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Leg Day!!

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Cómo Construí un Negocio de Diseño Web de 7 Cifras (Desde CERO)

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Best Bodybuilder of All Time | Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Blueprint Training Program

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How Christians Invent the Devil

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How to Get a CUSTOM BODY *** Blueprint Your Goals

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Motivation | Blueprint Training Program

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No Gimmicks: A Complete “Build the Body You Want” Blueprint Here’s the deal. If you’re being honest, you’ve looked at a fitness magazine or scrolled through your Instagram and have admired someone with a superhero type physique. No Gimmicks: A Complete “Build the Body You Want” Blueprint This guide presents a complete road map that will help you build your dream body without wasting time. “They’re spilling the secrets to their no-trust-fund-required approach to the FIRE movement in a new book, Quit Like a Millionaire: No Gimmicks, Luck, or Trust Fund Required.”—Parade ” Quit Like a Millionaire, a memoir-cum-how-to guide came out this month and presents financial independence as a route to happiness and is refreshingly. No upcharge, no fee add-ons, no gimmicks – just straightforward pricing and a complete, reliable takeoff software package!

Dealer, Builder & Framers PrebuiltML X is the premier takeoff solution for the dealer, builder and framer. No BS, no hype, no false promises, no pseudoscience, and no gimmicks. No dogma.

No one-size-fits all advice. No made up tricks that give you the illusion of success. Just the REAL, cutting-edge fat loss science that WILL allow you to take back your own power and be in complete control of your own weight.

The Body Transformation Blueprint By Sean Nalewanyj: Free 22 Apr 2014 The Body Transformation Blueprint By Sean Nalewanyj No More Over Hyped Gimmicks, Bogus Fads And Misinformation! This Is The Ultimate  Sean Nalewanyj I call it the Runners Blueprint System. This 180-page, instantly downloadable ( very easy with full instructions) guide is your definitive, zero B.S, step-by-step manifesto to starting a running program, shedding those extra pounds, and getting into the best shape of your life. Personal Trainer & Blueprint Director Chris Constantinou.

Founder of Blueprint Fitness, Chris Constantinou is an established Personal Trainer based in Whetstone, Barnet, and has been working within the fitness industry at various locations in and around North London, particularly Whetstone, Barnet and Finchley, since 2008. As a general guideline, opt for 60 to 70 percent of your one-rep max. This means a weight you can lift for 12 to 16 reps until you reach complete muscle fatigue.

And please, do not run on the day after a leg-strengthening session. By doing so, you’ll be interfering with recovery, setting the stage for muscle soreness and fatigue. 8. Mediocre. Complete your first workout today, no gym required. These are the tools you need to start your quest.

Classic Posts. Welcome to Nerd Fitness I’m Steve Kamb. I’m a nerd. I deadlift.

Nerd Fitness helps desk jockeys, nerds, and average Joes level up their lives. There’s a lot of B.S. out there about fitness.

List of related literature:

There are many other types of weightlifting blueprints out there, and some are far better than others.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
from Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body
by Michael Matthews
Waterbury Publishers, Incorporated, 2019

And thereisn’t time to do a preliminary body design, build

“Lean Product and Process Development, 2nd Edition” by Allen C. Ward, Durward K. Sobek II, John Shook
from Lean Product and Process Development, 2nd Edition
by Allen C. Ward, Durward K. Sobek II, John Shook
Lean Enterprise Institute, Incorporated, 2014

However, starting a completely new model program without the constraints of an existing body is likely to result in more significant weight savings and parts consolidation.

“Materials for Automobile Bodies” by Geoffrey Davies
from Materials for Automobile Bodies
by Geoffrey Davies
Elsevier Science, 2012

Manual labor deserves merit when it comes to building a great physique.

“Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness” by Robert Cheeke
from Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness
by Robert Cheeke
Book Publishing Company, 2011

Forget about building a better body if you don’t know what you’ve accomplished or when it’s time to move up to the next level of training.

