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30 Minute Fat Burning African Gospel Workout: Afro-Praise HIIT (APH)

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Faithful Workouts Fitness Video: 30 minute workout

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DJ Briggs Gospel Exercise Mix

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Number #1 Christian Hits! (Workout / Dance Mix)

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Christian Music Workout Music Remix

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DON’T STOP Gym Motivation ��

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The gym is not our savior, but it is another kind of sanctuary. Where our minds go to rest while our bodies go to work. This beautiful gospel, where body relaxes mind, Is. Our Gym Gospel The Mantra of the Gym Faithful We press on. The gym is not our savior, but it is another kind of sanctuary.

Where our minds go to rest while our bodies go to work. Read now July 18 Tiger Fitness Inc. 150 Commerce Drive Loveland, OH 45140 1-877-397-3801.

Basic Gospel Faithful is the Lord. We can’t earn righteousness through our effort. Only the finished work of Jesus Christ which brought the grace of God to us. FaithPlay organizes the best Christian audio messages in an easy-to-use app. Listen at home, in the car, at the gym, or anywhere life takes you.

With FaithPlay, finding uplifting. When it comes to improving our physical condition through exercise like attending gym workout, it helps to be aided with the key tools to maximize your potential. One of the most essential tools is using the power of music to boost one’s motivation in order to. PRAYER is our lifeline to God.

He is the only one who can change a person’s heart. I give Jesus all the credit for restoring this severed relationship, but I had to be faithful to do what He asked. Monday, August 16, 2010.

The Gym And The Gospel?Here at Faithful Workouts, our team of fitness and nutritional experts have not only created over 300 workouts for all fitness levels, we have also put together healthy meal plans with simple ingredients to make it easier for you to have a plan you can stick with that will nourish your mind, body and soul. The Queensgate gym was established in 2015.

This Lord’s Gym was originally located in Over-the-Rhine since 1993. Location: 1211 York St., Cincinnati, on the City Gospel Mission Campus. Operating hours: M-F 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Sat 8:00 am to noon. Contact: 513.

Below are scriptures that will empower, encourage and motivate you on your fitness journey. As you apply these scriptures to your life, you will draw great strength from them. Ask the Lord to empower you and help you as you undertake your new healthy lifestyle, and He will, because He cares about every detail of your life! (Ps.

37:23 NLT). At the end of the day, we will not be judged by the size of our ministry but by the details of our personal callings by Christ and how faithful we were to that calling. Do we ignore the dwindling size of church membership.

No, not at all. We should continue to trust Jesus to give us better approaches to our ministry presentation.

List of related literature:

in this respect, the rules of the gym resemble those in places of worship.

“Breakfast with Socrates: An Extraordinary (Philosophical) Journey Through Your Ordinary Day” by Robert Rowland Smith
from Breakfast with Socrates: An Extraordinary (Philosophical) Journey Through Your Ordinary Day
by Robert Rowland Smith
Free Press, 2010

Not only are we a refuge, and a school—we’re also a gym, for we are told to work out our salvation, to exercise it with fear and trembling (Philippians 2:12).

“Jon Courson's Application Commentary: Volume 3, New Testament (Matthew Revelation)” by Jon Courson
from Jon Courson’s Application Commentary: Volume 3, New Testament (Matthew Revelation)
by Jon Courson
Thomas Nelson, 2004

Our CrossFit gyms are tools to bring the gospel of God’s kingdom right into the busiest parts of the city.

“Whatever the Cost: Facing Your Fears, Dying to Your Dreams, and Living Powerfully” by David Benham, Jason Benham, Scott Lamb
from Whatever the Cost: Facing Your Fears, Dying to Your Dreams, and Living Powerfully
by David Benham, Jason Benham, Scott Lamb
Thomas Nelson, 2015

My return to the gym felt kind of spiritual.

