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Nucleus Overload Biceps Experiment + Travelling News

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Nuclei Overload Training Does it Work?

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I Did 100 Bicep Curls Every Day For 30 Days | NUCLEI OVERLOAD TRAINING

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The theory of nucleus overload training is training a body part for a month, you will have more growth. The belief is that if you train a muscle group every single day, the nuclei within that muscle increases and you have a better response. Nuclei overload training is a technique which many people use at this stage to make gains again. Generally this training is only performed on one muscle group, which is lagging. The training involves targeting the same muscle group on every day for a set amount of time period, usually a month and then return back to standard training.

1. The principle of Nucleus Overload Training is unsuitable for absolut beginners. It is only for experienced athletes who have been training seriously and regularly for at least a year. (When I say regular, I don’t mean once a month). To purchase The Anabolic Cookbook: To purchase The Home and Hotel Hypertrophy Handboo. Note that you should be doing this along with your regular training routine, its just an additional way to make the muscle grow. Keep in mind that you don’t stop.

Thought on Nucleus Overload Training? Is it legit? For those unfamiliar, it’s a form of training where you work a specific muscle group(s) everyday for around a month with medium weight, then take a week or so off from training that muscle group, then return and work them with high weight low reps.

Elevated Number of Nuclei Persisted During Subsequent Disuse. In a separate series of experiments, overload was introduced for 14 days. The number of nuclei increased by 37% from 49 ± 1.8 nuclei per millimeter to 67 ± 2.4 nuclei per millimeter, and CSA was increased by 35% from 1,018 ± 73 μm 2 to 1,379 ± 78 μm.

Nuclei overload training? Closed Thread. Results 1 to 8 of 8 Thread: Nuclei Use some common sense when trying to determine the value of training advices that seem to be out of the ordinary of what is commonly recommended. Something that sounds like it’s too good to be true usually is.

Regarding trainin. Nucleus overload I beleive is best used with smaller muscles that can be repaired the quickest. for 3 sets 5x per week With larger muscle groups maybe do like two sets with a lighter weight and pause reps and possibly only hit it 4x. I am going on 2 week of this training and all i am doing is working my biceps to failure then I let it rest until the next day.

Plus the supplements that I am taking are mostly recovery shops. My arms are not even dead right now. You need to go look up CT Fletcher and read about his thoughts on overload training it has.

List of related literature:

I found it no more effective than my regular training routines, which were pretty crappy in

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It is certainly worth persevering with spooky dogs because of the timing advantage that clickers give to your training.

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SCPBCI training may require a substantial amount of time, but has the advantage that it can be initiated without the presence of a classifiable brain response.

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I call this program “ControlledFatigue Training” because it enables you to gradually increase the intensity and volume of the exercise and improve your ability to controlyour fatigue as well as resist intense physical and mental stress.

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Trainers and behaviorists around the world have reported similar successes, so it’s definitely worth trying out.

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If you have the opportunity to exercise on one of the Outstrip machines by all means do so, but if such technology is not yet available where you train presently the protocols and equipment indicated previously will work very effectively.

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It is certainly better than nothing and may help reduce collision rates, but to date there have been no studies addressing the carryover or impact that these training regimes may have on patients’ ADL.

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If it wasn’t clear by now, Hyper Training is fantastic, but depending on how resourceful you are, it can be extremely timeand resource-consuming.

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Few studies have conclusively shown that one training setting is superior to another, thus the advantages and disadvantages of each should be considered.

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  • youre not explaining anything youre honestly just oversimplifying it to make it sound dumb. But you are not looking ant any of the detail and reason behind this type of training. Im not saying youre wrong but you are not presenting valid arguments at all.

  • Greg I used to be 275lbs and I lost weight through extreme will power and very low calorie strict diet I got down to 175 and then was able to build muscle up to 178 and re attained all my old maxed bench:215 squat:365 deadlift:425 I’m having a hard time during this quarentine because my mom and entire family is obese and they just keep a bunch of unhealthy food around all the time. Before it was easier because I had school so I could get out of the house and not think about food but with quarentine I’m home all day and my mom is always encouraging me too overeat and gain weight. I’ve already gained 8 lbs and I just dont know what to do why am I so weak I just cant stop.