“Triple H Making the Game: Triple H's Approach to a Better Body” by Triple H, James Rosenthal, Robert Caprio
from Triple H Making the Game: Triple H’s Approach to a Better Body
by Triple H, James Rosenthal, Robert Caprio
World Wrestling Entertainment, 2010

Nowadays, the only way to develop a functional powerful body is to drop the modern gimmicks, tricks, and pseudo routines to build muscle mass, and instead step back and start adapting old-fashioned concepts of training.

“Maximum Muscle, Minimum Fat: The Secret Science Behind Physical Transformation” by Ori Hofmekler, Marty Gallagher
from Maximum Muscle, Minimum Fat: The Secret Science Behind Physical Transformation
by Ori Hofmekler, Marty Gallagher
North Atlantic Books, 2008

Or go old school/Hardgainer style and just train legs, chest, and back and screw direct delt and arm work.

“The Ultimate Diet 2.0” by Lyle McDonald
from The Ultimate Diet 2.0
by Lyle McDonald
Lyle McDonald, 2003

There are different ways to go about building the body that you want.

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
from Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women
by Deanne Panday
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2013

bodybuilding champion timbre, the truth is that “Trim first, build second” is the very finest way to train, especially for contests.

“Winning Bodybuilding: A complete do-it-yourself program for beginning, intermediate, and advanced bodybuilders by Mr. Olympia” by Franco Columbu
from Winning Bodybuilding: A complete do-it-yourself program for beginning, intermediate, and advanced bodybuilders by Mr. Olympia
by Franco Columbu
Creators Publishing,

But if the goal is to build hypertrophy, you can go heavy, medium, or light as long as you rep out close to failure.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • His knowledge is ridiculous. I thought u just go and smash ur workout and give it all u got but the goat be saying that plus all the other shit lol. He is clearly the goat

  • Don’t worry about your Achilles your doing just fine Keep On Keepin On and work that body baby you are a Beast a Savage again cardi B Beyonce Megan thee stallion ain’t got nothing on you you are the chocolate goddess and glute Goddess!! Nayfit 4 life❤��������������������

  • when i saw arnold in pumping iron and conan he had a big impact on me and i wished
    become a little like him! because Arnold is the best and unreachable!

  • Yeah I first thought this video was about the devil not being in the Bible, no its just debunking the connection between Lucifer and the Devil. Kind of misleading title.

  • that’s what separates him from the rest, his mentality for success and work ethic. 14:26 is what I needed to hear. I’m a PhD student and a scientist and it’s so easy to say I’m busy, which I am, but if you want it enough you will make time, not excuses. This man has a tough mindset, absolutely no excuses and no Micky Mouse bullshit (in his own words). That’s admirable.

  • hey amigos unos comentarios sobre este video
    1. Grabé este video hace un año lo único que agregaría a la historia de mi negocio es que hemos contratado a los mejores vendedores de talento y eso ha marcado una gran diferencia (debería haberlo hecho mucho antes). También nos enfocamos en el marketing de afiliados y creo que ahí es donde realmente podemos explotar.
    2. Cuando hablo a la camera, siempre estoy hablando a mi ‘yo’ mas joven (creo que incluso mencionó esto en este video, que era mi forma de superar el miedo que tenía al grabar videos al principio y ahora ha vuelto normal para mi hacer esto) Creo firmemente en las cosas que creo, pero al final del día, son todas opiniones.
    3. Este es mi lado ‘negocios’ as que es poco más agresivo jeje.
    4. Mencionó al final que YouTube no me quiere ahora si YouTube me quiere mucho ��

    Tambien, si solo sacas UNA cosa de este video:
    El mensaje principal de este video es que, hay literalmente infinitas formas de ganarse la vida en este mundo, si puedes encontrar una manera de crear valor (que viene de muchas formas: resolver un problema, hacer algo más fácil, etc.) es posible construir un negocio alrededor de esa cosa. No necesitas un curso, libro ni nada que te enseñe eso, y la mayoría del contenido te enseñará exactamente lo contrario de una forma involuntario. Cuando una persona promete enseñarte el camino hacia el éxito, sin querer, lo que están diciendo es que hay solo UNO camino hacia el éxito: que ELLOS son los dueños de la entrada a ese camino y que tienes que pagar para acceder a él…. Hay infinitos caminos hacia el éxito. INFINITOS.

