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MTS Nutrition CEO Marc Lobliner discusses proper skullcrushers form. How to Perform the Skullcrusher Place a short straight barbell or EZ bar on the floor and select the appropriate working weight. Ensure you add an even amount of weight to both sides of the bar. don’t place 10lbs on. Your Complete Guide To Skullcrushers!

Tips for Crushing The Skullcrusher. Keep your upper arms perpendicular to the floor, not necessarily perpendicular to Common Skullcrusher Variations. Don’t use a very close grip on a bar; take it with a grip of about shoulder-width. Skull crushers target your triceps, elbows, and shoulders.

Form tips: Focus on hinging at the elbows, versus the shoulder. Start with the weights straight above your body, then only hinge at the. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to properly set up and perform the skull crusher using a barbell. Skull Crushers Start Step 1: Start by lying flat on your back, on a bench, with the head.

Skullcrusher Form Tips. Pick a weight you can complete 10 to 12 reps with initially — you’ll need to learn the form before you go heavy. Minimize Your Elbow Flaring. Doing barbell skullcrushers can be uncomfortable even in healthy participants. How to Do Skull Crushers (or French press) Skull Crushers is one of the most effective isolated exercises for triceps training.

This exercise can be. How to Do Skull Crushers With Perfect Form No Arch. Eb says: Maintain a sturdy body position: Feet flat on the floor, squeezing your glutes, and keep your core Shoulder Position.

Eb says: Once you have the bar over your head, drive your shoulders aggressively into. To do skull crushers, first lie down on a bench with your feet flat on the floor and your knees bent. Next, hold weights straight out from your chest with your wrists facing inwards. If you’re a beginner, start out with light weights like 5-lb dumbbells.

To show you what I mean, here now are what I’ve found to be the 6 most elbow friendly tips for doing skull crushers pain-free 1. Don’t Do Them With A Straight Bar. Even though most gyms have EZ curl bars, I still sometimes see people doing skull crushers and various other triceps extension exercises with a straight bar. Select your desired weight and sit on the edge of a flat bench.

To get into position, lay back and keep the bar close to your chest. Once you are supine, press the weight to lockout. Lower the weights towards your head by unlocking the elbows and allowing the ez bar to drop toward your forehead or just above.

List of related literature:

POSTURE: FUNCTION: COMMENTS: SUPPORT NEEDED HEAD X Functional X Good Head Control & X Flexed X Extended X Adequate Head Control NECK X Rotated X Laterally Flexed X Limited Head Control X Cervical Hyperextension X Absent Head Control SHOULDERS R.O.M.

“Preparing for the Occupational Therapy National Board Exam: 45 Days and Counting” by Rosanne DiZazzo-Miller, Joseph Pellerito Jr.
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Free-weight exercises require that the resistance be balanced in all three planes of movement (sagittal, transverse, and coronal) and require the use of additional muscles to balance the resistance, as is required of movement during everyday tasks.

“Optimizing Strength Training: Designing Nonlinear Periodization Workouts” by William J. Kraemer, Steven J. Fleck
from Optimizing Strength Training: Designing Nonlinear Periodization Workouts
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When strength training equipmentis available, the following exercises are recommended: leg press, leg curl, calf raises, seated row, chest press, latissimus dorsi pull-down, shoulder raises, back hyperextension, and abdominal crunches.

“Return to Sport after ACL Reconstruction and Other Knee Operations: Limiting the Risk of Reinjury and Maximizing Athletic Performance” by Frank R. Noyes, Sue Barber-Westin
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Keeping the right form is also a must.

“The Warrior Diet: Switch on Your Biological Powerhouse for High Energy, Explosive Strength, and a Leaner, Harder Body” by Ori Hofmekler
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To reduce tension on the anastomosis, cervical flexion is maintained with a heavy (No. 2) monofilament “guardian” stitch between the chin and the anterior chest wall.

“Cummings Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery E-Book: Head and Neck Surgery, 3-Volume Set” by Paul W. Flint, Bruce H. Haughey, K. Thomas Robbins, Valerie J. Lund, J. Regan Thomas, John K. Niparko, Mark A. Richardson, Marci M. Lesperance
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normative/ Enº dº Fublished descriptive administrawnlidity Intrº tion 1RM SSC Free Yes Yes Yes Time Familiarity bilateral Multuount weights consuming with back back squat and squat Likely to squat rºck require long recovery 1RM SSC Free No.

