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How To Pass The Army’s Combat Fitness Test (HBO)

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Canadian Forces | FORCE Evaluation Tutorial

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Explaining the Army Physical Fitness Test

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Could You Pass The Army’s Fitness Test?

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US Marine Fitness Test How To Score 300 On The PFT (Pullups, Crunches, 3-Mile Run)

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New Army Fitness Standards | British Army

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Comparing military physical fitness tests

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Beginning Oct. 1, 2020, the ACFT is the Army’s only physical fitness test of record. All Soldiers are challenged to pass ACFT 2.0 at the Gold Standard.

The basic Army physical fitness test consists of a two-mile run, sit-ups and push-ups. See the ” Army Fitness Workout Plan ” article on how to ace the APFT and for guidance on getting in shape to. The Navy Physical Fitness Test consists of two-minute push-ups, two-minute sit-ups, and a 1.5-mile run or 500-yard (450-meter) swim. Air Force Physical Requirements The Air Force Physical Fitness Test —which the service overhauled in 2013—requires the following exercises: push-ups for one minute, sit-ups for one minute, and a 1.5-mile timed. The U.S.

Army measures physical aptitude through the Army Physical Fitness Test, or APFT, which requires soldiers to complete three events: 2. Major changes are coming to the Army Combat Fitness Test, officials announced Sept. 27, 2019. The latest adjustments come on the heels of the Army’s initial message that the ageand gender.

Starting October 2020, all soldiers will be required to pass the new Army Combat Fitness Test, which will replace the Army Physical Fitness Test. You will be expected to meet ACFT requirements regardless of age or gender, as part of your military training. The minimum requirements will. The APFT Standards scale used by the Army to determine a soldier’s physical fitness. At least 60 points per event are required in the Army.

Updated every year to ensure the APFT charts are accurate and up to date! See what you are required to score based on your age and gender!Note: Please get clearance from your doctor before taking any strenuous fitness test like the Cooper Test.

Cardio Test Instructions: Go to a 400 meter track (at a school) or measure a distance of 1.5 miles on a flat surface. After warming up, run / walk 1.5 miles at your best effort. Standards are found here. For the Physical Fitness Test portion: 3 mile run in 28:00 minutes; 3 pull-ups; 50 sit-ups; Note: Like the Air Force, you must do better than the minimum in at least one of the events to pass the entire test, as it works on a point system and the minimum for each area is not sufficient.

For the Combat Fitness Test portio. The Army Physical Fitness Test Calculator allows you to estimate your level of fitness according to the U.S. Army APFT Standards.

The APFT Calculator calculates your Army Physical Fitness Test score based on your gender, age group, number of sit-ups, number of push-ups, and your two-mile run time.

List of related literature:

This test is still very popular in the military as it is used for determining basic fitness.

“Anyone but Celtic: Inside the culture that created the Lanarkshire Referees Association” by Paul Larkin
from Anyone but Celtic: Inside the culture that created the Lanarkshire Referees Association
by Paul Larkin,

Established by the Secretary of the Army on 25 June 1986, this badge is awarded to soldiers who obtain a minimum score of 290 on the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) and who meet the weight control requirements of AR 600-9.

“Army Officer's Guide: 52nd Edition” by Col. Robert J. Dalessandro USA (Ret.), Lt. Gen. David H. Huntoon Jr.
from Army Officer’s Guide: 52nd Edition
by Col. Robert J. Dalessandro USA (Ret.), Lt. Gen. David H. Huntoon Jr.
Stackpole Books, 2013

Standards for scores on military physical fitness tests for entry into such programs usually exceed those required to meet standards for basic military service.

“Handbook of Military Psychology: Clinical and Organizational Practice” by Stephen V. Bowles, Paul T. Bartone
from Handbook of Military Psychology: Clinical and Organizational Practice
by Stephen V. Bowles, Paul T. Bartone
Springer International Publishing, 2017

Similar to the Fitnessgram, the BPFT uses criterion standards with established HFZs as well as Adapted Fitness Zones (AFZs), but the standards are uniquely organized not only by age and sex but also by disability, which makes this test very useful in adapted physical education programs.

“Adapted Physical Education and Sport, 6E” by Winnick, Joseph, Porretta, David
from Adapted Physical Education and Sport, 6E
by Winnick, Joseph, Porretta, David
Human Kinetics, 2016

In a recent study conducted in our clinic, the effects of a 12-week combined aerobic resistance training (AR) versus aerobic training alone (AE) on changes in FM, FFM, and percent body fat (PF) in 65 untrained obese males and females were examined (Sanal et al. 2009).

