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Video taken from the channel: Ben Pollack


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Massive Freak 4 Day Powerbuilding Split Those of you that are familiar with my articles know I’ve created hundreds of routines over the years. You also know that I live with a foot in both worlds: strength and muscle. I am a powerbuilder at heart.

I want to walk down the street and scare people with my size, and have the strength to back it up. Related Massive Freak 4 Day Powerbuilding Split With that said, it doesn’t mean programs like 5/3/1 are without value. Two programs that use a similar number/set scheme or periodization cycle can feel completely different.

Size Split: 4-Day Workout for Massive Strength Forget about abs and calves. Gain maximum size and strength with the most effective exercises known to man. There’s no time like to present to shift your training to a powerbuilding split focused on putting up big numbers and adding prime beef to your frame an. Power Bodybuilding Program: 4-Day Split. This workout program is your one stop shop for strength, size and power.

This program focuses on building strength through powerlifting techniques, and then maximising size and definition with bodybuilding exercises. The aim of this plan is similar to our Strength & Hypertrophy program, but instead of having separate days for. A more advanced lifter will normally prefer a 4 day on 3 off split or even a 5 day on 2 off workout split. (this 5 day split will have its own article, be on the lookout for it). 3) Every other day, ex: sun – tues -thurs – sat.

This is the split you will find the average hobbyist bodybuilder following. This program calls for a four-day split. You can choose your rest days, but I prefer Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday.

It allows ample time to recover. I will also show you a way to complete this with a three-day split if you are limited on time, but ideally, you should try to schedule four days a week. So you want to build some muscle and start building some powerful strength and stumbled across this routine.

Prepare for gains. Goal Of This Workout This routine is based on a powerbuilding model and is intended for intermediate lifters. If you are a beginner and would like to do this routine, change the 3 sets 4 Day Power and Muscle Building Routine Read More ». This is a typical 4-day split that allows coaches and athletes to train muscle groups twice per week, but with more volume per session. Workouts are generally split into push (squat, pressing, and.

Done as a circuit 3-4 times. DAY 4 A. Military press or push press 5 sets of 3-5 reps using the double progression method B. High incline DB press 3 sets of 6-8 reps using the double progression method C. Arnold press 3 sets of 6-8 reps/leg using the double progression method D1. DB laterals raise 8-12 reps D2. Rear delts machine 8-12 reps D3. A full-body or an upper/lower split will allow more muscle to be stimulated, more frequently.

Do difficult stuff. Don’t shy away from Olympic lifts and power movements. Squats, pull-ups, dips, cleans, push presses, snatches, and high pulls are all big, powerful moves that stress a lot of muscle in a good way.

They help increase muscle.

List of related literature:

The additional volume and exercises in a three-day split more fully develops the muscles and further increases the size and strength gained from the two-day split.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
by John Hansen
Human Kinetics, 2005

Also take note that split routines should be used when the frequency is 4 days/week or greater.

“The Active Female: Health Issues Throughout the Lifespan” by Jacalyn J. RobertMcComb, Reid L. Norman, Mimi Zumwalt
from The Active Female: Health Issues Throughout the Lifespan
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Figure 1 represents the compressive strength results for all the mixes at 7 and 28 days.

“Recent Advances in Structural Engineering, Volume 1: Select Proceedings of SEC 2016” by A. Rama Mohan Rao, K. Ramanjaneyulu
from Recent Advances in Structural Engineering, Volume 1: Select Proceedings of SEC 2016
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Phase 2 spans weeks 6 to 12 and involves gaining full ROM.

“Physical Therapy of the Shoulder E-Book” by Robert A. Donatelli
from Physical Therapy of the Shoulder E-Book
by Robert A. Donatelli
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If the values are normalized with regard to the maximum stiffness gained on day 7, (Fig. 4b) it may be observed that all three mixes gain between 30–40% of their stiffness within the first 24 h and between 85–90% of the stiffness within 4 days.

“Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions: An Interdisciplinary Approach” by Rafael Aguilar, Daniel Torrealva, Susana Moreira, Miguel A. Pando, Luis F. Ramos
from Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions: An Interdisciplinary Approach
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The three-day split builds on the premise of the two-day split routine.