“NSCA's Guide to Tests and Assessments” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Todd A. Miller
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In part 1, I discussed the one-joint rule and load order sequence, which helped elucidate why you want to initiate movement from your hips and shoulders.

“Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance” by Kelly Starrett, Glen Cordoza
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Second, the device encourages active back extension through proprioceptive input and helps increase back extensor strength.

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A partner will be able to use the Exercise Glossary at the back of this book to make sure that you are using proper form for all exercises and that you are not injuring yourself by using improper form or too much weight.

“Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding” by Franco Columbu
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The exercise descriptions in Appendix A also include handy tips to ensure that you follow proper form.

“Body for Life for Women: A Woman's Plan for Physical and Mental Transformation” by Pamela Peeke
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  • They laughed when I told them I was going to bulk up with Mega Muscle Method, but then I showed them the results. Google Mega Muscle Method to see their reaction.

  • 2 different exercises… French Press vs. Skull Crushers or nose Crusher… one is a mid-range exercise and the other is a stretch exercise!

  • Dude been following you for a bit! Love your stuff man, but the house you helped built has gone to shit. I went there to train/school/and look for some higher end clientele (essentially following in your footsteps) only to find a whole heap load of shit. Convicts running the training program. GM with zero business skills. trainers who have no idea how to be trainers, and a gym with one of the worst customer service skills i’ve ever seen. I should know! I’ve switched gyms once a year looking for the right environment!!! Even people on yelp say mention you in passing saying “The once great Scott Herman once roamed these halls, but its come a long way since then.” Seems like you made the right decision by leaving, I know Jimmy says you guys are still besties LMAO peace

  • Can you initiate the movement from a different place other than your Chest. In the video it’s always initiated from where you would hold the bar if you were benching. What if you hold the bar beneath your noes or head? Thoughts?

  • I worked out for 2 years doing EZ bar skull crushers for one year pain free. stated doing DB skulls last month been getting super bd elbow pain. so forget this lift for me

  • I’m the complete opposite when it come to elbow pain.
    And how is doing it above your skull with the risk of crushing it not a skull crusher?��

  • Hi, I love your videos I see sometime you’ll take look at someone new account to set it up for winning. I would love if I could send my account info for you to clean up! Sincerely, Firehotred

  • Superb video. Thank you! Could you please make a video on Barbell Good Mornings? A lot of weird advice is online around that exercise. Cheers

  • Yes! But I had to stop the exercise for a month or two and let it heal. Then I started again with stricter form and lower weight. Seriously 10 pound dumbbells and slow movements with good form is all I need and I’m 6’3 210. I’ve been lifting for roughly a year. I do this as a finisher but it still burns around the 10th rep.

  • Timely as fck. Did a skullcrusher / frenchpress today and was experimenting on the form cos sometimes when I do it it’s on point but then at times I feel some elbow pain. Annoying cos I can’t seem to be consistent with it. Def gonna follow ur tips Doc!

  • Dr. Mike is the best. He’s not a satirical personality on YouTube, or a car crash of a channel, only popular because you can’t look away. He’s actually giving you good, researched, honest, wholesome advice.

    IsraetelListen to your body within the parameters of doing the movement right. If that movement doesn’t work, same rules but do a different, relative movement….. Boom, knowledge.

    The other guy”TRAIN HARDER P***Y”…… Just no.

  • thanks for addressing the elbow issue; my elbows have been my main hindrance in doing triceps workouts so far. gonna try this out, thanks!

  • Hello, have you heard about “MuscLeader” (look on Google)? There you will find a useful free video featuring the right way to gain noteworthy muscle easily whilst losing unwanted fat all at once. Steve is one of the numerous men which enjoyed amazing success making use of this system. I hope it works for you as well…

  • newer player here. 1st mistake i ever done is using 270 gems to purchase x3 blue shard. i end up have 10 blue shard. summon x10. got x2kael and Elhain. epic ursain, karem and umbral. but i manage to max out all my mains Athel, Kael and Elhain. support halfway there trying my best to get Apoc. but like ASH said. dont waste you gems. u may have epic champ. but to max out those champ is hard. easier max is when you farm in campaign but isnt last long since you have like tons of good dungeons out there needed to be conquered.

