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Exercises for Rhomboid pain

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Rhomboid Focused Back Workout

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Fix Rhomboid Pain | Episode 13

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Diamond Back Annihilation | Rhomboid Exercises Finisher for ANY Back Workout! | Tiger Fitness

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Pick a program like VPO-10 or Rebuilt by James Grage (Co-Founder of BPI Sports) and do that back workout. But when that workout ends, this Rhomboid exercises annihilator begins. Diamond Back Annihilation | Rhomboid Exercises Finisher for ANY Back Workout! The Back Attack You Need! If you want that chiseled, sexy diamond back, add this to your back day now.

You will enjoy the gains these rhomboid exercises elicit and will regret not knowing this information prior. Diamond Back Annihilation | Rhomboid Exercises Finisher for ANY Back Workout! | Tiger Fitness Duration: 6:18. Tiger Fitness 64,102 views. 6:18.

What Exercises Can Strengthen the Rhomboid?The following exercises are designed to condition and strengthen the rhomboid muscles and rule out the risk of a back injury. Another important point to remember is to warm up before exercising, this makes the muscle more flexible and improves blood flow in.

There are many very advanced back exercises like the front lever pull up, muscle up or the one arm pull up. While these can be very effective at training your back, I deliberately left them out from this list. Here’s why: I assume if you’re reading this then you’re either a beginner or intermediate, and there is no reason to intimidate you by making you think that you need to.

Get yoked with these back exercises that work your trapezius muscles, rear delts and rhomboids. Check out this complete back workout and instructional exercise guide. Get yoked with these back exercises that work your trapezius muscles, rear delts and rhomboids.

Try these trap, delt, and rhomboid exercises to get it where it should be. by. Take your back training to the next level by adding a couple these 5 brutal finishing exercises to the end of your workout! Building a big, brutal back isn’t easy. It takes a ton of dedicated hard training, time, and utilizing the right kind of exercises. In your workout: Do bent-over rows toward the start of your back workout for heavy sets in lower rep ranges, about 6-8 or 8-10.The Smith version is a suitable substitute; it locks you in the vertical plane, but your body has to be in just the right position relative to the bar.

Exercises to Isolate Rhomboids. Weak, underdeveloped rhomboids make it hard to maintain proper posture your shoulders droop and round forward. Located between your shoulder blades, your rhomboids major and minor attach to several other shoulder and back muscles. Working as a group, they pull your shoulder blades. Best Back Exercises Strength Athletes.

Movements such as the squat, deadlift, overhead press and jerk, bench press, and the Olympic lifts, ALL require back strength, postural control and stability.

List of related literature:

Rather than maintaining a flexed spine, perform this exercise using upper back extension in the V position as described in the Teaser variation (exercise 5-9).

“Pilates Anatomy” by Rael Isacowitz, Karen S. Clippinger
from Pilates Anatomy
by Rael Isacowitz, Karen S. Clippinger
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Most of these exercises target your upper traps and levator scapulae.

“The Men's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!” by Adam Campbell
from The Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!
by Adam Campbell
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Romero J, Gerber C. Levator scapulae and rhomboid transfer for paralysis of trapezius.

“Operative Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgery” by Sam W. Wiesel
from Operative Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgery
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In the quadruped position, rhomboid and lower trapezius strengthening exercises may be incorporated.

“Orthopedic Rehabilitation Clinical Advisor E-Book” by Derrick Sueki, Jacklyn Brechter
from Orthopedic Rehabilitation Clinical Advisor E-Book
by Derrick Sueki, Jacklyn Brechter
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Detailed below are four exercises that will fortify your core from shoulders to hips, strengthen the posterior chain, and, in fact, also train your rotator cuff and scapular stabilizers to turn on quickly.

“The Rock Climber's Exercise Guide: Training for Strength, Power, Endurance, Flexibility, and Stability” by Eric Horst
from The Rock Climber’s Exercise Guide: Training for Strength, Power, Endurance, Flexibility, and Stability
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Falcon Guides, 2016

Performing curl-ups with rotation of the torso has also been found to target the oblique abdominals while imposing relatively low compressive loads.91 Performing curl-ups without any trunk rotation will target mostly the rectus abdominis muscle and is therefore less useful in the rehabilitation process.

