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Push Past Workout Plateaus With Resistance Band Training — Tiger Fitness. Resistance bands can help you push past power building and progressive overload plateaus allowing you to build more strength and muscle. Resistance bands can help you push past power building and progressive overload plateaus allowing you to build more strength and muscle. 10% Off Immune Support | CLICK HERE. 8. Add Plyometric Training to Your Routine. A squat jump is a plyometric exercise.

The idea is to totally fatigue your system and to challenge your muscles in new ways. More: 4 Plyometric Exercises to Speed Up Your Muscles. 9. Set Realistic Goals. Break Through A Training Plateau With Resistance Bands Many of us begin the new year with a resolution to get in better shape. To accelerate.

When it comes to doing this Alternating Push – Pull Workout, start out slow and make sure you get your trunk on board. Also, think of this workout as a 30-second sprint or continuous movement. Try not to stop through the entire 30 seconds. Training Recommendations Program Design.

Work Set Time: 30 Rest Between Sets: 30 # of Total Sets Per. Using bands adds more resistance right at that point in the exercise when you are the strongest, matching the strength curve to make the movement more challenging throughout the range of motion. This will help you work through strength plateaus and put up bigger PRs.

Bands can also help when your implement options are limited. Stand with the resistance band under your feet, which are shoulder width apart. Hold the handles with an overhand grip and raise the handles to shoulder width, palms facing away from your body. Simultaneously press the bands overhead to touch in the top position. Your arms should move in a slightly arcing position.

Enjoy the top 10 Resistance band exercises. These are my go to resistance band exercises that simply work I am just going through 10 of my favourite resistan. Start on your hands and knees with a resistance band looped around your left ankle and the arch of your right foot. Lift your right leg and extend it. When you go back to your regular training, you will then be able to progress naturally again within the exercises and you will have overcome your plateau.

But before you go and add in these techniques, always remember that overtraining and lack of rest is normally the #1 cause of a plateau. But when you add resistance bands to the barbell, the tension increases at the top of the movement, removing the built-in “break,” and forcing your working muscles to continue to contract.

List of related literature:

Because you’ll have fewer reps to perform, you should either add weight for resistance-based Power Boost move

“Alpha Male Challenge: The 10-Week Plan to Burn Fat, Gain Muscle & Build True Alpha Attitude” by James Villepigue, Rick Collins
from Alpha Male Challenge: The 10-Week Plan to Burn Fat, Gain Muscle & Build True Alpha Attitude
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The use of resistance in these progressions is best suited to one-to-one training settings.

“Fallproof!: A Comprehensive Balance and Mobility Training Program” by Debra J. Rose
from Fallproof!: A Comprehensive Balance and Mobility Training Program
by Debra J. Rose
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As you get stronger and need to increase your workload, I want you to do so by increasing the resistance (heavier band or dumbbell, or holding weights during some of the dynamic movements) rather than increasing the number of repetitions or sets you complete.

“The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.” by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
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Here is a little more on resistance and interval training if you are not familiar with them.

“The Healthy Workplace: How to Improve the Well-Being of Your Employees-and Boost Your Company's Bottom Line” by Leigh Stringer
from The Healthy Workplace: How to Improve the Well-Being of Your Employees-and Boost Your Company’s Bottom Line
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The key to maximizing the benefit of the exercise is to position the exercise bands so that in the starting position a small amount of tension is already placed on the bands.

“Swimming Anatomy” by Ian A. McLeod
from Swimming Anatomy
by Ian A. McLeod
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During resistance training sessions, the focus should always be on developing good technique on each exercise.

“Strength and Conditioning for Endurance Running” by Richard Blagrove
from Strength and Conditioning for Endurance Running
by Richard Blagrove
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Some have suggested that training with bands is not functional, arguing that the increasing force of the bands is counter to the increasing-decreasing bellshaped muscular strength curve.

