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Own Worst Enemy! Is Overtraining Ruining Your Gains? “Training like a Navy Seal is really important if you are a Navy Seal, not so sure if you are a Football or Basketball player. Best not to forget you are what you train to be. It is an improvement over time, not one workout until vomit is induced, that produces gains.

A stimulus addict often prides himself on working harder than everybody else instead of getting better results than everybody else. As such, a stimulus addict is likely to become his own worst enemy – engaging in training practices that lead to stagnation (or even regression) and. It can also be your worst enemy when it clouds your judgment and becomes a merciless taskmaster. Overtraining syndrome is not merely getting stiff and sore from a hard workout or needing a couple extra days to recover from a particularly demanding race.

As such, a stimulus addict is likely to become his own worst enemy – engaging in training practices that lead to stagnation (or even regression) and feeling like crap all the time. Lethargy, and Low Sex Drive If you do a workout that stresses the nervous. To know your Enemy, you must become your Enemy.” In combat, this cannot be any clearer. But in training, most people will avoid their weaknesses.

You are your own worst enemy in training, always fighting that little voice in your head trying to make you do less then you are supposed to. Most fighters study their opponents before the big fight. But if you can practice forgiveness well enough to forgive your worst enemy, you can eventually learn to forgive yourself, as well. Forgiving yourself means accepting your own humanity. 4. You are Your Own Worst Critic.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s good be a strict judge of your own character. The problem arises when you take it too far. When you constantly criticize and find faults with what you do and who you are, you’ll never reach a necessary level. My Own Worst Enemy. nsfw.

Close. 252. Posted by.

CYOA Author Lvl 002. 1 year ago. Archived. My Own Worst Enemy that’s exactly the kind of Benefit I most certainly wouldn’t have wanted my worst enemy to have Martial Training-DAMMIT! I will ruin you.

My only rule I understand is not taking the same ALLIES, but you have no RELICS, so. Ranma ½: Every character is their own worst enemy in one way or another. Stand-out mention to Genma, who manages to derail more of his own schemes through cheating or running away, and Mousse, who would make more progress with Shampoo (and would win more fights) if he would just keep his damn glasses on instead of letting his vanity get the. In the relentless pursuit of more muscle, we can often become our own worst enemies.

This is particularly the case when we hear that something worked for well, anyone: a friend, a pro, a guy in an ad, or the biggest guy in the gym.

List of related literature:

In what situation is overtraining likely to occur?

“Study Guide for the Board of Certification, Inc., Athletic Trainer Certification Examination” by Susan Rozzi, Michelle Futrell
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The progression from a normal and recurring state of overreaching to full-blown overtraining is so gradual that you won’t recognize the impending doom.

“The Paleo Diet for Athletes: The Ancient Nutritional Formula for Peak Athletic Performance” by Loren Cordain, Joe Friel
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It is almost impossible to distinguish the real from the ideological effects of this overtraining.

“The Rise of Professionalism: A Sociological Analysis” by Magali S. Larson, Magali Sarfatti Larson
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Beliefs about “overtraining” and “staleness,” he says, are

“Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude” by Napoleon Hill, General Press
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This effectively increases generalization and reduces the danger of overtraining as well.

“Neural Networks and Statistical Learning” by Ke-Lin Du, M. N. S. Swamy
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It also illustrates the risks of overtraining and of increasing training intensity or load too rapidly.

“Fitness cycling” by Brian J. Sharkey, Steven E. Gaskill
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Overtraining is a danger for any motivated marathoner.

“Advanced Marathoning” by Pete Pfitzinger, Scott Douglas
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or high-volume overtraining.

“Science and Practice of Strength Training” by Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky, William J. Kraemer, Andrew C. Fry
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It’s hard to make ongoing gains at any type of training you hate.

“Performance Rock Climbing” by Dale Goddard, Udo Neumann
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But it is impossible to prepare for competition and make the same kinds of gains as you would if you were training with full intensity and not dieting.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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  • Please youtube this video ” Candida and the quest for eternal youth” Fungus/candida is number 1 causes for majority of illnesses. GOOD VIDEO! for once a strength trainer even talking about this topic, which is hardly known. I came down with ulcer/candida somewhat almost a year ago and have been trouble with it. Only to realize it is very hard to get the natural digestive flora back to normal. Be persistent and strict diets can eliviate and help get back to normal. If anyone has advice comment!

  • 7:59 bro u shouldn’t have to drink water while standing….. Sit down first & then drink water sip by sip (mixing ur saliva with water)….. All this is written in our ancient Aryuveda…… ������

  • I d say tons of people are undertraining. They do a bro split and hit a body part once a wk. People can do way more frequency than that. Infact the longer you ve trained, the more necessary increased frequency becomes.

  • Hey there, have you discovered Mega Muscle Method? (look it up on google) You will find out about the crimes we commit against our bodies. With Mega Muscle Method, you will discover how to bulk up fast.

  • Sore usually means you haven t built enough work capacity in that muscle. I ve been benching 3x a wk, sqaut 2x or 3x and deadlift 2 or 3x and ohp 1x for several years now and i feel no worse than when i used to do a bro split. Work capacity can be increased over time.

  • You look at him first and you think that he is just a bunch of muscles. He opens his mouth and starts talking and you like “Wow! This guy is smart as hell”. Bravo!!! I subscribed!!!!