“Physical Rehabilitation of the Injured Athlete E-Book” by James R. Andrews, Gary L. Harrelson, Kevin E. Wilk
from Physical Rehabilitation of the Injured Athlete E-Book
by James R. Andrews, Gary L. Harrelson, Kevin E. Wilk
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Doing this Rolling Bridge pose variation creates a powerful tone to your abdominal muscles and to the layers of your deep back musculature, the erector spinae.

“Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy” by Mukunda Stiles
from Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy
by Mukunda Stiles
Lotus Press, 2008

Therefore, in addition to exercises like Dumbbell Laterals, designed specifically for the side deltoids, I have included Behindthe-Neck Presses for the front and side delts, Bent-Over Laterals for the rear delts, and Shrugs for the traps.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
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In a push-up position but with the spine lifted and bent slightly backward, support your whole body off the ground with only your hands and flexed toes touching the mat (fig.

“The Eight Immortal Healers: Taoist Wisdom for Radiant Health” by Mantak Chia, Johnathon Dao
from The Eight Immortal Healers: Taoist Wisdom for Radiant Health
by Mantak Chia, Johnathon Dao
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This is a fantastic way to open up the upper body (shoulders, scapula, and thoracic-spine) because reaching isn’t achieved through the arms alone.

“The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom” by Erwan Le Corre
from The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom
by Erwan Le Corre
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

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  • What is causing and what to do with pain in the mid back that goes to the side abdominal and limit the rotation like knee tap, russian twist etc?

  • Glad to see someone else doing bi-lateral db rows. I love those. You don’t have the awkward knee-bar clash, and you can really tailor them to different purposes. Low and tight to the torso for lats, higher with flared elbows for mid-back, even higher for a rear delt row. If you go almost parallel to the floor, it seems like you get intra-ab pressure that stabilizes and supports the back. I can do these with fairly heavy dbs and they feel great.

  • Im with you on the exaggerated stretch on the lats John, im 47 and when i first started training in the late 80s and early 90s thats the way everyone trained every lat movement, Arnolds form on seated cable rows in Pumping Iron is a great example, you very rarely see anyone let the weight pull out those lats for a big stretch anymore, i think thats why you see a shitload of big biceps out there but very few really impressive lats and backs in general, most people do what i call “short arming” back movements and loading the biceps but leaving the lats out of it

  • John the videos with the music pump me up like crazy. Keep them coming. I’m doing back today doing this work out. Walking I’m the gym now. Tell James what’s up!!

  • Coach, I am desperate to find an alternative to bent over rows due to a lower back injury. Would you say this is it? I appreciate your input Coach Ron and I look to you for so much information. God bless

  • Brandon I can’t wait to check out carbon culture and rn my gyms closed so im taking this as a deload week ��.
    You’re gonna crush this year’s Olympia’s line up, can’t wait to see the package you bring!

  • They are highly controversial, and require a great deal of mobility/ flexibility but, I believe Jefferson Curls are a great exercise to work the mid back/ rhomboids, you get a sick stretch too!

    I really only see Weightlifters and gymnasts use them regularly. Probably because they need the mobility portion for their sport.

  • Excellent advice! Love the side knee flexed strengthening exercise. More strengthening home exercises using body weight with no weights would be helpful. Thank you.

  • Duuude I have a ” knot “right there in that spot in the thumbnail, on the right side of the spine, I was pushing some shit at work and I felt pain right there. I felt something moving inside there

  • I know it’s something to focus on individual muscles after a few years of minimalist training. I’d honestly forgotten about these. I’ll have the nun at the end of my lower body I shouldn’t take that long to do

  • I get this pain due to stretching my lower back neck area as bad habit. I don’t know why I do it but if it hurts. Now I know what to do ��

  • Great vid on the Rhomboids! What would be an equivalent with a barbell or dumbells? Thanks for pointing out critical placement and movements if the shoulders / elbows!

  • I really like the preview of the exercises in the beginning of the video, John. Excellent work. Excellent information. As always for free.