“Strength Band Training” by Phillip Page, Todd S. Ellenbecker
from Strength Band Training
by Phillip Page, Todd S. Ellenbecker
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You can use this as a warm-up or use a thicker band (multiple bands are also an option) to increase resistance and make it more challenging.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
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Bands can also beused to add a resistance elementto your flexibility training.

“Ultimate Flexiblity: Complete Guide to Stretching for Martial Arts” by Sang H. Kim
from Ultimate Flexiblity: Complete Guide to Stretching for Martial Arts
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Stretching and releasing the band’s resistance with control is key to maximizing toning and avoiding injury.

“Walk Off Weight: Burn 3 Times More Fat with This Proven Program” by Michele Stanten
from Walk Off Weight: Burn 3 Times More Fat with This Proven Program
by Michele Stanten
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  • New subscriber here. Thank you for this push day resistance bands workout! I just ordered my bands and excited to use them. Will definitely follow and do this program for the next 8 weeks. Can’t wait for the part 2 (pull day) already! More power and please keep on sharing banded workouts.

  • But wouldnt chains do the same exact thing? Because when you lift the barbell upwards against gravity more chain comes off the ground and it gets heavier

  • Just picked up some resistance bands a few days a go and this video is perfect to get me stared. Blade would have to be one of my favorites from Blue Star, really works.

  • None of these exercises are going to give you bigger chest because there is no progressive overload (progressive overload doesn’t mean adding more reps, more sets or doing “harder” exercise). I don’t know how anyone can listen this clown.

  • Resistance band workouts are good.  Thanks for uploading it.  Also as far as my favorite Blue Star supplement goes, it’s kind of hard to narrow down a favorite because they’ve all been beneficial.  I will say Blade, because it’s helped me lose some weight, which I need.

  • Wow all exercises are very excellent and brilliant bro workout with the bands and keep it up and keep going hard and be strong ����������������������������❤❤❤❤❤����������������������������

  • This is a solid workout, very practical and easy to follow. I love the attention to detail. Going to work in some of the elements today. I haven’t tried the products yet but I am interested.

  • Absolutely agree. Resistance bands are a gym in a bag!! Looking forward to your future content! ☝����Just posted a Chest, Back shoulder and bicep workout with resistance bands. Would appreciate your honest input on the video

  • Best thing to do at home is cali.��

    But i do it with resistance workout set. Because its great for beginners and its simple to use and can gain great muscle. They have high weighted bands in that set that is for peoples with muscle. I got my at trainhome shop (check on google) ��

  • This is quite accurate. I try my best to avoid barbell squats because the negative thoughts and fears of fucking it up mid rep are crazy.

  • People in outer space gain strength from using bands because they can’t use weights since there is no gravity in outer space. Without bands they would come back to earth with dramatic strength loss

  • All I can think of is what an idiot you must be for putting all of those tattoos all over your neck. I turned you off in a shorter time than it took to type this.

  • Bands and home made Sandbags which can be cheap as fuck compared to getting free weights are portrayed as gimmicks to extract your money. Nice.

  • Just like with welding. Some say a rod weld is stronger than mig. Which is not true… tensile strength is tensile strength. All I use is bands. Good info

  • Alex, what kind/brand of bands would you recomend? Ive never used bands and would like to start using them but dont knwo which one to buy. (Im from mexico so i would need to look for the type you recomend here)

  • okay no troll. everyone keeps telling me they wont makee big. i wanna use them for my shoulders who are severely lacking due to me being unable to lift freeweight with them because of a motorcycle accident. apart from that will band exercises give my shoulders mass?

  • Alex do you have a main make of bands to use/buy (so i can go and buy a set) you know like Iron Minds straps are really the only straps worth using?