  • thank you for the video! I just got him yesterday. opened 18 ancient shards and only got 2 epics but since he was one of them (the other was atur), I’m not complaining. I’m a free to play so this is pretty big for me!!!

  • Subscribed! I’ve been playing this game every day for the last month and a half and this was so helpful! I hit a wall and wasn’t sure what to do next!

  • Can you do one for incline dumbbell. How much of a angle should the angle of the bench be? and how to press it? how to retract the shoulder blades? what should the bar path be of the dumbbells?

  • You should have give the tip to never max out flat stats gauntlets, chest plate and boots. And some hints on how to save silver when gearing the champions, to avoid paying silver over and over again when removing an item.

  • Honestly speaking, these guys have the best demonstrations of any exercise whether it’s weights or bodyweight! No long speeches just straightforward demos!

  • tried these 2 days ago.. flared my elbows out just a little, so that i don’t fuck them up. Felt sth like a deeper contraction, where the long the head attached to the shoulder. Only thing i noticed is that in order to bring the dumbells back, your head should hang off the bench a little, otherwise the dumbells will crash on the edge of the bench and you won’t get the full stretch. Apart from this, which i think is dangerous for your neck, the other is good

  • Hello everyone. Outstanding vid.

    My bro was formerly an overweight boy. He revolutionized himself from 290 lbs of pure fat to 204 lbs of real lean muscle mass. I could not believe it! I just signed up myself as I’d like to enhance my body shape. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Google it)…

  • Gems on Energy seems really good, but you didn’t mention Gems for Masteries, especially for your early on Clan Boss characters. Given how much Energy and time it would take to get full Masteries for one Champion, even assuming you’re in the position to do those later stage Minotaurs, do you think it’s worth it to Gem out those Masteries? If you were to convert all that Energy spent getting the scrolls into a Full Energy refill, doesn’t it come out to far less Gems to just buy out the Masteries?

  • As someone who just started few days ago, seeing you got 4 unspent Sacred Shards in your portal and saying “Put your worst champions in defense arena” while you have Coldhearth slotted there makes me twitch.
    Jokes aside, very helpful video, thank you!

  • this game is a cash grab!! this game is NOT a RPG!!! its a slot machine feeding addicted gamblers!!! such lies and very misleading…

  • Never ever had any injuries in my life and just changing to your method wrecked one of my shoulder to the point i couldnt move it in extreme pain been 3 months off gym i still feel it more like shoulder wreckers

  • Love your vids they have helped me tremendously, however, couldn’t disagree more on this one. With many movements we are sometimes looking to put the most strain at a certain point in the movement, the best example I can use is the curl. When standing the curl places the most load at the 90 degree point in the movement. When doing preachers, the most load is at the bottom. When doing hanging inverted curling to the top of your head, the load is most great at the highest point of contraction. These different load positions are used by the best B-builders to strain the muscle at different points in the movement to sculpt and train it. The scull-crusher is the same. I disagree with this video only because you are saying the 90 degree angle is wrong-when in actuality it is not wrong, it is simply placing the most load on the triceps at the stretched position as opposed to the flexed position. Your way reverses this and puts the most load at the flexed position. Your way also reduces range of motion considerably. I do think both are very good depending on what you want to achieve but you saying the 90 degree position is wrong is not correct in my view. If I am missing something please inform me-thanks again for all your great vids.

  • Doing heavy free weight skull crushers hurts my elbows pretty bad. I’ve switched to doing cable skull crushers and the pain is almost non existent. Could you do a video explaining how to do them properly, or are they even a worthy replacement at all?


  • A friend told me I should start doing skull crushers at the gym. As a blood thirsty barbarian, that only meant one thing to me. This seems much more sensible. Thank you for the demonstration,  champion.

  • So it seems that im doing it the wrong way but i can do 225 for 6 reps and my arms are also bigger than yours so im doing someting good

  • Definitely one of your better guides done so far bud. Glad to see you listening to the viewers. I already knew you did but got some new ppl lurking around

  • I do mine with just one dumbbell in both hands, and alternate which hand goes on top during my 4 sets.  I don’t know why it never occurred to me to use one dumbbell in each hand!

  • I never get a single take away from any of these athlean videos. So much shit to scrub through to get to the point. What does he think about JM pressing?

  • I only found you a week ago jeff and already I love you ���� just had to drop my weight but feeling it a head of a lot more, I am a dick no more!!

