Some Best Muscle Mass Building Exercises You Haven’t Attempted


The Best Body Part Split You’ve Never Tried | Maximum Muscle Growth

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The Best Muscle Building Exercises For Quads

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8 Arm Exercises You’ve NEVER Done (NEW GAINS!)

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5 Reasons to Take Supplements (AND WHEN YOU NEVER SHOULD!)

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8 Best Dumbbell Exercises Ever (HIT EVERY MUSCLE!)

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The 4 Best Muscle Building Exercises You’ve Never Tried — Tiger Fitness Build muscle using these unique exercises: cable rear delt flyes, Bulgarian split squats, front barbell raises on incline bench and squeezed hammer curls. Break away from the same old exercise and try these unique 4 muscle growth inducing movements. 5 Muscle-Building Exercises You’ve Never Tried. By Jill Fanslau and James Provost.

Apr 11, 2012 Learn the best new exercises for men with our free Exercise. You’ve probably never even SEEN these before. Give ’em a shot! ARTICLES. Most Popular; Training; 4 Lat-Building Exercises You’ve Never Tried You’ve probably never even SEEN these before.

Give ’em a shot! The 10 Best Ways To Build Your Back Related: 4 Back Exercises You’re Screwing Up. Comment on Facebook. No doubt, this is the most common exercise at the gym. It’s the best workout for building your chest muscles.

You can exercise on a regular bench, but I advise you to try incline bench press to build your upper chest. I recommend 3 sets with 8 reps. Pull-ups.

One of the most popular exercises performed with your own weight. It works best for. To help you fill those two to three workouts a week, here are some of the best muscle-building exercises for beginners. You can mix and match these moves and incorporate them into your own beginner-friendly, muscle-building workout.

The Most Creative Dumbbell Workouts to Build Muscle and Burn Fat at Home 1. The Compound Total-body Dumbbell Workout “When I think of exercising with limited equipment I. To build chest muscles quickly, stimulate growth with high frequency training (HFT) and challenge the muscle through its primary function. The primary function of the pecs is horizontal adduction of the shoulder joint, which is what you do during dumbbell flyes or the pec deck exercise. Men’s Health Fitness Director Ebenezer Samuel demonstrates 7 chest workout exercises that you’ve probably never tried that are included in the New Rules of Muscle program.

2) Lift heavy objects over your head. This movement puts incredible neurological and metabolic demand on the body, making it great for strength, power, muscle building and burning fat. Get strong at this exercise and you will be well on a one way train to Jackedland. 2. Deadlift. Deadlift is easily one of the best muscle building exercises.

The Best Muscle Building Workout for Natural Bodybuilders. Don’t fall victim to workouts that have way too much unnecessary training volume. This workout program was written with natural bodybuilders in mind. 58 Comments. 119.8K Reads DumbBar Workout: Make Killer Gains With Dumbbell & Barbell Supersets.

List of related literature:

The second task is sheer necessity, since no one exercise is enough to fully develop even the simplest muscle.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
Simon & Schuster, 2012

My favorite weight-less exercises include dips between chairs, pushups (done with your feet elevated, such as on a chair, and with your fingers facing each other, five inches or so apart), calf raises on steps for each leg, lateral raises with chairs, backhanded isometrics in a doorway, and handstand pushups.

“Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding” by Franco Columbu
from Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding
by Franco Columbu
Creators Publishing, 2017

These are my favourite exercises.

“Memory Mind & Body” by Biswaroop Roy Chowdhary
from Memory Mind & Body
by Biswaroop Roy Chowdhary
Diamond Pocket Books (P) Limited,

My very favorite are leg press drop­sets.

“Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness” by Robert Cheeke
from Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness
by Robert Cheeke
Book Publishing Company, 2011

The most effective ones are known as compound exercises, and they involve and activate multiple muscle groups.

“Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body” by Michael Matthews
from Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body
by Michael Matthews
Oculus Publishers, 2019

I like seven specific upper body exercises because they get most of the different arm muscles.

“Type 1 Diabetes For Dummies” by Alan L. Rubin
from Type 1 Diabetes For Dummies
by Alan L. Rubin
Wiley, 2011

As best as I could, since I had just learned how to do them, I employed kipping pull-ups, then the push-ups and air squats, wincing through a first set.

“Inside the Box: How CrossFit ® Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body” by T. J. Murphy
from Inside the Box: How CrossFit ® Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body
by T. J. Murphy
VeloPress, 2012

4) Precede and follow passive range‐of‐motion exercises with massage of the quadriceps, biceps, and gluteal muscles for 5 minutes.

