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Does HIIT cardio build muscle?

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High Intensity Training (HIT) vs. High Volume: Which One Builds the MOST Muscle?

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High Intensity Muscle Building Workout

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*You have never done this before* 12 Minutes Muscle Building HIIT Workout (Upper Body)

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High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Maximum Results, Minimum Time

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The Best 15 Minute Dumbbell HIIT Workout for Fat Loss & Building Muscle! #CrockFit

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TEENAGER Workout Routine To Build Muscle! (FAST RESULTS!!)

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Slow twitch fibers add some mass to a muscle but nowhere near the amount fast twitch fibers do. To build maximum size you need to stimulate fast twitch fibers using moderate to heavy weights. In a future article I will give advice on training slow-twitch fibers for some added size but for now we’ll focus on fast twitch fibers. How to do it: Opposing muscle groups like chest and back are ideal for supersetting to promote muscular balance.

Not that there’s anything wrong with pairing, say, shoulders and biceps, but opposites always attract with this technique. When supersetting the same muscle group, it’s usually preferred to do the more difficult exercise first. Functional training most usually involves kettlebell exercises and requires short bursts of high intensity workouts. As opposed to sets and reps, you work continuously for a set amount of time then.

Build Muscle Fast with High-Frequency Training As long as you keep your workouts short and focused you will see incredible results with high-frequency training. You’ll improve technique on your big lifts and build strength faster by practicing them more often. 1 day ago · He recommends doing high-intensity interval training (HIIT) as it will help boost your metabolism and promote lean muscle mass. Add movements like push-ups, pull-ups, bodyweight squats, lunges and.

The four-day split pairs a large bodypart (chest, back, shoulders, quads/hams) with one or two smaller muscle groups (tri’s, bi’s, traps, calves, abs) in each workout. This helps ensure that you’re fresh when doing your heaviest compound exercises. “As long as the rate of muscle synthesis is greater than the breakdown, you will build muscle,” says Ball. If you want to see the best fat-burning, muscle-building results from your strength.

What you should be doing are high-intensity interval training, explosive cardio action that will do more to boost your cardiovascular system and melt away any unwanted body fat. Don’t overdo the cardio. If you find that you really need to focus on cardio, then it may not be the right time for you to start strength training to build muscle.

Can you Build Muscle with Bodyweight Exercises? 6 Helpful Bodyweight Back Exercises for At Home Workouts. Train like you: Tap into Your Workout Motivation and Find Your Strength. Healthy Shopping List ᐅ 13 Pantry Essentials.

5 Irresistible BBQ Ideas and Summer Grill Recipes (+ Tips!). A recent study shows that training with lighter loads and more repetitions is just as effective at building muscle as training with heavy weights and fewer reps. Just do.

List of related literature:

The conventional ways to build muscle are to perform big, compound lifts, such as squats and dead lifts, or to combine the super-slow approach and fast, explosive approach.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
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Therefore, program design for these muscle types should emphasize high repetition and sets with minimal resistance.

“Clinical Mechanics and Kinesiology” by Janice Kaye Loudon, Robert C. Manske, Michael P. Reiman
from Clinical Mechanics and Kinesiology
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High intensity: Perform 6 to 12 reps.

“Weight Training For Dummies” by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
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Vukovich and coworkers [160] also reported that HMB supplementation (3 grams/day for 8Ȭweeks during resistance training) significantly increased muscle mass, reducedȬfat mass, and promoted greater gains in upper and lower extremity 1ȬRM strength in a group of elderly men and women initiating training.

“Essentials of Exercise & Sport Nutrition: Science to Practice” by Richard B. Kreider PhD FACSM FISSN FNAK
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These techniques can then be integrated into a program of total-body strength and power exercises.

“Science and Practice of Strength Training” by Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky, William J. Kraemer, Andrew C. Fry
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I believe the best of these is high-intensity interval training, which I have discussed last.

“The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body” by Jeffry S. Life
from The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body
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High-intensity exercise and strength training stimulate protein synthesis in muscle tissue.

“Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition” by Heather Hedrick Fink, Lisa A. Burgoon, Alan E. Mikesky
from Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition
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Method: High-intensity strength training Speed increase only.

“NSCA's Guide to Tests and Assessments” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Todd A. Miller
from NSCA’s Guide to Tests and Assessments
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It has been proven that even frail elderly and institutionalized men and women can gain muscle mass, muscle force and, simultaneously, a better functional status and spontaneous activity in response to high-intensity strength training [30, 127].

“Osteoporosis in Men: The Effects of Gender on Skeletal Health” by Eric S. Orwoll, John P. Bilezikian, Dirk Vanderschueren
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To build a foundation of muscle, this phase uses a total-body approach to training.