  • As someone who trains extremely hard, but has inadvertently taken long long breaks from the gym, I can anecdotally tell you this is factual. I gain more muscle and strength (and beyond my previous peaks) in shorter periods of time.

    I had 16 inch arms forever. Trained and trained, did all the proper sets. Took a few years off, came back with 15 1/4 arms and hit 17 inches on them in about 6 months. I was honestly putting my own theories together on this when you put out your first nuclei overload video ��

  • When you do this stuff you usually use really high reps, then you wait for several weeks to allow your repeated bout effect to wear off then train normally and theoretically you will have more strength and size gains. When you do high reps you become much more efficient at lactase metabolism in addition to getting more nucleii (which you get from anything). You can also do way, way way more total volume that way than you could do with typical sets, which means more nucleii. So it makes some sense and is intriguing, and may work for some. I have not done it so far though.

  • This guy is legit on the facts. But then difference in labor every day for muscle gain as opposed to reps also play a different role, so like full body training with reps you have to recover from that, hard daily labor you also need a break from but not the way you do after training hard for alot of reps.

  • This is very interesting especially for me that is a complete new beginner. I started exercising some time ago but wanted to do as heavy as possible every time I trained result… I injured my body to a degree where I am now seeing a physiotherapist and biokineticist etc. and have to start all over again. This time however (after rehab) I will first start build a good and strong base and then gradually work my way up. Thanks for these awesome vids!

  • As you get older you don’t have as many stem cells, that is the almost certain cause of sarcopenia. You just can’t repair cells and build new ones as well any more over time. Fasting helps produce stem cells but you will still run out eventually no matter what.

  • Nuclei overload training only works with super low intensity that you can recover from and that’s due to more weekly volume and higher neuromuscular efficiency. For example the “grease the groove “ method. If you do nuclei overload with high intensity or energy exertion you’re just over training.

  • taking a break and reacquainting is good but you could do something better. Reacquainting is basically what Arnold talked about, except instead of stopping and waiting for your body to forget the exercise and then return and get max gains, he “shaacks dze maascil”(shocks the muscle) and does a completely different set of exercises that his body doesn’t remember so that he can get maximum gains again without stopping and he then does these new exercises until his body starts to catch up, then by this time his body has had a break and has forgotten the old exercises so he switches back and “shaacks dze maascil” again. by doing this you get the benefit of the break without actually stopping your training so you can get continuous high quality gains.

  • During your rest period after the 30days, how long did you take out from training? Did you stop training everything or just that muscle?

  • So you are saying that a year of sporadic training where you weren’t training hard or consistently has led you to have more muscle and nuclei because of it?? Surely training hard and consistently and continuing progressive overload would have led to much better results. I think what Greg was saying is there’s not much point to nuclei overload training if you are already training hard and consistently. Your experience seems to have been a good one based on the fact that you had sporadic training for a long period of time

  • Hi Migan, I’ve got about 2 years training experience, most of it not very good/ consistent. I love all the theory side stuff you have made on Nucleus Overload, and the vids on HSP. How do these two things interact practically, so what kind of program combines the two? Keep it up dude.

  • During high school i work out a lot like 6 days a week even 7 days for like a year a half i think but ended breaking my ankle and had to stayed home and stop for 9 months, it was during this moment i gained all the muscles i have right now and even my strength increases after getting back in the gym. Didn’t know about nucleus overload back then but i knew it had something to do with over workout and had a long laid off.

  • You should check out Michael MacIntyre’s massive calf video. He is a perfect example. He’s a comedian doesn’t even have a physical job. Just has massive calves cause walks the wrong way!

  • Bashing for views and not to help us? So ure doing all this to help us and not for views �� Obviously this sounds as fishy as Mike Chang’s Afterburn Effect. U wanna tall abt research yet this whole shit lacks legit research on its own. How bout you get legitimate sports scientists such as Dr Mike, James Linker to look into this instead of constantly trying to defend this whole shit thru anecdotal evidence of what u gained?

  • Dude, when you talked about your Brazilians parents, and I saw the Flamengo shirt, I was: “yeah, guy definitely Brazilian”. Br fan here!

