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How to Get 4% Body Fat Competition Ready

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High carb, moderate protein and low fat. High sodium and water intake. 1 Day Out No training.

2 very easy 20 minute walks to get the blood flowing. One in the AM and one in the PM. Continue carb loading.

High carb, moderate protein and low fat. Moderate sodium, stop drinking water Start diuretic Get spray tan Show Day Continue carb loading. Peak week is the final week of your preparation before your competition.

At this stage your body is almost ready for the stage. You should have reached a low level of body fat and you should be able to see your muscle. The “Peak Week” helps your condition to “Peak” in the final stages of your physical prep. Included each week are 5 daily devotionals – that tie in with the weekly message and the typical work week – about 5-10 minutes in length but adaptable for longer times. These will feature some action steps and thought-provoking questions to enhance your learning.

These self-studies will help you apply the teachings to your life and are also adaptable for small group discussions. Competitive bodybuilders have been using different techniques to achieve this certain dryness. The last week of the diet, called “peak week”, we will manipulate our carbohydrate and water intake to get super shredded. The goal is to get rid of the subcutaneous water. With the right plan and the right discipline, you can get seriously shredded in just 28 days.

Read article. Training Ronnie Coleman’s 6 Tips for Getting Shredded. If your goal is a lean physique and serious striations, take these tips from The King. seven days before taking the stage: peak week. Peak week is that grueling last stretch before stepping on stage – the phase where your mind and memory start to fail you, your mood is at an all-time low, and your energy is virtually shot.

Trials and tribulations notwithstanding, peak week offers your big chance to achieve the best muscle definition and conditioning you possibly can before. It cannot be emphasized enough that you should be “stage lean” at least one week prior to peak week. If you find yourself not being lean enough going into peak week, you are better off bypassing the peaking objectives covered herein and just using that week to cut more body fat.

12 Bible Verses To Get You Through Your Week And Any Other Stress You May Be Having. Susannah Avy. Mar 24, 2016. Salem College.

42274 Keep Calm Midterms and exam periods in general are one of the most stressful times of college. For some classes, you feel like you’re basically teaching yourself everything you were supposed to be taught by the. I’m going to cover a few mistakes figure competitors make in prep for their peak week journey.

What you do that final week before your show can either make you look 15% better, or 50% worse! First, you need to be ready, and mean 99% stage-ready one week out from your figure contest. You can’t lose fat your final week.

To avoid this, you will need to sharply cut back on water the last two days before the peak day. How To Do It. On day 2 before the peak date, keep water intake under ½ gallon.

On day 1 before the peak day, limit water intake to less than 20 ounces. On the peak date you can drink water, but do so slowly.

List of related literature:

CHAPTER 67 Cutting In It was a Saturday night, and such a Sabbath as followed!

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The warm-up consisted of various stretching exercises, stomach crunches, jumping jacks, and push-ups, and they looked easy from where the audience was sitting, but Paul was in absolute hell.

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Her Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday workouts will constitute the “meat” of the program, and Friday will generally be for Active Recovery (Level 1), although sometimes Jill will do specific workouts on Friday in order to build three strong workouts on consecutive days.

“Training and Racing with a Power Meter, 2nd Ed.” by Hunter Allen, Andrew Coggan
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The meat Jesus ate was both lean—because eating its hard cover fat was prohibited—and broiled or baked.

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My main reason for presenting the excerpts that follow is the same as it’s been on other occasions: Seth’s material fits into Mass Events very well.

“The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events (A Seth Book)” by Jane Roberts, Robert F. Butts
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The end of the chapter covers key issues for bodybuilders, powerlifters, and weightlifters.

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  • Totally irrelevant, but I feel like this man should grow a beard �� I simply feel like this would enhance his appearance being that he has such masculine features anyways. Juuuuuist saying….

  • Wow thank God I found this!!! Got my show in 4 days and my first and yes had huge panic on with how I looked after loading water and dropping carbs, thought i fucked it!! But 100% confident that it’s normal! Thanks and keep up the awesome content

  • I’m confused. We’re talking about the same goal throughout the entire video: fat loss. So why do you say high carbs at one point and then low carbs at another? What is the reasoning behind flip-flopping this tactic?