“Every Day I Fight: Making a Difference, Kicking Cancer's Ass” by Stuart Scott, Larry Platt
from Every Day I Fight: Making a Difference, Kicking Cancer’s Ass
by Stuart Scott, Larry Platt
Penguin Publishing Group, 2015

I have found that my workouts to Christian-inspired music have been spiritually powerful.

“Stay Home, Stay Happy: 10 Secrets to Loving At-Home Motherhood” by Rachel Campos-Duffy
from Stay Home, Stay Happy: 10 Secrets to Loving At-Home Motherhood
by Rachel Campos-Duffy
Penguin Publishing Group, 2009

In America it would appear that there is more openness in the gym than in the church of Jesus Christ.

“Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire: What Happens When God's Spirit Invades the Hearts of His People” by Jim Cymbala
from Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire: What Happens When God’s Spirit Invades the Hearts of His People
by Jim Cymbala
ReadHowYouWant.com, Limited, 2010

4:7 NASB) has the smell of the gym in it— the sweat of a good workout.

“Disciplines of a Godly Man (Updated Edition)” by R. Kent Hughes
from Disciplines of a Godly Man (Updated Edition)
by R. Kent Hughes
Crossway, 2019

CrossFit has its own places of worship—gyms with specialized equipment.

“Christians in the Age of Outrage: How to Bring Our Best When the World Is at Its Worst” by Ed Stetzer
from Christians in the Age of Outrage: How to Bring Our Best When the World Is at Its Worst
by Ed Stetzer
Tyndale House Publishers, Incorporated, 2018

The Lord’s Gym is a physical-fitness program for men to help them grow physically as well as spiritually.

“Land Use Regulation: Cases and Materials” by Daniel P. Selmi, James A. Kushner, Edward H. Ziegler, Joseph F. C. DiMento, John Echeverria
from Land Use Regulation: Cases and Materials
by Daniel P. Selmi, James A. Kushner, et. al.
Wolters Kluwer, 2017

In fact, I recently had a pretty good laugh when I realized that part of the routine I follow is something I’ve been preaching for a very long time: I train at the gym, I take my vitamins, and I say my prayers.

“My Life Outside the Ring: A Memoir” by Hulk Hogan, Mark Dagostino
from My Life Outside the Ring: A Memoir
by Hulk Hogan, Mark Dagostino
St. Martin’s Publishing Group, 2009

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • For God so loved the world, that he gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
    John 3: 16

    “…Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.”
    Matthew 3: 2.

  • Unless 3d energy gets bought out by Pepsi for a shit load of money I’d say CG will be dead broke in 5 years time.. No one will be buying alphalete clothing in a year or 2. Sad but true.

  • Is there an approximate number of calories burned for each level? I would like to add this workout to my fitness app, but I am unsure what amount to enter.

  • Aww thank you! By far one of the best Christian playlists I’ve ever heard! I mostly only listen to Christian music these days, so this is a real blessing. I started working out during lockdown and this definitely made my workout go faster!

  • i really love the music choices for your videos lately, you are not playing annoying crap but good beats with some heart felt rhythm.. thank you for that!

  • You look so tired Christian I hope once this project is sealed in to completion you take some time to sleep and eat some good food. You work so hard man, you deserve so time to recover. Keep the content coming. Stay safe and take care of yourself.

  • Thank you for sharing this video and for your ministry. God will bless you richly! I love the workout, the music plus the sharing of God’s Words and for encouraging others.

  • Christian you should really think about incorporating a spa/pool/relaxation zone as opposed to additional gym. My gym has just recently opened up a “second gym” because of corona virus, but it rarely gets used. The spa/pool area however remains consistently popular. Members go specifically for this purpose on rest days. Just a thought, good luck with everything!

  • Christian Guzman “WHY AFFIRM IS NOT AVAILABLE IN CANADA”? So that we can buy what we want in alphalette and its easier and cheaper for us. Pls response to us here in canada

  • I’m sorry but this man really hype a launch and promote the hell out of it with knowledge that some items would be back ordered and fail to tell any of that to his consumers until after the fact (in this vlog). That’s messed up.