  • As a kid, I did 100s of 5-pound (2kg) dumbbell curls and climbed trees everyday… biceps were impressive then and easily develop to this day. I’m 45 now.

  • Does 10-20 sets a week mean 10-20 sets a day for a week? Because if you do a total of 20 sets in one week that isn’t a lot of lifting imo

  • Is there any forum o community for nucleus overload? A place where people are focussed on that that won’t get brigaded by people shooting it down? I want to run the NOT experiment while locked in

  • Do you think push-ups would work fine for pecs? My idea is do that for a month, then do no horizontal pressing for 2 weeks. OHP at the gym should work just fine without interference with the chest recovery, no?

  • Since there has been no info on how long Myonuclei stays in the body, or i haven’t found it yet. We know by some of the Silver Era guys that they kept the muscular size even if they worked out off and on when they got old.

    Leroy Colbert has a video about 21’s on his channel. Mryorkieloverfitness. He is about 80 years old in the video. He takes off his shirt and flexes his arms and his biceps were still huge. This again was when he was about 80 years old.

    Leads me to think that Myonuclei can stay with you forever. Leroy Colbert was training since he was about 10 years old. We know from him that Myonuclei stays with you for 70 Years. He passed away at about 83 years old. He hit his head on a table from a fall.

  • Muscles need time to repair. Simple concept. It’s impossible for the muscle grow when hammering it everyday. Why does that 2D Johnson not understand this concept?

  • I agree with you bro it aint about colour.. however genétics does play a big role… bit yes repetetive movement, consistency and muscle overload! Simple keep it up bro

  • Na fuck it son…make a book, fuck fake “morality” the people judging are gonna be the some types that doubted you. Get bags $. Dont be a martyr

  • So I want to train full body 4-5 times a week(including arm training) can i still do the nucleus overload or rather feeder workouts at nights for arms?

  • Very good points when referring to athletes who train the same muscles daily. I appreciate your research and thoroughness on the topic. I will definately implement!

  • Excellent documentary.I truly enjoyed it.This is by far one of thee most in depth videos.Being from South Africa I can vouch for our Gold miners.They are ripped and built beyond comprehension. I would like to know who the narrator is.Kindly contact me.Regards Kidron

  • I have been following a sandow program and also occlusion I have found gripping the dumbbell as described by Sandow feels similar to occlusion by way of pooling lactic acid and fatigue quicker than a lighter grip of the dumbbell, I wonder if a clenched fist slows the flow of waste products from energy use in the muscles stimulating growth

  • Trust me do 30 push up down 1 rep till 0 so you do 30 sets. 30 29 28 27 26 25…0 each day you’ll bench 315 lbs in no time and you’ll crush 405lbs too with minor effort. Nuclei for strength and growth.

  • I’m Guna try this for arms and delts but I’ve got a physical job would this still work or would it just kill me off in work ha great video aswell

  • Don’t ever try this shit.. I tried it for my triceps and my triceps actually got smaller. All the volume and intensity without no recovery actually caused the muscle to shrink.

  • With all respect, there is science behind the training, and there are most certainly legit examples of athletes who hit a specific body part all the time, therefore getting bigger in that area. Do people even understand why our muscles get bigger when we train them. It is a survival mechanism and it helps us to adapt to our situation. Micro tears/hypertrophy in the end is a survival mechanism, so we can become more efficient in a given area. Our body is very intelligent in what it does.

    I don’t see how you can even overtrain biceps. The muscle isn’t a major muscle group like legs. It would take an insane amount of wear and tear for you to even come close to fucking up your biceps from overtraining. Of course, if you don’t eat properly and sleep, this obviously will hurt you, but we all are doing this correct?

  • Rich piana used a similar concept. Feeder workouts. Every night do high rep sets for a muscle group for pump. Very light. Do it for a month.

  • I am pretty new here but so far anything I type into search on your channel page you seem to have covered it. This being one of them. Thanks for the advice. Makes total sense.

  • Fuck I’ve always wondered why my chest is my best body part. Before I started lifting weights I use to do push ups every night before bed at 13 years of age. Shit makes sense now!!!!!