“Becoming a Personal Trainer For Dummies” by Melyssa St. Michael, Linda Formichelli
from Becoming a Personal Trainer For Dummies
by Melyssa St. Michael, Linda Formichelli
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What has happened metabolically as the day progresses?

“Nutrition” by Paul M. Insel, Don Ross, Kimberley McMahon, Melissa Bernstein
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The main types of two day splits are:

“The Ketogenic Diet: A Complete Guide for the Dieter and Practitioner” by Lyle McDonald, Elzi Volk
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Such stacks are highly favored for increasing definition and muscularity.

“Anabolics” by William Llewellyn
from Anabolics
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You should expect to use more weight for each set in weeks 5 through 8 than you did in the corresponding sets of weeks 1 through 4.

“The Men's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!” by Adam Campbell
from The Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!
by Adam Campbell
Rodale, 2009

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • So you’re saying bench/rows and minor arms on it’s own day? I feel like it would be too short of a workout and have a lack of intensity?

  • If it’s not a stupid question, what sort of time gap would you suggest between sets? Do you think 2 to 3 mins between the heavy lifts, and a bit less between the lighter for reps sets?
    Thanks for this vid and all the others.

  • I found that I seem to never find time for 4 days a week, so I settled on 3, and destroy myself with work lol.
    I squat twice, Bench twice, DL once and ohp once.
    I’ve started actually doing decent accessories and stop being lazy, I tried Close grip yesterday, might try legs up and see which one is worse.
    Doing the Cailer Woolam rows for the DL
    And I’m undecided on Pause Squats or High Bar, to help my weak quads.

  • Another great video! I wonder how athletes like yourself mentally cope with a split like that. I do Mon Tue Thu Fri just so I can have the weekend to spend with my family and declutter my brain. I think I would benefit from an extra squat session but I’m not sure where I could get away with putting that in recovery wise. Like you said though, try it and see…good advice.

  • …and at the end of the day, consistency is what counts the most, dont make a science out of everything exspecially training splits and methods

  • What about adding an arm pump day? It shouldnt affect any of the big lifts in any meaningful way. Speaking in the perspective of wanting to get bigger arms whe being a powerlifter

  • Been doing a similar style of lifting because I wanted to get my compound movements up during my bulk… and mannnnn. The gains have been real.

  • Slowly adding training days definitely rang true for me. I was squatting 2 days a week and feeling alright, so I added a 3rd day and it ended up being terrible. I can only imagine how much worse that would be if jumping from 1 day or even no days, right into 3 days per week of squatting.

  • I enjoy the standard 5×5 but doing it three days a week (m,w,f) I struggle with what to work on the other two days (Tues, Thurs). Since I’m trying a lean bulk I would like to train 5 days. Any suggestions for the in between days?

  • How do I know if I am on the right track? I feel like every time I’m starting to make progress I pull a muscle or something happens where I have to basically start all over again. Is a deload necessary? I hear many conflicting things on that issue. I currently follow a 4-day upper lower split. I am extremely consistent with my workouts and nutrition. I’m just trying to figure out where I’m going wrong because I feel like I should have more muscle at this point. Thank you.

  • Interesting!
    I’m currently on ppl only have 4 days but do 6 sessions in the gym which means twice a day for a couple of days. Feel like a train wreck by Friday but well recovered by day 1 again. Would try this if I could spread workouts more. Oh and currently in my seventh week vegan, lost a little weight not trying to. Not lost any strength/performance though so all good

  • I love antagonistic training!! Especially to keep things moving if programmed right. Interesting way of splitting it. I have always programmed my antagonistic training within an upperbody workout. I may have to try this idea out with my next rotation!!

  • I find that I spend a lot more time in the gym than you suggest because I work hard on my hypertrophy movements. I know it’s an energy drain. And my main goal is strength. But I eat more than most do to compensate as much as I can. I probably average 4000 calories daily at maintenance ish levels currently. I don’t want to give up the aesthetics/bodybuilding portion of my training. Do you think this will hinder me (significantly) in the long run?

  • Get the MASSIVE IRON 5×5 PDF:×5-powerbuilding-workout-pdf

  • I have been working a 4 day with Squat, Overhead, Bench, and Deadlift using the antagonistic moves. This covers basically everything with some muscle overlap in 4 days, everything generally gets hit twice a week.