  • @mountaindog1 very helpful video man I have a question for ya will compete in exactly 2 weeks but I feel like I still need one or maybe 2 more weeks of dieting, what should I do? I’m eating 150 to 175 carbs a day should I go for Depletion or lower my carbs even more? I know for sure my cardio will have to increase in this 2 weeks. I will appreciate your help!!!

  • Thanks for this great video.  I have been leen and cut for most of the year and entered a contest last week.  I made the mistake of eating alot of raw fish and rice the night before the contest.  I developed an intense burning sensation in my stomach at 11:pm that lasted untill 6:am.  The contest was at 7:00am.  I was going to try and make it to the emergency room after taking about 3 cups of baking soda to make the acid neuatralize but I could barely walk.  After throwing up a couple times, I passed out and woke up at 7:00 am and decided to give it a try.  My stomach looked like I was pregnant, I had the chills all night and was sweating profusely, and I didn’t really feel a pump backstage.  Someohow I managed to come in 2nd.       Tomorrow I have another much bigger contest and I have mostly followed your adivice.  Since last week I’ve been eating yogurt to replenish the bacteria to digest my food that was probably killed off when I had the stomach flu/ food poisoning.  I still feel a little full in the stomach though.  I was wondering what your advice on taking a laxative the night before the show is?  I am looking lean, its just that my stomach feels a little full of feces.  Thanks!

  • Great video! Subscribed on your channel. You have a lot of good materials i’d like to watch.
    I have one question about the day of competition: what do you suggest to have on the breakfast and take with you backstage? Thank you.

  • I have this night club thing I’m hosting where I am walking around with no shirt on.. How do I prepare for it (obviously workout, tan, eat clean) but ON the day.. what do I eat to avoid my stomach being filled with air or avoid being gassy.. I wanna look as shredded and good as possible on the day.. any tips what to avoid.. when to eat.. how many hours before do I workout/eat

  • im at 9 percent year round caloric surplus……….80 miles of biking a week and weights 3 times a week and IF fasting for life.YES caloric surplus 3k calories a day and 9 percent

  • great information but I do have question,when you are in 2-1 week out and you are in high protein diet with low carb and entering in ketosis diet how much is fat?and protein and carb? and then when you were 5-4 days out you did carb loading increase your carb to 300-500g you said how much was your protein at that time?and how much was your fat too? please answer question like this thanks

  • This routine works for my metabolism and body Type II, always start my cut from around 8% body fat and it never really feels like cutting it just feels like a harder training regiment.
    I’m not a big eater but I need to eat around 3500 cal just to maintain, so I droppe my nutrition down to 2900 for those 12 weeks of cutting.
    That’s the advice I give everybody that asks me how I do it as well, I maintain low fat percentage all around it just makes life simpler ��
    Excellent video brand new to the channel so I’m going to sift through some of your other videos to

  • So it is possible to build muscle and burn fat and be in a calorie deficit at the same time. Im not critizing. Its good to hear, but I dont want to believe something just cause I want to believe it.

  • Hi John
    I’ve made some good improvements on my training the last 2 months, but it does stagnate now and even goes back.
    I usually train 4-5days per week very very hard with a lot of volume and intensity techniques (because i like that).

    Now when im training and i do hard exercises like deadlifts, bent over rows, leg press etc i feel like shit and i loose all energy.

    Maybe it is time to give my body a week rest. What do you think?

    Greetings from Germany and keep up the good work John

  • On day of show would you drink water at all or as needed? And what’s your opinion on a few shots of alcohol such as vodka with coffee/espresso like the Ronnie Coleman and Kevin Levrone story?

  • Do you think 6000mg of citrulline on final pump up before stage would be a good idea? Also if I take 10g of creatine the morning of? Doing first show this Sat. Going to load with some sweet potato through the week gradually like you said. I’m might use rice cakes and pb the morning of, should I skip adding some raw honey on them? Thanks for everything!! Keep it up!!!