“Sculpting Her Body Perfect” by Brad Schoenfeld
from Sculpting Her Body Perfect
by Brad Schoenfeld
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  • I get my muscle stronger and bigger from doing push-ups and some plank and some good exercise for about 6 months every day nearly and i got great results and now i am continue with it I recommend u to do cardio every day if u can and push-ups and plank and you will see good results and eat well btw i am 14 years old, i hope you u get benefit from my comment.

  • My routine is cardio to start everyday and abs at the end of everyday. I do push pull legs. So for example for push day I do 20 min cardio then bench press shoulder press some lats and some others for smaller muscle groups. Then I finish with 10 min of abs.

  • I used to return the school lunches which came in huge metal trays, from the classrooms to the kitchens(roughly 500m plus stairs, does that count?

  • Teenagers my age should do calisthenics for 1-2 years so they can build a foundation of strength in every part of their body. Then, progress to the gym.

  • Boys don’t expect to get shredded off this video “fast results” isn’t a thing when ur going threw puberty. That shit takes time all u have to do is keep grinding and work hard, once ur older this workout routine will apply but not when ur a teenager it just doesn’t work like that

  • Boys this is cap, a routine is good and all but it doesn’t have to be this extreme I get results doing workouts when it’s best for me (when I’m hyper, or like energetic) and I do exercises that are available to me and make due this routine he’s showing is extreme and trust me u don’t have time for it, if ur an athlete focus on what u need for that sport and make ur workout revolve around those aspects. Also 2-3 times a week is all u need and spread that shit out so ur muscles can heal so ur not sore during ur next workout.

  • I’m 14 and I cut off junk food and soda and only drink water and ima stop eating bread and rice but I really don’t know what else to eat that would help me lose more belly fat and I also life weights every day and that kinda helps

  • In my opinion that picture, that year Arnold was at his best and peak, and to me untouchable and the best bodybuilder ever with his size and esthetics. Hay John what is your normal rest time after one set on a normal set HIT?.THANK YOU

  • Hello there, I want to know if Custokebon Secrets, will work for me? I see many people keep on speaking about this popular weight loss methods.

  • I’m 13 and I’ve. Been working out 5 to 6 day a week and Ive done it for 3 years and I’ve still love doing it and I’ve gotten bigger

  • I am trying to move up in weight but run into the issue that some exercise are easy to do and others are too hard with the weight. Like the weight in the neck makes my shoulders blue by cutting of the bloodstream and the tricep exercise is too heavy to hold above my head. I don’t want to not push myself on the easy once but I can’t switch the weights up mid exercise also. What would you recommend?

  • Is 13 too young to start going to the gym and working your muscles out that the next day it hurts to do a push-up? Or am I too yojng

  • My opinion, for what it’s worth. Arnold had a much more aesthetic physique than Mentzer or Viator or Yates. Do you think it had anything to do with training style, or was it just genetic predisposition? I remember Arnold being super thick, before he refined down to compete, though.

  • This was such a satisfying workout!

    Alex, it seems that this works out the full body with most of the muscle building focus being on shoulders. Am I right?

  • I do 10 sets of ten reps on the four compound movements. 3 to 4 minutes break. Go once or twice a week per compound for one to 2 months. Then raise weight by 5 percent and can do the full ten sets again with the higher weight. 60 percent of max. Works for me. The side effects is an enormous appetite and no aerobics needed.

  • Can someone give me advice? I work out about 5 days a week, i feel like im eating enough. But i cant see any huge muscle growth. Sure im going up in weight alot these past couple months and im getting somewhat more defined but it doesnt seem like my muscles are growing as much as i want them to.

  • Hi John, thanks for the video! Alot of experts never talk about recovery ability. Ive been using the Dorian Yates style for the last 3 months. First time I used this method in 8 years and it definitely works! Doing 1 work set on all exercises and resting 10-14 days per body part. Big fan of your channel! Thanks again for sharing the info on high intensity!

  • Feeling pretty awesome. This 52 year old did all 3 rounds with my 15lbs dumbells. Felt great so I decided to do a 4th round. Will use the 20lb ones next time.

  • Would this type of advice/lifting advice work on me considering I’m only 13 and 6’1 265lbs, but I just wanted to know if I should wait to start lifting or jus get into it, thanks����.

  • Diet aren’t necessary for teenagers just don’t eat junk food and instead eat high protein low fat foods while spreading out your meals throughout the day, 3-5 meals. Simple. Make sure you eating the proper amount of calories depending on your weight. But don’t starve yourself cause it’ll just make you want to eat more

  • Can I do upper body, abs workout and cardio everyday and not legs because my legs are good. Or is that bad to the same workouts everyday?