  • Not hating, dude has a super nice physique, but come on lifting 7 days a week and has some really strong ass numbers for the big 3… I think he may be on some shit.

  • How much volume do you recommend if i train vertical+arms, horizontal+arms, legs with 6 workouts per week? Since that makes 4 arm workouts per week im thinking about switching to grow my arms

  • Why there is no exercise for the mid delta (musculus deltoideus pars acromialis) in your Programm like OverheadPress or something like that?:)

  • Yes all ur cloths too and what you wear what with. And where they are from that would be sick!! And bro do u take airborne, it’s like Vitamin C. Seems u get sick a lot bro! Nothing but prayers for a fast recovery

  • Hi, not sure if this has been answer. Can I change the accessory lift in the template to similar exercise? Eg; skullcrusher, chin up and t-bar row to triceps pushdown, underhand lat pulldown, and seated cable row?

  • Recently started following you and this is great information! Thanks!

    Do you simply not do accecory exercises like bicep curls, triceps extensions, etc? Those types of exercises have been hardwired into my brain lol. But I prefer the type of program you are using….

  • I’ve been doing this for years with the only variance being hitting lower body twice. One session is based on quad dominance ie squats and the other being hamstring /hip flexor dominate ie stiff leg deadlifts. Never train more than two days in a row. You basically hit your entire body twice a week this way. Most people would benefit greatly from this split. Bro splits are trash and I’m glad no one pushes those anymore. Great content. I just subscribed to your channel.

  • For me it’s shoulders and biceps Monday Tuesday legs and lower back Wednesday chest and tris Thursday legs with little cardio and fri rest Saturday start over

  • I love the way you say,”you might…. and that’s perfectly fine” in most of you videos.
    Cheers man.
    And a Merry Christmas to you.
    Might I also say that your videos have been a lot of help.

  • I envy and feel bad for ppl who are huge for some reason. Their gains are much smaller than beginners but they still put in the work

  • Great series! The hardest part for me is figuring out the right intensity and volume to keep forcing my body to adapt. I feel like sometime i dont do enough or do too much work and the training stimulus is not very optimal. How long do you stay in and cycle each intensity for the main lift like doing RM or multiple sets of 5,4,3,2,1? I guess what im trying to say is how long do you work on building up your strength before you can finnaly have a significant improvement in absolute strength, and when does a stimulus stop being useful to build up strength? Im guessing sets of 20s and 1RM arent ideal. And if youre not preping for a competition, is it still important to peak and test maxes from time to time?

  • So Ben, does this kind of program structure(block periodization???) that you are illustrating suitable for novice or intermediate powerlifter?

  • So would only squatting and deadlifting once per week and benching twice per week change anything for how the bench progression looks? For example over a 10 week meso cycle for example you would bench and squat 10 times, but you would bench 20 times so would you just climb up in percentages slower than the other two lifts or would you just bench twice that week at the same percentage/rep scheme?

  • Great video. I have been doing this for about 6 month now. I have no idea where I got the idea from but I love it. I feel validated on my workout now. Haha.

  • If you workout the same muscles on the same day repeatedly like Russel is doing your body remembers what muscle you will be working every time your muscle growth will slow down if you train the same muscles repeatedly

  • Thx for video bro. Greatly inspired. Question for you, do recommend this type of training for someone in law enforcement preferably in corrections field

  • I been doing upper lower/abs rest then chest/back, delts/arms, legs/abs then 2 rest days then repeat.. been making good strength gains

    It would look like this;

    Monday: upper body
    Tus: legs and abs
    Wed: rest
    Thr: chest/back
    Fri: delts/arms
    Sat: legs/abs
    Sun and Mon: rest
    Tuesday: repeat

  • and….

    Haha, great stuff! Really informative. Cheers Ben!

    Edit: What do you do for back work? Always hearing about balancing your benching with upper back work to avoid imbalances and injuries. Would be interested in hearing your thoughts.

  • PPL helped me in my first 2 years of training. At the time, I didn’t know much about weaknesses, etc. I believe this is a more advanced method of training (with PPL being more simple) before getting into even more advanced methods, like conjugate, etc.