  • bands and chains are great tools without a doubt. but most articles I come across writen by legit high level strentgh coaches give the same advice, they aren’t for novice lifters.

    novice lifters shoudlnt use them it’s just pointless almost harmful. this seems to be the advice coming from them, if you disagree Alex let me know

  • I really needed this video both in and outside the gym. I am definitely going to start putting a rubber band around my wrist. Thanks Bryce and Dillon

  • I psych myself out on heavy Squats a lot of the time. Even though I have the safety bars I have had small injuries in the past and now I get nervous and don’t push myself hard enough.

  • (Q&A) Alex is it true that your upper body/torso can continue to grow a couple of inches if u do consistent spinal stretches. I have a relatively short torso and im just curious if spinal stretching can help just a bit.

  • Alex, I’ve been running your novice program for almost a month now (fantastic strength gains by the way) although I’ve been doing tricep pushdowns instead of overhead extensions as it’s the only tricep exercise that doesn’t aggrevate my tendonitis. Overhead extensions are really painful even with dumbbells. Do you see any problems with this adjustment?

  • “do you even anecdote” is the most retarded thing you ever said. I like the video tho, as always you spew straight fire facts, and manage to stay kinda entertaining all the time. But saying “do you even anecdote” makes it sound like you belive anecdotal evidence has any kind of merit

  • Bodyweight alternate exercise to band face pull. Bodyweight rows with legs up. Elbows straight with shoulders, in face pull position.

    Can be done in equal amounts to push-ups for balance

  • Would it be better to do these workouts if I have access to a weight room or would it be more beneficial to lift or maybe a mix of both?

  • Great content! Anybody got a positive self talk against ”i’m too old for powerlifting, that’s why you’re not making progress”? To put a little context to this, I’m almost 35 and started powerlifting at 33.

  • Hey Alex! When is it good to start incorporating bands in to your training? Will a beginner benefit from them or is it better to use them when you’re starting to see plauteus? aka intermediate/advanced state?

  • On a progression with band training, should I be adding weight with the same band or tension through more bands each week? Can I do this for extended periods of time or only a couple weeks?

  • Band tension specifically doesn’t even matter, it will still give the same effect if you don’t know how much tension there is or not.

  • Which resistance band level should I use? I use the K Bands hip resistance bands. And should I wear them as low as the guy, rather than just above my knees? Thanks.

  • dude i purchased monster mini bands try it for a few sets double with 185 on the bar and my max was 225 for 10 or 9 touch and go with a slight bounce on 7,8 and on. Dude i put 225 yesterday pause reps for 10 like it was nothing for 2 sets. Fuck man i was already following you on cheat rows and got big as fuck for the last 4 months bit was still skeptical about bands. Alphadestiny is THE MAN hands down on getting strong and jacked. Thanks dude for all your info and video.

  • Alex, am I at a disadvantage if I use chains instead of bands? They don’t deload completely at the bottom of a bench or Squat idk what you ment.

  • hey alex, i am a novice and i want to start your novice program but i really want to do dips(i already can do dips with 10kg 10 times) where can i put the dips i the program?

  • Smashed the heck out of that like button! Bench is my weakest lift as well, but I’ve made some improvement and hopping to bench that dreaded 2 plate for 2 reps at least! ��

  • Banded deadlifts gave me a much greater tension in the glutes at lockout. AlphaD you should check out Chris Duffin, he uses bands for a whole lot of different functions, some very clever stuff.

    Also reversed bands are no different to the Slingshot. Nobody complains about Slingshot.

  • This video quality is just insanely high compared to the “HI GUYS” speaking at a single camera from a garage gym we get on YouTube fitness so often. Good shit

  • hey alex how does your program work do I test the strength on my focus lifts before and then after each training block because in the example programs I could not find any form of progression on any lifts did I miss something?

  • bands are superior to weights. why dont they make machines where you can just go put on whatever bands you want on them. the gyms could save so much more money that way and the benefits like never being limited by how much you can load on the machine, less floor space. etc.

  • Okay Alex I’m someone who follows Olympic lifting.. but I’ve never seen an Elite Oly lifter use bands even in training.. you can check hookgrip or even the footage from the weightlifting halls in Bulgaria and they don’t use them… If you can provide me with a source I’d be happy tho….

