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To some extent, yes. But for the most part, this is a pain-free guide to making gains in college, becoming more healthy and functional, and ENJOYING the process! Instead of adding 15 pounds of fat in college, let’s add 15 pounds of muscle.

We’ll call this the NEW Freshman 15. Dieting in College We all have that option for lunch-lady served meals. It’s a new semester and as a newly crowned college freshman your definition of the freshman 15 is a quite different than the average student’s. With the aforementioned weight gain traditionally referring to fat instead of muscle, you want to ensure you gain more muscle than fat to start off your collegiate career. Check out this guide to kickstard your training and diet.

College Muscle Building Guide (2011). The ‘freshman 15’: Trends and predictors in a sample of multiethnic men and women. The College Muscle Anywhere Workout—Find out how you can build muscle and strength train regardless of your location. This is a great guide to college workouts that include exercises to do in your room.

You can learn how to gain muscle and burn fat while making the most of your time. Body weight training exercises are a great way to build strength, put on muscle, boost cardiovascular fitness and burn fat. The secrets of success includes building consistency to maintaining a proper diet. I’d always eaten late dinners after dance, and went to bed before 11 p.m. At college, midnight meals and late night studying went hand-in-hand; going to bed before 1 a.m. was laughable.

My freshman 15 didn’t signify me going from healthy to unhealthy, but rather my sudden shift from an athlete-in-training to regular college student. Protein: One serving of meat, seafood, dairy products, or eggs is approximately the length, width, and thickness of the palm of your hand. For men: 2 servings per meal. For women: 1 serving per meal.

Vegetables: One serving of broccoli, carrots, spinach, etc.—raw or cooked—is roughly the size of your closed fist. The high levels of protein found in beef, plus its iron, zinc, and B vitamins, lend themselves well to the development of lean muscle. Grass-fed beef is ideal if it can be managed on a college student’s budget; beef from this cattle has higher levels of conjugated linoleic acid, which promotes muscle mass. To build muscles, add an additional 10-15% of the calories of your current caloric burn to your diet.

Monitor your weight and body fat to ensure you’re not packing on too much fat during this period. Protein – your muscle building macronutrient This missing macronutrient in my diet was the reason for my lack of results. Freshman 15 Build Muscle in College: Complete Diet and Training Guide Instead of adding 15 pounds of fat your first year of college, it’s time to build muscle using this complete training and diet guide.

List of related literature:

Additionally, you have to master the basic bodybuilding exercises in this book.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
Simon & Schuster, 2012

If you follow the advice in this book, you’ll find it not only easy to “diet” for muscle growth or fat loss but also enjoyable.

“The Shredded Chef: 120 Recipes for Building Muscle, Getting Lean, and Staying Healthy” by Michael Matthews
from The Shredded Chef: 120 Recipes for Building Muscle, Getting Lean, and Staying Healthy
by Michael Matthews
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This book will give anybody who is reading it a complete basis and understanding of the all of the major components that make up a successful prep and a successful bodybuilder.

“Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook” by Peter J. Fitschen, Cliff Wilson
from Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook
by Peter J. Fitschen, Cliff Wilson
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If you follow the advice in this chapter, you’re not going to be one of these people, because you now know the absolute best choices for gaining more muscle and strength, losing more fat, and improving and maintaining health and vitality.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
from Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body
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^ “Ask Arnold Training Seminar – Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks Bodybuilding Advice – Part 1”.

“Focus On: 100 Most Popular WWE Hall of Fame” by Wikipedia contributors
from Focus On: 100 Most Popular WWE Hall of Fame
by Wikipedia contributors

As a diet expert, create a menu plan for a week for a 15-year-old boy who wants to build muscle and put on weight before football season.

“Differentiated Instructional Strategies: One Size Doesn't Fit All” by Gayle Gregory, Gayle H. Gregory, Carolyn Chapman
from Differentiated Instructional Strategies: One Size Doesn’t Fit All
by Gayle Gregory, Gayle H. Gregory, Carolyn Chapman
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This will give you an incredibly helpful, new perspective on food and will help your bodybuilding lifestyle tremendously.

“Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness” by Robert Cheeke
from Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness
by Robert Cheeke
Book Publishing Company, 2011

The greatest piece of advice for incoming freshmen: however many meals a week you think you are going to use, get the plan below that one.

