Troy; although not sure how accurate that was having it in there.

  • Spartans have been bringing up their sons to become real men from age of 4.
    Iron like determination and unshakeable discipline to perform and become better everyday is what men should do.
    Hardships are the school, pain is the teacher.

  • Yeah them musles was real them traing was insane to giced thim insany like bodybuilder, them armour like film not true real they was so armoured,…


  • These disciplined ultra-tough beasts seem like 10 x the warriors than those camp ballerinas in that 300 film. Snyder could have at least observed more of the rituals, and made them put the cuirass on just before the battles, instead of having them prance into battle in just their gay parade loin cloths.

  • Just tried to leave a like only to realize I already did it two years ago. Impressive how a video might become “new” again for a viewer after a certain amount of time passes xD

  • I just want to say
    That in Sparta, alcohol was allowed but not while you’re in the military (once you get older )
    Also at Sparta, when a mother gives birth
    If the child is a boy then its forced to go to the military (unless sick or weak., Which in that case would be sacrificed)
    If it was a girl, then it was forced to do jobs, make more babies (that’s right, with other men) or be help with medical supplies once the soldiers come back from war (if they come back)

  • If this is a one on one fight then maybe the Spartan would win!..but a centurion led by example and were really aggressive fighters so it wouldn’t be a say fight for the Spartan…the republican triarili veteran soldiers used a thrusting spear too so the Spartans style of fighting would be known by the Romans. If the question is army versus army then it’s a easy answer….the legions would decimate the Spartans easily…

  • Ay(like in yellow)oy(same as before)ee(like In feet). Not agoge. And it means education. Btw I’m spartan. My brother that’s been training more years than me does look like The Rock even if he never trained for more than just work and lifting some weights at work as well as just two years of gym without going full on. And about two years of pankrateion. It’s mostly genetic honestly. But you can get kinda fat if you stop being active. Easy to loose weight tho.

  • 300
    A group of persians look upon their foes from the cliffs
    Not a human in sight
    The campfire reveled not one flake’s lick of a man’s face
    A normal man cannot look a spartin in the eyes and not be driven to madness
    Eyes like silver dollars that do not reflect light like any animal’s
    Enveloped in scar tissue
    They look like scratched clay
    They are not of this earth
    They are earth, stone
    Dust clouds and hollow owl like eyes

  • Pronounced “fee-nee-KEES”, the word is an obviouS derivation of “Phoenikas/Φοίνικας” or “Phoenician” in English. This makes sense as Greeks adopted the consonants of their alphabet from Phoenicians and, evidently, their dress. After all, who hasn’t heard of a “Tunic” which is probably derived from Tunis, the capital city and root-word of modern Tunisia, whose ancient city Carthage was founded by the Phoenicians. BOOM!

  • I know that they where known for fighting against the Persians but I think zurkaneh training would be good for developing a Spartan physique

  • Wicked VT Josef loved the VT on Mike O’Hearns channel you killed it well done keeping up with him legand. Keep it swollen brother ��

  • I love how everybody says that they didn’t have six packs and that they werent jacked when in sparta if u weren’t like that since u were 8 u got thrown of a cliff….

  • Spartans also allied with Persia to destroy Athens…. Rome would never do that. Rome had honour and Patriotism the likes the world has never seen. The modern world came close to this, for example when America united after Pearl Harbour to supply the free world with equipment and men. Rome was like this from its inception. No one came close period.

  • In my opinion regular food depervation would be counter productive. An occasional late meal to teach you how to control and deal with hard times is one thing. But if you rarley or never have enough you can stunt your growth and become weak. If you have to steal food in order to have enough, you better be really good at it. I think your right that some resistance training probably would have been helpful to them. A person should be able to build a fairly strong body without becoming to massive or slow.

  • Spartan infantry would probably overwhelm the romans due to a legions small size(around 60 legionarres) but there heavy armor would most definitely be an advantage to Romans. Spartans, known for there ruthlessness, would easily surprise a roman (romans focused on teamwork and not being a bada**). Both sides shield defenses( tortoise form for romans, phalanx for spartans) are very strong for both offense and defense. Spartans definitely would win.