  • Alphadestiny I remember you saying you did 3 x 100 reps for a neck exercise. Is it okay to do more? Or is there a point where it does more damage than good

  • Yo Alex, I’ve been for 3 years now consistently and I’ve made some great gains so far. My problem is that I keep getting all these nagging injuries. Is this just apart of lifting heavy weights? Or am I doing something wrong? Thanks.

  • Any recommendations for someone that wants to purchase bands for the first time? since idw to make any mistakes with my purchases. Any recommended size/length?

  • Chris i am 6’3, ive been following your channel since an year now. I am at 85kgs. What should i do, should i maintain the weight because i dont think i need to get any bigger. Following you for an year i can say i am nowhere close to what you guys do at your gym. Help me brother i also wamt to move in zero gravity. Also my body just not picks up muscle mass man, i dont know why. People all over the youtube share their 1 year transformation from skinny to mucle. Is it my weak genetics or something i dint know man. Please help me. What i should do next. I cannot see much difference in my body. ���� It fucks up my morale to keep working. How long is it gonna take to get your physique man. I dont take any supplementa though.

    (Don’t worry if you didn’t win, we do this every Sunday!)
    SUBSCRIBE TO NEW CHRIS HERIA CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaBqRxHEMomgFU-AkSfodCw

  • when i first came around alex his channel i was thinking, why is this guy overcomplecating everything? But after a while i started notecing how mutch scene it all makes, this guy is the most legit guy in the fitness community

  • Thank you!! For old people like me with injuries this kind of exercises with bands are ideal. I also use Blade to keep my stomach flat, lov it!

  • Great, Where is your e-mail address? Which app would I download, I’ve already serached and there are several.

    Thanks for your rapid response.

    Tom Ford

  • Great advice Bryce, love your channel mate. Definitely needs to be more like this, in fact this is great advice for all facets of life and is awesome to hear it coming from champions like yourself inspiring not only the seasoned lifters but also leading the way for younger generations. Keep up the great work!

  • I love all of your videos keep going dude i have a question hope you’ll reply for these workouts wich resistance band color is the best I’m lost please help

  • So old video but so helpfull thank you so much like cant explain how many you helped and we are all gratefull and happy you still do ur work great! ��

  • Get a bigger chest… I just want a chest!? �� Never actually thought to add resistance to my dips and push-ups, a simple but genius idea. Thanks once again, you’re an incredible inspiration to me. ��������

  • Dude watching u motivated me honestly i want a upper body just that cut lean tight and no weights ill do exactly like u teach well see in six months….question do u drink protein shakes before u work out is it need or can I just hit it hard…

  • how the hell do you set up bands, for example if you wanted to do dumbbell bench press. the benches at the gym are nailed to the ground, so there is nothing to Loop it under. Do you basically have to use a barbell bench station, or a power rack? Probably a profoundly dumb question

  • I learned so much from this video. I have a gold’s gym portable gym that I use for resistance. This video gave me so many ideas about how to use it even better. Thank you!

  • Might have to invest in a red one aswell! Just got the black one today. Determined to improve on my pull-up form. Not sure if I can even do one proper one without assistance, but I saw your video on developing correct technique. I wanna do them proper..

  • I gotta thank you. I used to workout before and was “in shape”, but I never realized how important perfecting motions were until I started these workouts. I feel stronger than before, and I can feel improvements.

  • Duh! Thanks for showing me how to increase resistance on push ups with bands. I swear, sometimes it’s the simplest things that are the last to be learned. I guess I was so busy looking at the trees, I missed the forest.

  • I thought this video was amazing. I can say for me it helped me because I work night shift and 12hrs so when I get off I am tired but I always work out after work. I will say though after watching this video I realize before I go into that gym I notice i tell myself I am tired, my lifting won’t be good today, so now I realize I need to uplift myself mentally after work with positive thoughts and my workouts will be better.

