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Oblique Workout Best Exercises and Optimal Training — Tiger Fitness Performing oblique exercises with the quality of each rep in mind is important for growth — spend time learning the moves. Performing oblique exercises with the quality of each rep in mind is important for growth — spend time learning the moves. The 25 Best Exercises to Sculpt Your Obliques. 1. Offset Dumbbell Squat.

Grab a medium-weight dumbbell with one hand and hold it in the racked position, so one end rests by your shoulder with 2. Single-Arm Overhead Press. Grab a dumbbell with one. In fact, I recommend including one to two oblique exercises in your warm-up every time you exercise. If you’re ready to start seeing the impact, try a few of the best obliques exercises below.

Best Oblique Exercises To Include In An Oblique Workout 1) High To Low Cable Woodchoppers One of the best oblique ab exercises to start your oblique ab workout is the high to low cable woodchoppers. It’s a great option as it enables us to apply weighted resistance directly in line with the diagonal way the oblique fibers run. “This oblique exercise is a sneak peek from one of our favorites from our book, Barre Fitness: Barre Exercises You Can Do Anywhere for Flexibility, Core Strength, and a Lean Body.” (Try this arms and abs barre workout for more obliques wokrouts like this.) A. Lay down with knees bent and feet flat on floor, hip-width apart.

Single Leg Stand with Contralateral Knee Drive and Arm Drive Perhaps the best way to start off training the oblique slings with contralateral hip and arm activation patterns is to perform a basic isometric sprinting simulation position. The highly sought-after V-shape is often a byproduct of a healthy diet and toned obliques. Say goodbye to standard crunches, and try these fat-burning exercises that target the oblique muscles. Note: Suggested weights, reps and sets will vary drastically depending on your strength.

Start light and adjust accordingly. Lift your heels off the floor and begin the exercise by rotating your torso to the right. Touch both of your hands to the floor. That’s one rep.

Twist your torso to the left and touch the floor. To make matters worse, direct oblique training won’t give you a waist-slimming effect—one of the main reasons why many people do oblique workouts in the first place. “One of two things happens. Each of these oblique exercises targets the obliques in a slightly unique way.

With a heavy dose of rotation, you will be hitting the lateral core muscles from all angles and with all levels of.

List of related literature:

To add intensity to this exercise while maintaining the position achieved in step 2, lift and lower the top leg three to five times before lowering both legs in step 3.

“Pilates Anatomy” by Rael Isacowitz, Karen S. Clippinger
from Pilates Anatomy
by Rael Isacowitz, Karen S. Clippinger
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2 List 10 functional exercises that may be useful for promoting leg strength and balance in clients.

“The Essential Guide to Fitness” by Rosemary Marchese, Julie Taylor, Kirsten Fagan
from The Essential Guide to Fitness
by Rosemary Marchese, Julie Taylor, Kirsten Fagan
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■ Encourage prescriptive resistance exercise of each major muscle group (hips, thighs, legs, back, chest, shoulders, and abdomen) using a variety of exercise equipment such as free weights, bands, stair climbing, or machines 2 to 3 days per week.

“Mosby's Guide to Nursing Diagnosis E-Book” by Gail B. Ladwig, Betty J. Ackley
from Mosby’s Guide to Nursing Diagnosis E-Book
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BOAT POSE WITH AB LEG EXTENSIONS (See photos on next page for pose demonstration.)

“Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover” by Mandy Ingber
from Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover
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All these exercises require a high degree of core stability and body awareness for safe execution.

“Methods of Group Exercise Instruction” by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
from Methods of Group Exercise Instruction
by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
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All of these exercises can also be completed using free software from the following sites:

“Network Defense and Countermeasures: Principles and Practices” by William (Chuck) Easttom II
from Network Defense and Countermeasures: Principles and Practices
by William (Chuck) Easttom II
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When strength training equipmentis available, the following exercises are recommended: leg press, leg curl, calf raises, seated row, chest press, latissimus dorsi pull-down, shoulder raises, back hyperextension, and abdominal crunches.