  • This just sounds like something that doesn’t work for me I don’t have a gym I am just thinking to do Mondaytriceps’s chest Tuesdayshoulders biceps and just keep doing that cause I’m not really worried about my legs so any suggestions I’m 17 117 pounds looking to gain weight and get some muscle

  • How many rest days do you think it’s good to have I feel 3 is to many’s and how long do you believe it will take to notice growth?

  • I was doing this workout for awhile. Got in really good shape. Stopped doing 4 sets. I skip the legs.
    Got a girlfriend. Got carpal tunnel.
    Arg. Now I skip it all

  • To anyone finding it difficult (like me) I changed how I drank my water through it so I would drink after 5 exercises then 4 then 3 then 2 and then I only had one exercise left I found this easier as the harder it got I got more water and it was something to focus on instead of the 15 mins

  • I’m 15, started working out at 14, been doing calisthenics for almost a year now, this workout plan he gives in the video is good, but could be better.

  • Ive been working hard and i have a skinny build, ive never had Money so i cant obtain the neccesary calories and protein, i get about 1 full meal a day maybe 2, ive had an insane change in definition beautiful abs nice chest. And actual visible arm muscle, but ive hardly grown, can u make a poor mans diet.

  • I made the mistake of doing this on a push day ��
    Really kicked my ass this time! Thanks again Alex!

    Btw ik said thanks again just ya helped me out a lot ������

  • Hey Alex I been doing this for a week now and I’m doing a 3 month workout to see how much waight I can loose and I did this for the last week of the month and I lost 8 pounds and this is going to be my first week of the second month and the first day already lost a pound I’m doing this workout everyday now and running for a hour a day.I thought about converting my fat into muscle but gave up on that and I’ll loose all my fat first then gain muscle.Anyways I was wondering if I should this specific workout to loose waight lmk because I need the best workout to loose fat and loose waight

  • The image of the Chinese man lifting weights is not a powerlifter he’s a weightlifter. Powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting is different and weightlifting can burn fat too. You only gain muscle from weightlifting from eating and rest afterwards.

  • Hey, so my goal is to lose fat and build muscle right. and People are telling me that full-body workouts are better for beginners like me. So is this a full-body workout and is it right for me? And if it is right for me how many times should I repeat this? Like do this video once 5 days a week and get 2 rest days.

  • My trainer in the gym told me to: I should come to train every 2 days and always switch between upper and lower body. So 4 times a week. Is my plan is worse than the one in the video?

  • Can u do a video we’re u don’t speak gym and tell us what all these random workouts we don’t know about is explained it’s stuff like traps what the heck are they and stuff like that

  • Come on now,, these men built the bulk of their muscle with high volume and this is fact and second these guys were on tonnes of gear,
    Please use natural guys as examples

  • Long distance runners are purposely not trying to get more muscle mass. They need be lean and strong, also a utilizing a better running economy. Of course in this society bulky big men are seen as strong and lean athletic men are weak and skinny.

  • Tough workout to complete with proper form. Felt like mostly cardio not much resistance unless you do it with heavy weight, but I’m not there yet. Definitely will come back to this until I feel I’ve mastered it. Thanks!

  • THANK YOU for keeping it real. Oddly, seeing you struggled a bit helped motivated me to finish LOL. Much respect from USA and your channel is officially my first subscription. Will definitely follow, watch and do more!

  • Hi Alex, what type of weight training do you recommend the other days? I’m doing push pull legs now 6 times a week but want to try this (looks great!) and don’t know how to combine it so I can rest as well ��

  • Really appreciate the help brother! I’m ready to have my ass handed to me lol ��
    What size dumbells would you reccomend for this exercise? I’m lightly toned weighing in at 160lbs(73kg)

  • Definitely gone do this work out. 2020 June today I saw your workout and I did subscribed. I work out from home and I do have dumbbell.

  • How many times per week should I do this HIIT workout combined with a weightlifting routine for optimal fat burning and muscle growth? I’m planning on going to the gym 3-4 times a week.

  • Awesome workout! Thank you for posting this!
    Would appreciate it if you could also come checkout my workouts and help me grow!
    Any feedback is welcome!

  • I plan on doing this workout for 2 weeks straight but my thing is i dont really eat healthy will i still see gains? (Whoever see’s this comment please answer)

  • I stumbled across this workout while looking for something quick to do. Very good. Nothing ridiculous or unsafe about it, particularly for guys like me over 50. Thanks for the work out.

  • This workout was a killer, but I survived and I felt awesome at the end. Also drowning in a puddle of sweat. This is my workout for the rest of the week.

    Could use some help in my abs though.