  • If you are cutting while on test E, would you pull the test out early as you approach show day? If so, how early? 1 week? 2 weeks? Or would you run it all way through to show day?

  • Great, great video! Very helpfull, but a still would love to hear how many carbs should i increase starting monday. Can you, please, say some percentage for help me?

  • John, do you ever “Front Load” the carbs the week of the show with some athletes? What I mean is to start carbs higher early in the week and gradually cut them down as you get to Friday and then the day of show do a load based on how you look. If you do, who responds best to that approach. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • Thank you for this and all your videos John! Did you ever create a video on carbing up after having to make weight and competing the next day like you did for the 212 class? Thanks again dude.

  • Great info… one thing I would like to know…. If you say you grafually increase the carbs from Monday… does this also apply to someone that has been dieting the whole preps on moderate to higher carbs already? And does your clients train the whole way thru to Friday?

  • Thank you for this video! I have been trying to work up the nerve to ditch my water pill ritual for the past month. I watched/read 15-20 different peak week related discussions and I finally stepped on stage without a water pill this past weekend. It was a success!…and I do not feel like a beluga whale post-show.

  • Awesome video man! So many experts believe that it’s impossible to build muscle during a cut…I hear this all the time. Like you said, if you keep intensity high and your working with heavy sets your body will continue to add muscle as long as you have enough carbohydrates to fuel your workouts. Another thing to add, carbohydrates are protein sparing because they protect your muscle tissue from breaking down. Of course you know this, when I tell people I can maintain all of my muscle during my cut naturally they never believe me. It’s simple! 1. Consume enough carbohydrates. 2. Workout like your bulking. When people cut they tend to lower their intensity and volume throughout the week. The body will adapt, if your not giving it a reason to maintain or add muscle it will lose muscle instead. Specific adaptation to imposed demands. Sorry for the rant. Haha

  • Bhai main chij nanhi bole ap -masteron Jo 1hafte pehle daily ek ek lagta hai uske sath-aur anabolics,aur t prop 1ml every alternative day,wo bhi batao,kyun ki AP ki ye phisquie ND photo shot natural nanhi hai,ye AP bhi jante ho

  • Thanks for the information. I’m glad to hear diuretics are unnecessary and have not used them for past shows but wondered if I should try for shows coming up. Surprised you don’t give a link for people that want you to coach them.

  • An on a plant based food plan…no meat, fowl,fish,dairy…having problem losing weight for some reason…suggestions please…trying to get from 25% body fat to 15%..thanks for helping.

  • Great video John
    Do you have a few weeks lower carbs and then implement the progressive carb load to get your athlete I’m shape. As your peaking strategy seems very identical to what I current do for athletes. As I push them hard a few weeks out and then progressively load the back up 5 days out. Simple things work ��

  • I agree 100%. I’ve dropped 11 kg in the last 5 months while all my lifts have gone up. 6 days out for my first show and I’m about 8% bf from 16% and I have been eating on average 2800 kcals per day, no cardio, heaps of Volume. Full body workouts 3 days per week. Science ����

  • This obsession with 5% or less body fat. I’ve yet to see one ‘program’ that isn’t just dehydrating and starving yourself. I mean if you were a woman sectioned under the mental health act and put in rehab for people with eating disorders; then you’d be told straight that calling it ‘cutting’ or a ‘cutting program’ or ‘getting shredded’ is a form of denial that prolongs the eating disorder. Also it is universally accepted that you can look shredded at 12% body-fat, and that it is medically dangerous to go below 10% body fat. I mean if you want the ultimate horror story then go read about Andreas Münzer, the guy with 0% body fat. And my point is; if it recognised that skinny catwalk models are the wrong role-model for impressionable young girls. Then why isn’t the body-building industry doing the same for their athletes? We can all see the steroid cheats, and the ‘nattys’ that are using dangerous fat burners like clenbuterol. Why isn’t the industry itself cleaning up its act by having the simple rule that you can’t be below 10% body-fat?

