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The Sandbag Training Ultimate Exercise The sandbag shines when it’s kept to four movements? Squatting it, pressing it, carrying it and shouldering it. Now, clearly the barbell is the king of the squat. For this move, the sandbag stands in for a medicine ball to strengthen your abs and obliques as you work to stabilise your body.

Sit holding the sandbag with feet off the floor (A). Twist at the. These workouts show a relatively simple approach to integrating nearly all the training variables we discussed up above. Welcome to the evolution of fitness and strength training.

Give this program a shot and let me know what you think! Sandbag Strength Program Workout 1 Superset. Rotational Lunge: 2 sets of 10-12 reps per side, rest 40 seconds. Stand tall gripping the sandbag in front of your body.

Step back into a reverse lunge as you rotate the sandbag to the outside of the front foot. As you step forward, rotate the bag in front of your body. Step the other foot back into a reverse lunge and rotate the sandbag to the outside of the front foot. Such Ultimate Sandbag™movement drills also burn a ton of calories because they require both strength and stability.

Movement exercises combine acceleration and deceleration which means the body must use A LOT of muscles and develops. DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Complexes This provides an opportunity to really focus on some movement oriented drills that will make you feel that flowing strength that often is accustomed to training like martial arts, gymnastics, or even some more strength based yogas. Workout sandbags are sand-filled bags that when used for training engage muscles and muscle stabilizers to help build power and strength, increase endurance, explosiveness and brute force, while also increasing overall lean muscle mass and decreasing total body fat. Sandbag Deadlift The Deadlift is a staple exercise for almost any sport, building solid hip, glute and hamstring strength.

Substituting a sandbag for a barbell requires you to slow down and reduce. The whole point of sandbag training is having a LOOSE, shifty bag. So keep it LOOSE. Be sure to use CLEAN, DRY sand. Whether you get it at a hardware store in 50# bags, or dig it up in the wild, it must be clean and DRY.

Wet sand will mildew and ruin your bag. And, it. The Ultimate Sandbag is an awesome and well designed fitness tool but it’s power lies in the creative and science backed exercises and programming provided by Josh Henkin and Jessica Bento and their DVRT system.

This is real world, functional training at it’s best.

List of related literature:

Going from an explosive movement such as a hang clean, to a basic strength movement such as a front squat, to another explosive exercise such as a push press is a great way to stimulate the muscular nervous system and speed up your metabolic rate (i.e., burn calories).

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This routine is useful not only for novice weightlifters but also, because of its taxing nature, well-conditioned athletes should use it when they are concentrating on building their strength.

“Spinal Cord Injuries E-Book: Management and Rehabilitation” by Sue Ann Sisto, Erica Druin, Martha Macht Sliwinski
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The conventional ways to build muscle are to perform big, compound lifts, such as squats and dead lifts, or to combine the super-slow approach and fast, explosive approach.

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As it is known that EIMD may in turn predispose to MT injury, it is important that eccentric exercises be incorporated into a preparticipation exercise program.

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The purpose of this workout is to increase maximum muscular strength, not to build endurance.

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This type of workout is a good base upon which to build threshold work, so he should be sure to make it a base that is wide and strong.

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If this is his goal for this competition, he may use only moderate training loads for the clean and jerk and then undertake a training session after the contest.

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The purpose of pushing the sandbag in front of your body is to change the leverage and increase the workload on the muscles.

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For example, if the athlete could back squat with good form, I might introduce the front squat or overhead squat or simply have him run 400 meters—to get him breathing heavily—and then perform multiple air squat repetitions.

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The dynamic method should include upper and lower body exercises.

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  • am I the only one who looks for new routines and expects the demonstrators to use “sandbags”? Not “foam-filled-bags” when going through the routines?

  • Too much momentum in the routines, and poor form. Think bag too heavy for you but, principal good. Form is paramout in any varied workout!!!! I don’t think there is enough potential for slow/fast twitch stress ‘micro tear’ on muscles. Just my opinion. Thanks for the video though. Interesting.

  • If anyone is a bit low on cash, I do this same thing but I bought an 80 pound bag of concrete from Home Depot for $4.50, and I put the bag into a pillowcase and do it that way.