  • What’s the weight of the dumbbells you tend to use for this?I know it’s not a one-size-fits-all, but I’m curious to know for a reference point.

  • Great workout, I personally would have added a little time for warm-up/down, just so you don’t get complaints from 45 yr old guys having a mid-life crisis about pulling a muscle first time out.

    Would also have included a set of deadlifts to work the hamstrings/glutes/lower back

    Other than that, a great workout man.

  • Hi Alex really getting on with this work out, is there a possibility if I keep going with it will it start to bring my abs out of hiding I’m not big just bit to much to show them?? Thanks again man����

  • This workout kicked my ass. I needed something tough during this quarantine and was just what I needed. Thanks mate. Please post more HIIT workouts����

  • Hi, i have a question, why are my abs bigger and more visible on the left side then my right side, does it have to do with how I workout? Or is it normal? Please respond!

  • This was sooo great!!! I usually take yoga sculpt everyday but, since the quarantine, I haven’t been able to go obviously. I love weighted cardio workouts and this was awesome! Thank you

  • This is great mate! Training at home and missing the gym big time! Got weights and bands here but always good to find workouts like this. Gonna be training with you a lot more now..cheers pal x

  • I guess I have to clear something up for all the powerlifters out there. This video is NOT saying that weightlifting or powerlifting makes you fat. This video is merely stating that if your goal is to get lean, then weightlifting alone, especially single rep sets, will not get you a sculpted physique. There are many powerlifters that are ripped. The point here is to show you that HIIT enjoys the benefits of BOTH weightlifting and steady cardio. Hopefully people out there are smart enough to understand the overall message here…and not get emotional when they see a fat powerlifter.

  • Hiit is good but requires a relatively fit body to perform such high intensity workouts. Images you do 30sec sprint then go through 30sec with 20pushup, it is not easy

  • I started doing HIIT about a month ago on a friend’s recommendation and it works. The changes kinda crept up on me, been a gym rat for years and I had never lost this much fat in such a short period. I do my HIIT sessions with calisthenics and it’s worked miracles on my overall energy, strength and tone, not to mention the absurd amount of fat burning. If one wants to burn fat quickly and gain some good basic strength, change your diet a bit and do HIIT regularly.

  • Im a skinny guy, i guess my metabolism is high as it’s hard for me to gain weight even tho i eat way more than my ‘bigger’ friends, would this workout still help me get bigger even if i don’t have as much body fat?

  • As a personal trainer, this is BS. HIIT is AWESOME but it will not make you superman. HIIT does not replace strength training workout sessions or steady-state cardio. They are all specific. A guy who only does HIIT will not have the muscle mass of someone who does strength training. Likewise, he will also not have the heart benefits of someone who does steady-state Cardio. HIIT is conducive to most people’s goals if they just want to get leaner and pack on a little muscle. I use HIIT as a tool primarily for burning fat during a cutting phase. FYI weight lifting is basically HIIT.

  • To go gym for 2 hours to chat with people & make 3 series of bench press during that 2 hours is the best way to destroy yourself,.. 20-30 mins of quick high intensity with periods of rest gave me optimum results..,

  • Better go check Brad Schoenfeld’s info on weightliftng and its benefits. There’s nothing like weightlifting (and I don’t lift, I’m not a gym rat, at least not a weight gym rat). As a general rule, if you have to choose between cardio and weightlifting as an all-around exercise, go for weightlifting.

    I don’t know to what extent HIIT is useful for building muscle. I have been doing HIIT for about 8 months-1 year as a warm up before starting my kick boxing training and although its great for building resistance and muscular strength to a certain extent, it’s been useless for hypertrophy, which is why I had to start going to a weightlifting gym (today actually:p) besides the kickboxing gym, otherwise I’ll get too slim and that’s not good if I want to move to a heavier weight class and/or want to look more athetic.

    Still, kudos to you for promoting healthier lifestyles in this world of couch potatoes. Just be careful about what you recommend your audience to do. Peace.

  • Is this supposed to make me do crossfit… because it won’t, also, weightlifting does burn quite a lot of calories, plus it burns more at rest, HIIT is simply more efficient cardio for people who would rather do 15-30min of cardio and gas themselves out (like me) than do a long drawn out session. Both will yield similar results, one just takes less time

  • You only showed fat powerlifters, some of them are actually pretty skinny, no one can have a 6 pack and drink lard all day, you should have used a fairer example to represent them

  • I first wanna say, cool video dude! And now for all of those comments out there criticizing and saying that there needs more research and “proof” that anything in this video works, why don’t YOU provide that for us then? Until I see something that can disprove the advice that this video is providing and that there is something better, I’m sticking to this. I’m looking for the best, or at least, the most beneficial workout routines and diets that can BOTH help me lose weight AND gain muscle; simultaneously or not. And this video helped a little. Again, good video.