“The College Buzz Book” by Carolyn C. Wise, Stephanie Hauser
from The College Buzz Book
by Carolyn C. Wise, Stephanie Hauser, 2007

The Power Eating maintaining physique diet outlined in this chapter is for exercisers; bodybuilders; and novice and recreational strength trainers, powerlifters, and weightlifters.

“Power Eating-4th Edition” by Susan Kleiner, Maggie Greenwood-Robinson
from Power Eating-4th Edition
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In fact, details from the latest in muscle-building and muscle-maintenance research make this chapter your ultimate guide to preserving youth and building lean, functional muscle in the cleanest, most efficient way possible.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
from Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2020

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • To the people viewing this video and interested in getting into gym, this is the exact definition of what you need to do. Listen to this guy. I mean it, you won’t regret it.

  • Thank you so so much for this video! I am just going to uni this year and I’m scared for my diet! Hahah, I love your videos Keltie, thank you so much for awesome content always!!

  • Me and my best friend have finally decided to start getting in shape and have been looking for good information for beginners. Surprisingly it’s hard to find, this is exactly what I was looking for. Tips that cover all the bases and is easily attainable for beginners to accomplish. Can’t thank you enough, hope you’ll make an intermediate video for me to check out in a few months. ��

  • As a recent college grad, well done! I couldn’t have said it better myself! I was lucky enough to study abroad and that was when I made the best memories and best friendships. Since I was commuting from my parents house I was able to save up and sometimes the cost of studying abroad is not that big a difference compared to living on campus for a year. Plus you get amazing life experiences. Worth checking out the study abroad department on campus.

  • i leave in 6 days to start my freshman year and i’m going to miss my dog so so much, your videos always give me such happiness and peace even when i’m super anxious about leaving ����

  • The problem is you have to be very strong in college. Many people around you drink loads… you have to stay true and go out but do not drink as much, if at all:)

  • I experienced a freshman 15 in college but it was 15 lbs of muscle I gained because of your sick ass muscle building tips. Means a lot Scott

  • Has Dr. A loss weight? Your face looks leaner than it did back in videos from 2017 and in your profile picture. Have you changed any approaches in the last two years?

  • I LOVED THIS VIDEO. It calmed my nerves BIG TIME. I literally feel relief tears coming, thank you for your humour, your smile and these amazing tips!!! I am even more excited to start first year uni now, but with less worry and less anxiety!! THANKS TO YOU IT’LL BE MORE LIKE FRESHMAN NEGATIVE FIFTEEN NOW >:) Much love ❤️��❤️��

  • Oh hey! Have you ever tried fast abs magic (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my mate got detailed Six pack abs and lost a ton of fat with it

  • You know whats retarded? All these “Smart” people have this idea of what EXACTLY a body needs to consume to be in perfect health. The fact is… never in the course of humanity or in 80% of the worlds current population is this even possible. All you need to do to lose weight and get healthy is the standard equation of efficiency. Increase your output and decrease your input. It does not matter what the you eat, just eat less if you are fat and work out more.

  • You’ll sleep the least while in college. Oh, and you’ll sleep the most while in college! Short naps of 15 mins or less can be beneficial also. If you sleep for 60-90 minutes during the day, then you need to get more sleep, it’s that simple! The secret to college success: TIME MANAGEMENT!

  • I went through the first few years of college not drinking (because I did a bit in high school ����‍♀️) and then when I was in my last couple years (I went for 5) I made some friends and went to some smaller parties and then didn’t drink much. Then I had my “drink and experiment with the sugary cocktails” phase in my later 20s, and now I’m in my 30s with extra weight I can’t seem to lose… so, I agree with Keltie on this one! Get those sugary drinks out of your system when you’re young and starting Uni! At least in Canada and other countries where you can drink at that age. Do it while you’re young, then learn from it and be fitter later. Some people have it in them to refrain from drinking their whole lives, but a lot of people want to try it all out and it’s best to do it in the younger years, learn from it and then by the time you leave college, know your drink and stick with that. Studying is important, but so is having a social life! Get the tester phase out of the way, so you can really work on your degree in the later years instead of saving it all for when you finish! It’s a lot harder to get it off later in life!