  • I applied this split three months ago
    I train 6 days a week so
    For every plane of movement i have 2 days heavy one and volume one
    For legs i have 2 days again
    Heavy deadlift and front squat day the other day will be heavey low bar squat day

  • Russ I like the Title image in your video while your doing sets… Now I know you did that on purpose right? Must stand for something like: T.raining I.ntensly T.o L.ift E.verything… good video man!

  • Russell, for natural lifters, how is training a muscle group once a week (chest, shoulders) optimal? I always thought you should do atleast twice a week. Is there any difference between the two?

  • This video just helped me out so much. Helps me understand what I am interested in. I like being strong, but i also want to be aesthetic. I’m going to do the split you put on the screen starting Feb 1st. I made my own for January and haven’t seen maximum results. Always helpful, thanks Russ

  • good video.. i think way too many people try to program a lot more than this and train 6 days and stuff.. this was a good vid thanks

  • What would be a good 5 day split for Powerbuilding? Someone told me do 3 days on, off day, 2 days, off day, and repeat. What would you suggest Russ?

  • Maybe it’s a good idea to use rep goal system for dumbell work? In my gym it’s big difference in weight for each pair of dumbells, so I can’t do that auto-regulated progression for dumbells

  • Have you ever read the muscle and strength training pyramid by Eric helms? Based on this video you may really the part about building programs

  • I’m actually doing something similar as an Upper/Lower split with two lower workouts and two upper workouts.
    I’ve also done Legs/Push/Pull with deadlifts on my leg day, however with that approach I noticed my overhead pressing suffered, since I prioritized horizontal pressing.

  • I’m returning to lifting and have been doing jacked and tanned from reddit for 6 months approx. Had a few little setbacks but it is PPL for 6 days a week. Feeling a bit beat up lately and have limited equipment/weights. Should I keep i up for at least a year to rebuild myself up or jump off? Appreciate any advice please mike. I can email my data if that helps?

  • Loving the series so far. Just wondering, have you built and maintained your upper back through S,B,D only and not any direct back exercises (row, pull-up, etc.)?

  • Definitely going to try this program out! One question: My 1 rep max for squat and deadlift were done with a belt on. I don’t want to always be using a belt in training, but 12 reps @ 65% of my belt max without a belt will be quite tough I think. If my max was done with a belt, should I perform all lifts without a belt at a lighter weight? The problem inversely applies if my max was without a belt, and I wish to use a belt on lower rep weeks. I’d love to know your thoughts! Thanks.

  • You know what man, I might be insane but I just hit bench press 6 7 times a week. Squat 3-4 times a week. And then Powerclean or deadlift on the days I squat.

    I do lat pulldowns every time I bench and then do resistance band pulls for rear delts and rhomboids, and the occasional pronated row. Sometimes I row with dumbbells. I also like pronated bodyweight rows upside down on parallel bars. I see gymnasts doing that one all the time.

  • Thank you, this is great! How would you program the rest/off days for older (say, 50+) lifters with this type of split? Do you think these older lifters require more rest days between workout days?

  • This is awesome. Thank you for making this series. This is obviously helping so many people. You’re doing all of us a great service and we appreciate you Ben!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Holy shit. This is the first time I’ve ever taken notes on a video. I thought I knew programming, but this video shows me how little I know. Thank you!

  • Certainly an intriguing option! I’ve been doing PPL for a year now, and I do like that I can do six workouts in a row and each muscle group gets two days off, but this is really interesting. I’ll give it a shot!

  • how often do you make changes…you say no more than one a time, how long does a time refer to once every two weeks, once a month?

  • This guy knows his shit. It’s no different than what Arnold did. He started in powerlifting which gave him the strong foundation and strength. As the saying goes also by Ronnie Coleman “everyone wants to get big and strong but no one wants to lift some heavy ass weight”

  • How long does this last. With submaximal powerlifting plus bodybuilding days 6 to 7 days is very doable but idk when you do strength training and start focusing on powerlifting i dont think lifting 6 to 7 days is sustainable for a prolonged period of time.

  • It just depends on what makes you consistent and keeps you motivated. PPL is not for use for years on end. Neither is this program. I would use it after doing PPL for 8 wks and then I might do German Volume for 8 wks. I do a two to three hour total body workout for 4-6 wks to debulk/cut. Try different styles. NO one program is King. The King in weight training is correct form rep by rep. Change up programs on a regular basis to stay on top.