  • Hey Scott, it looks like a visibly better result than when you did 30 days of Power Shrugs compared to the before photo in March. You should put all of those pictures side by side to compare. This would tell me that doing pull-ups are more effective than heavy barbell shrugs, atleast for aesthetics.

  • You should do a video on The Barbarian Brothers, what I just heard on another video that they trained 7 days a week did not believe taking any days off.

  • The Bulgarian method produced some of the strongest men and Olympic winners in the world. They specialized in an movement and did it almost everyday, sometimes 3x a day to their 1RM. What didn’t work for you (you probably have terrible form from hurting your shoulder and hip) doesn’t mean it’s “wrong”. How do you explain the product of Olympic winners and some of the strongest athletes in the world using this Fake Doctor Greg? Looking forward to an answer other than “you’re a moron “.

  • Here from Scott Herman who rightfully credited your work.
    Can’t wait to watch the full hour, even though It will take me at least 3 days because of my 4 months baby and my wife ^^
    edit: well, a lot of rant and anger, this videos could have been 20min long. Still, good information. But I’m a little bit disappointed that if I want to know how to implement that techiques, I need to “look at my others video”, especially after checking that you have a gazillions different videos uploaded already:D!

  • Overtraining = Not recovering enough from a hard workout. The 8 hour workout isn’t necessary, Migan added that. He also said you don’t need to go all out everyday on your training, just high fatigue will be enough as a indicator.

  • Very interesting and informative Scot. Just goes to show learn something new every day..I love over training..does shows results..from the republic of Ireland

  • I have a bowflex and use it regularly all of my sets no matter what are10 sets of 25-50-100 to 300-500 -1000 I feel like super man

  • This is pretty crazy. I used to skateboard growing up for about 10 years. My legs were super strong, even tho I never worked out at a gym. When I got into the gym at 26 years old, I squatted 500 in less than 6 months and I deadlifted 600 in about a year. I believe it’s the same concept. Definitely true.

  • Look at this from an evolutionary perspective. 12,000 years ago people went out and hunted EVERYDAY. They needed to for survival. Building muscle by hunting everyday allows humans adapt as soon as possible to give the best chance of survival. Back then, a rest day was a day with no food. It just all makes sense.

  • I followed team3d alpha for a long time since 2013. I know exactly how nuclei overload work. I always mix nuclei overload with endurance.

  • me i train calf at the gym for a long time didn’t get to grow them even with anabolic steroid maybe a couple. but now due the quarantine no gym and not motivated to lift weight i end up with doing cardio like sprinting and skipping rope and running. but i didn’t notice until now that my calf have gotten better and bigger

  • I found your channel a long time ago when searching for puffy nips fix. Then a while later when you did a video with Alex from Alpha Destiny I was like hey I remember that dude. Recently Golden Era Bookworm gave a shout out to you.
    Anyway quick question, during nucleus overload, do I need to overload progressively? Or can I stay on the same volume and weight?

  • At the end of the day Scott, you come across as a much, much nicer person than Greg. I tried watching him and gave up as his aggressive style really irritated me.

  • Ippo from hajime no ippo was a fisherman look at him when he transitioned to boxing he had crazy power from his fishing experience

  • Very similar to Rich Piana feeder workouts. What I have been doing is 1-2 sets of 100 reps on an isolation exercise. What are your thoughts on that? Seems to mimic the prolonged repetition of a manual labor job like you discussed and the burn you get is intense!

  • This is training nonsense no one has built muscle with high rep 5 pound dumbell training he is confusing the old time high rep lifting were you see how. Many reps. You can do with a 70 lb. Bar or how many one arm pushes with a40 pound dumbell grimek was very good at rep. Lifting

  • I appreciate the fact you are pushing this topic because I don’t see or hear many other people mention it. I’m not versed enough to really make any claims, but based on real world experience this concept seems kind of obvious. Some of the strongest people I know haven’t lifted a weight in 10 years since we were all still in college, but they work super strenuous physical jobs. The simple fact that they are constantly pressing their body without even lifting results in an impressive physique. I know this is not an exact parallel but the general idea of it is apparent in every day people. I’m not sure what the fight against this would be other than wanting to stick to their dogma.