  • Biggest thing for me is packing a gym bag before i go to class so i can just go to the rec/gym after! If I’m super tired I’ll do some yoga or a little toning session with a little walk or run at the end! Plus if i don’t go, i get annoyed with myself that i packed a bag and dragged it with me all day so it makes me more accountable of my actions!

  • Great vid. I downloaded the vid so i can look back to it anytime. A lot of information to take in, at least for me, but i know by watching it every now and then will help me address the stuff that ill miss. Thank you for this amazing video.

  • Ok doc quick? I’m a 41 yo newby lifter B/c of work I can only workout Friday, Saturday and Sunday I can’t do Monday Wednesday Friday like u advise is this ok for me

  • this should be mandatory watching for all incoming college students at EVERY campus world wide! SERIOUSLY what a great video!!!! NIIIICE!

  • I’m pretty much on a caloric surplus eating a lot of food; however, the work load at Ohio State is kicking me in the head and taking away my free time to work out and swim. ��

  • Freshmen fifteen really got me, I played basketball at olds last year I was fit but weekends I partied HARD when we didn’t have games ����

  • Sounds like some good advice for all levels. I need to start trying some of this to help with my own workouts. Thanks for the information!

  • Hey! Do you know about how much protein you have per meal, like 6 oz? Or do you mainly just focus on carbs and fats for your nutrition?

  • God! I definitely needed this because I have zero muscle. I’I’m going to take your advice and tips to heart begin strength training. Its going to be journey but it will be worth it.

  • This was such a holistic and helpful video for kids going through this. Great job. Wish YouTube was what it is now when drunk snacks and being seidentary= freshman 25

  • Keltie is one of my favorite people in the whole universe istg. You have such an amazing relationship with food that i’m so jealous of and i’m planing on following ur “path”. Thanks for everything, you’ve helped me not to be scared of food.

  • Gaining 2 pounds per week is way too much to not put on extra fat for a natty, especially one that’s been training for over a year or two. You should aim for 2 pounds per MONTH

  • Doctor!!! it’s been 30 yrs since I’ve done anything for strength and physique, my last bench press was in the United States Marine Corps at 550lbs. You are a motivation me, pure and simple! Let’s DO THIS!!!

  • Scott, When I was a freshman I weighed 165, I jumped to 192 by junior year, I’ve dropped down quite a bit now. Getting back down to 170

  • I’m 6’3 only 170lb but I’ve been lifting for a while. Need to focus more on writing down my lifts so I keep increasing weight or reps

  • bah, very confusing. I prefer to eat what my body asks for in winter, and then just to be hungry in spring. By Summer I am back in shape again

  • Great video. One of the hardest thing for fathers is getting fit, staying fit, but also knowing where to start! Tough in the winter months in the motivation side but gotta stick to it. Great work.

  • I have a pull up bar I put on my door and bang out as many as i can in the morning, plus 40 push ups, eating a lot of meat.I just accept that I’m college, it won’t be perfect, just do the best you can without over-stressing yourself, enough of that already in school. Besides, I already look better than most duds

  • As someone who’s always walked a great deal I have quite a strong lower body but feel I’ve not paid attention to my arms and chest. I’m trying to understand the science of exercise better so I can develop a program that is sensible and natural. And if I can put a few pounds on even better.

  • Just started this video, but curious if you felt this is a good starting point for someone who’s been out of weightlifting for around a year. I’ve had injury and tons of excuses keep me away, and I’m hoping to begin again. I’ve lost tons of strength and muscle mass. Just watched your “Creatine 101” video. Loving the content and knowledge. Keep up the good work. Jay

  • Cow Tipping in Ohigho! Sounds Exciting, booking my horse and buggy NOW to go to that gym. Bodybuilding Alumni from Ohigho include???????????

  • Scott what do u think about doing lat pulldown to fix round shoulder’s? Doing face pulls hurt my right shoulder when I do it and do I need to stretch to help fix it? I workout at home with only bands too.

  • Thanks for the vid you assured me I’m doing every thing right I literally eat everything you eat lol and I have the fitness tracker app and workout quite often and I’m seeing great results ����

  • The 42g Core Power is my lifeline so I always stock them in bulk. The macros are the best out of all of them and it actually tastes less like a protein drink than the 26g one.