  • I love the first song! I have not heard it before. What is it? By who?
    Can you message me the song list you used? I’m especially interested in the Reggae. Life is busy, so thanks for whatever you can do. I am really enjoying this mix!

  • Good, if you like being in pace with a drum machine.

    Thank you. This is more my pace.


    I’m taking care of business, woman can’t you see
    Got to make it for you, got to make it for me
    Sometimes it might seem that I’ve neglected you
    But I would love to spend more time
    I’ve got so many things to do
    Oh I, I got work to do, I’ve got work, baby
    Got work to do, I’ve got to give it
    Got work to do, I’ve got work to do
    Got work to do, got so much work, yeah yeah
    I’ve been trying to make it, woman can’t you see
    Takes a lot of money to make it, let’s talk truthfully
    Keep your love light burning, and a little food hot in a plate
    You might as well get use to me coming home a little late
    ‘Cause I, I got work to do, I got work, baby
    Got work to do, I’ve got to give
    Got work to do, I got to work to do
    Got work to do, got so much work, yeah yeah
    Work, work, yeah, work, work
    Work, work, yeah, work, work
    I’m taking care of business, woman can’t you see
    I got to make it for you, got to make it for me
    But sometimes it might seem that I’ve neglected you
    But I’d love to spend more time, I got so many things to do
    I, I got work to do, I got work, baby
    Got work to do, I’ve got to give
    Got work to do, I got to work to do
    Got work to do, got so much work, yeah yeah
    Oh, yeah
    I, I got work to do, I got work, baby
    Got work to do, I’ve got to give, yeah
    Got work to do, I got to work to do
    Got work to do, got so much work, yeah yeah
    I got work to do, hey, baby
    Got work to do, I’ve got to give
    Got work to do, I can’t be with you
    Work, work
    Work, work
    Work, work

  • If CG had time to check out some special forces military bases for their elite training centers. Those places are so simple, clean and full function. Similar to CrossFit’s overall style, but more focus on endurance and function. That’s my opinion for gym número tres.

  • hey Kyle,lovely mixes… we have an Internet radio, how can i get you to provide me with some tracks? not a mix, single tracks.
    need to contact you please

  • Why don’t you turn that 3rd gym into like an open CrossFit area or for F45 classes? I think it could expand more on the variety of things that Alphaland offers already and it could help you reach those people that are into fitness but more inclined to CrossFit than powerlifting, in both the services of the gym and clothing. It would also create a nice dynamic and opportunities to do CrossFit vs powerlifting competitions

  • well you have alot of parking lots and love the car game, might as well set up an area for the car guys to come and hang out, do some drifts and slides and short runs, you’ve got the space, whats better than that, get a workout, play some ball and blast around a parking lot thats enclosed and safe and not get arrested, have a few drinks, some great moms food and crash for the night in the hotel, what an epic spot @!

  • I don’t usually write comments, but I just want to thank you! Having the 3 different levels to choose from according to my abilities is great and what a wonderful reminder that God wants to see us succeed.:)

  • Are any gyms allowed to be open in Texas? Not here in Michigan for the most part. How nice to be a gym owner in these times, still get a proper workout in

  • lmao! i love how you said you look like you aged 20 years, literally right before i was thinking he’s starting to look so much like his dad. lol.

  • So grateful to God for helping me to see that I need to participate in my desire to have a healthier temple. I am so glad I found this workout series on youtube and the music just speaks to my spirit while I am working out and it is so much easier for me to keep going with this workout. I’ve tried so many that I actually walk away from eventually as I try to work on my body, but I believe this one is different because the emphasis is not solely on making my body look right, but about caring for the temple of God ( right motivations).  I am so glad to have found your ministry. It has been two days of consistency and I am committed to doing at least 30 days daily for the next 6 months to ensure that I am doing what God says.