  • I don’t think people understand how much 3D ALPHA changed the game of bodybuilding with this info. Genetics is no longer a excuse anymore.

  • I’m gonna try it on shoulders because if you have good shoulders it makes all of you look better. So 100 shoulder presses a day because it hits them the best

  • Dear cos I’m very open minded let’s see these muscles built with baby weights let’s see the proof. Not some so called expert. With. 14 inch arms telling. You. How. To train. In 50 years of training. I. Have tried every type of routine. In the multiverse some good some bad

  • Great to finally see some backing behind this. I unknowingly did nucleus overload training from January 2013-October 2013 before I even knew what it was but it worked better than anything else I had ever tried and since then I’ve basically been doing full body training 4-6 days per week for years + recommending it to my clients since early 2013. I haven’t done any strength training for over 7 years so my 1 RMs on all compounds are still the same, but all my muscle measurements are way up and I went from 177 LBS to 235 LBS training this way with most of it being muscle. Back in 2013 when I wrote about my “overtraining experiment”, people also told me I’m crazy or just got some lucky gains.

  • I saw more muscle development when I switch to light weights and did slow reps. Heavy weights only made me slower and made my joints hurt

  • He’s a LIF-TA from NEW HAMP-SHA! He lives close to the HAR-BA! I’m just kidding. I miss the accent. I’m from Texas but I lived in Maine for a few years of my childhood and experienced that accent on a daily basis. Great people up in Cape Elizabeth, arguably nicer than the people here in Dallas where I now live.

  • How should I determine Light, Medium, and Hard for my pull-ups? My best sets usually consist of 10 reps. I would also say that’s to failure considering I am usually unable to maintain 10 rep sets after the initial set, even after taking 2 minutes of rest.

  • who u gonna believe this guy or arnie, his work outs were for 5 hours per day 6 days per week. I have tried it and it definitely works, my arms were 16 inchs after 6 weeks 19 inches, yes you read right. I don’t listen to armchair generals I check it out myself and if it failed it was only 6 weeks, boy it works. I smoke about 12 spliffs a day and eating about 1200 cal protein about 60 grms 2 litres of water and bad sleep. so now im thinking what will happen if i get that in check. I will do that for 6 weeks and if that yields results then im gonna take some juice and see where it goes in the next 6. Dont listen to asswipes who think they know it all just taste it yourself.

  • Looks like the internet exploded with all kinds of misinformation surrounding Nuclei Overload Training. I mean, why wouldn’t it? It’s so much easier to bash a training technique with false claims based on surface level research when your only goal is drama and views. So if you would like a clear explanation on what Nuclei Overload Training actually is in the most basic breakdown possible where anyone can understand the concept and underlying principles of how to utilize it. Then just sit back, grab your pre-workout and by the time you’re done drinking it the video will be over and you’ll be ready for your FIRST SET OF 10 REPS!


    TEAM 3D Alpha breaking down everything you need to know about all the misinformation being spread right now:

  • Hello man, im french and im not sure to understand how you do the nucleus overload, is that 50-100 reps with very Light dumbells focusing on contraction? Slow and controlled or with ryhthm? How many sets and exercice per muscle, the choice of exercice is important? Thnx

  • I’m a sports science graduate and here’s my take. Muscles require a rest period in order to grow. If you continue hitting the same body part every single day without rest, the body part won’t be able to recover properly. Before it recovers and gain mass, it just gets destroyed and inflamed from the training the next day. I have tried nuclei overloading for my chest for a month. Compared to progressive overload, where I train it 2-3 times a week. I have seen similar growth in hypertrophy and strength. Unless Ure on gear and take stuff to boost recovery, don’t do it, just do progressive training and allow your body to have the rest it needs to grow

  • Did 600 pushups everyday for five years different variations.. I did other workouts to but my chest is hands down the most developed part of my body…I think your right scott.

  • am I supposed to train all body to exhaustion every day or train every body part moderately every day? does in need to be progressive overload or the same weight? is there an optimal amount to do a day? training and rest period?

  • I’ve seen this theory work in the real world twice but not the training system Alpha 3D suggests. My buddy as a kid pulled 2 of us on his bike while we rode skate boards. When he started lifting in his 20s his legs exploded. I have a similar thing so as kids what we did helps in the future.