  • 300 muslims defeated 3000 pagans,lead by baphomet(who came in human form).But Baphomet fled at start of battle & pagans lost.This wont come in history texts,but i remember whn i think of spartans defeating pagan persians

  • I feel like the Spartans have a certain advantage to the Romans because they’re highly trained not only that but Roman’s defense was very strong. The way the Roman’s were intended to kill wouldn’t have been a warning for the Spartans

  • It’s pronounced
    Lamtha (the th sound is like the th sound in the word they)
    And lakonia (emphasis on the i wich is pronounced like the word igloo)

  • Correction*
    As a Greek I know that only Macedonians (not always) and Spartans follow the phalanx tactic

    Northerns love to ambush
    Epirotes Phrygians Paeonians Thessalians Thracians and yes Macedonians too

    They were training from 7 years old to 21 and nope they didn’t rape! These are lies

  • Thebans won due to supperior tactics they had 10 rows of soldiers concentrated on the right spartan wing, which had 4 or so rows of soldiers.

  • Excellent training, of course it do not even compares to a real Spartan training, but it is for real warriors. I do now two times a week.

  • Totally wrong… I live in Sparta.The letter Λ was used to decorate shields during Peloponnesian war. Spartans used Medusa for shield decoration in order to create fear in their enemies. The Spartan shield was made of copper and was 25+ kg heavy. The shield was used more as a weapon than as protection Spartans were strong enough to swing the shield and break bones. Their sword was really short but it was made to make deep cuts easily.

  • The Spartan military prowess was well known and respected. This was a product of a very stratified society. This was ultimately the downfall of Sparta and the Sparta military. Most of society was Helots, basically slaves. Helots grew Spartan food and did the manual labor the Spartiate didn’t do. By the 4th century, Sparta’ s power and military was in decline.

  • Barefeet, let’s be hounest, Africans, Indians, Native Americans, poor people. Unless you’ve gone gone bare foot or worn Jandals for most of your life your feet and body will adapt and toughen. Now, lets go barefeet, no one can do it, becouse your feet become to adaptive to wearing shoes. Good examples are Naked and afraid, and castaway, it takes a long time for feet to dry out.

  • “Yeah, you see those people responsible for keeping us fed and vastly outnumber us that a single organized revolt could put our society to a grinding halt even if we won against them because armies are heavily reliant on food to keep going and a single missed crop season could probably set back dozens of our military campaigns? Fuck em’, they’re less than dirt.”
    -A random Spartan.

  • Spartans where more than one occasion hired to battle in samurai wars, BOTH are full time survivors, BOTH aim for a majestic death

  • The dislikes are coming from guys who “train” at the gym for mediocre amount of time and mediocre effort with their over priced gloves and attires.

  • I was in the Army for 4 years and left with joints that feel like a 50 year old man. How the heck did these guys survive like that? A combination of food and modern environment?

  • Nobody today is truly a spartan, because lets not forget spartans had eugenics program where if you were born with: defects, pre-born, retarded, not fit. Then u were thrown off the cliff. But we all can be inspired and try to live up to it. Also they started training as warrior at age 7 and went on for rest of their life….

  • In high school, I ran barefoot in my physed outdoor classes. Invariably I won foot races against those wearing spike athletic running shoes. Teacher was bemused. Tried the shoes….barefoot was better.

  • I will like to know the training of the iberiancelts seeing that most everyone in Europe when to them for help in wars and with out them in the front lines they seems they will loose the batters thanks

  • 9:10 this is also observable with special forces groups where the average height and weight of personnel actually range around 155lbs and 5’8 not very big and tall but very effective in movement and agility and enough strength to bear heavy loads.

  • Dude you don’t know ����WHAT���� your talking about the sponsors were ����black Greeks ����.

    And they were also Hebrew Israelites…..Facrz..,

    They were the brethren of the Jews……..Factz

    I can prove this with common sense and with Bible scriptures…….

    Would you like to test my knowledge

  • I thought their defeats were due to stubbornness, as in not using a bow and arrow and being outnumbered, as in their opponents doubled the depth of their line formation and basically tired them out?

  • these great tough spartans lost to a bunch of gays called “sacred band”. but then again gay doesnt mean feminine and/or weak(only braindeads and alcoholic trash think so) but spartans were never the toughest, even in greece and without sacred band.

  • Spartans where pelascic eperiot people white people that have nothing ro do with greeks. Greeks are egyption decents on eperiot terirory.

  • Great video!! The Spartans were special. It was extremely difficult to defeat them and really a traitor lead to their defeat. One such as myself, really respects the Spartans, for their training, their mental and physical strength. Most humans are weak mentally and can’t handle anything. It would be an honor to train with Spartans. If I were able to time travel. I would want to undergo such training. As I’ve been training my mind and body from the age of 14.