  • all i know is that when i drink a beer really fast, then rest for a few minutes, then drink another beer really fast…. i get drunk.

  • This video is complete nonsense. If you had just done some research you’d have discovered that building muscle and burning fat simultaneously does NOT work. HIIT is not superior to LISS. The best form of cardio depends on other factors, like your goal, your other training and your fatigue management. Dont believe everything just because its on the internet, peeps.

  • I don’t understand these new fitness trends. Cardio to loose weight lift heavy iron for gainz period. Why complicate something so simple.

  • Long distance runners have to be really thin because every gram of their body is a gram that they need to carry til the end of their run

  • Am I the only one who hits the like button even before the video starts simply because this channel only produces awesome content?

  • I was doing squat jump in the end of my workout for.., for nothing, it’s just make sense for me, and turned out it was a good technique.

  • I agree with a lot of commenters. This video presents HIIT way too strongly, cherry picking the information. Olympic-level sprinters do some powerlifting too. CrossFit athletes do heaps of powerlifting. HIIT isn’t the be-all end-all, it’s a useful training option with pros and cons. I think this video started off well, but then overstated the point in a way that seems false.

  • you CANNOT loose fat and gain muscle simultaneously! also this form of training can lead to injury pretty fast! I like this channel but this video consists of a lot of fake facts and bullshit.

  • This stupid video… the sprinter obviously lifts weights…i do cross country and I’m very muscular and lean because i burn fat by running and lift weights to build muscle..and i actually enjoy it, it’s more relaxing than hiit. So if you wanna be like me you can go ahead and do 1 hour cardio sessions or 45 minutes and then just lifts weights

  • Not saying hiit is bad for your joints just saying comparing yourself with elite level atletes is stupid. You dont understand the dedication and drugs combined with incredible genes and perseverance go into such a fysiek. And the output. To be honest the long distance runner might look skinny, but he probably defeat you in a sprint, and the sprinter may look fat and buff but he would most likely destroy you in long distance. Your video is a joke.

  • I saw this for the first time! And 2 minutes later I did right along with you! Till the end, I hope to burn the th lil fat I got left around my belly and waist +!thanks

  • Good videos! How long are these to be done to get results? Ive seen some 4,5 and 6 minute hiit workouts, are those effective? Is 4-6minutes really all you need?

  • The image of the Chinese man lifting weights is not a powerlifter he’s a weightlifter. Powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting is different and weightlifting can burn fat too. You only gain muscle from weightlifting from eating and rest afterwards.

  • Thanks man I followed you’re advice for about 2 years and now I’m the swollest I’ve ever been My muscle mass is unbelievable my muscles have muscle it’s gotten to the point the my cock is a huge muscle this strategy is legitness

  • The image of the Chinese man lifting weights is not a powerlifter he’s a weightlifter. Powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting is different and weightlifting can burn fat too. You only gain muscle from weightlifting from eating and rest afterwards.

  • Wayde Van Niekerk is a Sprinter and he doesn’t look like Rich Froning?
    Lu Xiaojun is a weightlifter but does he look fun and heavy??

  • professionnal sprinter dont do sprint to train most of the time it’ll be only 5% of their workout, a powerlifter training burns more calories than any of your hiit sessions, they ‘re fat because they eat 9000 calories a day because they burn 2000 calories during their training… not saying hiit is Bad, just saying you’re making wrong and false comparisons or sophism….

  • Bruh the long distance runners want to be skinny so they don’t have to carry as much over long periods of time. That was a bad comparison, you showed the two most efficient body types for those two sports, which is not a direct result of the sport itself.

  • If you really want to know about what training builds muscle study and learn from Vince Gironda. High intensity is good but you also need volume to. You should alternate high volume with super high intensity.

  • I am sorry but you’re wrong. It’s actually the opposite. You need to train each bodypart at least twice a week according to studies as a natural. Steroid users have high protein synthesis through all the week and does not need to hit the same bodyparts more than once a week. Because of the limit of 72 hour protein synthesis for natties, it’s not a good idea of just hitting the same bodypart every seventh day.

  • What are some ways to lost lots of fat? I read many good reviews on the internet about how Fenoboci Diet Plan can help you lost a ton of fat. Has anybody tried using this popular weight loss method?

  • This workout whooped mah ass and I only did 3 with a few rests in between. I will gradually get up to 4 sets. Great workout ����������������

  • I enjoyed this workout so much. The workouts that he did are some workouts that I like to do. The push ups was my favorite part of the workout. I always make sure i do push ups every single day.

  • Can anyone tell me, if this actually covers every muscle or I need to do some more different workouts too? Thank you, everyone for replying.

