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Muscle building is a game of good, better, best. There are good things you can do. They will help you build muscle, but aren’t necessarily the most efficient or safe.These include exercises performed on the Smith machine, working out at a gym like Planet Fitness that has limited heavy dumbbells, and doing bodyweight movements in your hotel room when there is no time to hunt for a gym.

If you’re a guy, I’m sure you’ve heard this muscle-building advice before. But the quest for lean muscle isn’t a “men’s-only” goal, nor is it an easy one. Most people struggle to build mass. Lady or dude, if you’ve been working and working for more muscle but haven’t seen any gains, you’re probably making one or more of these eight mistakes. If you want to know how to build muscle after 40, but you’re not sure what (if anything) you should be doing differently, this page will show you how.

Read a few “building muscle after 40” articles, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that hitting 40 means immediately trading in your barbells and dumbbells for a mobility scooter and walk. So long as you’re using good form and training close to muscle failure, you want to choose a weight you can do for 8-12 reps when training for muscle growth. When that weight becomes easy, you can increase the load or make the movement more challenging in other ways—increase your time under tension, for example, or shorten your rest periods.

6 Reasons You’re Not Building Muscle 1. You’re repeating the same tried-and-true moves. We love squats and lunges, bicep curls and overhead presses, but it’s time to shake things up.Two. You might find yourself driving fast if you’re late for work, need to be on time for an appointment, or want to get to your destination as quickly as possible.

Even if you stay under the speed. Lean protein from animal sources may actually offer you more grams of protein per serving than plant-based protein. “Any animal protein offers high-quality amino acids (the building blocks of proteins), so choose whatever suits your value system,” says Nancy Clark, RD, CSSD and author of Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook. For example, in every 3.5 ounces of chicken breast, you get.

High quality protein, fiber, and good fats all in a tasty formula. Drinking 3 Super Shakes every day will provide your body with lots of calories, and will jump-start the muscle building process. All you need is a blender and a few basic ingredients. Add 3-5 ice cubes; Pick a frozen fruit; Toss in some spinach; Add 2 scoops of protein powder.

In order to gain muscle, you must eat more calories than you burn, have enough protein to build new muscle tissue and have a sufficient exercise stimulus to cause growth (9, 10, 11). As you age, keeping up with a workout routine becomes more important than ever: It’s not just about losing weight and building muscle after 50, but also about prevention. Starting each decade after age 30, you can experience as much as three to five percent of muscle loss, or sarcopenia.

List of related literature:

8 The 10 Absolute Worst Muscle-Building Myths and Mistakes

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
from Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body
by Michael Matthews
Waterbury Publishers, Incorporated, 2019

Statements like “I want my arms to be bigger,” “I want more size,” “I want to be more sculpted,” or “I want to change my body shape” suggest that the client wants to follow a program that will result in muscular hypertrophy or increased tone.

“NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
from NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2011

My fourth set is the one where I really blow it out, striving for maximum growth and stimulation on the muscle.

“Triple H Making the Game: Triple H's Approach to a Better Body” by Triple H, James Rosenthal, Robert Caprio
from Triple H Making the Game: Triple H’s Approach to a Better Body
by Triple H, James Rosenthal, Robert Caprio
World Wrestling Entertainment, 2010

I finally decided that it was time to get educated—to throw the magazines away, get off the forums, and learn the actual physiology of muscle growth and fat loss to figure out what it takes to build a muscular, lean, and strong body.

“The Shredded Chef: 120 Recipes for Building Muscle, Getting Lean, and Staying Healthy” by Michael Matthews
from The Shredded Chef: 120 Recipes for Building Muscle, Getting Lean, and Staying Healthy
by Michael Matthews
Createspace Independent Pub, 2012

Building muscle also is key to increasing basal metabolic rate, improving insulin sensitivity, and decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and even dementia.

“108 Pearls to Awaken Your Healing Potential” by Mimi Guarneri, M.D.
from 108 Pearls to Awaken Your Healing Potential
by Mimi Guarneri, M.D.
Hay House, 2017

Muscles keep you young: Building muscle can literally turn back your genetic clock.

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
from Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women
by Deanne Panday
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2013

To begin with, the very phrase “muscle building”

“Bodies Out of Bounds: Fatness and Transgression” by Jana Evans Braziel, Kathleen LeBesco
from Bodies Out of Bounds: Fatness and Transgression
by Jana Evans Braziel, Kathleen LeBesco
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That gave me the opportunity to add exercises that would single out muscles, add definition, and refine my body in ways that are impossible to achieve with free weights alone.

“Total Recall” by Arnold Schwarzenegger
from Total Recall
by Arnold Schwarzenegger
Simon & Schuster UK, 2012

Yet I still perform all of these because I know that getting stronger at the big lifts makes me more muscular.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
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Starting with The Testosterone Advantage Plan and continuing with The Men’s Health Home Workout Bible and The Book of Muscle, I’ve had two goals: Show guys how to build muscle and lose fat safely and effectively, and find new ways to make it more fun and

“The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle” by Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove
from The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle
by Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove
Penguin Publishing Group, 2005

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • My first reaction was “I can’t believe anybody ate like this and expected to gain muscle or be healthy” but then I remember that Jeff is a lot older guy and grew up in America where nutrition knowledge is highly corrupted and skewed and you really have to dig for the correct info.