  • “There has never been a people better adapted for war by nature and training than the ROMAN. At the root of this national aptitude lay two characteristics, intense love of Rome and unremitting zeal in subordinating all individual aspirations to the necessities of the state. These two virtues, patriotism and discipline, were infused into the Roman blood as early as the traditional time of the first kings.”

    “The youths of Rome were early trained to war. Under seventeen years of age, all boys were called tirones or recruits, and were systematically put through certain exercises by experienced drill-masters to fit them for their duty as soldiers, namely, setting-up, marching, running, jumping, climbing heights, swimming, the use of arms and bearing heavy weights. The exercises were constant and uninterrupted. The grown men kept up this training almost throughout life.”
    “From all this, of which the above is the baldest sketch, we can readily see why the Roman army grew to what it was. Not even the Spartans in their palmiest days had a system in which physique and personal devotion, added to broad intelligence, were thus united.”
    “The burly Guals laughed at the little Romans until they got to close quarters with them.”
    Erroneous Statement to say a Spartan could easily defeat a Roman Citizen Soldier. “easily”
    ‘The Greeks struck to their oneshock idea, the Romans conceived the idea of a formation which would give each man more individual scope.’
    So how could you perceive a Spartan who was less a individual in a phalanx be a more individual fighter to a Roman who had more initiative to be a individual in battle, in a Legion; who fought Guals constantly. Guals fought by their very nature as individuals, Romans fought Guals constantly. Spartans strength lay in Phalanx not as individuals like the way the Guals fought, which Rome always fought.

    “The Hellenic phalanx was a close order, and nothing else; the Roman Legion was an open order, which could be made close by the simple advance into the intervals of the rear lines.”

    ‘Every change and advancement to the Roman Legion went towards close quarters combat, it all culminated into making the sword the Chief weapon of the Legion, and thus the sword became The Terror of all who met the Roman Legion.’
    ‘Both Rome and the Greeks began with the phalangial idea, which is a defensive than offensive one. But the Romans had a peculiar way of taking the initiative in war, and out of the phalanx they developed the germ of the Legion some time prior to 500 B.C. ‘

    “ROMES one rule was ALWAYS to attack.”

    ‘No one trained harder than the Roman in history, only the Spartans came close to Rome!’ SPQR

    Hannibal By: Theodore Ayrault Dodge.

  • I love when guys who are naturally ripped and they flex their baby abs and think that they have legit abs lol no bitches this is what actual hard work looks like I would know lol. you cant compare genetics to actual hard work hard work will always dominate those baby abs.

  • I think the Spartan throwing spears had a soft neck (between the spear’s tip and shaft) so that if they throw it, the tip would impale into the enemy, and the weight of the shaft would bend the neck, causing the spear to become unusable until repaired so that the enemy could not throw them back. There were probably a separation between fighting spears and throwing spears too, since the soft neck of the throwing spear means that if it was used as a fighting spear, hitting the tip of the spear accidentally or stabbing someone once would make it significantly less useful as a stabbing tool (you could still just whack someone in the head tho).

  • I really wonder how those 18 years old looked like physically back then. Everyday training but with minimal food, i wonder how strong they truely were.

  • We need the Spartan attitude to build the sorts of businesses that we want.
    Even if you’re not going into business and you just want to be a high producer or the best at whatever you do have a Spartan attitude

  • I’m going to be straight with you I haven’t seen this video yet but I’ve seen the house spot on lifestyle is if you say these guys or anything but ripped being Olympic athletes this video is getting disliked

  • Just let me know when you want me to prove…

    that the Spartans in the original Jews God’s chosen people are also melanated black people

  • They probably threw many prodigy children because of their physic and illness….. who knows those children could led them to invent some extraordinary things which can be helpful for those warriors…

  • The truth is we will never know what the spartans or Sparta itself was truly like since they didn’t leave anything behind except for minimal sculptures, pottery and some bronze figures. And the only writings we have about them were from the Athenians who were their mortal enemies ad we all know what happens when you let your enemies write your history!

  • Can you please dissect a day in the life of the Tuareg people? They are called, “the blue people of the desert” because they dye their clothes blue and the dye seeps into their skin and gives them blue skin.

  • Seems to me that the Spartans were highly overrated, mostly due to the battle of Thermopylae.
    Their rigidly structured society based on oppression and violence was eventually rendered obsolete, even in the ancient world.