  • When he says “I am Arnold Schwarzenegger” in the subtitles was writting “im emma watson” Hahahaha,(sorry for my english) Good video

  • Bhai daily Exercise karne ke baad Shareer me Vajan badane ke liye din me 3/4 baar khana khna jaruri hai yaa fhir Sirf 2 Waqt khane se bi vajan badega Aur ek baat Bhai Gym karne se body banegi Yaa fhir Powder/Capsule khane se hi body banegi bhai plz replay��

  • Arnold.. through out the decades you have never revealed how you got your double head biceps…. will you take that to the grave, or will you ever tell us the secret exercise? the is a rumor online that you curled while inverted, but isn’t that already whats taking place with the concentration curl?

  • If u can or have Arnold’s ability and u can do better naturally with Arnold’s spirit but everyone hated you because u have better potential u stopped


  • After knowing that GOD created HELL and the GREAT FLOOD and LUCIFER is GOD’s enemy all I can say is: “HAIL LUCIFER” ��!
    Thank GOD I have FREE WILL to choose the enemy of the MONSTER ��.

  • Hey Guys,
    I have Worked the Hell Out of Me Last 30 Days ��️‍♀️ at Home
    This is My 30 DAYS Body Transformation ��

  • “Cancer” is caused by sugar, fructose, fungus, yeasts, molds,toxic diets,pesticides, dairy, hormones,” prions “, virus in meat,chlorinated water,, high oxalate crystals, high uric acid,, Stress, UV radiation exposure, G5 towers, electric magnetic radiation-damaged, heated fats, fried foods, high protein diets, processed food, refine carbohydrates.

    “Eat a low “”lectin”” ” low “oxalate” ” diet “…no spinach, no wheat!.no bread, no pasta!

    American cuisine is poison, cosmic UV radiation exposure (sun), mercury in Fish.

    If you keep you blood sugar below 85 and you eat organic plant base diet you will never get Cancer.

    Many people feel tired and depressed they exercise they eat healthy..They forget that Candida fungus and yeast in the body cause chronic fatigue, brain fog, chronic depression and many diseases in the brain and body ; Fungus, candida and yeast love fructose -> Fruit and high refined carbohydrates.

    Fructose causes a “fatty liver”…damages the liver, weight gain, and feeds parasites, Candida, yeast in the body..

    all bacteria, virus fungus love “fruit sugar “.

    Read the Book called ; “”The Yeast connection handbook “”By Williams G Crook, M.D.

    “Cats claw” is a an amazing herb it good for Amyloid in Alzheimer’s great also good for candida and virus also taking oregano oils, MSM, coconut oils are good for fungus and yeast or you can go to your doctor and get a prescription for anti-fungal medication called “NYSTATIN”

    Watch what you put in your mouth.

    Don’t dig your grave with your teeth.

    Coffee (caffeine ) makes the liver to release sugar to the blood and this causes ” insulin” surge to be released by the pancreas..the result is hunger and weight gain!

    you want to lose weight? no coffee, no tea….no caffeine!….coffee and teas are a drug > ( caffeine )

    Liver Detoxification –. L-Ornithine is truly special, because it helps your body eliminate extra nitrogen amonia from high protein diets and other types of waste.

    The liver hates fat, fried food, heated damaged fats, sugar, fructose, chemicals,pesticides -> Detox!