  • I took a break from youtube videos (like a month).. I come back and you look different. Beautiful as always, but different. I love the hair cut and color and the content was great.

  • LMAO, the shit on the left is still almost all canned long shelf life stuff. Sure better than the packaged sugarbombs on the right, but where are the fresh fish, meat, eggs and vegetables?

  • I love how Jeff sees Jesse try to pull a donut out of the bag like a little kid on Christmas morning. I love sugar like him, and I’m trying to get into working out and quit eating, but man it’s like trying to quit drugs, it’s ridiculous!

  • Alcohol also worsens your Protein metabolism by like 33 % percent. So IF You consume 99 g of Protein with 2 Shakes for example and then drink 3 Beer that night your Body only uses 66 g of that protein
    Cause your Body prioritises getting rid of that poison called alcohol. Its really True i dont know the word of that Organ that does it. Its Not the Liver.

  • 1:12 this shocked the hell out of me. I never imagined Jeff being a junk food fan at ANY point in his life. I’m amazed he went from that to carrot cake once a year.

  • how much of the good stuff should we eat? like as in thw salmon the tuna the eggs the beef the yoghurt the almonds olive oil what quantities should we eat

  • People who are dislike Dominik’s vedio are nothing but hip of shit. Sir I’m tranning because I want to meet you one day!! Respect sir

  • Wait wait wait just wait how was ours gross for him when he was small bro that’s what my mamma use to feed me every Sunday morning

  • I so needed to hear this right now! Thank you! I’m nearing 8 weeks into a deficit and I’ve previously failed to lose weight because I never stuck to it long enough! Another problem I’ve had is that I’m an athlete and love to race bikes. I’ve learned that I’ve had to cut my riding wayyyy down during this time. I’d love to see a video on how to balance cutting with competition/endurance events. I know this should be done off season, but still id love yo know more about eating and periodization with activity!

  • Who would have believe that I will finally find a diet that works. It’s called Next Level Diet and you are just a few steps away from getting your diet prepared. Trust me, don’t waste your time on stupid diets and fat loss pills or teas.

  • THANK YOU! This was a much needed reboot for me on my health and fitness journey! You make such a big difference, keep doing what you’re doing!

  • I have a question… For muscle growth i need to lift a certain amount of weights or a weight that’s challenging for me will make my muscles grow? I ask this because i, as a beginner, can only lift so much so will i see changes or first i need to get to a strength level that allows me to lift heavy weights and only then will my muscles need to grow…obviously i know that it needs effort and I am giving my all with every workout, and i am assuming that is obvious to do so but if it challenges me, to take me to failure within a certain amount of reps, is it enough to grow or i will need to first get to heavier weights… I now this may seem kinda… Dumb but i do not want to increase the weight and lose my form, and in some cases i cant… I mean i can maybe lift 67,68 kg on the bench, but for 3, 4 reps… To be within the reps that grant me the time under tension thats within the “supposed” rep range i can only lift like 55 kg… Just an example

  • Hi there, have you thought about this diet plan known as the Custokebon Secrets? My cooworker says it helps people lost plenty of weight. Is that possible? I also read many good review about this diet plan. Thoughts?

  • I swear I looked my notes in mobile which I wrote when I started working out I wrote I did 15pushup max
    Damnn now may be weighted 15kg push up is my warmup
    I didn’t realize that
    Thanks for motivate again boss
    I’m more focus now ��

  • Another I want to point out is. We tend to forget or forgot what the difference to “Needs and Want”. We always have many many needs but small wants.
    If you want something better for yourself and any other, you have to fill that gap or hole in the WANT circle. While our Needs are bigger size of circle compared to Want, we keep filling it in.
    Imagine we stop filling the needs and start putting it in Want, we can achieve it. Hard to explain it over the comment.
    But here goes:
    On one size of paper (landscape mode), Want, draw a circle about 4 inches wide and the other size draw or fill the circle of the paper.
    Start writing your needs first. Like I need a new car, new clothes. Something along that line. Really something you can do and forget about later, disposable in time of needs. Pleasure that comes and go. Really something you can buy and a habit you do even think about.
    On the side of Wants, I want to have a businesses, make more money, teach Calisthenic, be healthier. Here in Want, it is always harder to complete or accomplish. Really it is a river that hard to go across because the river is harsh and dangerous. So you have to come to build a boat and try going across but you fail. Even you made it across you not in or on the same destination. Maybe have a boat with string and paddle to that destination but fail because to much work and energy needed, so you pull on the string back. Now you start to think in a engineer way and start having your boat and string as a tool but start building a bridge or suspend bridge, whichever.
    Anyway, there are many way to go across the river, neither paddling hard, build a bridge etc. But wanting something required hard work, sacrifices, and learning from those fail moments.
    Or just have a goal to set and go for it, lol. That is Want. Start filling it up. You guys got this. Also in that Want, put patients. You definitely need to be patient.

  • Thanks for the tips, I’ve been getting a little sloppy with my workouts lately. Hope we see you on Dynamite or Dark soon, you bald asshole.

  • I always thought that eating junk food and foods that help gain weight would help gain muscle mass. Now knowing that that is not the case as fat is gained rather than muscle. Whereas, eating foods like protein will help gain muscle. Pls confirm if this is correct.