  • I was finally able to tune your podcast in replay. Very interesting topic this time. My first 2 years in college was about eating junk food and parties. In that time I was working out but I didn´t really care about quality of food I was eating. Then I realized I don´t wanna look like I was looking and I wanted to feel better so I changed my meal plan. Also I was looking for some new inspiration for my workouts and then I found your youtube channel, so thank you. And your story about vodka was hilarious:D I hope more good stories coming soon!

  • I’m a uni prof and I make sure to have my students introduce themselves to each other on the first day of class, to exchange contact, to study together. It often starts a little stilted, but by the end the semester, some people make real connections. I work at a small undergrad uni, which means that a lot of students end up taking multiple classes together. So hey, they talked for 5 mins in my class and then they recognize each other a few days later in another lecture! This person doesn’t have to be your best friend, but they can be a great support even for a semester.

    Also, for mental health/stress, go see your prof/TA during their office hours (or by appointment). We can support you through a stressful assignment, alleviate any unnecessary worries, be a sounding board, and cheer you on. Students worry about imposing: you’re not.

  • Hi Keltie, great video, I’m trying to take on the food tips to make my life easier as I’m too busy to cook. Could you try do a challenge to find a workout that will burn the most calories in 20 minutes? For those if us who don’t have enough time in the day to exercise!

  • Lol I just had vodka tonic before my early classes freshman year (heck I even took it with me to class sometimes) �� it was definitely an interesting time in my life hahaha

  • This was actually really helpful thank you so much I have been looking for ways to build muscle and now I have the building blocks to do so.

  • I cannot relate more with tip number 9, overdoing the coffee creamer in my coffee I feel like has made me gain the freshman 15 lol

  • I’d like to note, even though very few will see this, that when you hang with your friends, YES. If you are an extrovert, YES, your friends will leave you being more energized. That being said, as an introvert who’s learned the difference between healthy, good friends and toxic, unhealthy relationships (cause they’re not friends), I DON’T FEEL ENERGIZED AFTER HANGING OUT WITH FRIENDS. I don’t. It’s because I’m an introvert and I get the most energy from being alone. It’s critical that you spend time with people, because people need other people, but you won’t always feel energized from people, even the best people. Introverts rarely get energized from hanging with people, in my opinion. IN MY EXPERIENCE (emphasis to show this is my personal opinion, not to yell haha), healthy friends will make introverts feel content after hanging with them. Contentment is my go-to emotion check. I may be exhausted after talking with a friend. But am I happier/lighter (no matter how little)? Content? Do I feel better when I’m with them, and vice versa? Then that’s a good indicator that they’re a good friend.

    Love you and I just wanted to reach out to all the other introverts out there:D

  • Thanks for your video about how to build the muscle very strong.This video is very helpful for my son to get fit as per your instructions.

  • I didn’t gain weight 1st semester and I was like oh this freshman 15 is fake and bam came the 2nd semester and yeah 15 pounds came on top

  • You’re so genuine I can tell you really want to help us, you’re not just posting for the views You’re awesome I’m adopting you as my big sister. Thanks Keltie

  • Well I was Happy about everything until the Beer factor came in. I go to the gym 4 time a week and eat little…. guesss that explains it all

  • Would this work for a 41 year old who has never done any exercise in his life, thus far??? If no, can you please do a video for those mentioned above? Thanks.

  • One thing I’ve learnt in uni too is that people who have their shit together in one area tend to have their shit together overall: like the person who you see at the gym every day at the same time probably also has a consistently good study routine, meal prep routine and social life, and making friends with these people can help you get your own shit together

  • Journaling has helped me IMMENSELY! I started to do it more when I was in that bittersweet phase before moving out two years ago and I would do it every couple of weeks or so. It’s nice to look back to read about how I’ve transformed since then up to now.

  • A lot of great info! Didn’t see you upload for a while. Lots of people at my gym need to see this video, they don’t start light. Then the quit early.