  • Hi team 3 d alpha I follow your videos and I love it.I have a requst for you…nucleos can be overloaded in a caloric deficit? Thanks for your answer.

  • Try stone age training. Bench press squat shrug 3 sets of 3 to 5 reps. 3 times a week pint of milk and a yogurt a day I put 2 inches on my arms in 6 months

  • I believe in nuclei overload because it worked for me. And its not about building muscle, you actually LOSE MUSCLE. But your increase the number of nuclei in muscle cells so the muscle will respond better to future training, not and insane amount better, but a noticable amount. Heres my story:

    Ive always had small forearms and I couldnt get them to grow. So i trued nuclei overload for a month, then took 5 days off of forearm training. Then when I started training them again, they started growing quite a bit faster than before.

    I am currently doing delts and they are actually getting bigger even though Im not done with them yet, i think its because delts are very resistant, I mean its probably the most used muscle on a daily basis, so i think you can work them everyday without overtaining them

  • btw… many of you saying Migan this and Migan that…. I am telling he has great points and i gave him credit…. But sorry its just all talk….. I have never seen some great result from him. He s just talking in his tank top and looking sorry… like little bit chubby dude whos been lifting some days in year and thats it…. Before some of you gonna trash me out u can check my instagram and i have 2nd youtube channel, when i speak about nucleus overload with pictures of me, when i did that for my back… And i really show results and stuff. Hes just talking and he has no results sorry i didnt see nothing.

  • If you train regardless your going to grow to a stimuli but nucleas overload is just super ineffecient and using cyclists as an example is stupid as what legs they developed over thousands and thousands of miles and years they could have done in in a hour a week for couple months

  • in order for nuclei overload to work, do you need to do 100 reps only and sets and reps or can you you do, for example, 50 reps straight, if you can, with no sets or 100 reps with little rest or if you can do 100 reps straight with weights or body weight? can it be done with different exercises for the specific body part you’re targeting?

  • I have a story to confirm this. I was a swimmer in highschool. Everyday I would swim 3-4 miles and do endless pullups until my lats gave out. After doing bodybuilding training for 3 years, my lats exploded. Now I wish my lats where smaller cause they are out of proportion.

  • I actually disagree with Greg on this one. Nuclei overload training is all about low intensity high frequency work. It’s about getting your body used to the work, adapted to the motion and fatigue. It’s just like the benefit you’d get from walking a lot for year to just develop a more fit set of legs, ones more resistant to the stress of harder training.

  • So im doing bench, incline,press military press, lat pulldown, hsmmercurls, curls triceps and leg press daily. I superset 3 times it for lots if volume.
    I’ve Been this for a week. I will go fir three more.
    I take a two week break then?
    Then lift super heavy for a bit?
    I didn’t see the logic of only doing one body part.
    Im also on the keto diet and I fast for 15 hours a day.
    Is this all wrong?

  • My wife and I are both intermediate lifters and we’ve benefited a lot from Greg’s advices, especially the $1k/rep one. We’re making some serious gains. Thank you Greg. We’ve been training the same muscle group twice a week. Minimum TUT of 40s per set which put our rep range from 12-15 reps. Now my question is, should we go to failure both times we work out the same muscle group or leave a couple reps in the tank in one workout? Example: Chest on MON/THU. Go to failure on both days or go to failure on monday but leave a couple reps in the tank on thursdays? We don’t know what to do when it comes to that. Thanks greg and the whole community.

  • No one said do 70 sets in a week. Your meant to take your normal weekly volume from 2 sessions per week and spread that out throughout the week. Small regular chips at the muscle and faster recovery.

  • 3:41 gotta say it you looked better in March xD Maybe Greg is right, it doesn’t do much..Isn’t just progressing in reps and strength a much better path to gain muscle for most people?

  • Marathon runners don’t look jacked because their body doesn’t don’t activate their fast twitch muscles and feel the burn as quickly do sprinters do.

  • When you have trained full body for 4 weeks and had the 2 weeks of rest. Do you then just restart and train full body for 4 weeks again, and repeat it like that?