  • This is stupid! Either do a regular push pull workout or upper body lower body workout or Arnold’s split of Chest and Back on day 1, Shoulders Biceps, Triceps on day 2 Legs and Abs on day 3

  • Thanks Steve! I had a patient who met Arnold Schwarzenegger a while ago and told me this was what he was doing during that time, so I incorporated antagonistic lifting into my structure and have noticed some excellent results!

  • Bought Steve’s complete massive iron course last week.

    Within the price, Steve is including every program, book and document he has ever done and will do moving forward.

    Would highly recommend, there is some incredible info, theory and programming within his work. This new 5×5 program is just an added bonus to what already is a great price, especially with massive strength book on the way ��

  • awesome video man, been performing the jm press recently and wanna know if im doing ti right any way you could make a quick one, as i wanna hear it from you because ur form on every lift is impeccable and i try and train like you by taking my time bracing and getting a good setup.

  • I’ve heard of this but that’s an interesting way to make a split with it. I always figured to use it in a total body session in a superset sort of fashion, OHP into pullups, etc. I’m still on PPL because I like the gains I’m making. When I switch it up I’ll keep this in mind. Great video as always super informative!

  • I’ve seen you videos where you address your issues with 5x5s. I wondered why you would create a program like that. I see you address your volume issue by max reps on the last set. Looks interesting. I finish school this May, and really need to drop the dad bod that’s come with 6 kids.
    I’ll give this a try.

  • This is exactly what I was asking for with my comment on your previous vid. Can’t wait for percentages because that’s the next thing that I need to learn. Thanks so much Ben, you’re doing the lords work lol

  • What do you think…bench, rows, dips, dumbbell bench,facepulls, and deadlift, then overhead press, pullups, shoulder raise, and squat?

  • I started a similar split almost a year ago now, I did it slightly different though, I’d do Upper A where I started with horizontal, then moved to vertical, finished with arms and delts, then B was just start with horizontal and then do vertical. Leg day Always stayed the same with squats first and a deadlift/nordic curl second, but I’d switch up the squats a bit throughout cycles. Some times it’d be low bar on A, then paused highbar on B etc. My bench and OHP saw huge gains on this program. Lower body still made gains but it was at the pace I expected.

  • fu for using that dilla beat because now I am about to turn today into a dilla day and feeling some kinda way. tough beat you selected there

  • It’s not that I hate high reps, it’s more that low reps are way better. I’d rather have strong, functional muscles as opposed to big muscles that leave you out of breath when you do cardio. I’m sure if powerlifters/Olympic lifters were shredded they’d look amazingdetails like bicep peaks, deltoid separation and hamstring tie-ins are not important to me. I just want to be big and athletic as opposed to big and vascular

  • Hey Ben If my bench get’s stronger would my DL and SQ go up. You see these guy’s who bench 220kg there SQ and DL are big. Is there any correlation.

  • Great series. Love the information. I really wish more lifters would think about their programming instead of just using cookie cutter programs. Everyone I know that actually designed their own program or had a custom one made for them saw huge improvements. It’s just a necessary thing once you get past the beginner/intermediate stage.

  • I like a basic bro split, but training my weakest point twice a week.
    As of now I follow
    Chest (supplemental shoulders)
    Quads and calves (supplemental hams)
    Shoulders (supplemental chest)
    Hams and calves (supplemental quads)

  • Only Problem i see, is for powerbuiling is not much room for Heavy deadlifts. Maybe better when you Train arms with the upper Body days and the fourth day is for deadlift, abs and maybe calfs or lower back

  • Defo on juice if you train 6 7 days a week. Naturally you wouldn’t recover fast enough to do that ( not as intense and heavy as you do anyway ) plus you eat a lot of junk food bit still look lean that is another tell tale sign.

  • It definitely works for me. I’m bigger, stronger, setting PR’s, crushing volume.. Couldn’t figure out how to get both size and strength simultaneously. Your program did it. Thanks Russ!

  • Elbows don’t look too bad flared only in the top single i’d say! And for the feet try tucking them back as far as you can go, point the toes out (30ish) degrees and put them flat on the floor. So you can accumulate leg drive, that way which will transfer to more weight being pushed! Those are my thoughts awesome video though!