  • How about a video about people who can’t GO TO SLEEP? The case with me… Once I get to sleep I don’t care even if its war time i sleep! But the problem is going to sleep… Please, Elliott!?

  • “how many of you like to sleep with one hand under your head? if you do, you’re causing some serious problems here”
    slowly removes hand from under head

  • I’m a doing chest,biceps-back-legs-shoulders-arms-legs.It is six times a week,my trainer gave me this program.Does this cause over training.Cause i cannot see any strength or mass gains.

  • I like what Dave Draper said about “over training”. He said that was how they trained back in the 1960’s. It was all they knew. Check out photos of Dave and other bodybuilders from back then and see if they look “over trained”.

  • Jeff: don’t sleep with your hand under your head
    Me: Sweats
    Jeff: well you can if you have a pillow underneath
    Me: oh thank God
    Jeff: don’t sleep in fetal position
    Me: Sweats

  • I’m natural so it’s hard to recover fast even when i get great hour’s of sleep, so tiger fitness sir what do i do i don’t use supplements so if i do what would help to get those veins and size.

  • Caveat Emptor: Gold or Fools Gold? Mike O’Hearn makes the same boast. For you new novices from the Christian community, testing is just as big a “sham” as the steroids are themselves to any athletes in the know. It means nothing. So lets settle that issue right off the “bat” not to use a pun from baseball. Lance Armstrong proved that. There is a myriad of ways to get around testing including TRT. No one has ever accused me of taking Synthol because there was no evidence to suggest that. The apostle Paul says the greatest liars are in the end-time church in 2 Thess. 2:3,11 Let no man deceive you…11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie. So like drug testing, the Apostle Paul gives the end-time church his Caveat to whom he was writing. We have all been shocked by revelations from ministers who hid “secret sins” when exposed.   
    Let a former Chaplain, businessman and author and “former” Prosperity Preacher that back in the day was around famous preachers like Benny Hinn who used my Rolls Royce, educate you about Natural Vs. Steroids. I am one of the last survivors from the Golden Era still setting World Records steroid free since 1958 (68 when I benched 375, 72 now with one year old baby). I have been around all the great and famous leaders inside and outside the church. My site is a encyclopedia of information from lifting to Intermittent Fasting dedicated to exposing lies and Myths. Articles like this: EXPLODING THE MYTH OF LOW DOSAGE ARGUMENT OF THE GOLDEN ERA BODYBUILDERS.

    Why? Because I’m tired of them bashing the New Era of Body Builders with fallacious and sophomoric logic as they masquerade as THE TRUE APOLOGIST OF THE SPORT.

    The fact is under critical analysis it is built on a fault-line of logic between the tectonic plates of the Golden Era VS. the New Era that are rubbing together creating friction with the Golden Era holding the trump card since they set the standard. False Notion. The leap over the GREAT DIVIDE of going from natural lifters to Anabolic Steroids lifters during the Golden Era was just as great, if not greater, then the GREAT DIVIDE of going from steroids to designer steroids of Rich Piana. In all the various interviews of the Golden Era you hear them moan and groan about how they can’t lift heavy no more, have shoulder problems, knee injuries, hip replacements, open heart surgeries, hair loss, impotence and on and on and on. Making that first jump over the GREAT DIVIDE brought all the curses that came with this laboratory experiment. AND MANY FATALLY FELL INTO THAT BLACK HOLE OR ABYSS. For them their was no bridge back from that addiction. Like B.J. Thomas sang about in 1968, they were “HOOKED ON A FEELING” in love with, not Diana they were singing at the time, but Diana-bol. Ohhhhh Diana-bol. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWB2rojvJsk


    As I said in the other articles about exploding the myth about legal steroids, Dr. Ziegler came out against his invention in 1958 of Dianabol because of the Collateral Damage. This is reality, not a movie like Collateral Damage Arnold stared in. The steroid related deaths of Rich Piana, Dalls McCarver and the Mentzer brothers is reality.

    Why? Because the LOW DOSAGE ARGUMENT stands on a faulty foundation with many cracks in their logic. Here is why their argument is pure ROMANTICISM about the past.

    Since Arnold and Franco started their bodybuilding career as brick masons we will use them as examples in this lesson. Suppose they go and buy a heavy duty truck with heavy duty suspension with special springs and shock absorbers to haul their sand and cement mix. The engine was a lemon and it blows up. So Franco says we will use my car instead. They load the trunk down every day with sand and concrete until it almost hits the ground. How long would the suspension, springs, shock absorbers and tires last with that work load? Bodybuilding Logic 101. Not long! The same is true with the Low Dosage argument of using the Golden Era of steroids. It is impossible to be benching 100 to 150 pounds over natural bench press, and extra heavy squats and dead-lifts without it taking a toll on your suspension, springs, shocks, tires, only this time its ligaments, tendons, joints, muscles and all the tributary body parts that go with it. You have seen all the insane amounts they lifted and the consequences of those so-called low dosage lifters. There is no such thing as the Low Dosage Argument. They too have paid the price for their experiment of their era as Mike Menzer would tell you if he was still alive. However Lyle Alzado was still around and part of the Golden Era before he died, yet no one believed him. Kids, you can’t put a commercial building on a residential foundation, even Arnold and Franco will tell you that. Yet using steroids is exactly what you are doing and no residential foundation can sustain that heavy load with out long term consequences. For that I applaud Ron Williams for teaching this to the kids as well. Their are to few voices trying to get kids to train naturally like Ron does.
    It is not easy going up against all the famous veterans and soldiers from the Golden Era who have become heroes and idols as proponents of the Low Dosage Principle. However!
    “An army of principles can penetrate where an army of soldiers cannot.”