  • You’re wrong on Nuclei overload, and for the level of research you put on things you’re very questionable as a top source. I’m not mad. But if you just do your basic research nuclei overload has been done since atleast the 1970s in Arny’s days as a classic concept. It’s also very powerful in athletics because they work the same muscle groups specifically for that sport everyday, and so their muscles grow new nuclei specific to that sport. And this is why football players are so awesome with weightlifting, one of the few types that do actual weightlifting also like rugby players and pro heavyweight bodybuilders.

    If you read Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding by Arnold Schwarzenegger he gives picture diagrams and long explanations of the best bodybuilders that use nuclei overload for specific bodyparts. That is one of the most well known books to read someone in your position I can’t believe you haven’t come across it. I prefer other guys over Arny, like his close friend Franco Columbo as far as the athletics background to bodybuilding. My faves are pre-HIT Casey Viator (who’s workout in his pre-HIT days were 200 sets a week like early 2000s Jay Cutler decades before Jay Cutler’s time), Lee Priest, and Jay Cutler for their well rounded mesomorph approach. Who I like even more as far beyond them, and far beyond the best strongmen is these football players I mention and explain below.

    What I don’t like about nuclei overload for specific bodyparts is that like a lot of these small routine variation stuff the focus is away from a well rounded routine, and focusing on changing things up week to week for gimmicks without having proper structure and without having fundamentals. I like nuclei overload for full body Bulgarian routine, and Bulgarian was always about maximal lifting in the 1 rep max range (100% of 1 rep max) and 12 rep max range (80% of 1 rep max). Bulgarian is doing a full body routine a day 5 days a week.

    For specific bodyparts when someone is well rounded and has proper structure, they may want to do nuclei overload on specific bodyparts since 99% of people won’t do a full body 135 set to 240 set routine once a day 5 days a week but it is easily possible to attain that level and fully recover with the right workout and nutrition principals but if someone tries it I would just recommend it in temporary periods otherwise just full body twice a week. I would recommend doing circuit superset of 4 muscle groups in a superset, no rest, and each routine is done 4 times faster.

    You give each muscle group 60 seconds to recover before you work it out again giving that muscle group’s ATP 60 seconds to recover for that muscle group, so you can work the ATP of the next muscle groups by doing 4 muscle groups in a superset while the ATP of that muscle group gets 60 seconds to recover. I’ve seen dozens of guys of the same football team that can do 240 set full body shock superset 3 day split 20 seconds rest inbetween each set, 80 sets of 12 rep maxes done in 54 minutes a day, and they each average 600 pounds in bench press, squat, and deadlift maximal poundages.

    Jeff Nippard’s new HIT full body nuclei overload is very impressive as a quick way to introduce your body to it, that is Bulgarian lifting. With circuit supersets 135 sets can be completed in 45 minutes, and 240 sets can be done in 80 minutes. 7 days a week of nuclei overload is a bad idea and is a bad idea for Bulgarian, I only recommend 5 days a week of nuclei overload and Bulgarian. Research shows you need 1 day of rest a week from physical activities so 6 days a week works too, but to keep a normal life and sanity I recommend 5 days a week that 6th day doesn’t make a difference. If you do physical labor 7 days a week your body will break down.

    And I’ve worked 80 hours a week for years no weeks off lifting 360 pounds every 2 minutes 7 days a week quickly bussing 10 tables at a time constantly and taking all dishes of 250-500 seats with a casino buffet that has lines literally a mile long the top casino in California. I didn’t get tired doing that at all but I’m not doing maximal poundages in the 12 rep max range so it didn’t really work my body. My body didn’t break down from it. I would go from that job to the other job in that casino as a sole busser of 50 tables all tables always splotless bussed that second in my sleep. I’ve worked 24 hours straight before between these two casino co-jobs of two different restaurants so I push the limits on autopilot. I would normally work 12 hour days everyday while I’m floating on clouds.

    You will love to research all of this, I put all of the top information on weightlifting and bodybuilding in these links to really inform you and breath new life into bodybuilding and weightlifting that has been lost, and much that has yet to be discovered by even the top masters of these fields.