“Handbook of Anthropometry: Physical Measures of Human Form in Health and Disease” by Victor R. Preedy
from Handbook of Anthropometry: Physical Measures of Human Form in Health and Disease
by Victor R. Preedy
Springer New York, 2012

The combination of incentives for individual and unit excellence and remediation programs for substandard cadets raised the Corps average score on the Army Physical Fitness Test by 16 points and increased the number of cadets earning the Army Physical Fitness Badge from 39% to 44% in the past three years.

“Assembly” by United States Military Academy. Association of Graduates
from Assembly
by United States Military Academy. Association of Graduates
Association of Graduates, United States Military Academy, 2004

Chapter 8 explains each military branch’s physical fitness standards.

“Basic Training For Dummies” by Rod Powers
from Basic Training For Dummies
by Rod Powers
Wiley, 2011

Additional markers for physical fitness thresholds are described in chapter 6.

“Physical Activity Instruction of Older Adults” by C. Jessie Jones, Debra J. Rose
from Physical Activity Instruction of Older Adults
by C. Jessie Jones, Debra J. Rose
Human Kinetics, 2005

They compared a variety of tests of military personnel to determine their fitness to perform high exertion tasks.

“Occupational Biomechanics” by Don B. Chaffin, Gunnar B. J. Andersson, Bernard J. Martin
from Occupational Biomechanics
by Don B. Chaffin, Gunnar B. J. Andersson, Bernard J. Martin
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Different groups of 452, 433, and 404 elite infantry recruits had their physical fitness assessed by a timed 2-km run, the maximum number of chinups they could perform, and the number of situps they could perform in 1 minute.

“Baxter's The Foot and Ankle in Sport” by David A. Porter, Lew C. Schon
from Baxter’s The Foot and Ankle in Sport
by David A. Porter, Lew C. Schon
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2020

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  • If you like this military comparison then check out this one comparing the different ranks in the military:

  • Sir, I’m 28 right now migrating to america with my wife and my kids, planning to enlist, can i ask if my pft will differ to others? Like what’s going to be a minimum for my age is it more or less? But of course all of us want to push more than average, but im just kinda curious.. i hope you reply. Thanks

  • It was not noted that Air Force PT test includes body composition which is 20% of you score. Only having 1 minute for pushups and situps with no break is harder than having a whole 2 minutes. Lastly the age range he mentioned was 17-29 years old for each event compared to 17-19 like the Navy when your basically straight out of boot and A school. All that makes a big difference. In the AF, if you fail any event you fail. If you do inaccurate pushups or situps, they don’t count.

  • I’m going with the air force for 3 reasons. First, they have half the time to do almost the same amount of repetitions the other branches are given. Second, their age minimum range is up to 30 where the other services give lower minimal repetitions as you age from 21 to 30. The run. No one outruns a bullet and doing 2-3 miles is great for distance runners and sucks for short distance runners. A 2 or 3 mile does not mean you are in better shape then a 1.5 miler. Besides. I have seen a whole lot of fat army and navy people compared to marines and air force personnel who have passed their PT test. Experience has shown me that fat people may be okay in an office pushing paper in a peacetime military but they suck when it comes time to running a proper convoy security in a combat zone. Then they are just a fat ass. 20 years retired as an Army 1SG.

  • I am thinking of joining the US army i am Irish and applying for a green card would this improve my chances of getting citizenship

  • I am in the army but went to school with a lot of guys from all the branches and foreign military. The actual standard for the quality of the push-ups and sit ups is much lower in every branch other than my own. The Marines push-ups aren’t bad but The Air Force is not required to go any lower than breaking the plane and the crunches The other branches do are much easier. I maxed the army PT test and tried the other branches PT tests and did phenomenal. The only thing I would say Can be more difficult is the Marines run if at a lower elevation. When we were in school the elevation was much higher than the National average in the United States. We were just told to overcome


  • As a marine, I practice pull ups a lot and I usually do 30+. But that’s because In the marine corps you CAN choose either or but the males 99% of us choose pull ups because you will get made fun of so hard ������

  • Found my father a couple years ago, learned he was a Marine. Kinda feel like I’m letting myself down a bit that I can’t quite follow his footsteps and frankly I’m leaning more towards Air Force myself. Though I also feel like an odd man out since I’m gonna be 27 this year.

  • Me: “42 pushups, 2 minutes, that’s a solid benchmark.
    Also me: “I wonder how many pull-ups it’ll be, probably like 13-15”

    Me: “So according to the Crayon eaters, one pull-up is as hard as 10 push-ups……..”

  • Which branch has the toughest physically tests, well you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes, of course Marines, they are the toughest branch if I had to say.

  • If you want to enlist, do not give the MEPS doctors anything to reject you for. The smallest thing medically that they can reject you for they will or you will have to get a Waiver. A waiver is not fun, I know mine back in the mid 80’s took 6 months to get. If you have a brain go Air Force, I wish I had done that. They have the best quality of life out of all the services.