    Thomas Paine –

    I did not write this to be divisive. I wrote this to improve your health and longevity. As Billy Sunday the famous preacher said when he was accused of being divisive. ” If I’m rubbing the cats fur the wrong way, then its time for the cat to turn around.” Moral of the story. Quit using steroids of the Golden Era or New Era. That is good medicine to take, not the wrong juice. I have given you a good prescription, but you have to fill it out if you want to stay healthy, live long, and want to lift the nighty into your seventies naturally, after coming from the era of the seventies.

    Me benching 375 raw at 198 lbs. at 68 years of age.

    Video with me and 8 time Mr. Olympian Lee Haney and other famous people.

  • I tried a carnivore diet, super low in sugar and still experienced insomnia especially on training days. Still been making gains but probably slower than I could be. Now I eat about 6 cups of rice a day

  • https://youtu.be/cj4hdIGbDHs
    Flow state training I believe this is the video Marc is referring to. Skip to the 8 minute mark or watch the whole damn thing.

  • I am doomed. The only position I can sleep in is on my belly and the fix was get on your back. Anybody knows how to change your position?

  • Elliot, this person has my EXACT symptoms. I fall asleep and wake up approximately 3 hours later EVERY night with an elevated heart rate, almost like I’m ready for something. I’ve been eating the same for years, so it is not sugar. You spoke of parasites feeding on sugar during sleep. Could a low carb diet (to starve them of sugars) potentially eradicate them from my system? This issue has given me substantial recovery issues.

  • im a natural i usee to train like this
    monday chest biceps
    tueday back triceps
    wednesday shoulders traps
    thursday chest biceps forarms abs
    friday legs and calves
    saturday i repeat each muscle with 1 exercice
    sunday rest
    i do abs after every workout and 15 min cardio after every workout
    my workout time is 2 and a half hours im thinking of changing that what do you guys think and +ronwilliams

  • I think this is a great approach and unless you’re a competitive bodybuilder or powerlifter it’s worth trying, especially the insta-haters who have never tried it but are experts and “think” it won’t work or that it’s for pussies.

  • What a good information Ron, thanks very much, I have to warn my buddy to not doing over training again for his best, really appreciate it Ron, keep massive:-)

  • 1st I wanna thank u for ur suggesstions. These r very important for me. 2nd Plz suggest me a daily workout routine frm Monday to Saturday cz Sunday is our gym holiday. Thnx a lot Sir.

  • i would rather take Ron’s advice than CT and all that gang (Ct is entertaining and i like him but i would never take ANY workout advice from him) Ron actually knows what works for naturals and is one of the best Natural bodybuilders in the world

  • what if you have been lifting the same weight for a long time I can do chest back and then Arm’s then can I do shoulders I’m in a wheelchair so I only can use my upper body

  • Hey YouTubers, have you experienced Smashing Ripped X? (look it up on Google) You will find out about the serious crimes we commit against ourselves. With Smashing Ripped X, you will discover how to build muscle fast.

  • Stimulate not annihilate is what I’ve heard many people say. I find the older I get the smarter I try to train. Longevity is important because I’m in it for the long run so overall I do agree with you. I also try to keep my rest intervals short. Be in and out within 45minutes… but Every now and then I do like to go hard though��

  • i tried to train calves everyday for like 5months, i lost an inch of muscle and they were grossly overtrained (did about 8-9 hard sets every day) i really dont see how Arnold did that, then again he was on massive amounts of gear even back then, and im on nuthing. My calves grew like crazy wheni worked them out 2 times a week

  • when he was talking about getting his bowels checked i could have sworn he said “ive had my bowels checked several times… BY children”, but then i realised he said “ive had my bowels checked several times… MY children get their bowels checked”. I was worried for a second.

  • Note on the chamomile. If your going to add something new, that you haven’t had before, like chamomile. Take notice of any major or minor reactions you might have to it. An allergic reaction is a lot more noticeable, but slight intolerance problems can go on for awhile before you realize whats causing it. Speaking from experience.

  • Good content fellas, but these info monologues need to be saved for the podcast. Watching you talk is dull and boring, no offense, but it lulls me to sleep, which I guess is perfect for recovery. I use these videos like chamomile tea! More lifting videos!

  • Ron first I am so glad I found your channel, it points out several screw ups in my training. Now to question what are your thoughts on Kettble swings? Current I typically hit each bodypart once a week every other day. After each workout a do a quick kettble swing routine maybe 50 reps as a finisher/cardio.

  • I’m thinking of short periods of overtraining on purpose and backing off. I think I’ve heard you talk about this. How often do you do this? Or do you just work up to a maximum frequency and volume and then back off when you realize you’ve reached that point? And I know exactly what you mean about getting too stringy from overtraining:)

  • Train more often with less intensity. By the end of the week you will have more reps. This is why I left the traditional “bro split”, i do 1-2 exercises per muscle group EVERYDAY! The guest on Joe Rogan podcast was Firas Zahabi, he trains world class fighters.