“Laser Therapy in Veterinary Medicine: Photobiomodulation” by Ronald J. Riegel, John C. Godbold, Jr.
from Laser Therapy in Veterinary Medicine: Photobiomodulation
by Ronald J. Riegel, John C. Godbold, Jr.
Wiley, 2017

Next I will list some of the most effective whole—body exercises, and in the next chapter I will show you how to program these exercises into your arsenal.

“Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy” by Bret Contreras
from Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy
by Bret Contreras
Human Kinetics, 2013

Yet I still perform all of these because I know that getting stronger at the big lifts makes me more muscular.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

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  • I wish there was a workout programs for those who exercise in their apartment gym with a very limited gears. Like in my apertment gym there are only dumbbells, adjustable bench press, and one multifunctional exercicse mechine which is also limited and small due to the size of room.

    Where I can find and download a series of workouts for a small equipted gyms?

  • I am 50 and have so little core strength that I can’t hold my posture correct just sitting. Do you have beginner core exercises? I have the add difficulty of I carry all my extra weight in my belly.

  • I ran into this problem today trying a lower average exercise. I was lying on my back try various leg lifts and KILLED my lower back as I’m terribly out of shape. I’ll try this tomorrow!

  • uhm, i’d be intrested in creatine effects in people who don’t consume meats.
    have not eaten any meat since i was 5 and my last more serious workout era, i took creatine and it really helped me focus on the workouts and got them to a better length, also seemed to boost recovery by alot.

  • Don’t know how I’ve missed this video before. Can hardly wait til 4 am to try this out. been doing exercises you’ve already recommended every day but this is totally different. CAn’t wait!!

  • 5’10”,average built,74 kgs,lean,30% fat I guess,indian,want to build up lean muscles,what weight should I start with dumbbells as a beginner?can this workout help me in building up a lean muscle body with an additional 5 kg?

  • Patented bioperine with turmeric from YellowHaldi .com has changed my life. Feel so great to have organically increased my metabolism. Wishing you happy health.

  • Hey, I was just wonderinh do you do all of these with the same amount of weight or are you supposed to switch for different exercises?

  • Been working out and lifting weights for about 3 months now… I went from 270 lbs to about 257 with actual muscle gain! I’m so proud of this and I’m only gonna get better! Thanks for these guides, I think I’m finally ready for supplements.

  • He just keeps right on giving the class as he does the exercise w/ out missing a beat. Hhhh…welp! What one man can do, another can do!

  • Can you do a video on best way to build hamstrings. Also, how to fill up that glute ham tying part. No matter what i do my hamstrings don’t grow as much.

  • Jeff is so fucking real with his workouts that I have been watching him for 3 years and I have never seen 1 comment about him being on steroids

  • Whatever is synthetic is bad for the human organism, therefore creatine is bad for you. See the possible side effects and see if you are happy with that. I bought a bag of creatine, took it for 2 days and noticed some unexpected changes the way I felt, then googled the side effects and threw it to the trash bin where it belongs.

  • These guys are pretty accurate for what a lot of guys do that lift naturally. Here is my split and it has given me a great physique (6’1” 210 lbs w/5-7% body fat). Push/Pull/Legs/Off, so each muscle group gets hit twice every 8 days (96 hours between each workout) with 8 sets for chest, 6 for delts and 6 for triceps and then I end the workout with 3 sets of dips. 11 sets for back, 6 for traps and 5 for biceps and then end with 4 sets of pull-ups. 12 sets for legs. Also, one thing that I want to share that has helped me as far as nutrition is that as soon as I’m done lifting I eat 2 cups of white rice right away in the gym, then I wait about 10-15 minutes and have my protein, nuts and veggies. Hope that helps someone.

  • Who are these people giving thumbs down..?
    This guy putting these all real authentic information & guidance for free and people still not happy. Sad.

  • If you are fat (yes happens to us skinny dudes that couldn’t gain a lb) you can get instant bang by getting swoll. If you got the gut or the moobs, traps, chest, lats, and shoulders growth quick displaced some of that droop and the appearance will rapidly shift. I think creatine or T supplements can get you there faster. Meanwhile, work on the diet and eat more greens, first. Maybe loose the carbs and adopt intermittent fasting.

    The goal in improvement of appearance quick improve does motivational wonders

  • But isn’t this co-dependent on how much muscle damage you have done in your last training session? If muscle recovery works like dermis (skin) repair; then when the t-cells have finished repairing the skin; there is still a delicate scab that needs to be left alone until the flesh turns back to what we recognise as skin. Won’t that be the same with fibre tears in the muscle? So in 24 to 72 hours your immune system might have finished its job; but the newly repaired tears might still be delicate, or like wet mortar between bricks, that hasn’t fully healed yet.

