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Is the Mind Muscle Connection Nonsense? However, the mind-muscle connection works in conjunction with good form to enhance your workouts and increase the possibility of working a muscle out fully with maximal tear and maximal force. This will pay off because you can do the same thing for multiple things-like fecal incontinence. The mind-muscle connection is real, and it can actually enhance your results from training.

For beginners, it may not always be easy to feel the specific muscle group that they’re trying to hit. The mind muscle connection is real, and backed by real science, not just bro-science. 2. You can enhance the connection with tempo work and isometric contractions like slow eccentrics and flexing. 3.

The idea behind the mind-muscle connection is simple: If you consciously and deliberately place your attention on the contraction of the primary muscle you are working, the quality of the contraction is enhanced. In other words, the more your mind is focused on the muscle being work as it contracts, the greater your gains will be. Try these techniques to enhance your mind-muscle connection and see how these small changes in your workout can lead to big changes in your results.

References. Calatayud, J. et al. (2016). Importance of mind-muscle connection during progressive resistance training. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 116, 3, 27-33. Clark, B.C. et al. (2014).

In weightlifting, the mind-muscle connection refers to focusing our attention on the muscle that is working during an exercise and is considered by some to be the single most important skill to learn for anyone looking to improve their physique. In life, the mind-muscle connection is about taking an all pillar approach to holistic wellness. What Is The Mind-Muscle Connection? As you know, movement is controlled by the brain.

The first step towards muscular contraction is a signal sent by the brain to your muscles telling them to contract. You might say that the mind-muscle connection (MMC) occurs at something called the “neuromuscular junction”. This is where the mind meets the body. The Mind-Muscle Connection Is Real Despite Sounding Like BS Bro-Science.

Let me guess. You’ve landed on this article because you’ve heard about the mind-muscle connection and you’re curious. Is this another case of bros in stringer vests with their nipples out, pontificating about nonsense, while sipping on their BCAA drinks?

The mind muscle connection refers to the ability of being able to concentrate on the muscle you are training. It’s similar to meditation. When you meditate, you try to put 100 % of your focus and attention on one thing, such as the breath or specific part of your body.

This has a powerful effect the mind. The mind muscle connection is like. A great, no-nonsense rule is that if you want to be able to move fast, you need to train fast.

Simply put, you get better at what you do. To maximize strength and speed, you’d need to be able to recruit the maximum number of muscle fibers and get the nerves that innervate those fibers to fire as strong a nerve impulse as possible.

List of related literature:

It is, therefore, natural to speculate that a relationship does exist between EMG and muscle tension.

“Introduction to Sports Biomechanics: Analysing Human Movement Patterns” by Roger Bartlett
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The idea behind the mind-muscle connection is that you should be able to “feel” the muscle working when you train it.

“Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook” by Peter J. Fitschen, Cliff Wilson
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The truth is that the muscles have nothing to do with the passage of the mental currents or waves from the Transmitter to the Receiver any more than they have to do with the transmission of nervous sensations from body to brain, or the motor impulses from brain to body.

“The Complete Works of William Walker Atkinson: The Power of Concentration, Mind Power, Raja Yoga, The Secret of Success, Self-Healing by Thought Force and much more” by William Walker Atkinson
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The curare results are fatal for Watson’s idea that thinking and moving the throat muscles, whether overtly or covertly, are the same thing, but he could still be right if “talking to yourself‘ (without moving any muscles) is the same thing as thinking.

“Introduction to Psycholinguistics: Understanding Language Science” by Matthew J. Traxler
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The reason that muscle testing works is because the subconscious mind and the body are interconnected.

“The Subtle Body Practice Manual: A Comprehensive Guide to Energy Healing” by Cyndi Dale
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Or, an athlete looking to increase muscle hypertrophy, isn’t there a mind–muscle connection that feeds off of an internal focus?