  • you got a lot going on, the body will come back once you have less on the plate…keep killing it and can’t wait to see it done…. ill be m making a trip 100%

  • Glad I found your channelI have been looking for Christian workout music for almost a yearnow I don’t have to struggle in mix and matching all in one Praised be to God ��

  • HI MICHELLE!!! I finally found you again!! I found your workout videos back in 2013 and through proper eating and exercise I lost over 20 lbs… but life got heavy again and so did I. well I am back on my weight loss journey (its been about 3 months). I am in California on a state stay at home order for COVID-19 so these home workouts is all I have…and I wanted to workout with you again, but I could not for the life of me remember the name of your program,. after my family worship and bible study about being a faithful servant this Sunday morning I went to my garage where I set up my workout area and the name Faithful workouts just popped into my head! and wouldn’t you know it, your message at the end was speaking to my heart and I know that is the Holy Spirit at work in the both of us…. so I just wanted to say Thank you, thank God I found you, and I’M BACK! looking forward to tomorrow!

  • Congratulations on the progress Christian, been watching you for years! So awesome to see how far you’ve come, keep kicking ass. Also Nalla is so precious, I remember the vlogs from her as a puppy ��


    01 First 0:00 [128 BPM]
    02 Oceans (Where Feet May Fall) [Running Mix] 4:46 [145 BPM]
    03 Lift Your Head Weary Sinners (Chains) 9:19 [125 BPM]
    04 Exhale 13:36 [125 BPM]
    05 Feel It 17:26 [125BPM]
    06 Holy Spirit 21:52 [135 BPM]
    07 Need You Now (How Many Times) 26:44 [135 BPM]
    08 You Carry Me 31:36 [125 BPM]
    09 How Can It Be 36:27 [133 BPM]
    10 Lord I’m Ready Now 40:52 [142 BPM]
    11 Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies) 45:33 [130 BPM]
    12 God Is on the Move 50:46 [ 126 BPM]
    13 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord) 55:24 [128 BPM]
    14 Jesus in Disguise 1:00:10 [128 BPM]
    15 I Need a Miracle 1:04:36 [128 BPM
    16 King of My Heart 1:09:51 125 BPM]
    17 Jesus Loves Me 1:13:38 132 BPM]
    18 This Is Amazing Grace 1:19:51 [130 BPM]
    19 Me Without You 1:22:19 [ 130 BPM]
    20 Greater 1:26:50 [130 BPM]
    21 I Lift My Hands 1:31:39 [136 BPM]
    22 Open up the Heavens 1:36:57 [128 BPM]
    23 You Make Me Brave 1:41:17 [138 BPM]
    24 Hope Will Lead Us On 1:46:20 [ 130 BPM]
    25 Touch the Sky 1:50:57 [125 BPM]
    26 Forgiveness 1:55:16 [128 BPM]
    27 Lead Me (Cardio Mix) 2:00:07 142 BPM]
    28 God’s Not Dead (Like a Lion) 2:05:09 [140 BPM]
    29 Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) 2:10:10 135 BPM

  • You should make the entire 3th gym functional more for athletes, it has a link with the football field and the b ball court. CG you are making all the right choices there for a new fitness disneyland.

  • Great concept but poor rythmic songs. Please there alot of gosple songs to go with your out. I use them every morning for my 1hour plus workouts.

  • Hey! Great video, sub and like from me:) Can you come to my channel and do the same? I will visit you channel some other time again..