“Return to Sport after ACL Reconstruction and Other Knee Operations: Limiting the Risk of Reinjury and Maximizing Athletic Performance” by Frank R. Noyes, Sue Barber-Westin
from Return to Sport after ACL Reconstruction and Other Knee Operations: Limiting the Risk of Reinjury and Maximizing Athletic Performance
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There are no alternatives to these exercises.

“Arnold” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Douglas Kent Hall
from Arnold
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These are the 7 exercises that I used in the video that went viral (see p9) – and got

“7-Minute Body Plan: Quick workouts & simple recipes for real results in 7 days” by Lucy Wyndham-Read
from 7-Minute Body Plan: Quick workouts & simple recipes for real results in 7 days
by Lucy Wyndham-Read
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For advanced phases, rotate between the side-bridge and plank exercises, keeping the core and hips straight and in one line.

“Orthopaedic Physical Therapy E-Book” by Robert A. Donatelli, Michael J. Wooden
from Orthopaedic Physical Therapy E-Book
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  • Done! 3 days a week for six weeks and oh I hated it all but I saw results! Waist appeared smaller and my obliques shaved down a bit. Very very happy with this workout. I also focused on my diet and 2days of weight lifting focusing on my belly.

  • Super hype my husband just finished your pull push leg program and got your upper lower strength program
    With the first program we have seen amazing progress a man that before that was 327pds and drop to 240 and with your program and watching what he eats he’s now 215 and still pushing proud of him just thought you should now you changed are family’s life in a positive way.

  • I tried to make my own diet, but it didn’t work. I went to Next Level Diet and let them create diet plan for me. I am delighted with the result

  • More exercise variations I never thought to try!! You are amazing!! I like that you explained why these exercises are beneficial.��������������������. Keep up the good work!!

  • Your core is your bridge from your lower body strength to your upper body strength


    Hollow Body
    Side Plank ( both sides )
    Pallof Press

  • Whoooahhh!!! THIS. WAS. BRUTAL. I wanted to take a reign check in round 3 but pushed through. Those planks. This was my PFT. Workout complete 03.06.2017 4.25am #FBFitRound2

  • Could you combine the tuck extensions with the reverse roll out into the same motion to increase time under tension and difficulty? I’ve tried it and it seems to work great!

  • This was a fantastic video. The quality was pristine. The gym, videography and the lighting……AWESOME…., the training session was yet again, another awesome video. Thank you so much for such great quality. The body truly is a fantastic and sculpted piece of physical art and what better way to appreciate it than when well trained ����

  • I love these videos. Before January of this year I stayed on machines all day at the gym. Thanks to technique tuesdays, I gained the confidence and drive to start benching, squatting, and now I’m going to start training the deadlift. Thank you for all your science based lifting videos! Cant wait for more content!

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  • Thanks brother for giving me another tool to add in my training arsenal. Appreciate your detailed vid packed with advice and including scientific proof. Keep it up dude, like button SMASHED!!!!!

  • 2:00 I do this exercise pretty often with an exercise ball because it’s in a workout program I bought a few years ago, but I’ve never seen anyone else do it until now lol nice

  • That third exercise you did is FUCKED. I haven’t tried it yet but even with a fairly robust core I don’t think I’d be able to have such a good form, particularly towards the bottom of the rep. You got so low and managed to remain so straight without popping you bottom out. Definitely will have to give it a go.

  • I was skeptic about NextLevelDiet because I thought that I would have to eat only broccoli to lose weight. I am eating only food I like and still losing weight

  • Elbow plank: 3×20-40 secs
    -Modification 1: move elbows forward (eye level)
    -Modification 2: squeeze glutes
    Ab wheel rollout: 3×20-40secs

  • Q: Is there any way you could go over a core series for repairing ab separation (diastasis recti)?
    PS: Totally appreciate that you break things like this down, especially for those of us that were never really taught the difference.

  • I have a question mike. How much protein to i need to consume each day for building muscle and how many calories each day i have to consume?

  • Yeah! And I never noticed before this that if you really squeeze that tuck turn, it really does work that oblique WAAAY more…AND if you don’t put your foot down, but turn back to push-up position with your foot still up, you get another workout on the way out of the tuck. Eeeesh! I’m not being pert, but hopefully encouraging when I note that the third round is usually much less impossible and less exhausting, and more energized than the first round?!?!?! Seems it takes a while for those endorphins and the energy to kick in and build for me. So if you are dying in round one, hang in there, it may very well get better further in!!!