  • Not to blow smoke but your are pretty awesome, I am 65 and I wish we had this knowledge and training in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. I do not think I could do it today. 12 years in the military and multiple shoulder and knee surgeries has slowed me down a little.

  • Oh man! That’s probably some of the worst sandbag instruction and technique I’ve seen on YouTube. You’re going to get yourself or worse somebody else hurt. if you guys want to really learn sandbags go to amd learn from someone who knows. The DVRTsystem is thorough and well designed.

  • That sandbag wall set…get some! Looks like that can definitely give you a gut check. I got a 50lb pig egg (taped up sandbag) gonna have to try and get creative with that, since its the only weight I have at the moment. Awesome content!

  • Ironically I just got a sandbag in the mail, specifically the 100lb Rogue strongman sandbag… needless to say even with 100lb it is quite heavy and challenging.

  • Good stuff! Ive been Powerlifting for decades and only now have I discovered sandbags, I use these as finishers but I can see the benefits

  • Love it Daniel! I use my 10lb weights and modify some of the moves! #Beastmode Now moving on to another one of your great workouts! WORKOUT almost COMPLETE! 

  • Can’t wait to sandbag tomorrow. Also, building my 2nd sandbag for conditioning: speaking of which this seems like a good conditioning workout for the jits, you still rollin’?

  • I want to see a heavier sandbag workout. I’ve got kettlbells which I’ve been using to workout at home, but I just got a sandag to supplement heavier training since I don’t have barbell. Mainly plan to do bear hug squats and sandbag to shoulder in a 3-8 rep range. If I keep going heavy enough is this enough to replace a barbell?

  • Yeah I’ve been preaching sandbag carries for while. I used to be big on bear hug carries with plates, but they were too awkward as they got heavier. You could drop a 200lb sandbag on your foot and not even feel anything either so its relatively safe from that standpoint. Sandbags are extremely affordable and super underrated

  • I wanted to try at home workouts with sandbags and this one was awesome. Really fun oddly and i’m spent afterwards. I got a cheap bag off a shopify page (@t and it’s worked out really well. Thank you for the video!

  • you f* animal dude, I just bought 40kg of horse oats by accident(corona survival tactics gone wrong I meant to buy 40kg of human otats), now I know what Ill do with em, shot for the inspiration hahaa, this week gunna be crazzie, back yard outdoor street workouts here we come baby

  • Great video, I just started working out with a sandbag. I’m older and have a few injuries. This is the first sandbag workout I’ve seen that doesn’t include something high-impact.

  • Thanks I have added this routine to my Sunday Sandbag workout. Working on doing 73 push-up in one minute for my 73rd B-day, this routine will help

  • Great stuff. I’ve just purchased a sandbag, so definitely going to be following this! Also man, you look a bit like Vasyl Lomachenko.:)

  • Yo Alex thanks for the great content any chance you can do a dumbbell complex full body workout video love to get your thoughts on it

  • Yo, the bear crawl.���� I was just thinking to improve it.. once drag threw, you turn around holding the same beat position and repeat as a space safer! (My cell is limited)��

  • Great work out, question where did you get your sandbag? That bag you have looks a lot better than mine. Second my inserts only come in 20 pounds fo you know where to buy lighter inserts for the bag?

  • sand… is inorganic. By definition. Pedantic, but hey!

    I made a workout sandbag out of a 30L waterproof riverbag (for whitewater trips)thick, very tough PVC vinyl (built for holding gear, and getting dragged over rocks on river banks). It’s about 85lbs for most workouts, but can bump it up to over 100lbs if I want. It doesn’t have handlesso it’s really tricky to lift for cleans, squats, etc. The pointthere’s a ton of duffel/sport bags that you can convert into really effective workouts toolsof all sizesjust go in the closet/basement/attic!

  • Excellent workout. I’ve seen on the channel for years and finally did it. My back is burning! Haha. I learned that I can’t do a Turkish getup with 35kg of weight on my shoulder….. yet. Felt like something was gonna pop out of place, so I stopped. Anyway, great work.