  • 1 Timothy 4:7-8 KJV
    [7] But refuse profane and old wives’ fables, and exercise thyself rather unto godliness. [8] For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come.
    Jesus said exercise yourself rather to godliness the holy Scriptures. It doesn’t tell you to exercise the blind lead the blind they all fall in the ditch handling the word of God deceivers liars to live according to the flesh for the flesh is contrary to the spirit and the spirit against the flesh….All liars sure I have the part in the lake of fire

  • I’m a Christian who has backslidden to pornography and alcohol. I redeicated my life, started working out and I’m feeling better. Please pray for me. Work is hard (50+hrs per week) and had to move in with mom and dad ( dad has dementia) to help mom take care of him. It has been hard. Thanks for this music. It does help.

  • 2:16:05 was not enough time. I need about 10hrs of this. The DJ who made this mix is the baddest. I love this mix. I can’t get enough of it ������

  • I’ve never had such a meaningful cardio experience! It’s so great to praise God while working out! ❤❤ Praise the Lord! Thanks for this! Hope to see more:)

  • This was absolutely wonderful. I’ve been doing home workouts for a while but today I decided to search for Christian workouts and this was fantastic. Difficult, energising, filled with beautiful God honouring music and beautiful scripture and Biblical encouragement. Thank you so much!!

  • I know it’s a lot on your plate already but I was hoping to see a pool or rock climbing wall at this place because of how large it is

  • Please bring back some raw workouts like 2018 summer shredding. Its so hard to related to edited workouts. It was so much more relatable when it was raw gym and diet rather than material goods.

  • This workout is such a blessing! I love the music and the scriptures. I also enjoy seeing a godly couple leading together and getting the children involved too! Praise God!

  • I hope to add more videos to youtube and will include some that include more strength training. Probably won’t do any power lifting ones but lots of weights, exercise band and body weight exercises

  • Thanks for the one who upload this. Thanks God, so inspiring i am lazy to work out but with this music i encourage to do it in my everyday routine and even pandemic crisis. I know God will make us

  • I love the concept of this workout…I wish the people behind was more in to it and sounded excited to worship and have some fun…make some noise back there.. Enjoy the workout…and maybe a little more dancing and worship will be nice. I’m still a new subbie…love the idea of this. Please make more

  • ****** Nice music, but change the main picture. It’s totally opposite of the music.
    Matthew 5:28 But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart
    Colossians 3:5 Put to death therefore what is earthly in you: sexual immorality, impurity, passion, evil desire, and covetousness, which is idolatry.

  • ATTENTION ALL DANCERS I never have motivation for dance practice for Even when I should! This made my so motivated and positive thank you lord!

  • My brothers thank you very much. A huge favor. Could a 1 hour constant 160 bpm list be created with fast hillsong and planet shakers songs and well?

  • Ironic: almighty God who sent us his son JC (New Testament written 50-300 AD by uneducated Iron age laborers inspired by a “holy Spirit”) also sent us a virus to decimate our economies for having destroyed his planet, will also send us to “hell” to burn eternally for not idolizing him? Hmm…

  • Thanks for the worship “soul food” music! It was very motivational in my lower body workout as I was really tired this morning in this cloudy rainy morning. This is a keeper to play more in the future!

  • Using the Gospel to make your workout profitable is a sin before the Lord. If you are working out there is no need to say you are a Christain because you all look alike. There is no difference between you guys and heathens.

  • I thank God that as the world music is everywhere but he still knows the food to our souls soo we worship every were any time it a hit

  • I just discover you now through this video and it’s awesome to see Christians doing their workouts with Praise to the Almighty.
    I subscribed at the 1st minute
    You rock

  • I was having such a day full of anxiety and I believe God led me to your video! I feel so much better! Thank you! I’ll be checking out your website!!

  • @Kyle Briggs I hope you see this message. I started working out to this mix May 26. I could barely walk 30 minutes and was frustrated with myself but the mix, beat and lyrics encouraged me the whole time. I started to crave my walk time and even encouraged my self to jog (I’ve never jogged in my life and I am now 46 years old). Today, I met the goal of jogging for 27 minutes straight and now ready to set another goal of 35 minutes. Thank you for this playlist. I look forward to my daily workout and time with God…I pray, meditate and jog and I feel 100% better!!! I am 27 pounds down with more to go, but I know I can do it because I’ve come this far. I am SO grateful to you… please keep the playlists coming because you have people like me who are impacted by what you do. Thank you!!!!