  • Yesterday I saw a guy who never worked out and eat a lotta junk food but still he had more muscle mass and vascularity than me.
    Genetics pisses me off

  • Weight loss isn’t Calories In Calories out! Why are people still saying this?? Think about it! Take two people with the same body type. One eats 2000 calories a day of veggies, fruit, nuts, whole grains etc, while one eats 2000 calories a day from potato chips, beer, and chicken nuggets. You can bet they won’t be the same body type for long.

  • Thanks for the video man! I just started college and I’ve started the grind, going to the gym 5 days/wk perfecting form with lower weights and watching a lot of fitness videos including yours. I don’t drink or party a lot so I think I’ll be ok �� but quick question: I have a relatively low body fat (maybe 14%? My abs are visible in most lighting but it’s still not that shredded look). Is it possible to keep that but still bulk? I want to gain muscle and I’m eating 4 meals a day with protein powders and I’m trying to eat a lot but keep it healthy. I’m vegetarian as well.
    Thanks so much!

  • Workout classes in college are so awesome because they teach you literally everything you need to know about working out �� i mean it sounds obvious but theres a lot of really useful information you learn ��

  • Hehe, I’m in my third year of uni and well, I was fat when I started three years ago (because of bad trainers asking me to shovel food down my mouth every time) and not teaching me about progressive overload, but leaned down nicely last year! And I’m happy. I have been staying lean so far, hitting PRs in the gym (on Mike Matthews’ Bigger Leaner Stronger program). Like, it’s not that hard once you put in the work 😉 and yes, I work out at the uni gym and do theater and hike with my friends, that in itself is like a great cardio workout!

  • Ryan so I was on Instagram and saw the strength and conditioning coach for Oregon coach feld is his name and he did a 45 day 100 bicep and triceps challenge would u do it or recommend it?

  • Hey Scott, hopefully you see this and can respond. I want to get your thoughts on this. This is hypothetical but say you have a very busy schedule which doesn’t allow you to eat directly before and after training. Do you believe hypertrophy gains would be significantly reduced if pre-workout and post-workout meals are consumed 3+ hours before and after the workout (so basically like a 6-7 hr period without food around the workout). This is still assuming a caloric surplus is maintained at the end of the day, just that the meals are consumed further away from the workout

  • I literally LOVE you and your videos. I just had my first day of sophomore year at Berkeley today and I’m living in an actual apartment for the first time. Thank you so much for touching on not only physical health, but mental as well. And of courseeee, partying 😉 seriously tho fav YouTuber much love

  • This may seem like a silly question, but what’s the sound effect you use to make the DING sound when you put up the smiley faces at the beginning

  • I actually started bulking about 3 months ago. I was about 155 now I’m around 164. With not much body fat, I’m still a beginner and have noticed great progress in gym strength.

  • What I found surprising while at a US university is how extremely expensive fruits and veggies were cafeteria. And the portions were astounding (at least for a european mind ��)

  • Ok gents, I’m going all in. I’m 45, a recovering clean and sober addict, a proud father and in need of a total body and mind transformation. Well I have the mind part down for now, what I need is the body. Figure they both come hand in hand anyways. Any good motivational tips from someone who has done this program? Your input is welcome..

  • Yesss! I really like this video. Ugh, I miss college. I loved my time studying in college in the US. I kind of wish I learned all of this then. Great list of tips.

  • Chugging an entire bottle of water before bed is seriously the best advice ever! I learned that trick a few years ago and it literally saves me every morning after choosing to go out and drink the night before!

  • Extraordinary video and exceptionally keen.. Much obliged to you for imparting to incredible clarification, I am going to impart this tips to my companions. Much obliged once more.

  • I loved this!! Such good advice! My biggest tip for drinking is to really force a good breakfast afterwards, like eggies and potatoes and salt and then you’ll want to eat good the rest of the day because your breakfast started it right for you!

  • Intramurals are great too!! I work for my university’s intramural program and some schools have TONS of sports to try!

    We also do love getting to know the regularsgetting a routine really does make it all better!

  • As a transfer this semester this video couldn’t have came at a more perfect time! Thank you for all your encouragement and advice!

  • I’ve just begun watching your videos and find them exceptionally informative and helpful. I used to weight train about 30 year ago (I’m 56) and so many things have changed. Watching your videos has taken away the mass confusion and has my sights set on attainable goals. I’m a big fan now and look forward to new videos! Thanks Doc. Keep up the great work that you are doing.