    I am nearing the end of the 8 week program, and I gotta say I’ve never done any exercise that has given me such a strong lower back, and obliques, and outer butt/thigh area….but ESPECIALLY lower back. Coaches so often focus on abs and quads, front movement muscles…and sort of forget all about that back side, backward contraction musculature. It feels really really right to be strong both ways.

  • hey Mike, you should have been Captain Americas body double in the movies… or Henry Cavill in Superman….you look exactly like those boys..

  • Great, as always! Never a single disappointing video! Love the creative exercises you come up with. I can see how each one has real-world value for functional fitness. Again, great stuff!

  • Hey man sick video I’m loven the ideas. I Do have a question. Would you consider making an all body home workout full video???? You know exercise with only your body weight. All in one full work out with all the major muscle groups.???? Just and ideas that I would love to see.

  • they were incredible moves but it went way too fast! its super hard to do them when you dont know when to start, stop, and change…plus you didn’t talk or describe so i dont even know if im doing it right..plus reps and tips…please add this in bc im sure you know your stuff and would love to follow along…minus the cuts and maybe without the music. Thanks!

  • Thank you for your comment on the lift chair. It is not the blessing it’s touted to be because it leads to weakness/dependency. I cringe when my elderly clients get excited about getting one. What’s next? The coffin.

  • Future me: I felt really good about this! The plank tucks were the hardest, whereas other positions were super easy! I used 9lb weights for the squat punches.

  • I call your alter ego in the skits, “Other Jeff”. Its basically you if you were a douche instead of a building genius.

    Thank you for the science Real Jeff.

  • Was compiling my own workout lists, when i stumbled on your channel awesome resource of videos, by category. Just what i need. Subscribed right away! PS lurve your signature doggie sign-offs:D

  • I definitely gonna try this today,but the thing is that i have a normal waist buy my sides are really wide and i think that some exercises end up making my sides looking even more wide:/

  • You guys are fantastic. I’m 84 and this is just the help I need. Keep your advice coming. Bob and Brad you are the best physiotherapists anywhere!

  • Jeff,
    I get cramps every time I do ab exercises usually on the first or second set. Because of the pain, I am not unable to do ab exercise. I could not find a remedy for it. What are your thoughts or suggestions on it based on your expertise?

  • When i do the the Side Cinchers ( 30:40) i usually have to stop in between because the exterior side oh my thigh (from the leg that’s touching the ground) starts to burn as hell. Do you guys know why that happens or how can i solve this problem (cause i really love this workout)?

  • Thank you so much for this video. Will be following these exercises tonight at the gym. May i also say, you look a lot like you could be a stunt double for Henri Cavill ahah

  • great work out guys, didnt look too hard, compared to Keli’s dumbbell ones, but it was, and as allways takes a few times to get the form right, which so important, making winter nights in scotland seem less bad!

  • The competing forces on the LLPT plank makes it look like your core is gonna explode. I’ll check back in if I don’t detonate into a shower of gore. 😉

  • Love being back in a groove with Technique Tuesdays! Hope you guys enjoy the video don’t forget to hit the like/subscribe button if you found it helpful! Peace!

  • This is a great video guys. I was in pretty good shape until about two years ago until I broke my arm
    And concentrated on healing but in a mean time the rest of my body became very well eek

  • Plz do a vid on partial squats (and partial in general) in terms of safety (partials when you don’t break the eccentric phase with the concentric) and compare them to when u do break the phases.

  • Does anyone happen to remember in which video Jeff discusses the relative pressure each ab exercise puts on the lumbar spine? I’m suffering from some lower back pain so want to minimise this by picking some suitable ab exercises.

  • What I like about all your videos, you show up what to do and what to avoid doing. And you show us common mistakes people do. I strictly follow all your videos on how to get things done. Thank you ❤️ ��

  • Day 5 complete! But I have a question. How is she doing this like everything is okay!? I am here sweating like I just got out of the pool and crying ������

  • Ooh what a workout! I couldn’t do all the reps for the plank ones, but as I get stronger, I’m looking forward to doing them the whole way.