  • Amazing God we have.Thank u for using a workout music that is pleasant and great to use it for working out and inspiring others by not just to get fit physically but to be well in spirit.To God be the glory

  • I love this workout and really appreciate all the effort put in by so many people to post this vid. I do wish the music was not so loud though.

  • I love this music, it makes me feel at home. I listen to it all the time, I just can’t stop. Great job. Thanks so much for this mix.

  • Why am I now finding this??? Oh well, better late than never! Blessings and peace as you continue using this medium to minister to the world.

  • If you want a real account of seeing Jesus in person let me know! He is real and I would take a polygraph. If you don’t know him you need to hurry up and do it. Just being honest because I love you and want everyone to have his peace

  • Is there anyway to hear different commercials I love the music but hate To be in middle of a set hear about “How I can still be me even with HIV” it’s disgusting. But once again love the music

  • Today was my first time to do this workout. I feel so fresh and blessed. Thank you very much and keep it up as you invite the Holy Spirit during the workout! Blessings!

  • Thank you so much for freely putting that available to us. It has been such a blessing for my life in the past 2/3 weeks. God bless you abundantly!


  • So so glad I found this Christian workout video! Wonderful workout using Christian music. It’s toning my arms. Love it! God bless you Michelle!

  • Omg this is great! I have always felt guilty exercising thinking that I’m committed to it more than my commitment to God. I love how even if I take half an hour of my time out of the day, I’m still recognizing God in it.

    I’ve been following different workout videos, and this one actually made me sweat a lot more. I just incorporated different sets for a higher impact.

  • I would like to see more over-weight person trying a fitness workout, then looking a someone that is probably has some level of fitness or already fitness and can handle the workout with no problem  (like to see a beginning process)

  • I discovered these workouts at the beginning of the lock down and I truely love them as I’m far from perfect and not young. But I love exercising and you have become part of my morning routine. So thank you and continue to be blessed! xx

  • Love the examples of different levels. So many just say to “take it easier” if we need to, but what we really need are the visual just like everyone else. Great explanations too. Am currently self quarantined to my room due to being “high risk” of COVID19. Thank you so much for the encouragement, it helps me feel not so alone. Blessings to you all!

  • I love this. Been following some workout vids online but it’s just now that I thought of checking for a “Christian” workout vid. It’s not only physically energizing, but spiritually energizing too! Woohoo! <3

  • Oh how far they have fallen and how easy the blind follow the blind.
    Faithful workouts?? This is just aerobics with a “Christian” trigger word for the blind.

    Oh look this must be of God because they have a Great Big Crucifix on the wall, that disgusting, Horrific Torture device that the “devil” used to Torture and Humiliate the person we profess to love so much to death. Lets all Worship this thing that they “Nailed” our Saviour to and then stood it up to put Him on show, that thing that caused Him Christ Jesus so much pain, agonony and suffering as He Hung on it with all of his ribs exposed as the devil had them whip the flesh from His bones before they Crucified Him???????

  • Wow I did a an 1hr resistance full body work out today. I wanted to go for a walk but I wanted something a bit more challenging and saw this. I’m so grateful. Sweat is literally dripping from my ear to and nose lol. I enjoyed it! Thank God for the strength

  • There is power in the name of Jesus!! Death and life is in the power of the tongue…This mix is definitely from the Caribbean. Thank you, my heart owe you a ton!

  • The phrase:
    Is written in the Bible 365 times.
    That’s a daily reminder from God
    to live every day being Fearless.