  • Nice video bruda respect ✊ your so right about weights being “attainable “ peeps you don’t have to buy a complete set of dumbbells �� to work out ��️‍♀️ lol just get what you can handle and maybe a heavier set for when your gains come. Too many people are “attached” at the hip to gyms ��half the equipment they don’t use or even know how to use some of em ���� don’t get me wrong I am a gym rat on occasion but I have my staples at home still. Couple 10ners and 20 pound dumbbells. My tried and true ez bar and couple resistance bands gets me a good pump at home in a pinch. Hell when I started lifting back in highschool ez bar was what I got most of my gains from. All this fancy equipment is redonkulous at times. There is a reason free weights and dumbbells were the main go to back in the early bodybuilding days. Having atleast some gym equipment at home can be a godsend and right now is perfect example. I needed a couple 35 pound weights so I went to department store and to my shock “every” and I literally mean every free weight, dumbbells, barbells,medicine balls and list goes on we’re sold out. �� this was few weeks before the big virus �� scare. Went to Walmart same freakin thing. Oh sorry they had a few 1 pound dumbbells left ���� so I’m making due but I feel for the other peeps who have nothing at home and are on juice. This is where body weight comes in play but to my amazement a lot of peeps don’t know,do or like pushups lol that’s why inmates in jail are so swole with lack of or no equipment to use. It can be done. Anyway my rant is over lol like and subbed ✌️���� FYI never ever hold your farts �� in or they will travel up your spine into your brain �� and that’s where shity ideas �� come from. Stay safe y’all. ��

  • Can’t do tricep extension with barbell because it will take time to changing the weight plates so dips is the replacement option and instead doing push ups bench press would be great as I don’t have ez curl bar but this workout is insane

  • My barbell is 30kg and I cannot change weights as I made it from buckets with cement lol. Any ideas for whole body workout with 30kg? I have one dumbbell also and its 12kg

  • True. I noticed that training 4 times a week with less sleep and the food was not perfect i decreased in performance. Instead of 8 to 11 sets per muscle i was done at set 5, which i didn’t like. So…i took 3 days of and start eating better, now i’m back!: ) i only do one exercise until the muscle is done. If set 9 i can only do 2 reps, it means its done. Or could be set 11. Never went to set 12, cause i do all sets to failure, without forcing 2 reps with asistence or cheating. My last rep in a set is a half rep with screamings:) You know…i workout alone, at home. And i dont calculate 3 or 4 sets with lighter weight they are only to help me increase to my maximum dumbbell for that muscle. Cheers and thanks for the video. I spent 20 years calculating sets and reps and not understanding which is better, but i learned what is best for me. (45 y.o btw, natural)

  • First time today using my new curl bar like this one….could only do 3 rounds (after my 7×4 home workout challenge) plus I got to go to work in a CPL hours that’s gonna be fun my legs are weak RN…..but I’ma keep pushing and I’ll try 4 rounds tomorrow.. ��️‍♂️

  • The HIIT vs LIT comparison of sprinters vs runners physique was quite well argued against by Essop (professional sprinter himself)

  • I’m an absolute beginner and have skinny arms with a fat gut due to years of alcohol abuse. I’m off the wagon and want to get in shape. I do jogging for cardio and have a calorie deficient diet to get rid of my gut. I want to put on muscles and get rid of the gut. Would this workout be right for me for that goal? And is it ok for me to have a calprie deficit and still gain muscle if I take in enough protein? I look forward to trying this one out:)

  • So do I just not count in my workouts? I just started doing that again but I feel as its a limiting thing when trying to go my full potential, say the paper says 20 pushups in 3 sets I get to 20 do I just stop there or just say F it and rip that paper up and do as many as possible?

  • i am doing 1 time full workout a day will improve to 2 times or 3 times a day just a beginner thats why 1 time per day soon will improve

  • Former fat ass trying to get in shape and this workout kicked my ass I only did half and was completely done. And I cheated too I rested about 5 min after push ups. Hopefully one day I can do the whole workout without resting

  • This looks cool
    #Challenge accepted
    Day 1….wish me luck

    …I will come here everyday and mark my attendance everyday for next 60 days

    Day 2

  • Good advice for training properly you get juice heads on internet telling you to train 4 hours a day six days a week the part that they leave out is they abuse steroids. overtraining is also bad for the immune system.

  • I prefer HIT over volume. It’s not only short but sweet but it stimulates more muscle growth as well as my cardiovascular. Provided my food intake is controlled and virtually clean.

  • When you realise he only did one round and then played the same video on a loop… After one round he had to drop the dumbbell because sweat was stinging his eyes. We did it four times, how do you think we bloody feel.