  • i find the cable crunch for abs is nice and all but I always get exhausted in my lower arms and grip strength, I cant like hold the weight and it starts burning in my lower arms more then my abs lol

    fucks wrong with me xD

  • plank is just tooooo boring.for abs workout I prefer moving and counting as a distraction.commando plank is my favorite among plank variation. it was the first exercise that made my upper abs sore next day, what I’ve never felt with doing crunch variations

  • Really liked this video. I’ve been looking for good ring ab exercises.
    Mostly do the front and back lever for abs with L sit. This is a nice alternative. Allows you to put in more reps.

  • 🙁 I can’t do first exercise because my wrists hurt! Not waist but fucking wrists because you have to hold 90degrees between your hand and forearm… Do you have the same pain?:(

  • The chair has to fit the person. It’s going to be very hard it the chair is too low and the person is tall. Thanks for your videos.

  • You guys are the best! This workout routine worked out so well for me!! the results were almost imediately lol is not even a joke.

    Thank you so much fitness blender team, keep up the hard work. xo

  • all those clowns who swear you have to do as many reps as possible to work out yo abs, watch this video. Like any other muscle group, it’s more about the intensity! Clowns doing 100 sit ups with lousy form and wonder why they don’t have visible abs HAHAHAHA
    Btw, lower und upper abs is a myth. They’re connected. You’re always working out all of them. It’s just that most people have too much fat around their waist, which is why their lower abs aren’t visible, and no you don’t necessarily burn stomach fat by working out your abs. Your genetics solely decide where your body is going to burn fat. Muscle and fat are 2 different forms of body tissue, and one can’t transform into the other or vice versa.

  • This is really the exercise to rule them all. I do this with postpartum mothers, active seniors, and seniors that already have some mobility issues. The response I’ve gotten has been great, because they really notice the change in their everyday life. Even the fit people can feel this in their legs the day after. For those who need even more of a challenge I tell them to keep one foot completely on the floor, but with the other foot they only have their heel on the floor. Some of my seniors can even do this with only one leg.

  • The ab wheel excerise whas showed incorrectly, if done correctly you should be squeezinf your buttcheeks together through the whol excercise, only moving your shoulders in full movement

  • Since I fell last week this is much appreciated. I was lucky and just “threw my back out” a bit and banged up my knees, but it could have been much worse. Thanks so much for this, Bob and Brad!:)

  • Killed this! I’ve been weight training instead of cardio and have noticed HUGE difference in my body. No more cardio for this gal, she eight training and fitness blenders all the way!!! Love love love you guys!!

  • Where are the planks?!!! ���� I’ll add them to this work. I also want to add. Guys, anyone afraid of the ball crunch can substitute with a dumbbell. But the ball crunch also activates muscle balance.

  • @ 2:48 I’ve always wondered about applying lacquer to wooden gymnastic rings and if it would make the grip slippery, like plastic?

  • I feel like jeff is the kind of guy to push a button not once but ten times, each press on a different finger, to ensure perfect muscle proportion on each finger.

  • I can do sit to stands ok and my local pt said it was a good way to work everything. What I would like to know is, can you do some exercises for MS? A routine so to speak for strength.
    Thank you!

  • The crunches and leg raises are effective but nice video:) These exercise are really hard. I can’t do them 6 days a week like the crunch, leg raises and planks ��

  • Question Mike, do you stay in this kind of shape all year long or do you allow your abs to disappear in the winter/bulking/off season? Thank you.

  • At 82 years, I can do full squats….I started getting up from the bed..took a couple of weeks doing them 3 to 4 times a wk..progressed to the couch..finally I do squats with my arms extended out front…20 four times a day…love the feeling of being able to do many things. My legs were slightly sore. My 94 yr. old friends are up to 8 every other day!

  • Hi Kelly I have always wanted to ask a question about using weights for abs.  I have always avoided these type of workouts because I am confused as to how this would help you get a smaller waist.  I obviously know one has to eat right to obtain the full benefits.  But how does doing this workout help with a smaller waist?  I thought that it might give me more of a bulge on my obliques since its building muscle.  Can you explain please?  Also can you do more HITT workouts for beginners?  Thanks so much!