“The Language of Coaching: The Art and Science of Teaching Movement” by Nicklaas C. Winkelman
from The Language of Coaching: The Art and Science of Teaching Movement
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Jacobson believed that if a comparison between tension and complete relaxation of muscle fibers could be recognized by the individual, the awareness would promote a deepened sense of relaxation, not only in the muscle itself but throughout the entire body.

“Managing Stress: Principles and Strategies for Health and Well-Being” by Brian Luke Seaward
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There does not seem to be “will wiring” spilling from the connections between brain and body, and one begins to wonder whether the muscles are even a necessary part of the system.

“The Illusion of Conscious Will” by Daniel M. Wegner
from The Illusion of Conscious Will
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Your mind-to-muscle connection is enhanced when you are able to create a mental image of the muscles that you are working.

“Sculpting Her Body Perfect” by Brad Schoenfeld
from Sculpting Her Body Perfect
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There’s a mental aspect to it as well, what’s sometimes referred to as the “mind-muscle connection.”

“Triple H Making the Game: Triple H's Approach to a Better Body” by Triple H, James Rosenthal, Robert Caprio
from Triple H Making the Game: Triple H’s Approach to a Better Body
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  • I do that when I am learning a movement, then I start adding weight. I like to make sure I have the proper form down. Avoiding injury is important.

  • I was reading Ellington Darden where he is talking about the importance of negatives when working out because it improves the mind to muscle connection. I just tried to implement a variation of its 30-10-30 principle with compound exercises. Have you any opinion when it comes to its principle with slow negatives?

  • Again,,,anybody who thinks Jason isn’t incredibly strong….I ask all of you to try and remember the last time you were at your gym and seen a guy under 5’10”,over 220lbs, over 40,,, doing weighted pull ups? NOT MANY

  • All cues have their time and place, both internal and external. Every individual responds to different things and learns in a different way. However, if you don’t feel your back on pulling exercises, you are not achieving complete scapular depression or retraction. If you take a pullup set to failure, you should feel it mostly in your lats. If you aren’t, your biceps, upper traps and rear delts may become primary movers.

  • But how can you be consistent in compensatory acceleration for every rep? how do you know that your acceleration ability has improved? in other words, what are the practical usages of this? because just saying “lift it as explosive as you can” is very vague, it’s a very hard variable to control for.
    It sounds awesome, doing less reps or using lower weights but getting the same stimulus.

  • Hi Jason, Hi guys!

    This is absolutely incorrect, the Mind muscle connection is invaluable, and needed for full development of any and all muscle groups of the human body.


  • Im right handed, but i trained my left hand to be able to write with it. And still do. Thanks Ron. But that last example didn’t work on me. Im trying to be as balanced as possible in both sides on literally everything.

  • I dont even bench anymore period tbh. I just do weighted Dips and strict press for my anterior. I used to do benching and no dips. Makes more sense since i dont compete and try and get in and out of the gym in less than an hour. If I bench too many times in a week i get tendonitis in my shoulders but dips feel a-ok. I think my chest has gotten a little bigger as well.

  • James, when you say something like Max I wish you had an easier name to pronounce please take a pause so that one can finish laughing and doesn’t miss everything you say after that. Never mind, I guess I could just pause the video.

  • What if you are new/and/or have injuries or imbalances and are trying to make sure you are lifting with perfect form and activating the right muscles because the last time you tried to not be a pussy you got hurt, or realized or found out you have a joint problem…This video just made me feel incredibly bad about myself

  • I’ve found when I stop working out for a while then start again, it’s like my mind forgets the muscles it doesn’t use frequently. Doing a movement doesn’t necessarily activate all the muscles that should be involved because I’ve slipped into compensations. I find it important to start back up with very form focused workouts to work out the compensations and remind my mind what muscles are available and preferable. When I’ve been good and consistent, I try to take my weights down and have another form week once every few months to make sure I’m not advancing with compensations.