  • Thanks for the demonstration. I have recently got rhombiod pain and it really hurts when I stand or sit in front of the laptop. I found your video can help me get rid of this pain, therfore I would like to ask you how many times in the day should I do these exercises and when should I quit it? Thank you for the great video again

  • Just came across your video. Working from home these past few months is taking a toll. I have extremely limited rotation. What would you say is a good starting place with these three exercises. 15/20 each exercise morning. One set evening?

  • John can you do more of these more “emphasized” videos on different areas of the body. Would be awesome to see a outer sweep emphasized workout

  • Everything with a overhand grip and elbows far from your body will hit your upper back all pulldowns, rows etc….Underhand grip with elbows close to your body will hit the lower back the lat area….

  • Thank you for this video! I did these exercises this morning in bed just after waking up and i feel pretty good right now. It is not a magical fix but it is helpful. It feels more like a butter knife compared to a dagger now. I will keep doing these exercises to see how it works out in the long term. In the past I’ve tried chiropractors, acupuncture, the foam roller and the tennis ball. It’s a constant nagging knife-like tension and my back frequently cracks when I breath deep in this area.

  • Yes, I’m being tortured by this pain for a few days. I couldn’t really sleep (facing up)when I tried to move. Will try these exercise out.

  • Could this problem possibly be caused by scoliosis? I have scoliosis and this is the exact pain ive been struggling with. Thank you for the nice video.

  • I’ll try it soon as my gym opens back up. I cant believe golds closed. That close grip pulldown of yours is the best movement I’ve ever done for lats. The contraction I DC so strong it’s nearly painfull.

  • I thought i was watching athleanx. The style of the thumbnail, titles and even the black t shirts are the same. No doubt both channels provide great information.

  • MD, might I suggest something for you to try? With the DB rhomboid rows you were doing Perform your 10-12 and then farmer carry for 20-30yd. Then do another set of 10-12 reps. #feelsgoodman ����

  • no field that lobbies congress or is part of a money chain (dr. owned physical therapy businesses…they are businesses) are legitimate.

  • Great video. Sounds like just my problem. I have left rhomboid pain that goes to under the left scapula. Been trying massage balls, foam rollers etc. also winged scapula exercises. Here’s hoping this works!

  • Sir there is nothing to laugh about because what u r demonstrating in ur video is good information for people who have rhomboid muscle..me to have it since 8yrs at right side..its very bad pain and affects whole upper body chest and shoulders..upper body is sore for one who have rhomboid pain..actually I got this pain in gym itself during push ups workout 8yrs ago.. before it was severe couldn’t miss one day of gym to keep it at checked or else it would start cracking..now I go weekly only three days to gym in a week it’s getting more relaxed as time goes by..but it’s still there..very difficult to get rid of rhomboid muscle pain without surgery..

  • Great video guys, I’ve had terrible rhomboid trigger point injurys, the worst recently, like you state it’s a muscle that can be over looked, I didn’t know enough about it and paid the price!! Stabilizer muscles are key.

  • Oh and Brandon id love to see some day in the life videos ( you have an amazing family so God bless em) and a full day of eating videos also as for exercises hmmmm could you walk us through some of your workout splits that’d be epic please and thanks!

  • I have 5 herniated discs in the thoracic, a torn subscapularis and scar tissue from a torn rhomboid and lower trapezius from previous hard falls, exacerbated by being hunched over the tank of a motorcycle and sitting with bad posture at a desk for many years. Nothing seems to help. Still very active and strong but the area is a constant battle with the pain. Would you still recommend doing these exercises while having that level of injury to the discs? I’ve been told different things by different trainers and PT’s, some recommending less mobility to the area. Thanks! Fantastic channel guys!

  • This comment is for those who did dislikes this video. Hey buddy do you have more good solution? If you have then share other wise how can you do this. Maybe you don’t know the pain. Idiots

  • NICE VIDEO AND TUTORIALS..Im getting back into weightlifting and love to see and hear different perspectives of how to train certain body parts.I will be subscribing.Thanks! Love YouTube!