    I LOVE chromium GTF by NOW. I have been using this for years. I’d been having a lot of difficulty with low blood sugarwith hand tremors & a foggy head. When I take this supplement daily, I feel steady all day even if I’m late eating a meal. appetite control & sugar cravings along with eating lower carbs. help keep my blood sugar in line.

    -If you’re trying to losing weight the solution is “Fasting ” and eating a plant base diet..the less you eat the longer you will live.

    great book ; The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss by DR. Jason Fung

    A “mycotoxin ” is a toxic secondary metabolite produced by organisms of the fungus kingdom and is capable of causing disease and death in both humans and other animals. The term ‘mycotoxin’ is usually reserved for the toxic chemical products produced by fungi that readily colonize crops

    = Mycotoxins are toxic compounds that are naturally produced by certain types of moulds (fungi). Moulds that can produce mycotoxins grow on numerous foodstuffs such as cereals, dried fruits, nuts and spices.

  • Two of my favorite quotes:
    Religions are all alike, founded upon fables and mythologies. Thomas Jefferson
    The road to atheism is paved with bibles that have actually been read.

  • Soo… if I understand this correctly, there was this war, with ‘casus belli’ being the deception of the humans of earth.
    But when the deceivers were defeated, they where cast down to earth…?!?
    Shouldn’t some kind of imprisonment in heaven be more… appropriate. Logical? Safer? More of a profalactive against the very reason the war was fought?

  • The satan is a spirit of deceit with the power to appeal to us and tempt us and offer us our own power without moral inhibition. The devil can ask whatever questions of us he wants but God remains the only answer. The devil will propose the idea that doubt without evidence is reason enough to accept ongoing sin (literally “missing the mark”) rather than doing what is truest and most loving, which we all sense as beings made in the image of God, Who Is Truth and Love.

    I think that much, Christians and even naturalists (if they differentiate Who believers know as God, into natural truth and love) can agree is true. This is what I think is depicted in the Bible and what I have experienced to be true to life.

  • Arnold literally embodied what it is to be an Olympian. He actually looked like a sculpture of a Greek God. Best muscular physique of all time.

  • Hola Nelson. Gracias por todo ese valor que aportas. desde hace varios meses antes de ver este vídeo me di cuenta que el valor que aporta tu empresa era diferente e investigué sobre la tecnología IDX sobre el mercado hiper local en referencia a los agentes de bienes raíces.

    Yo vivo en el Sur del Continente, y me preguntaba si se puede ofrecer ese servicio a las empresas locales.

    Es decir esa tecnología que indexa la base de datos los cuales le permite a las personas que buscan un inmueble conectarlas con un agente de bienes raíces local.

    YA QUE ME DEDICO A OFRECER SERVICIOS INTEGRALES DE marketing en Internet. y también me di cuenta que los testimonios de tus clientes hablan sobre un excelente retorno de la inversión.

    Y eso es fenomenal ya que en este mundo del marketing hay tanta gente ofreciendo siempre lo mismo, campañas en facebook ads, en google, o las típicas estrategias de SEO, etc. Me pareció tan genial que pudieras hacerle frente a un mercado tan poderoso dominado por Zillow. espero tu respuesta…

    no sé que interés podrías tener en expandirte por esta zona y crear una alianza comercial o algun tipo de intercambio para un ganar ganar

  • gracias Nelson por compartir tu historia con todos nosotros, tengo 17años y si no fuera por ti,ahorita estaria en facebook y trantando de que mi foto nueva llegue a 100 likes

  • Ron I stopped working out due to a car accident.My right arm has always looked better and been stronger than my left. Now that I got back into working out my right arm is still stronger, but looks smaller. what can I do to fix these type of imperfections?

  • Satan is clearly Christian fan fiction. If he should be such an important character why he’s not described in detail in the Bible ❓

  • Can somebody explain to me why Arnold had to lose some weight to be in films? I thought the bigger he was the better he would look in the movies. I’m confused.