  • If ye love me, keep my commandments.
    John 14:15 KJV

    Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.  Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work:
    Exodus 20:8‭-‬9 KJV

    Saturday is the day of the Lord

    The claim that Christ by his death abolished his Father’s law, is without foundation. Had it been possible for the law to be changed or set aside, then Christ need not have died to save man from the penalty of sin. The death of Christ, so far from abolishing the law, proves that it is immutable. The Son of God came to “magnify the law, and make it honorable.” [Isaiah 42:21.] He said, “Think not that I am come to destroy the law;” “till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in nowise pass from the law.” [Matthew 5:17, 18.] And concerning himself he declares, “I delight to do thy will, O my God; yea, thy law is within my heart.” [Psalm 40:8.] GC88 466.3

    Ecclesiastes 12:13 KJV
    Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.

  • What if you were to do high volume high intensity training where you are doing 3-5 sets and on each set go all out. Start at a higher weight then reduce it every set so u can keep going all out and keep the rest periods short (30-60 seconds)

  • When you understand HIT, the question changes from “is it worth the effort?” to the statement “there is no good reason NOT to train”. The benefits far outweigh the effort.

  • Probably the epitome of HIT is Beyond Failure Training (BFT or Demon Training) with pre-exhaust exercises by the late Trevor Smith.

  • Too much dogma here guys, there are responders and non responders to everything, look at it all objectively, do 6 months proper HIT and 6 months volume, then compare, it’s distinctly possible to learn and gain from both. Keep an open mind in all things, just stay classy.

  • Bad example mate. A better example is from the world of boxing. There are some fighters that throw only one big punch or there are other boxers that throw combinations. HIT is a one punch to training and volume training is a combination approach to training. One fatiques a muscle with one set, the other with a combination of sets, but both fatique the muscle.
    The best approach is to use both HIT and volume training and cycle them.

  • You conparing steroid users to people that dont use steroids. You can train in any way and still get big as long as you use steroids

  • Volume is a real enemy of age. Being 75 years old I will not do volume training but HIT. ME!NEVER MORE THAN 2 EXERCISES PER BODY PART. One has to remember also mind muscle connection (focus) is really really important

  • ive been doing this workout as well as eating healthy for about a month and a half and have lost about 10 pounds so far! thank you for sharing this workout its helped me loads:)

  • I don’t believe you can talk natural training and use any references to steroid takers, it’s two totally different critters. What some pro level steroid takers supposedly did in their 20’s back in the 70’s,80’s, 90’s is irrelevant to what a natural lifter ever did or does. Apples and oranges.

  • Anyone tried the Custokebon Secrets? I have heard many great things about it and my friend lost a lot of weight with Custokebon Secrets (search on google).

  • The bodybuilding magazines of the 70,80,90,2000’s, etc have done a terrible amount of damage to many if not most of the people that really needed their lying preposterous advice. I remember seeing articles like the (50 set shock your muscles into growing) and most of naturals that were in our 20’s then that tried that were thinking we must not have the commitment it takes because we quit somewhere around 35 sets because without realizing it, our bodies were letting us know they were made for that kind of abuse. Those magazines in essence poisoned the waters of true health and fitness and gym culture, they spread lies and disinformation and were a mechanism to sell bodybuilders garbage protein powders and garbage supplements that promised much and delivered nothing.

  • why use two steroid users to sell the point of HIT for naturals? not being a hater, but wouldn’t the message resonate more if you were using natural athletes to demonstrate?

  • True high intensity is hard to achieve, so people try to make up for it with a bit more volume.   Life is distracting, making the higher intensity difficult to hit.   The only way I know is drop sets.  Reduce the weight and keep going.

  • If you think dorian and arnold look so different because they trained different youremissing the drug part if the equation. Their protocols were completely different and thats why they look so different. Its not because.of.the diference in volume.

  • Good video! I am natural and try to train like Dorian ever since I bought his book guts and glory and a few of his training dvds!! And his techniques work perfectly for me! I used to train high volume and spend two hours a day,six days a week in the gym, and get overtrained and frustrated by lack of growth, but now I spend 3 hours a week split over four days,45 minutes each! And get better results! More time for my body to rest and grow!!I read an article one day that said you tap a stick a stick of dynamite all day and it won’t go off or you can hit it with a hammer a couple of times and boom! That’s what high volume against high intensity is! I thought this was a great comparison!!

  • If you’re training for martial arts, here’s an idea:
    Try adapting the different moves you use into a single quick regimen.
    Example with Muay Thai:
    30 seconds of mid kicks alternating from foot to foot, as quick as possible,
    a sequence of 6 jabs, a cross, two hooks, a Solarplexus into two jabs into another Solarplexus in 20 seconds
    45 seconds of rest
    Repeat but replace the first part with knee strikes as quick as possible for 15 seconds
    If your style uses front kicks and other types of moves, add those into your regimen as well.