  • Spartans were lean, mean and deeply pious. They exercised far more than they ate. They were also taller than most Greeks because they included more meat in their diet.

  • Its amazing how some people always talk in an effort to make one point of view “the” way to do a thing.
    Yes its true that there are some differences between the training of a person who is “strictly” training
    for a particular sport, and therefore, concentrating on the things that will enhance performance in
    that specific sport and some of the training of a soldier. Speaking as a U.S.M.C vet who was also
    something of an athlete, I utterly reject this idea that being an athlete makes you a bad soldier.

    I think its just the opposite.
    There have been many great soldiers that were also athletes.
    There have been successful military units that placed a high value on athletics.
    Ken Norton was a marine and a heavyweight boxing champ.
    Teddy Roosevelt was a soldier/athlete.
    So was George Patton.
    And by the way, Philopoiman the Greek general cited here was
    captured when his horse threw him and made to drink position
    Pelopidas and Epaminondas, the great Theban generals were
    both great athletes. And yes the Spartans did place a high value
    on their athletic training. Even to the point of working it into their
    laws. But lets not forget that for over 200 years the Spartans were
    the best of the Greeks on the battle field.

  • Why are you saying “we” are not sure, like you are part of the teams that research this things? You are a random guy talking about thing other people spend their lives studying. AND believe me THEY are sure what kind of armour they wore, and around what period of time. There is no discution to the armour of the spartan that was wore in each of their battles. STOP MAKING VIDEOS!

  • I think it’d actually be funny if we went back now. Knowing all the different techniques to fighting in hand to hand would be very interesting and advantageous against a spartan as they had their own set style of fighting

  • Imagine if you got punished bot fir stealing but not being smart enough to not get caught smh I feel like that’s basically our court system now lol

  • Roman legionnaire hands down. Rome’s crucible was
    Hannibal Barca. I chose Rome because I actually read history books from historians, than I read more history books based on the same subjects to cross examine the historians… I don’t rely on “Google Historians” like this kid or Hollywood movies. My best advice is to read books about history, and to read many different historians from different sides. This his the best way.

  • 1 Maccabees 12: 20:30

    20 “Arius, king of the Spartans, to Onias the high priest, greeting. 

    21����It has been found in writing concerning the Spartans and the Jews that they are brethren and are of the family of Abraham. ����

    22 And now that we have learned this, please write us concerning your welfare; 

    23 we on our part write to you that your cattle and your property belong to us, and ours belong to you. We therefore command that our envoys report to you accordingly.” 

    24 Now Jonathan heard that the commanders of Demetrius had returned, with a larger force than before, to wage war against him. 

    25 So he marched away from Jerusalem and met them in the region of Hamath, for he gave them no opportunity to invade his own country. 

    26 He sent spies to their camp, and they returned and reported to him that the enemy were being drawn up in formation to fall upon the Jews by night. 

    27 So when the sun set, Jonathan commanded his men to be alert and to keep their arms at hand so as to be ready all night for battle, and he stationed outposts around the camp. 

    28 When the enemy heard that Jonathan and his men were prepared for battle, they were afraid and were terrified at heart; so they kindled fires in their camp and withdrew. 

    29 But Jonathan and his men did not know it until morning, for they saw the fires burning. 

    30 Then Jonathan pursued them, but he did not overtake them, for they had crossed the Eleutherus river.

  • Spartans were bad ass, but the Legion were many. The Spartan is like the Tiger II, and the Roman Legionnaire was like the Sherman. Both formidable tanks, the Tiger being the better tank in some regards but lacking in one very important quality, availability. You see, training a Spartan was not quite as simple as training (respectively speaking) a Legionnaire. One Spartan falls and it would take over a decade to replace him. A Legionnaire falls and there were a plethora of Roman Citizens to replace him.

  • This man doesn’t have a body nor one I admire, he doesn’t even have good pistol squat form and he’s already adding weight!?? What? And has absolutely no striation anywhere on his body and he wants me? To watch his videos? On top of looking a little on the slow side? It’s a hard no. And this video is trash. I highly doubt this information. If he doesn’t even know how how to build a good body for himself what makes you think he can judge another’s methods? Gtfoh.

  • Spartans on average were like 5’5 and greeks went to Kemet(Egypt) for schooling as did every Greek scholar and philosophor its all documented so to say the Greeks contributed to civilization is disingenuous

  • The shield was Called “Hoplon”, today the same exact word translates to “Weapond” / “Gun” in Modern Greece.