  • Yes i would say that Bulk Up and Cut Down thing is dying during the Past 6 years since you can just calculate the calories you need Online

  • The goals you set for tomorrow are your pictures of success.
    Just use the SMART Formula:
    Time Bound

    I hope, I could also �� help you with this info, be great going to your dream❤��

  • How about constant tension v locking out/peak contraction during a set for various exercises. This has perplexed me forever. Good place to start would be dear old mate barbell bench

  • I’ve been keeping a training log for a couple of years now but never thought of doing it for study and other elements of my life. When summer is finished and classes start again i’ll cover that aspect too.

    By the way, these last two videos felt really special and got me thinking a lot. Thanks Dominik!

  • I just discovered you about three weeks ago. So, not sure if you have a video on abs and oblique muscles. Maybe you can do a video going more into depth showing different ways to building ab and oblique muscles.

  • Comparison is the thief of joy, i love that you mentioned not only physical things but all the mental aspects that come with wanting lose body fat ❤️❤️❤️ AMAZING advice… thank you for this video!!!

  • Nobody likes working legs? Legs have always been my favorite part to work on. Arms, I hate working arms; or, just upper body in general.

  • Jeff describing his breakfast now is still SO much sugar, especially if he’s drinking orange juice �� I don’t even know what to believe in anymore! ����

  • I loved this! It was so helpful!! One phrase I heard once when listening to a podcast STUCK with me and that’s, “Comparison is the thief of all joy.” So much so that I’m going to get it tattooed �� it just resonated with me and I haven’t forgotten it since.

  • I eat over 2600 calories and in still hungry and not building muscle or losing weight atleast not visibly but I’m getting stronger fast

  • Nice, I’m glad I susbscribed to your channel!
    I’m curious: Do you have a 6 or a 4 packs? It’s really hard to find bodyfat percentage examples for 4 pack abs, so if you have a 4 packs I would really want to see some example pictures of your BF%!

  • If I use my plan for a very long time, but im still progressively overloading, can I just keep using it? The reps and weight are going up

  • Oh my life, I’m so dumb. When he said his name was Simon, and I listened to his voice, i realized its Simon from whatculture. I’m so dumb I’ve watched at least 5 videos and didn’t realize.

  • I was into Cali a lot, unfortunately right now I out with a case of bursitis in both Shoulders, do u have any suggestions how to get rid of it. Or help heal, I already got cortisone shots and it came back, any ideas?

  • Nobody Want to go to sad Town, its sad and its a town.

    Was this a joke? I’m surprised you didn’t add there are 354 sad people in this town,that number thing is so cringe.

  • This is gold right here i was doing weighted pull ups for months and no progress, i dropped my ego and trained just bodyweight ive seen more gains than in 8 months of weighted pull ups

  • too many generalizations here. no progress for 6 weeks? depends on what level of development you are at (beginner, intermediate, advanced). im an intermediate. if i did not see progress in 1-3 weeks (depends on the exercise) i would be upset (i am on anabolics). no progress for 6 weeks means you are not doing something right, now matter what your experience level is.

  • Loving the videos! Keeping me sane during quarantine…

    I learned about rotator cuff muscles and how to train them, and I wondered do you have a list of more osbcure/nuanced things you wish somebody had told you (such as train rotator cuff to avoid shoulder injuries!)


  • Your tips are great and I’m loving your new hair! Question about the too much cardio comment, what’s your recommendation to figure out how much cardio one should do per week? Thanks ����

  • New to this guy, but I swear if he was my inner voice I would never have suffered depression, he just simplifies everything, water off a ducks back whether it’s good or bad news…. Could I sample your voice and upload to my brain please

  • Thank you, Simon! It’s nice to have reasonable, logical explanations about self-care that don’t require a PhD in Biology to grasp. I feel like an idiot; we never question why ratios and percentages of fuel components have to be precise for our vehicles to run well, but people cringe at the thought of measuring and tracking macros when it comes to our own fuel. guilty It’s me. I’m ‘people’ ��‍♀️. But I’ll do better!

  • Superduper sets ��
    Love these videos! Even for experienced people there will at least be something to take away from this, even if it’s a reminder of something you used to do more but don’t now.

  • I know I need to apply myself much better when it comes to nutrition. I was always the type of guy to eat unhealthy and stay thin, so that’s good. I need to do good quality food, tho. I can’t tell if I have decent genetics for muscle or if I’m just having newby gains. Just started a tad over 2 months ago. Good news, either way, is I am showing progress already. So I don’t believe I’m a hard gainer, really.

  • Been following you since your VideoGamer days, WELCOME TO THE MILLER REPORT (videogamer was truly dead after you left) Everything you do you do with POWER, and you are approaching this new chapter with RAW POWER

  • just discovered your content after my first glass of wine since half a year:D I really like the way you´re explaining. greetings from germany

  • I’ve heard this so many times with regards to breakfast cereal! So how on earth did Kellogg’s become a successful billion dollar business?