    I put this together and thought you would have some interesting responses the comments also have a lot of information, the first two articles get into nuclei overload:

    This explains overall the optimal weightlifting and activity plan, and has a lot of good stuff in the comments:

    Stomach Health:

    Here’s workout, nutrition, and supplements 101:

    This has 4 levels of split routine workouts:

    Greatest feats of strength of men and women. Further reading overall of what I get into:

    ^Ignore the workouts in here as I have improved them elsewhere. This talks about grassfed foods, a classic strongman and his amazing feats before anabolic steroids, and the best classic strength training books (outside of the workouts I recommend). The info is in the comments mostly. In the comments it has lots of good stuff. It talks about Casey Viator and the many flaws of classic HIT of 1-2 sets a lift.


    In the comments this talks about more obscure supplements I looked into but not sure how to place them or their significance. They’re not for performance, they’re for different healing benefits. Most would just want to do that primary health supplements:

    Water Ionizer:

    My background:

    Science of nuclei overload one bodypart a week:

    The science of Bulgarian

    Lifting full body everyday nuclei overload, Bulgarian lifting

    Here is a key video of HIT Bulgarian 3 sets a lift workout routine from Jeff Nippard, Jeff Nippard’s videos:

    His HIT Bulgarian 3 sets a lift workout routine:

    Jeff Nippard’s other recent HIT videos:

  • Listen to Greg I tried it just as in experiment with my triceps.. my triceps actually got smaller from all the volume and intensity I was hitting it daily

  • Alot of comments on light weight training.i think theres a time and place for the pump and light weight but progressive overload bigger weight bigger muscle.��✌

  • This is legitimately true… my parents stops me from going to the gym because they say they “DONT” like me to get big… but they didn’t know its the other way around… sometimes i hit the gym 3 weeks straight then they’d let me stop for 2 weeks then hit the gym again… sounds completely useless but i still keep the gainz growing

  • So Rich Piana’s “feeder sets” he use to talk about doing 100 curls and 100 triceps extensions every night and people called him crazy…… there’s actual science behind it lol nice.

  • Your an idiot Greg you don’t seem to realise that 1000s of years ago our ansesters did neucli training in order to survive and they were big And strong from doing there jobs so that there farming sword fighting and what ever else they did there were strong enough to get it done, our bodies haven’t changed now than they did back then we have just grown stupid with so much bullshit information out there and fear on overtraining that’s now when you mension neucli sessions they think your a fucking idiot!!, well guess what neucli does work and it does make you gains because I do it myself and seen some brilliant gains.

  • I’m starting to appreciate the method of doing some form of training everyday and accumulation of high volume over the week. Simply push something, pull something and do something with the lower body everyday. As for volume I think aiming for between 3-10 sets will allow for sustainable training for any situation. Everyone can manage a few sets of pushups and squats every morning, everyone can manage a few sets of pull-ups and curls and presses in the evening etc.even this if done high frequency will bring good results. You can train everything everyday if you manage the volume and intensity the key is to not go all out and use undulating periodization based on your energy levels. If you do have an intense workout just have a rest day and then every now and again take a couple of weeks off. Obviously most of us can’t work on a fishing boat everyday but if we change our mentality to train everyday, mimic hard labour like these guys we should achieve good results.

  • I love German Volum Training anyways…I don’t care what coach says what. I’m in my late 50’s and you come to a place where you know most of the truth about what works and what doesn’t.

  • I’ve read so many scientific studies on how fasting and keto work and keto is the only way I got my abs to show. Lifting 51 lb. bags of onions and shoveling heavy shit for 10 years made my muscles grow faster. There are a lot of scientific studies showing nucleus overload works its just the same thing and bodybuilding

  • But you don’t even understand what nucleus overload training is.. it’s not 10×10 hard sets every day, it’s 10×10 light pump sets, or 5×20 or whatever other set-rep scheme that’s for pump training.. You’re trying to exhaust the muscle often and pump it without doing damage that comes with heavy sets.

  • Scott.. maybe you were on roids some years ago while you were trying to grow your channel? That 2013 video looks fishy.. as so did your transformation in late 2017/early 2018 for a photoshoot…
    If you were natural take this as a cumpliment.