  • I love Romboids training. Looking forward to add thid to my routine. I know your “3 way techniques” are working. I tried out your 3-way pulldown last time and maaan, I was suprised ’bout the feeling I was getting. Just through and through burning in the destination. I would love to get the same burning effect in the romboids! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • I haven’t tried this exercies but my rhomboid started to hurt and its been bothering me since forever I’m 17 about to 18 it started to hurt when I was like 14 and it just got worse now my shoulders hurt my neck brothers me and my arms and fingers why is that is it BC of the same thing I hope u get to me BC it just brothers me

  • I cannot wait to try this! Thank you sis much, very informative and helpful. Clear and concise, just as it should be! Keep up the amazing work, gentlemen! Cheers!

  • I’ve been suffering from the same pain for over 15 years it got so bad I had to quit lifting weights I am definitely going to try this exercise. After 5 years of suffering with this pain I got diagnosed with inflammation of the roots of t6 and t7 so I quit exercising… I am definitely going to try this.. thank you guys and God bless ����

  • Thank you so much for this. My right shoulder blade has been killing me for months and right after 5 minutes of these excercises it felt better. Will keep going daily now and see what happens. Again, much appreciated!

  • Big respect from the UK
    Could you do a video on training/ recovering from Tennis Elbow?
    Outside not inside pain
    Great channel

  • John…any way to mitigate the involvement of the hamstrings on the deadlifts that you stop just above the knee? Those are a favorite back builder of mine but i feel like i tag too much hammies trying to brace in the stop position just below the knee. Curious on your thoughts.

  • Thank you gentlemen. Rhomboid pain has been hurting me for 2-1/2 years now. This is really loosening it up. I started doing this yesterday and I feel that after a few weeks I may finally be out of the woods on the pain.
    I appreciate your clean, direct talk sans hype as well!

  • Suffered from �� in both sides with cramping. Im gonna try these! I cant really them good with broken ribs and T9, 10 and 11 fractured vertabe lol my rotation is legit HORRIBLE!! Maybe like 20 degrees.

  • Just awesome ������ started biking with a heavy bike at 50. Did some very long trips without conditioning my muscles, the back especially this group got very stiff n painful. Hopefully these exercises will get me out of this very irritating pain. Thanks ��

  • what about the teres major and minor? They’re small but when developed make thw lats look poppin at the top from a front lat pose.

  • I have been having this annoying discomfort around the shoulder blade for years on my right side. I keep pressing so hard maybe on the edge of the table or something that will give me the relief,it doesn’t pain but I do press it to an extent of paining and it actually turns black for over pressing,the same problem is happening on my forearm at brochiaradialis and my lower leg at tibialis anterior muscles,.what could be the problem,I also have disc injury l5 s1.its really annoying and mostly happen at night

  • Hi Craig…thanks buddy..for the last 3 weeks i thought I’m gonna lose my right arm. Just behind my right shoulder i had very dull uncomfortable pain which shot down around the elbow..could take ibuprofen but pain could go, then back. Sleeping at night was terrible because i found no comfort. I was planning for a doctor’s appointment but i found your video by chance..I have been doing the exercises since then and now the pain is gone and i sleep like a baby bro..thanks alot for passing the knowledge..

  • Btw brother, your posing is underrated. Your very good at showing your strong points, good transitions and good selection of poses for your physique.. just watched the arnold classic Australia 2017 that you won!! Awesome posing!! I’m a fan of yours since you were with bsn!! Lol

  • Is this safe to do with bruised ribs? I’m on day 10 after accident and this area where lats and rhomboids overlap is where all the tightness is sitting…

  • I have struggled to “find” my rhomboids for years. My last, traps, and deltoids have always taken over. I’ve had shoulder injuries and a winged scapula because my rhomboids are weak compared to the rest of the muscles surrounding them. I do aerial silks and they are essential for safely going upside down in the air. I have been to a sports medicine doctor and a physical therapist. They gave me exercises to do but I cheated with my other muscles. No one could tell me what to do to properly engage the muscle, until I just watched this video in the gym. I tried this immediately and I can finally feel it. Thank you SO much. I’m sure you just saved me from more injuries.