  • Already know all those stuff…just watched because Simon is a cool dude. He kinda reminds me of a really good friend. Good advice. And yes. Squats/training your lower body will increase your testosterone levels. Start training your legs like a maniac and your upper body will start to grow faster. Do it and you’ll see����

  • I’m a pt all you need to do is use my fitness pal. And unless your trying to be a high level athlete you dont really need to keep track of ur micros. And different diets work for different people. And when it comes to a gym routine try to switch up between 3 months or just add abit of weight everytime the exercise feels easier. Ask your self how hard is the exercise between 1-10 if its 6 or lower you can do alot more and wont be getting the benefit.

  • I actually moved to training trophy muscles for a while as a break from strenuous full body workouts. It’s almost like a reward for mental effort to build good foundation.

  • Hi Simon,
    I just wanna take the time to say thank you.
    I’ve been hitting the gym about 2 years now but always worked out rather aimlessly without any real dietplan and took huge liberties with the workout plan, resulting in not delivering the results i’d like to see.
    Guess I needed some bald dude from England to remind me a bit to actually focus a bit 😉
    Thanks man

  • People are sorting out working with weights at home it seems, try to buy ANY sort of fitness equipment on Amazon right now glad I have my home gym already kitted out.

  • This is exactly what I needed
    I’m training to be a wrestler and I guess I have good abs and whatnot, but I’m too skinny and I find it nearly impossible to gain weight cuz of some of my health conditions
    But I learned many things now
    Thanks Simon!

  • I like this guy. But. I dont know how to calculate the equivalent of a one rep max in terms of bodyweight skills. So even years into my calisthenics journey, still have trouble figuring out the proper periodization for any skill related stuff.

  • Just found your video and heard Iowa. I’m in Iowa too. Also I checked My Fitness Pal and the only way I would be able to disable exercise calories is if I upgrade to premium.

  • Thanks for this great list.
    I made some of this mistakes years before (too big deficit, too big expectations, too little patience).
    Now I take my time.

    Love your dogs, btw ��

  • I worked out for a long time but didn’t get results because of a poor diet. I then found a website called *Next Level Diet*, finally I started seeing results

  • The only channel that I find myself coming back to old videos for knowledge and motivation! Not just gimmicks and bullshit. This video is NEEDED. Will definitely watch this again and again in the future. Thank you

  • I usually eat Oatmeal with splenda and a drop of syrup

    Chicken for lunch or a souped up greek yogurt with slivered almonds and strawberries

    Dinner is usually chicken in some form, broccoli/cauliflower or salmon


  • Im lucky in a way that i despise chocolate and donuts infact when he pulled them out i felt sickly and when jesse eat one i nearly puked up my chicken i thought don’t do it don’t do it!

    And then he did ��

    Where i fail is the rockstars and monsters i love energy drinks and NEED to stop a.s.ap! ��

  • Honestly seriously, I’ve been training the past year and I dont even test my max, I can already guess my max based on my set reps and rest, and even then I dont need to know my max as long as I increase my skills and abilities over time safely and listen to my body.

  • Considering many of us are probably nerds that is even scared of gyms. You should make a video for us called “how to begin train at home abc”

  • I appreciate this video. I went from eating probably 1900 calories to 1400 for my deficit using rp and did lose 4 lbs after two months but now it’s slowing down my weight loss and the app is making me eat around 1100 calories which seems crazy to meet my goal of losing 9 lbs by start of april. Now I do live a very sedentary life but do strength training 3 days a week. I’m wondering if I should stop my deficit and slowly go up to my new maintenance and see if it actually works better in my favor? Eating so little right now almost doesn’t seem right for my body but I don’t really know. What are your thoughts on this?

  • i’m a little confused by #8 “eating back your calories burned on myfitnesspal” i’ve been trying to lose weight by eating 1500cal/day (maintenance for me would be more like 1900), which I find really hard to stay under unless I’m burning calories by exercising. is this not how i should be going about it…?

  • I am hitting L V HLL… I had to work and be in perfect control on the L before the lift. It took time but I am just happy I have achieved this much. Warming up before and stretching after, training most efficiently to achieve the next level of exercise even if you are repeating the previous lessons at a higher level. It all is so you can make that one jump to the next. Now that I am there I can continue with my journey to master it and find the next level in my training. Thank you Dom for the last 6 years every program has made me a better man, than I was and ever thought I could be but now I am in a place where I want to be better because I KNOW I can be. Keep Training Hard Everyone.

  • When i was a Gym brah 7 years ago, everyday was torso day. Then i started to train legs and do ego lift squats. After what i did ass to grass only squats and only then i saw real gains. But legs growth is very slow

  • Best video I’ve ever watched on sensible fitness and health goals. Thank you, you have taught me loads and reminded me of things I already know. You’re fab. ��

  • Hi Simon, Can you do video on Squats, I never can get low and I’m 44, I played rugby for years had knee op and all fine but my quads are not strong, but my dream is to do proper squats and not look like squatting half down lol so many videos but I’m getting confused

  • This is so true. I ate 1000 calories over my maintenance for year but 70% of that was pure junk. Started eating healthy and in less than 6 months I managed to gain 15 lbs while losing fat at the same time.

  • Thanks Dominik, I needed that.
    I was wondering, why I could not do my muscle ups, front levers and human flags anymore.
    I really trained almost every day very hard, also for the planche.
    I realized I became weaker and felt like every session I would hurt my shoulders more.
    Guess my body needs a rest and you basically confirmed that now.