  • Mr.Willians great vedio. I’m getting ready to start a workout program.I have some equipment at home and.. wanted to send you a picture of it to see if, I have enough equipment at home to get started.

  • Do anyone know about Penlargerem System? Does it really work? I hear lots of people increase their size when erections with this popular male enhancement.

  • hey Ron
    thank you for making me Focus sometimes some of us know what we want but when you lose focus it slows the process down may God bless peace!!

  • Try reading the Bible and not just reading writings about the Bible. Satan is brought up in the Old Testament which is Jews not Christians. Any other Non-experts wish to show their ignorance, have at it.

  • Click here to buy cheapest and best home equipments to workout during lockdown….
    Don’t let this lockdown hamper your growth,,,

  • The Devi has been around for thousands of years.The greatest deception of the Devil, is not showing him self real.People can say what they want, but at the end of the day, Jesus will show all the naysayers of this world the truth!

    Isaiah 45:23
    King James Version
    23 I have sworn by myself, the word is gone out of my mouth in righteousness, and shall not return, That unto me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear.

    Romans 14:11 KJV

    For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.

  • Estoy en esa misma situación de pocos amigos y me cuesta hablar a veces. Me encierro con mi ordenador me gusta dibujar y las animaciones 3d, estos días estaba pensando en crear una web cosa que jamás pensaba tenerlo en mente. Ver tu video me dejo impresionado, pensaba que era el único. Me gustó mucho que dijeras que no vendes ningún curso etc.. estoy cansando de ver tanta publicidad de esa manera.. pero tu información me ánimo a crear mi primera página web.

  • Gracias nelson estaba esperando este video desde que preguntaste lo de los su títulos, llego a casa y lo veo. Saludos desde Ecuador ����

  • Te agradezco muchísimo… es un gran video tuve que verlo dos veces y comparto las ideas que dices, no sé como más decirlo, en realidad me llegó en un momento adecuado

  • I have been working on YouTube for the last 1 Year.
    I don’t have much Traffic����
    Plz see my Channel and Suggest what I’m doing wrong so that I can fix it✔️✔️

    One of your Suggestion means a lot to me��

  • Wait a second, this god gave Lucifer, the devil, free will? It gave humans free will as well, but we have to have faith to believe in a god, whereas Satan knows that a god exists.
    Kind of makes the whole free will thing kind of pointless, does it not?
    I mean if satan did not have free will then everything that satan did would be due to this god’s very actions. Satan would have no choice but to be evil.
    If satan does have free will, then that means the god released him upon the world, with no oversight, to do whatever he wanted to its greatest creation.
    Certainly doesn’t sound like an all loving god to me. Much less an All-powerful one.

  • Makes a perfect being.
    Makes free will.
    Gives free will to said being.
    knows absolutely everything
    Perfect being chooses to betray him.
    He acts dissapointed.

  • In my Catholic high school they told us Lucifer fell the instant he was created, which raises the entire question of why God would make such a being in the first place. Regardless of free will, if you could make either a being that, given free will, would never choose to betray you, or a being that, given free will, would choose to betray you, why would you ever ducking make the evil one?? I’ve asked a few Catholic friends and they tell me I misunderstand what free will is. Seems to me they misunderstand how being all knowing and all powerful works.

  • When Arnold not with laugh on his face he looks Terminator but he smile he just a gentle giant guy.
    Thank God he’s a man like to smile and laugh =)

  • I always enjoyed asking Christians what Satan did that was so bad. They always had this look on their face like they had never actually thought about it before, and then made something up.

  • Apparently, this guy hasn’t figured out yet that people aren’t too fond of lengthy intro sequences for YouTube videos, and will typically skip them. The rest of YouTube figured this out ages ago, and pretty much unanimously agreed to skip the intros.