  • At the start yes.. but all through the video hes looking down at all the “bullet points” he’s probably written. yeah maybe not scripted but definitely structured. Even Anne Franke could see this. So much for talking through his “balls”.
    I don’t mind his videos.. I’m just saying. He does it in every video, he looks down and to his right, probably 2 different white/black boards/ boards with bullet points written on it.

  • Marc i know you like “bro-splits”, so tell me this How am i supposed to do 20 sets of chest on a monday, and not be sore the following day? And no, i cant lower the volume, cuz i am only hitting the muscle once per week (so it needs to be high volume).

  • When i lift weights. mainly 4 to 5 days a week. I like to work ONE muscle per day, etc. I cant sleep. I have so much energy and. Well this is my deal. I work 11pm to 7am and then i hit the gym, 730am to 9am etc. 2hrs, thats weights cardio, shower, sauna, etc. Then i get home and have all teh enegry for the whole day and cant sleep untill 8pm and have to get up at 10pm to go to work. This is BS. Any solutions. I tried closing my eyes, laying diown, etc. And dont say wine, i dont want to drink.

  • I take 1 mg of melatonin if I’m switching up my sleeping schedule a few hours. However I don’t recommend taking it consecutively as that is only putting a bandaid on the underlying problem you might be suffering from. eg sleep apnea.

  • Hey marc, i trained with Josh lenatowicz on the weekend, he has me and my friend on a program which has only 1 over load set per excersise, he preaches 1 over load is that all is required, it also ensures we do not tax the CNS unnecassarily.

  • lol.. there’s a tremendous amount of folks including myself that are living proof of the opposite. lol. he must be talking to a specific group of folk.

  • Monday: chest, back and triceps
    Tuesday: biceps, forearm and shoulders
    Wednesday: legs, abs.
    Thursday: conditioning workout.
    is it good? and I need help for Friday.

  • Ron, how many days you think is the best to rest per week for maximum results? Because theres a new concept the last few years for naturals that saying that is better to workout every part of your body twice to get better results. That means, 6 days on / 1 off with less reps/sets and many times stopping before failure occurs

    What is your opinion on this and what worked for you better in the past? Can you give me your opinion about this method?

    Also i want to add that i personally not getting SORE when i work VERY hard. How should i know if i feel no pain or soreness the other day that im not overtraining? Is there a sign to that to let me know that i should be resting instead of working out?

  • Hey Jason,just recently started watching your videos. Have to say that with all the injuries I’ve had, your way of bodybuilding seems to make the most sense. I am following what you are teaching. Thanks from Tennessee.

  • Alot of Young People Might Be ovtertraining right now thinking that Its okay because They see no bad things happening, i dont Care WHO you are. If you Work The same Body part over and over every 2nd Day. Be it chest, legs, arms and so on. Not only are u not giving ur muscles enough time to recover
    But u are making Them smaller and weaker.
    And you could Possibly end Up with resting elevated Heart rate. Causing overtrainers to wake Up in The middle of The night

  • Ok I understand, but what is the proper way to rest. if you do (chest one day then back then legs) (does that mean then you can do chest then back then legs because there was 72 hours of rest between the chest day)?

  • This is mine.

    Monday.. Chest Biceps Triceps Legs.

    Tuesday.. Back Shoulders Tarps..

    Wednesday rest..

    Thursday.. Same as Monday..

    Friday.. same as Tuesday.

    Weekend rest.

  • I freaking tweaked or strained a muscle or tendon in my lower shoulder area. Hurt for like 3 days so i took more rest then im doing liter work out with some lite rotater cuff exercises now. Also use electric stim on my shoulder. Starting to feel better now but really listening to my body gallantians will prevail

  • can you make a vieo about a good workout split? Strength, mass, and good recovery? ( your videos are extraordinary, best bodybuilding coach)

  • Sounds like it’s a fine line between training like a beast and knowing how not to overtrain and Allow your body muscle building recovery time it’s been a learning process that’s for sure but it’s been a slow process but worth it

  • 20-30 sets per body part is stupid for stuff like strength which builds muscle faster. I personally take the volume and spread it out through the week so maybe 5 sets a session per body part. Strength gains are super slow on high volume unless accompanied by drugs.

  • I do not agree with you guys. My current training split;

    Legs abs
    Chest back
    Shoulders arms
    Legs abs

    I have amazing progress with this training split. I eat 99% time clean, I sleep 7-8 hours, and have proper suplimentation.

  • Is this OK for an intermediate lifter like me? 1: chest and triceps, 2: back and biceps, 3: shoulder, traps, abs, 4: legs, 5: rest, 6: repeat….?

  • great advice marc, this vid really makes alot of sense for me. I recently turned 40 and have been smashing myself in the gym and my recovery is taking longer and i am training less and feel like shit. going to back of the intensity 15% and see how i go. cheer christian

  • Well said. It took me a while to understand how hard to train my arms so I could continue with back exercises. Hell, it took me a while to properly schedule my chest and shoulders after over cranking on arm day! The motivation was there. The desire was there. The common sense was not. Now I’m able to get everything in each week, and change up routines as needed. It was such a relief to me to know I would still grow, even at 46 years old, without going totally bat shit crazy in the gym. Sleeping well and eating right and supplementing ONLY what I NEEDED were the other very noticeable key elements to physical gains. My home gym has never let me down. My 50 60 hour work weeks are what hurt me. The gym, if you understand how to treat yourself, and rehab yourself properly when you get hurt, can be the single most reliable thing in life. The more I learn about the different angles used to isolate muscles has also been a real game changer. I appreciate you and the many others that provide such valuable information on the tube. Thank you. I’ll keep on listening.