  • It took only me fourteen days to dunk easily using my two hands, with the assistance of this vertical jump plan. Which implies this program actually works! I`m now like a mini Blake Griffin on my team. It is not hard to find this jump tip on Google. Its name is Julian Jumρosen
    best luck

  • One of the thing i do before doing Big lift is that imagining my self as Arnold and Imagine that the weight is as light as a piece of paper. That way it just blow me up and BOOM i lift that.

  • Wow, thanks for this video! It’s exactly what I didn’t even realize that I needed. I need to play this on a loop when I’m at the gym.

  • Awesome Video!
    Next Topic should be regarding Injuries and how to overcome and stay positive, as well as active. I was a Rugby Player and have had/seen many injuries either on the pitch or in the weight room. Think it has made me conscious of my abilities, but I know for some it can be disheartening to have/rehab an injury.
    Thanks! from Toronto

  • Great video. One thing related to positive self talk that i’ve worked with people on, is recognizing the disconnect in their view of themselves. People that bust their ass, have no problem working up to 60 hours a week in a multi faceted job. But then get in the gym, and suddenly have this hugely negative view of themselves. I’ve tried to get people to see that if they’re strong and disciplined in one area of their lives, there’s no reason they get be strong and disciplined in other areas as well.

  • I have to ask… while you bench, why do you stay “higher” at the chest? I was told many times to dig deep for a better bench… great video as always, love the camera work (TopGear Style). Cheers.

  • Fantastic that you took a more holistic approach to lifting weights by including the core psychology behind the process as well. Unfortunately, it seems so often neglected because we just focus on discussing programming, technique, and diet in mainstream fitness YouTube.

  • What do any of you (commenters too) do when you really are going to try that new pr. I at some point get a bit a fear and stress. Especially with a heavy bench… it eats me up and I feel like I lose focus

  • Bench is also my weakest lift. You’re right about positive self talk! Instead of me thinking that’s my weakest lift, I always try to figure it out what’s wrong and try to correct them. “Foot positioning for leg drive, bracing everything to have a good execution and etc. and with that, I see improvements! ���� this video is pure gold!!! ����

  • The same way you would say about your bench press I would say about my squat,the idea of failing a squat or hurting myself would terrify me to the point of not ever being able to go heavy or near singles range

  • How about a video on the self talk / thoughts you’ve had around your historical hip injury and how you’ve managed expectations etc. ����

  • First video ive seen by you. Im pretty new to pwrlifting but I guess can i ask on deadlift sometimes i can pull alot of reps at 315 with decent form, moves buttery smooth. But then even on a lighter session, i go to pull pretty standard weight but i hear a pop in my lower back and then im totally discourage because i feel i failed light weight. Im just so confused as to why this happens. Do you have any idea why this might happen? Is this a beginner problem?

  • I found myself very weak in deadlift and have been trying to figuring it out what’s the reason. A lot of training days I’ve been failing even at 85%. And I slowly losing motivation every training session, and sometimes even skip gym because there’s deadlift session. There’s days I will able to pull 91% very smoothly but there’s just way too many times of me failing on the deadlift on even 80%.

  • Been doing this work out for over a month. It’s great as it only requires the band, and anyone can do it in the living room, hotel room, garden, etc. It would be great to see you do a second resistance band workout routine now that during quarantine gyms are closed and we dont all have access to weights.

  • I don’t know about you guys, but some of the thoughts I have when things aren’t going the way I want in the gym are:
    Man I suck at this, I’ve been stuck at this weight for ages, what am I doing wrong? It’s cause of “insert reason” that I’m stuck on this. As long as that is holding me down I’ll never make progress. Other people get to where I am without even trying much, what’s wrong with me?
    Anyone relate?