  • Hey, can anyone tell me why I shouldt use Epic or Legendary doublicates as fodder / Skill-upgrades? I dont get the point to collect doublicates

  • literally one minute before hitting Skull crushers at home, i open youtube to play some music and just got the notification fo Dr. Mike explaining the exercise.. What else could you ask for

  • um, I probably wont get an answer, but, lets say if I’m doing these just in my home and I have no bench, can I simply lay on the floor? I mean I’m just wondering since he said in the video that you need to lay on a bench…

  • The work done is actually zero in both cases. The force you apply to the bar is always 90 degrees relative to the displacement of the bar since it’s moving in an arc

  • Don’t do this! The more you tilt back your arms, the more you risk damaging your rotator cuff. And after one reaches a certain level of strength in the triceps it will be almost impossible to maintain the “optimum” angle (aka few degrees away from injuring your shoulders). If you really are concerned about that last bit of movement (which is indeed “lost” as the forearms get perpendicular), you could safely target that with pulley extensions.

  • I just got him today! Having a job levelling up as f2p but I think I need to do more farming. Just haven’t had the time

    BEST INTRO…Happy birthday Kea ��

    Much ❤️ as always

  • Hi.question i have magister. Rare Support with Skills of 1 majestic 2 anoint 3 censure and 4 aura. I can’t find any thing on how to build Mysteries..i can only find 3 abilities. None no 4. Can you help..thanks oldscorpion68…

  • I love that you not only provide good tips for better workouts, but you also explain why it will help.  Makes me trust your advice a lot more than if you had just said the tip and then peaced out.

  • do you review accounts and help them with their champ list for certain area? like campaign dungeon, arena etc? I’ve seen people doing that on YouTube. help build an account.

  • Sean someone told me that if I walk my dog before I go lift that I’ll have upwards of 30% more gains. What are your thoughts on this?

  • By this logic wouldn’t the top position of a squat, bench press, legpress etc… be “wrong”? Levers are all aligned at the top of those movements too (assuming you lock out).

    0:00 Intro
    0:40 Mistake #1 Not making the behind the head and to the nose separate variations
    3:28 Mistake #2 Not enough range of motion (ROM)
    6:37 Mistake #3 Uncontrolled eccentric
    7:41 Mistake #4 No standardized ROM
    9:04 Mistake #5 Letting elbows flare (especially on the way down)
    10:45 Mistake #6 Grip too narrow or too wide
    12:43 Mistake #7 Descent sequence/initiating the movement wrong
    14:54 Mistake #8 Going too heavy or too light
    17:26 Concluding remarks

  • Why is classic arena so bad? I mean as a few week player all of my arena opponents are 6 stars or more. my hero is finally 5 star but my power is 24k or less and most people are 30k or more for 97% or more of my choices. is there a balance for arena to find opponents that are near my star level and or power?

  • Started Raid about 40 days ago and your videos are a super great help! I am using my resources efficiently and only made a few mistakes at the beginning. Not sure if it’s creepy though that i watched almost all your videos in 2-3 days:DDD

  • Do them single arm, with the opposite arm providing a spot. It will up your triceps. And old school tip. Alternate them to failure.

  • Brandon might want to top up your elbow grease you’re a little squeaky. lol more proof the buff dudes are from the future their android bodies needs a lube change. I just hope they are not Red Ribbon androids lol!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr. Sean, Namaste. you are totally right. What I have been doing since a couple of months is slightly decline the bench backwardz and in that backwards poaition do the scullcrushers.

  • Excellent set of weights!>>>    I start with these for motivation, then I get on my BOWFLEX M3 MAX TRAINER! I can do cardio and strength in the same workout! I do a set of reps for three different muscles, then after I do a set for each of those muscles, I FEEL ENERGIZED TO HOP ON MY ELLIPTICAL (the M3) FOR 20 MINUTES, then I get off and do 2 more sets for those three different muscle groups, and I’m done!! Excellent equipment, just gotta keep doing it at least 5 times a week!

  • Hi, have you experienced Smashing Ripped X? (Google it) You will learn about the crimes we commit against our bodies. With Smashing Ripped X, you will discover how to bulk up fast.

  • Great video Dr Mike. I’ve been following all the advice he gives on all exercises including this one, and it’s been making a huge difference. Thanks Dr Mike.

  • If you’ve been working out for less than 2 years then i strongly recommend that you DO NOT do this exercise. Your elbows will thank me later.