  • Hello John. GeorgeUK here. First of all, this video is exactly wha I needed and confirmed the approach I had running though my mind. At present I’m 7 weeks out from my first contest in 20 years (over 50s masters). I plan on being ready early and everything is going to plan. The question I have is this As you gradually increase carbs on the final week, how much do you increase by? Incremental increases? Many thanks friend.

  • As a bodybuilder that doesn’t compete (I just do it for personal satisfaction) I still found this video fascinating. Keep up the great content

  • My competition evening 7.30 p.m. how many mills will I get in those day??what will be the ratio of carbs proteins and fat?? Plz sir please help me plz..

  • im gonna get that call sonner and save money to get that couching. i want to be the best of myself for first time of my life. Tnaks again Coach DR chef and Everything that you arent that you are for all!..

  • At some point I wonder whether he really is dropping body fat or whether he is simply losing water. Nevermind. He answered my question. ������������

  • Cardio has become fun for me. I like alternating it into my workout 3 or 4 days a week. Let’s me blow off some steam. I used to hate it. I never do more than 30 minutes steady more than once or twice a week and like to do 20 minutes of HITT 2x a week. It is therapy. But I agree. If your diet is on and you are no over eating, but staying nourished, muscles and intensity will do all you need. The point of this video to me was intensity, frequency and diet.

  • Nice video! I had my peakweek totaly differently and it really worked for me! For the people who want to know how? I made a guide on my yt channel!

  • Do you mean it’s All natural? What are the steroids that we need to cycle? How can we get the information? Can this done be on my own?

  • Step #1, learn what a realistic Body fat percentage is. Take a look at some YouTube videos of people actually getting their body fat tested and see what people really get to you. I would bet cash money that he was not at 4%.

  • Hi sir, I’m confused about fat.
    We should consume fat 80gm per meal? And while explaining Saturday menu, you said that, “consume 80gm per day”.

  • This is how I’ve been losing weight. I can literally see the fat falling off of me. The other day my wife slipped on some that literally fell of me while walking through the kitchen. No really this system works.

  • I started my cut at 11 percent and ran into all the stalls you could think of and mentioned. This time, I’m taking it slower and not doing any cardio except walking and I’m noticing I’m not burning out on cardio like I did last time. Slowly losing about a pound and a half a week. Pretty happy with my progress so far.

  • you look great Steve, but I doubt he can ever beat sadik or jeremy or these other guys… simply because they have more witdh it the upper body

  • Honestly John, I commented the same exact thing to Paul Revelia’s video about linear carbing up during peak weak in the hope he could help me but I might as well hope the same with you.. Okay so I’ll just take the jump and hope this gets answered in time if not at all.. I have a shoot september 11th. Started going low carb since wednesday, drinking 7-8 litres of water and kept salt in. I’m natural and not truly stage lean but not far away. Should I change plans and apply your approach from tomorow? I feel like absolute shit already. Linear carbing up sounds like a good option.

  • Not really a guide to peak week depletion though, like it was interesting but it’s basically just you on a plane talking about getting water through customs

  • Greg not trying to be funny. But if u eat lettuce doesnt that have water and glycogen. Shouldnt u cut out the lettuce for the last 4 days?

  • It’s so fascinating to see the different perspectives we all have on the world. This is not to put down any of the amazing video content or transparency, big ups for that.
    Two years ago, I was in the same kind of eating and muscle building mode. However, this style of living causes accelerated aging and disease as you will find quickly if you ever look for serious scientific research on the subject of health and nutrition.So eventually I destroyed my health, thinking I was eating clean, lots of lean protein, carbs and veggies.
    Now in the process of healing through healthy eating, rather than anabolic eating. Excess protein, especially animal protein, leads to increased IGF 1 and not only grows muscle, but also malignant cells. There is a reason protein restriction, particularly methionene, significantly increases lifespan. It also explains how plant-based diets are a lot more favorable for long-term health.
    Funny how I came from a Joel Fuhrman video to this one.
    Peace and health to you all, whatever your preferences are!