  • Hey dominik can you explain how to control piking of the hips during HSPU. People talk about arching in HSPU but never speaks on the piking of the hips while going down in HSPU..Your thoughts?

  • I haven’t started working out and I somehow literally just found out you have your own YouTube channel and I already appreciate the tips and even though you may not see this comment thank you for these videos because I have been wanting to start working out for a while and I think these videos and tips will be helpful

  • Short story of mine: decided to train for the Van Gelder on February, and got my first maltese in March. Training only 1 time a week bc maltese is so painful on my elbows. I wanted to get the VG for my birthday on August 1st. I trained hard af. On 31st July (last session), I tried the VG and it didn’t work. I wasn’t sad or frustrated, and 1 week later I tried it and nailed it.

  • This was a great video Manders♥️ I definitely sleep deprived and obsessed with getting up early to workout. I was grumpy and without any energy to workout. Thanks for sharing ♥️

  • Reading Overcoming Gravity and Watching Dominik Sky’s videos will bring you much of what you need to master your Calisthenics goals.

  • Magnesium helps a lot with stress. I had been very stressed months ago and it almost completely got rid of it, I continue to take some twice a day.

  • This current Coronavirus fear mongering will make it harder for people to get the right food to build that muscle. I don’t body build myself but i respect people that do. Pretty fascinating. I look after myself still, but it would be so unhealthy for me to eat that much due to my rediculous metabolism. It is crazy.

  • I started doing pullups back in 2019 in September. My goal was/is 200lbs weighted pull up one rep max by the end of 2020. I came from 20lbs one rep to 150lbs-160lbs one rep in less than 1 year. 4 months left ��.

  • 12:22, I would love to see what you think of Kangen water. It’s made by electrolysis through a Japanese ionizer. Turns your tap water into antioxidant water and it’s literally thinner so you can drink more easier. And it enters the blood within 5 minutes of drinking it. Doesn’t sit in the gut. I have really wanted to see a YouTuber talk about this water because it’s the future but I never see anyone publicly talk about it. It was a game changer for me! Can’t drink any other water anymore.

  • Question, I’m over-weight, I’m trying to lose weight and gain muscle, should I reduce intake calories or add calories?
    I think I should reduce, but I don’t know.
    And I like to train legs because its the only body part were I can feel the pain, and go to a little suffer:)

  • this dream shit is all beautiful until reality facecheck you, i always wanted to do the planche after 5 years i still cant my brother did it in 1 year, some pll are just not meant to be strong, think dominic he train for 10 years he cant do planche or front leaver and this applies to a lot in life some you will do some i just cant is all good accept it move on

  • yesterday i had to pee so long and for like the 12 time that i got annoyed and took a break from it mid stream…. so yeah i drink enough water^^… guess i drink to much
    Nice video! very useful stuff!

  • I didn’t think it could be possible but you literally get more beautiful every single video!!! I can’t! I love your hair so much.

  • Wait, how does snacking stop you from building muscle?
    That would make sense if you said it stops you from losing fat or from looking muscular due to fat gain, but if anything, more calories is going to help you put on muscle.
    Unless you’re snacking on so much celery that you can’t stomach something with protein in it.

  • I’ve been considering getting wrist wraps or even lifting hooks for when the apocalypse ends. I was deadlifting 75kg and while I could lift it OK holding it was a different story, especially my right hand because of my MS.

  • Lol… bodybuilders inject insulin because their body can’t produce enough for how much carbs they eat. They well eventually become if not already will have diabetes…. I’ll pass on high carbs. Keto diet works better and is alot more safe

  • I always hear people say do dead lifts. But I heard Eddie Hall say don’t waste your time unless you’re in a competition. The risk reward isn’t worth it. And to be honest I don’t understand it because when I see people do it I can see them lifting wrong. I’m in safety inspection and they all lift with their backs and not their legs then they’ll over extend. So I get it. It doesn’t seem worth it with so many easy mistakes that could ruin your back.

  • Simon you have really good advice however everything that you’re suggesting costs a heck of a lot of money to be able to afford every month and most people can’t afford it

  • But if i double the water i would be drinking 8 liters.. i dont think that’s ok. I feel like i drink enough, since i started working out, my body asks for more water, 3.5 to 5 liters a day..

  • Over the years I’ve been able to give up so many things like fast food,soda,poptarts,chips and other junk food but for the love of god I just cant get rid of chocolate I feel like I always have to have some form of it whether it be dark chocolate(87%btw),chocolate milk,granola bars with dark chocolate you name it but I never realized that you cant just do it over night so maybe doing it in steps will help

  • Fired from my job 8 months ago, first three months lost 50 pounds of stress weight, started going to the gym for three months gained 10 back,

  • 700 mg testosterone cypionate a week 250 mg of d-bal for 12 weeks. Eat Right train hard and your physique will change for the better.

  • This guy talks utter bollocks trust me i mean look at his physique, does he even workout? oh and to ask for money too, for what exactly?
    What a con.