  • Thank you…I’m not trolling but thanks for helping noobs like me ��I’m gonna start out light because they look kinda weird to get use to doing… and I’m new at the gym too

  • Dr Mike yet another excellent video with great content always informative and helpful which makes lifting such a pleasure and so much more effective!!!��������������

  • I was doing this exercise in the right way cause i saw this video, then the PT came and said what are you doing? He forced me to train like a dick

  • My gym has iron dumbells, it’s always fun when my arms are starting to fail during my last couple of reps and I feel like I’m about to literally crush my skull

  • Put a lot of strain on my shoulders with higher weight. Just sayin…
    Also this guy can find something wrong with anything…probably sitting on the toilet wrong when i take a shit!

  • Hi there, have you tried “MuscLeader” (look on Google)? There you will find a nice free video explaining the right way to pack on noticeable lean muscle quickly whilst dropping excess fat at the same time. Kev or many other guys like him had good results using this technique. It may help you as well…

  • Well the arena advice is not good for start-mid players imo. Because when you struggle to get to silver/gold or stay there you can’t afford to lose in defence, coz u’ll fall to lower tier and no one promise you that you can climb again.

  • try doing this by bringing the dumbbell behind your head not to your forehead/nose it might work. oh and btw i have the same issue as you and i use elbow supports and the pain is gone.

  • Thanks for this! I wanted to start adding skull crushers to my workout. I decided to double check how to do them. I figured you would have a video on the subject. Thanks again.

  • Youtube comment section is so spamy these days. Too many bots. I wasted hours of my life trying all kinds of sites from the comments and not a single one works. I have found a Youtube video regarding this website called Gamecrook. That one did work to my surprise.

  • If you really want to get ripped, i suggest you Google the term “Aston Muscle Ripper”. You are certainly end up getting the appearance you deserve.

  • Yeah…… I am going to trust a 4x Mr Olympia like Jay Cutler who suggests doing Skullcrushers instead of someone who has no accolades.

  • He’s 100% right the second way hurts like a b%^$# but you’re really targeting the tricep muscle group. HIGHLY recommend lowering the weight of the weights if you cant achieve a solid set of 10 with proper form and elbows in

  • noone will ever know the answer to that ;( but fuck it, i’m doing em on the floor anyways.. that’s what i’ve been doing the last couple months, working just fine

  • Watched this years ago and still think about proper form of this exercise to this day, im always trying to make the starting point straight vertical for some reason then I remember this video ����

  • One of my favorite RAID content creators! Been playing 3 months but this right here really helped me! Keep up the great work bruh!

  • You want your arms more extended outwards toward your head. Raising to the mid point (rather than pulling the dumbells all the way up) results in almost double the amount of hypertrophy according to a study.

  • imagine making content about a known marketing scheme, then imagine being someone who watches that content
    edit: 2:19 i also dont appreciate the use of the n-word, its not funny or cool

  • One tip: Do not underestimate Kal’el (Kael) Otherwise Ash has annoyed alot of people, because he certainly does sum this game out….

  • currently i got the Raid Card and XP Boost, but Campaign
    Brutal 12-3 for 8 energy gives 20k xp (1 farmer and 1 lvling split 50%)
    Nightmare 12-3 for 16 energy gives 46k xp (1 farmer and 1 lvling split 50%)
    double the energy and i still get roughly 6k xp more on nightmare campaign, granted it is way slower but with autobattles and other stuff to do than Raid, well, that’s kinda the better choice

  • Public gym, no shirt on, no towel. Fuck using that bench after you. I see common hygiene and courtesy for other gym users doesn’t count here. �� But you gotta looked ripped for the camera right?

  • Love the game had it for 90 days your tips were very useful help me out a lot to get my champions on the right paththe program had me do an update after I didn’t update it totally deleted off my phone and I’ve been permanently blocked now which I do not understand and I did put a little bit of money in to get gems and other potions to help me develop my characters just to see all of it gone

  • Hey mike, when i go into full elbow extension i feel a much better contraction of the tricep but i get a small pinching pain in the elbow. Thoughts?

  • I tried doing skull crushers with a cast iron dumbbell. I do not like using cast iron dumbbells I like the adjustable dumbbells better.

  • So Acc,Spd,LifeStl are great gear but it has terrible drop rates compared to the trash gear. Is there any talk of fixing this or just losing useless gear?