  • Ugh college was the best 4 years of my life…not saying I went on three day benders…but I went on several three day benders. I regret none of it!

  • Is this your first year at college and what are the start and end dates of the college year in the US?
    Also great videos man, I heavily enjoy these, really fantastic work!

  • Keltie you are so underrated. I binge watch your videos to help give me inspiration to get back in shape.. a big problem I have is I’m an adult picky eater and I’m in my 5th year of college! I love you and thank you!

  • I love your videos! Keep up the Good work ������ also… do you have a tips to someone that wants to start a youtubechannel? That want the videos to be like “vlogg” videos ����

  • Is it possible to REALLY not get fat when you start College? I mean, parties, drinking, parties and more parties! Right? Well, with these 5 tips it certainly is!! So come hangout with Joe and I as we discuss them and talk about how we managed to stay fit and on track while in college too!

    Joe’s Channel!

    Previous Episodes:

  • ooooh I have the best idea for another vid! trying out like the average “vsco” girl diet and workout. or one specific girl that goes into the “vsco” category lol

  • Very informative vid seeing that I’ve never stayed on a college campus. Helpful tips for life in general too. Thanks, Kelt! Totally unrelated question: where do you get your cute tube tops? Thx!

  • Really wish I had this video in my first year. Gained 30 pounds and had to learn these things the second year around! We healthy now though!

  • I started gym around a month ago and I have a pt but Im not so sure she is helping me well. I go to the gym 5 days per week and 3 of those days I do exercises (without machine), lot of aerobics. My goal is building muscles. Im 50kg and I think my pt wants me to lose weight but I dont really want to. I need to burn some belly fat for sure (I have a 1 y.o baby) but I dont want to lose other than that. Im taking care of what I eat and all. I do squats, lunges, plank, deadlift, mountain climbers, bridge,many crunches, High intense exercises etc this will help me build muscles? I believe she wants me to get my stamina up ����‍♀️ I dont really know how it works ��

  • Hey bro nice vid I was wondering what food scale you use. I bought a cheap one from amazon for $10 around 8 months ago, and its starting to randomly fluctuate 5g while weighing thanks

  • great beginner level foundational muscle building training, mixing the training and workout routine creates optimum results, ton of learning and sharing material in this video.

  • I love your personality and your way of thinking so much! You’re kinda the first person who REALLY changed the way I think about fitness.

  • This is such a good video Keltie. Honestly. Thank you so so much. I wish I knew these tips before I went to university but everything you say is still so relevant and applicable even in the workplace and weekly life. Love the vibes, love the energy. As always, thanks beauty x x Hugs from Australia ��

  • I love this, but unfortunately I can’t exactly party too hard even for a month, because I’m on a quarter system, not semester. meaning fifteen credits in only ten weeks, Jesus. And I gotta get accepted to law school after lmao

  • Wish I’d seen this video before I started college! Sooo many good tips and such an accurate representation of what it’s actually like! ��

  • your muscle-building plan looks awesome and very flexible. I liked the fact that you don’t have to exercise every day. gonna try it out for sure! thanks for sharing doctor

  • best way to become slim is very easy and simple,better go for masterbate during sleeping time and eating time,thats all and for fat go to videos,there are as many as human dinosaours and apes eating all the time

  • Show yourself some patience and grace. Gaining weight isn’t the end of the world. Forgive yourself if it happens. Don’t focus on the weight, focus on feeling healthy and enjoying yourself. College is about having new experiences so don’t deprive yourself.

  • I’ve been eating a lot of pasta so I can go from skinny to extra bulky. I gained like ten pounds in the past two months of eating much more in a caloric surplus. Problem is, I’m not sure if I’m gaining muscle, or Im just gaining fat. I’ve noticed a lot more fat accumulating around the stomach region (common). Also I do two times a week full body workouts, a volume and intensity day.