  • Been training off on and 470+ years and I think that it is important to do kind things for people i just walked up behind a lady in the street and i put her hair up in a ponytail without her even noticing and i think that when the lady gets back to her work when she is finished having her lunch she will look at her hair in the mirror and she will get quite a nice surprise when she sees a brand new ponytail sitting on her shoulder like a big brown snake shaped parrot. and my best bit is when a old man saw me doing it to the lady he said that he wished that i could put his bald head in a pony tail. always make sure that you do a wink at the person after you have put their hair up in a ponytail so it is like your eye is having a tight bite it is like i am on the television programme the secret millionaire but instead of giving people money to have i am having a give to them of hairstyles instead and i was just walking behind her in town and i thought inside of my head that it would just be really kind for me to do it for her because it is dead windy today and everyones hairs is going mental. love from your youtube friend, josh.

  • By far the best vid explanation on mind muscle connection. Thanks for sharing the little details that make huge difference in the gym.

  • I didn’t know where to message you about asking questions. I just want to say thank you for the videos and the content. I watch your videos daily and I love supporting you channel. I appreciate the knowledge and the hard work. Id like to ask a question (I hope you get to read this and respond) Do you think that 12% Body Fat for women athletes is unsustainable and is it actually unhealthy? I am an athlete and I am currently at 12% Body fat and to be honest I could lose more weight. The information I am reading on the internet says athletes who are women should be between 15 20% Just wanted to ask what your findings on BMI and athletic correlation was and if you think monitoring your body fat as an athlete is important. Thank you and hope you get to read this!

  • Everybody has a strong side… as with any sports you develop neurological adaptation.. henceforth you get better at the sports… that is not mind to muscle connection… in bodybuilding ego lifters always get better in ego lifting…. that’s neurological adaptation… mind muscle connection is about contraction a muscle… it’s not about moving that weight! Most people avoid that like a black plague… they’ll say something like I felt that and they’ll stop doing that immediately!

  • Sorry to say but Lee Priest is high on something. His eyes fade into sleep in the beginning when the guy is reading the question.

    Drugs feel good but ruin your life if you let it.

  • I didn’t know there was even a term for these guys. I honestly just thought they were wimps that didn’t want to push themselves but wanted to get those “I’m at the gym” snaps

  • question, is slowing weight loss a sign of your body burning more fat than water? or does it mean your metabolism has dropped and you need to readjust your calorie intake?

  • Noooooo. You’re not gonna disapprove this. Please tell me what harm comes from feeling for the muscle fibers when you flex/perform the exercises? I like it I make sure I’m putting tension on the desired muscle, and it’s definitely good to reduce injury. If you know how the human body naturally moves. It’s good to focus so you can perfect form, and reduce injury. Of course you don’t need to do this to build muscle, but it’s definitely a useful tool for avoiding injury. Shoulder placement, spinal placement, upright chest, rear dealt isolating etc

  • I wish I knew of this before I started to mess up my back. When I work out, i can’t feel my left side. None of the muscles are activated and its starting to try and bend my back to one side.

  • Hi. My background a fat guy who did got into gym a bit. 33yrs 95kg 182cm, gone from 125kg fat guy with no physical activity. I have a hard time making myself to go into the legs day. For some reason every time I try, I start literally shaking, as if I’m anxious or my muscles are about to fail. That does not happen when I barbell row 90 kg (its just hard), but it does when I go for a second set of squats even with 40kg on my shoulders. And I would expect my legs to be well prepared for work I walk about 5km a day for at least 2 years from now, play football once a week, and, hey, I’m carrying myself and I did when I was 125kg. What is that, it’s some kind of nerves problem I’ve got? Or it is something that will stop happening at some point if I just continue practicing? Feels kinda embarassing.