  • Layne Norton has a great Bench Press Video that helped me clean up my happy feet and elbow issue. Glad to see you back on the fitness scene!

  • “Mr America Heart less training more Gains”
    I think you should give your opinion on this video. For me it seems like a joke.

  • Great stuff again, Ben. Cheers. Soon as I get this strongman competition out of the way I’m back to a proper powerlifting programme.

  • Never do Shoulders the day after training Triceps because they are not recovered enough and your pressing strength will not be at its best so do this split for better recovery. Day (1 ) Chest/Shoulders/Triceps Day(2) Legs /Back/Biceps Day (3) Rest or Run Repeat Day(1) and Day (2) and Rest or Run and Repeat Cycle

  • This sounds good in theory….. but it doesn’t really address a few things….. working around injuries….. what if someone has chronic shoulder issues? pushing on 2 separate planes 4 days a week????? Shoulder joints would never hold up….also, what about body part strength/weakness/imbalance? I only train lats once a week and they still grow like weeds…… this would have me activating lats 3-4 days a week. My current split is chest/delts(rears included)….back(with straps)…..arms……legs… day……then restart on either chest day or back day,depending on which part needs the extra day of rest.

  • So if my bench and squat are lagging at the same time, could I add a variation for both of them or should I add a variation to just one of them and leave the other to stall in the meantime?

  • Have you done a split like for instance a quads/hamstrings day? What’s your opinion on it? I use this training split, modified for my goals. That extra day can be used for anything like recovery, cardio, weak points, or a completely different style of training like cross fit or HIIT. Very flexible. Also, broken my plateau in squat from your recommendation. I could barely rep 405lbs for 1×1. 2 weeks later I’m doing 3×3 just from changing my split routine and knee sleeves.

  • Awesome. My notice. When doing squat 3x times a week may be to much but i think it depends on total reps and sets. So I can go like 2x per 5 sets = 10 sets a week. Or maybe do squat 3x but for 3 sets = 9 total sets a week. Even less thand 2x/week. Also doing lighter so I cand add every day weight, or just anyhow it should increase gains i think, hope in the long run also.

  • Thank Ben this series is awesome!

    I have a question regarding adrenal fatigue. I am a beginner/intermediate natural lifter (5 years training hard “power bodybuilding”). Been deadlifting very high intensity and frequency for a about a year now (every training day/Deadlift every day but super high intensity, both Sumo and Conventional. I have adapted to the high intensity pretty well and the lifts are going up very slowly now (very fast at the start, they have even backed down in strength) but I am okay because its a mental thing for me and I’m planning for 10+ years at this pace.

    My question is after a year of doing this, how does one notice adrenal fatigue anymore? I deadlift 400lbs+ every day, often for reps, either sumo or conventional, and train 6-7 days per week, deadlifting at the end after a bodybuilding type workout (low volume).

    If i bench or squat heavy it will be in addition to the deadlifts but before.


  • changed thus workout bt adding calves and forearm work, as well as a tad bit more bicep volume cuz personally my biceps don’t grow on low volume and compounds just don’t grow them. and my forearms small as hell cuz of insertions but I’m going to grow them through wrist curls like I did before.

  • I am starting your 16 weeks building n peaking program. I ll extended the powerbuilding phase to atleast 24 weeks before starting peeking phase. Praying for the best n how much caloric surplus should I be in?

  • Can you do a video that emphasizes on Squat form? I just finished P.T. and am finally able to get back into squatting, but I’m struggling with proper form.

  • Ben, hoping you’ll respond. Love your content! I’ve been setting up my own programs for quite a while now, and your unf*ck series really resonates with me. One thing I have trouble with is when I get to the end of my macro cycle. Generally I test at that point, but I have trouble with programming my next macro cycle. Do you recommend recalcuting based on my new 1rm, then repeating the program?

  • Interesting… But wouldn’t the recovery of your arms be compromised somewhat with this type of split in that they’ll be getting hit again, indirectly (from the large upper body part workouts), a couple of days later? Hmmm and just when I was thinking about doing a high frequency PPL type of split… I’ll have to consider this.

  • What about something like this?