  • Man!! How much money do you have??? It must cost you a fortune to keep on paying gym’s to stay empty so you can make your vids.
    Another cool vid thanks

  • Here’s hoping that at some point in your life Simon you’re able to put out a book on life advice and one on training/nutrition.
    If not a couple ��

    Stay blessed sire ��

  • just name your cycle and be done with it. dont pretend to actually know something about training other than how to score drugs. it is like a junkie being proud of getting high

  • This is ABA (applied behavior analyst) work which is used for people with learning disabilities or behavior challenges. DEFINTELY have used these diff reinforcements with my own training lol

    Love the fact you brought that up in the beginning of your video since these are my two loves (ABA work + fitness)

  • Your method seems impractical to me. I think a better practice is to be consistent and have fun. You are making too much out of this. Writing down what will happen if you don’t achieve it. “What will happen if you never hold a front??lever???” Well, what could happen? Nothing!! You are over complicating something that should be fun.

  • #10 1:03 Eat
    #9 2:53 Do Squats
    #8 4:13 Rest
    #7 5:23 Drink just one protein shake
    #6 6:36 Do drop sets
    #5 8:29 Focus on the negative part off the rep
    #4 9:37 Do yoga
    #3 10:43 Work your core
    #2 11:17 Use wrist-straps and leg-wraps
    #1 12:22 Drink water
    Have a good day, and journey! You got this.

  • i love watching people like your self to see if i can add to or do my stuff better, and am happy to say i do all the stuff you motioned in this:) but i would add to this by saying usebands/cables for time under tension

  • #1 anyone else so happy to keep seeing Manders with that well deserved ring on her finger?!

    #2 so many people always give advice on what to start doing but I think these things to NOT do then do others instead are essential!!!! Your 2nd and 7th are ones I really need to focus on more

  • As a skinny dude who’s seen significant gains over the past year through just following a 5-6 day workout program at home, this was amazing advice. Thanks Simon, much love mate!

  • Great vids love to hear your opinion on barbell versus dumbbells for all the basic exercises (bench and shoulder press, squats, etc).

  • Hey Mandy,

    Who do you recommend on getting a meal plan from? I do CrossFit and am having a hard time with my diet. I can’t have any wheat.


  • So I weigh 235lbs (16.79st) I’m 5’10” (177.8cm) I’m mainly fat with a little muscle, should I try to focus on cardio to lose the weight first or do both cardio and weight lifting?

  • I literally just bought wrist straps for the first time in my life.
    Last couple back workouts my grip gave out before my back. So my exercises were more like rest pause sets, as I had to re grasp the bar.

  • Awesome vid:) home gym expanding, gym rings, seats for low press ups, bench press, stretchy things for pec flys, dumbbells for curls.. gotta smash my core more…

  • Subscribed to your channel mate, I like it. Good use of green screen too. You do look a little green though maybe a slight adjustment on your chroma settings. Keep up the good work mate.

  • Working on a 28 day program, on day 7. Never really been one to work out. Got a better diet now and feeling confident about sticking with it all. Water is by far one of the hardest parts for me

  • Hi, Tobias from Malmoe, Sweden.
    I would love to see a video where you either show a workout of a tri and bi or other groups.
    Keep up the great work! Much love.
    May God bless you! Peace out->

  • 1. going into a cut from maintenance (or bulk) without reverse dieting 
    2. expecting progress to be linear/ being perfect
    3. Not enough sleep
    4. Focusing on the scale too much
    5. Stressing about your fitness journey too much
    6. too much caffeine, energy drinks, fat burners ect
    7. quit eating processed ‘diet’ foods (low cal/carb/sugar/fat)
    8. do NOT eat back calories
    9. comparison
    10. (idk i only found these in the vid)

  • Can you make a video of what you would eat in a day if you were in a deficit? Doesn’t have to be exact macros but just “lower cal” that normal. That would be nice to see from you! Love ya manders!

  • That true love got my girl looking radiant!�� You just seem so much more happy since being with Austin and moving to Iowa. You literally glowing!! I’m loving the new ashy tone of your hair brings out your eyes!❤️

  • Thank you for this! This has been one of the better videos on this topic that I’ve ever seen! Do you mind me sharing this video on my social media? This was very good!

  • You’re definitely the most positive role model in my life at the age of 34… thanks for what you do and being such a genuine, kind person all around. ❤️����

  • Thank you, these are really good tips. I have to admit I do obsess over the scale and weigh once a week. Im not losing weight as fast as I want. Some weeks I may not lose any weight due to hormones or PMS or plateau. But I know I just have to keep going and stay consistent and I will reach my goal.

  • So drinking a lot of water rather than the energy drinks is great. Do you count the sparkling mineral water and soda water in that category as being ok to drink?

  • i don’t get the no. 8 do you like.. uhmm for today I am doing 1200 calories per day and then I burned 400 calories from exercise.. so I’m not supposed to eat back the 400 calories I burned back?

  • If you need to be told not to eat donuts and cookies because your too stupid to figure that out for yourself your in for a rough ride.

  • 1. 2:20 Going into a steep calorie deficit quickly
    2. 3:50 expecting to lose a specific amount to body fat per week
    3. 5:18 not sleeping enough
    4. 6:53 focusing on the number on the scale
    5. 8:53 stressing out about the journey
    6. 9:52 over doing caffeine and not drinking enough water
    7. 11:05 Eating frankenfoods
    8. 12:15 Eating back your calories burned on myfitnesspal
    9. 13:20 overdoing cardio
    10. 14:40 comparing

  • I just did this exact thing today as a presentation to my students. Thank for the info I’m still in fat burn not ready for the bulk. Review it in 2 weeks.