  • i’ve been trying to be more mindful when im lifting weights here lately. what i do is i will do 3 strength training sets 5/3/1 program and then my other sets are 5×10 or 3×10 with lighter weights for the rest of my workout like accessory work

  • Hey Sam, can you ask Lee if he always had his refreshing ‘don’t give a fuck’ attitude or did he care more about what people thought when he was younger

  • I think about what to choose between ppl or antagonistic super set workouts, back and pec and arms, it has a unique feeling, a pump.
    Any thoughts you? I will maybe try both… change one after one month

  • Looking for to the Jordan Peterson video, he’s an interesting guy in general but the video I watched about him and his daughter changing their diets and it’s effects on psychological states was really fascinating would love to hear the physiological side.

    What’s the likelihood of you offering chances to come and train with you to viewers?

  • helpful, thanks for your video -focus on the muscle you’re working on and before you start, concentrate on contracting the muscle……and doing this all develops muscle memory

  • Congrats to your successful first Q & A, sorry I missed out on a chance to participate. I have been putting a lot of emphasis on training forearms to look more impressive in a T-SHIRT in the summer months, I realize how a strong grip is closely related to a strong forearm & how weak I actually was with both.

  • Hopefully Jason blaha will respond to you at some point. I would love to see some of his opinions to be discussed and disputed. Although his information is pretty good, his narrow-mindedness brings a lot of flaws to his philosophy

  • ask lee how to setup for doing a proper bench press without injuring shoulders and do you squeeze glutes when benching or only traps rhomboids? so many people getting injured lee training smart so he knows 😉

  • Im right handed, but im struggling with the mind muscle connection with the right bicep. I can absolutely feel the left bicep, and can flex to the point where it feels like its gonna pop, but the right, i just cant feel it.

  • But Steve I am weak and wimpy!!!! Former fat guy just starting to lift, so still light weight. But even I know that you can’t stay at the same weight forever. 2 weeks ago i was doing shrugs with 25lbs each side. Today I did 5 sets of 10-15 at 50 lbs each side! Progression!

  • Ian McCathy with his 165lbs x 6 deadlifts with ‘extreme mind muscle connection’ is a recent example of what you are talking about.

  • Can you guys imagine if he loses fats how ripped and defined his muscles would be? Probably in bulking phase my man but definitely awesome

  • This is awesome, thank you! I’ve recently started with a personal trainer to build more muscle and here I am learning about mind muscle connection because I’m doing single arm cable pull downs and feeling it in my opposite oblique so I definitely need to work on my mind muscle connection!

  • Question, you said you watched them for an hour an a half with the pussy weight, did you offer any advice because sometimes people just don’t know? That could have been a minute that changed their whole outlook on fitness, granted some young pups don’t want to hear shit. But to your point I see guys on the bench with, no lie, two 25lb plates and my wife over here getting 185lb for 2 and not to mention she’s 41. I know it’s not a competition, but c’mon.

  • While intermittent fasting, when should one eat? Should someone train in a fasted state and then eat or continue fasting if they train during the fasting window? I know there is no one best answer but can you speak on fasting and training as far when to fast and when to workout

  • Compound movements are best for increasing resistance, Isolation movements like lateral delt dumbbell raises are not, you’re going to max out very quickly, resistance wise. Isolation movements are better for progressing volume rather than intensity. More reps with stricter form, being sure to only move the joint you’re targeting.

    Bad advise here from the big hairy ugly dude.

  • We all know by now losing weight is (mostly) just calories in and out, u can lose fat eating junk food as long as your under your calories. However, can the same be said about building muscle whilst minimizing fat gain? Can u workout out perfectly, eat junk food at 500cal above maintenance, and put on mostly muscle?

  • I’ve had this issue with my biceps forever. I work them but I feel like I’m getting no where with them. I’ve never heard the contract first then worry about moving the weight after concept. Gonna give it a go Ron!

  • This video definitely deserves more views! With the quarantine going on a lot of people like me finally picked up working out and I find that this subject is not talked about enough

  • I enjoyed all of his analogies because I have an issue. I’m told my form is textbook, but I’m always getting hurt. I pull muscles constantly, so I appreciate all the help I can get. ��

  • Why isn’t pull-ups and rows part of everyones “big lifts”, feels like those kind of movements are lacking in the “big 4”. Squat/deadlifts are kind of opposite movements, bench would need rows and military press would have pullups.