  • Well…I have NO rhomboids lol and am all strong on the anterior chain muscles…unfortunately. I’m giving u 10 thumbs up. Best explanation of this I’ve ever heard! I now realise what to do. Thanks. I’m subbing

  • superficial huh.. Yea mine is so bad its pinched my nerves now and its causing me so much excrutiating pain a 270lbs grown man like me is screaming in pain every day

  • Came from the gym yesterday with that pain without knowing what exactly it was about or which muscle. Thank God I noticed the thumbnail and could relate to my pain and did those exercise today and its very effective ��.

    Thank you ��

  • Had pain in both of my rombiod muscles for a year or two. Went to both a chiropractor, physiotherapist and other treatments. Nothing helped. Then I started swimming (crawl and backstroke) 1000m 2 times per week. After 3-4 weeks the pain was gone for the right side. For my left side I went and did trigger-point massage roughly 5 times and it was almost gone completely. Not saying this is the way to go but at least it helped me so much. Best of luck to everyone suffering from this!

  • Use the elbows and your back to do the work for you yeah, all kinds of work. But that’s just advice do whatever dafuk you wanna do.

  • and just a side question for you guys…. how many dude refer to you as “juicy” on a daily basis?? I’m just learning how hetero youtube really is

  • Hello. The muscles on my right scapula side are strained. And also it differs from left side. I feel that my left side are very relaxed. may you recommend me exercises for this problem? İ used right arm while working on computer and studying, that is why it is strained

  • Never this problem is called Rhomboid pain. Thanks a lot. I used to do CrossFit but left cause the weight running would make my shoulder blades uncomfortable.

  • thanks ron, you explain so good that everybody should get it.thank for the reminder in workouts sometimes it gets lost when u hyped up but now before eacht set iam gonna think of you keep them good videos coming ron all the best…

  • One again John makes another body building master piece. I bet your gym doesn’t have a rack to pull from, therefore, 2/3 pulls with a moderate weight will do the trick. I do rack pulls due to my bad lower back. You guys are crushing it. Keep posting these inspirational videos big guy!

  • Excellent video. After dealing with rhomboid pain for 30 years…finally a set of exercises that works! Best wishes and God bless!

  • Traditional bodybuilding movements and some good old fashioned multi joint compound exercises…time tested winning combination! I think that focus and intensity is the key for sure..now I just wish my winter bulk wasn’t so far out of control that I’m starting to look, as the old guys used to say, smooth…Good thing there’s several months to get cleaned up! Great vid!

  • My left shoulder hurts when I extend it backwards. I also experience pain in my left shoulder when I carry barbell to do squats. I feel the pain originating at the back of rotator cuff muscle. Is this a good exercise to do to eliminate pain?

  • Haha, love that shirt brah. You had better form with the dumbbell rows, your boy was doing more rear delt form. Love your energy and hard work, keep it up! ��������✌����������✊��

  • I’m 71 yrs. old and the only way you would get me in this testing position would be for them to break all my bones before rigor mortis sets in while putting me in the coffin.

  • I used to go for years to a chiropractor and massage therapist for pain in this location. Turned out it was heart disease, and when I had the heart attack that where the pain came out. So if you are having problems in this area could be a warning sign!

  • I read an interesting article that said some muscles are almost impossible to stretch yourself, and included on the list was the rhomboids. Is there any truth to that? It’s interesting because there are so many videos that demonstrate stretches, but then I read this and I’m confused. I’ll put the article below. Thanks!


    Admittedly, I have been doing a lot of rhomboid stretching (belly lifts, protractions, etc) and suddenly began having some discomfort. So I began doing research and am wondering if it’s maybe referred from my neck.

  • My shoulder blades stick out at the bottom. I think someone told me it’s because my rhomboids are over developed and my seratus is underdeveloped. Does that sound right?

  • I have a lot of pain on my erectors due to an injury. Which muscles can I focus in order to strengthen my spinal erectors since I cant work them directly yet? Thanks and keep up the good work! Cheers!