    Just a simple reminder to some people, claiming that we Greeks have no relation at all, with our ancenstors.

    3:56 This whole senteced is Completely innaccurate and it’s the result of pop culture, If the spartans were beating their troops nobody would be loyal, and riots would be risen inside the army.

  • Spartans is not only fighting to protect world it is also creation my great grand father told me the sord fight its all art Spartans notice the art is realy a war go Spartans

  • I think Spartans would be a lot more effective if they had small hooks on the tip of their Spears so they can snag the shield and push back to stab them

  • Spartiates (pron. Spahr -tyah -tess) is just how you say Spartans in Greek.
    Perioikoi (pron. Peri -i -ki) is just Greek for, “Those who are around us”, and meant they were were outside of Sparta, or not belonging to the main populus, but who were still tolerated.
    Helots is unfamiliar to me, and I’m not sure what Greek word it relates to or how it would be pronounced exactly (it’s hard to say with English spelling), but guessing from the word it would either mean “The foollish” or “Those who we step on” since it sounds very similar to the modern Greek word for idiot.

  • So if the newly married Spartan male snuck off to have sex with his wife and she became pregnant before he turned 30 would that earn him a beating? He did the sloppy and the child is proof so technically he got caught. I can picture it the male going to his fellows in arms excited about the pregnancy and hoping it’s a boy and then the other just start punching him. Lol

  • Agoge does NOT translate to a Spartan term of a boy herder. There is no exact translation in English for the words Agoge and Paidia. Agoge has to do on how to behave in a society, its the process of acquiring behaviors in society and paidia is the education and training of a child. Both concepts totally lack in the western world today

  • these videos are for idiots who have to self brain wash themselves…this video is the same as the hang in there kitty poster but infinately more retarded.

  • Once Thebes smashed the Spartans and liberated the Helots, the Spartan system collapsed. By the time of Phillip I I of Macedon conquered the Peloponese, Sparta had been reduced to a shadow of their former selves.

  • So the movie 300 was a cartoon version of the 1960’s movie “The 300 Spartans”. It’s a more realistic version of the story. I like it better because I saw it well before 300 was made, and it was always one of my favorite movies, but it’s not as over flamboyant as 300, so not sure which one people would prefer, but it’s worth watching too.

  • Roman is much more stronger they lost only one time the Roman is the strongest military back in the BCE the Roman military was probably created by god I don’t really know about these history but I only like their shield and their artillery their shield is a modern type it is made out of Ply wood so cheap and easy to produce. And their artillery they painted the rock black so it is harder to see in the dark the artillery could destroy enemy wall

  • Meanwhile back in the old days in Greece, the spartans were known as ambassadors, for their pretty woman and most of all stories they made up to look much more impressive then they really were. People should stop bleieving in these lies about the spartans

  • Good vid. Some people aren’t aware that several Greek armies beat the Romans in various battles before succumbing to them eventually due to logistics and the fact that the Greeks were not unified. Keep the vids coming! ⚡️

  • Great video but I don’t think it’s entirely correct. The Spartans did care a lot about physical atrength and not just agility. They trained their muscles with rocks and shit there was also this exercise were 8 of them have to push down a tree with their shields. You needed to be somewhat big for phalanx (shield wall basically) warfare because you’re basically just pushing against the enemy phalanx

  • give the spartan an advanced roman equipment and equal numbers as romans they win…..only way rome will win is bcoz of their advanced equipment and sheer number size……badass spirit goes to the spartan