  • I like your style of explaining and let both scientific and personal experience be part of the topic being discussed. Keep up the great work!

  • I’ve been cutting my Weight for a year now and now I’m ready to go to that next level of putting the weight back on with a new diet new work outs and now finally starting supplements I tried taking supplements when I didn’t care to work out thinking it would run it’s corse but that is false get a work out planed and in place and a good nutritional diet then after that then start taking it

  • i just started your program and took my day 1 picture a few days ago, I can’t wait to see my 30, 60, and 90 progress pictures! Thank you so much for everything you do and changing my life!

  • Im just starting out but mine is just like you said. I take them and they push me to make myself to watch what i eat and to work out because if i dont its just a waste a d i dont like losing money

  • Tremendous as always Jeff. Many thanks. Congrats on your twins! Best to you and your family! Fatherhood is of of life’s greatest privileges. Enjoy Sir!

  • Geez….I’m thinking maybe the hack squat machine at my gym is broken… because I don’t need to add weight it’s so damn heavy! Guess I’d look silly with just bands? Lol! Thanks a million for sharing and just kidding… gonna give it a try… quadzilla here we come!:-)

  • Do you have a vid explaining the different terminology like eccentric movement vs other types of movement, because I am just guessing what you mean

  • With the farmers carry if you don’t have space to walk you can run in place and bring your knees high. This becomes a very demanding exercise.

  • Want to win an ATHLEAN-X program for free, no strings attached? Click the link below to find out how!


  • Banded hack squats are my go to.  It allows you to train close to failure without form break down or other muscles giving out before the quads.

  • Is there a degree of elevation you recommend for targeting quads in the squat? I have seen Prime carries a squat wedge in differing elevations and like the idea of barefoot lifting vs putting on squat shoes.

  • This is how I trained starting about 6 years ago….where I train the body parts 3 times a week….and people thought and think I’m crazy. Well I got in and out of the gym for my lifting sessions in 45 minutes if I was pressed for time. And even now, two months postpartum, having not hit weights hard for that time, I still have more muscle then most of the people at my gym. Just saying.

  • Hi Jeff! First thanks for all the time you put in extending the knowledge.
    Had a question about the exercise. In the video you’re look downwards. Does this affect in any way the tension in your neck?
    Thanks again!

  • Thanks buddy. Some great tips there. I love dumbell exercises. I don’t have the room for a big gym setup, so I have a large collection of free weights and dumbells instead. Good stuff.

  • Thank you for this Joe, loved it. 3 quick questions.

    1) I am a gym owner and i am looking to get a Hack Squat for my Gym, Any you would recommend?

    2) Where do you stand with SL Split squats and how could I improve the profile of them?

    3) How do you could about enrolling onto a RTS Course? I am Uk based.

    Thank you Love your stuff

  • Hi Jeff, thanks for this video. I love how you simplify everything. One question, I’ve been working out for years but never considered any supplements other than Protein. I just started taking creatine, couple weeks ago. I am on just 5 gram a day. I usually take it post workout, then I take the protein smoothie. Would you recommend taking creatine, on the day I don’t go to the gym as well? Thank you ����

  • I just did the warm-up and my shoulders feel impeccable! This will really help me learn handstand push-ups now… Thanks Jeff! ��That Sunday…

  • I have been taking turmeric with patented black pepper, bioperine. It is organic and has helped me increase my metabolism and weight loss. I’m so happy. Here is the link for those asking YellowHaldi .com Stay healthy!

  • You guys are for getting that you can’t isolate body parts. So if I do standing curls, even if I do them with the strictest of strict form, I still wind up working my chest, shoulders and legs will trying to keep good posture; if I do pull ups, especially narrow, I wind up using my chest and even triceps; if I do squats, I wind up using my lats, stomach, and traps; If do bench presses, I still wind up using my biceps, lats, lower back and other muscles. I do full body work outs (with iron weights) 2 times per but, but if you do split routines, you still wind up woring each muscle group more than once per week. Bicep day is works more than just your biceps; bicep exercises are dependent upon at least a static contraction in your other muscle groups while the bicep performs a moving contraction.

  • Want to win an ATHLEAN-X program for free, no strings attached? Click the link below to find out how!