  • Saw some guy on Joe rogan’s podcast touting the same bullshit. What gave you this idea after the 100 rep sets rofl, dude u just another salesmen. Btw that boxing match, if I took your wallet, wtf would you do about it?

  • so another pointless video…. tell us exactly how to find out how fast can we regenerate…. what should we look at? how to test it… omfg…. nobodys gonna get shit from this video…

  • Yea don’t get sore every day, you should just hit every body part every single day because that’s totally possible even though nobody I’ve every known including myself got a bodybuilding physique that way. Marc Lobliner

  • I think there is good logic to this, and last year I tried out Mike Mentzer style training and had great results! I’ve been doing Max OT style training for the last 6mo, I’m in and out of the gym in less than an hour most days, hardly ever sore and always increasing weights, reps or both… It’s all about recovery.

  • If you are a snorer, could very well be sleep apnea see a doctor
    No electronics While sleeping example no laptop or TV
    Don’t work out 2 hours prior to sleeping.
    Don’ drink a shit load of water before you go to bed unless your bladder is a beast.
    These are things I had to change in order to sleep better, good luck.

  • I only got really sore recently when I did the 1000 rep challenge, 4 excersises 3 sets of 25 each. Never again ������ took me 55 minutes

  • Faris Zahabi was on Rogan last week,,, Seemed like a really smart dude as far as training,,bjj,,mma,, He is GSP’s head coach/ trainer so I’m sure he knows his business,,,

  • I’m sore after every workout. But it’s not debilitating. Just some light sorness and some tightness in the muscle. 2 Days and I’m good to go to train again. I believe you should feel “something” in the muscle after a workout. I believe optimizing your pre, post and possibly intraworkout Nutrition, and making sure your Nutrition is on point, should be enough to help with the soreness. Unless you just go crazy or your a newbie.

  • I liked you better when instead of pushing crap you just told people to train really fucking hard and stop being a bitch, thats the best Lobliner.

  • hi man my program is I work chest and triceps the second day back and biceps and the third daylegs the fourth day shoulder with traps and fourarm what do u think man a my over training or not is that a good program I love roon u my man peace ✌ pls dont ignore this message

  • I’m with you Marc! Especially after I learned, that this was the way a lot of earlier bodybuilders, used to train. It’s a mind adjustment at first, but I’m diggin’ the extra frequency, energy and gainzzz!! ����

  • what about going to gym every other day you get like a one day gap in between 7 days so you’ll end up with 4 i think that’s a really good schedule though rather than going to gym for 4 or 5 days straight

  • I’ve been watching your channel for a few weeks now, and I have to admit; you’re starting to sound like an OLD MAN WHOSE BECOME AFRAID TO MOVE MAJOR WEIGHT!

  • I’m 22 self trt’ing & constantly sore AF from the gym while working a physical labor job most the week Same muscle groups stay sore for days. I don’t workout for longer then an hour so……. just trying to maintain right now not get big but…….

  • Awesome advice as I see so many people over trained and over stimulated on pre workouts because they are at the gym everyday sometimes 2 hours daily…this right here will kill gains unless your juicing

  • I love your approach of trying new ways, or “playing with it”, as you say, to find what’s right for you because it factors in the concept that we are all individuals. I’m a 6′ 5″ 225 lb guy who throughout my fitness adventures have found that certain “normal” training methods simply don’t work for me, especially when working lower body.

  • I feel it all depends on the person’s lifestyle. If you can do less with more frequency okay but a person who has limited time that can only get in the gym 3 times a week then I think it’s a little bit different

  • There is alot of truth to this. I workout one day on, one day off. But I didn’t use to. I just did a video about this, when I do one day off one day on, I come back alot stronger. I’ll do an hour in the gym max, 25 mins hard, then I hope on the tread, and finish off the rest. My gains have been way more steady, I also feel as if my body gets more out of my workouts. When I was doing everyday, there were times I was completely burned, and just struggling with weight I did easy two days before. WHICH is why I switched to one day on, one day off. Works great, tiger is on the money. Love the vids, I just subscribed.

  • What about my problem. Im such an intense night owl that when I’m finally about to sleep i literally wake up by the thoughts and ideas i get, my creativity increases like 200% when 12am passes

  • yes i mean it. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack. But I heard that most of the celebrities used to follow to kill their belly using this 7 food items. you can see it here bit.ly/12wqLPa?=ntocx

  • David Tran soreness is a very reliable indicator of hypertrophy. Technically it isn’t necessary tho watch athlean X if you want more details and not bro science bs

  • As a natural I’ve been lifting since I was 16 and am 20 now. I’ve pushed my intensity to where I constantly set workout up that pro enhanced athletes do and it leaves me sore for around 4 days usually. I’ve turned down the amount of days that I train to 4 with this intensity but feel my progress has never been better. Currently around 200lb with around 16% body fat and right around 5ft

  • R You are the next level of blind? I’m talking about when he’s finished the email and he’s explaining things. Constantly looking and focusing down and to the right. If you can’t see this then you’re the stupid one. He’s looking at notes he has written everytime he finishes a reference or specific component of a topic he looks down stares at something then speaks again. I don’t care how he does his video, I just don’t like people talking shit aka “talkin through my balls, no need to script”.