  • Do them with dumbells and don’t listen to the bros saying “to the forehead”. Let the dumbells go well behind and below your head and get that extra long head activation everyone’s looking for. Awesome exercise and not killing your elbows.

  • Youtube comment section is so spamy these days. There is way too much spam. I wasted so many hours using all kinds of sites from the comments and not even one worked. I did find a Youtube video about a website called Gamecrook. That one did work to my surprise.

  • Awesome video as always! I would love to see one on cable face pulls, especially talking about technique when using a fixed high cable (lay pull down on a power rack). Reverse fly would be cool to see as well.

  • When it’s the video of Dr. Mike and I know quality is going to be 110% and info is reliable and he is jacked ���� love from.India appreciate the content I have a problem in bench press my wrists get into radial deviation as I GI for reps can you suggest something

  • hey man. the vídeo tutorial is great. you might want to reduce the background noise, which is not necessarily an issue if you have the gym for your own like I ve noticed.

  • Dr Mike, I tend to extend my shoulder all the way up, so my DBs usually go well below the bench line. this tends to help with my elbow tendon pain for some reason, I would assume this is similarly going to focus on the long head. do you think there’s any disadvantages for more exaggerated shoulder extension in skull crushers?

  • Wow I am learning so much. And somewhat baffled LOL but I’m excited to play smarter and learn more. Thank you for these videos they are awesome

  • Wow, for me this slight adjustment made a huge difference in effectiveness. Keep up the good work Sean. Your videos inspire me to do better.

  • i dont agree that arena is not important, if you do your missions you will see that the second from last task is to get to gold. although i guess it doesnt matter until you get there.. i will say that my team is pretty bad a.. and i stillloose to ppl with half the team strength..a bout to pull my hair out lol

  • I love this game Ash you and hell hades have been my go to guys when trying to learn this game i’m pretty new to the game I was wondering would it be OK to put warmaiden in a toxic set because of her poison buff jw I have only been playing for about 2-3 weeks now and I love the content you put out also. And what set should I put on my fellhound i have him up to level 30 acended 2xs already

  • I’ve been binging these technique videos and all your other videos since I first saw your channel haha! Keep it up Dr. Mike, these videos are spectacular!

  • Holy shit, watching this video at 3am, everyone’s asleep at home and when this dude suddenly start talking at beginning of video, I was super shocked. ��

  • i really wish i looked up some of these videos when i first started. im level 49, about 2.25 months in. and i’ve used so many rare and epic champions as rank up fodder in the start. im only now starting to rank up uncommons to 4 and 5 stars

  • You guys are the best fitness channel ever! Perfect combination of great information, really good sense of humor and just great quality videos overall! Thanks, Buff Dudes keep it up!

  • who cares about the weight he uses? he got a beter body than you and he got like 100k+ views on all his videos. Are you jelly poor litle child?

  • Awesome ash i think you are listening to viewers i saw some suggestions about these type of vids for new to mid gamers! i know it seems easy to you veterans but new people need these!

  • Voici mon lien d’installation pour Raid: Shadow Legends. Installe-le à l’aide de ce lien et nous gagnerons tous les deux des cadeaux gratuits qui nous donneront un coup de pouce!

  • I am currently 3 months in and like to think I’m ahead of the curve for my current progression in the game. Very well said on all topics covered! I certainly wish I had known this from the start but luckily most of these tips I picked up quickly along the way in the early game. Highly recommend new players to live by these rules!!

  • But when two forces are parallel, it gives maximum workdone isnt it??
    W = F*D*cos(theta) so theta = 180 hence, W is max
    If so, bench press, shoulder press all involved, 180 degree between force

  • Skull crushers are honestly one of the most overrated exercises of all time. First they can easily destroy your elbows (doesn’t matter what weight you use) and second, people expect to grow by just doing isolation exercices when in really, all what matters or at least the most, is whether you progress on the compounds.

  • So yeah… I buy 2 star champs in the market all the time to level up for food… if you don’t buy those how else are you going to get them besides pulling them from shards? I mean I really want to know, because you have plenty of 60’s, and I am working on my 6th one, and that is how I have been doing it.

  • One caveat to the Great Hall there’s an early mission to upgrade all the attack affinities (except void) once, I would advise doing that to prevent your missions being stuck at a very early stage.