  • I’d love to see a full body workout geared towards triathlon. I’m always trying to find more time for the gym (as increased strength seems to increase running and cycling economy) but that takes away time from the cardio sessions needed for triathlon. Jeff, help a fellow Jeff out!!

  • I need to find a way to do this without special machinery. Guess I’ll have to visit the local playground and look like a fucking pedophile again.

  • Notes to Self:
    Inclined Eccentric Curl 0:57
    Cable elevator curl 2:43 (Tip: Bend the wrist back & minimize forearm contribution)
    Rowing Push down 1:47
    Rotational push down 3:43

    Bodyweight Variations:
    Inverted Chin Curl 5:06
    Pendulum Inverted curl 5:21 (tip: hold Contraction for a sec at top)
    Pounding Triceps Trunk Lift 6:12
    Wide elbow wall Pushups 7:25 (tip: stay taller and steeper to wall)
    Doorway Bicep Curls 8:10

  • *incline ecentric dumbbell
    *rowning pushdown tri with cable
    *cable pull up elevated
    *rotational pushdown cable
    With body
    *inverted shin curl. Belgium
    *bounding tri pullup trunk
    *wide elbows wall pushup
    *doorway bi curl

  • When doing the pull DownsI saw from other videos you’re only supposed to lift your forearms upward and keep your upper arms to your sides at all times and try not to let them move at all.

  • How is it possible 995 people gave a thumbs down to this video. You guys should try the exercises first. They are pretty tuff but great

  • I tried explaining to a few buddies who love bro splits and doing 15-20 sets per body part once a week to try full body. They think I’m crazy. To each their own I guess. I strongly feel that for a natural lifter reducing the volume per day and increasing the frequency is key.

  • Exercise 1 is dangerous for lower back and so is “pendulum inverted curl”. Viewers, please be careful about your lower back while doing the exercises demonstrated here

  • A few years ago I switched over from 3 way, to upper/lower body splits because it stopped making sense to me to train, say, shoulders and arms separately when all they need is to get a couple more sets after doing heavy push/pull movements for chest and back. After making the switch, my overall conditioning improved so much, that one day, after a leg workout, I still had a lot of energy and said fuck it, and jumped right into my upper body routine. I haven’t looked back since.

    One thing I’ll say is don’t forget about intensity. That is a very important part of the equation along with frequency and recovery.

  • I’m a huge fan of your training knowledge…….. keep going and make us more aware about the training procedures and muscular anatomy

  • Almost 30 years of natural bodybuilding training, with very good results, told me that training a muscle one time a week is not a myth at all. On the contrary, it means eficiency per workout.

    Guys, it seams you’ve forgot that, for exemple, a biceps trained Monday, is trained again (easier) in the same week (maybe Thursday) with back muscles. So with triceps and chest. And shoulders, that work every workout. So, at least in the uperbody area, the there’s no muscle that do nothing 7 day in a row. After 72 hours each muscle, although easier, is trained again.

    Training a muscle 2-3 times a week (spliting the total number of sets over many days) implies that muscle is never trained in the stimulative reps area (80-90% of its capacity). Resulting too many reserve reps (reps one can do more after a finished set) that leads at best to endurance training, not hypertrophy.

    You talk about “stay in the flow” method, but that’s a method for endurance sports mainly. In bodybuilding, we need to stay in the stimulative reps area and that depends on heavier weights and that need longer (than 72 hours) recovery per muscle.

    In short, it’s better to train (not to destroy) a muscle once a week in the range of stimulative reps area than split its capacity in little nonstimulative parts (workouts).

  • I stopped doing splits and went to full body. I feel better, and I’m getting stronger. The older I get, the slower I recover too when I bomb a single muscle group.

  • Oki….YuM! I like that move! The muscle definition and being able to see the action of the muscles is hot! I’ve been a good student learning but damn! That was the 1st time I was truly distracted! #eyecandy #thankyousir! #screwdriver

  • exactly what I was looking for… damn it… finally.. with my lower back problems that’s the only thing that looks reasonable to begin with

  • Less strain on my trashed shoulders, release on the spine thanks to gravity, plus working both obliques and lower abs simultaneously to save time. Adding this one to my program immediately, while removing at least one other which I really wasn’t enjoying much anyway…

  • Lower abs feel great to stretch and so I started stretching them with weighted medicine balls. I lay on a flat bench with both arms behind my head and I raise the medicine ball. Whether you do it straight-arm or like a mantis by bending the elbows, you feel that right in the lower abs and it feels great. Now I use an inversion bench at 90° to the floor and do the same overhead medicine ball raise. A 10, 12, & 20lb ball work good if you want to go til failure, drop weight, and go to failure again, etc.