  • I’m a 35 year woman and Arnold has been influencing me for a longgg time even tho i don’t LOOK like it. But I AM fit and strong. You know why? It’s because it’s his mentality and drive I LOVE and learned so much from. Thanks Arnold ✨��❤️

  • I usually put your videos in the background as I do chores and I was so surprised to hear the latin version of the theme song. Sounds so cool, I love it:D

  • I feel like your one those youtubers that would do a face reveal if you reach a certain reach of subsrubers. I am new to this channel and i will sunscribe to you

  • Damn. Do you really listen or do you watch this and say, f*** it my life will pass by anyway? Schwarzenegger didn’t get a chance to because he wanted something more. Nvrmind. U get it or u don’t. Time to set goals and go for it for me.

  • dude i came to the same findings. even in the early christian writings. you see no discussion of demonology. when yahweh was originally the God of reality and he allowed everything to exist. he was bassically the laws of nature, science that were always reliable and never changing. and also acted as the voice of reason or the writing on the wall, but over thousands of years he was changed to be like the other mythological gods. around 600 bc when the hebrews came back from persia they sparked a giant fascination on there old beliefs. well this was a very lucrative bussiness so lots of new secret lost additions stories were added and sold and noone really having ways to authenticate them, there was a massive free for all for the writers making magical bible themed fan fics that were based on zoroastrian beleifs. so now soloman was a fantastic wizard, rather then a king who collect and organized wisdom for his people. this is when you get books like job which has aramiac vocabulary words proving it had to be written around 600 bc, and pushed a God vs devil narrative which is zoroastrain. enoch and jonah.

  • @Prophet of Zod, I’m a Christian, but I’ll admit that you actually gave me a bible study, it was nice to see this, and when you actually bring context it makes more sense, thanks

  • Why are the angels at all? Couldn’t god just do all that stuff himself with minimum effort.

    “Please Lucy reinforce my law. I could do it myself with the same or less effort, that it takes asking you to do it, but it wouldn’t look too good on me, if I wilfully screwed things up”

  • When he talks about the wisest most beautiful of all the created beings he shows you a clip of a blond haired blue eyed nordic looking dude LOL. Such subtle racism

  • -God to Lucifer [over his shoulder, determined]: I’m going in. Cover me! And for my sake’s, make sure thou cover my law too!
    -Lucifer: you-dammnit, God! Don’t be crazy! We’re going to stay right here and wait for back up!
    -God: Are thou the cherubim who covers me and my law, or not? Now COVER ME or I’ll cast thine ass out so fast thou’ll grow horns and a tail!

  • Interesting how you conclude things without any fact checking whatsoever. You do realize that Christians believe in the Bible because of the fulfilled chain of prophecy?
    Something that is by scientific definition a genuine miracle. That and textual attributes we couldnt reproduce with the aid of modern technology.
    You know, its not like God hasnt placed a crazy whackton of irrefutable evidence right in front of us, its just that people chose to ignore it. Yeah even make uneducated videos.
    The saddening part is that those people, who dont actually ever have an unbiased look on what they argue against, usually depict themselves as open minded seekers of truth.
    But how open minded is it really to ignore all those bizarre attributes we find in Scripture? Science defines “miracles” as events with a statistical probability of greater than
    1 in 10^50, something the Bible beats by many orders of magnitude, on multiple occasions. You cant claim to believe in science, and not believe in Scripture.
    Also, not only does the Bible talk ALOT about the devil (Jesus talks more about him than about any other topic), old manuscripts prove that none of this has been retroactively
    added, and that this exact argument can only can come from someone who didnt bother to spend even 2h investigating the legitimacy of this claim. Good job bro, really good.
    God still loves you, but if you have no love for the truth in you, he hasnt got a use for you. Jesus sayd hes the TRUTH, the way and the life. Seek the truth and you will find it.

  • So god created lucifer and he was perfect….yet he became the devil. So god made the devil on purpose, which would make god immoral.
    Or god didnt make him perfect and god is incompetent.