  • I have a bad right shoulder so I’m having to modify the exercises that require putting your weight on shoulders am I wasting my time doing this?  Love FitnessBlender!

  • I do a modification of the plank where I rest the elbows on a foam roller. When doing regular plank I feel that I can use my shoulders to offload the core. Of course I could just… not do that, but using the roller eliminates that possibility altogether so it’s one less cue to think about, and I feel it makes the exercise more consistent.

  • Great stuff mate. Hey you briefly mentioned breathing and I have a question on that. I’ve only recently noticed that my breathing tends to happen in my chest and not my stomach if that makes sense. I noticed that my chest and rib cage expand but my stomach pretty much stays as is and I don’t really feel any air getting into the lower part of my torso, is this normal? And does this adversely affect core strength and training? Thanks


  • This is probably the best core training advice I’ve seen on YouTube so far. And reverse rollouts? I’m gonna start training those TODAY. Thank you, Daniel.

  • I agree to a point, but crunches and other lower intensity ab exercises have a place. They are good parts of a core muscular endurance routine. They are used by gymnasts and circus performers because they don’t just need pure strength but also to perform over long time frames.

  • this is a great video��. are there any specific oblique moves that will keep them strong but with that “cinched-in”, tapered look as well? I’m concerned about looking straight. while there are so many vids out for that, I TRUST you and what you teach! thanks so much.��

  • Thanks!
    I’ve been only doing the L-sit and “wipers” for a while now to improve my climbing skills, think I’ll incorporate these variations of the roll-out!

  • Just found this. Will try it. Just had total knee replacement surgery 3 months ago so not sure I can do this but need to start working out again.

  • Thanks for adressing this topic. The ammount of people I see thinking that to get strong abs you just have to do crunches is absurd. You see them do 100 crunches but their core stability is non existent.

  • YES!!!
    Someone who got to the point and I don’t feel like shit for having a body fat percentage higher then 5%.

    I will be subscribing.

  • What’s the exercise? What’s the exercise? What’s the exercise? What’s the exercise?
    What’s the exercise? What’s the exercise? What’s the exercise? What’s the exercise?
    What’s the exercise? What’s the exercise? What’s the exercise? What’s the exercise?
    What’s the exercise? What’s the exercise? What’s the exercise? What’s the exercise?
    What’s the exercise? What’s the exercise? What’s the exercise? What’s the exercise?
    What’s the exercise? What’s the exercise? What’s the exercise? What’s the exercise?

  • only a dead beat personal trainer with no clients. who LOVES MINDLESS CRUNCHES would dislike this guys videos.
    He is an awesome teacher.

  • Side plank hip dips are perfect for a weakness area of mine but stabilizing on my elbow causes shoulder pain for me. Can u suggest an adaptation or different movement that replicates loading that area without compressing the shoulder?

  • I LOST 40lbs!!! You ask how? I visited website called NextLevelDiet. I selected only food I like and they provided me with DIET MEAL PLAN, TRAINING PLAN, FITNESS TIPS and HEALTHY RECIPES

  • This is helpful as I have a weak low back and lower abs and strong arms. They do excessive work in calisthenics drills so this will help me

  • Another common error of the rollout is not having a hollow body, if you don’t have a hollow body your lower back will tense to make up for your weak abdominals, and you will cramp so badly. Happened when I first started training and took really conscious effort to crunch/hollow during the entire rollout.

  • What brand of shirt is he wearing? Or does anyone know what material it is? I want shirts like that that make you look more muscular lol

  • Why is when you’re doing something wrong you have the hat backwards, black bandana, headphones & dog tags? Why couldn’t you have just shown the incorrect way with the same attire you had on for the correct way??

  • Visit website called Next Level Diet and get complete guide for your transformation. I got personalized meal plan for 28 days which contains ONLY food that I have chosen. They provided me with complete DIET PLAN for 30 days with TRAINING PLAN included and I finally started seeing results.