  • Great content, I have a really hard time keeping my heels down on hack squat, but have no issue with barbell squats. Any suggestion as to what the cause may be?

  • Could I split every workout for each body part for 3 sessions and do them randomly throughout the week even if i train chest and shoulders on consecutive days?for example chest/back on monday shoulders/arms tuesday legs/chest wednesday back/shoulders thursday arms/legs friday ect…

  • Hello jeff. I like all your videos thank you. I have a shoulder displacement because according to the bone specialist I broke my shoulder joint. He said he could not help me, but any way you have helped me with other injuries and I was hoping you can make a video to fix my shoulder and to help others who have this problem too. Thanks again Jeff!!!

  • Ima try some of these arm exercises. But I have to say, U be coming up with some weird unique exercises. However anyone can see ya passion foe training. �� Right on kinfolk

  • Hey Jeff, I have a pretty f’ed up shoulder. I used to race motocross full time and this actually cost me my career. I dislocated my shoulder, tore my labrum, popped the cartilage off my rotator cuff, and damaged my auxiliary nerve. I did get surgery done, so my shoulder is no longer loose. BUT since I damaged my auxiliary nerve, my shoulder is still paralyzed. So I have limited range of motion and can’t build any muscle in my front or rear deltoids or any other muscle surrounding my shoulder. Even though the feeling has come back in my shoulder significantly since the injury, Every doctor I’ve seen pretty much said there is nothing that can be done about this. I was wondering if there is anything at all that you could recommend for me. This injury effects everything i try to do in the gym

  • So, to recap:
    Do the movement as warm-up for shoulder involving exercises.
    How to: lift the weight in hammer curl fashion, then transition to abduction and ends in W raise.
    Sets: 1-2
    Reps: 10-15
    Weight: 2/3 of your usual weight for lateral raise. e.g.: Lateral Raise 15kg, warmup 10kg.

  • Good physic! All i need to do is Photoshop my mug over yours and I’ll have your body within 5 minutes! Lol. I’m joking i look great, but not as great as you. But if you’re right with this advise in a few months to year I’ll have your physic in a year or so. I praise you. #athean-xtm

  • Creatine raises the risk for heart disease, cancer, liver damage, and stroke. It can also cause testicular shrinkage and breast enlargement in men. No thanks I’ll stick to tuna and eat in moderation.

  • My lower back killing me i tried many things even one of your videos man i got this small balls in that spot it hurt more and more each day. Any sugesstion

  • Wish this guy had been about when I first started training 35years ago…”time travel is possible with external rotation and facepulls “

  • So if i train three days a week full body 1 Push ups 2 Squats 3 pull ups 4 lunges 5 Handstand push ups 6 Leg raises and do 7 sets or cycles of this totally end this week with 21 sets in each exercise i will get more muscular and stronger??

  • It’s funny to imagine Jeff going everywhere wearing only long black pants and a microphone chord… Taking out the trash… The grocery store…

  • I am doing home workout without equipment about 45 minutes everyday to loose fat which is about 25% in my body. If I take protein and creatine, would this help me to gain muscle while loosing fat?

  • My shoulder hurts once it is over my head. For example if I make the movement of shoulder press without any weight, it gives me excruciating pain

  • You asked what the viewers want to see:
    Not just ‘man to man’ talks. Do you not train female athletes? Why not make strength training & fat loss videos ‘man to woman’ talks.��

  • I agree with the other commenters who note that Adam interrupted Sal several times and prevented him from finishing a sentence. That is very annoying and Sal is remarkably calm about it. Perhaps he’s used to it. I’ve noticed on their podcast that Adam frequently speaks at length and doesn’t say much. He seems to like the sound of his voice.

  • How can you manage to successfully hit all the major muscles with compounds and isolation work while also doing abs and a little bit of cardio in one workout every single time? It would take ages. Would appreciate if someone sheds some light on this one for me.

  • I can’t wait for my new free-standing Power Tower Dip Station Pull Up Bar to arrive!! (giggling like a girl)
    Now I know what those front-facing handles can be used for other than dips…
    Variety is da spice-of-Life…especially for something as redundant as lifting heavy objects repeatedly.
    Gotta keep it fresh!! Thanks again Jeff…you da Man!!

  • Your the best bro…
    I am 53 tomorrow and i am stronger than I ever was in my 30’s….M W F workouts and i hit every body part and superset half of my workout….Thanks bro!