  • How much pain can tose sandbags really take though? I want to slam something on cement floors. Gotta release some locked-up emotions haha

  • Your posture is awesome. Did you focus on making it like that so the shoulders are in the right place etc or it was just genetics?

  • Corona Frustration SANDBAG WO > jus a poor kid livin in Detroit > Gov says no fishin, no travellin & 24/7 LOCKDOWN, I’m real weak until I saw image of control freak Governor witchface painted on heavy sandbag. Whadda a workout, I got super STRONG throwing & slammin that sandbag unbroken 50x reps.

  • I just got my sandbag last week, its 120lbs..after taking a coupled months off the gym it feels really heavy! Im excited to learn new variations and how to program around it.

  • Hell yeah bro! Just bought an old canvas duffle bag and using up the builders sand in my shed. Throwing and carrying stones, high rep kettlebells… I’m enjoying it!

  • It’d be cool to see a video of different variations of exercises you can do with the landmine attachment and vbar grip especially while at home

  • Perfect timing! I just got home from Lowe’s, I bought 4 70lb sandbags, contractor bags and gorilla tape. About to make a 210lb sandbag and work my way up to using all 4 as a 280 lb sandbag. Thanks for the great ideas.

  • Hey pal, thanks for this video, actually I bough a 20 kilos sand bag and tried 3 stages on one routine, I almost die but i made it. Thanks again.

  • Hey alpha,
    Would you say that benching and ohp with fat gripz, targets forearm extensors to a greater extent than normal grip width?


  • I watch and sometimes help guys carry shingles up ladders onto roofs for them to build a roof, I help them out to help the guys and sometimes for a workout, which got me wanting a sandbag. Nothing like carrying 160lbs of shingle up a ladder, and then up a roof, and getting down and doing it again. It’s quite a workout. Mad respect to those guys that do it all day.

  • A big shotout from
    Mexico city! 2 workouts in the calendar and i really love mi sandbag and how i learned to use thanks to you sir. ����

  • Right on. Thanks for sharing. I’m new to sandbag training so I’m grateful for everyone who shares training videos and info like this. Subscribed.

  • I think I t s very good workout.
    but it lasts only 5 minutes. is it right? or do I have to do first circuit=reps&sets. 3 times each set? or is this enough?because it makes me breathe hard:) thanks

  • what up QUADZILLA!
    I’m a runner trying to integrate some sandbags into my training for a little strength. Appreciate the help man!

  • If I wasn’t so hellbent on getting to 50 one arm one leg push ups each arm consecutively, then I would be training sandbag strict presses all-day long. Just as soon as I obtain my current goal because I wanna see how much it can increase my bench press.

    Already doing sandbag bent over rows… I do mine supinated grip, I can pull more weight that way and it’s the best bicep building exercise there is, not to mention back width and thickness.

    It’s no problem to fill up a sandbag with 200kilo of sand, or about twenty 5 kilo plastic sand packets (just throw in 5 kilo of sand in a trash bag, ducttape it up and your weight is ready, but I just shovel sand in lol)…. Mine can take it up to 300kilo.

    So yeah…

    Sandbag standing strict presses build your pec, shoulders, arms, increases your bench press but most notably barbell strict press like crazy….

    You can also do sandbag bench presses but then you would have to tightly wrap the whole sandbag in a thick nylon rope net, and hold on to the thick nylone ropes, and that way your range of motion won’t be compromised

    I just do sandbag standing presses and throw in sandbag flies(bunch of 5 kilo sand pouches in two travel bags and use it as dumbbell flies)

    Also do sandbag zercher squats for high reps.

    Most notably, you wanna do sandbag floor cleans with heaviest sandbag you can manage. Great deadlift alternative for lower back.

    Sandbags are how Vikings, gladiators, Spartan soldiers and Roman legionnaires used to train strength with…. These were the strongest men in recorded history, especially the Vikings….

  • Your videos stand out more than other channels during this pandemic because i can tell your passion for fitness hasn’t changed despite the situation. So many people i know only like working out if they have a gym. It’s about will

  • This week marks the official switch from barbells and dumbbells for the winter to kettlebells and sandbags for the summer. These workouts are a great start!