  • Wow, a lot of good comments. Now my personal grain of salt… learn your body type and what stimulates it most. To do so you need to test different techniques on a long term (few months to a year). Then you have different stimulus according to the type of muscle (example Calves: for some it will be HIT for others volume high reps…) and even then!! you still need to confuse the muscle once in a while, few week breaks, or light then heavy bla bla… but wait… we need to talk about nutrition… what works for you. 51 and still learning… have fun!

  • Thanks John for another fine piece of information. As you said particularly when your natural you need more time to recover. I’m 51 and from listening to your sage like advice and using common sense and understanding how your body works it was simple foe me to confirm that I need more recovery and less volume.the same body part is worked between 7 and 10 days and the reason it’s between 7 and 10 is because I listen to my body and if I’m a little flat I’ll take another rest day and then go from there.keep the advice coming John.

  • I’m glad you explained how naturals have slower recovery and benefit more from doing less. I’m 20 and have been doing HIT for not even a year and have already seen better results than the high volume I used to do. Awesome channel!

  • Hi guys not on steroids gained 20 pounds of muscle in 10 months I did this by training as hard as I could every day sometimes twice a day, as long as you sleep well you will be fine as a teenager, teen muscles have rapid bounce back capabilities so you should be training as frequently as you can to utilize that advantage

  • I found one set to failure worked best for me, as long as the time under tension was pretty close to a minute or more, at least for the smaller muscles like arms. I can’t say I ever did legs to failure. It’s interesting looking at all the different techniques people have used to put on muscle.Some guys think they need at least 10 sets per exercise. Back in the old days guys like Sandow worked out with 5 or 10 dumbbells, and not only had good builds, but could perform great feats of strength. Isometrics won’t really pump you up that great, but can build great tendon strength. I found self resistance isotonic exercises are excellent for arms, and I’ve seen some guys that really built their selves up with high rep bodyweight exercises. I remember the late Rich Piana saying his feeder exercises ( 3 sets of high reps ) were the key to his big arms, and that is a form of high intensity training, but he was far from being drug-free. I guess whatever routine that doesn’t cripple or kill you is o.k.

  • been training since 74.. even had a chance to do 2 workouts with Mentzer in the late 70’s, brutal workout, different type of pump, but no pain or soreness the following days. we did back and chest, with the ladder doing 2 cycles on Nautilus chest machine, that was it.. then two cycles of Reverse Pulldown and Nautilus pullover…then, two sets of bent over rows… I continued on this HIT training after these two workouts for a month or so on my own, and lost alot and got an injury in the serratus from the pullover. Fast forward 40 years, I still love volume, and as long as i keep up with the proper nutrition, all is good..rule of thumb though, in the gym its time under pressure not total sets that matter…so leave the iphones in your gym bag and move at a brisk pace..

  • Great workout! I like them short so that if I want to repeat I can do it again and get a 30; 45; or 60 min workout in. I liked the choice of moves! Thanks

  • As a natural trainer, all I ever got out of high volume workouts was overtraining and sick. I’ll do a powerlifting type of warmup and then an all out work set. I’ve made my best overall gains this way.

  • I’m doing both HIIT in the morning and weightlifting in the evening. I still feel I’m burning more out of weightlifting, especially when squatting and deadlifting in the low reps range (6-8). Nice attempt with the video though, still somewhat informative.

  • Kids shouldn’t go too heavy…. get technique right, learn good habits, eat right, be consistent…set up a good lifestyle, gains and heavier weights will come in time.

  • I would question whether HIT provides less wear and tear on the body. Techniques like forced reps, negatives, rest pause, all put far more stress on muscles, joints, ligaments, etc. Look at all the injuries Dorian Yates suffered when he was competing. Anyways, that’s just how I see it.

  • I simply hate weight-lifting and don’t respect it, because it requires copious amounts of food and/or chugging diarrhea-colored protein shakes, in order to make any progress, so it takes away any merit, which, in turn, has made me focus on cardio (both HIIT and steady-state cardio) and calisthenics.

    Fuck that boring, overrated bullshit that gymfags love to talk about, while ignoring other disciplines that are even better, especially on the long run.

  • Something I have avidly promoted for over 4 decades. I’ve spoken, and assisted many who saw the light AFTER they caused themselves harm from the volume nonsense. If only the masses grasped the reality of the damage repetitiveness causes.

  • Is it okay to schedule my weeks like doing a day of hiit and the next day of lifting weights, so it’s going to be 3 days hiit, and the same for lifting and one day off?