    A PUSH
    Bench press
    Overhead press

    B PULL
    Barbell row
    Upright row

    I feel like with something like this you are giving your body more time to recover between workouts.
    Of course your legs will be worked every other day between the squat and the deadlift but I feel like your legs can take that because there aren’t as many weak muscles involved like for instance triceps or deltoids
    Plus I feel like each day the triceps or the biceps are getting so much work between the pressing and the rowing that you don’t need direct work

  • I like to superset antagonistic body parts. For example, bench press w/ rows. Pullups w/dips, etc. Gets my heart rate up, blood pumping and keeps me moving with very little rest. (I’m looking to burn fat).

  • How would you recommend implementing in OHP if you are benching 3 days a week, could I put it on my lightest bench day and make sure it’s volume isn’t too high

  • Great video….I kind of devolved into push pull legs to focus on my back and legs more then if I shirked a leg day i would throw in arms or another push…..but I’ve personally seen massive growth occur with the 3 on 2 on routine…even still the major component of any routine is to listen instinctively to your body and rest….as required…your recuperation is the only thing that will make u growwww

  • I injured my back 8 months ago ruptured 3 discs can’t deadlift over 225 now

    Squatting is getting more manageable

    Is there any advice to help the recovery process? I’m not rly experienced with serious injuries

  • Hey Ben, currently running your High Frequency Program I bought from you. Going into week 5 now and had a quick question. For a lot of the main lifts I feel like the weight at the RPE im suppose to be doing is honestly too light. I pull conventional and im usually around the right RPE the program asks for, but when my switch stance DL comes around (sumo) I feel like the weight im pulling is no where close to the RPE it wants me at. Also running into the same problem on some of my other lifts like the high bar squat, and OHP. Should I up the weight on those days for a true RPE of 8 or whatever that day calls for or should I stick it out and follow the weights provided and not worry about the RPE.

  • Great Vid Russ..I think I’m going to start a program similar to this as well because I want to get stronger as well as be aesthetic.

  • Your split makes a lot of sense for people who want to go heavy and add frequency. I usually follow PPL or the Arnold split. I will give your split a try! Thanks for the informational video Russ

  • First of all, thank you for the awesome content so far. Very informative, and easy to digest!

    Second, a quick question. Can I include rows in my bench days to even out pushing and pulling volume?

  • I am doing PPL right now. Pretty much a beginner. 3 months in and seeing much better results than prior bro split. I currently train 5-6 days a week. Is this inadvisable? My main goal now is increasing strength.

  • So that is all you do on training days!?(serious question) I guess I am stuck in that bodybuilding mentality that you have to hit every muscle group with an individual exercise. You have an incredible physique that is proportionate.

  • Couldn’t agree with you more. THIS is THE best approach IMHO. I first noticed it with Mike O’Hearn…but for some reason never paid attention. His philosophy is quick workouts. Low reps and heavy weights. “Blunt force trauma”. I heard it again talked about by Mark Bell in one of his YouTube videos. Tried this approach last night for the first time doing “5 by 5” style training. deadlifting roughly 75% of my max. And g ot more of a workout than I ever have taking a “bodybuilder’s approach only”. Making sure I drop-set till I’m lifting my max weight twice. 2 reps.:)

    It’s one thing to be able to live your max weight 1-2x but to be able to do 75-86% at 5×6 or 6×4…

    Explains why some powerlifters aren’t buff. Some not even muscular. Some on the chubby side. They focus on strength training not on aesthetics. Don’t need to be “strong” to be a good bodybuilder.

    Forget his name at the moment but he trained Mickey Rourke (actor). Won a recent Mr. O..small guy…trains with light weight but still got a bodybuilder prize winning physique.

    I just do a few “bodybuilder type moves” as extra. Making sure I do my deadlifts, squats and incline bench presses. Doing ore powerlifter focused exercises more than bodybuilding type.

  • To break all these series eat good ( chicken rice, veggies, little red meat) change up your workout routine ever6 weeks, heavy ti high rep. and do cardio.

    your welcome! now stop watching tv and go workout because thats the only way u will see results.

    Don’t be that ass in the gym that carries around a note book and does algebra after every set!