  • You look at guys from then compared to now, huge difference, but what is it exactly? Maybe all the additional drugs, and training methods that guys use now days to involve every fiber of every muscle. Arnold’s day while they worked very hard, they didn’t exactly blast every conceivable angle and fiber like they do now. I think the body shapes we saw then and see now are largely a result of the different training methods. If a guy were to adopt a golden era routine strictly, he’d wind up w a similar shape.

  • at 21:00 the tablet on the right has a counting error: 6 7 13 9 10
    I know, Roman numerals are hard to work with, but getting a number wrong that’s on every clock with roman numerals really hurts…

  • Body builders from that era had wayyy better builds than the bubble gut behemoths of today and Arnold was clearly the best.. most recognizable body in history of bodybuilding

  • I see you’re cleaning everything down which is great; but I’m not seeing you wear a face covering or mask. Safety at all time������

  • This video was GREAT. I had no idea the level of deception inherent in the church about their own holy book when talking about the Devil. I will be using some of the stuff you told me here for future debates on the matter. Thanks very much Zod.

  • I’m 76. I went back to driving for 3 years for the money. Strength goes away fast. I’m back now and specializing in bench 3 days a week. Biceps for 2. I feel everything coming back. Body building videos motivate me. In 24 years I’ll be 100. I plan to use 80% of the weight I’m working with at that time and do lots of reps and GET REALLY RIPPED. That’s my goal.

  • None of this should be surprising in any way, shape, or form to anyone who has ever bothered reading the bible, even as little as someone like myself has ever bothered to. My attempt to do what so few christians (and most ex-christians) never have was limited to a handful of chapters of Genesis until boredom moved me to Exodus, and then skipping ahead to Revelations to see what all those “fulfilled prophecies” were.
    Christianity is completely made up. Both the bible itself, obviously, and what can only be called the various thousands of spoofs that are somehow considered the mainstream christianities.

    The talking lizard-snake of Genesis isn’t Lucifer. The story of Genesis which pretty much everyone knows doesn’t appear in the bible. The arch nemesis of God is nothing more than some whiny, pleading used car salesman trying to wheedle and beg Jesus to be his BFF… in a story recorded by, apparently, the Omniscient Narrator responsible for providing the exposition in all fiction, since nobody was around to witnesses it.

    Thinking about it now, I see a lot of parallels to Communism(tm). Not the utter failure of a socio-economic ideology, but the ludicrous shouted pejorative Americans seem to perpetually fall for. You know the type. Fair wages are communism! Mixed race marriages are communism! Asking not to be killed or maimed at work is communism! Expecting a salad with your steak is communism! And so forth.

    ;IF thing$=”Bad” THEN print “COMMUNISM!”
    IF thing$=”Bad” THEN print “THE DEVIL!” ELSE print “THE DEVIL!” anyway because who fucking cares the idiots will just keep falling for it it’s not like we left them any ability to think for themselves when were were screwing their brains out in infancy.

    You know, considering how good I was at QBASIC and VBASIC in high school and college, I’m continuously surprised by just how much I have COMPLETELY forgotten how it works. I’m not even sure I ever commented out a line of code. I assume it was done with ; in front. And the PRINT command, did it need: or = after it? I just forgot it all.

  • Excelente video, tengo 20 años y hace poco comenze mi primer negocio, todos tus videos me motivan a seguir adelante con mi proyecto, aunque sea difícil y muchas veces las cosas no se dan como uno quiero, siempre tenemos que ser perseverantes �� mucho exito nelson ��

  • Arnold’s body was so good that people really think he wasnt 100% natural. I get you guys you losers. You cant get something you just think its impossible.

  • They completely ignore the devil & God killing all of poor Job’s family & workers over a bet. Isn’t betting a sin? So God is perfectly all right with killing people over a bet. Not so perfect after all. It’s almost like this story was made up. And because nobody but atheists read it, the Christians are fine with it. Just fine. Shows their great moral character. It’s okay if I do it, but not you. So it’s perfectly ok if they beat a woman to death because they don’t want to pay for their child for 18 years. But if that woman tries to get an abortion to save her life from this nut job, she’s committing murder?