  • Meditation helped me alot with stopping thoughts. Thoughts which have nothing to do with lifting. But it helped me alot in the gym because I practiced on how to stop my thoughts and this made me really patient and motivated to work my way back up again after lower back problems for almost 2 years. (+ fysiotherapy ofcourse) Mind + body connected makes a HUGE difference. I use guided meditation like headspace if anyone is interested! Great channel btw!! So much usefull information!!

  • Yo Alex, I was wondering, since I don’t want to brake the safety pins at our gym, they slightly bend at 225 and they are like bent since I my 405 Rack pull, So I was wondering what is a good alternative to the rack pulls, since I can do them, I was thinking of Loading up the shrug machine with a bunch 25 kg plates, is it a good idea?

  • How to sumo, how to deadlift, how to bench…..thats all we see over and over. FINALLY a great piece on “How to Think” to gain in everything! this subject is way overlooked!

  • Hey man! Absolutely loved the wrokout and can’t thank you enough. I just wanted to ask how much time before the results start showing?

  • This is the first video I’ve seen from this channel and it’s a breath of fresh air. Great topic! So impressed, just from this one video, I’m subscribing.

  • Just started my channel and posted my first vid! Would love the feedback from you I put your channel in my description to get more people to watch your shit

  • My mental struggle in training mostly was with my squat, I don’t have a weak squat overall it was more how I would always messed it up in some way in competition, this was stuff like depth, divebombing and miss grooving, at youth nats I cut my first squat super high and had a small moment of “I’ve fucked it up again” but my coach did well to calm me down and get me back on track, so ever since that nationals I’ve always looked at my squats as something I can improve and that switch to positive self talk is what I contribute a lot of my recent squat improvement to

  • hey, awesome video man. bands are the shit, really. i believe i read that ido portal uses them for training the planche to people you wrap the band on a pull up bar, then set yourself up in it at the bottom with the band around your waist, and work on holding the straight arm progressions for time. you can of course use heavier bands to practice the more advanced progressions, or lighter bands as you get stronger.

  • I tend to plant the seed of self doubt as I attempt to get out of the hole during squats. I lost my brace the other day and it has fucked with my mental game.

  • dude you need to do a podcast, your voice has serious ASMR qualities, coupled with the well articulated advice and positive reinforcement it makes for awesome motivation!! love your channel and hearing your tips and cues for building better lifts

  • Is it bad that I’ve yet to hit a plateau? Deadlifted for the first time in December. Currently at 565 without straps, 600 with. I add 10lbs a week seemingly without any issues. My squat also doesn’t seem to stop moving. This week hit 405 for a 5×3, max is 505. Also started squatting in December. Got in the gym in general in July of last year but only benched and did some bro split stuff. In terms of self talk, I tend to overhype my genetics and that really gets me going. My dads lifts at age 55 are on par with what mine are now, and he’s much smaller, so it’s a constant competition for me to improve and better him.

  • You’re very right about people influencing you. One of my gym buddies keeps telling me that my form is dogshit and my bar is unstable and “keep doing it it’ll improve eventually”. these are passive aggressive words and they really kill my mood. My other gym buddy just screams “Nice set” or “big weight” after each set and encourages me.

    Of course there’s nothing wrong about pointing out incorrect form but not all the time.

  • Maxing out is a big mental struggle. I’ve often lost weeks worth of sleep when i know a max out is coming around the corner. I kept pushing the attempt back a day in hopes that the next nights sleep would be good enough, but it never was. So one day i got just under 5 hours and went for it anyway. Hit 640 on the squat, but that wasnt what I felt was near what i could have hit. Fell asleep like a baby that night.

  • I have a lot of negative self talk going to a serious gym like the Strength Edge. First of all, I think that everyone who goes there knows what they’re doing and I’m way out of my league. Secondly, I am in my 50’s and most of the lifters are closer to 30. Sometimes I feel very intimidated, especially after taking time off for an injury. This video helps me to be more aware of how my thoughts can affect my performance. Great job Dillon & Bryce!