  • I have had this problem before and found out that for me the problem was that I wasn’t eating enough carbs overall, it didn’t matter when I ate them. I have come across a lot of people who experience insomnia who are on low carb/high protein diets or just low calorie in general, it can increase risk for overtraining and increase cortisol levels, keeping you awake.

  • Sure is right. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack. Between My international body building trainer also recommended this 7 food elements to kill your fat belly. i found it here bit.ly/1byXKob?=dfdpx

  • This principle only works for professionals, though. Bodybuilders, Fighters, CrossFitters, i.e. people who do this full-time, i.e. folks whose job it is to train 5 days a week, 2x a week.

    The average person who has the luxury of only going to the gym 2-3x a week? Dude has no choice but to go balls to the wall.

  • Okay..I’ll bite..Lets say Arnold’s Arnold. Who trained chest and back, then shoulders and arms the next day. Or that steroids make you recover quicker. How long do you say before you can use your arms after doing bis or tris as a subsidiary muscle such as working chest or back?

  • Depends on how sore you get. Are you sore, but able to function normally? Good. Are you so sore that you can’t function properly? Then you probably did too much. Beginners will get sore without doing much at all.

  • I agree 100% he also explained to go hard every so often. If you’re a fighter you’ll train the hardest at the end of your fight camp. It’s not about who trains the hardest. It’s about who trains the smartest. You can still train hard without destroying your body. So many people end up with injuries by red lining. Performance should always be priority #1

  • I had a nightmare of me running through a gym while Jeff screams “I’m Jeff Cavaliere from athlene x “ and every time I tripped he would yell that my running form is killing my gains

  • Try these two tips. They were very helpful to me. They are not too easy to do, but are very effective.
    1. If you’re going to bed and lying there thinking then your brain is associating your bedtime with thinking and not sleeping. So you need to stay out of your bed until you feel sleepy and wake at the same time every morning. Even if you only get 2-3 hours sleep, just get up and endure the day. I will be worth it, I promise. No effort no reward!
    2. Cut out tv and internet for around 7 or 8 pm.

  • agree with what your saying especially for the older guy who has been doing this for 10,15,20 years. I have switched my workouts to shorter duration in between each set,higher reps and lighter weight.give myself one hour to hit it,and get out of the gym.

  • Bro science has made us all deluded that soreness= hypertrophy always use to go gym to get sore but recently ive been doing full body and upper lower splits and ive been growing much faster

  • I have problems with my sleep patterns… I just can’t find sleep unless it’s at least 1 or 2 AM…if I try going to sleep at 10 or 11, I just won’t find sleep and stay awake for hours… that’s pretty much fucking up my life, planning, gains and everything. Now I do have a very healthy diet, train 5-6 days a week, i don’t drink nor smoke and beside my sleep problems, have a very healthy lifestyle. Fortunately for me I’m on that non-job thing so I can sleep till 9 or 10 but I need help with this

  • Marc, when you mentioned if a person has ever gone into the gym and for 20 Min. Their workout is going so good that they feel that they can go for an hour, then suddenly taper off and feel like crap, I totally related to that. Especially on my back and arm days.

  • I personally agree Mark I hit all body parts 5 days a week feel great and had better gains than over training individual muscle groups.

  • Finally a sincere person talking about training and nutrition who has the body to back up what he is telling. Keep up the good work! Warm greetings from the Netherlands.

  • Same thing is happening to me! 2-3 hours after i fell a sleep i wake up, also have to piss… And also i do feel tired and exhausted but cant fell a sleep

  • I do full body hardcore on Monday and Friday, arms on Wednesday sometimes times heavy, sometimes high volume and weighted abs on Tuesday and Thursday with light cardio, been doing this for a month and see great results, also I’m doing sarms which are good quality as well…

  • ron superb information….and one help sir….
    i am doing my tri and bi in oneday per week and it’s not showing any results moreover it shrinks my arm size….but if i train bi on oneday and tri on another it shows some results…and i am having a weakness of bi and tri suggest me when to train those areas…

  • im ok with upper body soreness..not affecting much with the daily routine..its just the legs soreness that really affecting my life..mentaly and physically..sometime i question myself is it worth it training legs soo intense until you cant walk properly the next day

  • I like getting sore but I understand where you’re coming from….when I workout and wake up the next morning sore, I won’t go train because I know I won’t be able to lift like normal….my motivation goes down

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  • If you seriously want to earn extra cash, you should do a google search “Morsch Money Secret”. They can help you get the cash you deserve.

  • I have one and that shit knocks me the fuck out! I’m a horrible sleeper but you take enough rips of that thing and it will knock out a rhino.

  • Makes so much sense. The most important part of training is the quality of the metabolic rebuild following an induced local punctual muscle inflammation. One can make an analogy with Valter Longo mimicking fasting. The benefits come from the quality of the refeeding that impacts the metabolism. It’s all about the voluntarily induced metabolic change.

  • I train 6 days a week, sometimes up to 1.5 hours per session when I bulk but I feel great, when I cut I usually feel worse ; I only train 3-5 days a week and feel sluggish most of the time that I have to cut…

    I think it varies greatly person to person depending on stress levels, daily work and life of that specific person, etc etc… more stressors = overtraining more likely to happen, less stressors = more time and positive energy to focus on working out and recovering.