    By the way, I also use Brute Force bags. I added their sandbells to my bag set. They can go up to 45 pounds each but I filled them the 35. Makes them easier to grip. I use the straps for regular KB stuff but also just grab the bag to work clutch strength. 100 foot farmer carries grabbing the bag itself instead of using the straps really hits your forearms. And going to failure is safer than dropping 45-pound iron plates.

    Don’t forget to incorporate weighted pull ups and weighted dips into your sessions.

  • With weights out of stock for the next two months, I might buy myself one of these and some kettle bells. I just have two 30lb dumbbells and a pull up bar

  • I did this with real sandbags that are 70 lbs for blocking water/traction in the back of a truck and ripped sand all over my basement. Thanks

  • 18���� dislikes are fat greasy belly eating fucks that watch the video and said….uuhhhh I’ll start next year (it is january 4th) ��������������������������

  • How does that strongman green bag get up to 200 lbs. it says on there website up to 125lbs. I’d love to know how I can make mine more heavy

  • lost 60lbs in 82 days 1.5yr ago doing this workout and keto only. I still don’t know why this burns just as much calories as the 40min version and Advance version but hey…it works either way.

  • Sandbags are so easy to make take a bunch of ziplock bags fill with sand reinforce with duct tape and put as many as u like into a duffel bag I don’t have room for a home gym and it would cost too much to go to my “local” gym (2 hour drive isn’t very local) so I usually use sandbags

  • for those that do not have a sandbag, get a duffel bag from a second hand store (one where the handles go around the bag) stuff it with grocery bags and use gravel (home depot $3.77  50 lbs/.5 cu ft) for weight. Sandbag for under 10 bucks.

  • Hi guys, I didn’t have a sandbag so, I used a 20 lb kettlebell with a with a longer handle. It worked pretty well with majority of the exercises. Thanks, I really enjoyed this one. Keep ’em coming!!

  • Is it normal to not feel the same type of soreness the next day as you get with traditional weight lifting or even calisthenic workouts?
    I just did this whole routine yesterday with a 40lb bag. First time working out in nearly two years so Im very out of shape. It felt pretty challenging as I was doing it but I dont feel super sore today. My biceps, shoulders, and quads are the most sore and the rest of my body has hardly any soreness at all. Just not sure if I actually accomplished anything with the workout.

  • Hey Guys! Our main interest still lies in providing minimal or no equipment workouts. We will always be rotating the types of training that we offer; sandbag training is something that we’ve been practicing and really enjoying, so it will likely be added to the rotation. If you want to do our sandbag workouts, you can easily make your own at home for just a few dollars, or you can even use dumbbells or kettlebells, with modifications in how you set them down and let them rest against your body. We’ll make some workouts with with db/kb modifications in the future. You can also use the search function on our website to search for hundreds of workouts that use no equipment at all. We hope you enjoy this workout as much as we do.

  • Would be sick to see a tempo-rep gymnastic rings workout. Some viewers may truly appreciate rings once they see how they can humble even athletes like yourself. Good shit.

  • deadlifts, bench press seems a little hard to get heavy with the sandbags as they are so wide…
    how to do effective and heavy deadlifts and bench press?

    I also wonder what about training right for soldiers, martial artists and first responders, don’t we need the high rep training such as Hiit and crossfit with high reps low weight more than high intensity low volume? what is your opinion?

  • Been getting into sandbag workouts at home with the shutdown, your videos are awesome and easy to follow. Would love to know more about building a full workout-like what kind of warmups or exercises you recommend before/after tackling one of these routines. Thanks for all the help!

  • Where are you finding those duffle/tote bags to carry the sand bags with those handles on it?…. do they have a special/specific name please?

  • unrelated to the video, but, in the past 1.5 months ive done close to 0 lower body training. Ive lost 4 pounds and am visibly a little less lean. However, yesterday I was finally able to deadlift. I somehow hit a sumo PR. I built up to 405 and it wasnt even super hard. My previous best was 395. Only difference was that I used a belt this time. Do you think the belt is what allowed me to do 405?