  • I didn’t know much of the science behind it but I figured bands would help with my bench and it has. It has worked stabilizing, controlling resistance down, with generating force at the bottom and with lockouts.

    I use bands with weight to warmup till about 315. Then when I take it off I get 12 reps easy with 315 and then go up to 405, 425 then 455 all raw. I then use a slingshot and get 455, 495 and 515. I would then come back down using the slingshot and bands for amrap at 425, 405 and 385. Lastly, rep out 225 raw for a burnout. Since I started doing this I’ve had strength gains, muscle density and size gains. As well as far less pain from raw lifting as before. I can’t say enough about them helping. Im about to be 40 and never felt better.

  • Awesome video that relates a lot to growth mindset. Adding something like “yet” to the end of a sentence can turn a negative self talk to a positive one. Awesome video man!

  • I took your advice yesterday and did band work while doing dumbell bench. It was awesome, I also think it helped alleviate tension on my anterior delt/corrected my form.

  • This and the RTS newsletter are the very few channels that I know of that speak of such concepts. Do you guys know any other reputable sources that also tackle these topics for strength athletes?

  • Help me guys….Actually I’m losing fat and almost 80% of it I losed, but I’m finding difficulties in losing remaining….. I’m doing PPL workout 2x week with dumbells and confused what to do in the early morning before I go out for playing badminton, please help it’s my dream to build physique like you guys and I don’t to break or give up after Coming such a long way

  • This is actually really overlooked and very important. Sort of related, but I started making better progress over time by making a music playlist that really hypes me up and makes it easy to tell myself “it’s gonna be so badass if you can lift to this song”. It sounds cringey, but hey we all have our own little things that help!

  • With Resistance Bands!

    Wideouts: 3 Sets of 10 Seconds ( 1:06)
    Alternate Quick Feet: 3 Sets of 10 Seconds ( 3:07)
    Band Holds: 2 Sets of 10-15 Seconds ( 4:08)
    Band Chops: 2 Sets of 10 Reps ( 5:28)
    Kickouts: 2 Sets of 8 Reps ( 6:25)

    Without Resistance Bands!

    Loaded Lateral Hops: 2 Sets of 6 Reps ( 8:04)
    Lateral Jump Tucks: 2 Sets of 6 Reps ( 9:01)
    Hops to Lunge Hold: 2 Sets of 8 ( 10:16)
    Power Jumps: 10 Jumps MAX EFFORT ( 11:47)

  • NOTIFICATION GIVEAWAY!! Click This Link To Find Out How To Get A Free Workout: ​ https://training.twicethespeed.com/turn-on-notifications​

  • Arnold talks a lot about this. About him being able to win Mr. Olympia (a billion times) was his mental state in the gym. He visualized growing bigger. He saw him self moving mountains. The amount of volume that guy did back in the day is insane.

    I think all the great athletes know and do these things. Some may keep a secret. Many not even realize they are doing it.

  • It has been Five days since I have started following this vertical jump program however I managed to jump 4 to 5 inches higher. I really believe with this plan hands down. Of all the programs I`ve attempted before, this one is the best. It is not hard to find this jump tip on Google. It’s Julian Jumρosen
    best luck

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  • When I used bands it always burns my skin but i found stroops bands and theirs has a fabric on the outside of the band, bu do you know if it works as effectively?

  • after the first day my legs calf’s and hamstrings are sore but i’m not jumping any higher i don’t think before i did this u was so close to touching back board i’m still not touching back board but ima do this everyday for a week and see how it goes
    i’m 5’4 btw but overweight so once i loose weight i should be able to jump higher

  • wow, that new hairstyle combined with your new beard made you look so much better, from average (below if we count the mustache period) to atleast top 80%

  • After I finished I was able to jump another inch higher though I know that’s not a permanent change. I am curious if this will, over time, make my pre workout vertical higher?

  • interesting points,if anyone else wants to discover increase vertical jump fast try Teyelijah Leap Paradoxal (do a search on google )? Ive heard some super things about it and my cousin got great success with it.