    I also sleep 10 hrs every night and it seems to really help when I bulk, when If I’m not training at all I will feel overtired and groggy from 10 hrs sleep.

  • I spent $4K on Dr. Kalish based on your endorsement. He never asked me about my diet and as a matter of fact told me he didn’t consider it a factor in my health problems. 1 year of following his directions to the letter and I didn’t feel one bit better. He’s a scam.

  • me too! please answer this i wake up each night to me cause of my night time pill swollowing ea fish oil vitamins, also glutamine, and catabolic prevention suppliments HELP!

  • hi man my program is I work chest and triceps the second day back and biceps and the third daylegs the fourth day shoulder with traps and fourarm what do u think man a my over training or not is that a good program I love roon u my man peace ✌ pls dont ignore this message

  • Elliot is great! But some times he tell answears that is more advanced that they actual can be… 1 tip to prevent waking up at night, font have to hot in your bed, try not to stimulate your brain whit tv, computer…. try to eat protein and fat befor bed, don’t do anything active at least 1 hour befor bed and make shure you have a nice temp in your bed thro out the night:)

  • Is there any way to know if you are overtraining a certain muscle group if you don’t feel anything in that muscle? I often feel the fatigue in my muscle after the workout and sometimes a few hours after but I do have workouts where I just wing it and workout what I want to workout for that session. It’s like a free for all session where I don’t really go in with a plan but will just workout based on mood and also what’s available for me to do in the gym at the time. I do try to keep my workouts consistent in alternating between push, pull, legs.

  • What are good complementary excercises to mountain biking? As a MTBer I think that my upper body is no where near where my legs are (strength, endurance, etc)

  • I did
    1. chest, shoulders, triceps
    2. Back and biceps
    3. Legs
    But my back and chest grew huge and my arms did grow but not so much. And they did grow when i stared doing chest and biceps and back and triceps. But now my workout split is really messy because i don’t want to do triceps everday xD Anyone has the same experience?

  • why was this flagged for spam? its good advice, eat a big dinner, smoke a joint and hit the sack youll sleep like a baby, probably wont wake up till noon.

  • True I agree it’s like God wanted me to watch this video I did like FUCKING 7 sets of heavy deadlifts yesterday now I am soooooo fucking sore a good eye opener this vid is

  • Its best to rotate your sleep supplements, as taking melatonin long term is not good for you. Some of the best are thing like: Kava extract, GABA, 5-HTP, and Velarian Root (if it’s in a formulation with other herbs) As with all supplements you have to find the ones that work best for you.

  • I found that the absolute best rountine for insomniacs is full body. If you have insomnia fairly regularly, then good luck maintaining a proper split schedule. The beauty about full body workouts is that literally all you have to do is wait until your body is recovered enough to do your next workout. If your insomnia gets real bad, just give yourself an extra day or two before you do your next workout. Dont worry about what day of the week it is or how many workouts you can do per week. I finally started getting gains with this method after years of forcing myself to work out in a split routine while really sleep deprived. Of course, I dont have sleep problems all the time, but i have them often enough to where I have to use this method. I just cant do splits anymore.

  • My classmates laughed when I told them I would build muscle with “Ripped Max Stagger”, but then I showed them the results. Do a search on Google for Ripped Max Stagger to see their reaction. (It was epic!)

  • If you desire to get shredded, you might want to take a look on Google for “SSM Muscle Method”. You are certainly end up getting the body you deserve.

  • ronthanks for the advice. you should also go in depth or make a video about crossover exercises. you kinda tapped into it with this video. like you said, working the back involves biceps and forearms. leg work does include some calves on certain movements. chest flyes hits biceps and front delts when doing chest shoulder and triceps, then, when you do back and biceps the next day, well you already hit the biceps and front delts along with forearms the previous day when doing chest, triceps, and front delts. wouldn’t it be best to do compound movements upper one day then legs next day, then rest either 2-3 days in between before doing that all over again.?? even if you do push pull legs, wouldn’t it be best to rest 2 days after wards and hit it again?? just what i’m thinking. thanks for the helpful tips, appreciate ya.

  • As I sit here with a super sore shoulder thats taken out of training for a few days now and getting frustrated with no being able to train like I want and the psychological effects it has on me this hits home. Going to try and not push so hard it takes me out of training

  • I’ve been trying to find the healthiest sleeping position so I don’t wake up with a stiff neck of aching back. I think this help a good bit for me. Thank You.��

  • This may sound weird, but do you stretch your legs after working legs? I’m guessing that since you probably work your legs hard they will continue producing lactic acids during the evening. So try stretching out your legs in a calmly manner and eat well before training. It might help and you might be able to fall asleep easier:)

  • LoL, Marc, you’re right! I went balls to the walls last weekend, training upper saturday and lower sunday. I couldn’t even do a set of pullups on wednesday.

  • I wasn’t sure if I was onboard with this until 3:15. Agreed. I usually hit things twice per week to get in more quality volume session to session.

  • Hi Ron, thanks for sharing all your experience and knowledge that u gained over the years this is an eyeopener for me so i have a question.
    iam a hardworker when i go inside the gym but also outside of the gym got a very physical demanding job where i have to push and pull allday… how should i deal with my regeneration

  • As someone living in a 3rd world country (Venezuela), seeing someone drinking tap water is horribly disgusting.