  • Your sandbag workouts are brutal but at the same time absolutely worth it kicked my ass but after completing the workout I was feeling awesome so I hope you guys will be uploading more sandbag workouts in the future

  • Man I thought u will do some with those strongman sandbags. Pillow case or punching bags whatever it is. These sandbags with handles feels so modernized

  • For the long run since I’ve read that these with proper care can last for years which model would you recommend the athlete or strong man?

  • Late to the game but can these bags stand getting slammed and tossed over your back often. I see it in the video but I’m not wanting to drop $175 every six months on a new bag.

  • I have made and own a few dozen sandbags that I have used for years so here’s my one criticism and heads up; if they’re on a strap you rely on, the swinging can be a major detraction making progress potentially nil.
    I do a lot of loaded carries up rail road tie stairs and it’s easier to run with 80lb dumbbells in my hands than a 40lb pair of my sandbags hanging from straps. Otherwise, totally underrated and overlooked.

  • Any experience with kegs? Managed to get my hands on one and now ive filled it with water it weighs almost 50kg (100lbs). Any ideas for what I can do with it?

  • I switch over to sandbags and kettlebells for summer obstacle course racing and rock climbing. Great for conditioning and functional strength. Plus it gives my joints a break from lifting for 3 or 4 months. Looking forward to bigger gains when the next lifting season starts up.

  • I’ve been training with a 150lb sandbag( but I use a mix of sand and gravel ) since the gyms closed I personally think that for “real world” strength heavy sandbags training is the key. I work at a junk company and my strength and conditioning has increased dramatically. I can’t wait to see what my lifts are once I get back to the gym. I don’t plan on every taking sandbags out of my training.

  • Great workout. Love your format. One comment I would like to see the name of the next exercise during the break. Thanks for your contributions. Much appreciated.

  • Real talk carrying groceries is a great conditioning workout. Here in NYC we walk everywhere, so carrying 5 grocery bags in each hand for multiple blocks gives me that crazy stretch on the traps

  • I can confirm that lunges with a sandbag are fantastic, I do bulgarian lunges with a 30 kg bag for 10-12 each leg, and I am gasping for air harder than anything else I do, and after 2 months of this in quarantine, my legs have increased in size.

  • How much does it cost to filled these bags with sand or pepples or whatever how much money does it cost to filled these bags of sand?

  • Take your sand bag and go out side like a park or something and after 5 to 10 mins I can guarantee you cops will show up asking you question

  • Hey man Just a little update on your pull up challenge. The 2 time i did it before 3 days i did it on a fat grip bar for 1 hour and 43 minute while the first time on the same bar i did it for 2 hours and 15 mins. Ur content really changed my training methods and my view towards sertain exercises. I am looking towards doing 1000 pull ups for 2 hours on a normal bar ones i get the chance(probably after the quarantine). Keep up the great content Alex

  • Great content! This quarantine my work capacity has increased a looot, because of the high volume of reverse lunges, 100% agree with you Alex, highly recommended.

  • What weight is that handle sandbag dude? I’ve got a heavy rogue style one for heavy carries and to mimick atlas stone-esc loads but trying to figure out what weight percentage would be best for these types of workouts.

  • I haven’t missed a vid since 2016. Thanks for your endless advices and tips I now know what to do. Do my favorite workout from YouTube and then walk with a bag of pellets or two for extra gpp.

  • I do 3 reps of 15 doing a dead lift to work my abs but have had slight pain in my stomach recently? Is this muscle pain or the fact im quite dehydrated

  • Hey Alex, have you ever tried out band OHP like just with a Band.
    Its super effective in My opinion
    I use a light band and it is definently comparable to a single Arm db Press

  • Most guys with shoulders as wide as yours get stiff and they move their arms around their shoulders while their shoulders are still. I am impressed you are as strong as you are but still so mobile and fluid.

  • Thanks for this. I k ow it’s been over a year since this video was posted but I’m getting back into fitness after 2 back to back major surgery. I did this workout with my homemade sandbag. As rounds split by a 400m sprint in between workouts. Boy did I throw the fuck up. Thanks man.

  • Hi; this was a great workout. I do have one suggestion, could you put a prompt, somewhere during the rest period for the upcoming movement. Or I could just write it down ��