  • This is exactly what I was looking for. Perfect explanation. Subscribed to your channel as a result. I value informstiv3 channels with no BS. ������

  • >>What do you all think of the, ‘Passion4Profession’ fitness videos??…I really like a tutorial that I can follow, see, or tweak to my liking.

  • From what I’ve fount myself with training heavey and then focusing on mind muscle concection later on is I had a more bulky looking muscule then when I was doing more mind muscule I noticed more defenition in my muscles. Just from what I noticed. So finding what works and what changes happens.

  • It is so hard for me to break down muscle fibers with light weight or body weight during this coronavirus. Really focusing on that mind muscle connection during the concentric and deccentric, and really squeezing each rep really helps.

  • Correct me if I am wrong but there is a section of the brain with receptors that contribute to muscle contraction.
    Not sure to hand what it is called but it is at the back behind the ear.

  • Finally someone who fucking explained it properly so it makes sense. Other guys in this website just telling us to fucking “concentrate” on MMC.. this makes so much more sense and i already feel it more

  • I don’t usually leave comments on videos, but the quality of info on here seems so well researched and presented in a balanced way that I thought I would reach out! Much of your content is about muscle hypertrophy but I was wondering if you could explain more about gaining strength without focusing on muscle size (search results threw up one video but that’s all I could find). I dance ballet and cycle and am trying to get as light and lean as possible within reason, but want to gain power and strength. I get basic principles like training with high loads and aiming to change body composition but I find it difficult to translate principle to application in order to see results.

  • If mind-muscle connection alone could lead to hypertrophy, literally no one would go to the gym, everyone could stay at home and use household items. But alas, it sadly isn’t that easy. lmao

  • Mind muscle connections I believe are real but trying to define it is hard. If you do a task and give it full attention then the mind is connected to that task. You can do a set of bicep curls for example and if someone is talking during that set or you are making a grocery list during it then there is little mind muscle connection, but if you 100 percent focus on each curl then there is more of a connection. The physiology behind it is something I cannot prove or even fully understand because it impacts cells, nerves and practically every bodily system. I just think we have gotten bogged down in terms and have confused ourselves.

  • Ron, my friend..i love your videos, but you realy dont have to make 4, 5,6 examples..i am sure we all get it after the first or even second example..we dont need to hear a out the basketball player, and the tennisplayer, and the mailman, and writing names etc. You have a lot of good info, but i am sure that most of us is intelligent enough to ” get it ” after the first or second example lol..keep up the good work ��

  • Some exercises are meant to be done with the appropriate weight. One such exercise is the side lateral raise, if you go to heavy your traps take over and you get zero effect on the side delt. It is the same with the rear delt as well, go too heavy and other muscles will just take over.
    Yes make heavy compound lifts the core of your workout but the deltoids in particular need a more measured approach, you cannot expect to just lift heavy and get results with them the same way you can with other muscle groups.

    I don’t know if you have figured this out yet but not everyone wants to be big, far more people would actually be lean and athletic looking. Just lifting heavy all the time will not give the majority of people that look and you have to put actual thought into shaping your body with the correct exercises done in a particular way. Yes we see ridiculous things in the gym but it sounds like these young guys were not doing anything dangerous. Maybe they had goals that do not match with your definition of “fitness”.

    You give great advice Steve but some of your recent videos have been very preachy and only fit with your narrow version of fitness. Long distance runners, soccer players and a whole host of other athletes are fit, healthy and living perfectly well without lifting heavy weights at all.

  • I’m 5”9 And I weigh 170. My goal is to get to 185 by DEC. how can I gain muscle Correctly? AND I DONT EAT MEAT! Bro it’s hard for me to gain weight ������ And great video!

  • Hey Coach! Thoughts on my program?