  • I allways used to do the scap pull up but never worked for strenghtening my left scapula retractor. Now i just have gived a try to the row scap pull and finally worked thanks alot not even in phisiotherapy could help me. Sorry for my bad english��

  • i have a lower back pain every time im bulking.. my high is 167 cm and my weight now 85 kg.. my age 38 and im in gym since 1995.. any advise please ����

  • I’ve been in chiropractic practice for 42 years. I love your videos and recommend them to my patients regularly. Keep up the great work!!! It makes my job easier!!! I just had a new patient to my practice on Wednesday with a rhomboid problem that occurs when walking after about 5 minutes (sharp, burning pain). My first thought was stenosis, but it’s rare in the thoracic spine. His x-rays revealed some mild osteoarthritis. Did a thorough exam and adjusted his spine afterward. I then recommended the video. He complied and reported on his follow up visit that the chronic pain he had been experiencing for 3 months was reduced by 40%. I’m certain that with my care and your rhomboid video, he’ll be back to full mobility, function and pain free within 4-6 weeks.

  • This is the first time that I see an exercise being discussed for this type of pain. For the past 30 years there has been some relief of this pain for me when I have a medium to hard pressure point Shiatsu massage done by very experienced therapists. Over the last 12+ years after an invasive surgery requiring cutting up my sternum, this pain was even more prevalent and nagging. The Shiatsus relieve it significantly, however, it reappears. As I have tendonosis on my right shoulder rotating ball as well as my right bicep, this pain is even more nagging. I look forward to these exercises in order to address that nagging pain especially behind my right shoulder blade. Thank you

  • Omds yep feel that better get on this! Have this dame pain in both sides for weeks and just done that activated them both like crazy so seems good to go will try it out later after work

  • I’ve got left rhomboid pain but full thoracic range on my left side (shoulders perpendicular to the ground) but a little less range in my right but still easily 45deg. I will get this pain 100% if i do front squats, but have been getting it lately even without them in my program which is really odd, can’t figure out what is causing it.

  • Today’s back workout:

    *(warmed up on the first exercise and then one all out set of 8-25 reps per exercise)

    Tbar rows
    Chin ups
    Single arm cable rows
    High to low rear delts
    Mid range rear delts
    Straight arm pull down
    Back extension
    Face pull
    Wide grip easy bar curls
    Reverse grip curls
    Incline curls
    Across chest hammer curl
    Wrist curl
    Reverse wrist curl

  • James is a great partner! Good video!! Liked the banded pullups! Must be nice to assimilate pullups with the band….pull ups are a bitch for us guys over 200!!

  • This is awesome, my rhomboids are lacking relative to my lats and my gym has limited equipment. Really looking forward to trying this. Would love to see some quad movements.

  • great example!

    b consciouss about too much muscle draining INTERNAL ORGANS prematurely causing structural defects and accelerating senility

  • Awesome video! I have to agree with the exaggerated stretch and opening the latissimus dorsi more. Proper form is not always needed. Build that turtle shell ����

  • I recently got diagnosed with Schumanns disease and got told by my biokineticist that I need to do work on my rear delts and especially my rhomboids in order to help fix my bad posture so this video came at the perfect time, thanks a million @mountaindog

  • I was just doing rhomboids & lower traps yesterday! I like to also include stiff-arm rows or stiff-arm pulldowns on the lat machine (leaning back/arched like you would with a pull-up). Mostly you’re just trying to retract those scapula and really get that squeeze for a second or two on each rep. Great video!

  • Great tips! Rhomboids are important for a freaky huge upper back and that stretch on the lats im totally agree it really kills the whole back. Thanks

  • Have had a few ligament injuries with scar tissue and releasing trigger points with a lacrosse ball etc HAS BEEN A HUGE HELP.

    No different with my recent mishap and after icing, a little time, then slow methodical stretch and strengthening releasing myofascial trigger points with a “ball” made a definite improvement.

  • I liked the video because the exercises provided were solid, and also because you seemed pretty ready for that video to be over haha.

  • Kettlebell windmills do a great job loading this same kind of rotation stress. Really helps with retraining the shoulder blade attachments and spine where to sit.

  • The most effective one for me was one side of the shoulder to the wall and reach the other side round, I couldn’t even complete it due to my right shoulder. Thanks for you help mate