  • I’d love to see a week of your favourite work outs! You do everything and everyone’s else’s but I don’t know if I’ve ever seen your ideal week or what you do not for videos ❤️

  • Do you have any tips for combating gym anxiety? Like I know that in reality no one cares what I’m doing, but I can’t get myself to go because I’m afraid of making a fool of myself

  • just remember though… even if you can eat a lot and still look skinny or healthy, it doesn’t mean that you are. It will build up as the future comes. Unless you are doing some type of physical activity everyday, you should still watch what you eat. Just a little advice. =)

  • Could you please do a video about how to give advise to people in the gym? Some people feel offended or just don’t listen while others are appreciative. So is there a special way to not make them feel offended lol?
    I seen this skinny kid who had rounded shoulders, forward head ( mouth breather ) and he might of had a pelvic tilt; he was doing legs raises, bench press, and a weird shoulder workout; I wanted to tell him he should work on his posture first before building muscle before he hurt himself. This other skinny kid was teaching him bad form and habits.

  • actually frozen fruits and vegetables are more healthy then the fresh ones. Because they are frozen the keep the vitamines won’t break down

  • Your 5 points are superb. Thanks for sharing. I was looking for proper guide and your video has encouraged me to start building muscles.

  • Great video. I really interested in this video very good explained building muscle for beginners. Think you for sharing this video

  • I started working out consistently second semester freshman year, and it honestly made everything 10x better. Highly recommend you can’t study for hours on end, so give yourself a break, go work out, get some endorphins, and feel good!

  • Amazing vid bro! Ty. I’m a college student and I’m trying to get back into building my body up while I’m young but I got no idea where to start

  • Lucky for me a friend asked me to take weight training with her freshman year. As a female who had never lifted weights it was invaluable in feeling comfortable on weight machines. I would also try and take a gym class every semester that way you at least have a couple workouts every week built in to your schedule. I would also play racquetball with friends a lot, we had such a good time!

  • Supplements don’t consume
    It will destroy you in long run… Those who guide u to take steroids are seriously stupid.. coz u are obviously not going for a competition so please build muscle naturally.. ����

  • I have a question, I’m trying to build muscle and lose about 10lbs of fat, I’m wondering if being in a slight calorie deficit with a high protein/carb diet will achieve my goal as long as I’m doing high intensity workouts with ample rest periods? I’m new to fitness  and just starting out with jump roping/bodyweight and resistance bands workouts, any useful feedback would be great. Love your videos I watch about 45mins of them a day, thanks!

  • Great vid, made alot of mistakes in my first year. My issue is I work a 12 hour night shift so I cant do a normal workout routine. But if anyones is struggling with the same I’ve been experimenting with an upper-lower split… upper on my first day off, lower the next. Rest the 2 days I work but do some core stuff before work, then a push-pull-legs on my 3 day weekend off. While still applying the info in these videos I’ve come way farther my second year in the gym!

  • I lost about 15lbs my first semester because our campus had so much walking! In our dorm I also didn’t eat the entrees. Not because of weight but because they just sounded gross. So I ate soup, salad, and sandwiches. For breakfast I’d do cereal and fruit.

  • Clean bulking is so hard like you stated. Most times it’s just chicken that’s bland, dry, and half the time burnt. Carbs are easy due to rice and pasta.

  • can you do a challenge where you wake up and workout at 5am everyday for 30 days? There’s a lot of people claiming that it changed their lives. i think it’d be super fun to do it!

  • Hello there Scott. I’m a 46 year old guy and very slender. How should I train? and besides what kind of supplements should I take to gain muscle weight? Regards

  • Keltie where was this video when I was in college? ���� On the real though, I have absolutely zero reason to watch a video on this topic, I just love your videos! They are so inspiring and motivating and just make me happy! Thank you for that! Much love from Oregon ❤️

  • To prevent a hangover, try drinking water between alcoholic drinks. Also chug water before you go to bed and eat something like a grilled cheese sandwich or eggs and it won’t be as bad in the morning ;). Don’t mix too many types of alcohol and if you do,go from light to heavy (beer to gin for example).

  • In college. Haven’t seen the video yet, but maintenance has been helping me. Doing full body’s to maximize recovery and getting stronger by the week.

  • This was such a great chat, I really enjoyed it! Hey Scott you were busy during the chat so I’ll ask my question to you here. Is there a way to reduce or remove bloating? It’s really unlikely to flex your core all the time and when I’m not flexing my stomach bulges a bit. Do you have any tips? Btw can’t wait for more videos Scott��