    On a different note. Don’t listen to all the hot air about one service over the others. I saw Navy SEALS take on Army Ranger school thinking it was going to be a cake walk due to their egos. Out of 5 SEALS, two did not make it. Go to show you ain’t all that. Again, if the MEPS personnel don’t know anything about you medically do not give them any reason by blabbing.

  • Hello! I am from India, I think you’ve got the Indian army test wrong. No offence though. The test is
    10 Chinups
    2km running ( not jogging or walking )
    And yes you are correct about the jumping. Love your content sir. Helps me out. Thank you!

  • Why are there different parameters for the men and women?? The women seem to have the advantage. Reckon that’s why all this transgender BS?? Maybe all these guys really just want to join the Armed Forces and figure switching sides will be a hell of a lot easier on the PT tests. WTF ������

  • In indian army you require 1600m in 5 minutes for uttar Pradesh boys ( it may change for different district.) It’s most tough fitness test….. That blue short man may not do this damn sure

  • Wanted to see if I could do it, first time I failed the pushup so I tried again remaining calm passed it with a bit of time to spare, same with the setups. Can’t run because I’m at home but I’m going to the gym later. I would like to be a officer captain.

  • I served in the 21st Artillery Division in the Taiwanese Army when I was 25 and I always passed all three events. I’m surprised that he US army’s standards are very similar to what I experienced in Taiwan.

  • I honestly thought these would be upwards of 100 of something as the minimum. Much easier than I’d thought. Though the running is much too difficult for me. I can barely run a mile in 13 minutes.

  • I just heard something on the news that a man in his 40s enlisted…. but then again some people are in better shape in there 40s than there 20s….

  • USAF clearly has tougher PT standards and they also have BMI, Waist Measurement and endurance measurements they must meet. True, their run is only 1.5 miles, but they must run at a higher and faster pace than the other branches.

  • Morroco
    0 Push ups
    0 sit ups
    0 crunshes
    0 years of Planks
    0 years of side planks both sides
    0 light year of running
    0 IQ

    Thats is very hard

  • In the Marine Corps, there is no pull up, push up trade off. These are completely opposite muscle groups.

    Even before the PFT begins, the warm up exercises (which usually includes bends and thrushs, mountain climber [“Dig”] and leg lifts) that are done, are already draining the endurance of any weaker Marines.

    Once the PFT begins, you can do your pull ups first or, elect to do sit ups (you can put your hands either on your chest or behind your head, if you choose max is 80 in 3 min). Pull ups can be done over or under handed; chin must break over the bar, arms must end straight, at the bottom (max is 20).

    After the last man is done with pull ups or sit ups, everyone begins the 3 mile run at the same time. There is no recuperation time given and max is an average of 6 minutes per mile (18 minutes).

    Because it is all done without breaks, it is the accumulation that breaks down the endurance of those who won’t train or are in need of physical/medical screening.

    Maximum or “maxing the PFT” in the Corps is; 20 pull ups, 80 sit ups, 3 miles in 18 minutes *or less.

    Get Some…

  • Everyone talk shit bout air force but bruh for push up marine army navy 42 for male 2 minutes 19 for female af is 18 same amount for 1 minute for males 33 a minute for the rest itll be 21 if it was a minute overall more challenging for sit up/crunches marines more challenging than navy and marines and af ill put af cuz females 50 for 2mins 50/2= 25 a min compared with 38 for af female fir males 70/2=35 a min compared with 42 in af, so af and army sit ups hard to compare cuz sit up harder than crunches im in army and i can confirm that but still pick af as more challenging and so well the run well yea af have it the most easiest�� but the 1st two events for me more challenging than other branches and ill pick the af push ups harder than marine pulls ups its only 4 for males and 1 for females, last thing the af haves the hardest upper body to max than any other branch 67 in a min for males to max idk how much for females so yea good luck with that. The marines haves the hardest pft to max 23 pull ups 115 crunches 18 min 3 mile for male yea the run is the real killer to max thats pts to add up for marines

  • It’s not a surprise you rate the yank army in having the best fitness test. Everyone has to make it out that the US is the best in the world!

    Also, I’m surprised Switzerland has a fitness test, as they have to do national service! What happens if you fail? Does that mean they get away not having to serve?

    The British Army’s test is a piece of piss! Everyone passed their fitness! I think my run time was around 9:30. But they failed me on the team building. When I tried to get into the army for the first time back in 2014, the following tests were,

    2.4 km run under 9:30 for the Paras, 12:45 for infantry, and upto 14 the other regiments!

    50 sit ups in 2 minutes

    44 press up in 2 minutes

    200m walk with 2 20lb jerry cans

    powerbag lift on to a platform

    Minimum of 3 pull ups!