  • There were certain Spartans that used the bronze male torso shaped chest plate until the 300, legionnaires would use the other type, Leonidas used a double coated bronze silver chest plate in the 300 with double coated bronze armor and a steel coated spear for the tip and a bronze tip at the back that wasnt coated. A spartan krypteiea would have a korinthian shaped helmet and no chest plate, only spartan buskins on the shins and a hasta (spear) that was weaker than the average spear. Leonidas had a spear that was made of a stronger wood and his sword was coated with 3 layers of iron covering steel. That is only half the details. The other half is this: A spartan phalanx was made of 50-75 men shoulder to shoulder with multiple layers behind it to help the retreating phalanx to increase the power. The end of the 300 30-40 mins there was a final phalanx of 100-120 men, because a starting phalanx would have 50-75 men. Xerxes had cloth and leather armor on his first troops and his navy was lost in a storm so he had to send them back after the battle for taking Athens. Xerxes had 10 immortals, when an immortal had to leave, died, or got sick, a new immortal was put in. This is how they kept it at 10000. Xerxes 95000 archers shot their arrows at the enemy on the 3rd day and thats how only 1 spartan survived to spread the story. So Leonidas had to get as much reinforcements as possible, so if Leonidas got 10 extra Spartans with him, he would have survived with approximately 50 men left of his force, and 2000 reinforcements. Then he could’ve conquered the borders of Persia by Greece and then weaken Xerxes. Xerxes would lose his throne and would have to either fight in the Persian army or be executed. But he went to the battle of the 300 and died to Leonidas’ spear when he threw it on the third day. Xerxes had not made his troops better equipped so if he had his troops in iron armor, he wouldn’t have had to retreat so much. So all Leonidas needed was 10 extra troops and Xerxes would’ve been executed or became a Persian soldier if he didn’t go the the battle of the 300. That is why Leonidas should’ve brought 10 extra men and me explaining there armor and weapons. After Leonidas died, Archidamos was the king of warfare when Xerxes died Pausanaias was the king of politics in Sparta. Leonidas would’ve survived with 10 extra Spartans and now you know why.

  • In this age of snowflakes and the unexpected pandemic of Covid-19, training and living like a Spartan would be the best option for me for I have lost so much in terms of sanity, physical goods, money and emotional health, all thats left is for myself to salvage my soul and not be corrupted till my time has to come to an end. Thank you for this video.

  • Imagine carrying 15 lbs on one arm for hours at a time. If you think that’s no big deal see how long you can hold a gallon of milk like you’re blocking something for some perspective. These guys must have been in phenomenal shape. You can’t rest your shield for an entire battle.

  • Comparing Sparta with Rome makes no sense.
    Rome, Macedon (& its offshoots) and Carthage were the big dogs in the ancient Mediterranean arena.
    Sparta doesn’t even qualify!

  • I am Greek and I served in special forces.The routines and the training are a lot similar to this.You won’t build much muscle but you’ll become an excellent warrior.Also sometimes you wished you were in battle to free yourself from this hell and kill someone to comfort your anger so I could understand them.Pride,punishment and pain kept you thinking straight going through this hell.Best way to be the best version of yourself and work hard in my opinion.(also,if you learn how to pronounce every letter of our alphabet, you learn how to pronounce every word.It’s easier than English.)

  • We, man used to march halfway around the world warring heavy armor just to make war in close quarters combat, no deodorant!! How groosum is that!! The smell of a person you have to stand nwxt to covered in blood sweet p guts and so on no toilet paper ether imagen we humans are now civilized comphertable some men you cant get off the couch 30 years old still kives with mommy

  • Hi, I am a direct descendant of sparta. My ancestors were isolated in the south of Greece, peloponnese, until modern times. They were blonde, blue eyes, strong bridge nose, men that cry often, an actual sign of strength, fast to fight, a sixth sence able to see lies, high intelligence, shiny glistening hair, and scary jagged teeth. They would file their teeth flat often. “Oskar Schindler” is a typical spartan.

  • The sword the Spartans carried are xiphos swords only used if there spear was broke. The main weapon was the dory spear which was super sharp and could easily go through two possibly three enemies at a time.

  • You couldn’t live in Sparta without power. You shouldn’t speak a lot, because Spartans were hate the Athenians. In Greece when you don’t speak much, we say it lakonika

  • I bet if the spartans knew someone with this kind of voice was talking about them they would give up fighting for what ever future leads to you… That was a joke but sounded harsh lol, your voice is annoying..

  • I know this is an old video but this was fucking BRILLIANT I personally thought so at least you earned a subscriber

    Wait Im already subscribed ��

  • Resting during war time is actually a great strategy. Rigorous training can build strength and endurance but the muscles break down during exercise so rest allows them to rebuild and recover. By resting during times of war you conserve your energy for battle and allow the body to heal in between. If you’re well trained already, war time training is more about strategy and maintenance on what has already been built in times of peace.

  • But still they still had weight training right i mean constantly using heavy shields and swords in sparing and traing new techniques they would be much more leaner so as to increase their stamina and the brutaloty they faced make them fear less

  • Just wanted to emphasize something that happened with both Spartans and Romans. Understanding tactics and thinking flexible helped both tremendously. If your officer was killed then you could take his position and call out orders for the duration of the battle which could save your entire unit.