  • 1 year ago,(when I was 15) I try to do backlever (skin the cat) but I was afraid of falling from bar,or just afraid of can’t gripping that strong. I first try it,and that the moment when I have to leave me back,I quitted. But a day I saw your video (at that time I’m not following you) I saw your “Motivational Video” AND AFTER THAT VIDEO,I TRIED IT 3 TIMES,FIRST I DIRECTLY FALL,SECOND I CAN HOLD THAT POSITION ABOUT 2 SECONDS,AND THAN BOOM!


  • Great Video Troy! In this video you talk about increasing weight for gains, I’m 51 and in pretty good shape but I have been lifting lighter weight and increasing my reps for results,will this work. when I lift heavy I always end up hurting something, you know us old guys got to ease up a bit lol. thanks for all the great videos my man!!!!

  • Sorry of this ist offtopic, but I have a question about preserving muscle mass.
    I am a 19 year old female and have been doing Judo since I was very small. I stopped 4 years ago for personal reasons and haven’t done any sports since exept at school. No workout, nothing.
    I returned two weeks ago and I can do even more pushups etc. for no apparent reason.
    When I left I could do about 20 handstand pushups at once, or 60 crunches for example and repeat it several times. Now I can do at least 30 and 80 respectively. I saw that my muscles weren’t really getting smaller in these years from pictures comparision after These surprising results.
    I always gained muscle incredibly fast with little work, but I expected some drawbacks after all this time…
    Have you heard something along these lines before?
    If you have I would really appreciate an explanation because I have no idea what’s going on.
    In 2 weeks I’ve already lost the bit of extra weight I had and I’d like to get it back If possible while stil doing Judo. I missed my favoriten sport but I can’t stand hearing that I’m unattraktive because my arms and belly Look so ”masculine”.

    Thank you in advance for any ideas or answers!
    Btw sorry for my bad english it’s not my mother tongue

  • I just found this channel so I don’t know if she’s open about this, but I went back and watched her first video, and Jesus, that voice change.

  • Great video! Love all the points you made! Very useful! But also…you’re make up is on point! Especially your eyes! Do you have a make up tutorial? What products do you use?

  • I have watched a LOT of these types of videos in my life and I have to say, this is probably the best one I’ve seen. I feel like you did an excellent job of explaining WHY going slow in reducing calories is important. It took me freaking FOREVER to learn and understand why going immediately into a maximal deficit would backfire in the end because your body adapts and takes your your wiggle room away. I really appreciated how you laid this out. I never learn anything useful in these videos usually, but you did a great job of really qualifying the why’s and how’s ❤️

  • Always been too lazy to count calories/weigh my food. Been eye-balling everything for years. Still get good results. Once you figure out what works for you, just keep going

  • Those donuts.

    Healty = 1 donut a day each for 2 das for family of 3/4 (cant make out if its a 6 or 8 pack)

    Most people (me some days included = Eat whole pack inside of 5 minutes.

  • 3:18 I knew you were legit before, but now you are really someone to listen to. I have never once heard someone admit that. Granted it was never a theme, but I hated it and was always jealous of the others who seemingly got no issue.

  • How much to eat? More than you want to
    How much to drink? More than you want to…..better yet make it milk
    These are the rules i have adopted for my scrawny weak ass
    So far it’s stopped me from having to deload so much on a 5×5 routine

  • I just wanted to say thank you, I really needed to hear this. Lately I’ve been so down and getting mad at myself because I haven’t made any (scale) progress. I stopped going to the gym because I hated that I go 5 times a week and work my butt off and yet I don’t look like I go that often. Thank you for being a positive role model and for saying words of encouragement during this tough time.

  • Honestly everything you said is ��. I used to freak out over the scale. Over work myself, all of it, stress over working out then stress about life… And for the first 5 months of me lifting, I gained almost 20 lbs lol but then one day.. I realized progress takes time.. I’m still eating well, I’m still lifting well fuck the scale.. let’s focus on building my mental health and keep the mind set “no one can do this but me… This takes time..I want a permanent solution not a temporary fix” and boy.. I kept pushing myself, I have so much muscle now. My body fat was cut j. Half. I eat more whole based good foods. My workouts don’t kill me but feel great, challenge me. And I am the the best shape I’ve ever been in and no I don’t know my weight because I feel and see the difference and that’s what counts.. if I feel my best for me

  • So I just recently found your videos and I love them! I thought it was perfect because you shop at Publix, and I just moved to Florida so now I do too! But then I saw you moved to Iowa, which is where I just moved from! Thought it was a funny coincidence:) But thanks so much for the awesome videos! So glad I found them!

  • My sin is only training “trophy exercises”.:(
    Squat, bench, deads and OHP.
    I find it extremely hard to be arsed to do any assistant exercises.