  • You are giving great information I really appreciate that thank you for the information and I love it when you tell a story to make the concept clear. Thank you

  • Steve, i love your positivity in every aspect when it comes down to training. You are by far one of the realists fitness models. Keep it up and thanks for the Motivation!

  • You need to learn how to shave man. The front of your quads looks nasty all those little red keratosis dots. Your back too. Ditch those fake wanna be intellectual glasses too. You are such a good looking dude you don’t need that shite. Your arms are goals.

  • i was listening to the vi and i was looking at my phone nearly dirfited off and he shoted chandler and that my name woke me up haha

  • Thank you for sharing your experience, currently watching videos on this channel, lots of awesome information! if you could find time and answer my question i would greatly appreciate �� Here is question: how can be determined whether im too low on calories (or too low on carbs)?maybe my metabolism became too slow now and i dont realize that? i am currently 12 days out of show, mens physique competitor, my legs, arms are pretty lean, abdominals are also lean, but still cant see clearly my serratus muscles, still some fat on lower back and buttocks. 26 years old, 187 height, currently 97 kgs. off season i eat around 3200 calories, around 180g to 250 carbs a day,220 -250 proteins, rest are fats. all year round clean food. i started prep 3 months ago, by now i gradually dropped calories to 1900-2000, carbs are 120g, proteins 220 g, fats around 70-80 g. Every day i do 1 hour cardio in zone from 115 to 125, sometimes fasted in the morning, sometimes after workout. For past 20 days, maybe more… feeling tired, very irritable, and seems like progress is slower then a snail, almast no change in the mirror exept for that i become generally smaller. im a bit confused, because i am prepping by myself, and i might use some professional advice

  • “So many pills” haha my thoughts right before you said that. Gotta do what you gotta do, it’ll pay off in the end. Good luck at your show

  • Hi! Thank you for the valuable information. When doing the pump workout the day beforehow much weigh would you suggest we use? % wise.

  • Damn it’s already episode 26 time flys when your having fun. I pray you close out the gym Steve less stress especially on peak week is good! Remember life will try to throw you off your goals and dreams stay focus and stay motivated…wait this is Steve Cook I’m talking to you don’t need my help pro go get em boy!

  • Thank God for people like You Steve. It’s so uplifting to see people being passionate about anything in life. Normal everyday people I meet aren’t excited about life much and it kinda sucks. Thanks again:)

  • 3-4 pounds in a week is nothing man, wtf? Also, water retention = lean mass. Meaning the more water retention, the lower the body fat %.

  • I really like how you explained this. I love peak week. I very calming for me. I know sounds crazy but I do…and I love my year round dieting/meal plan. I stay fairly lean (highest bf was 14% in off season) while building muscle. Love your videos. Please keep them coming.

  • Hey John, going back to this video after a year since i saw it. Having read Scott’s new book, it’s interesting to see you two have the same philosophy on diuretic use. Shows you can compete and not wind up in the hospital the next day.

  • John, I was looking in your video section and just watched this video! Thanks!! Do you recommend certain foods that can help during people and the day before stepping on stage? Like celery, aspargarus…

  • Thanks for the great explanation of what’s been working for you no denying your great results! How do you measure your bodyfat? Have you ever done DEXA? How long did it take you to be able to maintain around 7-8%???

  • We can notice you look like that face of not sleeping and brain stopping for 5 seconds… Me like seeing 20 patients non stop. respect!

  • backs up everything I have ever seen, water depletion / diuretics = flat /stringy and loss of vascularity, prefer to be fuller, vascular and risk slight water retention, you can always pump/pose that off, change nothing and add some carbs for a few days ( not enough to get gut bloat though)higher sodium on the day definitely helps me as im very vasular, heat spray and not oils definitely help though, seems to keep the skin tight and pulls water through sweating ( might make tan run though) I usually apply it every few hours, also this is the first time ive heard of a pump workout which is a great idea, one of the reasons people usually look better the day after.