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    Cool story bro but needs more ninjas.
    As much as I despise resorting to memes like that, this is really like listening to a pre-teen talk about his D&D campaign. And I LIKE D&D.

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    Me gustaría decir también, que finalmente pude saber como era tu forma de hablar en tu idioma nativo, debo admitir que era algo por lo que sentía mucha curiosidad y bueno, también me vendrá bien este video para mejorar mi listening ya que, estoy aprendiendo inglés hace más de 1 año y medio de forma constante, casi todos los días al menos 1 hora.

    Felicitaciones por el canal y muchas gracias por compartir tus conocimientos y experiencias. Estoy seguro de que eres un ejemplo a seguir para muchos. A veces, dudo de mí mismo porque tengo 25 años y aún no consigo mucho en esta vida. Pero sé que con trabajo duro e inteligente, aumentaré mis posiblidades de conseguir mis objetivos. Un abrazo!

  • Ezekiel 28:15 seems to mean, “You were morally perfect* until we noticed something bad*”.

    * Moral or not as measured by adherence to Elohim’s ( 28:16) and/or Yahweh’s (28:1) rules, as far as those rules are understood by the author(s)

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  • My buddy laughed when I told them I was gonna lose weight with just implementing Custokebon Secrets, but after I showed them great effects after I used it they are begging me to share with them about it. Of course I won’t let them know the detail about this diet plan, lol

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    The problem is Isaiah 45:7
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    If the devil was created PERFECT it couldn’t ever have turned bad… In other words, this is yet one more example of this so called perfect god being a screw-up.

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    Does ANYONE look at him and think, ‘He looks trustworthy.’?

    Sooooo creepy. /Rant

  • Kings of persia, medon Babylon etc represent demons or principalities in the air. The whole chapter of isaiah 14 is about a principality of Babylon. Read the text carefully again.

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    1) Satan is the good guy: tells the truth to Adam and Eve while God lied to them, and so on
    2) God is the monster, killing people wholesale, ordering death and destruction and then making it a sin too.
    3) Makes claims that go contrary to reality, the reality that God had made, leading people away from study of God in His works, the real world and instead believe Satan’s word, the word of The Bible, which insists you should ignore that reality that God created.

    I mean, the entire thing is fiction, but if someone believed there WAS a god as per spec, then the bible would CLEARLY be the work of the devil.

  • Prophet of Zod, the hyperbole is not loose; the references in Ezekiel reflect how people saw kings (protectors, god-like, etc) Correspondingly, gods were described as kings. “Holy Covenants” resemble kings’ “contracts” with their people

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  • When God addresses evil-doers, He addresses evil. The entire Bible is a narrative of how we abused our freedom to manifest the spirit of evil into the physical world, how we as the pot are incapable of reforming or even recycling ourselves, and how God as the potter chooses to uphold our truest design because He is the pure love and truth that we sense we can be because God Is. When it is written to the king of tyre, it is written in a figurative manner that connects his actions then to the pattern of action by which the spirit of evil the satan twisted its way into the garden of eden that without it, humanity could not freely choose God (there has to be an option or we’d just be loveless robots) and could not choose to sin for the first time, as we all have repeated ever since following the same pattern.

  • Christians use the same thing Paul and NT writers do pesher. Pesher is a way of “gleaning” new information and meanings from different verses mixed from different books. We call it cherry picking. It basically is not reading ANYTHING in context but using bits and pieces to form new “revelations” LOL

  • All of Dustin’s talking points are part & parcel of Seventh-day Adventist eschatology that are espoused both to members and in their decades-long outreach “crusade” meetings. For anyone who grew up Adventist, these specific concepts are well worn tropes which most in the denomination accept without realizing how exegetically flimsy they are.

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