  • All the other branches get a whole extra minute to do 11 more pushups? And an extra minute to do sit ups too? Damn that’s easy. Only the run is harder ig


  • That’s strange. I’m 22, but I always thought of myself as weak af, but looking at these charts makes me feel like I’m actually a bit stronger than I thought (I could do about 45 maybe 50 pushups in 2 minutes, I’m sure of that, I could most likely do 4 pull ups depending on if they’re with hands holding over or under the bar, I could probably do the sit-ups, that’s the only one where I’m not sure, and I could do the running test for every branch except maybe Marines with about a minute left).

  • I think the MINIMUM STANDARD for all branches are low. If you looked at perfect or competitive standards for promotion you will find that the MC is by far the hardest.

  • They should not lower the standards for women. It should be the same even if they are weaker because if the man is hurt then the woman is gonna have to get him out of there. If she can’t lift a man then she should not be on the frontline

  • Alternative video:

    Are you fit enough to pass the army’s fitness test? Well this heavily depends on which country you live in. video ends

  • One of my friends said he would try all the fitness tests and which ever one he found easiest he would that branch
    He joined the Air Force
    (This is not a joke he actually did this)

  • All I can say is Aaaiiir Poooweeer! (Remember when the Air Force tried to use that as their version of Hooah? They got joked on hard and had to retire that crap after 2-3 months. LMAO!

    As far as the Air Force push-ups being close, most soldiers trying for a decent score will do 45-50 push-ups in our first minute…and keep going to 80+ push-ups.

  • The fitness test for the Coast Gaurd boot camp is 29 push ups in one minute and 38 crunches in one minute. The run is 1.5 miles in 12 minutes.

  • You know, Chris, this would be an excellent way of parents to get their teens to “qualify” to use their cell phones, tablets, and video gaming system. If the kids pass the basic fitness test every week, they get access to use their phones. If not, they take it again the next week. Until then…FLIP PHONE!!! You know what kind of parent I would have made! ; )

  • I’ve damn well seen plenty of women who can keep up with these standards as well as the men. If not better than some. Stop giving one group an edge. You wanna be treated the same you’re gonna work the same.

  • You failed to mention what is needed to pass. In AF if you get minimum on all 3, you wont have enough total pts to pass. And if you score less than a 90, I believe, but maybe incorrect. You must retest every 6 months.

    Curious if in the others you still pass with all min?

  • Yes those are the “minimum” scores. However, in addition for the Air Force, one needs to score a composite score of 75 to pass. If one scores the minimum it is still possible to fail the test.

  • In the Navy if you only score satisfactory (minimum standards listed here) you will still be put in the FEP program and expected to improve 2 out of 3 events or you face discharge.

  • Australian Army Infantry have to march 15kms in 2.5 hours with 40-45 kilos then run 1km in patrol order in 8 mins. And do all that other stuff.

  • As ex recce platoon gren gds this is utterly pathetic dumbed down by the liberals who want women in mens jobs! Our cft and bft 10 miles 45 pound pack 1 hr 45 min plus all gear

  • I was the only one to fail this test, it brought me shame:(, don’t go unprepared. it’s exhausting. After that, my days of sitting on my ass all day are over, now I go regularly to the gym.

  • Who created this video? You should be ashamed! You need to get a fully qualified spellist, preferably a Sergeant or above to check your work! Now get down and give me 10 press ups female style, of course it is 2020 after all and I wouldn’t want to give you an injury! Yes, we’re all laughing at you!

  • Wow really,
    I served in 2001,
    What happen to beasting, PT twice a day, including runs,
    Casualty evacuation was lifting your mate off the floor in to a fire mans lift and carrying him to safety well you both have full battle gear,
    The Jerry can / water can yeah but was never allowed to put it down if we did it’s a fail.
    Leopard crawl was standard in infantry training, as was the tabs ( advance to battle marches run / walk with 2530-40-50 -60 kg starting 3 miles then 6 then 8 the final one was 10 miles ).
    What happen to sit up, push up, chin up, assault courses, (march and shoot 1. Assault courses
    then 1.5 mile run, followed by 5-10 rounds down the range at 100 meter no breaks inbetween )..
    Or 100 meter sprints in full battle gear and full NBC gear ( webbing, helmet, rifle, full chemical suite, gas mask ) then 100 meters carrying your mate in full nbc suites.

    Damn I need a month to get back in shape and I could do all these new task they’ve got it easy

  • My memory maybe going but I’m sure the BFT was a lot tougher 30 years ago but the lads and lasses seem to still be able to do the job

  • I joined in the 90s today’s recruits would find the fitness a nightmare,CFTs BFTS, basic training you never walked you ran everywhere,PT twice a day 7 days a week with 100 of push ups,beasting in the quad,pays to be a winner,Army was a lot fitter then,if you got ft you went on remedial PT 3X a day.