  • Thanks Mike!!!!
    This really explains a lot for me! I’m 39yrs old, and completely natural. I’m somewhat new to bodybuilding, but not weightlifting in general, so not experiencing “newbie gains” anymore. I’ve been applying these same strategies lately to my program, and have gotten VERY similar results!.. It was counter intuitive to me, to be loosing body fat%, while on a calorie deficit, and gaining muscle & strength at the same time, but now I get it.

    Last 7wks:
    I’ve slightly reduced calories under maintenance each wk., cycled in carbs daily as needed for glycogen, kept protein high, stopped all steady state cardio(except some occasional H.I.I.T. cardio only), and have increased workout intensity & volume. The result is, I’m getting super shredded, super fast, and making some muscular gains at the same time!!..This may not work for everybody, but this is exactly what is happening to me. Man, you really hit the nail on the head with this one!!

  • Thanks for motivating us agr ap comment dekh rhey Ho to Ye peak weak s waps return kaise ayengy daily routine me ek video
    Best wishes to you.

  • Much respect for addressing the negatives of contest prep�� Most people just see the shreds and assume everything else in life is amazing as well

  • Great video. As a nephrologist, I cannot stress enough how dangerous the unsupervised use of diuretics can be. I am glad you have eliminated this practice from your prep.

  • Outstanding Video! I’m curious about your thoughts on Distilled Water. Does it play a role in training, or prep in general? Does distilled water affect mineral/electrolyte balance, which you detailed the importance of throughout the video?

  • My main carb source has been sweet potatoes on prep. Should I change that on show day? I notice most people lean towards easier digesting carbs such as white rice, rice cakes, sweets, etc.

  • hi sir john, pleass help me out i really need your advice right now, im an independent competitor i dont have coach or any other people to guide me at what so ever, i just based all my programs in youtube vids. and i planned to join this big event this coming november 23-24 this year, and what makes me more nervous is that its an ifbb pro competition, i never had any idea it was that big untill the info. came out, but since i already started preparing and im having trouble on how i prepare myself or if im even doing right, i just had a suggestion from a friend of mine and he said 200g protein, 200g carbs and no fats mentioned, he just said no oils no fats.. even though i kinda needed it since its essential also to my diet, do you think those amount of food my friend suggested is good enough? and the fats that i need can you help me out with that please sir.
    Also in addition can i have salt in my meals even im on cutting right now? please help me out i really want this body building in my life just to quit drinking so help me out please,im 172.6 lb at the moment, thank you for any reply sir. Shout out here from Philippines for you sir.

  • I started at about 20% bodyfat before my diet and i lost about 15kg till now but i have the feeling it takes forever now to lose bodyfat i’m at about 12% now and i wanna get to like 8% that was always my goal what should i do now?

  • Hi John. Read an article you did some time back on how you used a fat loading approach before the 99 USA’s do you still believe this is an approach that can work really well for peaking for a contest?

  • Hello sir i saw ur whole video and it looks really impressive. Lots of points make sense but i have one question how do we get dry and crispy look on show day if we follow this strategy..?
    Will wait for ur reply.
    Warm regards.

  • Sir I usually watch ur videos and ur information is so correct geniune and honest. This video is really cool. I want to subscribe yearly on ur website but can I get good guidance on it. Like if I watch any video and ask any questions. Will u help me out in addressing my queries if I become the member of ur site… And I download ur app I has only monthly subscription option. What to do sir?

  • Have u ever tried carb loding with alot water like 10ls and what u think about it if salt intake is low and u are very lean? Very informative video tho ��������

  • I know this is a couple years old, but if they’re two weeks out and not as lean, then what? Of course it’s ideal to be as lean as possible, to not have to do anything drastic, but what if they aren’t?

  • The best most complete explanation I’ve heard. Going for my 10th show this Winter and will follow your plan. It makes more sense to me. Thank you I appreciate your advice.