  • If I only had seen this video 35 years ago..
    I grew up with movies like Rocky.. no pain no gain.. so you could never train (hard)enough..
    everyday going all the way.. more times a day even at night. Before work after work..
    that was my biggest mistake..
    thanks for this awesome information ��
    I wanna achieve a one arm chin-up next year. I will be 50 then.
    You’re the best teacher here on YouTube ����

  • Bukvalno, to nije samo lekcija vezano za sport i Street Workout, to je lekcija za ceo život.
    Svaka čast, samo tako nastavi, velika si motivacija za sve nas koji idalje idu ka svojim snovima kao i za one koje su vec nesto postigli i zele jos da idu dalje.
    Dominik SkY❤

  • The sleep thing is KEY! I am mom to a 10 months old and I put on a lot of weight since mid pregnancy, mostly because I always felt the need to eat and eat and eat since i was sleep deprived and so flippin tired ��

    I’m feeling much more in control of my diet now that i’m able to sleep more and have a quieter evening because my baby boy sleeps early and long now.

    I feel more active, I enjoy going out and walking (instead of eating out of boredom) and I go for healthy choices of food instead of super sugary and hyper salty snacks and stuff more easily:)

  • we ran out of sugar and thats how i went off it. Used to have porridge with 2+1/2 tablespoons of sugar and it tasted disgusting without it. Got used to it over 2 weeks and now its too sweet with even just 1 tablespoon

  • This is very helpful. Guys checkout my video on diet and nutrition for beginners. I explain everything and also share what I eat and avoid.

  • Hi! I didn’t quite understand the MyFitnessPal point. Can someone explain that to me again? I put my calories to 1800 per day, I workout a lot (burn average 1200cal per day). How many calories can I eat then? Still 1800 or 3000?

  • Manders, I absolutely look forward to ur videos and instagram stories. I always get a good laugh in with u. Thank u for being urself and sharing ur life with us. Congrats on ur engagement and that hair looks fire!!!

  • My birthday is on 7th February and I was almost shocked when he said 7 and paused. I wish he would say February instead of April lol

  • I cannot love this video enough �� I’m just getting back into working out again after debilitating anxiety taking over my life. I’m working on making sure not to be too hard on myself. It’s gonna be a hard journey, but so worth it! Would you ever consider doing a whole night time routine video?? I get sleep, but not QUALITY sleep. Example: i got 7.5 hours of sleep last night and only 30 mins of that was deep/rem sleep (what my Fitbit told me). �� i feel like i should be getting so much better sleep!

  • 9b. Do front squats. I hate doing ab specific work. It’s my least favorite thing to do. So, I trick myself into doing other exercises that recruit core muscles, and front squats are some of the best.

    Re: 6. Another thing I hate doing as primary a powerlifter is cardio. Supersets or giantsets at the end of a workout with lower weight in the range of 20-25 reps per movement will wreck you. It’s a mini hiit workout except you’re not on a treadmill contemplating how badly you wanna cut your own legs off and beat the person next you with them.

  • You completed a mission behind these videos. You are the biggest inspiration and motivation. Yesterday i really didn´t feel like training… i watched your last video again and I just did my training session. I literally have the same thinking about life as you talk in these vids. My goal is to achive straddle planch till new year. I already trained consistent for about 6 months. why i want to achive planch: i want to prove myself that i can be consistent and achive my dreams if i want. If you just decide to achive something it doesn´t mean that you will just achive it. You have to work hard and cosistent and never give up. And btw I also write every training session on paper (since 1. April ) so i can see the progress. It˙s just amazing feeling when You talk about life and training exactly the same way as i would tell it to someone. So if someone ask me what is my mind set i just send this two videos. Keep doing these vids. ��❤

  • Fitness people are not bodybuilders… Fitness people don’t have a routine they cherry pick their exercises… they use bad form to Ego lift all their exercises… they would rather feed their ego!

  • I have recently had a very signicant weight gain (30+ pounds) in a very short 10 weeks. After crying daily over the way that I looked, especially after losing 30lbs over the last year, gyming 5 times a week, I felt like a complete failure. After seeing several doctor’s I found out my weight gain was completely hormonal, and that my body is going through premature ovarian failure. Weight gain and loss can have many aspects, and I find that loving your body for what it is and how it looks already is a HUGE factor in any body composition change. Since I have changed my mindset into thinking this way, and stopped beating myself up for the way I looked, or how my clothes fit, and started accepting my body for what it is in this moment I have been a great change in my mental health, but honestly, even my body composition as a whole.

  • So thankful that I’ve found your videos! Not going to lie, I teared up when you talked about the last one because that is my biggest problem. It is so hard to not compare myself with others and it it nice to be reminded that it is my journey and not theirs ❤️ thank you for your videos!

  • The orange juice he had with it prob has the most sugar of all his intake. Lolo get off that OJ unless you squeezing your own one shot of orange juice is enough

  • Thanks Simon. I’ve watched half a dozen of these so far and they’re great. Sent a couple to my wife even. I liked them all. Moving up to Patreon soon. I enjoy you on Whatculture and basically anytime I see you. Very happy Haku did not touch you…yet. Thanks again for doing this and being you. Keep it going, dude.

  • So I completely understand the idea behind not fixating on weighing a certain amount. But say someone used to workout consistently and at one point reached a weight and they were comfortable maintaining that weight. Is it still bad to want to be back at that weight? Or am I just trying to justify myself ��
    Love your videos♥️

  • I absolutely loved this!! You broke it down so well! I’m guilty of stressing about a lot of these things and it was a refreshing reminder to not stress and be patient.