  • I joined the British Army (Infantry) in 1963 and the Battle Fitness Tests then we’re far tougher then than they are today. The fitness tests today are a lot easier because a lot of recruits are fat, unfit and soft, the Army is struggling to get recruits today and even allowing women to join front line units!!!, Hope we don’t have to fight a 3rd World War.

  • 1st of all, we did (I was 22-28 yrs old & no age adjusted anything, shld have had height/stride adjustment for the time on the run, that’s all), 80 Sit-ups in 2 mins w/hands behind head, PLUS first (which sucked) you had to try for 20 prefect pull-ups, then 20 push-ups with a lot of Stress Added in! Then, the 3 mile in less than 24, I believe.

    Also, the Coast Guard is pretty tough for most MOS’s. And the Air Force PJ’s (Search/Rescue) are pretty Amazing!

    Also, Chris you forget to mention that IF you were a Marine, and transferred after enlistment to another branch, Marines Did Not need to go through any other Boot Camps.

  • Blimey, this is so easy, even a junior school class could pass it. Compare it to the realistic eight tests of P Company, that para recruits have to do, and this is just a joke.

  • this looks more practical recruitment selection. one thing I learn when I was in the army if you can run 2.4 km (1.5 miles) under 9 and a half minutes and if you can tread in water for 6 minutes. you are fit to do anything. all you need is practice of it… nothing can stop you..

  • I hated running in Jim nasum I hated running around dum track in circles I benefit more out doors test with a focus what’s Head like forest gump

  • What happened to running the length of a footy field carrying another squaddie in a fireman’s lift? Carrying ‘the log’ cross country at a jog? The full kit forced March for miles? Where are the Burpees, the chin lifts, the rifle drills, rope climbs?
    Who are these pussies pretending to be my army?

  • Compared to previous standards, does this set the bar higher or lower? I severely hope our armed forces aren’t scraping the barrel or lowering standards to be more inclusive.

  • Well done. This looks a lot more difficult that the 45+ situps and the 3 km run I had to do. Looks like Army is bettering and not lessening its standards. This is for both men and women?

  • I thought it was the BRITISH army, not the european army. I still think that in the UK our distance is in MILES and not kilometres, It is disgusting that you do not use British measurements or distance.

  • Why does this keep popping up in my recommended videos? I served in the early 80’s so I doubt very much that I will be attempting the fitness standards in the near future, I know the Army has gone to crap this past few years but I do doubt a man in his mid 50’s would do much to address the issues.

  • As long as the standards are adhered to I think these seem like effective tests. Having done 12 years I saw standards drop considerably and weakness to impose standards creep into the culture. It’s why I left. Hope they boost the standards to how they once were

  • 1:23 In possession of Body Armor right, I see 4 men completing the excersise but no body armor??
    2:14 Again no body armor….

    2:41 Again no body armor….
    3:17 Again no body armor….

  • I really want to join the british army as soon as possible but I really don’t have the stamina. So hoping to fix that and join in less than a year.

  • Great if Everyone is actually passing these tests, all in all the tests are not made dynamically compared to the person so that equals to the bigger the soldier the better the soldier.

  • I am so bad at push ups. I learned how to do mine with my hands placed as far as I am comfortable with but was told I have to have my hands by my shoulders. Does anyone have tips or any other exercises to help me with my push ups? I am trying to work my way up and I can do about 40 push ups my way and about 10 the proper way. If anyone has any tips please comment! I’m struggling.

  • Man these marines are retared but I still want to be one myself I never said I was smart buy anyone buts it’s called cardio vascular endurance @ 6:35

  • I did the test a few months ago as a morning pt, they literally had to ask six different gym just to be able to get some of the weights and equipment. And that was just to be able to do try the minimum, with only 6 or 8 station, i forgot which one….

  • Love this. I still struggle with pull-ups ( I am using resistance bands now). What exercises would you recommend to help develop the upper body strength to do the Pull ups?

  • I am going to enlist I am still a junior but I wanna max my run can you help me on that part that’s the only part I need to get perfect score

  • planks aka watching tv. lol. they used to make us plank on the quarterdeck, but we had our hands under our chin as if watching tv. now planks as a punishment has become part of the pft. we would watch tv for like 5 mins straight. i do find it hilarious they made watching tv(minus the hands under the chin) as part of the pft.

  • I’m 17 and I weigh 174 and I’m a little under 6 foot, 5’10 or 5’11, now if I’m lucky I’ll eventually end up like my grandpa and hit 6’7, I get more of my genes from that side of my family so If I get one of the few things from my dad, one being short I’ma be pissed.

  • Greece, 450m swimming under 8min. 50 pull ups under 2 min. 100 push ups under 2 min. 3km running under 12min. All in one. Ο.Υ.Κ. one of the best unit in the world and noone knows about it:).