  • Good stuff Steve. Saw you at the arnold did not wait in line because that ON line was insane! but i appreciate that every time we happened to walk by the booth, you could tell you were having sincere convos w/ each person and taking some genuine interest in what they had to say a lot of others there don’t do that, they bicep flex, point at the person and fake smile for the photo and on to the next haha so kudos to you & good luck this weekend

  • I discovered greg this week through Brandon Harding and OMG why haven’t I always watched this guy!! Why do you never smile Greg I can’t read you �������� definite subscriber!

  • I have stalled losing fat (about 11 %) but still doughy a bit on lower belly but no matter what I try like Intermittent fasting, reverse dieting, I can’t get lower. I think my metabolism has slowed but the reverse diet has not helped. At one point I was on 1600 cal a day. My goal is to get tight on lower belly and advice would be a great help.

  • Thank you so much sir apne jesa jesa bataya mene follow kiya aur is diet plan se mera photo shoot bohot acha hua you are the best coach thank you sir thank you ������

  • Your awesome Greg. We love you bro. Let the idiot haters hate. They are just jealous of you man. I watch you everyday. Thanks for all your help buddy. Keep doing what you do. You are appreciated greatly.

  • I drink 8l of cold Water ever day and take max 1.8g of salt every day and I hate it so much, but if I don’t do it I immediately look much more fatter

  • John,
    What’s your opinion on some products like Green Tea Extract, L-Carnitine or CLA?
    Are they beneficial or dangerous?

    Thanks a lot!

  • It’s fighting you because you aren’t doing the best way. Learn to use fats and protien on a surplus when cutting. You will get there so easy it’s not funny.

    Once you stall then drop to maintaince and once you stall there eventually deflict fat and protien only. Then peak day not week DAY eat the carbs to fill out.

    Trust me that’s the way plus you NEED micros. No not for muscle but health and also to combat inflamation.

    It all plays its role.

  • How long.. I mean how many days after keto you put carbs 3-500 gram day before final day? Thank You… I plan to do first event Thank You

  • If you are gay, its totally cool. Do respect your physique. Good job, considering you are in your 40’s, on your blood pressure numbers! Your tren dosage is ridiculous. I would die.

  • If I had the choice between datenight with Courtney and datenight with Steve, I would choose Steve. No offense Courtney, but Steve is every man’s dream. And I’m fully hetero. Well I think..

  • Great video. When you’re adding sodium, how many mg or grams do you need as a rough estimate to stay fullish but not overload. I’ll start on 5 litres of water a day and then slowly reduce it every day by a litre and then stop the day before the show. I’m roughly 180lbs on stage. Also, being this weight how many carbs would you say I’d need to carb up and would I take these the night before? Cheers. Love the videos!

  • im basically maxed out on weight in the classic physique division so keeping my weight under control the week of the show is extremely difficult especially with flying. I never have much of an issue getting a good pump upper body wise but it seems that my quads always look flat on stage. Could the depletion be factoring into that or could it just be muscle fatigue from cardio sessions? Any tips or advice with this issue would be HUGELY helpful.

  • Not sure if informative videos, or subliminal messages regarding future programs or Granite products pertaining to the superheroes/villains on your laptop. Ever since Steppenwolf, I’m now looking at everything haha, I’m really enjoying your increased video content these days, keep it up!

  • Hi john. If someone is really lean but skin is not thight(espiacally lower abs area after a few low carb days )what does it mean? Carbs or too low to strech skin? Thanks

  • steve,
    You’re awesome. I love and watch all your videos. I’m wondering what your cardio routine is like for your last 5-6 weeks before you hit the stage. I’m prepping myself for my first show. good luck on Saturday!!

  • Best pre-contest tips vid I have ever watched. So easy to follow, scribbling notes whilst Greg spoke. Feels like a personal seminar! I Mess up on the sodium / water depletion every time… about to start a prep on jan 6th for end of March so going to follow all of these tips and see what happens thanks Greg

  • Hey Steve I work nights and it’s super hard for me to eat healthy food or small increments I drink the amino water through the night what are some good snacks or foods to eat through the night that are healthy I found you cause I’m trying to lose weight before I go to basic training for the Army thanks for helping me I’ve been watching for 3 weeks and I’ve been going to the gym doing your workouts and I’ve lost 23lbs

  • So many people out there preaching burgers, fish and asparagus and healthy foods on show day. They also preach carb loading from the beginning of the week. Your advice makes a ton of sense and with your experience this info is like gold. This will help me so much with my first show! Thank you!