  • I did 5 sets of 12-15 reps today, man my rotator cuff were on fire. Such a fantastic exercise for the rotator cuff/shoulders, thanks Jeff!

  • I’m a beginner and if I do these exercises in the order they are listed (say 3 times per week) is that a reasonable workout routine?

    I only have access to dumbbells and a bench and am trying to decide if I can start working out effectively and what exercises I should be doing

  • Kuddos to you guys posting/sharing on YouTube. It has been a game changer in the way I train myself and my fighters, it has certainly answered some of the work out questions on routines I see being posted, and fixed the way I was performing my exercises. By adding the critiques, tips and pointers. Awesome, humbled, and thankful.

  • I’m trying to study Jeff’s form and spaz is moving around too much. Jesse please try to keep it simple, we need to see Jeff’s movements a few times from different angles.

  • Always an incredible lesson in mechanics! Tools for the tool box! Any suggestions for a NON latex heavy bands company to buy from. I’m allergic to latex.

  • I noticed most average males that do some regular physical work tend to have more muscle and look much more fitter that these dickheads..

  • Guys, can be optimal split all my hypertrophy training, based in your volume/frequency (Dr.Mike Israetel) landmarks about 5/6 days per week, 2 or 3 small sessions each day? I workout in my home!

  • I agree frequency is crucial but we shouldn’t forget the cons here. People will pick only big movements leaving nothing in terms of different angles, movement patterns and variety in general. The second problem is, you can easily overtrain if you’re not sleeping and eating right. Repetitively destroying your muscle fibers before they had a chance to heal from the previous workout eventually leads to a crash.

  • Hi Jeff! I have a question about the shoulder joints, the reason is this: there is a problem with pull ups and similar exercises, as if the joint is coming out from the clavicle, and I cannot continue to do the exercise, tell me the reason and how to fix it, thanks!

  • Incredible..this guy’s tips saved me from an operation on my lower back last year and now he does it again with my shoulder condition/rotator cuff problem. Thanks so very much for all the advice, simply amazing ����

  • I tried this. I guess I was doing it wrong I felt like I wasn’t accomplishing anything. My gym has a “total gym” for abs I went back to that.

  • Hi, I recently started weightlifting for the first time in my life. I’ve been doing it for a month and a half. I usually will split like Back and bi, chest and triceps, then legs, things like that. Just to clarify, according to this I should be doing all of them in one day for less sets? I usually hit each thing twice a week.

  • “Where are you getting your glucosamine from?”
    I get mine from home made beef bone broth. Where do you think the glucosamine in your supplement comes from?

  • I’ve heard these guys say “well studies show this and that” but never provide actual sources

    At least post a link to the aforementioned study. Anybody can say “studies show…” without providing the source

  • This guy is awesome. He’s all about realistic building on all levels, love his videos. I love to lift but started out as a skinny geek too.

  • Agree with the back weak link perspective on the Back Squat. I was never able to continue progress upping numbers for them without SIGNIFICANT adjunctive Good Morning and Lumber Extension training.

    Conversely, that was never really a problem with Leg Presses and Hack Squats.

  • When I’m off supplements, I keep imagining myself missing something. And when I’m on supplementation, I feel like I shouldn’t. Meanwhile all I take is creatine. Thank you Jeff for making me feel good again. I workout twice a day (moderate/high intensity) 5-6times a day.

  • What would be an alternative for Hack squats? I have a home gym with a squat rack, smith machine, leg press, leg extension/hamstring curl machine. Great informative video!!

  • So, I tore all the tendons and muscle connections around my shoulder joint on both shoulders due to a work accident (a work pallet went out of control and it’s 2000lbs in motion tried to kill me; it was too big to dodge so I put my hands up on it, and braced to keep it from cutting me in half on shelving behind me. The weight pushed my arms so far back that it dislocated my shoulders and tore all the ligaments free.) so shoulder work is really important for me. However, my Physical trainer for my recovery was adamant that the exercise you’re doing there? Shouldn’t be done with more than 5 lbs of weight because after 5lbs of weight you start engaging the Bigger muscle groups of the back; when it comes to target Just the muscles relevant to shoulder function, its about perfect form and lighter weight to keep the back muscles from engaging to support the shoulder. He also has me lay on my side, on a bench-” rest ” elbow on my rib cage and without moving the elbow, let the weight down till my forearm is parallel with my stomach, then raise it back up to my forearm is parallel to the floor. This exercise engages only the shoulder socket and its soft tissues which when you’re having a shoulder problem, your back muscles already over engage in order to support and make up for the shoulder weakness.