  • Wait, thta cant be right! Is the fitness requirement that low for Indian army? Well understandable. Get them in masses then train them in ground.

  • South Korean army: be born. Mandatory unless you have special circumstances. Even people who have green cards but still maintain citizenship are taken to the army. Case in point, my homie went from SeaTac to Incheon and we didn’t hear from him straight up for 2 weeks. Thought this dude died or got murdered and couple more weeks later, his parents told us he got arrested at the airport and taken straight to a training center. Funny but also sad and.. forceful.

  • british army selection for gurkhas are the world hardest army selection in my opinion…this selection always held in Nepal concluding two selection one is regional selection and another is central selection. and you have to pass both of that…check that out. gurkha army selection in Nepal.

  • I tried the navy seal pst ( without the 500 yard swim since I didn’t have the resources to) and did well since I’m young but it was he����

  • In India it’s 5:15 minute maximum time for 1.6 km even though they are not selected they are eliminated 4:30 minutes is average
    then 10 chin ups

  • For the ARMY; how can you score a perfect score with the fitness test? The minimums will be really easy for me. Thanks for the great content!

  • Here’s me thinking: Wow these tests requierement has to be really hard like 70 push ups, 100 situps and 40 pullups

    *Reality*: Yep, 6 chin ups…

  • Usa Army req: we want you to do real soldier stuff on a gym

    India army req: hey how ‘bout walk in that plank??

    switz.: hides closed-eyes-balance test

  • Thanks for making this. I’m trying to make a workout segment for my characters in this book I’m writing, and wanted to try and make it realistic. Even though they’re borderline super human haha. Cheers!

  • It might not look that though but the hardest part of the Indian fitness test is running, I mean, you gotta run 1.6km in 5mins, i.e you have to run 12.4 MPH or 19.8 KMPH, this is not running this is sprinting and imagine you gotta sprint for 5mins with hundreds sprinting with you

  • So sad to think that these well trained soldiers after so much hard work were to be dead just by a shot or couple of it in the battlefield and thinking what they’ve been through makes me glad not to join the army XD

  • Imagine changing the fitness requirements every single year. So when you get to do your fitness your being told your doing something completely different. JUST STICK TO ONE THING!

  • As someone who is joining the Australian Defence Force. The PFA or Pre-Entry Fitness Assessment is NOT the standard fitness test in the army, the PFA is what someone should achieve as a minimum to be considered for a job offer for the army before enlistment. The performance on the PFA (from my knowledge) is competitive based, meaning if you get the minimum score you most likely won’t get an offer if you’re enlisting for a competitive job role. The BFA (Basic Fitness Assessment) which isn’t even the toughest test is as followed for men under 25.

    Minimum push ups: 40
    Minimum sit-ups: 70
    Minimum time for 2.4km run: 11:18 minutes

    The PESA is even tougher and everyone has to achieve this, but if you’re infantry then you’ll have to do more lol.

    run 5km with a 23kg load (50 lbs) in under 50-55 minutes.
    run 6m in full gear 12 times in 5 seconds starting at a prone.
    Carry 2 x 22kg (48 lbs) jerry cans 25m 6 times.
    Lift a 25kg box from the ground to a 1.5 m high platform.

    Here’s the source if you want to look at it

  • In my day in the USMC the PFT was…3 mile run in 27 minutes or less. 80 real sit ups in 2 minutes…and 20 pull ups…and not in shorts t-shirt and running shoes. But, in combat boots, trousers, and t shirt. Regular PT runs consisted of running in field utility uniform with rifle at port arms..OOHRAH!

  • Is this the woman’s test or the man test. My ambition, at the age of 65, is to pass the woman’s test. [email protected] #t, at 20 I was screwing these things, stupid, very stupid, should’ve joined up when I was young, doing these things for free when i could’ve get paid for it.

  • The Australian army having different requirements based on sex is pure bs, you either are able to pass the test or you aren’t, particularly if we are talking about combat roles.
    PC culture is getting dangerous

  • VICE why ya be playing a damn drum line in the background? This ain’t the 80’s haha also respect to Alzo for punching out a solid score

  • damn that pt gear reminds me of parris island. lol. my score in the pft was 297 and i had the highest amount of marine corps. crunches in the platoon during bootcamp. semper fi ����������

  • Individual old bft was better. It shows the fitness of cardio and strength mixed with cardio doing the coffin dig. The fire man’s carry is hard as fuck depending on whom you get for a partner.

  • I can barely do 10 pushups in 5 minutes. And I have to talk to a recruiter in a few days and then I have a 2 months and few weeks before basic. Shit. Welp… I better hit a gym 5 hours everyday.

  • There are a lot of factors when running that need to be considered but never are. Like, weather (is it hot, humid, blazing sun, etc.). Terrain (uneven rough ground, uphill, etc.). Bad air quality vs good air quality. These factors affect how fast and how long a person can run.