  • I’m doing full upper/lower/upper/lower/upper/rest/rest, the upper days sometimes are more arm focused, or back or whatever (abs almost every day) so basically I hit the upper body 3 times a week and legs twice. It works really well for me.

  • This is normally how I do my splits, for the past two years actually. Im not the biggest or strongest, but it definitely helped me develop a more athletic type build. I personally think there is not enough time to fully recovery( that’s probably a personal thing for me)but it’s fun and enjoyable

  • Just completed first round of the 10 week free intermediate program. I actually started it right after getting back into lifting. I had spent the prior year pretty much distance running

    Bench 205-270

    Squat 255 340

    Deadlift 305 375

    Looking forward to repeating the program until I’m hitting the benchmarks for one of Ben’s advanced programs. With the next 10 weeks I’d like to hit a 305 bench, 365 squat, 415 deadlift.

    Still a long way from my PRs from 8 years ago but feeling good and excited!

  • This video was full of great information man! Have you tried switching deadlift and squats so you DL on Monday and squat on Friday? Assuming deadlifts tax you more than squats (which might not be the case for you since you’re just strong as fuck on both) do you think it’d benefit you to have 4 days of rest after DL (tues-fri) and 3 days of rest after squat (sat-mon) as opposed to the split you do now?

    Love the methodology you advocate, as well as the proof behind it.

  • Yep I’ve changed my way of training to this for the past year. Efficient and you get more bang for your buck. I’ve found 5 days (1.Horiz. Push Pull 2.Squat 3. Vert. Push Pull 4. Hinge 5. Light day for one of the movement patterns) in a 2 days on 1 day off pattern gives you adequate recovery as well as adding a light/explosive or volume day for one of the movement patterns and interchanging that day each training cycle. The addition of this day gets in the needed volume and assists in movement competency where you can focus on Mobility/Stability drills.

  • Absolutely brilliant stuff!!! And your presentation is getting better from video to video! Thank you so much for supplying such amazing information in such an incredible way!

  • this is what I’ve been looking for. this philosophy of Powerbuilding. dabbled with both and enjoy both. not competitive in either of them. I love how you structured your split and I saw some new variations to different stuff I need to try. Haven’t had a consistent plan or anything for awhile but I’m gonna try to follow that split. thanks

  • This is exactly how I train and the whole time listening to your voiceover I’m like “YUP, YUP, and YUP” Keep up the motivation and very informative videos Russ! IG: @pharm_5ive and @nvznathletics

  • Ben thank you so much for this series! This is probably a total contradiction to what you explained in the video on incorporating cardio for off days, but what are your views on performing prowler sprints for cardio on off days?

  • What about your overall personal growth such as college or working?How are you managing those while implementing your workouts into your daily routines?

  • It sounds interesting, but, it also sounds like one can overtrain on it. Too many pushes (vertical and horizontal) can overuse the triceps, and too many pulls (vertical and horizontal) can overuse the biceps. I do the classic push/pull. I don’t keep legs on a separate day. Push is chest, shoulders, quads and calves, pull is back, hamstrings and biceps. I don’t do any isolated tricep work from doing a lot of pushing (bench presses, shoulder presses). I feel this works for me, and I’m lifting 4 days/week.
    Great channel! Keep up the great work.

  • Hello pollack. Its a good series. I am sticking with 5/3/1 program? Do you ever try this and what do you think about this program?

  • Ben, How does back work come in when setting up a program? Is it necessary to do back specific work or is the back stimulated enough by its involvement in the squat and deadlift?

  • My current split is a 4 day push & pull.

    Push A (Overhead barbell press and Flat dumbbell bench focus)

    Pull A (Pull ups and Seated cable row focus)

    Push B (Incline dumbbell bench and Dumbbell shoulder press focus)

    Pull B (Seated cable rows and Lat pull down focus)

    I add accessory work but I focus specifically on those four movement patterns. I stay away from Barbell and Dumbbell rows because I like the constant tension that a cable row provides, plus I can go really heavy without straining my lower back. I also do heavy Dumbbell goblet squats on my Push B and RDL’s on my Pull B workouts. I’m not a fan of standard Deadlifts or Barbell squats.

  • Honestly do what you have to do, but I’ll always be looking forward to the next video. You’ve been able to really inspire my powerlifting journey.