  • I think the way you guys prescribed this without briefly discussing any programming is a bit confusing. If you did an old school full body using your example of 7 work sets per body part that is one hell of a long session you would be in the gym for 3 hours! Legs, Back, arms, Shoulders, Chest etc all 7 work sets and warm ups? I believe a bit of further explanation is needed.

  • Mine actually hurts in the lower range.
    Laying on my back I cant even raise a
    5lb. dumbbell without extreme pain.
    Or pushing a lawn mower in a very
    upright position. Tore mine 30 years
    ago. One otoscopic surgery made it
    worse so I let it be. 20 lbs. is all I can
    one arm overhead press. Sucks.

  • Since I found this video 3 months ago I added it to my schedule and I’ve been doing these exercise every since, guess what, I’m feeling so freaking great and I feel I gained good amount of mass muscles, thanx Athlean X

  • I’d say the biggest myth in fitness is that working a muscle group 1x/week means that those muscles are only used 1x/week.

    Volume and intensity will Trump any “frequency” protocol at least longterm.

    It is an incredibly safe and healthy product, and the results are way quicker than any other supplement out there!

  • The problem with the final doorframe exercise is grip strength. It does work the bicep but it requires rock climber grip strength to hold on to the frame more than a few reps.

  • HI Jeff my name is Ankit i have just started my fitness journey. Im big fan your Athlean x video i try to follow some of them also. Can u make a video on which exercise plan should beginner follow to make a base and then jump on to advance level and one Checklist video for people who are beginning there fitness journey.

  • There is no way you can train a muscle group more than 1x per week, if you train the sets to failure…trust me, I’ve tried and burned out very very fast…the only way this can be done is by lowering the intensity, so you can do more frequent workouts…I may try it for a bit…see how it goes…maybe stop a couple of reps before failure…or alternate between failure workouts and not going to failure..depends on recovery…when you increase frequency, recovery is extremely important…and you have to cut down on something drastically..whether it’s volume or intensity or both.

  • Creatine mono makes me hold a lot of water. Once off it a week or so I get my hard defined look again. Didn’t seem to hold much water with creatine ethyl ester though… Not sure if that stuff is still around…

  • Everyone should be taking creatine daily in my opinion, working out or not,its made a world of difference in my abilities! Just saying and if you are working out it’s even better!

  • Adam you’re a rude prick. Let Sal finish his statement. Adam, you don’t know everything and Sal started to say something interesting and you interrupted him several times. Yep, that’s being a rude prick. Learn some damn manners.

  • I have a pair of 50 lb dumbbells do you think that this is enough wait to get a very efficient workout? I plan to execute all of these exercises. And plus I don’t have much space and cleaned out my storage locker and what was my workout rooms is now my new storage locker!

  • Want to win an ATHLEAN-X program for free, no strings attached? Click the link below to find out how!

  • You better start coming up with names for these exercises. It’s kind of hard to talk about them, or refer to them, if a person has to explain the exercise every time they bring it up.

  • Anyone know if this helps with pain from benching in like the bottom part of the rotator cuff at the end of the down motion as the bar comes to your chest?

  • Not to take anything away from the hacksquat, but without using bands the hacksquat fuck my knees more than any other movement.

    I’ll try the bands and see if they alleviate the pain.

    I love the biomechanic explanations regarding the torque applied to the movements and how to mitigate the force applied to the joints.

    New subscriber inbound.

  • Kudos for the Video clip! Sorry for chiming in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you ever tried Chireetler Muscle Array Rule (just google it)? It is a smashing one of a kind product for learning how to get ripped abs without the normal expense. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my BF after a lifetime of fighting got great results with it.

  • Remember subscribing to this channel when Jeff was doing this out of his basement and his videos would help me alot
    Haven’t seen one of his videos in years and his subscriptions surprised me
    Is he the fitness YouTuber with the most subscribers?

  • Hanging is fine as long as you are retracting your scapula to prevent shoulder injury…. that abs shiit workout is lame… try a full leg raise to bar then to inverted hang on knee…. much harder and effective

  • I gotta tell you, this stuff is frustrating to get on top of. To combat the “broscience” counter argument I was reading today about the peerj study out of Brazil that showed no size difference for trained men (sample size of 16) that lifted (equal volume) once vs twice a week x 10 weeks. The authors for point out the Gentil 2015 study that showed greater STRENGTH with twice a week training. Anecdotal gets a bad wrap but I’m leaning towards following trainers like you guys who have both the science and actual application experience. Thanks for sharing your advice