  • Do I have to wear my Army issued eyeglasses while doing the APFT? I’m just afraid that it might bounce around on my nose or fog up.

  • Wow that’s so cool. For my age group I have to do 20 push ups, 28 sit ups and 24:24 2 mile run for the minimum? At 53 yrs old I wonder how long I would need to train?

  • The present P.T. test is for bean counters proposed by bean counters, Ammo boxes do not come in sizes matched to gender/body scale, wounded squad/crew mates do not come in convenient sizes. The Army needs MOS field specific P.T. tests/ “tape” requirements. But that has a check mark in the “too hard” box from DA.

  • Here in new zealand your basic training training last for 16 weeks and by the end of it your are expected (not necessarily need) to be able to do 80 press ups, 65 curl ups ( which are similar to sit ups but you dont come right up to your knees, sort of half way with your arms by your side, so your core is fully tensed throughout) and be able to run 2.4 km in 8mins, which I think is around a mile and a half or just under, we use metric system.

  • honestly, kind of unfair towards male recruits isn’t it, don’t get me wrong, i have no problem with females in the army,
    they keep saying women are as strong (or even stronger than men), but schools and the army even (aparantly) make the criteria lower for females,

    my point is that it should be eather one or the other, but don’t act as if women are physically equal to men, (or better for instance if their points are higher (due to lower criteria)) when the man in question is stil faster and stronger, just not in light of the set standards,

    anyway just wanted to rant a bit on this,
    very wel explained though

  • how often do you practice this per week? I am sure all these lifts are unwise to do every day as you need your muscles to rest. Therefore, how often do you guys do per week? 3 times a week? every other day?
    Also, I’ve been using alternative (two dumbbells with a total of 50lbs/25kg), as I have trouble finding sandbags.

  • > “That’s a High Pass and would qualify me for the MOST physically demanding jobs.”

    Not so fast, Alzo.

    With a 2-mile run of 19:16, you would only qualify for the LEAST physically demanding jobs (Moderate Category).

  • Anyone got any tips for the MOST test? I completed the CFAT and was offered a position as an officer in the Navy. Quite physically fit as I have done sports for 80% of my life and weight training. Hopefully I can complete the FORCES test in a few weeks from now(due to COVID I dont have a specific date). Has anyone completed a MOST test. If so do you have any tips for studying.

  • I was 3 months post a complete ACL and meniscus reconstruction surgery with a hamstring graft. Normally a 9 month recovery time, I did the fitness test no problem. I’ve seen 80lb girls who had never touched a weight before passing the test.

    It’s more mental than anything. They give you more than enough time, just don’t stop and push through the pain. This is honestly the easiest physical test and IMO kind of embarrassing considering this is military training. With that said, if you’re scared of not being able to pass this test, good luck. Because your courses are gonna come fast right after you start your career and they will drill you into the fucking ground.

    If you at all doubt your ability to do this test without 100% ease, start hitting the gym AND working on your mental endurance. Because when you’re on BMQ, BMQ-L and you can’t dig a trench after being awake for 35 (or more) hours and it’s -20 degrees celsius outside, you’re fucked. And it doesn’t matter what trade you’re going into, EVERYONE does it.

    Good luck!

  • My son is in his first week at Basic Training, he just messaged me that he took and passed the Forces Test yesterday. I said ‘well done, I know your do well at Basic Training’ but honestly I had no idea until I watched this video ��
    Thanks for posting. Any advice on helping things I can say to my son while he goes through the training?

  • 2:14 i love how he says im flyin a drone withmy remote control 1000 miles away to how the general or whatever guy says unmaned aireril system operator. LOL

  • im 16 and 110 pounds, i havent played sports for 2 years and rarely jog but was able to complete this fairly easily. only one that really got me was the sandbag lift. definitely practice that one

  • Hahaha…. I can’t believe how pathetic the Canadian Forces has become! It’s time to take over Canada! Their “armed” forces have become so weak!

  • Does your time affect if you get accepted, or is it that if you pass then you’re automatically accepted? For example if someone finishes faster than you, are they more likely to get accepted? I’m asking because I recently had a back injury and my test is in a week. I heal fairly quickly but I know it’s still going to be a minor setback, and it’s going to affect my speed.

  • The methodological challenge is the MaxWACS study found women outperforming men doing heavy field tasks because the women used planning (let’s move this heavy box once) and teamwork (let’s work together). Since a casualty might weigh 300 pounds, the litter carry might be a good event. Oh no, we can’t score individuals! Make it a go-no go task.

  • Is this the yearly test for already existing members of the CF, or is this the test you have to pass to join the army for the first time??