  • Wait protein bloats me? I thought it was the carbs. Just learned I’ve been effing myself more than I thought. Shout out to the people who do coke!

  • first time competitor and im being told to dehydrate myself and take diuretics…. on top of cutting food quantity and basically starving myself… this can’t be healthy or helpful???

  • He is so in tune w his body.
    Also, It still amazes me that run of the mill ppl think 2000-2500 cals is normal. This guy has 2500 and does so much more shit every day. His calorie talk has really hit me and made me make a change

  • This is probably my favorite video of yours so far. Now I have heard that story of flushing the diuretics in person and video. Great job man!!!

  • 1000 calories is a lot to cut, would not recommend for normal people trying to get there, id say if u wanna get to 4% take ur time doing it with a small as possible caloric deficit.

  • I thought I would cut sodium just before and then have a lot of sodium the day of the show to raise the blood pressure, have my body react and “Pop” I’m 3 weeks out and very lean.

  • Hey John i have seen you are in touch with “Ken Skip Hill”. What do you think of skiploading, because you are also a fan of cheatmeals in strict diet and the 90/10 method and your plans also have some elements of carbcycling. Did you ever try “Skiploading” / “Shitloading” even if you are more for the approach of the safe peak week as described in your video?

  • I will try the carb up slowly, last time i did a frontload and tapered the carbs down a little bit.
    I keep the water and the sodium the same all the time. Thanks for sharing john.

  • I am not going to a competition, I just want to have good photos during the vacation. I am at 8-10% fat rate and I don’t plan to drop fat rate to an extremely low level. Will the loading water and removing salt method make me look better or it won’t work at all?

  • Really glad I watched this. My coach uses a very similar approach even though I’m just bikini no diuretics, no extreme manipulations.

  • Can’t wait for my first Show coming up. 5 months out im planning to kill it….tunnel vision im 208 lbs 10%body fat 42 yrs old 20 inch biseps.. Masters be awere new champ is coming��. thanks for the info man ���� really..

  • Hey bruv
    You’re doing great. Learnt a lot. After watching you for a year around. I want to be as great as you. Help me how you started. I’m a new bee in fitness.

  • Ok what about to increase the water every day like we start 5lt and add 1 every day till before one night we stop water completely til the show will finish what do you think about this technique?
    And tow day out from the show we can cut the sodium? Or keep it same even in the show
    Plus we need to cut the water before the show at night? Or depending from condition?

  • Mister Meadows, my question to u is is there a way to tell fat from water, at the end of your prep I mean. Esp in the glute area before I deplete I really cant tell if im in or not…

  • What the fuck man. Where the hell have you been this whole time. Great video. I always thought this way but couldn’t find like minded people

  • Hey mountain, so I’m competing on Saturday, Saturday went I decided to sodium and water load, yesterday I saw all that went straight to my waist, I immediately stop, I’m drinking 5litres of water at present, I’m on 50g carbs, 300g protein for the day, I just don’t want to look flat on show day, any advice that u can offer me will be appreciated

  • man, john really tells it like it is unlike these jokers on YouTube that give idiotic advice… thank john I’m getting shredded as we speak….

  • I love you man but I wish you would make up your mind with competing and not competing. After every show you say how it’s not for you and you don’t get excited by getting on stage anymore then the next minute you’re getting ready for a show!!

  • Hi John big fan of yours love the information and knowledge bombs. I amCompeting sunday and are front loading carbs Tuesday. My question is which do u think is optimal a big carb load on one day maybe spill on purpose and pull back the look your after by doing pump workouts, Or smaller loads until say fri then see how it looks? I’d rather be sharp and 75% full than 100% full and spilled over? I’m fat free and ready to peak!!!