    Specially when tap water here looks like tea.

  • I dont think most people overtrain, most people ego lift and move weights but dont work muscles. I’ve seen 150 lb guys at the gym push more weight than a pro bodybuilder, difference is form and technique. Why ego lifters never progress. Example they warm up with 135 lbs on BP lol every time.

  • That would also mean you cant do rear delt work the day after back. Or, front delt after chest. So, you couldnt have a shoulder day after either one. This would greatly limit the amount of body parts you could hit during a week.

  • One thing he didnt go over is when some folks spend 2 hours training at the gym, thats absolutely unnecessary. After you hit your muscles for some time in the gym your cortisol levels begin to go up and your testosterone levels start to decreased and thats not good be cause we need testosterone to grow.

  • Firas Zahabi is the guy youre forgetting. Im starting to agree with this, after all I just burned myself out week ago and now I have to take some time off to have that inner fire lit again.

  • Me talking to my wife: hey honey. this is the 4th time I have caught you in bed with…Jeff.
    My wife: Hey. I am just watching a health related video. I am just looking out for my gains honey. She shrugs as she turns off her vibrator.
    Me: shaking my head.

  • Hi Ron, i love your videos you are very intelligent and informative in your videos and i love watching them. Your channel is definitely underrated and needs more subscribers. Please keep making vids as you are helping the vast majority of people. Very informative and inspiring. Thank you again.

  • I don’t know how people can stop drinking water 1 or 2 hours before bed. I get so thirsty at bedtime no matter what. I always have to sleep with water by my bed. Though I don’t mind getting up in the night to go to the toilet; it can be a pleasant experience: everything’s peaceful at that time, I can look out the window at the night atmosphere, try to remember what I dreamed about, also going back to sleep after getting up for a short time is great for lucid dreaming which is something I’m really into.

  • And if you’re still feeling tired everyday and/or if you struggle to breathe through your nose regularly, get checked out for sleep apnea by an expert (not your family doctor) right away. It’s a very common problem even for very fit people.

  • Bro im actually not lying i never saw this video and all he said how to sleep that’s how I sleep I swear not 1 wrong oh wait I don’t stretch before i sleep the others I got right

  • I follow Leroy Colbert way of training and now I’m excited about going to the gym, plus Lee Haney said it best stimulate not annihilate.


  • hey Ron, here is my program

    Day 1

    Chest: 15 sets
    biceps: 9 sets

    Day 2

    Back: 15 sets + 3 sets of deadlift: 18 sets total

    triceps: 9 sets

    Day 3

    Shoulders: 15 sets with Rear shoulders included

    Traps: ( i hope you make a video about them, the one you made is deleted, because shrugging really hurt my back discs so badly ) 36 sets

    Day 4

    LEG DAY!: 18 sets total


    Friday always rest

    I just want to say that on chest day, the triceps aren’t activated that much, especially when not going to Complete/beyond failure… same goes with
    back the biceps are only activated a little bit… not worked

  • So I have a question I never seem to be able to find out the correct workout frequency or days per week to train so I usually alternate week to week doing one week three times a week full body sessions and then the next week is four days per week where I give specific things a greater amount of attention individually and I just alternate this it would be nice to know if this is a good idea or if it’s better to pick just one format of training and stick with it

  • well Ron’s arms are freakin big and he is natural, and i have to agree there is a such a thing as overtraining and it can be very easily done. Thats like saying you cant over do suntanning lol, Lay out on a super hot day EVERY day for 6hours and tell me how the hell you feel, your ass will be in the hospital or dead with heat stroke and skin cancer, same thing with your body working out. Hate these idiots saying overtraining doesnt exist, hey lol, whatever makes yall feel like more a man i guess, knock yourself out! All i gotta say

  • Jason. I am a recent subscriber and don’t think I have commented before. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I have a question. Have you ever experimented only with isometric or eccentric training for an extended period of time? There is limited content about this it seems. There are several youtube channels that have commented on these types of training but I don’t recall anyone mentioning the fact that they have done either of these over several weeks or months to determine if it builds muscle to any extent.

  • Hey jason why is higher frequenzy training better? Becouse muscle building is about progression and you cant progress every two days so whats the point using so high frequenzy

  • Jason are your arms 20″ huge? You said in your past videos that 4-6 sets per body part is more than enough. But I do your bodybuilding philosophies(muscle tension, right range of motion, moderate to high reps, to failure or close to it) and my muscles are so fatigued and pumped on the third set I have no energy in my muscle to do 4-6 sets. I’m afraid I am missing on some gains, your insights would be greatly appreciated.

  • hi man my program is I work chest and triceps the second day back and biceps and the third daylegs the fourth day shoulder with traps and fourarm what do u think man a my over training or not is that a good program I love roon u my man peace ✌ pls dont ignore this message

  • true, true. I work my calf like 4 days a week they got define but not the size I wanted because I didn’t give them time to recorver

  • Question??? bolo. I have been struggling with db shoulder press. if I go heavy 4-6 reps. I can not get the db from a to b. once there up im ok.. it just that first step. I no a spotter would sort that problem. but with out a spotter is there any other way or techniques. any ideas would be great bolo, an dont say lift a lighter weight lol