  • Wow Body Praise. This is great. Innovative!! Never sustained any workout in my life. But just to imagine that I can work out and praise God at the same time….irresistible. Thank you

  • I’ve got a praise!
    Have you ever heard michelle talk about being thankful that you have the ability to move? You have the blessing of being able to physically move and exercise? I never understood what it’s like to not be physically able to do the simplest things until six years ago.

    I was pregnant with a little boy who would need open heart surgery after birth and possibly had Down syndrome. Emotionally it was a roller coaster but physically, physically I was almost paralyzed. Sciatica pain can be completely debilitating. I literally sat on the couch and cried because I couldn’t do any of the workout michelle was doing. It was painful and it was awful to know in my brain what I wanted to do but my body couldn’t handle the pressure and simplest of movements. I couldn’t put my ballet flats on. I couldn’t pull my pants up. I could get up from lying down or sitting. I could hardly walk, couldn’t climb steps. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

    But six years later, I can follow Frances! I can jump. I can lift my legs. I can squat and punch and plank and all kinds of things that I thought were impossible for me.

    For those who are curious, my little boy went through open heart surgery and other surgeries just fine. He does have Down syndrome and he is an absolute joy to have and I don’t know what I’d do without him.

    I have learned so much of what it means to see every hardship as a blessing and to be thankful in all things. And to have a child with a disability has catapulted me to a whole new level of determination, protection, patience and love like I would have never known. It’s cliche to say, but as a person living it, the cliche is a truth I feel deep down.

    I hope this is encouraging to someone struggling with movement and weight and self esteem. You are SO much more than a number on a scale or a clothing tag. Give yourself grace.

  • Yes I agree cant even believe it. you can make your workout sessions much more productive if your eating the right foods to avoid fat and belly. Between in a best female model 2012 exclusive interview she had mentioned about her strong abs with this 7 food items. worth watch here now bit.ly/142qIYc?=ofeeh

  • The inspiration CG shares is unmatched. I truly admire his leadership capacity he managed to grow as an ‘influencer’, athlete and businessman, yet remained as authentic, human and inspiring as ever. Sometimes watching this, I just wish nothing bad will ever happen to him 17:46 is somehow one of those moments. To be remembered for being a beautiful soul. He knows how to appreciate, work and earn his achievements. A man with values, integrity and honesty -towards himself and others. Rare and powerful. That’s what “Alphalete” captures for me.

  • I would love this workout and subscribe if the leader would turn up the volume on the music and STOP talking. That is so distracting and why I have stopped using all the other vids like Denise Austin, Leslie Sansone. etc.

  • Great music I’m 10 Years old and I
    just got my. Holy ghost…
    It’s a big change… For me..
    My life is very Bad. We almost went…
    Homeless… We moved with my Brother
    Sam. I Don’t even have a phone…
    This is my mom’s phone.

  • I love this work out! This is such an encouraging thing to have a Christian workout. I love you Michelle, thank you for sharing from your gifts.

  • What an uplifting, inspiring workout. It truly is a whole body, mind and spirit workout. May God richly bless you for sharing your talents with us!! I was BLESSED!!

  • Love this workout! It was fun exercise and encouraging! I am totally sharing your workouts with my ladies’ group at church. We exercise together every Tuesday morning.

  • I’ve been doing this workout now for about almost a month this is so inspiring thank you so much and I thank God for this faithful workout I went from 325 now I’m 297 it’s a long road but I can do it with God on my side thank you and God bless you

  • Omggggg love this can not stop playing. The mix is amazing. My 3yr old love dancing to it. Can you tell me the name of all the songs or who is the artist. Nothing like i have ever heard before. I do worship flags and this is fantastic.

  • You shake hands in Texas? You know how viruses get spread? In Europe we are told to keep 1.5 meter (5 feet) distance, do not touch other people except who lives in your house. Desinfect shopping trolleys before use.

  • https://youtu.be/GjiDkbbs4Qc
    I have added my Christian techno song and I hope you can add it to your mix.. and to your work out sessions

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