  • I’m sorry but this BS about training more for more muscle growth. Body splits are around for a reason…. to minimise the impact on the CNS. Guys like reg Park, bill pearl, Steve reeves trained whole body parts three times a week but that was due to the limitations placed on them at the gym during the time as the gyms come Tuesdays and Thursday were for women only. Body splits ease the effect on the joints and the impact on the body and if your training compound movements what’s to say that your not also training shoulders and triceps on the same day your training chest and vis Versa your training also your chest on back and shoulder days

  • To sum up my end verdict is hit your bodyparts as frequent as you can this once a week thing is overated.I just wonder with this approach when will you have the time and energy for the rest of bodyparts i dont want to go 7 days a week at the gym i want my sunday off and it looks the 6 days wont be enough lol.

  • I’m a big proponent of full-body workouts. But hitting a body part for 7 sets 3x week is a bit much. You want to do compound exercise mostly (Mindpump has talked about this). Thereafter, I focus on one part (back, chest, or shoulders) and hit ONE of those for 6 sets overall. Other body parts, maybe 2 sets, sometimes even 1 set. The key is recovery, so stimulate but not annihilate. The next time, I focus on another body part with up to 6 sets. With squats and deadlifts included in the workout, I can do a total of 14-16 set a session before I become too tired and be recovered for 2 days later. But fullbody 3x week, the principle works!

  • Alpha destiny also swear by this but I dont know man… Squats dead bench arms calves Overhead press in the same day… I dont know I dont think I can give it my all and focus completely I think I would just lose focus and gas out after 1 big move x 7 sets and just fuck around for the rest and phuuck I mean hitting everything in one day would take what 3-4 pfucking hours I allready spend around 2 hours doing 2 bodyparts I mean think about it 7 sets of squats 7 of dead 7 of bench 7 of curls 7 of triceps skulls 7 of shoulder press 7 of calves 7 of pullups those are big cant miss exercises it just seems impossible to include them in 1 workout maybe 1-2 sets of each but still I dont think you can focus properly on what you train and you just jump around from one thing to another….. I need more convincing lol:)))

  • I love Jeff’s videos. I like many people have a busy life. Wife, kids, full time job, ect. I have limited time to train so I have to make it count. But just for an example, by following Jeffs advice, my bench has gone from 165 x 8 to 225 x 8 in a little over a year. And I only get about 40 to 45 min every 2 to 3 days at the gym. But I bust my ass while I’m there. Like he’s said in other videos, the one of the biggest factors in your progress is intensity and effort. Lift with a purpose. Thanks Jeff.

  • I disagree with #4 Farmers Carries.
    You wouldn’t walk around with heavy objects like that in a warehouse or on a farm.
    Weight ultimately centers on your back/spine.
    Poor way to lift heavy objects.
    #6 1 Arm Incline Bench Press is also questionable.
    He seems to be struggling for balance.
    Using two arms locks you into place and allows more focus on the muscle.

  • My only criticism of the full body, is why do i never see a big guy at any gym training this way? You cannot always blame steroids. all the meatheads train with bro-splits.

  • I would love a video explaining who should be taking what supplements and why. I’m on a health journey and have changed many things including my nutrition, sleep, and workout routine but I’m still pretty much clueless about supplementation. Currently I supplement with a variety of vitamins and minerals + fish/krill oil and turmeric. Thank you for all of your great content!!

  • your team are advocates for FB workouts, but what about an upper body vs lower body split. Pros? Cons? The same?  I see upper and lower body having the advantage of emphasizing more strength towards your work out as opposed to being more tired towards the end.Also, less time spent in the gym

  • No body’s body can build muscle in 2 days after injuring muscle impossible it won’t permit it.. even stiches after injuring the skin takes 10days to heal..

  • My shoulder stretch and warm up: stretch levator scapulae, stretch of biceps and triceps, straight arm shoulder depression on dip bars, serratus anterior push ups, rotator cuff and then proceed with normal shoulder exercises.. without these I will never work shoulders due to pain.

  • What you explained in this video was so game changing for me. Prior to finding MAPS i was already searching out full body routines due to the research done on it. I’ve not only gotten stronger and grown more on using this principle but my joints and tendons are thanking me. Try maximally stressing a specific joint/tendon in a muscle group for “beast mode” 20 set muscle specific workouts and watch what happens 1-3 years into it…

  • Interesting points, but for me training each muscle group 3 times a week is not only overkill, but also extremely time consuming.For what I can tell, I’ve made serious gainz from training each muscle group 1 time per week, and I am by no means a newbie..
    But anyway do what it works best for you!