    Monday: Workout A + Workout B
    Tuesday: Workout B
    Wednesday: Workout B
    Thursday: Workout A
    Friday: Workout A
    Saturday: 3 Hours on the Frog
    Sunday: Workout B

    Workout A
    Smith Machine Behind the Back Seated Reverse Wrist Curl 5×5
    Kettlebell Cleans 4×10
    Smith Machine One Leg Calf Raise 1×120
    Crunches with Legs on a Exercise Ball 2x40sec
    Towel Standing Triceps Extension 9×5
    Squats 0x0

    Workout B
    Smith Machine Behind the Back Standing Reverse Wrist Curl 5×5
    Kettlebell Bench Press 7×35

  • This is the best explanation ever ron. Now i understand what mind muscle connection is. I watched many videos on youtube before but i failed to understand hahaha

  • Stuff like that with ridiculously low weights, slow and controlled mind muscle connection type of thing has it’s place. But that’s just a deload workout for me, stuff that I do when feel like i need to back off a little.

  • I think that most people confuse mind muscle connection with that bodybuilding mindset that your need to feel the pump and the burn of the muscle usually in doing half rep fluff work that doesn’t matter if you use tons of gear, to me mind muscle connection for bench press for instance is retraction of the scapula, external rotation of the arm, keeping the lats engaged, pushing my knee to the side and activate my glutes and pushing the body with my feet to the bench so I can be more stable and pressing the bar as fast as I can and heavy as I can

  • I think this focusing on body parts is just all this bodybuilding body part split mentality training. Me I just do my big compounds trying to get EVERYTHING to grow. And like you said Jason explosively do the exercises.

  • Was at Kangaroo Island and learned the lovely People in Australia to know:) Lee is a real Australian ^^ Good Sarcasm and Humor. Enjoy your Vids and Training Tipps. Thx allot from Germany

  • I don’t think that’s quite accurate for mind muscle connection. The way I see it and feel it (which has taken me 2 years of training to finally understand) is it’s feeling the muscle you are focusing on throughout the rep, not just the peak contraction. A way to do it is to use a light to moderate weight (one you can do 15-20 reps at normal speed) and slow the movement right down, 4 seconds for concentric and 4 seconds for the eccentric phase. You should be able to then feel the muscle being worked as it tires or even starts to burn (this is how you find the feeling of the muscle) I did this for a few weeks to a month till I got to the point that I can feel the muscle when ever I train it, even at varying speeds and weight (although the heavier you go the harder it is to feel because you focus more on just moving the weight than working the muscle). I found dumbbell presses were easier for me to start with to learn the feel. Start at the top with elbows bent for tension, contract/flex your pecs just enough that you can feel them and then slowly lower the weight concentrating on the muscle and the flex, do the same when lifting the weight up. This will focus on your pecs, if you do the same movement (dumbbell press) and focus and feel your triceps instead of your pecs it will work your triceps more. You will find the muscle you focus on become fatigued alot sooner than normal because it is doing more of the work. Your form can be exactly the same but the muscle you focus on (mind muscle connection) will determine which muscle gets the most out of it. Love your channel by the way.

  • It’s just a matter of feeling the muscle or muscular group we are working out at the moment, feeling how is contracting as squeezing, how we are directing the strength and energy to that muscle to perform the motion!!! And not a movement of our limb which is supposed to develop something.

  • I write with my right hand but I’m laying down holding my phone with my right hand and too lazy to switch so I wrote with my left,I also had a cast on right arm kinda use to my left

  • pretty good explanation. I have heard about the mind muscle connection a long time ago and believe in it, but it is something I need to develop a bit more!

  • These are the same guys that have been coming to the gym for 2 years and NEVER look any different, No body composition changes, no muscle growth, no fat loss. At best they develop a gut.

    The dude bro is real.

  • I see guys like this all the time. Heavy, progressive overloading compound lifts will build mass. Shrugs are great, don’t get me wrong, but heavy ass deadlifts will destroy your traps. Never seen a big bencher with small chest and triceps either. Just sayin’