  • I did one of the 1000 calorie workouts yesterday and I recovered SO fast from it haha like since I went more plantbased vegan I’ve been able to recover reallllyyyy quickly. (Yes I did the workout properly yesterday)

  • These exercises are good (especially for calisthenics), but the work only in a single plane. You are missing e.g. rotation/anti-rotation and lateral movements. Especially for the core/abs and overall body stability these movements are important.

  • First time doing fitness blender and I’m sold. I really love this ab workout as I felt every muscle in my core. Thanks for a great workout ����‍♀️��

  • Felt very comfortable doing this one! Not too difficult, not too easy either ^.^ I like how the hard ones were in the middle, so you had some relief before and after:P And a good one for the arms as well!

  • i have a question about the body by rings program. should i do all sets of one exercise and move to the next or go through all of them once and start a new set?

  • Accidentally found this one by the recommendation. Just finished doing this and I’m gonna add this to my everyday morning workout. ☺️This one is not that intense but can amazingly increase the heart beat. ���� I love fitness blender!!! It’s just like a workout archive ��

  • Amazing video. There are two people I wanna meet in my life time, Gary V. & you sir. If you’re ever back in Jacksonville, FL I’d be down to have a quick bite or some coffee and pick your brain. Thank you for the videos/content.

  • Planks put unnecessary pressure on your lower back, so I don’t do them anymore. Most “ab” workouts are terrible for your lower back!

  • Hey mate. Loved the vid. The part at 3:41 where you simultaneously show what not to do was really useful. If you could give more examples like that, it would be great. I’m still not clear what is a anterior vs posterior pelvic tilt in plank.

  • Hi Jeff Really enjoy your videos. I’m wondering if you can do an updated video on your thoughts about doing weighted exercises that work the obliques under the overall theme of building a V taper?

  • Hi there. Which ones do you recommend the most for someone trying to build up core strength that had a back injury earlier this year (me)?

  • Hey brother, thanks for the video. I have a question though. I’ve been trying to figure out if weighted or body weight ab training is better as far as aesthetics is concerned and people really seem divided on that subject. Just before your video I watched this one:


    He’s on the opinion that not doing weighted resistance ab training is a mistake so I’m kinda confused. Is there a research or something that can put this question to rest? What about you? What made you choose body weight?

  • Hey, I have been subscribed to your channel for a while and really enjoy your content. I am a 15 year old who plays basketball and really wants to get stronger. When I do lift, would you recommend me to try and gain muscle or to lose fat and get lean. Also, with my calorie deficit diet, should I try to eat less carbs and more fat or should I stick to a high carb low fat diet. Sorry for so many questions but please just let me know when you can. Thank you

  • interesting points,if anyone else trying to find out fitness exercises seniors try Loctavan Senior Fitness Strategy (just google it )? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my friend got excellent success with it.

  • Damn those last two are genius! I use the ring rollout touch and combine it with a ring fly into a RTO planche lean touch. I do reverse hip raises to help with back lever and planche but that reverse ring rollout seems much more superior! Add a little of lean to that straddle extension and boom, perfect planche trainer!

  • Just bought one of your books, because I want to support you and thank you for all the great free info you put out (And the extremely reasonable price helped too ofc)
    Now I hope I don’t get slapped with an enormous shipping tax due to it being sent from NA

  • what i have learned from your videos is that no matter what the exercise, the range of motion of any exercise should have the least amount of relaxed muscles. The more the muscles are tensed, the better the pump and growth. Thank you Mike!

  • Whew I use to able to fly through this like nothing. Started working out again and this was tough. Thank u fitness blender. I notice your workouts get me strong each time.

  • does yt pay by the word? i wonder why yt presenters all say im going to show you this (one thing of usefulness) then go blathering on about nothing and begging for subs. you waste our time. you waste our data. and, btw, if you dont present what you advertise, and do it promptly, ppl just move on.

    PT is super useful. just DO it.

  • Awsome video man, thank you. Can you please do somthing on false grip training, best way to train for it in your opinion, frequency, etc…

  • Ive been doing these ab and oblique exercises for three days now, and i can already see a difference, thank u fitness blender!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’ve been working out with FitnessBlender videos for almost a year now, but somehow, I didn’t discover this video until this morning! I think this might be a new favorite!