  • Literally just came back from doing mine. Man thanks a lot this really helped. lol gotta say tho it looks hella easy in the videos but in real life hurts like hell. But thanks a lot tho this video helped me and i got thru everything well before the time limits

  • Did this today along with my CFAT and my Medical, it was tough. I’m not that strong, average teen… There isn’t much you can do to practice, all I recommend is stay focused, don’t lose your drive right in the middle of a test, trust me this isn’t the test you want to fail. Push through, even if you just want to quit, you can quit later! Not now!

  • For anyone about to do this and are nervous, don’t be. It’s challenging, but difficult to fail. The ones to focus on are the 20m rush (they don’t call it a “rush” for nothing), and if you’re a smaller individual, the 80kg drag. You have plenty of time for the other two and it’s just a matter of competing with yourself to get the best time you can do.

  • I’ve been a member at Orangetheory, UFC Gym and I do CrossFit. So glad I’m well pre-pared for Basic Training in September…for the fitness at least. I know mentally their job is going to try to break us.

  • This is easier that the old one. They shortened the march in full gear and got rid of the 1.5 mile run. The replacement activities are too easy.

  • VICE News correspondent Alzo Slade headed down to Fort Eustis, Virginia, to see if he could measure up.
    WATCH NEXT: We Follow A New Generation Of Soldiers Headed To Afghanistan

  • As a Marine, I’m pumped that the Army has implemented a no-joke fitness test. I’ve modified my PT program as if I were training for some of these events and that has helped me improve my Marine Corps fitness test scores. I generally don’t give the Army a lot of props, but I will for this one.

  • I cringe �� watching this new test. The old one had soldiers puking, sweating and some rare cases bleeding but it was necessary. I liked to see warriors push through hardships like that prepared physically. this one has them playing with ladybugs�� in the grass and holding each other’s hands while whispering secrets to one another.

  • Is this the only physical fitness test to get accepted into the Canadian military? Do they do any sort of swimming tests? People online were saying that they apparently didn’t do any of the swimming drills?

  • The Army made us do the 2 mile run in boots, long pants and a tee shirt. I heard that the Air Force had running shoes and shorts. Navy and Marine PT uniform?

  • Soldiers in basic training and such have a little lower APFT standards but this explains how it works for soldiers outside of initial training.

  • They should include this in police training too..that way say wouldn’t be so scared to solve issues without their guns. Physical fitness is a natural source of confidence, the police are shooting so many people because they aren’t physically capable enough to have confidence without pulling a gun.

  • The army is having trouble recruiting because the wars we grew up with on the news all but dried up, 7 countries, two green zone deployments and no combat, I ran circus game level field ops with the 1st ID only to suffer years of training without actually getting to fight our enemies

  • I’m a big supporter of this new test, the old apft allowed scrawny lean soldiers to run an easy 13 minute knock out the other two events easily but…….when It came to field ops they couldn’t ruck march worth a damn, or move their gear and if needed drag their fellow injured squad mates out of a fire fight

  • Just left BCT @ Fort Sill at got a 493 had I lowered my 2 Mille by a minute I would’ve easily got 550. Hardest part is the sprint drag carry. Everything else was pretty easy as long as you gave a decent effort.

  • The title says “How to pass the test” I did not see any information on how to pass it. I saw the minimum requirements but that does not tell you how to pass it, i.e., what training do I need to pass each event.

  • I wonder how many times harder Navy SEAL training is. Maybe 100? This looks easy and I don’t train physically lol. I can far exceed these even when stacked up.

  • I personally LOVE the new and improved ACFT and I’m LIVID they never implemented it before my separation.

    Fix the ARMY Culture.
    Fix the ARMY Fitness Test.
    Reap, BETTER Soldiers. Period.

  • Everything here is accurate except at the end where he said, “I passed with a 502 out of a possible 600, and this qualifies me for the most physically demanding job.”

    Wrong. The 21:07 two mile run time is one of 3 allotted run times, depending on the physicality of your job, 21:07 being the least physical… 16:06 doesn’t seem that different but I personally have walked a 21:07 2 mile lol

  • Suggestions on how to prepare for this? I’m pretty out of shape at the moment but am hoping to join in a year from now. I need advice on how to get in shape and be ready by then. (For reference, I am a 16 year old female, about average build, roughly 180lbs) any advice you have would be much appreciated!

  • LOL. I like the Maj Gen outlook about combat on the FOB. I can’t remember the last time an American FOB was completely overrun during the war between 2011 present.

  • I’m fixing to go into either the army or the air force but I’m still aiming for that 300 PT score. I want to be above the standard not at it.

  • I can actually do a lot of sit-ups pretty easily. As for the 2 mile run, I used to walk around 30 to 35 miles everyday before my ex left me. So maybe I can do this

  • Also, thanks for the video and showing the world a small part of what’s it like to be Soldier. Great effort from a man with a big heart.������