  • How do you know what type of resistance band you need? Theres alot of shops out there that have a variety heavy extra heavy etc..

  • Yo this exercise is bomb I just finished doing it and like I had to come back to say how great that was. I literally can put my whole hand on top of my second floor*i used to only be able to put half a hand * so that’s a dramatic increase in literally 20 minutes thanks lad for the secerts��������

  • what if you have osgood schlatters. i get bad knee pain on particular exercises. i’ve ordered the bands yesterday and looking forward to the exercises what can i do to prevent knee pain

  • Omg Thank you so much. After i was done with the workout, i gained 2 or 3 inches. Can you please post more vertical workout videos please

  • Can you recommend some site where i can order resistance bands? I’m from Europe so shipping is always too expensive so if you know some european site or something it would be really helpful. In my country only resistance bands i can get are thera bands, and they are shitty

  • I’m 5’8 and I can almost touch rim hopefully this helps me dunk FOLLOW ME ON IG @enol4n so we can make a growth gc to see how much we all gain from this

  • Loved it!!!!!!!! I am surely going to try it!!!!! Question: Are the other athletes from Blue Star Nutraceuticals still onboard. Don’t get me wrong, Rob is awesome and his energy is amazing…just a curious question. You all at BSN rock!!!!!!!

  • you should include your equipment in the video description. Good way for you to make money and good way for video watchers to buy gear that you’ve already quality tested

  • Hi Alex!
    Great workout! Hey, I retired on April 1, after 45 years of hard labor. I had my epiphany at about 40 when I was pushing about 190Lbs. I woke up and got fit and down to 165Lbs. I’ve been pretty consistent over the years but want to vastly improve now that I’ve retired.

    I’m 69″, and weight this morning was 166LBS (down about 4 ) I’ll be 68 years in November. I was frustrated by my fitness centers being closed by the pandemic, so I ordered a set of undersun bands. Never used them before and it’s a bit awkward, but i think I’m getting results ( it’s only been 4 days).

    I want to kill off the belly fat and love handles, and get in to much better shape. I hit the subscribe button, but haven’t gotten any response.

    Do you offer advice? Training? Nutritional counsel? How do I get on?


    Tom Ford

  • Absolute god send bro. I’m missing the gym and sports equipment is so expensive and everything I needs out of stock Due to the lockdown so I bought a resistance loop and this routine is really effective. ��

  • Thanks for this video. Who knew it would be this useful 3 years later. How tall are you? I’m using a green band and I have to squat to get into it for the side bend. Any tips for adjustments to accommodate people of different heights? It seems like the band length is a standard 41 inches or 82 inch loop.

  • damn this video was exactly what I needed! been training for only a year and my squat and deadlift have improved tremendously making my mindset for them great and thus more improvements but I have had a massive mental block on my bench, I weigh 80kg yet cannot bench a 1 rep max past 60kgs. at one point I did 60kgs for two reps and ever since hit it for a few singles but cannot get a 62.5kg! but your video has shown me exactly what I’m doing which is negative talking myself into this constant cycle of not wanting to train bench because I am so weak compared to everyone else!

  • use resistance band set its fcking awesome get one for urself you will love it i got my from trainhome.shop get it there or somewhere alse trust me you will love it

  • We all talk to ourselves. I keep on battling with my high expectations from myself and the fact that im never good enough. Not strong enough, not lean enough.
    But, at the end of the day, working harder and harder is the way to move ahead.

  • 3×15 wood chop

    3×15 side bend

    3×15 Crunch

    3×12 Squats

    3×12 Deadlift

    3×12 Bridges

    3×12 Push ups

    3×12 Row

    3×12 Upright Row

    3×12 Biceps

    3×12 Triceps

  • Out of all the exercises only 5 really need the band..and they weren’t the best ways to use them. PLEASE research how to use these effectively